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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5056

Chapter 5056 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bartsch I., 1979:
Copidognathus hartwigi new species halacaridae acari a marine mite new to the fauna of bermuda

Krantz G.W., 1982:
Copidognathus papillatus new species acari actinedida halacaridae from the galapagos rift pacific ocean

Bartsch I., 1983:
Copidognathus richardi halacaridae acari a re description

Noyes J.S., 1988:
Copidosoma truncatellum dalman and copidosoma floridanum ashmead hymenoptera encyrtidae two frequently misidentified polyembryonic parasitoids of caterpillars lepidoptera

Heim E., 1988:
Coping and adaptation is there a good or bad coping?

Caplan, R.D.; Naidu, R.K.; Tripathi, R.C., 1984:
Coping and defense: constellations vs. components

Reinhard H.G., 1985:
Coping and personal loss contribution to the psychopathology of childhood and adolescence

Ursano, R.J.; Wheatley, R.; Sledge, W.; Rahe, A.; Carlson, E., 1986:
Coping and recovery styles in the Vietnam era prisoner of war

Vitaliano, P.P.; Katon, W.; Russo, J.; Maiuro, R.D.; Anderson, K.; Jones, M., 1987 :
Coping as an index of illness behavior in panic disorder

Parker, G.; Brown, L.; Blignault, I., 1986:
Coping behaviors as predictors of the course of clinical depression

Sinzato, R.; Fukino, O.; Tamai, H.; Isizu, H.; Nakagawa, T.; Ikemi, Y., 1985:
Coping behaviors of severe diabetics

Parker, G.B.; Brown, L.B., 1982:
Coping behaviors that mediate between life events and depression

Hatfield A.B., 1981:
Coping effectiveness in families of the mentally ill an exploratory study

Lakomy D.K., 1988:
Coping in women treated by breast or cervical cancer

Valach L.; Augustiny K F.; Dvorak J.; Blaser A.; Fuhrimann P.; Tschaggelar W.; Heim E., 1988:
Coping of patients operated for lumbar disc herniation psychosocial aspects

Powers, G.M.; Gaudet, L.M.; Powers, S., 1986:
Coping patterns of parents of chronically ill children

Friedrich, W.N.; Wilturner, L.T.; Cohen, D.S., 1985:
Coping resources and parenting mentally retarded children

Newman, A.; Brand, E., 1980:
Coping response training vs. in vivo de sensitization in fear reduction

Feifel, H.; Strack, S.; Nagy, V.T., 1987:
Coping strategies and associated features of medically ill patients

Adams, J.; Folkard, S.; Young, M., 1986:
Coping strategies used by nurses on night duty

Vogel, W.H., 1985:
Coping, stress, stressors and health consequences

Segal S.P.; Everett Dille L., 1980:
Coping styles and factors in male and female social integration

Ilfeld F.W.Jr, 1980:
Coping styles of chicago illinois usa adults effectiveness

Cappuccino N.; Kareiva P., 1985:
Coping with a capricious environment a population study of a rare pierid butterfly

Bachrach, K.M.; Zautra, A.J., 1985:
Coping with a community stressor: the threat of a hazardous waste facility

Kuechenhoff J.; Wirsching M.; Druener H.U.; Hermann G.; Koehler C., 1981:
Coping with a stoma a comparative study of patients with rectal carcinoma or inflammatory bowel diseases

Wilson P.G.; Krebs M.J.S., 1983:
Coping with amputation

Gunnar, M.R.; Malone, S.; Vance, G.; Fisch, R.O., 1985:
Coping with aversive stimulation in the neonatal period: quiet sleep and plasma cortisol levels during recovery from circumcision

Avia M.D.; Kanfer F.H., 1980:
Coping with aversive stimulation the effects of training in a self management context

Cummings, E.M., 1987:
Coping with background anger in early childhood

Manos, N.; Christakis, J., 1985:
Coping with cancer: psychological dimensions

Millar, D.B.; Christopher, J.P., 1978:
Coping with convection in the ultra centrifuge

Levine, N.B.; Dastoor, D.P.; Gendron, C.E., 1983:
Coping with dementia: a pilot study

Tresch, D.D.; Duthie, E.H.; Newton, M.; Bodin, B., 1988:
Coping with diagnosis related groups. The changing role of the nursing home

