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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5074

Chapter 5074 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dave, K.N.; Dave, B.N.; Billimoria, F.R.; Shah, N.K.; Mehta, M., 1987:
CSF and serum LDH levels in tuberculous and pyogenic meningitis

Kobari M.; Ishihara N.; Yunoki K., 1987:
Csf beta endorphin and leucine enkephalin levels in the acute and chronic stages of cerebral infarction

Battistella P.A.; Rondinone M.; Laverda A.M.; Boniver C.; Drigo P.; Ruffilli R.; Matticchio G.; Casara G.L., 1988:
Csf biogenic amine levels hva 5hiaa in rett syndrome

Boogerd, W.; Vroom, T.M.; van Heerde, P.; Brutel de la Rivière, G.; Peterse, J.L.; van der Sande, J.J., 1988:
CSF cytology versus immunocytochemistry in meningeal carcinomatosis

Crawford, P.M.; Lloyd, K.G.; Chadwick, D.W., 1988:
CSF gradients for amino acid neurotransmitters

Gillberg, C.; Svennerholm, L., 1987:
CSF monoamines in autistic syndromes and other pervasive developmental disorders of early childhood

Berrettini, W.H.; Nurnberger, J.I.; Zerbe, R.L.; Gold, P.W.; Chrousos, G.P.; Tomai, T., 1987:
CSF neuropeptides in euthymic bipolar patients and controls

Cendrowski, W., 1987:
Csf oligoclonal and polyclonal gamma globulin bands in subacute sclerosing panencephalitis multiple sclerosis and congenital infections of the cns

Enzmann, D.R.; O'Donohue, J.; Rubin, J.B.; Shuer, L.; Cogen, P.; Silverberg, G., 1987:
CSF pulsations within nonneoplastic spinal cord cysts

Søorensen, K.V.; Alslev, T.; Christensen, S.E.; Jensen, N.B.; Orskov, H., 1987:
CSF somatostatin in multiple sclerosis: reversible loss of diurnal oscillation in relapses

Unger, J.; Weindl, A.; Ochs, G.; Struppler, A., 1988:
CSF somatostatin is elevated in patients with postzoster neuralgia

Brancadoro V.; Tufano R.; Esposito O.; Cogliolo P.; Russo P., 1980:
Ct 1341 and etomidate sulfate in voluntary therapeutic abortion a comparison of echographic and psycho diagnostic results

Kumpan W., 1987:
Ct analysis of postoperative abdominal compartments a comparative study based on 100 patients with abdominal abscesses

Kerr, R.; Resnick, D.; Pineda, C., 1988:
CT analysis of proximal femoral trabecular pattern simulating skeletal pathology

Matsui, O.; Takashima, T.; Kadoya, M.; Hirose, J.; Kameyama, T.; Choto, S.; Konishi, H., 1988:
CT anatomy of para-caval portion of the caudate lobe of the liver

Calvy, T.M.; Segall, H.D.; Gilles, F.H.; Bird, C.R.; Zee, C.S.; Ahmadi, J.; Biddle, R., 1987:
CT anatomy of the craniovertebral junction in infants and children

Digre, K.B.; Corbett, J.J.; Smoker, W.R.; McKusker, S., 1988:
CT and hemifacial spasm

van Zanten, T.E.; Golding, R.P., 1987 :
CT and MR demonstration of leiomyosarcoma of inferior vena cava

Bryan, P.J.; Butler, H.E.; LiPuma, J.P.; Resnick, M.I.; Kursh, E.D., 1987:
CT and MR imaging in staging bladder neoplasms

Itai, Y.; Ohtomo, K.; Kokubo, T.; Makita, K.; Okada, Y.; Machida, T.; Yashiro, N., 1987:
CT and MR imaging of fatty tumors of the liver

van Rooij, W.J.; Martens, F.; Verbeeten, B.; Dijkstra, J., 1988:
CT and MR imaging of leiomyosarcoma of the inferior vena cava

Unger, E.C.; Lee, J.K.; Weyman, P.J., 1987:
CT and MR imaging of radiation hepatitis

Westesson, P.L.; Katzberg, R.W.; Tallents, R.H.; Sanchez-Woodworth, R.E.; Svensson, S.A., 1987:
CT and MR of the temporomandibular joint: comparison with autopsy specimens

Uziel, G.; Savoiardo, M.; Nardocci, N., 1988:
CT and MRI in maple syrup urine disease

Premkumar, A.; Lattimer, J.; Newhouse, J.H., 1987:
CT and sonography of advanced urinary tract tuberculosis

Yamato, M.; Ido, K.; Izutsu, M.; Narimatsu, Y.; Hiramatsu, K., 1987:
CT and ultrasound findings of surgically retained sponges and towels

Som, P.M.; Sacher, M.; Lawson, W.; Biller, H.F., 1987:
CT appearance distinguishing benign nasal polyps from malignancies

Yankes, J.R.; Baker, M.E.; Cooper, C.; Garbutt, J., 1988 :
CT appearance of focal pseudomembranous colitis

S.A.our, T.E.; Siegel, M.J.; Glazer, H.S.; Nadel, S.N., 1987:
CT appearances of the normal and abnormal thymus in childhood

Singson, R.D.; Feldman, F.; Bigliani, L., 1987:
CT arthrographic patterns in recurrent glenohumeral instability

Bégin, R.; Bergeron, D.; Samson, L.; Boctor, M.; Cantin, A., 1987:
CT assessment of silicosis in exposed workers

Luft C.; Trenkler J.; Hammer B.; Valencak E., 1986:
Ct assisted determination of localization in intracranial processes

Scheres, J.M., 1976:
CT banding of human chromosomes: description of the banding technique and some of its modifications

Takacsi Nagy L.; Csobaly S.; Katona E.; Zarand P.; Nemeth G., 1986:
Ct based computerized tomography radiation treatment planning of laryngeal tumors

Holdeigel M., 1987:
Ct brain scan in incomplete lesch nyhan syndrome

Villoria M.F.; Benito C.; Fortea F.; Cosin J., 1987:
Ct brain scans for diagnosing neurological complications in immunosuppressed patients a semiological analysis

Dolinskas, C.A.; Simeone, F.A., 1987:
CT characteristics of intraventricular oligodendrogliomas

Firsching R.; Steinbrich W.; Thun F.; Frowein R.A., 1987 :
Ct cisternography in the diagnosis of nasal csf fistulas

