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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5075

Chapter 5075 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Belopopska P.; Motovski A., 1984:
Cultivation of the transmissive gastroenteritis virus in a permanent cell line

Pal, A.; Mukherji, S.K., 1977:
Cultivation of the white mushroom agaricus bisporus in west bengal india

Valvochyute-Ya, P.; Dagite, S.Y., 1986:
Cultivation of the winter and summer savory in the lithuanian ssr ussr 2. effect of nitrogen fertilizers on the yield and quality of summer savory raw material

Lirova S.A.; Zvyagil'skaya R.A.; Ural'skaya L.A., 1983:
Cultivation of the yeast endomyces magnusii under batch and continuous conditions at acid ph

Sinsky T., 1984:
Cultivation of the zora soybean cultivar and its agrotechnique

Wu, Z., 1978:
Cultivation of tissues and cells from amphibia

Chang G N.; Kou M., 1980:
Cultivation of toxoplasma gondii in embryonic swine kidney cell line

Akiyama K.; Kurogi M., 1982:
Cultivation of undaria pinnatifida the decrease in crops from natural plants following crop increase from cultivation

Khamidkhodzhaev S.A., 1980 :
Cultivation of ungernia victoris and other species

Wong M.H.; Chung K.Y., 1979:
Cultivation of uni cellular green algae chlorella pyrenoidosa as an assessment of soil fertility

Masover, G.K.; Perez, R.; Matin, A., 1979:
Cultivation of Ureaplasma urealyticum in continuous culture

Liu, C.J.; Wang, Z.Q.; Chang, J.W.; Zhang, X.; Liu, X.B.; Liu, C.N.; Ma, T.X., 1986:
Cultivation of urologic and male genital tumor cells

Al'vares P.P.; Denesh M.; Kurella G.A.; Buitrago L.L.; Garcia Rodrigues L.; Almeida V.M., 1981:
Cultivation of valonia ventricosa for studying bio electrochemical and photobiological phenomena

Nenkov P.Kh; Polikar A.Ch; Tsakova A., 1982:
Cultivation of vibrio cholerae in a fermenter with automatic control of a number of parameters

Andreeva, T.I.; Bereznegovskaya, L.N.; Smorodin, A.V., 1978:
Cultivation of vinca rosea tissues biosynthesis of indole alkaloids

Gitnick, G.L.; Arthur, M.H.; Shibata, I., 1976:
Cultivation of viral agents from Crohn's disease. A new sensitive system

Fieldsteel, A.H.; Cox, D.L.; Moeckli, R.A., 1981:
Cultivation of virulent Treponema pallidum in tissue culture

Olenev S.N.; Balashov V.L., 1979:
Cultivation of whole brain slices method description and application for the cultivation of the rhombencephalon and mesencephalon of chick embryos

Prikhod'ko S.Ya; Prikhod'ko N.D.; Krasnova P.I., 1980:
Cultivation of wild perennial grasses in kopet dag piedmonts turkmen ssr ussr

Ahmed S.I.; Solangi M.S.; Jehan A., 1985:
Cultivation of winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus at latitude 25 degrees 54 minutes north karachi pakistan

Park, Y.H.; Chang, H.G.; Go, S.J.; Cha, D.Y., 1978:
Cultivation of winter mushroom flammulina velutipes

Alvarez D.Zayas A., 1984:
Cultivation of xerophytes in the open air in the national botanical garden of cuba

Hossain M.A.; Furuichi M.; Yone Y., 1988:
Cultivation of yeast in medium containing liquid from fish waste juice

Cahill J.T.; Carroad P.A.; Kunkee R.E., 1980:
Cultivation of yeast under carbon di oxide pressure for use in continuous sparkling wine production

Marinov M.D.; Garilov C.; Dimitrov D., 1981:
Cultivation of young oak trees in the istranca mountains turkey according to the method of early individualization

Perez Camacho A.; Roman G., 1985:
Cultivation on baskets of oyster seed ostrea edulis in the arosa estuary spain

Fiehn, N.E.; Westergaard, J., 1984:
Cultivation on solid media of spirochetes in subgingival plaque from advanced marginal periodontitis in humans

Robinson D.A.; Boardman J., 1988:
Cultivation practice sowing season and soil erosion on the south downs england uk a preliminary study

Rieder J.B.; Plank P.; Dirksen G., 1982:
Cultivation practices to control trisetum calcinosis of cattle

Gallily, R.; Savion, N., 1983:
Cultivation, proliferation and characterization of thymic macrophages

Beckvar N., 1981:
Cultivation spawning and growth of the giant clams tridacna gigas tridacna derasa and tridacna squamosa in palau caroline islands

Hodgson, D.R.; Proud, J.R.; Browne, S., 1977:
Cultivation systems for spring barley with special reference to direct drilling 1971 1974

Oltra R., 1987:
Cultivation techniques for penaeids at the oceanological center of the pacific tahiti

Gonet, Z.; Stadejek, H., 1984:
Cultivation technology of sunflower for silage i. effect of nitrogen fertilization and liming on yield and chemical composition of sunflower in a pot experiment

Gonet, Z.; Stadejek, H., 1984:
Cultivation technology of sunflower for silage ii. effect of row spacing and seeding rate on the height and quality of yield of sunflower grown as a main crop

Gonet, Z.; Stadejek, H., 1986:
Cultivation technology of sunflower for silage iii. the comparison of productivity of sunflower and maize grown as main and second crops

Karnick C.R.; Tiwari K.C.; Majumber R., 1982:
Cultivation trials pharmacognosy and ethno botanical investigations of plumbago zeylanica of the indian system of medicine

