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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5069

Chapter 5069 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nunn G.D.; Montgomery J.D.; Nunn S.J., 1986:
Criterion related validity of the nowicki strickland locus of control scale with academic achievement

Taylor, G.J.; Bagby, R.M.; Ryan, D.P.; Parker, J.D.; Doody, K.F.; Keefe, P., 1988:
Criterion validity of the Toronto Alexithymia Scale

Siepmann R., 1987:
Criterions for the valuation of matings between diploid armillaria isolates and haploid testers

Hensel S., 1987:
Criterions of occlusal function

Marr, J.J.; Birenbaum, M.E.; Ladenson, J.H., 1977:
Crithidia fasciculata: appearance kinetics of intermediates and regulation of aerobic fermentation

Paulin, J.J., 1977:
Crithidia fasciculata reconstruction of the mitochondrion based on serial thick sections and high voltage electron microscopy

Sukhareva-Nemakova, N.N.; Titova, T.S.; Silaev, A.B., 1975:
Crithidia oncopelti sensitivity to olivomycin depending on the content of intra cellular lipids

Previato J.O.; Mendonca Previato L.; Lewanczuk R.Z.; Travassos L.R.; Gorin P.A.J., 1982:
Crithidia spp structural comparison of poly saccharides for taxonomic significance

Pitanguy I.; Calixto C.A.; Caldeira A.M.L., 1984:
Critical analysis and evolution of secondary rhinoplasty

Pavia C.; Sempe M., 1982:
Critical analysis of 1 bone maturity indicator of puberty

Boron P.; Szpakowicz T.; Borzuchowska A.; Prokopowicz D.; Nadowska K.; Bobrowska E.; Boron Kaczmarska A.; Rzewnicki I.; Miegoc H., 1980:
Critical analysis of a complex of therapeutic methods in comprehensive treatment of acute hepatic failure with encephalopathy in virus hepatitis

Albrecht, H., 1975:
Critical analysis of a high percentage of cesarean section particularly with regard to infantile morbidity

Nyborg, H.; Isaksen, B., 1979:
Critical analysis of a study on field dependence in young children

Solov'ev, M.M., 1976:
Critical analysis of data on tissue localization of lambliae

Distler W.; Rensmann P.; Albrecht H.; Morgenstern J., 1980:
Critical analysis of early peri natal morbidity at the department of obstetrics and gynecology in duesseldorf west germany 1975 1977

Baandrup, U.; Olsen, E.G.J., 1981:
Critical analysis of endo myo cardial biopsies from patients suspected of having cardio myopathy 1. morphological and morphometric aspects

Baandrup, U.; Florio, R.A.; Rehahn, M.; Richardson, P.J.; Olsen, E.G.J., 1981:
Critical analysis of endo myo cardial biopsies from patients suspected of having cardio myopathy 2. comparison of histology and clinical hemodynamic information

D.S.lva Messias J.A.; Bonfim D.; D.S.lva E.J.; Abrao Neto A., 1980:
Critical analysis of gastro acidogram in gastro duodenal pathology

Yamada, T., 1984:
Critical analysis of granulocyte transfusion in 3 methods filtration leukapheresis intermittent flow centrifugation and continuous flow centrifugation 2. clinical efficacies

Yamada, T., 1984:
Critical analysis of granulocyte transfusion using 3 methods filtration leukapheresis intermittent flow centrifugation and continuous flow centrifugation 1. results of granulocyte collection and effects on donors

Sorgo W.; Scholler K.; Heinze F.; Heinze E.; Teller W.M., 1984:
Critical analysis of height reduction in estrogen treated tall girls

Janssen C.W.Jr, 1981:
Critical analysis of hospital discharge data

Ellner, P.D.; Kiehn, T.E.; Beebe, J.L.; McCarthy, L.R., 1976:
Critical analysis of hypertonic medium and agitation in detection of bacteremia

Schlumberger M.; Van Herle A.J., 1982:
Critical analysis of iodine 131 labeled and iodine 125 labeled human thyro globulin labels for radio immunoassay use

Quintana C., 1980:
Critical analysis of iron measured in ultra thin sections of quail red blood cells by electron probe micro analysis

Granval P.; Aliaga R., 1988:
Critical analysis of knowledge on the predators of lumbricidae

Reinhold, R.B., 1982:
Critical analysis of long term weight loss following gastric bypass

Najean Y., 1981:
Critical analysis of methods establishing prognosis of aplastic anemia

Jung, A.; Bartholdi, P.; Mermillod, B.; Reeve, J.; Neer, R., 1978:
Critical analysis of methods for analyzing human calcium kinetics

Grison, R.; Pilet, P.E., 1978:
Critical analysis of peroxidases of the root of corn

Anokhin, M.I.; Lyubimov, G.A.; Smirnov, S.A., 1981:
Critical analysis of pneumographic methods of recording respiration

Semba, R.T.; Yasukawa, K.; Gustilo, R.B., 1983:
Critical analysis of results of 53 Malgaigne fractures of the pelvis

Brolin, R.E.; Siemons, G.O.; Fynan, T.M., 1986:
Critical analysis of retained and residual common duct stones

Cavaille Coll M.; Messiah A.; Klatzmann D.; Rozenbaum W.; Lachiver D.; Kernbaum S.; Brisson E.; Chapuis F.; Blanc C.; Debre P.; Gluckman J C., 1984:
Critical analysis of t cell subset and function evaluation in patients with persistent generalized lymphadenopathy in groups at risk for acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Smith T.; Bjarnason I.; Hesp R., 1987:
Critical analysis of the accuracy of a combined test selenium 75 hcat and cobalt 58 b 12 of ileal function using a whole body counter

Hétu, R., 1979:
Critical analysis of the effectiveness of secondary prevention of occupational hearing loss