Zhao, C.Z.; Wang, Y.S., 1986:
CT classification of hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage for prediction of prognosis and selection of treatment

Wilden J.N.; Kelly P.J., 1987:
Ct computerized stereotactic biopsy for low density ct lesions presenting with epilepsy

Bonatti G.P.; Ortore P.G., 1987:
Ct demonstration of a small bowel carcinoid tumor

Matsumoto, A.H.; Parker, L.A.; Delany, D.J., 1987:
CT demonstration of central pulmonary venous and arterial occlusive diseases

Kittredge, R.D.; Gordon, R.B., 1987:
CT demonstration of dissecting hematoma originating in abdominal aorta

Hansman, M.L.; Peyster, R.G.; Heiman-Patterson, T.; Greenfield, V.S., 1988:
CT demonstration of extraocular muscle atrophy

Farman, J.; Javors, B.; Chao, P.; Fagelman, D.; Collins, R.; Glanz, S., 1987:
CT demonstration of giant choledochal cysts in adults

Ashida, C.; Zerhouni, E.A.; Fishman, E.K., 1987:
CT demonstration of prominent right hilar soft tissue collections

Im, J.G.; Gamsu, G.; Gordon, D.; Stein, M.G.; Webb, W.R.; Cann, C.E.; Niklason, L.T., 1988:
CT densitometry of pulmonary nodules in a frozen human thorax

Merine, D.; Fishman, E.K.; Magid, D., 1988 :
CT detection of sacral osteomyelitis associated with pelvic abscesses

Wysocka K.; Daniel B.; Marcinkowska M.; Andrzejewska W., 1988:
Ct diagnosed cortical blindness in systemic lupus erythematosus

Wu, Y.J.; Sui, B.S.; Jia, L.M.; Zhao, W.Q.; Tian, W., 1988:
CT diagnosis in sixty cases of small cerebral abscess

Mirvis, S.E.; Whitley, N.O.; Miller, J.W., 1987:
CT diagnosis of acalculous cholecystitis

Bao R.; E.A., 1986:
Ct diagnosis of bronchogenic carcinoma

Lautin, E.M.; Haramati, N.; Frager, D.; Friedman, A.C.; Gold, K.; Kurtz, A.; Self, J., 1988:
CT diagnosis of circumcaval ureter

Shao S.; E.A., 1988:
Ct diagnosis of high density renal cysts in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney 2 cases report

Torricelli, P.; Spina, V.; Martinelli, C., 1987:
CT diagnosis of lumbosacral conjoined nerve roots. Findings in 19 cases

Watanabe, H.; Nakata, H.; Yoshimatsu, H., 1986:
CT diagnosis of malignant thymoma

Cates, J.D.; Thorsen, M.K.; Foley, W.D.; Lawson, T.L., 1987:
CT diagnosis of massive hemorrhage from hepatocellular carcinoma

Ghahremani, G.G.; Jimenez, M.A.; Rosenfeld, M.; Rochester, D., 1987:
CT diagnosis of occult incisional hernias

Bosniak, M.A.; Megibow, A.J.; Hulnick, D.H.; Horii, S.; Raghavendra, B.N., 1988:
CT diagnosis of renal angiomyolipoma: the importance of detecting small amounts of fat

Benjamin, L.; Wormald, R., 1987:
CT diagnosis of scleral rupture

Kuriyama, K.; Mitani, T.; Narumi, Y.; Fujita, M.; Sato, T.; Sakai, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Kajita, A.; Fujino, Y., 1988:
CT diagnosis of synchronous multiple primary lung carcinomas

Varnell, R.M.; Stimac, G.K.; Fligner, C.L., 1987:
CT diagnosis of toxic brain injury in cyanide poisoning: considerations for forensic medicine

Trittmacher S.; Purmann H.; Schmid A., 1988:
Ct differential diagnosis of tumor of the cranium with intracranial spread a case report

Edwards, W.C.; Orme, T.J.; Orr-Edwards, G., 1987:
CT discography: prognostic value in the selection of patients for chemonucleolysis

Shimizu, T.; Kono, M.; Watanabe, H.; Adachi, S.; Hasegawa, M.; Okuda, K.; Tanaka, K.; Kameda, K.; Hirota, S.; Sako, M., 1987:
CT evaluation in the diagnosis of pulmonary nodules using lung phantom

Nishimiya, J., 1988:
CT evaluation of cerebellar atrophy with aging in healthy persons

Fishman, E.K.; Wolf, E.J.; Jones, B.; Bayless, T.M.; Siegelman, S.S., 1987:
CT evaluation of Crohn's disease: effect on patient management

Spizarny, D.L.; Rebner, M.; Gross, B.H., 1987 :
CT evaluation of enhancing mediastinal masses

Balthazar, E.J.; Naidich, D.P.; Megibow, A.J.; Lefleur, R.S., 1987:
CT evaluation of esophageal varices

Epstein, D.M.; Arger, P.H.; LaRossa, D.; Mintz, M.C.; Coleman, B.G., 1987:
CT evaluation of gracilis myocutaneous vaginal reconstruction after pelvic exenteration

Matsumoto, S.; Kishikawa, T.; Kudo, S.; Miyaji, H.; Kuwano, H.; Kaneko, K.; Ohuchida, T., 1988:
CT evaluation of mass lesions in the parotid region

Carrol, C.L.; Jeffrey, R.B.; Federle, M.P.; Vernacchia, F.S., 1987:
CT evaluation of mediastinal infections

Platt, J.F.; Glazer, G.M.; Gross, B.H.; Quint, L.E.; Francis, I.R.; Orringer, M.B., 1987:
CT evaluation of mediastinal lymph nodes in lung cancer: influence of the lobar site of the primary neoplasm

Andonopoulos A.P.; Karadanas A.H.; Drosos A.A.; Acritidis N.C.; Katsiotis P.; Moutsopoulos H.M., 1988:
Ct evaluation of mediastinal lymph nodes in primary sjogren syndrome

Dore, R.; Moro, G.; D'Andrea, F.; L.F.anza, A.; Franchi, M.; Bolis, P.F., 1987:
CT evaluation of myometrium invasion in endometrial carcinoma

Cates, J.D.; Thorsen, M.K.; Lawson, T.L.; Middleton, W.D.; Foley, W.D.; Wilson, S.D.; Krubsack, A.J., 1988:
CT evaluation of parathyroid adenomas: diagnostic criteria and pitfalls