Frison, G.C., 1976:
Cultural activity associated with prehistoric mammoth butchering and processing

Fernandez Barillas H.J.; Morrison T.L., 1984:
Cultural affiliation and adjustment among male mexican american college students

Kaltenbach, C.M.; Moss, C.W.; Weaver, R.E., 1975:
Cultural and biochemical characteristics and fatty acid composition of Pseudomonas diminuta and Pseudomonas vesiculare

Chong, Y.; Yi, K.N.; Lee, S.Y., 1980:
Cultural and biochemical characteristics of clinical isolates of Aeromonas hydrophila

Gaur Y.D.; Sen A.N., 1981:
Cultural and biochemical characteristics of root nodule bacteria of chick pea cicer arietinum

Biberstein, E.L.; Gunnarsson, A.; Hurvell, B., 1977:
Cultural and biochemical criteria for the identification of haemophilus spp from swine

Moss C.W.; Wallace P.L.; Hollis D.G.; Weaver R.E., 1988:
Cultural and chemical characterization of cdc groups eo 2 m 5 and m 6 moraxella spp oligella urethralis acinetobacter sp and psychrobacter immobilis

Campbell, W.V.; Van-Duyn, J.W., 1977:
Cultural and chemical control of dectes texanus texanus on soybeans

Yadava B.D.; Pahuja S.S.; Nandwal A.S.; Hooda I.S., 1984:
Cultural and chemical control of weeds in cotton gossypium hirsutum

Gebhardt M.R., 1981:
Cultural and chemical weed control systems in soybeans glycine max cultivar williams

Job D.J., 1986:
Cultural and cytological studies in the genus hymenochaete

Tate, R.L., 1978:
Cultural and environmental factors affecting the longevity of Escherichia coli in Histosols

Kleganov V.K., 1981:
Cultural and enzymatic properties serological characteristics entero pathogenicity and entero toxigenicity of escherichia isolated from diarrhea patients

Baker M.C.; Cunningham M.A.; Thompson A.D.Jr, 1984:
Cultural and genetic differentiation of 2 subspecies of white crowned sparrow zonotrichia leucophrys

Nain S.P.S.; Chandiramani N.K.; Ram L., 1984:
Cultural and guinea pig inoculation test for laboratory diagnosis of smear negative tuberculosis cases

Kisha, J.S.A., 1977:
Cultural and insecticidal control of thrips tabaci on onions in the sudan

Kovalenko, S.M., 1977:
Cultural and morphological characteristics of septoria tritici

Haiova V.P.; Merezko T.O., 1985:
Cultural and morphological features of cytospora spp

Kuznetsova, T.F.; Koshkelova, E.N.; Tolmacheva, N.V., 1987:
Cultural and morphological features of some populations of verticillium dahliae kleb. isolates in the turkmen ssr ussr

Hrodzyns'ka H.A.; Vasser S.P.; Kosman Y.H., 1985:
Cultural and morphological features of stropharia rugosoannulata

Nakasone K.K., 1982:
Cultural and morphological studies of gloeocystidiellum porosum and gloeocystidium clavuligerum

Nakasone K.K., 1983:
Cultural and morphological studies on cystostereum australe new species corticiaceae from southeastern usa and costa rica

Reifschneider F.J.B.; Arny D.C., 1980:
Cultural and morphological variability of kabatiella zeae

Litvinov, M.A.; Babushkina, I.N., 1978:
Cultural and morphological variability of species of the genus verticillium under the effect of antibiotics

Wicklow, M.C.; Sundberg, W.J., 1976:
Cultural and morphological variation in sadasivania bhustha fungi imperfecti

Martin, K.J.; Gilbertson, R.L., 1976:
Cultural and other morphological studies of sparassis radicata and related species

Nakasone, K.K.; Gilbertson, R.L., 1978:
Cultural and other studies of fungi that decay ocotillo in arizona usa

Baranova N.A.; Aleksandrushkina N.A.; Egorov N.S., 1980:
Cultural and physiological biochemical properties of the luminescent bacterium photobacterium fischeri 6

Prasad, C.K.P.S.; Hiremath, P.C.; Hegde, R.K., 1987:
Cultural and physiological studies on five isolates of rhizoctonia solani from fenugreek

Dhabuwala, J.B.; Valavalkar, K.D.; Mukerji, S.; Dave, J.K., 1978:
Cultural and serological diagnosis of gonorrhea

Kappe, R.; Mueller, J., 1987:
Cultural and serological follow up of two oral administrations of baker's yeast to a human volunteer

Hippe W.; Schliesser T., 1981:
Cultural and serological studies of pasteurella multocida strains from rabbits with disease of the upper respiratory tract

Hunter, K.I.; Linn, M.W., 1979:
Cultural and sex differences in dietary patterns of the urban elderly

Nevadomsky J., 1981:
Cultural and structural dimensions of occupational prestige in an east indian community in trinidad west indies

Tubaki, K., 1976:
Cultural and taxonomical studies on hormomyces aurantiacus

Dudka, I.O.; Isachenko, A.A., 1975:
Cultural aspects of aquatic hyphomycetes part 2 dynamics of linear growth

Dudka, I.O.; Isachenko, A.A., 1975:
Cultural aspects of aquatic hyphomycetes part 3 effect of yeast extract of mycelial linear growth

Jenkins, C.L.; Orr-ewing, A.K.; Heywood, P.F., 1984:
Cultural aspects of early childhood growth and nutrition among the Amele of lowland Papua New Guinea