Katz R.M., 1987:
Coping with exercise induced asthma in sports

Cladwell M.M.; Richards J.H.; Johnson D.A.; Nowak R.S.; Dzurec R.S., 1981:
Coping with herbivory photosynthetic capacity and resource allocation in 2 semi arid agropyron bunch grasses

Miller S.M., 1979:
Coping with impending stress psycho physiological and cognitive correlates of choice

Boyar J.J., 1981:
Coping with nonorganic factors on neuro psychological examination utility of repeated neuro psychological measures

Menaghan, E.G.; Merves, E.S., 1984:
Coping with occupational problems: the limits of individual efforts

Stoddard, F.J., 1982:
Coping with pain: a developmental approach to treatment of burned children

Kupst M.J.; Schulman J.L.; Maurer H.; Honig G.; Morgan E.; Fochtman D., 1984:
Coping with pediatric leukemia a 2 year follow up

Cooper, C.L.; Sloan, S.J., 1987:
Coping with pilot stress: resting at home compared with resting away from home

Waller, D.A.; Todres, I.D.; Cassem, N.H.; Anderten, A., 1979:
Coping with poor prognosis in the pediatric intensive care unit. The Cassandra prophecy

Nail L.M.; King K.B.; Johnson J.E., 1986:
Coping with radiation treatment for gynecologic cancer mood and disruption in usual function

Knight R.S., 1987:
Coping with seed parasitism a possible response by protasparagus aethiopicus

D.Waal F.B.M., 1984:
Coping with social tension sex differences in the effect of food provision to small rhesus monkey macaca mulatta groups

Gerber, L.A., 1972:
Coping with stress as a theme in teaching psycho pathology to medical students

Perrez M., 1988:
Coping with stress by depressed persons

Giami, A., 1987:
Coping with the sexuality of the disabled: a comparison of the physically disabled and the mentally retarded

Di-Nola, A.; Pedrycz, W.; Sessa, S., 1986:
Coping with uncertainty for knowledge acquisition and inference mechanism

Bochner S., 1986:
Coping with unfamiliar cultures adjustment or culture learning

Wiener, A., 1977:
Coping with water deficiency in arid and semi arid countries through high efficiency water management

Schwind R., 1985:
Coping with water the visual system of a water insect

Kannan, N.; Tanabe, S.; Wakimoto, T.; Tatsukawa, R., 1987:
Coplanar polychlorinated biphenyls in aroclor and kanechlor mixtures

Kumar, A., 1987:
Copolymerization of epsilon carbobenzoxy l lysine and l valine nca's sequence length distribution and conformation

Khan, A.R.; Yousufzai, A.H.K.; Jeelani, H.A.; Akhter, T., 1985:
Copolymers from alpha pinene 2. cationic copolymerization of styrene and alpha pinene

Khan, A.R.; Yousufzai, A.H.K.; Akhtar, T., 1987:
Copolymers from alpha pinene part iii. free radical copolymerization of acrylonitrile with alpha pinene

Vian A.; Mirada F.; Rodriguez J.J., 1985:
Copper 2 zinc 2 and nickel 2 effects on activated sludge

Nestor L.; Reinhammar B.; Spiro T.G., 1986:
Copper 63 copper 65 and water deuterium oxide isotope shifts in the low temperature resonance raman spectrum of fungal laccase

Beratis, N.G.; Price, P.; Labadie, G.; Hirschhorn, K., 1978:
Copper 64 metabolism in menkes and normal cultured skin fibroblasts/

Binnerts, W.T.; Kapteyn, J.C.; Lindner, L., 1976:
Copper 67 for metabolic studies in milk cows

Easton G.D.; Nagle M.E., 1985:
Copper 8 quinolinolate for control of corynebacterium michiganense pathovar sepedonicum on potato seed pieces and handling equipment

Leroy-martin, B.; Saint-pol, P.; Hermand, E., 1987:
Copper - a major contraceptive agent?