Murao T.; Kono M.; Hara M.; Suzuki H.; IIda A.; Okumura E.; Mimura M.; Niwa K.; Matsuo M., 1986:
Ct evaluation of recurrent tumor at the parietal pleura in postsurgical patients for lung cancer

Haykal, H.; Zamani, A.; Wang, A.M.; Barsotti, J., 1987:
CT features of early Listeria monocytogenes cerebritis

Siskind, B.N.; Malat, J.; Hammers, L.; Rigsby, C.M.; Taylor, C.; Radin, D.R.; Rosenfield, A.T., 1987:
CT features of hemorrhagic malignant liver tumors

Kim, K.S.; Rogers, L.F.; Goldblatt, D., 1987:
CT features of hyperostosing meningioma en plaque

Mata, J.M.; Inaraja, L.; Martin, J.; Olazabal, A.; Castilla, M.T., 1987:
CT features of mesenteric panniculitis

Parienty, R.A.; Vallancien, G.; Pradel, J.; Veillon, B., 1987:
CT features of perirectal fascia thickening after transurethral resection of prostatic adenoma

Dunne, M.G.; Reiner, B., 1988:
CT features of tracheobronchomegaly

Wojtowycz, M.M.; Arata, J.A.; Micklos, T.J.; Miller, F.J., 1988:
CT findings after uncomplicated percutaneous gastrostomy

Takada T.; Yasuda H.; Uchiyama K.; Hasegawa H.; Sitaka J I.; Nagai J., 1986:
Ct findings and ct score in acute pancreatitis compared with severity

Pandolfo, I.; Blandino, A.; Zimbaro, G.; Faranda, C.; Gaeta, M.; Albanese, V.; Gulino, F.M., 1986:
CT findings in a benign cystic mesothelioma of the greater omentum. A case report

Shah, H.R.; Williamson, M.R.; Boyd, C.M.; Balachandran, S.; Angtuaco, T.L.; McConnell, J.R., 1987:
CT findings in abdominal actinomycosis

Gonzalez, J.G.; Gonzalez, R.R.; Patiño, J.V.; Garcia, A.T.; Alvarez, C.P.; Pedrosa, C.S., 1988:
CT findings in gastrointestinal perforation by ingested fish bones

Stoeter P.; Reulen H J.; Groeger U., 1987:
Ct findings in hemorrhages from aneurysms of the anterior communicating artery correlation with angiography and clinical course

Shirkhoda, A., 1987:
CT findings in hepatosplenic and renal candidiasis

Day, D.L.; Drake, D.G.; Leonard, A.S.; Letourneau, J.G., 1988:
CT findings in left paraduodenal herniae

Ramos, A.; Quintana, F.; Díez, C.; Leno, C.; Berciano, J., 1987:
CT findings in spinocerebellar degeneration

Sakamoto Z., 1987:
Ct findings of cerebral palsy and behavior development

Udaka, F.; Okuda, B.; Okada, M.; Tsuji, T.; Kameyama, M., 1988:
CT findings of cerebral paragonimiasis in the chronic state

Bhoopat, W.; Issaragrisil, R.; Khanjanasthiti, P.; Songseng, A., 1987:
CT findings of herniated lumbar discs

Stines, J.; Rodde, A.; Carolus, J.M.; Perrin, C.; Becker, S., 1987:
CT findings of laryngeal involvement in von Recklinghausen disease

Kobayashi, N.; Itou, T.; Takahashi, A.; Yanagihara, T., 1986:
CT findings of ongoing intracerebral hematoma

D.S.lva, M.; Lam, V.; Broadfoot, J., 1987:
C.T. findings of orbital inflammation in children

Schwartz A.; Aulich A.; Hammer B., 1987:
Ct follow up studies in neurocysticercosis during praziquantel therapy

Quinn, S.F.; Murray, W.; Watkins, T.; Kloss, J., 1987:
CT for determining the results of treatment of fractures of the wrist

Notani M.; Amano K.; Kawamura H.; Tanikawa T.; Kawabatake H.; Iseki H.; Shiwaku T.; Nagao T.; Iwata Y.; E.A., 1987:
Ct guided stereotactic brachytherapy for deep seated malignant gliomas interstitial irradiation by double catheter after loading method

Niizuma H.; Nakasato N.; Jokura H.; Otsuki T.; Katakura R.; Suzuki J., 1988:
Ct guided stereotaxic biopsy in 104 cases of brain tumors

Nakasato N.; Niizuma H.; Johkura H.; Katoh S.; Otsuki T.; Katakura R.; Suzuki J., 1988:
Ct guided stereotaxic implantation of ommaya reservoir for cystic brain tumor

Dunn, D.W., 1987:
CT in ceroid lipofuscinosis

Ambrosetto, P., 1987:
CT in progressive supranuclear palsy

Narumi, Y.; Mitani, T.; Kuriyama, K.; Fujita, M.; Sakai, T.; Sato, T.; Fujino, Y.; Kuroda, M.; Kotake, T.; Fukuda, I., 1987:
CT in the diagnosis of colonic diverticulitis

Narumi Y.; Mitani T.; Kuriyama K.; Fujita M.; Sato T.; Sakai Y.; Kajita A.; Fujino Y.; Kuroda M.; E.A., 1988:
Ct in the diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of urinary bladder

Rothman, S.L.; Chaftez, N.; Rhodes, M.L.; Schwarz, M.S.; Schwartz, M.S., 1988:
CT in the preoperative assessment of the mandible and maxilla for endosseous implant surgery. Work in progress

Sedan R.; Peragut J.C.; Farnarier P.; Vallicioni P.A., 1987:
Ct irm and stereotaxy

Wowra B.; Mentrup E.; Zeller W.J.; Stricker H.; Sturm V., 1988:
Ct kinetics of intraneoplastic deposits of liposomes

Walkey, M.M.; Friedman, A.C.; Sohotra, P.; Radecki, P.D., 1988:
CT manifestations of peritoneal carcinomatosis

Cohen, L.M.; Hill, M.C.; Siegel, R.S.; Lande, I.M., 1987:
CT manifestations of Richter syndrome

Schmitt R.; Lucas D.; Buhmann S.; Lanz U.; Schindler G., 1988:
Ct morphometry of the wrist in idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome comparison between preoperative and postoperative findings

Post, M.J.; Tate, L.G.; Quencer, R.M.; Hensley, G.T.; Berger, J.R.; Sheremata, W.A.; Maul, G., 1988:
CT, MR, and pathology in HIV encephalitis and meningitis

