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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5071

Chapter 5071 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dix P.J., 1981:
Cross resistance in cell lines of nicotiana sylvestris selected for resistance to individual antibiotics

Chrysayi Tokousbalides M.; Giannopolitis C.N., 1981:
Cross resistance in cercospora beticola to tri phenyl tin and oligomycin

Mcclatchy, J.K.; Kanes, W.; Davidson, P.T.; Moulding, T.S., 1977:
Cross resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis to kanamycin capreomycin and viomycin

Diriwachter G.; Sozzi D.; Ney C.; Staub T., 1987:
Cross resistance in phytophthora infestans and plasmopara viticola against different phenylamides and unrelated fungicides

Honmi Y.; Miyata T.; Saito T., 1987:
Cross resistance in the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens stal hemiptera delphacidae

Barak E.; Edgington L.V., 1984:
Cross resistance of botrytis cinerea to captan thiram chlorothalonil and related fungicides

Stamenkovic T., 1979:
Cross resistance of panonychus ulmi resistant population strain to trifenthiol and chlorfenethol

Tan-ariya, P.; Brockelman, C., 1984:
Cross resistance of pyrimethamine and sulfadoxine to their related compounds in Plasmodium falciparum

Ahuja, D.B., 1988:
Cross resistance pattern of a pirimiphos methyl resistant strain of tribolium confusum duv. to some insecticides

Jongejan F.; Lourens J.H.M., 1980:
Cross resistance pattern to pyrethrum and synthetic pyrethroids in organo chlorine resistant strains of rhipicephalus appendiculatus

Ozaki K.; Kassai T., 1984:
Cross resistance patterns in malathion and fenitrothion resistant strains of the rice brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens

Attia F.I.; Frecker T., 1984:
Cross resistance spectrum and synergism studies on organophosphorus resistant strains of oryzaephilus surinamensis coleoptera cucujidae in australia

Cohen Y.; Samoucha Y., 1984:
Cross resistance to 4 systemic fungicides in metalaxyl resistant strains of phytophthora infestans and pseudoperonospora cubensis

Oppenoorth, F.J.; Van-Der-Pas, L.J.T., 1977:
Cross resistance to diflubenzuron in resistant strains of house fly musca domestica

Chadwick P.R.; Slatter R.; Bowron M.J., 1984:
Cross resistance to pyrethroids and other insecticides in aedes aegypti

Tapiero H.; Munck J N.; Fourcade A.; Lampidis T.J., 1984:
Cross resistance to rhodamine 123 in adriamycin resistant and daunorubicin resistant friend leukemia cell variants

Kudamatsu A.; Sato T.; Hayashi A.; Kano R., 1979:
Cross resistance to various organo phosphorus insecticides in a 3rd yumenoshima strain of the house fly musca domestica

Reed S.M.; Burns J.A., 1986:
Cross restoration between nicotiana cytoplasmic male sterile and restored lines

Hijikuro, K.; Kaneto, H., 1987:
Cross reverse tolerance between amphetamine, cocaine and morphine

Takashima T.; Suzuki M.; Itoh H., 1984:
Cross section anatomy of mediastinal lymph nodes for computed tomography evaluation based on lymph node mapping of japan lung cancer society

Uni S.; Kimata I.; Takada S., 1980:
Cross section morphology of dirofilaria ursi in comparison with dirofilaria immitis

Meilman P.W., 1979:
Cross sectional age changes in ego identity status during adolescence

Shima K., 1981:
Cross sectional anatomy of the rat the chest

Mccarty S.M.; Siegler I.C.; Logue P.E., 1982:
Cross sectional and longitudinal patterns of 3 wechsler memory scale subtests

Leung M.P.; Mok C.K.; Hui P.W.; L.R.N.S.; Lau K.C.; L.C.K.; Cheung D.L.C., 1987:
Cross sectional and pulsed doppler echocardiography of the atrioventricular junction of hearts with univentricular atrioventricular connection

Niwa E.; Chen E S.; Kanoh S.; Nakayama T., 1987:
Cross sectional area corrected compression modulus of food gel

Kresch E., 1979:
Cross sectional area of flexible tubes

Roberts C.S.; Roberts W.C., 1980 :
Cross sectional area of the proximal portions of the 3 major epi cardial coronary arteries in 98 necropsy patients with different coronary events relationship to heart weight age and sex

Carlson W.C.; Harrington C.A., 1987:
Cross sectional area relationships in root systems of loblolly and shortleaf pine

Yuasa K., 1984:
Cross sectional areas of subcutaneous fat bone and muscle of extremities in physically well trained men

Fester, A.; Hildner, F.J., 1977:
Cross sectional coronary artery stenosis

Heger J.J.; Weyman A.E.; Wann L.S.; Rogers E.W.; Dillon J.C.; Feigenbaum H., 1980:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic analysis of the extent of left ventricular asynergy in acute myo cardial infarction

Ribeiro P.; Shapiro L.M.; Gonzalez A.; Thompson G.R.; Oakley C.M., 1983:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic assessment of the aortic root and coronary ostial stenosis in familial hyper cholesterolemia

Weyman, A.E.; Caldwell, R.L.; Hurwitz, R.A.; Girod, D.A.; Dillon, J.C.; Feigenbaum, H.; Green, D., 1978:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic characterization of aortic obstruction part 1 supravalvular aortic stenosis and aortic hypoplasia

Weyman, A.E.; Caldwell, R.L.; Hurwitz, R.A.; Girod, D.A.; Dillon, J.C.; Feigenbaum, H.; Green, D., 1978:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic detection of aortic obstruction part 2 coarctation of the aorta

Mardelli T.J.; Morganroth J.; Naito M.; Chen C.C., 1980:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic detection of aortic valve prolapse

Chiaramida S.A.; Goldman M.A.; Zema M.J.; Pizzarello R.A.; Goldberg H.M., 1980 :
Cross sectional echo cardiographic diagnosis of acquired aneurysm of the inter ventricular septum

Sahn D.J.; Allen H.D.; Lange L.W.; Goldberg S.J., 1979:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic diagnosis of the sites of total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage

Suenaga Y., 1983:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic evaluation of valvular function in mitral stenosis before and after open mitral commissurotomy

Hibi N.; Kambe T.; Itoh K I.; Nanki M.; Yokoi K.; Matsubara T.; Toguchi M.; Ichimiya S.; Yanagisawa K.; E.A., 1982:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic study on atrial septal defect pre operative and post operative considerations

Hibi N.; Fukui Y.; Nishimura K.; Miwa A.; Kambe T.; Sakamoto N., 1980:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic study on persistent left superior vena cava

Wyatt, H.L.; Heng, M.K.; Meerbaum, S.; Hestenes, J.D.; Cobo, J.M.; Davidson, R.M.; Corday, E., 1979:
Cross sectional echo cardiography 1. analysis of mathematical models for quantifying mass of the left ventricle in dogs

Wyatt, H.L.; Heng, M.K.; Meerbaum, S.; Gueret, P.; Hestenes, J.; Dula, E.; Corday, E., 1980:
Cross sectional echo cardiography 2. analysis of mathematic models for quantifying volume of the formalin fixed left ventricle

Wyatt, H.L.; Meerbaum, S.; Heng, M.K.; Gueret, P.; Corday, E., 1980:
Cross sectional echo cardiography 3. analysis of mathematical models for quantifying volume of symmetric and asymmetric left ventricles