Pimenov M.G.; Klyuikov E.V., 1982:
Critical analysis of the genera hyalolaena and hymenolyma and the related taxa of umbelliferae apioideae

D.L.L.z D.A.mas M.; Moncada Ferrera M., 1983:
Critical analysis of the genus goerziella amaranthaceae

Perel, T.S., 1976:
Critical analysis of the lumbricidae system with a key to genera of the fauna of the ussr

Wetzler, T.F.; Quan, T.J.; Schatzle, K., 1971:
Critical analysis of the micro flora of toweling

Vercammen Grandjean P.H., 1980:
Critical analysis of the systematics of 2 subfamilies of water mites wandesiinae and stygothrombiinae

Gociu M.; Butoianu E.; Munteanu N.; Colita D.; Stoica I.; Dosius L.; Muntiu R.; Guran M.; Gheorghita E.; Berceanu S., 1980:
Critical analysis of the therapeutical results in malignant non hodgkins lymphoma

Bonimi L.; Perfetti S.; Bellucci R.; Noya R.; Massa F., 1979:
Critical analysis of the value of clonidine in open angle glaucoma

Andreoli, M.G.; Oltolini, A.; Papini, C.; Torricelli, P.; Vezzani, S., 1977:
Critical analysis on the methods for determining chlorophyll a in plankton

Fields R.; Lowe S.S.; Kaminski C.; Whitt G.S.; Philipp D.P., 1987:
Critical and chronic thermal maxima of northern and florida largemouth bass and their reciprocal f 1 and f 2 hybrids

Drudge, J.H.; Lyons, E.T.; Tolliver, S.C., 1978:
Critical and controlled tests and clinical trials with suspension and granule formulations of the anti helminthic fenbendazole in the horse

Guerrero J.; Sharp M.L., 1980:
Critical anti helminthic evaluation of mebendazole suspension in horses

Colglazier, M.L.; Enzie, F.D.; Kates, K.C., 1977:
Critical anti helminthic trials in ponies with 4 benzimidazoles mebendazole cambendazole fenbendazole and albendazole

Pelech, A.N.; Dyck, J.D.; Trusler, G.A.; Williams, W.G.; Olley, P.M.; Rowe, R.D.; Freedom, R.M., 1987:
Critical aortic stenosis. Survival and management M.; Commenges D.; Dupont A.; Giap G.; Guerin B.; Ouedraogo J.B.; Traore A.; Villenave D., 1986:
Critical appraisal of an interdisciplinary survey on schistosomiasis in burkina faso methodologic issues

Juge O.; Meyer J.S.; Sakai F.; Yamaguchi F.; Yamamoto M.; Shaw T., 1979:
Critical appraisal of cerebral blood flow measured from brain stem and cerebellar regions after xenon 133 inhalation in humans

Mun, S.K.; Chang, J.P.; Das, T.P., 1977:
Critical appraisal of electronic structure of met myo globin nitrogen 14 and iron 57 hyper fine interactions

Osculati F.; Gazzanelli G.; Marelli M.; Franceschini F.; Amati S.; Cinti S., 1980:
Critical appraisal of the technique of labeling neurons by retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase

Breborowicz J.; Gryska K., 1983:
Critical approach to the determination of dissociation constants of lectin glyco protein complexes in agarose affinity electrophoresis

Kozloff, L.M.; Lute, M.; Crosby, L.K.; Wong, R.; Stern, B., 1969:
Critical arginine residue for maintaining the bacterio phage tail structure t even phage l arginine d arginine l homo arginine

Bonin B.; Vandel B.; Vandel S.; Volmat R., 1986:
Critical aspects of drug monitoring with tricyclic antidepressants

Hreniuc R.; Mihaescu T., 1987:
Critical aspects of the informative capacity of pleural needle biopsy

Asper, R.; Schmucki, O., 1986:
Critical aspects of urine and stone analysis. Appearance of iatrogenic urinary calculi

Gawlik Z.; Fiejka E., 1979:
Critical assay of alkaline dissociation used for determination of the number of cells and nuclei in fixed material

Larsen, B.; Davis, B.; Charles, D., 1984:
Critical assessment of antibacterial properties of human amniotic fluid

Donaldson L.A., 1985:
Critical assessment of interference microscopy as a technique for measuring lignin distribution in cell walls

Helms, P.; Taylor, B.W.; Milner, A.D.; Hatch, D.J., 1982:
Critical assessment of jacket plethysmographs for use in young children

Leutenegger M.; Ricard Y.; Malgrange D.; Pasqual C., 1984:
Critical assessment of present available insulin for the treatment of insulin dependent diabetes

Glasgow, J.F.; Corkey, C.W.; Molla, A., 1979:
Critical assessment of small bowel biopsy in children

Mcgregor J.C.; Soutar D.S., 1981:
Critical assessment of the bi lobed flap

Boiardi, A.; Bussone, G.; Negri, S., 1977:
Critical assessment of the local curare test in myasthenia gravis

Ferry, N.; Henry, D.; Battais, E.; Mary, A.; Bonne, C.; Hanoune, J., 1986:
Critical assessment of the platelet adenylate cyclase system as a potential model for testing alpha 2 adrenergic activity

Bootsma A.; Suzuki M., 1985:
Critical autumn harvest period for alfalfa medicago sativa in the atlantic region based on growing degree days

Isojima, G.; Tanahashi, T.; Suzuki, T., 1981:
Critical bands and 2 tone suppression in band limiting experiments 1. effect of masker level

Isojima, G.; Tanahashi, T.; Suzuki, T., 1981:
Critical bands and 2 tone suppression in band limiting experiments 2. effect of masker band width

Isojima, G.; Tanahashi, T., 1981:
Critical bands and 2 tone suppression in band limiting experiments 3. effect of masker time series

Nienhuys, T.G.; Clark, G.M., 1979:
Critical bands following the selective destruction of cochlear inner and outer hair cells