Merine, D.; Wang, H.; Kumar, A.J.; Zinreich, S.J.; Rosenbaum, A.E., 1987:
CT myelography and MR imaging of acute transverse myelitis

Christiansen, E.L.; Thompson, J.R.; Hasso, A.N.; Hinshaw, D.B.; Moore, R.J.; Roberts, D.; Kopp, S., 1987:
CT number characteristics of malpositioned TMJ menisci. Diagnosis with CT number highlighting (blinkmode)

Stimac, G.K.; Mills, R.P.; Dailey, R.A.; Shults, W.T.; Kalina, R.E., 1987:
CT of acquired hyperopia with choroidal folds

Radin D.R.; Ralls P.W.; Colletti P.M.; Halls J.M., 1988:
Ct of amoebic liver abscess

Kokubo, T.; Oyama, K.; Ohtomo, K.; Yashiro, N.; Itai, Y.; Iio, M.; Masuyama, S., 1988:
CT of anomalies of the inferior vena cava and left renal vein

Torres, W.E.; Maurer, D.E.; Steinberg, H.V.; Robbins, S.; Bernardino, M.E., 1988:
CT of aortic aneurysms: the distinction between mural and thrombus calcification

Monzen Y., 1986:
Ct of ascites

Rieth, K.G.; Comite, F.; Dwyer, A.J.; Nelson, M.J.; Pescovitz, O.; Shawker, T.H.; Cutler, G.B.; Loriaux, D.L., 1987:
CT of cerebral abnormalities in precocious puberty

Holbert, B.L.; Holbert, J.M.; Libshitz, H.I., 1987:
CT of interpectoral lymph nodes

Bergin, C.J.; Müller, N.L., 1987:
CT of interstitial lung disease: a diagnostic approach

Paroni Sterbini, G.L.; Agatiello, L.M.; Stocchi, A.; Solivetti, F.M., 1987:
CT of ischemic infarctions in the territory of the anterior choroidal artery: a review of 28 cases

Siegel, S.C.; Sandler, M.A.; Alpern, M.B.; Pearlberg, J.L., 1988:
CT of renal cell carcinoma in patients on chronic hemodialysis

Jeffrey, R.B.; Tolentino, C.S.; Chang, F.C.; Federle, M.P., 1988:
CT of small pyogenic hepatic abscesses: the cluster sign

Cobb, S.R.; Mehringer, C.M.; Itabashi, H.H.; Pribram, H., 1987:
CT of subinsular infarction and ischemia

Ohno, M.; Uchino, A.; Hayashi, K.; Nakata, H., 1988:
CT of the brain in acute carbon monoxide poisoning

Zeman, R.K.; Clements, L.A.; Silverman, P.M.; Paushter, D.M.; Garra, B.; Jaffe, M.H.; Clark, L.R., 1988:
CT of the liver: a survey of prevailing methods for administration of contrast material

Sider, L.; Dennis, L.; Smith, L.J.; Dunn, M.M., 1987:
CT of the lung parenchyma and the pulmonary function test

Nishihara, M., 1987:
Ct of thymus ii. ct diagnosis of thymic tumors

Carsin M.; Gandon Y.; Ramee R.; Carsin Nicol B., 1987:
Ct or magnetic resonance imaging mri in pituitary pathology

Manaster, B.J.; Osborn, A.G., 1987:
CT patterns of facet fracture dislocations in the thoracolumbar region

Grevers G.; Vogl T., 1988:
Ct presentation of choanal atresia

Valls Pascual R.; Inaraja Martinez L.; Montserrat Esplugues E.; Donoso Bach L., 1987:
Ct scan and ultrasonography of abdominal wall endometriomas

Sakurai, T., 1987:
CT scan findings in blue ear drum

Helenon O.; Folinais D.; Cornud F.; David M.; Blangy S.; Sibert A.; Benacerraf R., 1987:
Ct scan imaging for investigation of course of mediastinitis after sternotomy for heart surgery

Sinistrero G.; Sismondi P.; Zola P.; Giai M., 1986:
Ct scan in the uterine cervix cancer

Osmani A.; Potvliege R., 1988:
Ct scan of the spine

Pierucchi F.; Chassagne J F.; Flot F.; Maxant P.; Treheux A., 1988:
Ct scan sagittal section imaging as a non invasive alternative for exploration of temporomandibular joint dysfunction

Seleznew J.K.; Nikitin W.G.; Schilzow W.K., 1987:
Ct scanning and ultrasonography in the diagnosis and treatment of cases of extreme cholecystitis in the elderly and old patient

Mohadjer M.; Ruh E.; Hiltl D.M.; Neumueller H.; Mundinger F., 1988:
Ct stereotactic evacuation and fibrinolysis of hypertensive intracranial hematoma

Grexa E.; Gecser G.; Kuhn E., 1988:
Ct used for the rectal tumor extension determination

Khalili, A.H., 1987:
CT values in orbital hydatid cyst

Boag, G.S.; Nolan, R., 1988:
CT visualization of medullary sponge kidney

Lang C.C., 1985:
Ctd data acquisition program for a guildline mark iv probe using a hp 9825 microcomputer system

Taylor, K.L., 1987:
Ctenarytaina longicauda new species homoptera psylloidae from lophostemon confertus r. brown in australia and california usa

Britton, J.C.; Barcellona, W.J.; Hagan, J.; LaGrone, M.L., 1981:
Ctenidial autotomy in Corbicula fluminea in response to massive granulomas

Glazek T., 1984:
Ctenidio molluscae seslerietum uliginosae a new association for poland

Dumont H.J., 1981:
Cteniobathynella essameuri new species the 1st representative of the bathynellacea crustacea in the central sahara

Mahunka, S., 1977:
Ctenobelba csiszarae new species and some remarks on the genus ctenobelba acari oribatida

Lourdes Moraza M., 1985:
Ctenobelba perez inigoi new species a new oribatid mite belonging to the family ctenobelbidae acari oribatei

Pan'kov A.N., 1988:
Ctenobelba soloduchi new species of the genus ctenobelba oribatei ctenobelbidae from khabarovsk territory ussr

Brown, W.L.Jr, 1976:
Ctenobethylus bethylidae a new synonym of iridomyrmex formicidae hymenoptera

Nunez H.; Yanez J., 1983:
Ctenoblepharis audituvelatus new species of lizard from northern chile reptilia iguanidae

Andrade-Malde, J., 1977:
Ctenocarabus galicianus coleoptera carabidae larval stages found associated with imagoes

Beaucournu J.C.; Bain O., 1982:
Ctenocephalides chabaudi new species siphonaptera pulicidae of flea from the primary forest in gabon

D.Buisonje P.H., 1981:
Ctenochasma porocristata new species from the solnhofen limestone west germany with some remarks on other ctenochasmatidae

Rabalais N.N., 1979:
Ctenocheles leviceps new species crustacea decapoda thalassinidea from the northwestern gulf of mexico

George W., 1982:
Ctenodactylus ctenodactylidae rodentia 1 species or 2?