Heger J.J.; Weyman A.E.; Wann L.S.; Dillon J.C.; Feigenbaum H., 1979:
Cross sectional echo cardiography in acute myo cardial infarction detection and localization of regional left ventricular asynergy

Robinson, P.J.; Kumpeng, V.; Macartney, F.J., 1985:
Cross sectional echocardiographic and angiocardiographic correlation in criss cross hearts

Ichida, F.; Aubert, A.; Denef, B.; Dumoulin, M.; Van der Hauwaert, L.G., 1987:
Cross sectional echocardiographic assessment of great artery diameters in infants and children

Oberhänsli, I.; Friedli, B., 1984:
Cross sectional echocardiographic assessment of left ventricular volume and ejection fraction in patients with tetralogy of Fallot. Comparison with biplane angiographic measurements

Huhta, J.C.; Gutgesell, H.P.; Nihill, M.R., 1985:
Cross sectional echocardiographic diagnosis of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection

Walley T., 1988:
Cross sectional echocardiography in the diagnosis of libman sacks endocarditis

Ruff, C.B.; Hayes, W.C., 1983:
Cross sectional geometry of pecos pueblo femora and tibiae a bio mechanical investigation 2. sex age and side differences

Kreipke D.L.; Lingeman R.E., 1984:
Cross sectional imaging computed tomography nmr of branchial cysts 3 cases

Slasky B.S.; Wolfe P.W., 1982:
Cross sectional imaging of multi locular cystic nephroma

Scollay P., 1980:
Cross sectional morphometric data on a population of semi free ranging squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus iquitos

Evans J.S.; Tosteson T.; Kinney P.L., 1984:
Cross sectional mortality studies and air pollution risk assessment

Piiper J.; Scheid P., 1986:
Cross sectional oxygen partial pressure distributions in krogh cylinder and solid cylinder models

Matsumura A.; Okada M., 1987:
Cross sectional properties along the diaphysis of the rat femur as influenced by forced running exercise

Matsumura A.; Okada M.; Takahashi A.; Kimura T., 1983:
Cross sectional properties of the rat femur as influenced by forced running exercise

Kurumatani N.; Iki M.; Moriyama T.; Ishikawa H.; Adachi S.; Satoh M.; Arai T., 1988:
Cross sectional study of blood pressure and electrocardiograms of forestry workers exposed to both noise and local vibration

Weinsier R.L.; Boker J.R.; Morgan S.L.; Feldman E.B.; Moinuddin J.F.; Mamel J.J.; Digirolamo M.; Borum P.R.; Read M.S.; Brooks C.M., 1988:
Cross sectional study of nutrition knowledge and attitudes of medical students at three points in their medical training at 11 southeastern usa medical schools

Higashi T.; Toyama T.; Sakurai H.; Nakaza M.; Omae K.; Nakadate T.; Yamaguchi N., 1983:
Cross sectional study of respiratory symptoms and pulmonary functions in rayon textile workers with special reference to hydrogen sulfide exposure

Tollefsen T.; Schenck K.; Tolo K., 1986:
Cross sectional study of the effects of immunosuppressive agents on humoral immune responses to 6 oral microorganisms in humans

Kitamura K.; Horita T.; Yamaji K., 1987:
Cross sectional study on muscular endurance and blood flow of the human forearm with the male and female subjects aged 19 to 75 years

Ando, H.; Wakabayashi, S.; Yabe, K., 1978:
Cross sectional study on reaction time of mentally retarded children

Mortera, C.; Rissech, M.; Payola, M.; Miro, C.; Perich, R., 1987:
Cross sectional subcostal echocardiography: atrioventricular septal defects and the short axis cut

Cohen, N.M.; Clayden, A.D.; King, B., 1976:
Cross sectional type weight reference values for village children under 5 years in lesotho south africa

Lewis W.M.Jr; Saunders J.F.IIi, 1984:
Cross sectional variation in the chemistry and suspended sediment load of the orinoco river at ciudad bolivar venezuela

Wasilevsky C.; Vedoya M.; Nassiff S.J., 1986:
Cross sections and isomeric ratios for the silver 109 alpha n indium 112mg and silver 109 alpha 2n indium 111mg reactions

Holmberg, P.; Hyvonen, M.; Tarvainen, M., 1978:
Cross sections of 14 mev neutron reactions on phosphorus and calcium

Lisi P.; Lisi R.D., 1981:
Cross sensitivity and amino glycosidic antibiotics

Goh C.L.; Kwok S.F.; Rajan V.S., 1984:
Cross sensitivity in color developers

Maynard K.; Parsons P.G., 1986:
Cross sensitivity of methylating agents hydroxyurea and methotrexate in human tumor cells of the mer negative phenotype

Nasim, A.; Brychcy, T., 1979:
Cross sensitivity of mutator strains to physical and chemical mutagens

Remez, R.E.; Cutting, J.E.; Studdert-Kennedy, M., 1980 :
Cross series adaptation using song and string

Chattopadhyay S.C., 1981:
Cross sexual semantic study of bengali words for animal abuses toward a homeostatic control of the socio cultural system

Chamove, A.S.; Harlow, H.F., 1975:
Cross species affinity in 3 macaques

Hunt, R.K.; Piatt, J., 1978:
Cross species axial signaling with re alignment of retinal axes in embryonic xenopus laevis eyes

Beach, F.A., 1976:
Cross species comparisons and the human heritage

Takahashi K.; Sawahara M.; Okazaki S.; Fukuda T.; Tsuji T.; Yamabuki T., 1988:
Cross species reactivity of pancreas antigens with islet cell cytoplasmic antibodies in sera from patients with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Beauchamp G.K.; Wellington J.L., 1981:
Cross species rearing influences urine preferences in wild guinea pigs

Jorde, L.B.; Harpending, H.C., 1976:
Cross spectral analysis of rainfall and human birth rate an empirical test of a linear model

Guenther, E.; Ruede, E., 1976:
Cross stimulation of antigens under separate histo compatibility linked ir immune response gene control

Vaz N.M.; Maia L.C.; Hanson D.G.; Lynch J.M., 1981:
Cross suppression of specific immune responses after oral tolerance

Barry, A.L.; Jones, R.N., 1987 :
Cross susceptibility and absence of cross resistance to cefotetan and cefoxitin

Rowe B.P.; Noble A.R.; Munday K.A., 1979:
Cross tachyphylaxis of the pressor response to angiotensins in conscious rabbits

Skorecki K.L.; Verkman A.S.; Ausiello D.A., 1987:
Cross talk between stimulatory and inhibitory gtp binding proteins role in activation and desensitization of the adenylate cyclase response to vasopressin

Thorn Gray B.E.; Johnson M.H.; Ashbrook R.M., 1982:
Cross tolerance between 2 brain stem sites supporting stimulation produced analgesia

Mayer J.M.; Khanna J.M.; Kalant H.; Spero L., 1980:
Cross tolerance between ethanol and morphine in the guinea pig ileum longitudinal muscle and myenteric plexus preparation

Fried, P.A., 1976:
Cross tolerance between inhaled cannabis and intra peritoneal injections of delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol

D.S.moni M.G.; Giglio R.; Dal Toso G.; Conforti I.; Algeri S., 1985:
Cross tolerance between ketamine and morphine to some pharmacological and biochemical effects