Dudka, I.O.; Shepa, V.V.; Wasser, S.P.; Soldatova, I.M.; Frid-Yu, F.; Isachenko, A.A.; Skibyts'ka, T.M., 1976:
Cultural aspects of strains of higher basidiomycetes from the genera pleurotus and lentinus

Tarnoff H., 1984 :
Cultural attitudes to health care and social services in ethnic minority groups

Fleurentin, J.; Mazars, G.; Pelt, J.M., 1983:
Cultural background of the medicinal plants of Yemen

Ragazzi A.; Capretti P., 1980:
Cultural behavior of phacidium infestans with reference to certain parameters

Miele F., 1979:
Cultural bias in the wechsler intelligence scale for children

Holub M., 1983:
Cultural biochemical and serological properties of avian and atypical mycobacteria isolated from pigs slaughtered in the bialystok abattoir poland

Underwood, P.; Margetts, B., 1987:
Cultural change, growth and feeding of children in an isolated rural region of Yemen

Moss, C.W.; Dowell, V.R.J. ; Lewis, V.J.; Schekter, M.A., 1967:
Cultural characteristics and fatty acid composition of corynebacterium acnes taxonomy inst gas liquid chromatography propionibacterium

Campbell C.L., 1982:
Cultural characteristics and host range of codinaea fertilis

Latham A.J.; Williams J.C., 1983:
Cultural characteristics and pathogenicity of glomerella cingulata isolates from apples in alabama usa

Emery, D.L.; Vaughan, J.A.; Clark, B.L.; Dufty, J.H.; Stewart, D.J., 1985:
Cultural characteristics and virulence of strains of Fusobacterium necrophorum isolated from the feet of cattle and sheep

Watson, R.E.; England, J.J.; Larson, K.A., 1972:
Cultural characteristics of a cell line derived from an equine sarcoid

Dudka, I.O.; Vasser, S.P.; Soldatova, I.M.; Berehova, V.I., 1978:
Cultural characteristics of agaricus bisporus strains

Petersen, R.H., 1976:
Cultural characteristics of auriscalpium and gloiodon

Chu Chou M.; Grace L.J., 1984:
Cultural characteristics of rhizopogon spp associated with pinus radiata seedlings

Razdan, V.K.; Puttoo, B.L., 1987:
Cultural characteristics of some isolates of stigmina carpophila causing shot hole of almonds and apricots in kashmir india

Intini M.G.; Gabucci R., 1987:
Cultural characteristics of some italian species of armillaria

Smits'ka, M.F.; Smyk, L.V.; Slavna, N.M., 1978:
Cultural characteristics of some operculate discomycetes

Hapiyenko O.S., 1981:
Cultural characteristics of some tricholomataceae

Vasser S.P.; Berehova V.I.; Bilai V.T., 1980:
Cultural characteristics of species of the genus agaricus

Wnag Z N., 1980:
Cultural characteristics of the causal agent of leaf scorch

Parker, J.G., 1976:
Cultural characteristics of the marine ciliated protozoan uronema marinum

Parkinson V.O., 1980:
Cultural characteristics of the rice leaf scald fungus rhynchosporium oryzae

Banic, S.; Budic, S.; Prevorcnik, J., 1975:
Cultural characteristics of tubercle bacteria on the liquid b media

Ragazzi A.; Parrini C., 1982:
Cultural characteristics of verticillium dahliae isolated from olive trees

Cullen D.; Caldwell R.W.; Smalley E.B., 1982:
Cultural characteristics pathogenicity and zearalenone production by strains of gibberella zeae isolated from corn

Hindal D.F.; Harner E.J.; Macdonald W.L., 1981:
Cultural characteristics pathogenicity predictions and pathogenicity tests for some isolates of ceratocystis ulmi

Kaminski D.A.; Verma P.R., 1985:
Cultural characteristics virulence and in vitro temperature effect on mycelial growth of rhizoctonia isolates from rapeseed

Gross, M.B., 1978:
Cultural concomitants of preschoolers preparation for learning

Munakata T.; Ikeda Y.; Matsuki H.; Isagai K., 1983:
Cultural conditions and strain improvement for production of bactobolin

Huang H.; Wang X.; L.L.; L.Z.; Chen Q., 1982:
Cultural conditions for l threonine fermentation and identification of fermentation product

Tanaka Y.; Araki K.; Nakayama K., 1980:
Cultural conditions for microbial conversion of glycine into l serine in the presence of tri basic magnesium phosphate

Ohshima M.; Ishizaki N.; Handa A.; Tonooka Y., 1983:
Cultural conditions for production of neo purpuratin a purplish red pigment by mixed culture of streptomyces propurpuratus with bacillus sp

Shaku, M.; Koike, S.; Udaka, S., 1980:
Cultural conditions for protein production by bacillus brevis no. 47

Ishihara M.; Shimizu K., 1984:
Cultural conditions for the production of cellulase and hemicellulose by the brown rot fungus tyromyces palustris

Murray D.I.L., 1984:
Cultural conditions influencing basidium formation in the ceratobasidiaceae

Dhevendaran, K.; Chandramohan, D.; Natarajan, R., 1986:
Cultural conditions of arylsulfatase activity in escherichia coli

Mugniery, D., 1978:
Cultural control methods against the potato cyst nematodes globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida and perspectives for integrated control

Ransom J.K.; Oelke E.A., 1983:
Cultural control of common water plantain alisma triviale in wild rice zizania palustris

Mohandas C.; Rao Y.S.; Sahu S.C., 1981:
Cultural control of rice nematodes hirschmanniella spp with sphenoclea zeylanica

