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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5068

Chapter 5068 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Syllm Rapoport I.; Daniel A.; Dumdey E., 1980:
Creatine contents in red cells and blood plasma of chicken before and after stimulation of erythropoiesis by anemia

Delanghe, J.; D.B.yzere, M.; D.S.heerder, I.; Vogelaers, D.; Vandenbogaerde, J.; Van den Abeele, A.M.; Gheeraert, P.; Wieme, R., 1988:
Creatine determinations as an early marker for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction

Syllm Rapoport I.; Daniel A.; Lun A.; Pohle R.; Moller R.; Gross J., 1980:
Creatine in red blood cells and blood plasma of adult rats following exposure to hypoxia

Hankiewicz, J.; Harbut-Grylka, A., 1978:
Creatine in red cells of patients with hematological diseases

Nealon, D.A.; Henderson, A.R., 1980:
Creatine kinase 1 ec is principally inactivated in serum by complexing with immuno globulin g

Satyaswaroop, P.G.; Mortel, R., 1983:
Creatine kinase activity in human endometrium: relative distribution in isolated glands and stroma

Novak J.; Svarc V.; Steinerova A.; Jeschke J.; Polivkova V., 1986:
Creatine kinase activity in relation to extremely requiring persistent load

Lafargue, P.; Bazot, M.; Guilbaud, J., 1977:
Creatine kinase activity in suicide by burning

Tippett P.A.; Dennis N.R.; Machin D.; Price C.P.; Clayton B.E., 1982:
Creatine kinase activity in the detection of carriers of duchenne muscular dystrophy comparison of 2 methods

Saxena K.K.; Gupta B.; Srivastava V.K.; Saxena R.S.; Singh R.C.; Prasad D.N., 1988:
Creatine kinase and asparate aminotransaminase in experimental model to predict size of cardiac infarct

Kavanagh, J.P.; Darby, C., 1983:
Creatine kinase and ATPase in human seminal fluid and prostatic fluid

Schmidt E.W.; Bender W., 1979:
Creatine kinase and creatine kinase iso enzyme myo cardial band determination of normal values and values for myo cardial infarct using the new optimized method with n acetyl cysteine as the activator

Burlina A.; Rizzotti P.; Plebani M.; Cocco C.; Vassanelli C.; Menegatti G., 1984:
Creatine kinase and creatine kinase isoenzyme mb in the early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction and prediction of infarcted area

Mueller B., 1982:
Creatine kinase and creatine kinase mb in the diagnosis of myo cardial infarction

Haralambie, G.; Berg, A., 1978:
Creatine kinase and hexose phosphate isomerase activity in skeletal muscles of healthy male adults

Lavoinne A.; Jeannot E.; Claeyssens S.; Fessard C.; Matray F., 1985:
Creatine kinase and isoenzyme in full term and premature infants

Pashintseva L.P.; Barkova M.V.; Bassalyk L.S., 1986:
Creatine kinase and its isoenzymes in malignant breast tumor tissues

Graeber, G.M.; Cafferty, P.J.; Wolf, R.E.; Cohen, D.J.; Zajtchuk, R., 1985:
Creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase in the muscles encountered during median sternotomy and in the myocardium of the cardiac chambers

Donnelly, A.F., 1976:
Creatine kinase and lactic dehydrogenase iso enzyme electrophoresis procedures for identifying myo cardial infarct

Triffletti, P.; Litchfield, P.E.; Clarkson, P.M.; Byrnes, W.C., 1988:
Creatine kinase and muscle soreness after repeated isometric exercise

Michael, L.H.; Hunt, J.R.; Weilbaecher, D.; Perryman, M.B.; Roberts, R.; Lewis, R.M.; Entman, M.L., 1985:
Creatine kinase and phosphorylase in cardiac lymph: coronary occlusion and reperfusion

Passos M.R.; Zatz M., 1983:
Creatine kinase and pyruvate kinase activities in cord blood of normal new born infants application to duchenne muscular dystrophy screening programs

Meinen K.; Breinl H., 1980:
Creatine kinase b radio immunoassay its importance in the search for myo cardial necroses under long term tocolysis with fenoterol

Ljungdahl, L.; Hofvendahl, S.; Gerhardt, W.; Borjesson, J., 1977:
Creatine kinase b subunit activity in human serum part 2 evaluation of serum creatine kinase b subunit activity in the diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction

Kloss R.; Keller H E.; Stober T.; Emde H.; Schimrigk K., 1985:
Creatine kinase bb activity in serum of patients with cerebrovascular diseases

Pedersen A.G.; Bach F.W.; Nissen M.; Bach F., 1985:
Creatine kinase bb and beta 2 microglobulin as markers of central nervous system metastases in patients with small cell lung cancer

Silverman, L.M.; Dermer, G.B.; Zweig, M.H.; Van-Steirteghem, A.C.; Tokes, Z.A., 1979:
Creatine kinase bb ec a new tumor associated marker

Pfeiffer F.E.; Homburger H.A.; Yanagihara T., 1983:
Creatine kinase bb iso enzyme in cerebro spinal fluid in neurologic diseases measurement by radio immunoassay

Burgess, A.N.; Cook, W.; Tweedlie, R.M.; Swan, I.D.A.; Liddell, J.M., 1978:
Creatine kinase ec a new crystal form providing evidence of subunit structural homogeneity

Tsung, S.H., 1983:
Creatine kinase ec activity and iso enzyme pattern in various normal tissues and neoplasms

Bogatskaya, L.N.; Shegera, V.A., 1981:
Creatine kinase ec activity and iso enzymic spectrum of myo cardium creatine kinase in rats of different ages

Shatton, J.B.; Morris, H.P.; Weinhouse, S., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec activity and isozyme composition in normal tissues and neoplasms of rats and mice

Davis, M.H.; Cappel, R.; Vester, J.W.; Samaha, F.J.; Gruenstein, E., 1982:
Creatine kinase ec activity in normal and duchenne muscular dystrophy fibroblasts

Warren, W.A.; Madelian, V., 1976:
Creatine kinase ec activity in serum and uric acid solution

Barrantes, F.J.; Mieskes, G.; Wallimann, T., 1983:
Creatine kinase ec activity in the torpedo marmorata electrocyte and in the nonreceptor peripheral nu proteins from acetyl choline receptor rich membranes

Gerhardt, W.; Waldenstrom, J.; Horder, M.; Hofvendahl, S.; Billstrom, R.; Ljungdahl, R.; Berning, H.; Bagger, P., 1982:
Creatine kinase ec and creatine kinase b subunit activity in serum in cases of suspected myo cardial infarction

Knob, M.; Seidl, I., 1980:
Creatine kinase ec and its iso enzymes in dog sera

Mcneely, M.D.D.; Berris, B.; Papsin, F.R.; Lyons, E.; Schipper, H., 1977:
Creatine kinase ec and its iso enzymes in the serum of women during pregnancy and the peri partum period

Gerson, B.; Hemphill, J.M.; Rock, R.C., 1977:
Creatine kinase ec and lactate dehydrogenase ec in type 2 glycogenosis pompe disease