Szekely, J.I.; Ronai, A.Z.; Dunai-Kovacs, Z.; Miglecz, E.; Bajusz, S.; Graf, L., 1977:
Cross tolerance between morphine and beta endorphin in vivo

Drugan R.C.; Grau J.W.; Maier S.F., 1981:
Cross tolerance between morphine and long term analgesic reaction to inescapable shock

Scibienski, R.; Fong, S.; Benjamini, E., 1972:
Cross tolerance between serologically noncross reacting forms of egg white lysozyme

Lee C.U.; Kim K.H., 1986:
Cross tolerance of alternaria mali to various fungicides

Broxterman H.J.; Noach E.L.; Van Valkenburg C.F.M.; Wijling A., 1981:
Cross tolerance of dopamine metabolism to baclofen gamma butyro lactone and ha 966 3 amino 1 hydroxy 2 pyrolidone in the striatum and olfactory tubercle of the rat

Ahlijanian M.K.; Takemori A.E., 1986:
Cross tolerance studies between caffeine and levo n 6 phenylisopropyladenosine in mice

Ferri, S.; Santagostino, A.; Braga, P.C., 1976:
Cross tolerance to anti nociception elicited by intra cerebro ventricular administration of mescaline and morphine to rabbits and electro encephalographic correlates

Shaaltiel Y.; Glazer A.; Bocion P.F.; Gressel J., 1988:
Cross tolerance to herbicidal and environmental oxidants of plant biotypes tolerant to paraquat sulfur dioxide and ozone

Chkhubianishvili T.A.; Katagiri K., 1983:
Cross transmission of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus of the genus dendrolimus

Tomita K O.; Ebihara T., 1982:
Cross transmission of the granulosis virus of hyphantria cunea lepidoptera arctiidae to other lepidopterous insect species

Hassanain M.A.; Deghidy N.S.; Tawfik M.A., 1986:
Cross transmission of trichostrongylus colubriformis between sheep and rabbits

Krzanowski W.J., 1987:
Cross validation in principal component analysis

Parr W.C.; Woodward W.A.; Robinowitz R.; Penk W.E., 1981 :
Cross validation of a heroin addiction scale in a treatment setting

Blanchard E.B.; Wittrock D.; Kolb L.C.; Gerardi R.J., 1988:
Cross validation of a minnesota multiphasic personality inventory mmpi subscale for the assessment of combat related post traumatic stress disorder

Zook A.II.S.pps G.J., 1985:
Cross validation of a short form of the marlowe crowne social desirability scale

Neman R.C.II.C.rney R.E., 1981:
Cross validation of sex role measures for children with correlation of sex role measures for children and parents

Andrasik F.; Blanchard E.B.; Arena J.G.; Teders S.J.; Rodichok L.D., 1982:
Cross validation of the kudrow sutkus minnesota multiphasic personality inventory classification system for diagnosing head ache type

Collidge F.L.; Bracken D.D.; Andrews L.W.; Pennington B.F., 1985:
Cross validation of the selz reitan pattern index

Simonds J.F.; Simonds M.P., 1982:
Cross validity of the behavior style questionnaire and child personality scale in nursery school children

Alicchio, R.; Rocchetta, G.; Vanelli, M.L.; Urbinati, C., 1978:
Cross vein defects in disruptive selection lines of drosophila melanogaster

Heinrichs E.A.; Rapusas H.R., 1985:
Cross virulence of nephotettix virescens homoptera cicadellidae biotypes among some rice cultivars with the same major resistance gene

Inagaki, S.; Iwase, K.; Goto, N., 1986:
Cross vs. linear conjugation of four p orbitals substituted vinylcarbenes and biscarbenes as four pi electron systems

Amako, K.; Umeda, A., 1984:
Cross wall synthesis and the arrangement of the wall polymers in the cell wall of Staphylococcus spp

Oettler G., 1983:
Crossability and embryo development in wheat rye hybrids

Jenniskens M J.P.J.; Den Nijs J.C.M.; Sterk A.A., 1985:
Crossability and hybridization of taxa of taraxacum section taraxacum from central and western europe

Raina S.K., 1984:
Crossability and in vitro development of hybrid embryos of triticum durum x secale cereale

Kress W.J., 1983:
Crossability barriers in neotropical heliconia

Chow, T.W.; Harney, P.M., 1970:
Crossability between a di ploid pelargonium x hortorum d cultivar and some of its putative ancestral species

Ogure M.; Naganuma K.; Harashima N., 1985:
Crossability between mulberry morus spp and broussonetia kazinoki

Bajpai G.C.; Mishra S.N., 1987:
Crossability meiotic behavior and pollen sterility relationships in triticale x wheat hybrids

Chandler C.K.; Draper A.D.; Galletta G.J., 1985:
Crossability of a diverse group of polyploid blueberry vaccinium corymbosum interspecific hybrids

Vorsa N.; Jelenkovic G.; Draper A.D.; Galletta G.J., 1987:
Crossability of bc 1 aneuploid and tetraploid progeny derived from vaccinium ashei vaccinium corymbosum pentaploid hybrids

Peusha K.; Shnaider T., 1983:
Crossability of common wheat with closely related species

Navasardyan E.M.; Agadzhanyan A.M., 1981:
Crossability of cultivated tomato with lycopersicon hirsutum f glabratum and f 1 hybrid characteristics

Stefanowska G.; Gruszecka D.; Tarkowski C., 1984:
Crossability of hexaploid wheat triticum aestivum with diploid rye secale cereale

Inagaki M., 1986:
Crossability of japanese wheat cultivars with hordeum bulbosum l

Ritland K.; Ganders F.R., 1987:
Crossability of mimulus guttatus in relation to components on gene fixation

Ektov V.A.; Timofeev L.V.; Ovchinnikov A.V.; Bannikova L.V., 1986:
Crossability of new specialized lines of large white pigs

Attavian B.N.; Jelenkovic G.; Pollack B.L., 1983:
Crossability of selected nontuberous solanum spp

Hiratsuka S.; Takahashi E.; Hirata N., 1987:
Crossability of self compatible mutant osa nijisseiki pyrus serotina rehd

Surikov I.M.; Kissel' N.I., 1985:
Crossability of soft wheat with diploid and tetraploid rye

Chaudhay H.B.; Joshi M.G., 1985:
Crossability of some indian wheats with rye

Zeven A.C., 1986:
Crossability of the cyprian scalavatis wheat with rye secale cereale

Ilieva-Staneva, B., 1978:
Crossability of the species phaseolus vulgaris and phaseolus multiflorus

Gandilyan P.A.; Petrosyan E.A., 1982:
Crossability of urartu wild wheat triticum urartu with some triticum and aegilops species

Avrov F.D., 1982:
Crossability of various larch species at a collection parent plantation in siberia russian sfsr ussr

Stroev V.S., 1981:
Crossability of wheat with couch grass

Pundir R.P.S.; Singh R.B., 1985:
Crossability relationships among cajanus atylosia and rhynchosia species and detection of crossing barriers

Jackson, M.T.; Rowe, P.R.; Hawkes, J.G., 1978:
Crossability relationships of andean potato varieties of 3 ploidy levels

Dandin S.B.; Kumar R.; Ravindran S.; Jolly M.S., 1987:
Crossability studies in mulberry

Slee, M.U., 1970:
Crossability values within the slash pine g caribbean pinus g species complex

Benkman C.W., 1987:
Crossbill foraging behavior bill structure and patterns of food profitability

