Section 6
Chapter 5,068

Creation of a large database with iawa standard list characters

Miller, R.B.; Pearson, R.G.; Wheeler, E.A.

IAWA (International Association of Wood Anatomists) Bulletin 8(3): 219-232


DOI: 10.1163/22941932-90001049
Accession: 005067302

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Data from the OXFORD/PRL card keys which were stored in a computerized form for the SEARCH program were converted into IAWA Standard List characters [for describing wood species] and the format for the IDENT programs to form the 'IAWA-OPN' database. The characteristics of the OXFORD/PRL card keys and the coding for the IAWA Standard List are reviewed. A computer program was written to make the initial conversion, but subsequent editing of numerous entries was necessary on an individual basis. Some OXFORD/PRL features translated simply into IAWA/IDENT character states by converting one number to another, but the presence or absence of two or more features had to be considered for other characters. Some OXFORD/PRL features could not be meaningfully translanted into IAWA/IDENT character states. Also, many IAWA characters are coded less precisely than desirable, or had to be coded as unknowns, because the required information is not available from the card keys. Although it has limitations, which must be appreciated by its users, a large database now exists with over 3000 entries in IAWA/IDENT formal. A computer program (IAWA-SEARCH) has been developed for searching this database with a microcomputer.

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