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Chapter 5,070

Cross reactivity of monoclonal antibodies specific for human hla class ii antigens with pig macrophages and b lymphocytes

Hruban, V.; Nemec, M.; Trebichavsky, I.; Dvorak, P.; Horak, V.

Acta Veterinaria 37(2-3): 133-142


ISSN/ISBN: 0567-8315
Accession: 005069960

Two mouse monoclonal antibodies (HL-38 and HL-40) directed against class II antigens of the human HLA complex exhibit a cross reaction with the B lymphocyte population in procine peripheral blood, lymph nodes, spleen and with alveolar and peritoneal macrophages. The monoclonal antibodies react in immunoenzymatic and immunofluorescence tests and the relevant antigenic determinants can also be detected by the complement-dependent cytotoxic technique. No genetic polymorphism was found on a panel of lymphocytes from randomly chosenpigs of different breeds. The tissue distribution indicates that the determined antigens are homologous with the evolutionary conserved products of mouse H-21 and human HLA-D genes.

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