Turnlund J.R.; Michel M.C.; Keyes W.R.; Schutz Y.; Margen S., 1982:
Copper absorption in elderly men determined by using stable copper 65

Sato, M., 1986:
Copper accumulation and copper binding proteins in tissues and cultured fibroblasts from patients with wilson's disease

Gibbs P.E.; Bryan G.W.; Ryan K.P., 1981:
Copper accumulation by the polychaete melinna palmata an anti predation mechanism

Hall A., 1981:
Copper accumulation in copper tolerant and copper nontolerant populations of the marine fouling alga ectocarpus siliculosus

Minnich, M.M.; Mcbride, M.B., 1987:
Copper activity in soil solution i. measurement by ion selective electrode and donnan dialysis

Minnich, M.M.; Mcbride, M.B.; Chaney, R.L., 1987:
Copper activity in soil solution ii. relation to copper accumulation in young snapbeans L.; Gadd G.M., 1987:
Copper adsorption by rhizopus arrhizus cladosporium resinae and penicillium italicum

Lehmann R.G.; Harter R.D., 1983:
Copper adsorption by soils exposed to desiccation stress

Dhillon S.K.; Dhillon K.S.; Sinha M.K., 1985:
Copper adsorption characteristics of some selected alkaline soils

Jouppila P.; Niinimaki A.; Mikkonen M., 1979:
Copper allergy and copper intra uterine device

Barnea A.; Cho G., 1987:
Copper amplification of prostaglandin e 2 stimulation of the release of lhrh is a postreceptor event

Chan, W.Y.; Richichi, J.; Griesmann, G.E.; Cushing, W.; Kling, O.R.; Rennert, O.M., 1980:
Copper and ceruloplasmin activity in human amniotic fluid

Conforti A.; Franco L.; Milanino R.; Velo G.P., 1982:
Copper and ceruloplasmin concentrations during the acute inflammatory process in the rat

Guattery, J.M.; Aroesty, S.; Wilson, H.; Rubulis, A.; Flood, M.S.; Faloon, W.W., 1981:
Copper and ceruloplasmin; serial studies in viral and alcoholic liver disease

Venkateswerlu, G.; Stotzky, G., 1986:
Copper and cobalt alter the cell wall composition of Cunninghamella blakesleeana

Brooks, R.R.; Morrison, R.S.; Reeves, R.D.; Malaisse, F., 1978:
Copper and cobalt in african species of aeolanthus plectranthinae labiatae

Baker A.J.M.; Brooks R.R.; Pease A.J.; Malaisse F., 1983:
Copper and cobalt tolerance in 3 closely related taxa within the genus silene caryophyllaceae from zaire

Brooks, R.R., 1977:
Copper and cobalt uptake by haumaniastrum spp

Morrison R.S.; Brooks R.R.; Reeves R.D.; Malaisse F., 1979:
Copper and cobalt uptake by metallophytes from zaire

Lindblom, B.; Hamberger, L., 1981:
Copper and contractility of the human fallopian tube

Gotsulyak, L.E., 1975:
Copper and iron content of tissues of x irradiated rabbits

Kirchgessner M.; Kim J.J.; Grassmann E., 1983:
Copper and iron contents and activities of ceruloplasmin and catalase in blood of growing rats receiving varying amounts of iron and copper

Viladrich Gonzalbez E.; Forcadell Berenguer M.; Buxaderas Sanchez S.; Marine Font A., 1986:
Copper and iron determination in edible fats by atomic absorption spectrophotometry and inductively coupled plasma

Abdel A.H.; E.S.aiee L.; E.M.hdy H.; Abdel Aal M.; Tayeh M., 1983:
Copper and iron in scalp hair and blood sera of patients with lichen planus

Singh M.; Kanwar K.C., 1981:
Copper and iron in tissue following experimental fluorosis

Czuba M.; Hutchinson T.C., 1980:
Copper and lead levels in crops and soils of the holland marsh area ontario canada

Azumi N., 1982:
Copper and liver injury experimental studies on dogs with biliary obstruction and copper loading

Seelig, A.; Ludwig, B.; Seelig, J.; Schatz, G., 1981:
Copper and manganese esr studies of cytochrome c oxidase ec from paracoccus denitrificans

Chan W Y.; Ramadan T.Z.; Perlman M.; Mccaffree M.A.; Rennert O.M., 1980:
Copper and manganese in the mother and in the neo nate

Osokina O.B.; Gapochka L.D.; Zaidova U.G.; Drozhzhina T.S., 1984:
Copper and mercury toxicity for the green alga scenedesmus quadricauda

Taylor G.J.; Crowder A.A., 1984:
Copper and nickel tolerance in typha latifolia clones from contaminated and uncontaminated environments