Slosser J.E.; Puterka G.J.; Price J.R., 1986:
Cultural control of the boll weevil anthonomus grandis grandis coleoptera curculionidae effects of narrow row spacing and row direction

Slosser J.E., 1981:
Cultural control of the boll weevil anthonomus grandis grandis influence of bed shape

Donley D.E., 1983:
Cultural control of the red oak borer enaphalodes rufulus coleoptera cerambycidae in forest management units

Gorney, R.; Long, J.M., 1980:
Cultural determinants of achievement, aggression, and psychological distress

Young, H., 1978:
Cultural diagnosis of gonorrhea with modified new york city medium

Smith J.D.; Caplan J., 1988:
Cultural differences in cognitive style development

Sierzant, K., 1982:
Cultural differences in preferences for shapes

Westbrook M.T.; Nordholm L.A.; Mcgee J.E., 1984:
Cultural differences in reactions to patient behavior a comparison of swedish and australian health professionals

Keren G., 1983:
Cultural differences in the mis perception of exponential growth

Petrova, L., 1975:
Cultural differentiation of bacillus spp isolated from preserved food

Syms, E.L., 1977:
Cultural ecology and ecological dynamics of the ceramic period in southwestern manitoba canada

Palmer, G., 1978:
Cultural ecology in the canadian plateau estimates of shuswap indian salmon resources in pre contact times

Horne, M.D., 1978:
Cultural effect on attitudes toward labels

Seshadri, R.; Sieburth, J.M., 1971:
Cultural estimation of yeasts on seaweeds

Alhonen P., 1986:
Cultural eutrophication of lake lippajarvi in southern finland and related restoration problems

Slater P.J.B.; Ince S.A., 1979:
Cultural evolution in chaffinch fringilla coelebs song

Michlovic M.G., 1986:
Cultural evolutionism and plains archaeology

Neutra, R.; Levy, J.E.; Parker, D., 1977:
Cultural expectations vs reality in navaho seizure patterns and sick roles

Davis, M.K.; White, C.; Emeh, C.O.; Ghuman, G.S.; Menon, M.P., 1978:
Cultural factors affecting the growth of mixed cultures of bacteria in water samples collected from indian river florida

Campbell C.R.; Chaplin J.F.; Johnson W.H., 1982:
Cultural factors affecting yield alkaloids and sugars of close grown tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar speight g 28

Linn, M.W.; Shane, R.; Webb, N.L.; Pratt, T.C., 1979:
Cultural factors and attrition in drug abuse treatment

Stone, M.H., 1970:
Cultural factors in the treatment of an obsessive hand washer

Latham, M.J.; Legakis, N.J., 1976:
Cultural factors influencing the utilization or production of acetate by Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens

Jaffe, Y.; Berger, A., 1977:
Cultural generality of the relationship between sex and aggression

Chauhan R.; Singh R., 1986:
Cultural impact of fish fauna of rewalsar lake himachal pradesh india

Kemp, A.L.W.; Thomas, R.L.; Dell, C.I.; Jaquet, J.M., 1976:
Cultural impact on the geochemistry of sediments in lake erie canada usa

Obeso, P.; Bordatto, O., 1979:
Cultural implications in treating the Puerto Rican female

Odebiyi A.I., 1984:
Cultural influences and patient behavior some experiences in the pediatric ward of a nigerian hospital

Ahmed, S.H., 1978:
Cultural influences on delusion

Miller J.G., 1987:
Cultural influences on the development of conceptual differentiation in person description

Yokoyama S., 1981:
Cultural inheritance of the desire for male offspring and the incidence of a sex linked lethal disease

Pardales J.R.Jr; Villamayor F.G.Jr, 1983:
Cultural management studies on upland taro colocasia esculenta effects of cultivation systems on growth and yield of taro and incidence of associated weeds

Lynch R.E.; Martin P.B.; Garner J.W., 1980:
Cultural manipulation of coastal bermuda grass cynodon dactylon to avoid losses from the fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda

Clifford, P.T.P., 1977:
Cultural methods for grasslands pitau white clover seed crops

Gascho G.J.; Shih S.F., 1981:
Cultural methods to increase sucrose and energy yields of sugarcane saccharum spp

Rankin, R.J.; Gaite, A.J.; Heiry, T., 1979:
Cultural modification of effect of family size on intelligence

Skripka O.V.; Kornilova V.F., 1982:
Cultural morphological and pathogenic properties of geographic isolates of septoria linicola

Ilieva S.; Vitanov M., 1980:
Cultural morphological and physiological characteristics of phytophthora capsici in sweet pepper

Roberts, A.N.; Smith, K.L.; Dowell, B.L.; Hubbard, A.K., 1978:
Cultural, morphological, cell membrane, enzymatic, and neoplastic properties of cell lines derived from a Hodgkin's disease lymph node

Boiko, M.I.; Negrutskii, S.F.; Sychev, P.A., 1978:
Cultural morphological characteristics of strains of fomitopsis annosa

Oleksyuk L.M., 1984:
Cultural morphological features of some cercospora spp

Goldstein D.; Gilbertson R.L., 1981:
Cultural morphology and sexuality of inonotus arizonicus

Nichter M.; Nichter M., 1987:
Cultural notions of fertility in south asia and their impact on sri lankan family planning practices

Yadava R.N.; Pandey D.C., 1980:
Cultural observations on the morphology and nature of setae formation in the genus micractinium chlorophyta chlorococcales

Shyam R.; Sarma Y.S.R.K., 1980:
Cultural observations on the morphology reproduction and cytology of a fresh water red alga compsopogon from india