Shahangian, S.; Ash, K.O.; Wahlstrom, N.O.Jr ; Warden, G.D.; Saffle, J.R.; Taylor, A.J. ; Green, L.S., 1984:
Creatine kinase ec and lactate dehydrogenase ec isoenzymes in serum of patients suffering burns blunt trauma or myocardial infarction

Iyengar, M.R., 1984:
Creatine kinase ec as an intracellular regulator

Elser, R.C.; Mckenna, K., 1981:
Creatine kinase ec b subunit activity in human sera temporal aspects of its sensitivity after myo cardial infarction

Gerhardt, W.; Ljungdahl, L.; Borjesson, J.; Hofvendahl, S.; Hedenas, B., 1977:
Creatine kinase ec b subunit activity in human serum part 1 development of an immuno inhibition method for routine determination of s creatine kinase b subunit activity

Gerhardt, W.; Waldenstrom, J., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec b subunit activity in serum after immuno inhibition of m subunit activity

Erashova, N.S.; Saks, V.A.; Sharov, V.G.; Lyzlova, S.N., 1978:
Creatine kinase ec bound to cardiac cells nuclei

Iyengar, M.R.; Fluellen, C.E.; Iyengar, C.L., 1982:
Creatine kinase ec from the bovine myometrium purification and characterization

Carneiro, L.H.; Hasson-Voloch, A., 1983:
Creatine kinase ec from the electric organ of electrophorus electricus isozyme analysis

Arnold, H.; Loehr, G.W.; Scheuerbrandt, G.; Beckmann, R., 1978:
Creatine kinase ec in human erythrocytes a new detected genetic anomaly

Tanaka, H.; Sugiya, H.; Fujita, Y., 1983:
Creatine kinase ec in rat submandibular gland

Szasz, G.; Waldenstrom, J.; Gruber, W., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec in serum 6. inhibition by endogenous polyvalent cations and effect of chelators on the activity and stability of some assay components

Szasz, G.; Gruber, W.; Bernt, E., 1976:
Creatine kinase ec in serum part 1 determination of optimum reaction conditions

Szasz, G.; Gerhardt, W.; Gruber, W., 1977:
Creatine kinase ec in serum part 3 further study of adenylate kinase ec inhibitors

Devine, J.E.; Spatz, L.A., 1982:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme activities in cardiac surgery

Laboda, H.M.; Britton, V.J., 1977:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme activity in human placenta and in serum of women in labor

Morin, L.G., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme antibody reactions in immuno inhibition and immuno nephelometry

Jung, K.; Neumann, R.; Cobet, G.; Nugel, E.; Egger, E., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme bb in serum of healthy adults and children

Grande, P.; Christiansen, C.; Naestoft, J., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme mb assay by electrophoresis

Yuu, H.; Takagi, Y.; Senju, O.; Hosoya, J.I.; Gomi, K.; Ishii, T., 1978:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme of high relative molecular mass in serum of a cancer patient

Goedde, H.W.; Christ, I.; Benkmann, H.G.; Beckmann, R.; Lang, H., 1978:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme patterns in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Tsung, S.H., 1976:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme patterns in human tissue obtained at surgery

Balaton, J.; Hoag, G.N.; Franks, C.R.; Smith, C.R.; Decoteau, W.E., 1980:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme patterns in neoplasms of peripheral nerve

Hoag, G.N.; Franks, C.R.; Smith, C.; Decoteau, W.E., 1980:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme patterns in normal smooth muscle and smooth muscle neoplasms

Mong, F.S.F.; Hays, A.P.; Miranda, A.F., 1982:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme transitions in muscle grafts of mice

Ljungdahl, L.; Gerhardt, W., 1978:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzyme variants in human serum

Franklin, G.I.; Cavanagh, N.P.C.; Hughes, B.P.; Yasin, R.; Thompson, E.J., 1981:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzymes in cultured human muscle cells 1. comparison of duchenne muscular dystrophy with other myopathic and neurogenic diseases

Massey, T.H.; Barta, J.S., 1982:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzymes in neo nate plasma by cellulose acetate electrophoresis albumin and adenylate kinase ec artifacts

Somer, H.; Dubowitz, V.; Donner, M., 1976:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzymes in neuro muscular disease

Jedeikin, R.; Makela, S.K.; Shennan, A.T.; Rowe, R.D.; Ellis, G., 1982:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzymes in serum from cord blood and the blood of healthy full term infants during the 1st 3 post natal days

Thoren-Tolling, K., 1982:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzymes in tissues and serum from pigs

James, G.P.; Harrison, R.L., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzymes of mitochondrial origin in human serum

Ogunro, E.A.; Hearse, D.J.; Shillingford, J.P., 1977:
Creatine kinase ec iso enzymes their separation and quantitation

Galitzer, S.J.; Oehme, F.W., 1985:
Creatine kinase ec isoenzymes in bovine tissue

Stewart, P.A.; Chang, L.S.; Thompson, M.W.; Percy, M.E., 1981:
Creatine kinase ec isozyme transition in chicks with hereditary muscular dystrophy

Wolff, J.; Kobel, H.R., 1985:
Creatine kinase ec isozymes in pipid frogs their genetic bases gene expressional differences and evolutionary implications

Handschuh, G.J.; Donovan, K.L., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec measurement in the 1977 college of american pathologists enzymology survey anomalies explained

Milner-White, E.J.; Kelly, I.D., 1976:
Creatine kinase ec modification of the working enzyme

Vasak, M.; Nagayama, K.; Wuethrich, K.; Mertens, M.L.; Kaegi, J.H.R., 1979:
Creatine kinase ec nmr and fluorescence evidence for interaction of adp with aromatic residues

West, B.L.; Babbitt, P.C.; Mendez, B.; Baxter, J.D., 1984:
Creatine kinase ec protein sequence encoded by a complementary dna made from torpedo californica electric organ messenger rna

Homburger, H.A.; Jacob, G.L., 1980:
Creatine kinase ec radio immunoassay and iso enzyme electrophoresis compared in the diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction

Morin, L.G., 1977:
Creatine kinase ec reexamination of optimum reaction conditions

Fast, D.M.; Sampson, E.J.; Whitner, V.S.; Ali, M., 1983:
Creatine kinase ec response surfaces explored by use of factorial experiments and simplex maximization

Morin, L.G., 1977:
Creatine kinase ec stability inactivation reactivation

Sahlin, K.; Harris, R.C.; Hultman, E., 1975:
Creatine kinase equilibrium and lactate content compared with muscle pH in tissue samples obtained after isometric exercise

Loike, J.D.; Kozler, V.F.; Silverstein, S.C., 1984:
Creatine kinase expression and creatine phosphate accumulation are developmentally regulated during differentiation of mouse and human monocytes

Erashova, S.; Saks, V.A.; Sharov, V.G.; Lyzlova, S.H., 1979:
Creatine kinase from muscle cell nuclei

Nevinskii G.A.; Lavrik O.I.; Gazaryants M.G.; Mkrtchyan Z.S.; Akopyan Z.I., 1987:
Creatine kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle formation of o acyltyrosine as a result of activation of carboxyl group of the enzyme active center under the action of affinity reagents nucleotide imidazolides