Pascual, F., 1976:
Ctenodecticus major new species from sierra nevada spain orthoptera tettigoniidae

Prince, M.; Habe, T., 1978:
Ctenoides philippinarum new species from the philippines limidae bivalvia

Contreras, J.R.; Roig, V.G.; Suzarte, C.M., 1977:
Ctenomys validus new species rodentia octodontidae from the province of mendoza argentina

Greve, W., 1975:

Deason E.E.; Smayda T.J., 1982:
Ctenophore zoo plankton phyto plankton interactions in narragansett bay rhode island usa during 1972 1977

Nielsen B.O., 1982:
Ctenophthalmus solutus solutus new record and ctenophthalmus obtusus new record from denmark siphonaptera

Beaucournu J.C.; Orhan V., 1983:
Ctenophthalmus stirps new species from turkey siphonaptera hystrichopsyllidae

Benl, G.; Foersch, W., 1978:
Ctenopoma multispinis pisces perciformes anabantoidei anabantidae

Bruce A.J., 1979:
Ctenopontonia cyphastreophila new genus new species coral associated pontoniine shrimp from eniwetok atoll marshall islands western pacific ocean

De-Vol, C.E.; Chen-Meng, K., 1978:
Ctenopteris brevivenosa new record a grammitid fern new to taiwan

Grygier M.J., 1983:
Ctenosculum hawaiiense confirmation of its affinities crustacea ascothoracida ex mollusca gastropoda

Jebram, D., 1976:
Ctenostomatan bryozoa in the lakes near naples

Sadlier R.; Wombey J.C.; Braithwaite R.W., 1985:
Ctenotus kurnbudj new species and ctenotus gagudju new species two new lizards scincidae from the alligator rivers region of the northern territory australia

Samylina V.A., 1983:
Ctenus serrata new species and the upper limit of distribution of this genus in the northeast of the ussr

Behrens O.; Goeschen K.; Schneider J., 1987:
Ctg interval monitoring during labor a contribution to more natural birth in the clinic or a danger to the child?

Eggens I.; Ericsson J.; Tollbom O., 1988:
Ctp dependent dolichol kinase and dolichol phosphatase activities and levels of dolichyl phosphate in microsomal fractions from highly differentiated human hepatomas

Weinhold, P.A.; Rounsifer, M.E.; Williams, S.E.; Brubaker, P.G.; Feldman, D.A., 1984:
Ctp phosphorylcholine cytidylyltransferase ec in rat lung the effect of free fatty acids on the translocation of activity between microsomes and cytosol

Duda, C.T.; Cherry, J.H., 1971:
Ctp polymerase activity associated with isolated chromatin of sugar beets d

Ellims, P.H.; Gan, T.E.; Medley, G., 1983:
Ctp synthetase ec activity in lympho proliferative disorders

Kizaki, H.; Ohsaka, F.; Sakurada, T., 1985:
Ctp synthetase ec from ehrlich ascites tumor cells subunit stoichiometry and regulation of activity

Mcpartland, R.P.; Weinfeld, H., 1976:
Ctp synthetase of calf liver size polymerization and reaction stoichiometry

Rudolfer, S.M., 1988:
CTSS: an interactive microcomputer program for the clinical screening of carpal tunnel syndrome. I. Clinical aspects

Jakupovic J.; Misra L.N.; Chau Thi T.V.; Bohlmann F.; Castro V., 1985:
Cuauhtemone derivatives from tessaria integrifolia and pluchea symphytifolia

Bohlmann F.; Wallmeyer M.; Jakupovic J.; Gerke T.; King R.M.; Robinson H., 1985:
Cuautemone sesquiterpenoids from blumea alata

Eloff F.C., 1980:
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Cuban solanaceae 1. datura

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Cubes are difficult things to draw

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Cubic crystals in the endocrine pancreatic a cells of a teleost fugu rubripes tetraodontidae

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Cubic foot volume of loblolly pine pinus taeda to any height limit

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Cubic foot volume of loblolly pine to any merchantable top limit

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Cubilioides singularis a synonym of cubilia smithi coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae pteropliini

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Cubital tunnel syndrome

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Cubitus varus a new simple technique for correction

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Cuboid syndrome and the significance of midtarsal joint stability

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Cuckoo aegilops addition chromosome in wheat ensures its transmission by causing chromosome breaks in meiospores lacking it

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Cucullanus campanae new species cucullanidae nematoda a parasite of the common sole solea vulgaris vulgaris pleuronectiformes

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Cucullia lactucae new record for the netherlands fauna lepidoptera noctuidae

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Cucumber mosaic virus associated rna 5 3. survival in vivo

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Cucumber mosaic virus associated rna 5 part 1 role of host plant and helper strain in determining amount of associated rna 5 with virions

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Cucumber mosaic virus associated rna 5 part 2 in vitro translation in a wheat germ protein synthesis system

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Cucumber mosaic virus associated rna 5 part 5 extensive nucleotide sequence homology among cucumber mosaic virus associated rna 5 preparation of different cucumber mosaic virus strains

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Cucumber mosaic virus in garlic allium sativum

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Cucumber mosaic virus infection of tobacco transplants and purslane portulaca oleracea

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Cucumber mosaic virus on cucurbitaceae and other crops in greece

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Cucumber mosaic virus on eggplant solanum melongena in israel

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Cucumber mosaic virus replication in cowpea protoplasts time course of virus coat protein and rna synthesis

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Cucumber mosaic virus rna contains 7 methyl guanosine at the 5 prime terminus of all 4 rna species

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Cucumber mosaic virus the cause of a mosaic disease of lochnera rosea

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Cucumber seed quality as it depends on sowing scheme

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Cucumber seed yield in sheltered ground during the use of slow acting nitrogen potassium fertilizers which contain phosphorus and covered with a film

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Cucumber seedlings as test objects for discovering effective cytostatics