Marcos, A.C.; Johnson, R.E., 1988:
Cultural patterns and causal processes in adolescent drug use: the case of Greeks versus Americans

Choi D.K.; Park Y.H., 1987:
Cultural performances to two escherichia coli host vector systems for production of beta galactosidase

Moomaw R.S.; Martin A.R., 1984:
Cultural practices affecting season long weed control in irrigated corn zea mays

Tuleen D.M.; Frederiksen R.A.; Vudhivanich P., 1980:
Cultural practices and the incidence of sorghum downy mildew peronosclerospora sorghi in grain sorghum

Petersen J.L.; Ueckert D.N.; Potter R.L., 1986:
Cultural practices for establishing fourwing saltbrush atriplex canescens within perennial grass stands

Foot, M.A., 1976:
Cultural practices in relation to infestation of potato crops by the potato tuber moth part 2 effect of seed depth re molding pre harvest defoliation and delayed harvest

Halfhill J.E.; Gefre J.A.; Tamaki G., 1984:
Cultural practices inhibiting overwintering survival of brachycolus asparagi homoptera aphididae

Staples, F.; Yamamoto, J.; Wolkon, G.; Kline, F.; Burgoyne, R.; Hattem, J.; Rice, R., 1978:
Cultural problems in psychiatric therapy 9 years later

Korting, H.C.; Abeck, D.; Neubert, U., 1983:
Cultural proof of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in synovial fluid in disseminated gonococcal infection

deVries, M.W.; deVries, M.R., 1977:
Cultural relativity of toilet training readiness: a perspective from East Africa

Prapulla S.G.; Thakur M.S.; Jaleel S.A.; Srikanta S.; Prasad M.S.; Devi P.N.; Ghildyal N.P.; Lonsane B.K., 1987:
Cultural stability of streptomyces fradiae scf 5 in production of glucose isomerase studies in laboratory and pilot plant fermenters

Adaskaveg J.E.; Gilbertson R.L., 1986:
Cultural studies and genetics of sexuality of ganoderma lucidum and ganoderma tsugae in relation to the taxonomy of the ganoderma lucidum complex

Hallenberg N.; Bernicchia A., 1987:
Cultural studies in fibricium corticiaceae basidiomycetes

Hallenberg N., 1983:
Cultural studies in hypochnicium corticiaceae basidiomycetes

Hallenberg N., 1986:
Cultural studies in tubulicrinis and kenasmatella corticiaceae basidiomycetes

Williams, J.B.; Kendall, M., 1976:
Cultural studies of asparagus with reference to flat beds ridging and spacing

Dos Santos A.V.P.; Davey M.R.; Cocking E.C., 1983:
Cultural studies of protoplasts and leaf callus of trigonella corniculata and trigonella foenum graecum

Rajchenberg M., 1983:
Cultural studies of resupinate polypores

Hervey, A.; Bistis, G.; Leong, I., 1978:
Cultural studies of single asco spore isolates of morchella esculenta

Begum Z.T., 1983:
Cultural studies of some nitrogen fixing blue green algae from rice field

Nwufo M.I.; Fajola A.O., 1986:
Cultural studies on botryodiplodia theobromae and sclerotium rolfsii causing storage rots of cocoyam colocasia esculenta

Bowden, J.D.; Allen, P.G., 1978:
Cultural studies on mushrooms 1974 1976

Pental D.; Cooper Bland S.; Harding K.; Cocking E.C.; Mueller A.J., 1982:
Cultural studies on nitrate reductase deficient nicotiana tabacum cultivar gatersleben mutant protoplasts

Nakasone K.K., 1981:
Cultural studies on poria cinerascens poria rivulosa and poria subvermispora aphyllophorales basidiomycotina

Chohan, J.; Kaur, J., 1976:
Cultural studies on rhizoctonia bataticola causal agent of root rot of sunflower

Sharma, K.D.; Agrawal, D.K., 1978:
Cultural studies on ustilago cynodontis

Norris I.K.; Rutherford P.P., 1982:
Cultural studies with brassica carinata cultivar texsel a new green vegetable

Aoki T.; Tubaki K., 1986:
Cultural study of exidia repanda new record previously unreported from japan

Beckman P.M.; Payne G.A., 1983:
Cultural techniques and conditions influencing growth and sporulation of cercospora zeae maydis and lesion development in corn zea mays

Curio, E.; Ernst, U.; Vieth, W., 1978:
Cultural transmission of enemy recognition 1 function of mobbing

Jenkins, P.F., 1978:
Cultural transmission of song patterns and dialect development in a free living bird population

Hunt, R.; Cleveland, G., 1978:
Cultural treatments affect growth volume and survival of sweet gum sycamore and loblolly pine

Mortensen K.; Bergman J.W., 1983:
Cultural variance of alternaria carthami isolates and their virulence on safflower carthamus tinctorius

Harrison, G.L.; Stewart, A., 1988:
Cultural variation in mycosphaerella fragariae tul. lindau

Bruehl G.W.; Machtmes A., 1980:
Cultural variation within typhula idahoensis and typhula ishikariensis and the species concept

Cavalli-Sforza, L.L.; Feldman, M.W., 1983:
Cultural vs. genetic adaptation

Hicks R., 1985:
Culturally altered trees a data source

Bombin M., 1986:
Culture a systems approach definition

Valdes M.; Martinez Bravo E., 1986:
Culture and biochemical characteristics of rhizobium loti leucaena leucocephala

Dhulster P.; Thomas D.; Barbotin J N., 1984:
Culture and bioconversion use of plasmid harboring strain of immobilized escherichia coli

