Section 6
Chapter 5,069

Crop rotation productivity in various soddy podzolic soil fertilization systems

Deryugin, I.P.; Bashkov, A.S.; Kolotov, A.P.; Kultyshev, V.P.; Beznosov, A.I.

Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii 5: 80-87


Accession: 005068977

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During the 1st round of intensive 4-field crop rotation (pea and oat mixture-winter rye-potatoes-barley) on soddy-podzolic soil the highest crop productivity has been ensured by annual application of 240 kg of NPK and 10 tons of farm manure per ha. Further saturation of crop rotation by mineral fertilizers has not resulted in its higher productivity. Liming in advance of the experiment at complete rate of hydrolithic acidity has had no beneficial effect on soil fertility and crop rotation productivity. Change in elements ration in the complete fertilizer from 1N1P1K to 1.5N1P1K and 1N1.5P1K has not led to further growth of crop yielding capacity. Halving soil saturation with potassium under the same rate of manuring has had adverse effect neither on crop productivity nor on the content of exchangeable potassium in the soil. Under annual application of 240 and 368 kg of NPK per ha mobile nutrients content in furrow slice has increased.

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