Section 6
Chapter 5,063

Cortex content of asporogenous mutants of Bacillus subtilis

Imae, Y.; Strominger, J.L.

Journal of Bacteriology 126(2): 914-918


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9193
PMID: 1262319
Accession: 005062769

A method for the measurement of muramic lactam, which is specifically located in the cortical peptidoglycan of bacterial spores, was developed as a quantitative assay method for spore cortex content. During sporulation of Bacillus subtilis 168, muramic lactam (i.e., spore cortex) began to appear at state IV of sporulation and continued to increase over most of the late stages of sporulation. Spore cortex contents of various spo mutants of B. subitils were surveyed. Cortex was not detected in mutants in which sporulation was blocked earlier than stage II sporulation. Spores of spo IV mutant had about 40% of the cortex content of the wild-type spores. One spo III mutant had a low amount of cortex, but four others had none.

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