Caughman S.W.; Breathnach S.M.; Sharrow S.O.; Stephany D.A.; Katz S.I., 1986:
Culture and characterization of murine dendritic thy 1 positive epidermal cells

Lee, D.H.K., 1969:
Culture and climatology history philosophy

Guedon I.; Barritault D.; Courtois Y.; Prunieras M., 1981:
Culture and cyto genetic studies of adult human keratinocytes using a new growth factor

Bezerra J.L.; Kimbrough J.W., 1982:
Culture and cytological development of rhytidhysterium rufulum on citrus

Yabu H.; Notoya M.; Sugimoto K., 1981:
Culture and cytological observations on dictyota dichotoma and spathoglossum pacificum

Notoya M.; Yabu H., 1979:
Culture and cytology of ceramium japonicum and ceramium kondoi ceraminales rhodophyta

Rueness J.; Rueness M., 1980:
Culture and field observations on callithamnion bipinnatum and callithamnion byssoides rhodophyta ceramiales from norway

Whittick A., 1981:
Culture and field studies on callithamnion hookeri rhodophyta ceramiaceae from newfoundland canada

Novaczek I.; Bird C.J.; Mclachlan J.L., 1986:
Culture and field study of stilophora rhizodes phaeophyceae chordariales from nova scotia canada

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Culture and field survey of sargassum piluliferum

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Culture and freezing of mouse and rabbit embryos using commercial tissue culture medium gt

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Culture and fusion of protoplasts from potato solanum tuberosum l. and tobacco nicotiana tabacum l

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Culture and growth of northern anchovy engraulis mordax larvae

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Culture and long distance shipment of swine embryos

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Culture and morphogenetic response of a lethal chlorophyll deficient mutant of tobacco to hormones amino acids and sucrose

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Culture and morphology of some new zealand barnacles crustacea cirripedia

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Culture and origin of epithelium like and fibroblast like cells from porcine periodontal ligament explants and cell suspensions

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Culture and phagocytic characteristics of schwann cells in vitro a possible model substrate for cultivation of mycobacterium leprae

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Culture and plant regeneration of Hyoscyamus protoplasts

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Culture and preliminary observations of follicular isolates from adult zebra fish, Brachydanio rerio

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Culture and psychopathology what is known about their relationship

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Culture and regeneration of lycopersicon peruvianum leaf protoplasts

Russell J.A.; Mccown B.H., 1986:
Culture and regeneration of populus leaf protoplasts isolated from non seedling tissue

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Culture and society in posttraumatic stress disorder: implications for psychotherapy

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Culture and sociology

Pepitone A., 1986:
Culture and the cognitive paradigm in social psychology

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Culture and transfer of sheep embryos

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Culture and treatment results in endometritis following elective abortion

Pantastico, J.B.; Gonzales, J.L., 1976:
Culture and use of nostoc commune as bio fertilizer

Swartz M.J., 1984:
Culture as tokens and as guides swahili statements beliefs and behavior concerning generational differences

Zahid P.B.; Farzana A., 1981:
Culture collection of fresh water algae at the department of botany university of karachi pakistan

Ledermann, G.W., 1977:
Culture collections and developing countries

Ajitkumar P.; Cherayil J.D., 1985:
Culture condition dependent changes of 4 thiouridine in the transfer rna of azotobacter vinelandii

Kumar P.A.; Cherayil J.D., 1982:
Culture condition dependent changes of ribo thymidine in bacterial transfer rna

Lee T K.; Sung H C.; Choi Y J.; Yang H C., 1987:
Culture condition for inulase production by pseudomonas spp

Gulyaev B.I.; Shalin Y.P.; Shalin A.Yu, 1983:
Culture conditions and productivity indices of spring wheat cultivars

Kumata K.; Amano R.; Ichinoe M.; Uchiyama S., 1980:
Culture conditions and purification method for large scale production of ochra toxins by aspergillus ochraceus

Tsuda, M.; Ueyama, A., 1975:
Culture conditions and the formation of perfect state of helminthosporium oryzae cochliobolus miyabeanus

Tsuda, M.; Nakagawa, H.; Taga, M.; Ueyama, A., 1977:
Culture conditions and the formation of the perfect state of pyricularia oryzae

Namba, M.; Kimoto, T., 1981:
Culture conditions for a human lymphoma cell line (Raji) and their application to mutation research

Matter, A., 1976:
Culture conditions for induction of suppressor cells in vitro

Ohta, S.; Matsui, O.; Yatazawa, M., 1978:
Culture conditions for nicotine production in tobacco tissue culture

Kurane R.; Toeda K.; Takeda K.; Suzuki T., 1986:
Culture conditions for production of microbial flocculant by rhodococcus erythropolis

Srivastava, R.A.; Baruah, J.N., 1986:
Culture Conditions for Production of Thermostable Amylase by Bacillus stearothermophilus

Waki T.; Taga M.; Tsuda M.; Ueyama A., 1979:
Culture conditions for the ascocarp formation of cochliobolus kusanoi

Kaiser U.; Lorenzen H., 1984:
Culture conditions for the different asexual and sexual stages of hydrodictyon reticulatum chlorococcales

Zhongze Z.; Murry M.A.; Torrey J.G., 1986:
Culture conditions influencing growth and nitrogen fixation in frankia sp hfpcc i3 isolated from casuarina cunninghamiana

Czokalo M.; Wisniewski L., 1981:
Culture conditions modify the effects exerted by human fetal alpha feto protein on some lymphocyte functions in vitro

Bellalou J.; Relyveld E.H., 1984:
Culture conditions of bordetella pertussis and relationship to immunogenicity of vaccines