Blake, R.; Martens, W., 1981:
Critical bands in cat spatial vision

Schwartz, D.M.; Sanders, J.W., 1976:
Critical bandwidth and sensitivity prediction in the acoustic stapedial reflex

Bonding P., 1979:
Critical bandwidth in menieres disease

Bonding, P., 1979:
Critical bandwidth in patients with a hearing loss induced by salicylates

Bonding, P., 1979:
Critical bandwidth in patients with acoustic neuroma

Bonding, P., 1979:
Critical bandwidth in presbycusis

Lowther, G.E.; Tomlinson, A., 1981:
Critical base curve and diameter interval in the fitting of spherical soft contact lenses

Grassberger P., 1983:
Critical behavior of the general epidemic process and dynamical percolation

Blamey F.P.C.; Mould D.; Chapman J., 1979:
Critical boron concentrations in plant tissues of 2 sunflower cultivars

Eiberle K.; Riedi B., 1985:
Critical browsing limits for pine pinus sylvestris in a red deer wintering area

Jones, M.B.; Vaughn, C.E.; Harris, R.S., 1976:
Critical calcium levels and calcium magnesium ratios in trifolium subterraneum grown on serpentine soil

Belyaeva N.V.; Burmistrova I.I., 1985:
Critical carbonate levels in the indian ocean

Weber J.; Siewinski M.; Semenza G., 1987:
Critical carboxyl groups in sodium dependent cotransporters of the intestinal brush border membrane

Cottrell, J.J.; Pennock, B.E.; Grenvik, A.; Rogers, R.M., 1982:
Critical care computing

Carpine, C.; Grasshoff, M., 1985:
Critical catalog of alcyonaria collections of the oceanographic museum of monaco 1. gorgonaria and pennatularia

Nakai, K.; Welch, K.M.A.; Meyer, J.S., 1977:
Critical cerebral blood for production of hemiparesis after unilateral carotid occlusion in the gerbil

Helbecque N.; Loucheux Lefebvre M.H., 1982:
Critical chain length for poly proline ii structure formation in glycyl poly proline the circular dichroism approach

Katakai R., 1979:
Critical chain length for the formation of alpha poly peptide and beta poly peptide conformations in the solid state syntheses and conformations of oligo peptides with alternate l alanyl and l leucyl residues

Sherman, I.A.; Grayson, J.; Bayliss, C.E., 1980:
Critical closing and critical opening phenomena in the coronary vasculature of the dog

Graham, R.; Skoog, C.; Oppenheimer, L.; Rabson, J.; Goldberg, H.S., 1982:
Critical closure in the canine pulmonary vasculature

Alexander, R.S., 1977:
Critical closure reexamined

Schreier K., 1981:
Critical comments on parenteral nutrition in peri natal intensive care

Kuss, E., 1982:
Critical comments on the calculation of receptor analyses

Kowarik I., 1987:
Critical comments on the theoretical concept of potential natural vegetation with suggestions for an up to date modification

Delachambre D., 1980:
Critical comparative study of antigens of 2 clones from the same strain of a parasitic flagellate trichomonas vaginalis

Gustke, H.H.; Neuhoff, V., 1978:
Critical comparison of lactate dehydrogenase ec iso enzyme separation by iso electric focusing and disc electrophoresis in poly acrylamide micro gels

Leyden D.E.; Wegscheider W.; Bodnar W.B., 1979:
Critical comparison of pre concentration methods for trace ion determination by energy and wavelength dispersive x ray spectrometry

Corry, R.J.; Thompson, J.S.; Freeman, R.M.; Colville, D.S., 1978:
Critical comparison of renal transplant survival between recipients of live related donor and cadaver organs

Arevalo, R.A.; Cerrizuela, E.A.; Olea, I.L., 1977:
Critical competition period of natural weed communities in sugarcane

Tohyama, C.; Sugihira, N.; Saito, H., 1987:
Critical concentration of cadmium for renal toxicity in rats

Chamberland E., 1981:
Critical concentration of nitrates in leaves in connection with the yield and residues in a cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata culture

Gowda T.P.H., 1981:
Critical concentrations of toxic ammonia and chlorine in mixing zones of rivers

Putz B., 1983 :
Critical consideration of determination of dry matter and starch content of potatoes

Bittmann F., 1987:
Critical consideration of selected educational programs of school sports considering the aspect of prevention of postural damages

Pizzetti F.; Calabretta M.A., 1980:
Critical consideration of the insufficient use of auto transfusion in surgery

Martini A.K., 1986:
Critical consideration of the results after corrective operations of the spastically paralyzed hand

Prigione D.; Gomba G.; Mazzucco P., 1987:
Critical considerations and reflections about vaginal hysterectomy clinical contribution

Heavey, D.J.; Soberman, R.J.; Lewis, R.A.; Spur, B.; Austen, K.F., 1987:
Critical considerations in the development of an assay for sulfidopeptide leukotrienes in plasma

Milhailesco, V.V.; Meirosu, G., 1977:
Critical considerations on arrhythmias in chronic cor pulmonale

Bordo D.; Cavicchi M.T.; Minucci L., 1982:
Critical considerations on some special diets with special reference to vitamin and trace element supply

Reggiani E.; Giaretti R.; Montefusco S.; L.P.nto G.; Pronzato P.; Valice S.; Chiodini G., 1979:
Critical considerations on strongly hypo caloric diets in the light of the behavior of plasma free fatty acids

Petronella P.; Freda F.; Valeriani G.; Agresti M., 1985:
Critical considerations on the axillo femoral bypass F.; Stagni G.; Carotti A., 1980:
Critical considerations on the laboratory studies of respiratory syncytial virus infections

Paulus K.; Zacharias R.; Robinson L.; Geidel H., 1979:
Critical considerations on the use of scales for evaluation as an essential procedure of sensory analysis