Fueta Y.; Matsuoka S.; Mita T., 1986:
Crossbreeding analysis of mouse epilepsy

Trail, J.C.M.; Gregory, K.E.; Durkin, J.; Sandford, J., 1984:
Crossbreeding cattle in beef production programs in kenya 2. comparison of purebred boran and boran crossed with the red poll and santa gertrudis breeds

Gregory, K.E.; Trail, J.C.M.; Sandford, J.; Durkin, J., 1984:
Crossbreeding cattle in production programs in kenya 2. comparison of purebred boran and boran crossed with the charolais ayrshire and santa gertrudis breeds

Laszlo, V., 1987:
Crossbreeding experiments with romanovs on hungarian fine wool merino populations i. maternal characteristics

Jakubec, V.; Komender, P.; Nitter, G.; Fewson, D.; Soukupova, Z., 1987:
Crossbreeding in farm animals i. analysis of complete diallel experiments by means of three models with application to poultry

Jakubec, V.; Nitter, G.; Komender, P.; Fewson, D.; Soukupova, Z., 1988:
Crossbreeding in farm animals ii. analysis of a diallel experiment for sex linked effects with application to poultry

Barata G.N.; Gomes A.L.; Calheiros F.C., 1984:
Crossbreeding influence in the production of mutton

Yamada M.; Kurihara A., 1984:
Crossbreeding of the japanese persimmon diospyros kaki repeatability of fruit characters in pollination constant nonastringent seedling population of japanese persimmon

Christensen L.G.; Barlow R.; Neimann Sorensen A., 1984:
Crossbreeding red danish holstein friesian and finnish ayrshire cattle performance of foundation females and traits of foundation and 1st generation calves

Cunningham E.P., 1987:
Crossbreeding the greek temple model

Kawai M.; Schulman M.I., 1985:
Crossbridge kinetics in chemically skinned rabbit psoas fibers when the actin myosin lattice spacing is altered by dextran t 500

Burghardt T.P.; Tidswell M.; Borejdo J., 1984:
Crossbridge order and orientation in resting single glycerinated muscle fibers studied by linear dichroism of bound rhodamine labels

Gasanov G.G.; Mamedov Z.G.; Shara I.B., 1983:
Crosscorrelational interrelationships in the cortex during the activation of the noradrenergic system of the brain

Harrison, P.J.; Zytnicki, D., 1984:
Crossed actions of group I muscle afferents in the cat

Adams J.C., 1980:
Crossed and descending projections to the inferior colliculus

Nozaki S.; Chandler S.H.; Goldberg L.J., 1984:
Crossed and uncrossed central effects of muscle spindle afferents from the lateral pterygoid muscle of the guinea pig

Jankowska E.; Odutola A., 1980:
Crossed and uncrossed synaptic actions on moto neurons of back muscles in the cat

Reese B.E.; Jeffery G., 1983:
Crossed and uncrossed visual topography in dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of pigmented rat

Basso A.; Capitani E.; Laiacona M.; Zanobio M.E., 1985:
Crossed aphasia 1 or more syndromes

Perani D.; Papagno C.; Cappa S.; Gerundini P.; Fazio F., 1988:
Crossed aphasia functional studies with single photon emission computerized tomography

Assal, G., 1987:
Crossed aphasia in a child

Puel M.; Joanette Y.; Levrat M.; Nespoulous J L.; Viala M F.; Lecours A.R.; Rascol A., 1982:
Crossed aphasia in a dextral neuro linguistic and neuro psychological study evolution over 2 years

April R.S.; Han M., 1980:
Crossed aphasia in a right handed bilingual chinese man a 2nd case

Ito H., 1980:
Crossed aphasia in a right handed man

Urbain, E.; Seron, X.; Remits, A.; Cobben, A.; Van-Der-Linden, M.; Mouchette, R., 1978:
Crossed aphasia in a right handed patient a report on 1 case

Assal G., 1982:
Crossed aphasia with jargonagraphia a neuro psychological study

Ledesma Velasco, M.; Hernández López, R.; López Martínez, E.; Salgado Escobar, J.L.; Munayer Calderón, J.; Quintero Rodríguez, R.; Matadamas Hernández, N., 1985:
Crossed atrioventricular connection with straddling of the right atrioventricular valve

Strefling, A.M.; Urich, H., 1982:
Crossed cerebellar atrophy: an old problem revisited

Momose T.; Kosaka N.; Nishikawa J.; Machida K.; Ohtake T.; Tsuchiya K.; Machida T.; Watanabe E.; II.M., 1986:
Crossed cerebellar diaschisis in cerebrovascular disease detected by iodine 123 n isopropyl p iodoamphetamine with single photon emission computed tomography

Meneghetti G.; Vorstrup S.; Mickey B.; Lindewald H.; Lassen N.A., 1984:
Crossed cerebellar diaschisis in ischemic stroke a study of regional cerebral blood flow by xenon 133 inhalation and single photon emission computerized tomography

Pantano P.; Lenzi G.L.; Guidetti B.; D.P.ero V.; Gerundini P.; Savi A.R.; Fazio F.; Fieschi C., 1987:
Crossed cerebellar diaschisis in patients with cerebral ischemia assessed by spect and iodine 123 hipdm

Llopis, B.; Gallego, J.; Mompó, J.A.; Boronat, F.; Alonso, M.; Moreno, B.; Jiménez, J.F., 1986:
Crossed chemoprophylaxis assay between adriamycin and cis-platinum in recurrent superficial bladder tumor

Preuss, T.M.; Goldman-Rakic, P.S., 1987:
Crossed corticothalamic and thalamocortical connections of macaque prefrontal cortex

Coe P.L.; Scriven C.E., 1986:
Crossed coupling of functionalized ketones by low valent titanium the mcmurry reaction a new stereoselective synthesis of tamoxifen

Bentivoglio M.; Molinari M., 1986:
Crossed divergent axon collaterals from cerebellar nuclei to thalamus and lateral medulla oblongata in the rat

Mellin, H.E.; Kjaer, T.B.; Madsen, P.O., 1976:
Crossed ectopia of seminal vesicles, renal aplasia and ectopic ureter

Kakei, H.; Kondo, A.; Ogisu, B.I.; Mitsuya, H., 1976:
Crossed ectopia of solitary kidney a report of 2 cases and a review of the literature

D'alessio A.; Bettili G.; Campagnola S.; Sulpasso M.; Bozzeda M.; Fossen D., 1987:
Crossed ectopic testis case report

Ozawa, S.; Precht, W.; Shimazu, H., 1974:
Crossed effects on central vestibular neurons in the horizontal canal system of the frog

Caldamone A.A.; Rabinowitz R., 1981:
Crossed fused renal ectopia orthotopic multi cystic dysplasia and vaginal agenesis

Goodman J.D.; Norton K.I.; Carr L.; Yeh H C., 1986:
Crossed fused renal ectopia sonographic diagnosis

Inai T.; Yokozeki H.; Takigawa H.; Kagawa S., 1986:
Crossed fused renal ectopia with cryptorchidism and hypospadia a case report

Fishman, M.; Borden, S., 1982:
Crossed fused renal ectopia with single crossed ectopic ureterocele