Moser H.; Wieser W., 1979:
Copper and nutrition in helix pomatia

Stoffers, P.; Summerhayes, C.; Forstner, U.; Patchineelam, S.R., 1977:
Copper and other heavy metal contamination in sediments from new bedford harbor massachusetts usa a preliminary note

Forbes J.C.; Gelman A.L., 1981:
Copper and other minerals in herbage species and varieties on copper deficient soils

Roshchina V.V.; Geletyuk N.I.; Gostimskii S.A., 1987:
Copper and plastocyanin in higher plants

Thomson, G.G.; Lawson, B.M., 1970 :
Copper and selenium interaction in sheep

Cain D.J.; Luoma S.N., 1985:
Copper and silver accumulation in transplanted and resident clams macoma balthica in south san francisco bay usa

Palladini, G.; Venturini, G.; Conforti, A.; Medolago-Albani, L.; Zelazek, S.; Pistone, A.; Scandurra, R.; Agnoli, A., 1977:
Copper and the nervous system an experimental study

Oestreicher, P.; Cousins, R.J., 1985:
Copper and zinc absorption in the rat: mechanism of mutual antagonism

Bezborodov, A.A.; Zhorov, V.A., 1977:
Copper and zinc behavior in the hydrogen sulfide zone of the black sea

Jendryczko, A.; Droźdź, M.; Tomala, J.; Magner, K., 1986:
Copper and zinc concentrations, and superoxide dismutase activities in malignant and nonmalignant tissues of female reproductive organs

Krzic M.; Krzic M., 1980:
Copper and zinc contamination of fish in the vrbas river yugoslavia

Shcheglova I.Yu; Golenkov V.F.; Shvartsman M.I., 1984:
Copper and zinc content in grain of wheat cultivated near industrial plants in various regions of the european part of the ussr

Schmollack W., 1983:
Copper and zinc content in the sperm of healthy and arthritic rats after administration of basic anti rheumatics or anti inflammatory agents

Salkie, M.L.; Honoré, L.H.; Jajczay, F.L., 1986:
Copper and zinc content of human leiomyomas

Saylor W.W.; Downer J.V., 1986:
Copper and zinc distribution in the liver and oviduct of estrogen treated and testosterone treated hens gallus domesticus

Gyrchev R.A.; Natochin Y.V., 1987:
Copper and zinc excretion from the intact and reinnervated kidney its effect on membrane transport

Helgeland, K.; Haider, T.; Jonsen, J., 1982:
Copper and zinc in human serum in Norway. Relationship to geography, sex and age

Beckett P.H.T.; Warr E.; Davis R.D., 1983:
Copper and zinc in soils treated with sewage sludge their extractability to reagents compared with their availability to plants

Shearer T.R.; Lis E.W.; Johnson K.S.; Johnson J.R.; Prescott G.H., 1979:
Copper and zinc in the amniotic fluid and serum from high risk pregnant women

Zborishchuk-Yu, N.; Zyrin, N.G., 1978:
Copper and zinc in the plowed layer 0 20 centimeters of soils of the european ussr

Magalhaes M.J.; Sequeira E.M.; Lucas M.D., 1985:
Copper and zinc in vineyards of central portugal

Cushing C.E.Jr; Thomas J.M., 1980:
Copper and zinc kinetics in myriophyllum heterophyllum and potamogeton richardsonii

Bhattacharya, R.D.; Patel, T.S.; Pandya, C.B., 1985:
Copper and zinc level in biological samples from healthy subjects of vegetarian food habit in reference to community environment

Silverstone, B.A.; Berson, D.; Grushka, E.; Kristol, L.; Hirsch, I.; Algur, N., 1985 :
Copper and zinc levels after external damage by laser photocoagulation to the retinal pigment epithelium. Preliminary reports

Wong W.S.F.; Arumanayagam M.; Chang M.Z.A., 1987:
Copper and zinc levels in patients with cervical neoplasia clinical evaluation of the copper zinc ratio

Grail, A.; Norval, M., 1986:
Copper and zinc levels in serum from patients with abnormalities of the uterine cervix

Lopes H.O.D.; Fichtner S.S.; Jardim E.C.; Costa C.D.; Martins W.Jr, 1980:
Copper and zinc levels of soils forage and animal tissue from mato grosso micro region of the state of goias brazil

