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Chapter 5,068

Creation of a hybrid striped bass morone saxatilis x morone chrysops fishery in the escambia river florida usa

Yeager, D.M.

North American Journal of Fisheries Management 5(3A): 389-392


ISSN/ISBN: 0275-5947
Accession: 005067301

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A fingerling stocking program with hybrid striped bass (M. saxatilis .times. M. chrysops) produced a significant fishery in the Escambia River and estuary. An estimated 8507 hybrids were harvested from June 1981-May 1982 with a catch rate of 0.46 fish/man-h. Harvest and success rates declined during the summer and fall of 1982. This decline is attributed in part to emigration of hybrids into the bay and adjacent river systems during periods of high river discharge. Future harvest rates of the hybrid fishery may depend on seasonal fluctuations in river discharge.

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