Denisov A.Yu; Nevinskii G.A.; Lavrik O.I., 1982:
Creatine kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle investigation of active sites using photo reactive analogs of 1 n 6 etheno adp and 1 n 6 etheno atp

Pontier P.J.; Hart N.H., 1979:
Creatine kinase gene expression during the development of brachydanio rerio and brachydanio albolineatus

Meberg, A.; Hetland, O.; Sommer, F.; Vaagenes, P., 1978:
Creatine kinase in cerebro spinal fluid in new born infants

Frol'kis R.A.; Voronkov G.S., 1987:
Creatine kinase in rabbit myocardial subcellular components under experimental coronary blood flow restriction

Saks, V.A.; Ventura-Clapier, R.; Huchua, Z.A.; Preobrazhensky, A.N.; Emelin, I.V., 1984:
Creatine kinase in regulation of heart function and metabolism 1. further evidence for compartmentation of adenine nucleotides in cardiac myo fibrillar and sarcolemmal coupled atpase creatine kinase systems

Veksler, V.I.; Kapelko, V.I., 1984:
Creatine kinase in regulation of heart function and metabolism 2. effect of phospho creatine on the rigor tension of ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethyl ether n n n' n' tetra acetic acid treated rat myo cardial fibers

Glötzner, F.L.; Planner, M.; Gaab, M., 1979:
Creatine kinase in serum after grand mal seizures

Szasz, G.; Gerhardt, W.; Gruber, W.; Bernt, E., 1976:
Creatine kinase in serum part 2 interference of adenylate kinase with the assay

Szasz, G.; Gruber, W., 1978:
Creatine kinase in serum part 4 differences in substrate affinity among the iso enzymes

Szasz, G.; Gerhardt, W.; Gruber, W., 1978:
Creatine kinase in serum part 5 effect of thiols on iso enzyme activity during storage at various temperatures

Larsson, K.; van der Linden, W., 1981:
Creatine kinase in tibial shaft fractures. Serum creatine kinase levels in patients with tibial shaft fractures

Steele, B.W.; Gobel, F.L.; Nelson, R.R.; Yasmineh, W.G., 1978:
Creatine kinase iso enzyme activity following cardiac catheterization and exercise stress testing

Friedhoff, A.J.; Lerner, M.H., 1977:
Creatine kinase iso enzyme associated with synaptosomal membrane and synaptic vesicles

Jung, K.; Scholz, D.; Precht, K., 1979:
Creatine kinase iso enzyme bb ec in serum of patients undergoing chronic hemo dialysis and with kidney transplant

Marmor A.; Kahana L.; Alpan G.; Grenadier E.; Keidar S.; Palant A., 1979:
Creatine kinase iso enzyme mb in acute coronary ischemia

Kettunen P., 1983:
Creatine kinase iso enzymes and trans aminases after coronary cardiography cardiac surgery and noncardiac thoracotomy

Cavanagh, N.P.C.; Franklin, G.I.; Hughes, B.P.; Yasin, R.; Phillips, E.; Van-Beers, G.; Thompson, E.J., 1981:
Creatine kinase iso enzymes in cultured human muscle cells 2. a study of carrier females for duchenne muscular dystrophy by needle and open biopsy

Roberts, R.; Sobel, B.E., 1978:
Creatine kinase iso enzymes in the assessment of heart disease

Rogers, M.A.; Stull, G.A.; Apple, F.S., 1985:
Creatine kinase isoenzyme activities in men and women following a marathon race

E.S.ribiny A.; Bharvaga A.; Fitzpatrick J.; Murphy G.P., 1985:
Creatine kinase isoenzyme by radioimmunoassay as a follow up marker in stage d cancer of the prostate comparison with prostatic acid phosphatase radioimmunoassay

Golf, S.W.; Kaul-Kunz, C.; Roka, L., 1984:
Creatine kinase isoenzyme mb ec determination on the aca ion exchange chromatography dependence on serum matrix and other effectors

Apple, F.S.; Rogers, M.A.; Ivy, J.L., 1986:
Creatine kinase isoenzyme MM variants in skeletal muscle and plasma from marathon runners

Tsung, J.S.; Tsung, S.S., 1986:
Creatine kinase isoenzymes in extracts of various human skeletal muscles

Jorgensen F.B.; Badskjaer J.; Pedersen B.S.; Boysen K., 1984:
Creatine kinase isoenzymes in serum from children especially focusing on creatine kinase bb

Puleo, P.R.; Perryman, M.B.; Bresser, M.A.; Rokey, R.; Pratt, C.M.; Roberts, R., 1987:
Creatine kinase isoform analysis in the detection and assessment of thrombolysis in man

Zweig M.H.; Van Steirteghem A.C.; Torrey E.F., 1981:
Creatine kinase isozymes in the serum and cerebro spinal fluid of schizophrenic patients

Shoubridge E.A.; Jeffry F.M.H.; Keogh J.M.; Radda G.K.; Seymour A M.L., 1985:
Creatine kinase kinetics atp turnover and cardiac performance in hearts depleted of creatine with the substrate analog beta guanidinopropionic acid

Simon, H.B.; Steinhaus, D.M., 1984:
Creatine kinase levels after jogging in patients with cardiac disease

Nagashima T.; Kamegai M.; Hirose K.; Yamada K.; Uono M.; Tsubaki T.; Nagashima K., 1985:
Creatine kinase linked immunoglobulin a in isaacs syndrome an immune complex disease

Jansson E.; Sylven C., 1985:
Creatine kinase mb and citrate synthase in type i and type ii muscle fibers in trained and untrained men

Von Essen R.; Schlicht M.; Merx W.; Mayiopoulos P., 1980:
Creatine kinase mb and infarct size

Bruns, D.E.; Chitwood, J.; Koller, K.; Hill, K.E.; Mostrom, J.; Savory, J., 1983:
Creatine kinase mb ec activity clinical and laboratory studies of specific immunochemical technique with optimized enzymatic assay

Schwartz, J.G.; Prihoda, T.J.; Stuckey, J.H.; Gage, C.L.; Darnell, M.L., 1988:
Creatine kinase MB in cases of skeletal muscle trauma

Iacovoni P.; Gaudio C.; Fortezza P.; Morosetti M.; Meloni C.; Gaspardone A.; Valente A.; Gioffre P.A., 1985:
Creatine kinase mb in uremic patients undergoing periodical hemodialysis reflections and suggestions

Lee M.E.; Sethna D.H.; Conklin C.M.; Shell W.E.; Matloff J.M.; Gray R.J., 1983:
Creatine kinase mb release following coronary artery bypass grafting in the absence of myo cardial infarction

Abendschein, D.R.; Morelli, R.L.; Carlson, C.J.; Emilson, B.; Rapaport, E., 1984:
Creatine kinase MM isoenzyme subforms in myocardium, cardiac lymph and blood after coronary artery occlusion in dogs

Keshgegian, A.A.; Bhagat, P.K.; Lease, J.A.; Balocchi, J., 1988:
Creatine kinase MM isoforms in serum after cardiac surgery

Griffiths, J.; Handschuh, G., 1977:
Creatine kinase myo cardial iso enzyme mb in myo cardial infarction methods compared