Jeffery J.J.; Uren N.C., 1983:
Copper and zinc species in the soil solution and the effects of soil ph

Dwivedi, K.N.; Shanker, H., 1976:
Copper and zinc status of bundelkhand india soils

Abe, Y.; Okazaki, T.; Shukuya, R.; Furuta, H., 1984:
Copper and zinc super oxide dis mutase ec from the liver of bull frog rana catesbeiana

Burke, D.M.; DeMicco, F.J.; Taper, L.J.; Ritchey, S.J., 1981:
Copper and zinc utilization in elderly adults

Iwasaki H.; Saigo T.; Matsubara T., 1980:
Copper as a controlling factor of anaerobic growth under nitrous oxide and biosynthesis of nitrous oxide reductase in denitrifying bacteria

Riar, S.S.; Khanna, S.D.; Nayar, H.S.; Parshad, R.; Jain, R.K.; Kain, A.K.; Bhat, K.S., 1981:
Copper as a male contraceptive

Shuman M.S.; Cromer J.L., 1979:
Copper association with aquatic fulvic acid and humic acid estimation of conditional formation constants with a titrimetric anodic stripping voltammetry procedure

Mullins G.L.; Martens D.C.; Miller W.P.; Kornegay E.T.; Hallock D.L., 1982:
Copper availability form and mobility in soils from 3 annual copper enriched hog manure applications

D.B.ecque C.; Raine C.S.; Spencer P.S., 1976:
Copper binding at peripheral nervous system nodes of ranvier during de myelination and re myelination in the perineurial window

Cabaniss, S.E.; Shuman, M.S., 1988:
Copper binding by dissolved organic matter i. suwannee river usa fulvic acid equilibria

Rauser W.E., 1984:
Copper binding protein and copper tolerance in agrostis gigantea

Evans, G.W.; Leblanc, F.N., 1976:
Copper binding protein in rat intestine amino acid composition and function

Sato, M.; Arima, M., 1986:
Copper binding proteins in liver kidney and brain tissues from wilson's disease patient

Tukendorf A.; Lyszcz S.; Baszynski T., 1984:
Copper binding proteins in spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar matador tolerant to excess copper

Dixon D.G.; Sprague J.B., 1981:
Copper bio accumulation and hepato protein synthesis during acclimation to copper by juvenile rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Crecelius E.A.; Hardy J.T.; Gibson C.I.; Schmidt R.L.; Apts C.W.; Gurtisen J.M.; Joyce S.P., 1982 :
Copper bio availability to marine bivalves macoma inquinata and shrimp pandalus danae relationship to cupric ion activity

Ward, N.E.; Brooks, R.R.; Reeves, R.D., 1976:
Copper cadmium lead and zinc in soils stream sediments waters and natural vegetation around the tui mine te aroha new zealand

Babalakova N.; Kudrev T.; Petrov I., 1986:
Copper cadmium zinc and cobalt interactions in their absorption by pea plants

Johansson, L.E.; Lundin, S.T., 1979:
Copper catalysts in the selective hydrogenation of soybean and rapeseed oils 1. the activity of the copper chromite catalyst

Johansson, L.E.; Lundin, S.T., 1979:
Copper catalysts in the selective hydrogenation of soybean and rapeseed oils 2. the effect of a hydrogen flow over copper chromite catalyst

Johansson, L.E., 1979:
Copper catalysts in the selective hydrogenation of soybean and rapeseed oils 3. the effect of pressure when using copper chromite catalyst

Johansson, L.E., 1980:
Copper catalysts in the selective hydrogenation of soybean and rapeseed oils 4. copper on silica gel phase composition and preparation

Vultier R.; Baiker A.; Wokaun A., 1987:
Copper catalyzed amination of 1 6 hexanediol

Hagenmaier H.; Brunner H.; Haag R.; Kraft M., 1987:
Copper catalyzed dechlorination hydrogenation of polychlorinated dibenzo p dioxins polychlorinated dibenzofurans and other chlorinated aromatic compounds

Naruta Y.; Nagai N.; Arita Y.; Maruyama K., 1987:
Copper catalyzed double cyclization reaction of azidoquinones one step synthesis of dihydropyrroloindoloquinones and related quinolinoquinones