Bjerrum, O.J., 1978:
Crossed hydrophobic interaction immuno electrophoresis an analytical method for detection of amphiphilic proteins in crude mixtures and for prediction of the result of hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Larsen J.C.; Orskov F.; Schmidt M.A.; Jann B.; Jann K.; Orskov I., 1980:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis and chemical structural analysis used for characterization of 2 varieties of escherichia coli k 2 poly saccharide antigen

Oxelius, V.A., 1978:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis and electro immunoassay of human immuno globulin g subclasses

Cousland G.; Poxton I.R., 1984:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis and enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa of the cell surface antigens of bacteroides fragilis

Churdboonchart, V.; Bhamarapravati, N.; Futrakul, P., 1983:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis for the detection of split products of complement c 3 in dengue hemorrhagic fever 1. observations of patient plasma

Kessler R.E., 1981:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis from sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gels after fixation and staining and without nonionic detergent intermediate layers

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Crossed immuno electrophoresis from sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gels into antibody containing agarose an improved method for evaluation of the number of immunochemical determinants in poly peptides with reference to spectrin

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Crossed immuno electrophoresis of human complement c 3 electrophoretical heterogeneity among purified molecules

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Crossed immuno electrophoresis of human platelet membranes the major antigen consists of a complex of glyco proteins gp iib and gp iiia held together by calcium and missing in glanzmanns thrombasthenia

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Crossed immuno electrophoresis of membrane proteins from acholeplasma laidlawii and spiroplasma citri

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Crossed immuno electrophoresis of neo natal and juvenile mouse serum

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Crossed immuno electrophoresis of sera from adult through aged mice

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Crossed immuno electrophoresis on cellulose acetate

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Crossed immuno electrophoretic analysis of split products of complement c 3d following in vivo activation of the complement system

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Crossed immuno electrophoretic analysis of the antibody response in heifers and dry cows to peptococcus indolicus in experimental and natural heifer mastitis and dry cow mastitis

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Crossed immuno electrophoretic studies of the solubility and immunogenicity of herpes simplex virus antigens

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Crossed immunoelectrophoresis for the detection of split products of complement c 3 in dengue hemorrhagic fever

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Crossed immunoelectrophoretic analysis of bacterial membranes

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Crossed immunoelectrophoretic studies of whole body extracts and venom from the imported fire ant Solenopsis invicta

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Crossed immunoelectrophoretic studies on botrytis cinerea and other botrytis species

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Crossed nigrostriatal dopaminergic pathway

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Crossed optic ataxia: possible role of the dorsal splenium

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Crossed over electrophoresis on cellulose acetate membrane with a lyophilized antigen in the diagnosis of human hydatidosis

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Crossed plantar extension. A clinical and physiological study

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Crossed radio immuno electrophoresis in the study of thrombin binding proteins in human plasma

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Crossed radio immuno electrophoretic studies of distinct allergens in 2 extracts of cladosporium herbarum

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Crossed reflex activity in an entire isolated spinal cord preparation taken from juvenile rodents

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Crossed renal ectopia and asymmetric fused kidney with special reference to associated vertebral anomalies

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Crossed renal ectopia associated with vesico ureteral reflux

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Crossed renal ectopia in a squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) and an owl monkey (Aotus trivirgatus)

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Crossed renal ectopia with bilateral upper urinary tract stones a case

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Crossed renal ectopia with crossed single ectopic ureterocele

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Crossed renal ectopia with fusion associated with calcified simple renal cyst a case

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Crossed renal ectopia without fusion associated with hypertension: case report with angiographic study

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Crossed renal ectopia without fusion report of a case and a review of 109 cases in japan

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Crossed Wernicke's aphasia

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Crosses among homokaryons from commercial and wild collected strains of the mushroom agaricus brunnescens equals agaricus bisporus

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Crosses and backcrosses with flax linum usitatissimum genotrophs

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Crosses and genome relationship in the hordeum patagonicum group

Von Lehmann E., 1987:
Crosses between a przewalski stallion and tarpan mares at hardehausen

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Crosses between distantly related species of lilies 4. the culture of immature hybrid embryos 0.3 0.4 millimeters long

Asano, Y., 1980:
Crosses between distantly related species of lilies lilium 6. pollen tube growth in interspecific crosses on lilium longiflorum 1

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Crosses between hordeum vulgare m and hordeum bulbosum m elimination of chromosomes in hybrid tissues

Lange, W., 1971:
Crosses between hordeum vulgare m and hordeum bulbosum m part 1 production morphology and meiosis of hybrids ha ploids and di ha ploids

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Crosses between insertion and point mutations in lambda gene cI: stimulation of neighboring recombination by heterology

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Crosses between red clover d trifolium pratense d varieties to find a suitable combination for reciprocal recurrent selection

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Crosses between southeast asian crocodiles

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Crosses between tetra ploid barley hordeum vulgare and di ploid rye secale cereale

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Crosses between various populations of phyllanthus urinaria heterosis and reproductive barriers

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Crosses of 3 exotic and 3 british breeds performance in 2 environments of 2 year old cows and their calves

Whitehouse B.G.; Petrick G.; Ehrhardt M., 1986:
Crossflow filtration of colloids from baltic sea water

Peri C.; Riva M.; Decio P., 1988:
Crossflow membrane filtration of wines comparison of performance of ultrafiltration microfiltration and intermediate cut off membranes

Bedwell W.B.; Yates S.F.; Brubaker I.M.; Urban S., 1988:
Crossflow microfiltration fouling mechanisms studies

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Crossidium aberrans new record for the european flora

Zander, R.H., 1977:
Crossidium seriatum new record found in the usa

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Crossing ability of auto tetra ploids and di ploids of european raspberry and the quality of hybrid seeds

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Crossing and chromosomal evidence for two additional sibling species within the taxon anopheles dirus peyton and harrison diptera culicidae in thailand

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Crossing and morphological relationships among trifolium species closely related to strawberry and persian clover

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Crossing and selfing experiments in the ornithogalum umbellatum and ornithogalum angustifolium complex

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Crossing angus and milking shorthorn cattle calf performance to weaning

Drewry K.J.; Becker S.P.; Martin T.G.; Nelson L.A., 1979:
Crossing angus and milking shorthorn cattle feedlot performance of steers

Drewry K.J.; Becker S.P.; Martin T.G.; Nelson L.A., 1979:
Crossing angus and milking shorthorn cattle steer carcass traits

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Crossing between non diapausing and diapausing allopatric strains of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae koch acarina tetranychidae

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Crossing bohemian spotted cattle with bulls of the black pied lowland breed meat production of bulls and heifers

Urban F.; Dvoracek M.; Burda J., 1981:
Crossing bohemian spotted cattle with sires of black pied lowland breed meat production of 1st calvers and older cows

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Crossing effect and accumulative reaction to selection of non inbred animals

Katakura H.; Hinomizu H.; Yamamoto M., 1981:
Crossing experiments among 3 ladybird species of henosepilachna vigintioctomaculata complex coleoptera coccinellidae feeding on thistles and or blue cohosh caulophyllum robustum

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Crossing experiments and the behavioral study of two types of the mulberry pyralid glyphodes pyloalis walker lepidoptera pyralidae

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Crossing experiments between populations of so called gracilaria verrucosa huds. papenfuss from two localities shinori and kikonai in hokkaido japan

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Crossing experiments between some chemotypes of mentha longifolia and mentha suaveolens

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Crossing experiments with di ploid water frogs from austrian and polish mixed populations rana lessonae and rana esculenta an analysis of biochemical and morphological features