Ikeda, S.; Fujita, I.; Hirose, Y., 1976:
Culture conditions of l iso leucine fermentation from acetic acid

Sakata Y.; Nishio T.; Komochi S., 1985:
Culture conditions of protoplasts from mesophyll cells of tomato related species

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Culture conditions of the fungus trichoderma aureoviride

Wirth, J.J.; Theisen, M.A.; Crowle, A.J., 1982:
Culture conditions required for primary isolation and study of mouse blood monocytes

Feather N.T., 1981:
Culture contact and national sentiment

Fagerlund U.H.M.; Mcbride J.R.; Dosanjh B.S.; Stone E.T., 1987:
Culture density and size effects on performance to release of juvenile chinook salmon and subsequent ocean survival smolt releases from capilano hatchery north vancouver british columbia canada in 1980 and 1981

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Culture diagnosis of gonorrhea a comparison between 2 standard laboratory methods and a commercial gonococcal culture kit kvadricult

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Culture diagnosis of meningococcal carriers: yield from different sites and influence of storage in transport medium

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Culture diet and nutrition selected themes and topics

Amantea G.F.; Skura B.J.; Nakai S., 1986:
Culture effect on ripening characteristics and rheological behavior of cheddar cheese

Prakash, G., 1976:
Culture experiments on different sex flower buds of cucumis melo treated with growth substances

Yamasaki S.; Canto J.T., 1980:
Culture experiments on the harpacticoid copepod tisbintra elongata and evaluation of the species as a food organism for milkfish chanos chanos larvae

Heinrich J.W., 1981:
Culture feeding and growth alewives alosa pseudoharengus hatched in the laboratory

Bonnet P., 1988:
Culture filtrates of three phytophthora spp purification and biological activity of different fractions

Protsenko M.A.; Andriasova A.G.; Lyubimova N.V., 1980:
Culture fluid as a source of antigens for producing anti serum against some components of the cell wall of phytophthora infestans

Scheper T.; Schuegerl K., 1986:
Culture fluorescence studies on aerobic continuous cultures of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Petz W.; Foissner W.; Adam H., 1985:
Culture food selection and growth rate in the mycophagous ciliate grossglockneria acuta first evidence of autochthonous soil ciliates

Steinum, O.; Alestig, K.; Brorson, J.E., 1987:
Culture from epipharynx of little value in bacterial pneumonia

Rowley, S.D.; Sharkis, S.J.; Hattenburg, C.; Sensenbrenner, L.L., 1987:
Culture from human bone marrow of blast progenitor cells with an extensive proliferative capacity

Rollwagen F.M.; Stutman O., 1981:
Culture generated suppressor cells evidence for an adherent cell component

Boric B., 1985:
Culture growth and reproductive organs formation of pleospora herbarum at different temperatures and ph values

Kidd, F.A.; Reid, C.P.P.; Davidson, R.W., 1977:
Culture growth inhibition of ceratocystis montia by induced water stress

Hurtel J.M.; Chanteau S.; Drollet J.H.; Bagnis R., 1979:
Culture in artificial medium of a dinoflagellate responsible for ciguatera

Thomas Morvan C.; Talbot M.; Chambard M., 1983:
Culture in collagen gel of human thyroid carcinomas

Comps M., 1983:
Culture in vitro of bonamia ostreae hemocytic parasite of the flat oyster ostrea edulis

Wojciechowska B.; Nowak K.; Kurzik Dumke U., 1980:
Culture in vitro of bryonia dioica

Levine, R.F., 1977:
Culture in vitro of isolated guinea pig megakaryocytes: recovery, survival, morphologic changes, and maturation

Uralets L.I., 1984:
Culture in vitro of tomato lycopersicon esculentum x lycopersicon minutum embryo

Osuna Carrillo A.; Jimenez Ortiz A.; Guevara Benitez D.C.; Pozo Guevara D., 1980:
Culture in vitro of trypanosoma cruzi on hela cells interactions between parasite and host cells

Van Bossuyt H.; Wisse E., 1988:
Culture kupffer cells isolated from human and rat liver biopsies ingest endotoxin

Osuna Carrillo A.; Jimenez Ortiz A.; Lozano Maldonado J., 1979:
Culture media for obtaining metacyclic forms of trypanosoma cruzi 1

Ito T.; Sugawara E.; Sakurai Y.; Takeyama S.; Uchizawa H.; Odagiri S., 1987:
Culture media for pyrazines production by a commercial natto bacillus bacillus natto

Kalina G.P., 1981:
Culture media for special tests for detecting edwardsiella spp

Nishio T.; Yamagishi H.; Takayanagi K., 1986:
Culture media for the early stage of plant regeneration from mesophyll protoplasts in cruciferous vegetables

Marichal P.; Gorrens J.; Van Cutsem J.; Vanden Bossche H., 1986:
Culture media for the study of the effects of azole derivatives on germ tube formation and hyphal growth of candida albicans

Emiliani F., 1981:
Culture media selection in aquatic bacterial ecology

Segot M.; Codomier L., 1981:
Culture media with enriched sea water optimal and inhibitory concentrations of some chemical compounds added to sea water for the culture of asparagopsis armata rhodophyceae bonnemaisoniales

Lopez Garces J.; Cazorla Martinez M.; Arroyo Merino J.A., 1986:
Culture media with ox bile and propionate for yeast isolation

Czokalo M.; Wisniewski L., 1980:
Culture medium components modify the effects exerted by alpha feto protein on lymphocyte response

Denisova S.V.; Lobova E.A.; Raskin B.M.; Likhoded V.G.; Tabachnik A.L., 1981:
Culture medium ensuring incorporation of radioactive thymidine into bacteria dna