Speier G., 1986:
Copper catalyzed oxidation of catechols by dioxygen

Schrohenloher, R.E., 1978:
Copper catalyzed re oxidation of human mono clonal immuno globulin m

Hammerschmidt W.; Baiker A.; Wokaun A.; Fluhr W., 1986:
Copper catalyzed synthesis of cyclic amines from amino alcohols

Juo A.S.R.; Kamprath E.J., 1979:
Copper chloride as an extractant for estimating the potentially reactive aluminum pool in acid soils

Aggett J.; Simpson J.D., 1986:
Copper chromium and lead in manukau harbour new zealand sediments

Sivolobova T.S.; Lerner L.A., 1982:
Copper cobalt nickel zinc molybdenum lead vanadium chromium boron and zirconium spectrographic determination in soils

Borgmann U.; Ralph K.M., 1984:
Copper complex and toxicity of fresh water zoo plankton

Sletten, E.; Lie, B., 1976:
Copper complex of gmp

Okuyama S.; Hashimoto S.; Aihara H.; Willingham W.M.; Sorenson J.R.J., 1987:
Copper complex of non steroidal antiinflammatory agents analgesic activity and possible opioid receptor activation

Stunzi H., 1981:
Copper complexation by isatin beta thio semi carbazones in aqueous solution

Mcknight D.M.; Morel F.M.M., 1980:
Copper complexation by siderophores from filamentous blue green algae

Anderson D.M.; Lively J.S.; Vaccaro R.F., 1984:
Copper complexation during spring phytoplankton blooms in coastal waters

Hanson A.K.Jr; Sakamoto Arnold C.M.; Huizenga D.L.; Kester D.R., 1988:
Copper complexation in sargasso sea and gulf stream warm core ring waters

Yamamura T.; Hagiwara S.; Nakazato K.; Satake K., 1984:
Copper complexes at n site and c site of ovo transferrin quantitative determination and visible absorption spectrum of each complex

Bell C.F.; Lott K.A.K.; Hearn N., 1987:
Copper complexes of pyridine 2 aldehyde and 2 acetylpyridine thiosemicarbazones

Lazar B.; Katz A.; Ben Yaakov S., 1981:
Copper complexing capacity of sea water a critical appraisal of the direct anodic stripping voltammetry

Mackey D.J., 1986:
Copper complexing capacity of south pacific waters

Drozdz M.; Gierek T.; Jendryczko A.; Pilch J.; Piekarska J., 1987:
Copper concentration and superoxide radical generation in lymphocytes of patients with cancer of the larynx

Cook, C.S.; McGahan, M.C., 1986:
Copper concentration in cornea, iris, normal, and cataractous lenses and intraocular fluids of vertebrates

Sienkiewicz E.; Wojcik A.; Michelis E., 1983 :
Copper concentration in the serum of the healthy population from the lublin rural area poland

Du-Toit, A.J.; Louw, J.M.; Hartwig, E.K., 1987:
Copper concentrations in flies musca domestica l. as a means of identifying their breeding sites

Westman, N.G.; Marklund, S.L., 1981:
Copper containing and zinc containing super oxide dis mutase and manganese containing super oxide dis mutase ec in human tissues and human malignant tumors

Marklund S.L.; Westman N.G.; Lundgren E.; Roos G., 1982:
Copper containing and zinc containing super oxide dis mutase manganese containing super oxide dis mutase catalase and glutathione peroxidase in normal and neoplastic human cell lines and normal human tissues

Sergeev, S.I.; Kochetkova, M.K.; Romanova, O.A., 1978:
Copper content and activity of ceruloplasmin in the blood of patients with skin melanoma

Bouquegneau J.M.; Martoja M., 1982:
Copper content and its degree of complexation in 4 marine gastropods data concerning cadmium and zinc

Yankova D.; Brashnarova M.; Ganeva S., 1985:
Copper content in milk and finished foods for infants in bulgaria

Tamate R.; Ohtaka F., 1979:
Copper content in pork and the differences due to year season breed muscle and sex

Gadzhiev Y.G.; Garaev V.Kh, 1986:
Copper content in sheep in fasciola invasion

Savitskii I.V.; Gotsulyak L.E., 1980:
Copper content of blood and ceruloplasmin activity in blood serum of x irradiated rabbits

Kirchgessner M.; Grassmann E.; Mader H., 1981:
Copper content of sow milk as affected by different copper supply