Jacobus, W.E.; Diffley, D.M., 1986:
Creatine kinase of heart mitochondria. Control of oxidative phosphorylation by the extramitochondrial concentrations of creatine and phosphocreatine

Moreadith, R.W.; Jacobus, W.E., 1982:
Creatine kinase of heart mitochondria. Functional coupling of ADP transfer to the adenine nucleotide translocase

Bittl, J.A.; Weisfeldt, M.L.; Jacobus, W.E., 1985:
Creatine kinase of heart mitochondria. The progressive loss of enzyme activity during in vivo ischemia and its correlation to depressed myocardial function

Jacobus, W.E.; Lehninger, A.L., 1973:
Creatine kinase of rat heart mitochondria. Coupling of creatine phosphorylation to electron transport

Dmitrenko N.P., 1980:
Creatine kinase of rat lymphocytes and its activity as affected by adenosine cyclic amp amp and products of their conversion

Lahet C.; Vialle A.; Maire I.; Parrin B.; Steghens J P.; Mathieu M., 1986:
Creatine kinase reassessment of optimal concentrations for adp and magnesium

Rubial A.; Moro A.; Comet R.; Bodi R.; Lafuerza A.; Domenech Torne F.M.; Salvador L., 1984:
Creatine kinase subunit b as a tumor marker preliminary results

Ludvigsen, C.W.; Muus, C.; Meyer, I.; Haven, M., 1986:
Creatine kinase variant type I in children with anoxic insult

Buth, D.G.; Murphy, R.W.; Miyamoto, M.M.; Lieb, C.S., 1985:
Creatine kinases ec of amphibians and reptiles evolutionary and systematic aspects of gene expression

Breiter N.; Ungemach F.R.; Beck G.; Hegner D.; Mayr A., 1986:
Creatine level and lipid analysis in radiosensitive organs of mice after total body irradiation contribution to further development of biologic radiodosimetry

Mandal S.K.; Dastidar A.G., 1983:
Creatine of tenotomized muscle under the influence of prednisolone treatment

D'alessandro L.C.; Cini R.; Stazi G.; Pucci A.; D.B.nedictis F.; Rabitti G.; Benhar M.; Giacopino F.; Pezza E.; Cioli G., 1987:
Creatine phosphate an additive agent in cardioplegic solution a clinical study

Davydov V.V.; Tverdokhlib V.P.; Yakushev V.S., 1983:
Creatine phosphate content and creatine phospho kinase activity in cardio myocyte mitochondria in myo cardial infarction in rats exposed to emotional and pain stress

Kupriyanov, V.V.; Seppet, E.K.; Saks, V.A., 1978:
Creatine phosphate formation coupled to the glycolytic reactions in myo cardium cell cytosol

Shibata, S., 1978:
Creatine phosphate in rat blood platelets

Shibata, S., 1979:
Creatine phosphate in rat platelets decreased by ADP or thrombin

Tornheim, K.; Lowenstein, J.M., 1979:
Creatine phosphate inhibition of heart lactate dehydrogenase and muscle pyruvate kinase is due to a contaminant

Sutherland W.M.; Konigsberg I.R., 1983:
Creatine phospho kinase accumulation in fusion blocked quail coturnix coturnix japonica myocytes

Yavich M.P.; Golubeva L.Yu, 1981:
Creatine phospho kinase activity and the correlation of its isozymes in the myo cardium of aging animals

Raju D.C.; Mastanaiah S.; Swami K.S., 1979:
Creatine phospho kinase activity in the normal and de nervated gastrocnemius muscles of frog rana hexadactyla

Uzunov G., 1981:
Creatine phospho kinase and myosin atpase activity in pigs with pale exudative muscle syndrome

Bark, D.H.; Smith, L.S., 1982:
Creatine phospho kinase ec activities in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri associated with rapid decompression

Karandikar, P.V.; Varadkar, A.M.; Desai, A.D.; Potnis, A.V., 1980:
Creatine phospho kinase ec activity and its isozymes in normal fetal and duchenne dystrophic muscle

Sjovall, K.; Rubin, S.; Muntzing, J., 1975:
Creatine phospho kinase ec in prostatic tissue

Klemann, S.W.; Pfohl, R.J., 1982:
Creatine phospho kinase ec in rana pipiens expression in embryos early larvae and adult tissues

Ok, Y.C.; Shim, S.B.; Park, J.K.; Lee, K.W.; Cho, M.J., 1977:
Creatine phospho kinase in blood after acute brain injury

Weinstock, I.M.; Jones, K.B., 1977:
Creatine phospho kinase in cultured control and dystrophic chick embryo muscle

Williams, E.R.; Bruford, A., 1970:
Creatine phospho kinase in motor neuron disease

Wlodarski, F.M.; Howard, P.L.; Trainer, T.D., 1977:
Creatine phospho kinase iso enzymes a comparison of a kinetic and an electrophoretic method in the diagnosis of myo cardial infarction

Hallberg J.W.; Topel D.G.; Christian L.L., 1979:
Creatine phospho kinase iso enzymes in stress susceptible and stress resistant pigs

Goto, I.; Katsuki, S., 1970:
Creatine phospho kinase isozymes in pathological human serum

Pyle, R.B.; Blomberg, D.J.; Burke, M.D.; Lindsay, W.G.; Nicoloff, D.M., 1976:
Creatine phospho kinase mb iso enzyme use in diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction in the early post operative period

Carlson, C.J.; Emilson, B.; Rapaport, E.; Bible, L., 1978:
Creatine phospho kinase myo cardial iso enzyme in hypo thermia case reports and experimental studies

Faulstich M.E.; Brantley P.J.; Barkemever C.A., 1984:
Creatine phospho kinase the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory and psychosis

Khachatryan S.A.; Engibaryan A.A., 1986:
Creatine phosphokinase and atpase activity of the intact zones of rabbit myocardium after coronary occlusion infarction following an alpha tocopherol and sodium nucleinate injection

Maitin R.E.C.; Coelho H.E.; Souza R.D., 1986:
Creatine phosphokinase cpk serum levels in thoroughbred and mangalarga marchador mlm equine breeds

Witzemann, V., 1985:
Creatine phosphokinase ec isoenzymes in torpedo marmorata

Arana J.M.; Valdes S.C.; Portuondo H., 1984:
Creatine phosphokinase its value in the myocardial infarction

Atzeni E.; Loviselli A.; Farci A.M.G.; Lai E.; Ledda O.; Balestrieri A., 1985:
Creatine phosphokinase lactate dehydrogenase myoglobin and altered thyroid state

Rasmussen, L.H.; Madsen, H.N.; Ladefoged, S.D., 1985:
Creatine phosphokinase MB and lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme 1 in polymyositis

Ramírez, O.; Calva, E.; Trejo, A., 1970:
Creatine regulation in the embryo and growing chick

Syllm-Rapoport, I.; Daniel, A.; Rapoport, S., 1980:
Creatine transport into red blood cells

Loike, J.D.; Somes, M.; Silverstein, S.C., 1986:
Creatine uptake, metabolism, and efflux in human monocytes and macrophages

Mesa Arana J.; Medina D.; Boffill Diaz V.M.; Cires J., 1984:
Creatinemia normal values and semiology