Poldini, L., 1975:
Critical contributions to the knowledge of the flora of the friulian alps and of their slopes miscellaneous note

Bryan F.L.; Lyon J.B., 1984:
Critical control points of hospital food service operations

Bryan F.L.; Michanie S.C.; Alverez P.; Paniagua A., 1988:
Critical control points of street vended foods in the dominican republic

Razani, H.; Hanyu, I.; Aida, K., 1987:
Critical daylength and temperature level for photoperiodism in gonadal maturation of goldfish

Marsh, D.B.; Waters, L.J., 1985:
Critical deficiency and toxicity levels of tissue zinc in relation to cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar california blackeye no. 5 growth and nitrogen fixation

Zaides V.M.; Berezin V.E.; Anan'ev V.A.; Zhdanov V.M., 1986:
Critical dependence of polypeptide dissociation of human hepatitis b surface antigen articles on the reduction of disulfide bonds

Phillipson E.A.; Duffin J.; Cooper J.D., 1981:
Critical dependence of respiratory rhythmicity on metabolic carbon di oxide load

Webster A.D.B.; Furr P.M.; Hughes Jones N.C.; Gorick B.D.; Taylor Robinson D., 1988 :
Critical dependence on antibody for defense against mycoplasmas

Nulsen R.A., 1981:
Critical depth to saline ground water in nonirrigated situations

Kirkpatrick, J.R.; Siegel, T., 1982:
Critical determinants of a successful gastric bypass reservoir vs. stoma

Mladenović, D.; Grcić, R.; Pestelek, B.; Kapor, M., 1977:
Critical dosages for oral contraceptives

Humphrey S.M.; Cartner L.A.; Holliss D.G., 1987:
Critical early metabolic changes associated with myocardial recovery or failure after total ischemia in the rat heart

Louw J.P.; Meyer S.; Schroder J., 1980:
Critical efficacy test of cambendazole in equids use of the geometric means to assess efficacy

Filstead, W.J.; Goby, M.J.; Bradley, N.J., 1976:
Critical elements in the diagnosis of alcoholism. A national survey of physicians

Niedbala W., 1985:
Critical essay on mesoplophora acari oribatida mesoplophoridae

Tereszczyk T., 1985:
Critical estimation of the diagnostic value of phlebography and an attempt to increase its effectiveness by introducing venous pressure measurements in varices and post thrombotic syndrome in veins of the lower limbs

Lucchese F.A.; Sant'anna J.R.; Kalil R.A.; Prates P.R.; Belardinelli L.; Nesralla I.A., 1980:
Critical evaluation and results of cardioplegia as a means of myo cardial preservation

Mattiazzi A.; Garay A.; Cingolani H.E., 1986:
Critical evaluation isometric indexes of relaxation in rat and cat papillary muscles and toad ventricular strips

Parkinson, I.S.; Sheldon, W.L.; Laker, M.F.; Smith, P.A., 1987:
Critical evaluation of a commercial enzyme kit (Sigma) for determining oxalate concentrations in urine

Maslova, T.G.; Popova, I.A.; Popova, O.F., 1986:
Critical evaluation of a spectrophotometric method for quantifying carotenoids

Allen, D.R.; Ferens, J.M.; Cheney, F.W.; Nelp, W.B., 1978:
Critical evaluation of acute cardio pulmonary toxicity of microspheres

Barry, A.L., 1986:
Critical evaluation of amdinocillin disk susceptibility tests correlated with agar dilution tests

Bonini S.; Boulton P.; Brostoff J., 1985:
Critical evaluation of an indirect elisa for immunoglobulin g antibodies to dactylis glomerata

Gloria E.; Oliva A.; Perossini M., 1984:
Critical evaluation of bendazac lysine salt in the treatment of cataract

Lacombe P.; Meric P.; Reynier Rebuffel A.M.; Seylaz J., 1979:
Critical evaluation of cerebral blood flow measurements made with carbon 14 labeled ethanol

Heinrichs W.; Gauth U.; Wilimowski O.J.; Halmagyi M., 1987:
Critical evaluation of changes in circulating blood volume hemoglobin concentration hematocrit and plasma protein concentration for the calculation of normotonic fluid losses

Kosharovskii, T., 1977 :
Critical evaluation of clinical trials using breast cancer as a model

Sayegh F.N., 1982:
Critical evaluation of corneal graft surgery using fresh corneas and corneas preserved in mccarey kaufman medium

Carrascosa J.; Martinez A.; Lloves A.; Suarez A.; Raffeta J.; Magnanini F., 1984:
Critical evaluation of echography in the diagnosis of cholestatic icterus

Bello, T.R.; Gaunt, S.D.; Torbent, B.J., 1977:
Critical evaluation of environmental control of bots gasterophilus intestinalis in horses

Boss, J.M.N.; Mays, R.G.W., 1976:
Critical evaluation of histogram densitometry of feulgen stained normal human lymphocyte nuclei

Maldini M.C.; Andollina A.; Volpe G., 1981:
Critical evaluation of immunologic and proteolytic tests in assaying anti thrombin iii in chronic liver diseases

Kumar A.S.; Gopinath P.G.; Malhotra A., 1985:
Critical evaluation of intermittent ischemic arrest for coronary bypass surgery

Gadkari, D.A.; Banerjee, K.; Bhat, H.R., 1976:
Critical evaluation of Kyasanur Forest disease virus neutralizing antibodies found in bats (a preliminary report)

Suga H.; Hayashi T.; Shirahata M.; Ninomiya I., 1980:
Critical evaluation of left ventricular systolic pressure volume area as predictor of oxygen consumption rate

Love L.J.C.; Shaver L.A., 1980:
Critical evaluation of lifetime measurements via reiterative convolution using simulated and real multi exponential fluorescence decay curves