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Cucumis sativus cryptic virus a new virus in cucumber

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Cucumis sativus cucumber a common host for erysiphe cichoracearum and sphaerotheca fuliginea

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Cucumis sativus l. infected with agrobacterium tumefaciens mutants i. sex expression after inoculation with five agrobacterium strains

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Cucumis trigonus 2. diuretic activity

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Cucurbit mosaic viruses in gorakhpur

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Cucurbitaceae from cape verde

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Cucurbitacin e and cucurbitacin i in iberis amara feeding inhibitors for phyllotreta nemorum

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Cucurbitacin r glucoside as a regulator of steroidogenesis and production of prostaglandin e 2 the specific modulator of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenocortical system

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Cucurbitacins from acanthosicyos horridus

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Cucurbitacins in relation to somatic embryony in vitro

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Cudonigera houstonana new genus new combination for moths formerly assigned to choristoneura houstonana tortricidae

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Cue and response choice acquisition and reversal after exposure to uncontrollable shock induction of response perseveration

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Cue controlled relaxation its effect on electro myogram levels during aversive stimulation

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Cue processing as a function of breadth of attention

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Cue response contiguity in primate discrimination learning

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Cue saliency in upside down faces

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Cue utilization in incidental learning of normal and retarded children

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Cued recall in depression

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Cued Speech and the reception of spoken language

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Cuelessness and the content and style of conversation

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Cuenca province spain flora 3. some new or not well known plants

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Cues to decreasing resistance to extinction in successive acquisitions and extinctions

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Cues used by european starlings sturnus vulgaris for detecting methiocarb treated grapes

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Cues used by house finches carpodacus mexicanus for detecting methiocarb treated grapes

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Cuff abscesses and ileoanal anastomotic separations in pelvic pouch surgery. An analysis of possible etiologic factors

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Cuff damage of the tracheal mucosa in intubation experimental examination of the trachea of the human corpse

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'Cuffed' portacaval anastomosis in rat

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Cuffed tube tracheostomy in the dog

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Cuing subjective units

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Cul de sac approach to adjustable strabismus surgery

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Culicinomyces bisporalis new species a new entomopathogenic hyphomycete from larvae of the mosquito aedes kochi

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Culicoides collected by light traps in the northern part of tochigi prefecture japan diptera ceratopogonidae

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Culicoides grisescens flavus new subspecies of biting midge diptera ceratopogonidae

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Culicoides hanae new species diptera ceratopogonidae from israel and sinai

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Culicoides macintoshi new species from south africa diptera ceratopogonidae with note on taxonomy of clear winged species in the ethiopian region

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Culicoides nubeculosus an experimental vector of a new trypanosome from a psittaciform psittacula roseata trypanosoma bakeri new species

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Culicoides radicitus a synonym of culicoides brevitarsis diptera ceratopogonidae

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Culicoides sanguisuga new record of biting midge for the fauna of the ussr

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Culicoides spp attracted to ruminants in the great smoky mountains national park tennessee usa

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Culicoides spp diptera ceratopogonidae as potential vectors of filariasis in rhodesia

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Culicoides wuyiensis new species from wuyi mountain china diptera ceratopogonidae

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Culinary value and composition of wild and captive common snook centropomus undecimalis

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Cull losses in western sweet cherries prunus avium at retail and consumer levels in metropolitan new york usa

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Culling patterns in selected minnesota usa swine breeding herds

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Culm morphology and grass systematics

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Culm outcrops in the slavskovsky haj forest near opava czechoslovakia

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Cultivability and productivity of irrigated soils

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Cultivar agro techniques of seed stands of lolium perenne

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Cultivar an ambiguous term

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Cultivation effects on the dynamics of a johnson grass sorghum halepense seed population in the soil profile

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Cultivation features of higher marine fungi under conditions of varying salinity

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Cultivation growth and health of some rare species of conifers in rogow arboretum poland

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Cultivation impact on the biological activity of the trans ili alatau ridge soils ussr

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Cultivation in a semi defined medium of animal infective forms of trypanosoma brucei trypanosoma equiperdum trypanosoma evansi trypanosoma rhodesiense and trypanosoma gambiense

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Cultivation in chemostat of the hansenula polymorpha dl 1 containing a vector plasmid

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Cultivation in mosquito cells of sigma virus the etiologic agent of hereditary carbon dioxide sensitivity in drosophila melanogaster

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Cultivation in northland new zealand

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Cultivation in vitro of bovine embryos in a medium supplemented with bovine serum collected 7 8 days after superovulation

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Cultivation in vitro of spiroplasmas from 6 plant hosts and 2 leafhopper vectors in arizona usa

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Cultivation method for bdellovibrio bacteriovorus in agar gel

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Cultivation method for blue green algae on a solid mineral medium

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Cultivation of a duboisia hybrid a. nutritional requirements and effects of growth regulators on alkaloid content

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Cultivation of a filamentous mold monascus purpureus in a glass pilot scale airlift fermentor

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Cultivation of a pig parvovirus in various cell cultures

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Cultivation of a wild guatemalan strain in the laboratory

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Cultivation of aerobic actinomycetes from marine and terrestrial origin under hydrostatic pressure

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Cultivation of anaerobic granular sludge in uasb reactors with aerobic activated sludge as seed

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Cultivation of Anaplasma marginale from cattle in a Dermacentor cell line

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Cultivation of aspergillus niger in n alkanes

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Cultivation of avian leukosis strains mc 29 mc 31 and e 26 in embryo cells of different avian species

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Cultivation of axenic Entamoeba histolytica from small inocula

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Cultivation of bakers yeast on molasses containing beta galactosidase treated whey

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Cultivation of beet and carrot plants under conditions of varied day length

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Cultivation of bordetella pertussis in liquid semi synthetic culture media with ion exchange resins

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Cultivation of bupleurum falcatum

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Cultivation of candida strains on water soluble products of lignite oxidation

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Cultivation of candida tropicalis on coal substrates

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Cultivation of cells on modified porous cellulose beads

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Cultivation of chicken runting agent and immunological and electron microscopic observations of this agent

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Cultivation of chlorococcal algae in crossed gradients of temperature and light

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Cultivation of chorionic cells for studying fetal karyotype in the 1st trimester of pregnancy

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Cultivation of clostridia on nutrient media with polyacrylamide gel

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Cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes on a low volume peat substrate using slow acting nutrients

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Cultivation of diosgenin rich dioscorea floribunda in lucknow india