Golik V.S.; Alad'in V.S.; Kuchumova L.P.; Kravets L.P.; Parkhomenko R.G., 1985:
Creating dual purpose durum wheat cultivars

Ruppel E.G.; Schneider C.L.; Hecker R.J.; Hogaboam G.J., 1979:
Creating epiphytotics of rhizoctonia root rot and evaluating for resistance to rhizoctonia solani in sugar beet field plots

Vasilev V.N., 1982:
Creating forest plantations on open eroded terrains by using complex mechanization

Franklin J.F.; Forman R.T.T., 1987:
Creating landscape patterns by forest cutting ecological consequences and principles

Bernard, S.; Bernard, M., 1987:
Creating new forms of 4x, 6x and 8x primary triticale associating both complete R and D genomes

Grishchenko V.I.; Demina L.G.; Chadaev V.E.; Lobyntseva G.S.; Chub N.N., 1987:
Creating of a bank of cryopreserved human ovarian tissue for allografting in obstetrics and gynecology

Guliev V.M., 1985:
Creating of new forms of grapes by using colchicine

Shiang, H.H.; Kupersmith, J.; Wiemann, G.F.; Rhee, C.Y.; Litwak, R.S., 1977:
Creating permanent complete heart block by indirect cauterization without atriotomy

Markvardt, F., 1978:
Creating synthetic inhibitors of serine proteinases an important problem in pharmacology

Klimashevskii E.L., 1987:
Creating the models of agricultural plant cultivars based on the physiological characteristics of root systems

Chiou, W.L., 1982:
Creatinine 11. extensive renal tubular re absorption and secretion in man and its clinical significance

Mirvish S.S.; Cairnes D.A.; Hermes N.H.; Raha C.R., 1982:
Creatinine a food component that is nitrosated denitrosated to yield methyl urea

Rikitake, K.; Oka, I.; Ando, M.; Yoshimoto, T.; Tsuru, D., 1979:
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Creatinine determination in plasma and urine by a creatininase reactor and an ammonia sensor probe

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Creatinine height index in a sample of Japanese adults under sedentary activities

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Creatinine in blood of patients treated with edta

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Creatinine metabolism in pre eclamptic toxemia

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Creatinine part 7 determination of saliva creatinine by high performance liquid chromatography

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Creatinine part 8 saliva levels of endogenous true creatinine in normal subjects

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Creatinine phospho kinase and adenylate kinase activities in skeletal muscle of malignant hyper thermia susceptible patients

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Creatinine phospho kinase iso enzymes in anesthesia induced myo globinuria

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Creatinine transfer between red cells and plasma: a comparison between normal and uremic subjects

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Creatinuria during prolonged hypo kinesia in humans

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Creation and course of alloxan diabetes mellitus under conditions of experimental thyrotoxicosis

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Creation and properties of histo compatibility antigen cell conjugates 2. antibody tolerance after treatment with donor histo compatibility antigen chemically coupled to recipient spleen cells

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Creation and study of lines with cytoplasmic male sterility in the orchard grass dactylis glomerata

D.Heaulme, M., 1978:
Creation and validation of medical data

Lenoir P.; Roger M.J.; Frangeul C.; Chales G., 1981:
Creation development and maintenance of the data base of a computer assisted diagnostic system

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Creation of 2 new genera of psychidae of africa lepidoptera

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Creation of 36 recombinant congenic strains between b10.d2 and dba 2 with dissymmetric parental inputs for the study of characters under highly polygenic genetic control

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Creation of a chimeric oncogene analysis of the biochemical and biological properties of a v erb b src fusion polypeptide

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Creation of a chronic renal insufficiency model in dogs

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Creation of a conditioned feeding reflex and renovation of proteins in the hippocampal neurons and neuro glia

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Creation of a hybrid striped bass morone saxatilis x morone chrysops fishery in the escambia river florida usa

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Creation of a large database with iawa standard list characters

Matsushima M., 1988:
Creation of a modified kock continent ileal urinary reservoir

Godeau, J.M.; D'ieteren, G., 1976:
Creation of a permanent fistula in the small intestine of the milk cow

Schellenberg, P., 1976:
Creation of a strain of specific pathogen free rabbits essential for pathological research

Shikhman A.R.; Lebedev K.A., 1981:
Creation of a sub cutaneous artificial cavity with a shell for obtaining macrophages

Luks Y.A.; Kryukova I.V., 1980:
Creation of a united effective reservation system of rare and vanishing plants

Sokushev, G.K., 1978:
Creation of an artificial vagina in persons with false male hermaphroditism

Alfonso Guerra J.P.; Pereira Torras L.; Quintero Arencicia R.; Lastres Banos J.; Gabalda Perez A., 1980:
Creation of an electronic computerized system for studying renal transplantation complications

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Creation of an esophagus from a gastric tube in children with congenital esophageal atresia

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Creation of an experimental antro jejunal and antro colic transposition model in rats

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Creation of an experimental model for primary cerebral venous hypertension in the rat and studies on regional pathophysiological changes

Marshall, F.F., 1988:
Creation of an ileocolic bladder after cystectomy

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Creation of artificial soils from organic wastes for the revegetation of the new shores of the lake of neuchatel switzerland

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Creation of free flaps by arterialization of the venous system

Bugaenko L.A.; Reznikova S.A., 1984:
Creation of highly heterotic mint hybrids applicable for 2 harvest cultivation

Kutuzov G.P.; Krasivina N.Yu, 1988:
Creation of highly productive clover agrophytocenosis

Orlyuk A.P., 1982:
Creation of highly productive forms of winter wheat by the transgressive selection method

Radchenko E.E.; Krivchenko V.I., 1987:
Creation of invasive background for the assessment of aphid resistance of cereal crops

Cadet, P., 1976:
Creation of morphological mutants of the rice parasite nematode heterodera oryzae

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Creation of multi criteria and evaluation of mouse sleep wakefulness from various angles

Dobrochayeva, D.M.; Sypailova, L.M.; Savyts'kyi, V.D., 1983:
Creation of new displays of the botanical museum of the n. g. kolodny institute of botany of the ukrainian ssr academy of sciences ussr

Bormotov V.E.; Matrosov B.F.; Akhramenko A.D., 1985:
Creation of one seed tetraploid sugar beets using hybridization of plants of different ploidy

Tarasov A.S., 1983:
Creation of pastures for meat type cattle in the steppe zone of the northern kazakh ssr ussr

Abdraimov S.A., 1980:
Creation of pastures in the desert zone of the kazakh ssr ussr

Evers H.K., 1981:
Creation of patient careers in geriatric wards aspects of policy and practice

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Creation of reaction-less pseudoarthrosis on the ulna of the dog

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Creation of rye forms with wheat chromosome segments translocated into the genome

Tarasonov, V.M., 1976:
Creation of scientific methodology in anatomy and medicine by d n zernov

Sattler F., 1984:
Creation of skull and teeth clay models and their hollow cast reproduction for educational and exhibitional purposes

Intizarov, M.M., 1978:
Creation of specific pathogen free status on the laboratory animal model

