Copper deficiency induced changes in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar up 262 anther

Agarwala, S.C.; Sharma, P.N.; Chatterjee, C.; Sharma, C.P.

Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy Part B Biological Sciences 46(2): 172-176


Accession: 005055316

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Cu deficiency retarded the development of ears, anthers and pollen grains in wheat. In plants that showed severe foliar symptoms of Cu deficiency florets failed to open and anthers which were largely empty failed to dehisce. The pollen grains produced by Cu-deficient plants were of smaller size, lacked dense cytoplasmic contents and failed to stain with iodine solution. In vitro germination of pollen grains was markedly reduced by Cu deficiency. The pollen-bearing anthers of Cu-deficient plants showed marked decreases in catalase, peroxidase and cytochrome oxidase activities and marked increase in RNase and aldolase activities.