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Crossing experiments within and between species of the drosophila nasuta complex of drosophila

Bernard S.; Jewell D.C., 1985:
Crossing maize zea mays with sorghum sorghum bicolor tripsacum and millet pennisetum americanum the products and their level of development following pollination

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Crossing merino and a coarse wool breed of sheep a study of the birth coat of lambs

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Crossing of lycopersicon hirsutum f glabratum with solanum pennellii and characteristics of f 1 hybrids

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Crossing of rosa rugosa with cultured rose cultivars

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Crossing of species in the genus trifolium i. trifolium repens x trifolium montanum fertilization and development of the embryo and endosperm

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Crossing over between closely linked markers spanning the centromere of chromosome 3 in drosophila melanogaster

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Crossing over in a double translocation of aedes aegypti

Glamann J., 1986:
Crossing over in the male mouse as analyzed by recombination nodules and bars

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Crossing over in translocation heterozygotes with break points outside precentromere regions of chromosomes 2 and 3 in drosophila melanogaster

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Crossing over induction in drosophila melanogaster males by nitrosomethyl urea

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Crossing over on hla region relationships with transplantation immunity

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Crossing possibilities of the genus eucalyptus

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Crossing relationships among 7 members of the group of aedes scutellaris diptera culicidae

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Crossing relationships among di ploid species of the solanum nigrum complex in north america

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Crossing speed and selection r in drosophila melanogaster

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Crossing studies among 6 strains of anopheles sinensis

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Crossing studies in guardiola compositae

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Crossing subtropical egyptian sheep with hampshire to improve their lamb production

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Crossing success in cotton gossypium hirsutum in arizona usa as affected by irrigation number of flowers pollinated and time of emasculation

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Crossing systems in epidendrum nocturnum jacq. orchidaceae

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Crossing the midline by four to eight year old children

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Crossing the threshold factors in self identification as an alcoholic

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Crosslinked crystalline horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase as a redox catalyst activity and stability toward organic solvent

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Crosslinked polyalkylene oxides for the preparation of controlled release micromatrices

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Crosslinked starch entrapped in agarose beads an affinity matrix for the preparation of alpha d mannose alpha d glucose specific lectins

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Crosslinking in collagen rat tail tendon

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Crosslinking of actin to myosin subfragment 1 course of reaction and stoichiometry of products

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Crosslinking of concanavalin A with glutaraldehyde

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Crosslinking of DNA to nuclear lamina proteins by UV irradiation in vivo

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Crosslinking of gelatin with formaldehyde a carbon 13 nmr study

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Crosslinking of isolated cytoskeletal proteins with hemoglobin a possible damage inflicted to the red cell membrane

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Crosslinking of membrane proteins during erythrocyte aging

Selmayr E.; Mahn I.; Mueller Berghaus G., 1985:
Crosslinking of soluble fibrin and fibrinogen

Bijsterbosch, M.K.; Klaus, G.G., 1985:
Crosslinking of surface immunoglobulin and Fc receptors on B lymphocytes inhibits stimulation of inositol phospholipid breakdown via the antigen receptors

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Crosslinking of the anticodon of p site bound transfer rna to c 1400 of escherichia coli 16s rna does not require the participation of the 50s subunit

Rubin J.R.; Sundaralingam M., 1984:
Crosslinking of transfer rna species by the carcinostatic agent dirhodium tetraacetate B.; Formisano S.; Palumbo G., 1985:
Crosslinking with dimethylsuberimidate to study thyroglobulin conformation

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Crosslinks between stereocilia in the guinea pig cochlea

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Cross-links between stereocilia in the human organ of Corti

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Crossmating between the red spider mites tetranychus cinnabarinus and tetranychus cucurbitacearum

Huttunen J.; Hari R.; Vanni S., 1987:
Crossmodal interaction is reflected in vertex potentials but not in evoked magnetic fields

Ovezmukhammedov, A., 1976:
Crossobamon eversmanni alsophylax laevis and phrynocephalus raddei raddei new hosts of hemogregarines

Peters, D.S., 1973:
Crossocerus dimidiatus another social species of crabroninae

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Crossonema capitospinosum new species and description of crossonema menzeli and crossonema fimbriatum juveniles nematoda criconematidae

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Crossonema multisquamatum associated with the roots of declining plants in lemon groves in sorrento italy

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Crossonemoides new genus and 3 new species of ecto parasitic plant nematodes nematoda criconematidae from the primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

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Crossopterygian fauna from the albert formation new brunswick canada and its stratigraphic paleo ecologic significance

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Crossover and parallel study of oral analgesics

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Crossover carotid carotid bypass and left carotid subclavian bypass for innominate and left subclavian artery occlusion a new extrathoracic approach/

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Crossover comparison of captopril and propranolol as step 2 agents in hypertension

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Crossover comparison of moxonidine and clonidine in mild to moderate hypertension

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Crossover comparison of sotalol plus methyl dopa in hypertension

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Crossover comparison of the antiemetic efficacy of nabilone and alizapride in patients with nonseminomatous testicular cancer receiving cisplatin therapy

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Crossover counts and likelihood in multipoint linkage analysis

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Crossover designs and repeated measurements

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Crossover designs for comparing treatments with a control

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Crossover effects in experimental investigations with human subjects

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Crossover frequencies within paracentric inversions in maize: the implications for homologue pairing models

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Crossover from intravenous to transdermal nitroglycerin therapy in unstable angina pectoris

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Crossover open study of beta adrenergic blocking agents in glaucomatous eyes

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Crossover oxygen tension a measure of the variable effect of increased oxygen tension at 50 percent hemo globin saturation on mixed venous oxygen tension

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Crossover plot study of glycolytic intermediates in the ischemic canine heart

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Crossover study of 10 tetracycline preparations

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Crossover suppression in mice hetero zygous for tobacco mouse metacentrics

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Crossover suppressors and balanced recessive lethals in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Crossover trials in clinical analgesic assays: studies of buprenorphine and morphine

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Crosspin fixation of fractures of the proximal tibia in 3 foals

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Crossprotection against nontuberculous mycobacterial infections by Mycobacterium tuberculosis memory immune T lymphocytes

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Crossreacting idiotypes of kappa monoclonal immunoglobulins m in sera of patients with waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia

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Crossreaction of monoclonal antiidiotypic antibodies specific for human antithyroglobulin antibody with the Fc portion of human IgG

Ikegami, H.; Yamada, Y.; Usui, M.; Ando, S.; Matsuoka, H.; Doi, H.; Ishii, A.; Matsuhashi, T., 1987:
Crossreactive antigenicities between Tokunagayusurika akamusi, Chironomus plumosus, Chironomus yoshimatsui and Dermatophagoides farinae

Ninfa A.J.; Ninfa E.G.; Lupas A.N.; Stock A.; Magasanik B.; Stock J., 1988:
Crosstalk between bacterial chemotaxis signal transduction proteins and regulators of transcription of the ntr regulon evidence that nitrogen assimilation and chemotaxis are controlled by a common phosphotransfer mechanism

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Crosti gianotti disease latest advances

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Crostis reticulosis report on 3 cases with ultrastructural study

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Crotalaria kanaii new species a new leguminosae from central himalaya

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Crotalaria medicaginea a collateral host of uromyces decoratus causal agent of rust of sunn hemp crotalaria juncea

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Crotalaria of bahia brazil

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Crotalaria rzedowskii new species leguminosae from the valley of mexico