Biasi, G.; Miani, S.; Tealdi, D.; Tanganelli, P.; Sforza, V.; Weber, G.; Marconato, R.; Ruberti, U., 1982:
Critical evaluation of limb salvage concept and indication for infrapopliteal reconstructive surgery

Piepsz, A.; Wetzburger, C.; Spehl, M.; Machin, D.; Dab, I.; Ham, H.R.; Vandevivere, J.; Baran, D., 1980:
Critical evaluation of lung scintigraphy in cystic fibrosis: study of 113 patients

Honecker, H.; Christ, W.; Mueller-Oerlinghausen, B.; Coper, H., 1976:
Critical evaluation of measurement of platelet mono amine oxidase ec in man

Ulstein, M.; Myklebust, R., 1985:
Critical evaluation of methods for electron microscopy of cervical mucus

Riess, H.; Braun, G.; Brehm, G.; Hiller, E., 1986:
Critical evaluation of platelet aggregation in whole human blood

Chiesa, G.M.; Frasson, F.; Fugazzola, C.; Pistolesi, G.F., 1977:
Critical evaluation of renal masses' angiography

Echenique R.L.; Kkasi L.; Haynie T.P.; Glenn H.J.; Samaan N.A.; Hill C.S., 1982:
Critical evaluation of serum thyro globulin levels and iodine 131 scans in post therapy patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma concise communication

Girelli, M.E.; Busnardo, B.; Amerio, R.; Casara, D.; Betterle, C.; Piccolo, M., 1986:
Critical evaluation of serum thyroglobulin levels during thyroid hormone suppression therapy vs. thyroglobulin levels after hormone withdrawal and total body scan results in 291 patients with thyroid cancer

Tanasescu D.E.; Wolfstein R.S.; Waxman A.D., 1979:
Critical evaluation of technetium 99m gluco heptonate as a brain imaging agent

Lethbridge G.; Davidson M.S.; Sparling G.P., 1982:
Critical evaluation of the acetylene reduction test for estimating the activity of nitrogen fixing bacteria associated with the roots of wheat and barley

Brojer, E.; Górska, B., 1986:
Critical evaluation of the ADCC test

Arcamone G.; Aretini M.; Monti M.; Pagliarello S.; Persiani F., 1984:
Critical evaluation of the assay of hemoglobin glycosylate in the control of sugar metabolism in pregnant women

Kholin, V.V., 1976:
Critical evaluation of the concept of the nominal standard dose

Campbell, P.G.C.; Bisson, M.; Gagne, R.; Tessier, A., 1977:
Critical evaluation of the copper ii solubilization method for the determination of the complexation capacity of natural waters

Barbalias G.A.; Kaluber G.T.; Blaivas J.G., 1983:
Critical evaluation of the crede maneuver a urodynamic study of 207 patients

Vana, S.; Nemec, J., 1976:
Critical evaluation of the diagnostic value of systolic time intervals in the diagnosis of functional thyroid diseases comparison of results in a highly selected and a nonselected group of patients in relation to the blood protein bound iodine and thyroxine iodine levels

Schwinger, E.; Rittner, C., 1980:
Critical evaluation of the evidence of a chromosome expertise in 24 cases of disputed paternity

Hog K.; Hartvigsen M.B.; Rasmussen O.S., 1983:
Critical evaluation of the in vivo nitrate reductase assay for detection of 2 nitrate pools in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar progress leaves

Omura, Y., 1977:
Critical evaluation of the methods of measurement of tingling threshold pain threshold and pain tolerance by electrical stimulation

Roytta, M.; Laaksonen, H.; Frey, H.; Riekkinen, P.; Rinne, U.K., 1980:
Critical evaluation of the post mortem factors influencing neurochemical analyses of brain autopsies

Forte P.L.; Crimi G., 1985:
Critical evaluation of the risk factors of ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebral stroke in the elderly

Fukuyama, Y.; Tomori, N.; Sugitate, M., 1977:
Critical evaluation of the role of immunization as an etiological factor of infantile spasms

D.P.etro, S.; Piva, L.; Viganotti, G.; Bertario, L., 1982:
Critical evaluation of the use of thermography in the investigation of scintigraphically cold thyroid nodules

Talesara C.L.; Mahant P.; Ahooja G., 1981:
Critical evaluation of the validity of contralateral muscle as the control in de nervation studies a correlative histochemical and biochemical study

Erickson P.I.; Stone J.F.; Garton J.E., 1986:
Critical evaporative demands for differential stomatal action in peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar comet grown in narrow and wide row spacings

Althoff, H., 1976:
Critical examination of post mortem immuno globulin a immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m serum levels in sudden unexpected deaths during infancy

Moeller, H.J., 1977:
Critical examination of techniques of hermeneutic and teleologic research in psycho somatics of psychoanalytic orientation

Czaja A.T., 1982:
Critical examination of the development of triticeae starch grains

Frick, W.; Chang, D.; Folkers, K.; Daves, G.D.J., 1977:
Critical experimental parameters in gas chromatographic mass spectrometric analysis of oligo peptide hydrolysates at the picomole level

Titz, W., 1978:
Critical experimental studies on the ability of tetra ploid arabis hirsuta to be re synthesized from ha ploid arabis sagittata and arabis ciliata

Davidson F.R.R., 1979:
Critical factors for school lunch acceptance in washington dc usa

Berry, M., R.Jr; Kohnhorst, A., L., 1983:
Critical factors for thermal processing of institutional pouches

Fontaine, O.; Wilmotte, J., 1981:
Critical factors in cognitive and behavioral treatments of depression

Millikan, J.S.; Moore, E.E., 1985:
Critical factors in determining mortality from abdominal aortic trauma

Buckalew L.W.; Pearson W.H., 1982:
Critical factors in the chi square test of independence a technique for exploratory data analysis