Schoenbohm E.; Schoenbohm E.; Luecke G., 1980:
Creation of symmetric and asymmetric phytochrome for red absorbing form gradients in mougeotia cells and the effect of these phytochrome for red absorbing form gradients on chloroplast orientation

Bakh N.L.; Fonshtein M.Yu; Kuznetsova E.M.; Borisenko Y.V.; Tsvetkova N.V.; Yankovskii N.K., 1986:
Creation of the clone library of bordetella pertussis genome and the detection of clones with the genes controlling the synthesis of bordetella pertussis antigenic determinants

Maillard C.; Euzet L.; Silan P., 1988:
Creation of the genus serranicotyle new genus monogenea microcotylidae serranicotyle labracis new combination van beneden et hesse 1863 ectoparasite of dicentrarchus labrax teleostei

Wallace B., 1984:
Creation of the horizontal vertical illusion through imagery

Borisov, M.N., 1978:
Creation of the kushumskaya horse breed

Breuning, S.; Teocchi, P., 1977:
Creation of the new tribe aderpasini revision and bionomics of the species of the genera aderpas and ancylonotopsis coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae

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Creation of the phonatory neo glottis preliminary experience with 10 cases

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Creative abilities of eighth class children as related to rural urban background and sex

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Creative inter personal experience of mourning in psychotherapy

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Creative language abilities of deaf children

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Creative level and creative style

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Creative performance among siblings of various ordinal birth positions

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Creative personality and identity

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Creative talent and academic competence

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Creatively imagined "amnesia"

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Creativity a missing stimulus to learning among the gifted talented

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Creativity an approach to a behavioral theory

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Creativity and cognitive complexity

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Creativity and conflict in psychological science

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Creativity and its correlates in emotionally disturbed preschool children

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Creativity and locus of control among mexican college students

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Creativity as a predictor of teachers effectiveness

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Creativity in developmentally disabled adolescents

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Creativity in early and middle school years

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Creativity in middle and late school years

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Creativity in the students 3. relations between the fluency and flexibility measures of creativity tests and the cognitive needs and styles

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Creativity profile of university and conservatory dance students

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Creativity satisfaction and orientation of college freshmen

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Creche formation in the common eider

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Creching behavior of adelie penguin chicks pygoscelis adeliae

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Creching behavior of brandt's cormorant chicks

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Crede expression of the bladder a sometimes useful maneuver

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Credibility of communicators and distraction as predictors of change in attitude

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Credibility of sources of communication on products' safety hazards

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Credit worthiness of landless farm laborers marginal and small farmers for dairy loans

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Creel catches of crab cancer pagurus using different baits

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Creel census of amateur line fishermen in the blackwood river estuary western australia during 1974 1975

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Creel survey and biological study of the striped bass morone saxatilis fishery of the annapolis river nova scotia canada 1978

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Creel surveys and biological studies of the striped bass morone saxatilis fisheries of the shubenacadie gaspereau and annapolis rivers canada 1976

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Creep after loading in relaxed and contracted potassium chloride or potassium sulfate de polarized smooth muscle tenia coli of the guinea pig

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Creep after loading in the relaxed and contracted smooth muscle tenia coli of the guinea pig under various osmotic conditions

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Creep currents in single frog atrial cells may be generated by electrogenic sodium calcium exchange

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Creep in cardiac muscle

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Creep recovery behavior of oil water emulsions influence of disperse phase concentration

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Creepage of estrogens vs. loss by sorption on glassware

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Creeping attachment of free gingival grafts a 5 year follow up study

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Creeping bent grass response to aquatic herbicides in irrigation water

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Creeping bluestem schizachyrium stolonifer response to prescribed burning and grazing in south florida usa

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Creeping propagation stolons an effective propagation system of the freshwater entoproct urnatella gracilis leidy barentsiidae

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Creeping thistle cirsium arvense as a reservoir of aphid parasitoids hymenoptera aphidiidae in agroecosystems

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Cremation of a diseased rich man from latene period carriage grave near husby kr. flensburg north germany

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Crenatobronema new genus spinitectidae of nematodes from fishes of the pacific

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Crenatosquilla new genus of stomatopod crustacean from the east pacific

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Crenicichla celidochilus new species from uruguay and a multivariate analysis of the lacustris group perciformes cichlidae

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Creosote bush larrea tridentata long lived clones in the mojave desert california usa

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Crepidotus episphaeria and related species from the southern hemisphere

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Crepidula fornicata gastropods calyptraeidae in the bay of marennes oleron france biochemical composition and energy value of individuals and spawning

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Crepidula fornicata gastropods in the bay of marennes oleron france population dynamics and production

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Crepis sibirica in krivanska mala fatra mountains czechoslovakia

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Crescentipollenites fuscus new genus new combination a new name for hitherto known lunatisporites from the lower gondwanas

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Creseis chierchiae a species or a young stage of hyalocylis striata

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Creso a new durum wheat of interesting agronomic features

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Crested thylakoids in carotenoidoplasts of subepidermal cells of pumpkins

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Cretaceous birds a short review of the first half of avian history

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Cretaceous bivalve larvae

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Cretaceous cypriniforms in south america

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Cretaceous nautiloids from hokkaido japan 3. part 3. some nautiloids from the campanian of soy northern hokkaido

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Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events as causal factors in development of reef reservoired giant oil fields

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Cricoid pressure with or without the cricoid yoke

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Crime as play and excitement a conceptual analysis of japanese bosozoku motorcycle gangs

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Crime under hypnosis consideration of the question of resistance capability in the sense of paragraph 179 of the penal code

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Criminalistic estimation of the age of fingerprint traces

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Criminality and addiction

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Crimping and swath treatment during pre wilting of grassland crops

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Crinipellis perniciosa agaricales

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Crinoids from the upper ordovician bighorn formation of wyoming usa

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Crinoids of the genus austinocrinus in the ussr

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Crinoids of the genus percevalicrinus

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Crinophagia in rat pituitary cells enzymo cytochemical and immuno cytochemical study

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Crisis intervention and enhancement of adaptive coping using hypnosis

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Crisis intervention in an absorption center for Ethiopian youth

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Crisis intervention in psycho geriatrics a 2 year follow up study

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Crispness in foods a review

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Crispolide an unusual hydro per oxy sesqui terpene lactone from tanacetum vulgare

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Cristae and cupulae development in the mouse semicircular canal part 1 the final stage of development

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Cristarmadillo pardii new species of armadillidae from zaire crustacea isopoda oniscidea

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Criteria and circumstances of viability of gametocytes of Plasmodium berghei

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Criteria and methods for the determination of toxic substances released by bulgarian welding materials

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Criteria and methods of etiologic diagnosis of acute and chronic inflammatory processes in the lungs

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Criteria and methods of hygienic assessment of household chemicals

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Criteria and outlines of training systems for the grapevine extension to woody perennial plants

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Criteria and possibilities of cytological differentiation of osteogenous tumors

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Criteria and prediction of damage by larvae of the shield bug eurygaster integriceps heteroptera scutelleridae

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Criteria and results in surgical treatment of crohn's disease

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Criteria and validity of continuous measurement of arterial oxygen tension and arterial carbon di oxide tension in man

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Criteria audit of surgery for carcinoma of the large intestine in melbourne australia teaching hospitals