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Crotalaria spectabilis induced pulmonary hypertension uptake of tritium labeled thymidine by the cells of the pulmonary circulation and alveolar walls

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Crotalaria virgultalis and allies in southern africa Buning T.; Terashima S I.; Goris R.C., 1981:
Crotaline pit organs analyzed as warm receptors

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Crotalocytin characterization of the timber rattlesnake crotalus horridus horridus platelet activating protein

Schmaier A.H.; Claypool W.; Colman R.W., 1980:
Crotalocytin recognition and purification of a timber rattlesnake crotalus horridus horridus platelet aggregating protein

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Crotalus atrox phospho lipase a 2 ec amino acid sequence and studies on the function of the amino terminal region

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Crotamiton cream and lotion in the treatment of infants and young children with scabies

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Crotamiton eurax as mosquito repellent

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Crotaphytus collaris nebrius new subspecies from the eastern sonoran desert description of a previously unrecognized geographic race

Axtell, R.W.; Montanucci, R.M., 1977:
Crotaphytus collaris nebrius new subspecies from the eastern sonoran desert mexico description of a previously unrecognized geographic race

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Crotocaudin a rearranged labdane type norditerpene from croton caudatus

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Croton appertii new species a new euphorbiaceae from southeast madagascar

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Croton armstrongii and croton habrophyllus euphorbiaceae a confusion

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Croton chamelensis new species euphorbiaceae from coastal jalisco mexico

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Croton macrostachys, a plant used in traditional medicine: purgative and inflammatory activity

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Croton megalocarpoides new species an arborescent euphorbiaceae from semi evergreen vegetation in southern somalia and eastern kenya

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Croton penduliflorus 1. observations on pharmacognostic physicochemical and pharmacological characteristics

Anika, S.M.; Shetty, S.N., 1983:
Croton penduliflorus 2. the mechanism of the hypotensive activity in pento barbital anesthetized dogs

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Croton stellatopilosus new species from thailand

Alieva R.M.; Tarabaeva Z.B.; Ilyaletdinov A.N., 1985:
Crotonaldehyde destruction by bacteria of the genus bacillus

Faure G.; Bon C., 1988:
Crotoxin a phospholipase a 2 neurotoxin from the south american rattlesnake crotalus durissus terrificus purification of several isoforms and comparison of their molecular structure and of their biological activities

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Crotoxin induced modulation of transmitter release at formamide treated frog neuromuscular junctions

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Crouania francisci new species rhodophyta ceramiaceae new species from eastern sicily italy

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Croup associated with toxic patterns of diphtheria in adults

Zach M.; Erben A.; Olinsky A., 1981:
Croup recurrent croup allergy and airway hyper reactivity

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Crouzelia rhodanica new species of a catarrhinene primate and an essay on the taxonomic position of the pliopithecidae

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Crouzon disease in twins. Clinical and pathological contribution

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Crouzon's craniofacial dysostosis in Kenya

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Crow fukase poems syndrome with bone mastocytosis associated with castleman's angiofollicular lymphoid hyperplasia

Austin W.T., 1984:
Crow indian justice strategies of informal social control

Salathe T., 1987:
Crow predation on coot eggs effects of investigator disturbance nest cover and predator learning

Russell G.W., 1983:
Crowd size and density in relation to athletic aggression and performance

Burgess J.W.; Coss R.G., 1980:
Crowded jewel fish hemichromis bimaculatus show changes in dendritic spine density and spine morphology

Denno R.F.; Douglass L.W.; Jacobs D., 1985:
Crowding and host plant nutrition environmental determinants of wing form in prokelisia marginata

Zaki F.N., 1982 :
Crowding and light as factors affecting eggs production of the predator coccinella undecimpunctata coleoptera coccinellidae

Girden, E.R., 1983:
Crowding and litter effects on retention and reversal learning by young rats

Schwab J.J.; Nadeau S.E.; Warheit G.J., 1979:
Crowding and mental health

Pickering A.D.; Pottinger T.G., 1987:
Crowding causes prolonged leukopenia in salmonid fish despite interrenal acclimation

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Crowding cockerels in cages effects of weight gain mortality and subsequent fertility

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Crowding depression of uv mutagenesis in escherichia coli

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Crowding effect in marine macrophytic algae populations

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Crowding in prison: the relationship between changes in housing mode and blood pressure

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Crowding in the parasitic stage of the water mite hydrachna virella acari hydrachnidae

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Crowding in the postcanine teeth in the seals type and post natal development

Berg, R., 1986:
Crowding of the dental arches: a longitudinal study of the age period between 6 and 12 years

D.O.iveira Rassi M.; Shields M.B., 1982:
Crowding of the peripheral nasal isopters in glaucoma

Harvey, P.W.; Chevins, P.F., 1984:
Crowding or ACTH treatment of pregnant mice affects adult copulatory behavior of male offspring

Harvey P.W.; Chevins P.F.D., 1985:
Crowding pregnant mice affects attack and threat behavior of male offspring

Diamond, M.; Mast, M., 1978:
Crowding reproduction and maternal behavior in the golden hamster

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Crowding stress and adrenal mitochondrial 11 beta hydroxylation in vitro

Haukioja E.; Pakarinen E.; Niemela P.; Iso IIvari L., 1988:
Crowding triggered phenotypic responses alleviate consequences of crowding in epirrita autumnata lepidoptera geometridae

Kerschbaum T.; Voss R.; Thie B.M., 1986:
Crown and bridge dentures a survey of functional loss in general and clinical practice

Jones J.B.; Engelhard A.W., 1984:
Crown and leaf rot of statice limonium sinuatum incited by a bacterium resembling pseudomonas caryophylli

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Crown gall tumors in centaurium

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Harder, D.E., 1976:
Crown rust of oats in canada in 1976

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Crown size of deciduous teeth in Icelanders

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Crown size of permanent teeth in Icelanders

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Crucial role of sulfhydryl groups in the mitochondrial inner membrane structure

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Crucial role of the post natal maternal environment in the expression of pre natal stress effects in the male rat

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Crude lysates of Staphylococcus aureus can transform Bacillus subtilis

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Cryo coagulation for proliferative diabetic retinopathy

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Cryo conservation of fish sperm and experience in using it to obtain carp progeny

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Cryo damage of the outer and inner membranes of mitochondria in the presence of protector

Lepault J.; Pattus F.; Martin N., 1985:
Cryo electron microscopy of artificial biological membranes

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Cryo electron microscopy of tropomyosin magnesium paracrystals

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Cryo electron microscopy reveals macromolecular organization within biological liquid crystals seen in the polarizing microscope

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Cryo enzyme studies on myosin subfragment 1. perturbation of an enzyme reaction by temperature and solvent

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Cryo enzymic studies on the transition state analog complex creatine kinase ec adp magnesium nitrate creatine

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Cryo enzymology and spectrophotometry of pea seedling di amine oxidase ec

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Cryo enzymology of papain reaction mechanism with an ester substrate

Mackenzie N.E.; Malthouse J.P.G.; Scott A.I., 1984:
Cryo enzymology of trypsin carbon 13 nmr detection of an acyl trypsin intermediate in the trypsin catalyzed hydrolysis of a highly specific substrate at subzero temperature/

Malthouse, J.P.G.; Scott, A.I., 1983:
Cryo enzymology of trypsin ec a detailed kinetic study of the trypsin catalyzed hydrolysis of n alpha benzyloxycarbonyl l lysine p nitrophenyl ester at low temperatures