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Cultivation of duboisia hybrid b. alkaloid variation in a commercial plantation effects of seasonal change soil fertility and cyto kinins

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Cultivation of duboisia myoporoides as source of tropane alkaloids in india

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Cultivation of early season sesame sesamum indicum l. in southwest nigeria period of sowing

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Cultivation of epithelial cells of the mouse embryo liver

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Cultivation of escherichia coli harboring hybrid plasmids

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Cultivation of escherichia coli in single stage and 10 stage tower loop reactors

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Cultivation of fast growing tree species in short rotations requirements results prospects

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Cultivation of fastidious mycoplasmas from human arthritis

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Cultivation of fodder yeasts on media containing hydro carbons

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Cultivation of fodder yeasts on the alkaline hydrolysates of flax and hemp scutch

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Cultivation of fresh and frozen mouse bone marrow. - Application of methyl cellulose

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Cultivation of frozen mouse bone marrow cells in agar

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Cultivation of gonococci in liquid culture media

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Cultivation of haloxylon aphyllum and haloxylon persicum with covered root seedlings

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Cultivation of haploid gerbera jamesonii plants in vitro

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Cultivation of hares ear bupleurum multinerve with the purpose of obtaining medicinal raw material

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Cultivation of human adult skin fibroblasts and induction of malignant transformation with 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene

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Cultivation of human breast carcinoma in soft agar experience with 237 fresh tumor specimens

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Cultivation of human gastric cancer tissue in diffusion chambers

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Cultivation of human plasmacytomas

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Cultivation of hybridomas using swine serum without immunoglobulin and dialysis fractions

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Cultivation of hydrogen oxidizing bacteria in jet stream gas dispersion apparatuses

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Cultivation of ichthyophthirius multifiliis ciliata ophryoglenidae and evaluation of its effect on fish

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Cultivation of illuvial horizons of brown earth podzols with lime and gypsum

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Cultivation of immature astrocytes of mouse cerebellum in a serum free hormonally defined medium appearance of the mature astrocytic phenotype after addition of serum

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Cultivation of in vitro propagated lilium bulbs in soil

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Cultivation of infective forms of Trypanosoma congolense from trypanosomes in the proboscis of Glossina morsitans

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Cultivation of irrigated forage crops in cold dry season in the regions of capo verde and thies in senegal

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Cultivation of irrigated groundnut in vertisols and its impact on soil properties

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Cultivation of isolated protoplasts of maize

Shakurov M.I., 1982:
Cultivation of isolated protoplasts of various nicotiana species

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Cultivation of jute corchorus olitorius l. for edible leaf in nigeria

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Cultivation of ledebouriella seseloides 1. ecological characteristics of tohsuke bohfuu ledebouriella seseloides

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Cultivation of Lednice (Yaba 1) virus in goose, duck, and chick embryo cells

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Cultivation of Leishmania: comparison of different media for promastigote cultivation

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Cultivation of Leishmania donovani and Leishmania braziliensis in defined media: nutritional requirements

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Cultivation of leptospires: fatty acid requirements

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Cultivation of leucocytozoon caulleryi purification method of sporozoites for inoculum in ovo

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Cultivation of leukemic human bone marrow cells in diffusion chambers implanted into normal and irradiated mice

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Cultivation of lipid producing yeasts on mixtures of peat oxidate and hydrolysate

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Cultivation of macrophages derived from human malignant effusions

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Cultivation of mammalian oocytes with the purpose of embryo transplantation

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Cultivation of marine cladocera penilia avirostris

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Cultivation of mat making sedges in low lying areas of west bengal india

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Cultivation of MDCK epithelial cells on chitosan membranes

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Cultivation of mentha citrata in burdwan district west bengal india

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Cultivation of methanococcus halophilus on monomethylamine

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Cultivation of methanol utilizing yeasts in a sea water medium

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Cultivation of minor tuber crops in peru and bolivia

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Cultivation of mixtures of fodder rye and italian rye grass as winter catch crops part 1 profitability and nutrient content

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Cultivation of mixtures of fodder rye and rye grass as winter catch crops 2. silage quality and nutrient content

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Cultivation of mixtures of spring barley cultivars with varying resistance to powdery mildew

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Cultivation of mouse b cell hybridomas in the spleen

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Cultivation of mouse mammary tumor cells derived from dd tbr vi. effect of hormones on the production of murine mammary tumor virus

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Cultivation of mouse oocytes in vitro: the ability to resume meiosis

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Cultivation of mouse strain l fibroblasts on silica gel slides

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Cultivation of mycoplasma on glass

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Cultivation of mycoplasmas on cellulose ester substrates

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Cultivation of neisseria gonorrhoeae in cell culture l 929

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Cultivation of neisseria meningitidis serogroups a b and c in a liquid synthetic culture medium

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Cultivation of nonsporulating anaerobic microorganisms in media with varying composition

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Cultivation of oocytes and fertilization of cattle ova in vitro

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Cultivation of organs of ornithodoros papillipes argasidae

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Cultivation of oysters ostrea chilensis in caleta leandro concepcion bay chile

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Cultivation of parasitic leptospires: effect of pyruvate

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Cultivation of pathogenic Treponema pallidum in vitro

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Cultivation of pea plants pisum sativum at low temperature decreases lipid per oxidation induced by freezing thawing

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Cultivation of periodontal ligament fibroblasts on extracted monkey incisors a histologic study of 3 culturing methods

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Cultivation of pholiota mutabilis on wood and its byproducts

Vainstein, M.H.; Roitman, I., 1986:
Cultivation of phytomonas francai associated with poor development of root system of cassava manihot esculenta cultivar unha

Scheepens, P.C.; Fehrmann, H., 1978:
Cultivation of phytophthora infestans on defined nutrient media

Mohr E.; Wichmann G., 1987:
Cultivation of pili nut canarium ovatum and the composition of fatty acids and triglycerides of the oil

Fortin J.A.; Piche Y., 1979:
Cultivation of pinus strobus root hypocotyl explants for synthesis of ecto mycorrhizae

Trager, W., 1977:
Cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum

Grun, J.L.; Weidanz, W.P., 1987 :
Cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum in commercially available sera depleted of natural antibodies reactive with human erythrocytes

Manu Tawiah W.; Martin A.M., 1986:
Cultivation of pleurotus ostreatus mushroom in peat