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Criteria documents part 1 recommendations for a xylene standard

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Criteria employed by the expert panel of flavor and extract manufacturers association for the generally recognized as safe evaluation of flavoring substances

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Criteria for applying target biopsy and histological features in the diagnosis of gastric cancer in situ

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Criteria for appraising load tolerance tests in patients with ischemic heart disease and coronary arteries that are intact or affected by athero sclerosis

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Criteria for assessing a client's fitness for admission to a welfare home: a practical proposition

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Criteria for assessing the accuracy of the pyrone fluorometric assay for iaa

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Criteria for assessing the clinical value of feto placental function tests

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Criteria for assessing therapy outcome in speech pathology and audiology

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Criteria for chilling stress in saintpaulia ionantha

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Criteria for choosing a drug for pathogenetic therapy of itsenko cushing disease

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Criteria for choosing a mathematical model of moisture exchange in the upper soil layer

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Criteria for clinical development and classification of nootropic drugs

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Criteria for clonal selection in tea camellia sinensis 1. the relation between mother bushes and their clonal derivatives for bush area shoot number and yield

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Criteria for determination of lipid peroxidation in tissues: estimation in liver of mice intoxicated with carbon tetrachloride

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Criteria for determining age and sex of nestling bald eagles haliaeetus leucocephalus

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Criteria for diagnosis of hyaline membrane disease

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Criteria for diagnosis of pulp necrosis in traumatized permanent incisors

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Criteria for diagnostic and therapeutic methods of vascular embolization (kidneys, spleen, liver)

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Criteria for differentiation of therapy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in adults

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Criteria for distinction of different epithelial phenotypes covering murine palatal shelves at the stage of fusion

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Criteria for distinguishing between mono synaptic and poly synaptic transmission

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Criteria for early prediction of the growth of the narrow crown form of scotch pine of the middle mountain ecotype

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Criteria for establishing the clinical usefulness of drugs recommended for the treatment of limb arterial insufficiency

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Criteria for estimating the rate of growth in fish

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Criteria for estimating the state of fresh water ecosystems under conditions of complex use of water bodies

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Criteria for estimation of peritonitis severity and the efficiency of antibiotic therapy

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Criteria for evaluating improvement in schizophrenia in psychopharmacological research (with special reference to gamma endorphin fragments)

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Criteria for evaluating multi unit spike separation techniques

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Criteria for evaluating nonquantitative assays: application to serum choriogonadotropin

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Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of rehabilitation of patients with myo cardial infarction post hospital phase

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Criteria for evaluating the health of children and adolescents

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Criteria for evaluating the results of slaughtering on the basis of live weight and body size in romanian baltata cattle and friesian baltata crosses

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Criteria for evaluating the soil cover of pastures

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Criteria for evaluation of occupational risk for workers engaged in production of antipyretics and antibiotics

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Criteria for evaluation of treatment of primary hypo thyroidism in children

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Criteria for evaluation of working capacity in chronic pneumonia

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Criteria for examination of the urethra during excretory urography

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Criteria for fitness for agonistic sports in athletes with clinical and instrumental epilepsy

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Criteria for forming comparative groups for the investigation of the human immunologic responsiveness in the time course

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Criteria for heat resistance and individual characteristics

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Criteria for hepatic transplantation in cirrhosis

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Criteria for histopathologic differential diagnosis of dermatitis herpetiformis and pemphigoid

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Criteria for immediate therapeutic response to hemorrhaging esophageal varices prognostic significance of some angiographic aspects

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Criteria for interpretation of ocular pneumo plethysmography

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Criteria for judging precision and accuracy in method development and evaluation

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Criteria for monocular acuity deficit in infancy and early childhood

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Criteria for nitrification in fixed film reactors

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Criteria for object perception

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Criteria for oil pollution research in marine sediments application to the bohlen oil spillage

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Criteria for optimal control in physiological systems in the assessment of radiation injury and choice of the most effective radioprotector or therapeutic agent

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Criteria for phonological process analysis

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Criteria for preclinical diagnosis of the cubital tunnel syndrome

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Criteria for prognostic evaluation of the results of lumbar sympathectomy clinical hemodynamic and angiographic findings

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Criteria for protection of the population against ionizing radiation in routine thoraco abdominal examinations

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Criteria for pulmonary and respiratory failure in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients a theoretical study based on clinical data

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Criteria for quantal host response of tomato lycopersicon esculentum plants to infection by verticillium dahliae

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Criteria for quantitative evaluation of respiratory system response

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Criteria for ranking species of ecto parasites with special consideration of the mallophaga

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Criteria for seed quality estimation and factors that affect the productivity of tomatoes

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Criteria for selecting chemical compounds for carcinogenicity testing: an essay

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Criteria for selecting laboratory animals for biomedical modeling

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Criteria for selecting substances for the purpose of hygienic regulation

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Criteria for selection of communities in poor rural areas with high risk of low birth weight babies

Calle, E.E., 1984:
Criteria for selection of decedent vs. living controls in a mortality case control study

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Criteria for selection of future physicians

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Criteria for selective screening for Chlamydia trachomatis infection in women attending family planning clinics

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Criteria for severe aplastic anemia

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Criteria for species determination in the subgenus sylvaemus rodentia muridae

Ruprecht A.L., 1983:
Criteria for species identification in the genus plecotus chiroptera vespertilionidae

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Criteria for species the morphological criterion

Dobreva, M., 1976:
Criteria for standardization and methods for measurement of asbestos dust in the air of working areas

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Criteria for stopping medication in early onset epileptics

Wingate, M.E., 1977:
Criteria for stuttering

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Criteria for the administration of potassium iodide for thyroid blocking of radioiodine

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Criteria for the assessment of adequate hypotensive effect by lactate dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase isoenzyme spectra in various forms of arterial hypertension

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Criteria for the assessment of organism environment correlation in human developmental studies

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Criteria for the characterization of forest biotopes

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Criteria for the choice of a questionnaire for the study of eating habits in a sports camp

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Criteria for the choice of treatment of central talus fractures based on a follow up study

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Criteria for the conduct of an epidemiologic study

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Criteria for the cytologic assessment of hyperplasias in endometrial samples obtained by the Endopap Endometrial Sampler

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Criteria for the definition of early cancer of the breast

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Criteria for the diagnosis of alcoholism

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Criteria for the diagnosis of primary endocrine carcinoma of the skin (Merkel cell carcinoma). A histological, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study of 13 cases

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Criteria for the diagnosis of the guillain barre syndrome a critique of the national institute of neurological and communicative disorders and stroke guidelines

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Criteria for the diagnosis of vaginal candidosis: evaluation of a new latex agglutination test

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Criteria for the differential diagnosis of trauma following resuscitation or road traffic accidents

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Criteria for the ecologic evaluation of the lower river main west germany part 2 investigations of the organic metabolic processes

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Criteria for the estimation of calcium carbonate from viewpoint of chlortetracycline biosynthesis

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Criteria for the evaluation of breast sonography

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Criteria for the evaluation of drug addiction therapy centers

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Criteria for the evaluation of indices of teratogenicity of chemical substances for humans

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Criteria for the evaluation of laboratory animal bedding