Lafon E.E.; Pohl H.A., 1981:
Critical fields in cell fusion and di electrophoresis

Salmi T., 1985:
Critical flicker frequencies in multiple sclerosis patients with normal or abnormal pattern visual pattern reversal evoked potentials

Smith, J.M.; Misiak, H., 1976:
Critical flicker frequency and psychotropic drugs in normal human subjects a review

Seki, K.; Hugon, M., 1976:
Critical flicker frequency and subjective fatigue during an oxy helium saturation dive at 62 atmospheres absolute pressure

Niimi K.; Hiraiwa N., 1981:
Critical flicker frequency in diabetic retinopathy

Ohmi E.; Inui T., 1986:
Critical flicker frequency in normal eyes and eyes with eccentric fixation

Loop M.S.; Petuchowski S.; Smith D.C., 1980:
Critical flicker fusion in normal and bin ocularly deprived cats

Kawase, T.; Mizukami, M.; Tazawa, T.; Araki, G., 1981:
Critical flow levels in cerebral ischemia 2. vaso spasm following subarachnoid hemorrhage

Kawase T.; Mizukami M.; Araki G.; Nagata K., 1980:
Critical flow levels in cerebral ischemia occlusive cerebro vascular disease

Buecking J.; Kreyer M.; Vieweg W., 1981:
Critical fluctuations in blood pressure due to a hormonally active adrenal cyst

Hershey D.R.; Paul J.L., 1981:
Critical foliar levels of potassium in pot chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar bright golden anne

Houde, E.D., 1978:
Critical food concentrations for larvae of 3 species of subtropical marine fishes

Bugat R., 1983:
Critical frequency of fusion and deep diving

Cohen, S.N.; Syndulko, K.; Tourtellotte, W.W.; Potvin, A.R., 1980:
Critical frequency of photic driving in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. A comparison to pattern evoked responses

Timmis, R., 1977:
Critical frost temperatures for douglas fir cone buds

Okuno Y.; Yanase T., 1982:
Critical fusion frequency in single retina cells of the squilla oratoria compound eye

Douthwaite, W.A.; Halliwell, J.A.; Lomas, A.M.; Yan Muk, W.K.; Topliss, J.N., 1985:
Critical fusion frequency in the central visual field

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Critical issues in psychiatric diagnosis

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Critical levels for models of stable allometric development of biological systems 1. modeling of critical levels

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Critical levels in species structure of bottom communities as illustrated by invertebrates of the vostok bay sea of japan

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Critical levels of 20 potentially toxic elements in young spring barley

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Critical levels of available potassium for potato solanum tuberosum cultivar kufri chandramukhi in the alluvial soils of punjab india

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Critical levels of boron in cotton gossypium herbaceum cultivar etawa plants

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Critical levels of light and temperature regulating the gametogenesis of 3 laminaria spp phaeophyceae

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Critical levels of manganese in coarse textured rice soils in india for predicting response of barley to manganese application

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Critical levels of manganese in soybean glycine max leaves at various growth stages

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Critical levels of phosphorus and nitrogen in texas usa impoundments

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Critical levels of the models of stable allometric development of biological systems 2. a quantitative analysis of embryonic stages in some poikilothermal animals

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Critical life events as risk factors for alcoholism

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Critical limit of zinc in medium black soils of madhya pradesh

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Critical limits of available phosphorus for rice in some soils of orissa india

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Critical limits of soil zinc shoot zinc and phosphorus zinc ratios in soil and plant shoot for normal growth of chickpea cicer arietinum l

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Critical mass of purified islets that induce normoglycemia after implantation into dogs

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Critical metabolic mass and the age at menarche

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Critical micelle concentration determination of nonionic detergents with coomassie brilliant blue g 250

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Critical micelle concentration in mixtures of n acylamino acid surfactants

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Critical micelle concentrations of lipoteichoic acids

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Critical modulation frequency based on detection of amplitude modulation vs. frequency tones

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Critical nitrate nitrogen concentrations in potato leaves and petioles for higher yield

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Critical note on some argentine species of gomphrena amaranthaceae related to gomphrena tomentosa

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Critical note on the nomenclature of the diplodus sargus group pisces sparidae

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Critical note on use of the terms "failure" and "frustration" in defining experimental situations

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Critical notes on arabis brassicaceae in the flora of italy and neighboring regions

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Critical notes on argentine sapindaceae part 1 rehabilitation of guindilia

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Critical notes on argentine sapindaceae part 2 contribution to the knowledge of the genus urvillea

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Critical notes on argentine sapindaceae part 3 houssayanthus new genus

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Critical notes on elytrigia gramineae

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Critical notes on generalized and or diffuse epilepsies in childhood

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Critical notes on gramineae from argentina part 2

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Critical notes on gramineae of the argentine part 1

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Critical notes on holomitrium dicranaceae from the antilles

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Critical notes on lycium solanaceae in south america 2

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Critical notes on new guinea plants described by a. gilli

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Critical notes on some rust fungi from maharashtra india

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Critical notes on the flora of italy 6. final miscellaneous remarks

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Critical notes on the flora of italy part 4 the ranunculus auricomus group in italy and in the neighboring mountains of slovenia yugoslavia

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Critical notes on the flora of italy part 5 further miscellaneous remarks

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Critical notes on the flora of malaga spain

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Critical notes on the gramineae of the argentine part 3 contribution to the knowledge of sexuality in poa

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Critical notes on the italian flora part 3 the linum alpinum group

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Critical number of autographa gamma caterpillars lepidoptera noctuidae on sugar beet

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Critical nutrient ranges for petiole phosphorus levels of sprinkler irrigated potatoes solanum tuberosum cultivar russett burbank

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Critical observations and methodology of pathological examinations in alimentary toxicology

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Critical observations on cytology morphology and chorology of the genus erodium in the mediterranean area