Morales P., 1987:
Cultivation of pleurotus ostreatus on cardamom pulp

Martinez Carrera D.; Morales P.; Soto C.; Murrieta M.E.; Guzman G., 1986:
Cultivation of pleurotus ostreatus on leaves used by the essential oil industry

Ballero, M.; Carcangiu, M.; Marcheselli, G.; Mascia, E., 1987:
Cultivation of pleurotus sajor caju fr. singer and pleurotus florida on bark and pine needles

Jain S.K.; Gujral G.S.; Bisaria R.; Vasudevan P., 1988:
Cultivation of pleurotus sajor caju on aquatic weeds

Madan M.; Vasudevan P.; Sharma S., 1987:
Cultivation of pleurotus sajor caju on different wastes

Makarenko I.G.; Petrakova K.V., 1982:
Cultivation of pliss lympho sarcoma in diffusion chambers

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Cultivation of polygala senega var latifolia i. effects of seeding density and heavy manuring and dense planting cultivation on plant growth root yield and senegin content

Takeda, O.; Azuma, S.; Mizukami, H.; Ikenaga, T.; Ohashi, H., 1986:
Cultivation of polygala senega var latifolia ii. effect of soil moisture content on the growth and senegin content

Viktorov I.V.; Lyzhin A.A.; Shashkova N.A., 1985:
Cultivation of reaggregated brain cells in high speed mini rollers

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Cultivation of reovirus in human embryo organ cultures

Grigoryan E.N.; Mitashov V.I., 1985:
Cultivation of retinal pigment epithelium in the cavity of the lensectomized newt eye

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Cultivation of Rhinosporidium seeberi in vitro: interaction with epithelial cells

Baba A.; Hasezaw S.; Syono K., 1986:
Cultivation of rice protoplasts and their transformation mediated by agrobacterium spheroplasts

Cabello, G.R.; Camacho, A.P., 1976:
Cultivation of scallop larvae pecten maximus in the laboratory

Fridberger A.; Fridberger T.; Lundin L G., 1979:
Cultivation of sea urchins of 5 different species under strict artificial conditions

Dombrovskii N.N.; Dzhienbaeva R.A.; Isabekov B.S.; Murzamadiev A.M., 1983:
Cultivation of sheep oocytes

Berezin L.V.; Khamova O.F.; Yushkevich L.V., 1987:
Cultivation of solonetz soils in western siberia ussr

Guerin, J.P.; Cubizolles, F., 1988:
Cultivation of spionids annelida polychaeta 2. evidence attesting to a close relationship between larvae of pseudopolydora antennata and tisbe holothuriae copepoda

Saxena P.N.; Ahmad M.R.; Shyam R.; Amla D.V., 1983:
Cultivation of spirulina platensis in sewage for poultry feed

Hupeh-Inst-Hydrobiol-5th-Lab-Res-Group-Blue-Green-Algae-Appl, 1977:
Cultivation of sturdy rice seedling by using nitrogen fixing blue green algae

Teshima, D.; Shoyama, Y.; Nishioka, I., 1980:
Cultivation of swertia japonica 1. variations of bitter principle contents in swertia japonica with season

Shoyama, Y.; Teshima, D.; Nishioka, I., 1980:
Cultivation of swertia japonica 2. application of the cutting method for cultivation

Stieb M.; Schink B., 1987:
Cultivation of syntrophic anaerobic bacteria in membrane separated culture devices

Yen, D.F.; Tsai, Y.T., 1977:
Cultivation of testicular cysts of the armyworm spodoptera litura

Shatkin, A.A.; Beskina, S.R.; Medvedeva, G.I.; Grokhovskaya, I.M., 1977:
Cultivation of the agent of enzootic abortion of sheep in a continuous line of hyalomma tick embryonal cells

Myasoedov N.A.; Butenko R.G.; Slepyan L.I., 1986:
Cultivation of the biomass of panax ginseng tissue using a supporting substrate

Bykov V.A.; Prishchepov F.A.; Manakov M.N., 1985:
Cultivation of the candida yeasts on timber hydrolysates in the presence of the non utilized solid phase

Fried, B.; Groman, G.M., 1985:
Cultivation of the cercaria of Himasthla quissetensis (Trematoda) on the chick chorioallantois

Acuna, G.J., 1976:
Cultivation of the cucumber cucumis sativus under plastic cover

Speer, C.A.; Silverman, P.H.; Schiewe, S.G., 1976:
Cultivation of the erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium berghei in Leydig cell tumor cultures

Speer, C.A.; Silverman, P.H.; Schiewe, S.G., 1976:
Cultivation of the erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium berghei in primary bone marrow cells

Strome C.P.A.; D.S.ntis P.L.; Beaudoin R.L., 1979:
Cultivation of the exoerythrocytic stages of plasmodium berghei from sporozoites

Horstmann U., 1983:
Cultivation of the green alga caulerpa racemosa var occidentalis in tropical waters and some aspects of its physiological ecology

Zavoruev V.V.; Mezhevikin V.V., 1982:
Cultivation of the luminescent bacterium photobacterium leiognathi controlled by luminescence

Iwasaki, H.; Katoh, H.; Fujiyama, T., 1977:
Cultivation of the marine copepod acartia clausi part 1 factors affecting generation time and egg production

Iwasaki, H.; Kamiya, S., 1977:
Cultivation of the marine copepod pseudodiaptomus marinus

Gozhenko V.A., 1979:
Cultivation of the mosquito mansonia richiardii in laboratory conditions

Stakhyeyew I.V.; Kapich A.M.; Babitskaya V.R., 1984 :
Cultivation of the mycelium of wood decomposing basidiomycetes on the waste of potato processing

King, M.G., 1977:
Cultivation of the pacific oyster crassostrea gigas in a nontidal hyper saline pond

Kartamazova, L.S.; Lyapunova, P.M., 1976:
Cultivation of the periwinkle in kharkov ukrainian ssr ussr

Bolla, R.I.; Jordan, W., 1982:
Cultivation of the Pine Wilt Nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, in Axenic Culture Media

San Antonio J.P., 1981:
Cultivation of the shiitake mushroom lentinus edodes

Davydov P.V.; Shubravyi O.I.; Tsetlin A.B.; Dautov S.Sh; Vasetskii S.G., 1986:
Cultivation of the starfish patiria pectinifera in a closed cycle aquarium

Dagite, S.Y. ; Blvochyute-Ya, P., 1986:
Cultivation of the summer and winter savory in the lithuanian ssr ussr 1. biological features and essential oil content