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Criteria for the evaluation of methods for the collection of organic pollutants in air using solid sorbents

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Criteria for the evaluation of nystagmus

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Criteria for the evaluation of the adequacy of hemodialysis therapy

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Criteria for the evaluation of the agar diffusion susceptibility test with ofloxacin

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Criteria for the evaluation of the differential use of diet therapy

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Criteria for the evaluation of the phenomenon of emperipolesis in cytological studies

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Criteria for the generic and subgeneric stage in ecto parasites with particular reference to mallophagans

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Criteria for the homogeneity of spectral electroencephalogram evaluations

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Criteria for the hygienic appraisal of intensive care units

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Criteria for the indirect detection of the 1 29 translocation in bulls using their karyotyped progeny

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Criteria for the morphological and biometric differentiation of 2 species of sympatric mice mus spretus and mus musculus domesticus

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Criteria for the morphological diagnosis of nonspecific reactive hepatitis

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Criteria for the protection of the population against ionizing radiation in routine thoraco abdominal examinations

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Criteria for the recognition of pulmonary emboli

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Criteria for the selection of 2nd generation platinum compounds

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Criteria for the selection of rectal cancers for local treatment a clinico pathologic study of low rectal tumors

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Criteria for the selection of some lactobacteria destined for the diet of young swine

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Criteria for the selection of teaching means

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Criteria for the type of treatment of vulvar carcinoma

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Criteria for weaning from prolonged mechanical ventilation

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Criteria in lay self judgment of anger control

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Criteria in planning of grassland development 5. soil erosion in sloping grasslands

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Criteria of acute cardiac insufficiency in myocardial infarction and its differentiated therapy with nitroglycerin

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Criteria of adequate plasmo substitution in intensive plasmapheresis

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Criteria of age of incubated eared dove eggs zenaida auriculata

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Criteria of assessment of brain restoration in man and laboratory animals

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Criteria of bacteriorhodopsin incorporation into bimolecular lipid membrane

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Criteria of brain death and removal of cadaveric organs

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Criteria of brain function in patients with potentially fatal situations discussion of the question of central death

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Criteria of choice of a sustained release theophylline in chronic asthma

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Criteria of choice of an extract of viburnum viburnum prunifolium as a function of its venotonic and spasmolytic actions

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Criteria of clinical and radiological diagnosis in nonpuerperal acute phlogistic like processes of the breast considerations on 97 cases

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Criteria of complete remission from tropho blastic neoplasia with the use of human chorionic gonadotropin excretion pattern as a parameter

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Criteria of differential diagnosis of sino atrial disease with particular regard for the brady cardia tachy cardia syndrome

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Criteria of differential diagnosis of ulcer and certain forms of stomach cancer

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Criteria of effectiveness of cancer control

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Criteria of efficiency for therapeutic measures in delirium tremens study on the effect of aprotinin in delirium tremens

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Criteria of elaborating permanent meadow types in romania

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Criteria of evaluation and elimination of the infective risk in blood transfusion

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Criteria of fitness for sports

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Criteria of homology or an argument?

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Criteria of irreversibility during the terminal phase of hemorrhagic shock and the state of carbohydrate phosphorus metabolism

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Criteria of leanness in schoolboys and girls on the basis of allometry

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Criteria of lethal and reversible changes in tissues after cryoapplication

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Criteria of long term prognosis in epilepsy accompanied by psychotic disorders

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Criteria of microbial succession in soil

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Criteria of myo cardial ischemia in bicycle ergometry in patients with stenosing athero sclerosis of the heart coronaries depending on the initial electro cardiogram at rest

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Criteria of normality for rectal biopsy using a semi quantitative method

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Criteria of noxious action and evaluation of general toxic and specific effects of chemical compounds

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Criteria of obesity in japanese patients with non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

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Criteria of phenotypic characteristics of the functional state of the adrenals in hens

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Criteria of productivity optimization for phytocenoses cultivated under artificial light

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Criteria of specific determination of fossil corallinaceae

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Criteria of standardization of the study of fetal pulmonary maturity by gas liquid chromatography of the fatty acids contained in amniotic fluid

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Criteria of surgical indications in biliary calculosis

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Criteria of the activity of the pathological process in multiple sclerosis clinical and computed tomography comparisons

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Criteria of the degree of ischemia and an assessment of viability of tissue of the lower extremities in acute arterial obstruction

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Criteria of the differential diagnosis of splenic lymphosarcoma combined with bone marrow affection

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Criteria of the hazard of the penetration of industrial poisons into the body through the skin

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Criteria of the optimal functioning of the subsystems of large and small pial arteries

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Criteria of the permissible risk in cytostatic therapy of acute leukemias

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Criteria of the rehabilitation process of long stay chronic schizophrenics

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Criteria of the resistance and tolerance of clover varieties to crown and root rots caused by the fungi of the genus fusarium

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Criteria of the silhouette sign

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Criteria of the species the mixiological criterion

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Criteria of therapeutic efficacy in breast cancer metastases to the bones

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Criteria of treatment of children with facial clefts

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Criteria of tumor response used in clinical trials of chemotherapy

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Criteria of vegetable location and arrangement based on the meteorological and local conditions at a sloping land in shikoku districts japan

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Criteria of viability in isolated brain preparations

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Criteria of vitality in nordman fir re growth

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Criteria of zajdela and morris hepatoma responsiveness to glucocorticoids

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Criteria on admission to intensive care units

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Criteria relating to the severity and prognosis of myasthenia

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Criteria that forbid a large nonlinear food web model from having more than 1 equilibrium point

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Criteria to assess the severity of metabolic disturbances in cancer and the therapeutic role of parenteral and enteral nutrition

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Criterion for determining the lines of ionic specificity of membranes of biological and nonbiological origin for univalent ions

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Criterion for early prediction of coronary artery involvement by clinical manifestations in patients with Kawasaki disease

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Criterion for estimating the heavy metal content in the soil from the standpoint of nature conservation

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Criterion for evaluation and optimization in thin layer chromatography

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Criterion for malignancy in radio phosphorus indication of eye tumors with the use of cerenkovs radiation

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Criterion for stability of phyto plankton patchiness using a liapunov method

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Criterion intervals for pre treatment drinking measures in treatment evaluation

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Criterion of effectiveness and optimal terms of conservative treatment of chronic renal insufficiency

Bartha F., 1980:
Criterion of instability for positive feedback control systems

Gorin, N.; Frijters, J.E.R., 1976:
Criterion of keeping quality in golden delicious apples

Barabe D., 1982:
Criterion of out group comparison and its application to the systematics of angiosperms case of the hamamelidales

Rebentisch G.; Berg W., 1983:
Criterion of usefulness for the standardized x ray diffraction urolith analysis improvement in the quality of urolith analysis by uniform methodology in urolith analysis laboratories 1

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Criterion of water protective role of forest and its application

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Criterion related validity of 3 common preschool assessment instruments for boys and girls

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Criterion related validity of 3 measures of assertiveness

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Criterion related validity of a role play social skills test for children

Jones G.N.; Libet J.; Jensen B.; Brantley P.J., 1988:
Criterion related validity of self report measures of female heterosocial functioning