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Critical observations on the genus spathularia

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Critical observations on the live capture of small mammals

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Critical operative management of small bowel obstruction

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Critical oxygen concentration for microorganisms and its alteration depending on the character of oxidative metabolism

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Critical oxygen demand in plecoptera and ephemeroptera nymphs as determined by 2 methods

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Critical oxygen requirements to avoid edema of the central and peripheral cornea

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Critical oxygen tension of caenorhabditis elegans

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Critical oxygen transport values at lowered body temperatures in rats

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Critical parameters in the isolation of mitochondria from candida utilis grown in continuous culture

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Critical path analysis applied to the control of mercury inputs to uk coastal waters

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Critical percolation behavior and the fractal dimension of aggregates in the immunological agglutination reaction

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Critical perfusion pressure for renal function in patients with bilateral atherosclerotic renal vascular disease

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Critical period for levo alpha acetyl methadol in the chick embryo toxicity and altered opiate receptor binding

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Critical period in the activity of the lens forming apparatus in the chick embryo under chloramphenicol effect

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Critical period of cleft palate induced by small doses of cortisone

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Critical period of competition between maize and weed

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Critical period of competition of weeds in seed beds of tobacco

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Critical period of weed competition in 3 vegetable crops in relation to management practices

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Critical period of weed interference in field seeded tomatoes and its relation to water stress and shading

Weaver S.E.; Tan C.S., 1983:
Critical period of weed interference in transplanted tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum cultivar springset growth analysis

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Critical periods for developmental acclimation to cold in the queensland australia fruit fly dacus tryoni

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Critical periods for diapause aversion in yponomeuta vigintipunctatus lepidoptera yponomeutidae

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Critical periods for effects of pre natal reserpine administration on development of rat brain and adrenal medulla

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Critical periods for functional and anatomical compensation in lateral suprasylvian visual area following removal of visual cortex in cats

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Critical periods for noradrenergic regeneration in rat brain regions following neo natal sub cutaneous 6 hydroxy dopamine

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Critical periods for the brain and prothoracic glands of 5th instars of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis

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Critical periods in development of ichthyophthirius multifiliis ciliophora populations

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Critical periods in the development of fish

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Critical periods in the development of scute mutants of drosophila melanogaster

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Critical periods in the seed reproduction of the norway maple acer platanoides

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Critical periods of development shape forming apparatus and evolutional approach for their study from teleonomic positions

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Critical periods of the development of spurs in the light of the theory of phylembryogenesis

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Critical periods of weed competition in a short duration rice cultivar triveni

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Critical phosphorus concentrations in parts of macroptilium atropurpureum cultivar siratro and desmodium intortum cultivar greenleaf as affected by plant age

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Critical phosphorus levels in sunflower helianthus annuus plants

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Critical phosphorus potassium calcium and magnesium contents in the tops of rice and peanut plants

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Critical photoperiod and geographical variation of diapause induction in the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae acarina tetranychidae in japan

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Critical plasma pento barbital levels in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke

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Critical point dried macro nuclear and micro nuclear chromatin fibers of hypotrich ciliates

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Critical point drying as a preparative technique for scanning electron microscopy and its application in limnology

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Critical point drying: contamination in transitional fluid supply cylinders

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Critical point drying of mites: a modified preparative technique

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Critical point drying vs. freeze drying for scanning electron microscopy a quantitative and qualitative study on isolated hepatocytes

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Critical point in progressive hemo dilution with hydroxyethyl starch

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Critical pollution value of heavy metals contained in river sediments

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Critical potassium potentials for crops 1. the effect of soil type on the growth of rye grass and creeping red fescue

Page, M.B.; Talibudeen, O., 1982:
Critical potassium potentials for crops 2. potentials for wheat maize peas beans and sugar beet in their early growth on a sandy loam

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Critical problems in the taxonomy of phytophthora species in culture

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Critical problems with extraction of atp for bio luminescence assay of plankton biomass

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Critical processes in serial short term memory a developmental study

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Critical pulmonary stenosis in infants less than 3 months of age a reappraisal of closed trans ventricular pulmonary valvotomy

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Critical pulses of anisomycin drive the circadian oscillator in gonyaulax towards its singularity

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Critical radius of endotherms

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Critical reexamination of sexual reproduction in tinocladia crassa nemacystus decipiens and sphaerotrichia divaricata phaeophyceae chordariales

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Critical reflections on biguanide induced hyper lactic acidemia

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Critical remarks about the monocyte test

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Critical remarks and supplement to the knowledge of the subfamily daudebardiinae gastropoda zonitidae with a list of accepted species

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Critical remarks on antineoplastic chemotherapy of head and neck carcinomas

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Critical remarks on sport diet

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Critical remarks on the butterfly fauna and systematics of transcaucasian lepidoptera rhopalocera ussr

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Critical remarks on the contributions of grossu and tesio on the systematics of the clausiliidae

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Critical remarks on the system of the ecological cover of country

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Critical remarks on the theoretical base of the biological effects of magnetic fields

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Critical remarks on treatment of gonorrhea netilmicin approach

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Critical review of 153 operatively treated closed tibial shaft fractures

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Critical review of association of official analytical chemists fluorometric method for determining selenium in foods

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Critical review of dilatation and curettage in the diagnosis of malignant pathology of the endometrium

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Critical review of experience with surgical repair of coarctation of the aorta

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Critical review of human isolates of wangiella dermatitidis

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Critical review of randomized double blind trials in the medical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux

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Critical review on the latex of apocynaceae euphorbiaceae moraceae and sapotaceae used in the production of masticatories

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Critical reviews of biological pest control in south africa 3. the jointed cactus opuntia aurantiaca

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Critical reviews of biological pest control in south africa part 1 the karoo caterpillar loxostege frustalis lepidoptera pyralidae

