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Crop injury and seasonal occurrence of melon fly dacus cucurbitae in central taiwan trypetidae diptera

Fang M N.; Chang C P.

Plant Protection Bulletin (Taiwan) 26(3): 241-248


ISSN/ISBN: 0577-750X
Accession: 005068909

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Cue-lure + DDVP [dichlorvos] (20:1), methyl eugenol (poisoned) and Cue-lure + methyl eugenol (1:1, poisoned) were used for monitoring the population density of the melon fly, D. cucurbitae Coquillett. The population density in bitter gourd field was the highest, followed by that in the litchi field, the loquat and grape field, and the pear field. Population density was highest in Nov. 1982. Temperature and rainfall regulated the population in the melon fly. The efficacy of Cue-lure + methyl eugenol was the best, based on its attraction. Sponge gourd damage in Nan-Tou was the severest, averaging 39.4%, while bottle gourd damage in Hsi-Hu was lightest, averaging 5.2%.

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