Woon T.C.; Mcdonald R.; Mandal S.K.; Thompson L.K.; Connors S.P.; Addison A.W., 1986:
Copper coordination chemistry of some quadridentate pyridazine and phthalazine n 4 thio ether ligands binuclear copper ii complexes exhibiting two electron reduction at positive potentials

Ainscough E.W.; Baker E.N.; Brodie A.M.; Larsen N.G., 1981:
Copper coordination to thio ether ligands spectroscopic studies of dimeric copper ii complexes of 2 3 3 di methyl 2 thiabutyl pyridine and the crystal structure of di mu bromobisbromo 2 3 3 dimethyl 2 thiabutyl pyridine ns copper ii

Findlay, M.C.; Dickinson, L.C.; Chien, J.C.W., 1977:
Copper cytochrome c

Whitelaw A.; Russel A.J.F.; Armstrong R.H.; Evans C.C.; Fawcett A.R.; White I.R., 1981:
Copper deficiency a study of prophylaxis and the interaction with cobalt therapy in lambs on improved hill pastures

Bohnenkamp, W.; Weser, U., 1976:
Copper deficiency and erythrocuprein 2 copper 2 zinc super oxide dis mutase

Adedeji F.O.; Fanimokun V.O., 1984:
Copper deficiency and toxicity in 2 tropical leaf vegetables celosia argentea and amaranthus dubius

Schenck R.C., 1984:
Copper deficiency and toxicity in gonyaulax tamarensis

Jain, S.K.; Williams, D.M., 1988:
Copper deficiency anemia: altered red blood cell lipids and viscosity in rats

Stemmer, K.L.; Petering, H.G.; Murthy, L.; Finelli, V.N.; Menden, E.E., 1985:
Copper deficiency effects on cardiovascular system and lipid metabolism in the rat; the role of dietary proteins and excessive zinc

Nishi Y.; Hatano S.; Tanaka Y.; Sakano Y.; Usui T., 1981:
Copper deficiency in a japanese infant on milk formula

Karamanos R.E.; Kruger G.A.; Stewart J.W.B., 1986:
Copper deficiency in cereal and oilseed crops in northern canadian prairie soils

Hunt, C.E.; Landesman, J.; Newberne, P.M., 1970:
Copper deficiency in chicks effects of ascorbic acid on iron copper cytochrome oxidase activity and aortic muco poly saccharides

Habermann H.M.; Shoemaker E.W., 1983:
Copper deficiency in helianthus annuus developmental and metabolic consequences stomatal function and senescence

Turvey N.D., 1984:
Copper deficiency in pinus radiata planted in a podzol in victoria australia

Sutton A.M.; Harvie A.; Cockburn F.; Farquharson J.; Logan R.W., 1985:
Copper deficiency in the preterm infant of very low birthweight 4 cases and a reference range for plasma copper

Gallagher, C.H.; Reeve, V.E.; Wright, R., 1975:
Copper deficiency in the rat relationship to chronic cyanide poisoning

Agarwala S.C.; Sharma P.N.; Chatterjee C.; Sharma C.P., 1980:
Copper deficiency induced changes in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar up 262 anther

Lefevre M.; Keen C.L.; Lonnerdal B.; Hurley L.S.; Schneeman B.O., 1986:
Copper deficiency induced hypercholesterolemia effects on high density lipoprotein subfractions and hepatic lipoprotein receptor activity in the rat

Vlamis J.; Raabe R.D., 1985:
Copper deficiency of manzanita grown in a bark sand mixture

Chamberlain A.G.; Clarke S.H., 1981:
Copper deficiency of sheep in eastern saudi arabia

Prohaska, J.R.; Lukasewycz, O.A., 1981:
Copper deficiency suppresses the immune response of mice

Naveh, Y.; Hazani, A.; Berant, M., 1981:
Copper deficiency with cow's milk diet

Astashkina T.G.; Vlasov V.V.; Kazakov S.A.; Mamaev S.V., 1988:
Copper dependent site specific self cleavage of single stranded dna in the presence of ascorbate and hydrogen peroxide

Sipponen, P.; Pikkarainen, P.; Vuori, E.; Salaspuro, M., 1980:
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Copper stimulation of LHRH release from median eminence explants. II. A process dependent on chloride transport

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