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Critical reviews of biological pest control in south africa part 2 the prickly pear opuntia ficus indica

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Critical revision of the admission criteria to specific immunotherapy with hymenoptera venoms

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Critical revision of the systematic composition of the eocene flora of the raichikha river amur oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Critical revision of the tityus spp in the state of para brazil scorpiones buthidae

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Critical revision of thlaspi spp of europe africa and the near east 1. history morphology and chorology

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Critical role of adrenal glands in precocious increase in jejunal sucrase activity following premature weaning in rats: negligible effect of food intake

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Critical role of iodination for T cell recognition of thyroglobulin in experimental murine thyroid autoimmunity

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Critical role of oxalate restriction in association with calcium restriction to decrease the probability of being a stone former: insufficient effect in idiopathic hypercalciuria

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Critical role of ring structure in the differential uptake of cholesterol and plant sterols by membrane preparations in vitro

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Critical role of the a 2 amino acid residue in the biological activity of insulin 2 glycine a insulin and 2 alanine a insulin

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Critical role of the carbohydrate side chains of collagen in platelet aggregation

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Critical role of the conversion of complement c 3 beta 1c beta 1a for its immunochemical quantitation

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Critical roles for juvenile hormone and its esterase plus in the prepupa of trichoplusia ni

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Critical sarcomere extension required to recruit a decaying component of extra force during stretch in tetanic contractions of frog rana temporaria skeletal muscle fibers

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Critical selection of normal values for a computer program in the evaluation of lung function

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Critical self management competencies for children with asthma

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Critical sequences within mitochondrial introns pleiotropic messenger rna maturase and cis dominant signals of the box intron controlling reductase and oxidase

Kulagin-Yu, Z., 1977:
Critical situations for trees

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Critical soil manganese deficiency levels for 4 extractants for soybeans glycine max cultivar ransom grown in sandy soil

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Critical soil test values for predicting the phosphorus and sulfur status of subhumid temperate pastures

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Critical spatial requirement within the origin of sv 40 dna replication

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Critical species of pteridophyta

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Critical species of the eriostomum section of the genus stachys

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Critical stability in a conserved nutrient ecosystem

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Critical stages for irrigation and the best utilization of available quantity of water in up 301 a triple dwarf wheat

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Critical stages of development for defoliation of soybean glycine max

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Critical stenosis of the internal carotid artery

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Critical stimulus durations for some verbal and nonverbal stimuli

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Critical structure formation in ampholytic phospho lipid mono layers as analyzed by calcium binding characteristics

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Critical studies of fenbendazole suspension 10 percent against naturally occurring helminth infections in dogs

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Critical studies of laboratory techniques for the diagnosis of worm infections in dogs canis familiaris

Lai M J., 1979:
Critical studies on some begonia sp from taiwan

Carvajal J.; Rego A.A., 1985:
Critical studies on the genus callitetrarhynchus cestoda trypanorhyncha with recognition of rhynchobothrium speciosum as a valid species of the genus callitetrarhynchus

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Critical studies on the most probable numbers for the coliform count in milk and water analysis concerning the bacterial distribution especially polya eggenbergers distribution law

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Critical study of a bioassay of human interferon alpha on mdbk cells in microplaque by the dye uptake method i. biological factors

Capellier, M.; Levy-Benezra, R.; Poindron, P., 1986:
Critical study of a bioassay of human interferon alpha on mdbk cells in microplaque by the dye uptake method ii. statistical analysis

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Critical study of a new method for measuring total carbon di oxide in plasma

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Critical study of coleoptile elongation controlled by iaa and abscisic acid part 1 growth kinetics and distribution

Hofer, R.M.; Schlienger, C.; Pilet, P.E., 1977:
Critical study of coleoptile elongation controlled by iaa and abscisic acid part 2 epidermal surfaces analyzed by scanning electron microscopy

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Critical study of complementary examinations in the diagnosis of epileptic children

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Critical study of coombs test at low ionic strength its interest for immunological safety of blood transfusion

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Critical study of cyst nematode sampling in the soil and of the confidence limits of the various criteria for estimating populations

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Critical study of dead cases in recurrent early stomach cancer

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Critical study of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in impotence of vascular origin

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Critical study of enzymatic methods for estimation of serum tri glycerides

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Critical study of fever of unknown origin

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Critical study of gradations of severity classifications in tetanus

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Critical study of hemodynamic exploration during anesthesia

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Critical study of immunological assessment in cancer patients

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Critical study of minor hemo globin assays in diabetics

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Critical study of muscari lelievrii species characteristics and ecology of the plant in the department of yonne france

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Critical study of oxalic acid determination in urine by gas chromatography

Neve J.; Hanocq M.; Molle L., 1980:
Critical study of some wet digestion methods for decomposition of biological materials for the determination of total selenium and selenium vi

Bellakhdar F.; Scavazza R.; Lagarrigue J.; Lazorthes Y., 1981:
Critical study of surgery for 100 intra cranial subtentorial aneurysms

Hughes G.M.; Ojha J., 1985:
Critical study of the gill area of a free swimming river carp catla catla and an air breathing perch anabas testudineus

Schaison G.; Couzinet B.; Moatti N.; Pertuiset B., 1983:
Critical study of the growth hormone response to dynamic tests and the insulin growth factor assay in acromegaly after micro surgery

Besrat, A.; Admasu, A.; Ogbai, M., 1980:
Critical study of the iron content of TEF (Eragrostis tef)

Bruneton, J.N.; Bourry, J.; Occelli, J.P., 1980:
Critical study of the methods available for detecting hepatic metastases

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Critical study of the obtention and use of the results of biochemistry laboratory results in a hospital

Clement A., 1982:
Critical study of the titrimetric identification of potential free acidities and exchange acidities serving to determine the anionic distribution of plant tissue

Meyn H.; Vespermann J., 1987:
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