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Cryo enzymology the use of subzero temperatures and fluid solutions in the study of enzyme mechanisms

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Cryo extraction of diabetic cataracts

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Cryo extraction of senile cataracts a modified approach and reappraisal

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Cryo fibrinogen in the plasma of patients with skin ulcerative lesions on the legs a complex of fibrinogen and cold insoluble globulin

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Cryo fibrinogenemia in henoch schoenlein purpura

Echlin P.; Lai C.; Hayes T.; Saubermann A., 1980:
Cryo fixation of lemna minor roots for morphological and analytical studies

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Cryo fracturing as a technique for the study of fungal structures in the scanning electron microscope

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Cryo fragility and other membrane characteristics of solid mouse tumors

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Cryo globulinemia and circulating immune complexes in progressive systemic sclerosis

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Cryo globulinemia and circulating immune complexes in tropical splenomegaly syndrome

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Cryo globulinemia and its significance in african human trypanosoma brucei gambiense trypanosomiasis

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Cryo globulinemia following intra vascular precipitated cryo globulin in lymphocytic malignant lymphoma

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Cryo globulinemia in a patient with sjogrens syndrome and factors of cryo precipitation

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Cryo globulinemia in behcets disease

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Cryo globulinemia in raynauds phenomenon due to vinyl chloride

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Cryo globulinemia in renal transplant recipients

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Cryo globulinemia in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Cryo globulinemia purpura and arthralgia

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Cryo globulins and some other immunological indices in patients with bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis

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Cryo globulins in behcets syndrome and recurrent oral ulceration assay by laser nephelometry

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Cryo globulins in urine

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Cryo hemostasis in damage of internal organs

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Cryo immunization observations in metastasizing rat mammary tumor no. 1

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Cryo immuno globulin g kappa with micro tubular ultrastructure associated with pyoderma gangrenosum

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Cryo immuno globulinemia in patients with primary renal disease and systemic lupus erythematosus part 1 immuno globulin g binding and dna binding assessed by co precipitation

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Cryo immuno globulinemia in patients with renal disease 2. attempts to demonstrate that cryo precipitates contain auto antibodies and or antigen

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Cryo immuno therapy continuing studies toward determining a rational approach for assessing the candidacy of the prostatic cancer patient for cryo immuno therapy and post operative responsiveness

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Cryo insolubility of peanut arachis hypogaea agglutinin effect of saccharides and neutral salts

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Cryo lesions of bone an experimental study 1. examinations in technique of controlled cryo lesion on bone

Kerschbaumer, F.; Weiser, G.; Neuerer, G.; Russe, W.; Bauer, R., 1980:
Cryo lesions of bone an experimental study 2. results of cryo surgery on bone

Marchenko, V.I.; Pokidysheva, L.N.; Orlova, N.G., 1975:
Cryo method for interferon concentration

Kuleshova L.G.; Levchenko E.N., 1982:
Cryo microscopic observation of intra cellular crystallization in frozen fertilized mouse ova and infusoria

Lehn Jensen H.; Rall W.B.; Willadsen S.M., 1982:
Cryo microscopic observations in cattle blastocysts during freezing and thawing

Steponkus P.L.; Evans R.Y.; Singh J., 1982:
Cryo microscopy of isolated rye secale cereale cultivar puma mesophyll cells

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Cryo microtomy applied to the preparation of frozen hydrated muscle tissue for transmission electron microscopy

Demek J., 1980:
Cryo pediments 1st origin and development

Feldstein M.S., 1981:
Cryo precipitate coagulum as an adjunct to surgery for diverticula of the female urethra

Hattersley, P.G.; Kunkel, M., 1976:
Cryo precipitates as a source of fibrinogen in treatment of disseminated intra vascular coagulation

Stathakis, N.E.; Mosesson, M.W.; Chen, A.B.; Galanakis, D.K., 1978:
Cryo precipitation of fibrin fibrinogen complexes induced by the cold insoluble globulin of plasma

D.W.tte T.; Van Den Ouweland F.; Raymakers R.; Geerdink P.; Wessels J.; Haanen C., 1983:
Cryo preservation and re infusion of autologous bone marrow enriched for clonogenic stem cells by discontinuous cell centrifugation

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Cryo preservation and strategies for plant germ plasm conservation

Porcellini A.; Manna A.; Manna M.; Moretti L.; Agostinelli F.; Lucarelli G., 1981:
Cryo preservation and subsequent viability of human bone marrow in hematologic malignancies comparison of 2 methods of cell reconstitution

Lopez M.; Bardinet D.; Ferrer F.; Elghouzzi M.H., 1981:
Cryo preservation at minus 80 celsius of platelets in poly vinyl chloride bags with 6 percent di methyl sulfoxide

Sargent J.A., 1986:
Cryo preservation for scanning electron microscopy avoids artifacts induced by conventional methods of specimen preparation

Morris, G.J., 1978:
Cryo preservation of 250 strains of chlorococcales by the method of 2 step cooling

Lowrie R.C.Jr, 1983:
Cryo preservation of 3rd stage larvae of brugia malayi and dipetalonema viteae

Agranenko, V.A.; Melkikyan, N.A.; Shcherbakova, L.N., 1977:
Cryo preservation of an erythrocyte mass restored after prolonged storage

Cunningham, R.K.; Johnson, R.D., 1978:
Cryo preservation of antibody coated human erythrocytes

Kaaya G.P.; Maxie M.G.; Valli V.E.O., 1981:
Cryo preservation of bovine hemopoietic progenitor cells in liquid nitrogen

Zheng G Z.; H.J.B.; Wang S L., 1983:
Cryo preservation of calli and their suspension culture cells of anisodus acutangulus

Lucas, D.L.; Bowles, C.A.; Pineiro, M.S.; Mccormick, K.; Bull, M.I., 1977:
Cryo preservation of canine lymphocyte function following procurement by continuous flow leukapheresis

Galvao L.M.C.; Brener Z., 1981:
Cryo preservation of culture forms of trypanosoma cruzi

Grimsley N.H.; Withers L.A., 1983:
Cryo preservation of cultures of the moss physcomitrella patens

Castro O., 1982:
Cryo preservation of cyanate treated sickle erythrocytes

Stoss J.; Donaldson E., 1983:
Cryo preservation of eggs from rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

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Cryo preservation of erythrocyte mass restored after the 14th day of storage at 4 celsius

Glants, R.M.; Krivoruchko, R.A.; Senik-Ya, K.; Stasyuk, N.S.; Averbukh-Zh, D., 1977:
Cryo preservation of erythrocytes at a moderately low temperature of minus 40 celsius

Ryzhkov, S.V.; Kholodnyi, A.Y. ; Pleshakov, V.T.; Syubaeva, N.I.; Petrenko, G.I.; Bagautdinov-Sh, M., 1977:
Cryo preservation of erythrocytes for clinical use

Gudkov V.G.; Fel'dman E.V.; Margolin A.Z.; Tolochko G.V., 1979:
Cryo preservation of erythrocytes for serological tests

Crowder J.W.; Dunn C.D.R.; Jones J.B., 1980:
Cryo preservation of erythropoietin responsive cells in murine hematopoietic tissue

Mcgrath, M.S.; Daggett, P.M., 1977:
Cryo preservation of flagellar mutants of chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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