Correlations among atmospheric elements airborne particulate matter benzene extracts benzo a pyrene nitric oxide nitrogen di oxide and sulfur di oxide concentrations in japan

Fukino, H.; Mimura, S.; Inoue, K.; Yamane, Y.

Atmospheric Environment 18(5): 983-988


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-6981
Accession: 005061841

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Concentration levels of elements, airborne particulate matter, benzene extracts, benzo , NO, NO2 and SO2 in 5 residential areas were seasonally determined from May, 1979 to Jan. 1980. These are pollutants exhibited higher concentration in autumn and winter than in spring and summer. There were correlations among Pb, Cu, Ni, V and Se, among Si, Fe, Al and Ti and among NO, NO2 B(a)P, benzene extracts and airborne particulate matter. NO, NO2, B(a)P, benzene extracts and airborne particulate matter were correlated with Pb, Cu, Ni, V and Se, but not appreciably with Si, Fe, Al and Ti. On the basis of correlations between various air pollutants, the emitting source of the air pollutants and the health hazard to the urban population by combined air pollution were discussed.