Nikiforova N.A.; Marchenkova F.G., 1982:
Culture medium for identifying trichophyton schoenleinii

Vinnik A.L.; Vargina A.K.; Ershova Z.I., 1985:
Culture medium for the isolation and cultivation of pneumococci

Poelma, P.L.; Romero, A.; Wilson, C.R.; Andrews, W.H., 1976:
Culture method for detection of Salmonella in dried active yeast: collaborative study

Motomura S.; Ito A.; Okubo T.; Maruta A.; Kodama F., 1987:
Culture method for murine megakaryocytic colonies in vitro using glass fiber filters

Hosoda, E., 1980:
Culture methods and sporulation of Physarum polycephalum

Roberts D.J.; Fedorak P.M.; Hrudey S.E., 1988:
Culture methods for obtaining m cresol degrading methanogenic consortia

Vieira, A.A.H., 1977:
Culture methods of planktonic marine algae studies in cananeia and ubatuba regions

Aegerter P.; Dunlap C., 1980:
Culture of 5 commonly used acid producing bacteria on banana pulp

Barka T.; Van Der Noen H., 1982:
Culture of a 431 human epidermoid carcinoma cells in serum free medium effect of culture conditions on the binding of iodine 125 labeled epidermal growth factor

Matthys Rochon E.; Monte Santo B., 1981:
Culture of a free dinoflagellate amphidinium carterae on a solid medium

Kittaka J.; Iwai N.; Yoshimura M., 1988:
Culture of a hybrid of spiny lobster genus jasus from egg stage to puerulus

Schwartz, J.A.; Powell, T.W.; Burnham, S.J.; Johnson, G., 1987:
Culture of abdominal aortic aneurysm contents. An additional series

Kuwahara M.; Yamamoto T., 1981:
Culture of aeolosoma spp archioligochaeta found in activated sludge

Gutiérrez, M.C.; Díaz-Pontones, D.M.; López Vancell, M.R.; Beaty, G., 1988:
Culture of an epithelial cell line (MDCK) with a serum substitute

Zhuk, I.P., 1978:
Culture of apical meristems as a method of potato tuber protection against viral diseases

Chambers K.R.; Rijkenberg F.H.J., 1987:
Culture of asperisporium caricae the papaya black spot organism

Seidel C.R.; Schauer P.S.; Katayama T.; Simpson K.L., 1980:
Culture of atlantic silversides menidia menidia fed on artificial diets and brine shrimp artemia salina nauplii

Lozada, E.; Hernandez, J.M.; Aracena, O.; Lopez, M.T., 1974:
Culture of aulacomya ater in isletilla estero de castro chile mollusca bivalvia mytilidae

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Culture of autologous bone marrow in diffusion chambers: effect of host irradiation

X.Z.H.; Huang B.; Sunderland N., 1981:
Culture of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar sabarlis anthers in conditioned media

Knuutila, S.; Vuopio, P.; Elonen, E.; Siimes, M.; Kovanen, R.; Borgström, G.H.; de la Chapelle, A., 1981:
Culture of bone marrow reveals more cells with chromosomal abnormalities than the direct method in patients with hematologic disorders

Nohara M., 1980:
Culture of bovine basilar and coronary endothelial cells their morphology and biologic natures

Stringfellow D.A.; Scanlan C.M.; Brown R.R.; Meadows G.B.; Gray B.W.; Young White R.R., 1984:
Culture of bovine embryos after in vitro exposure to brucella abortus

Yasuda K.; Taga N., 1980 :
Culture of brachionus plicatilis using bacteria as food

Claycomb W.C., 1981:
Culture of cardiac muscle cells in serum free media

Miachon, S.; Biol, M.C.; Cier, J.F.; Chardonnet, Y., 1977:
Culture of cells isolated from the smooth muscle fraction of the rat duodenum

Gionti E.; Capasso O.; Cancedda R., 1983:
Culture of chick embryo chondrocytes and the control of their differentiated functions in vitro transformation by rous sarcoma virus induces a switch in the collagen type synthesis and enhances fibronectin expression

Mackinlay D.D.; Macdonald D.D.; Johnson M.K.; Fielden R.F., 1987:
Culture of chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha in iron rich groundwater stuart pilot hatchery experiences 1981 1983

Gresshoff, P.M., 1976:
Culture of chlamydomonas reinhardi protoplasts in defined media

Kohno, H.; Yoshida, F., 1977:
Culture of chlorophyllous tobacco cells not requiring any organic additives except sucrose in the medium part 1 effects of light and temperature on the growth of the cells

Yoshida, F.; Kohno, H., 1978:
Culture of chlorophyllous tobacco cells not requiring any organic additives except sucrose in the medium part 2 mineral accumulation by the cells

Ronot, X.; Sene, C.; Boschetti, E.; Hartmann, D.J.; Adolphe, M., 1984:
Culture of chondrocytes in medium supplemented with fetal calf serum or a serum substitute: Ultroser G

Rossman, T.G.; Prutkin, L.; Wheatley, V.R., 1977:
Culture of cloned cells from the mouse preputial gland tumor ESR 586

Omori F.; Okamura S.; Hayashi S.; Yamaga S.; Shibuya T.; Niho Y., 1987:
Culture of colony stimulating factor csf producing human bladder carcinoma cell line htb9 on artificial capillaries

Chen, L.; Imanishi, S.; Hiura, I., 1987:
Culture of cotyledon protoplast of lycopersicon esculentum effect of pre treatment before the isolation of protoplasts on the yield and cell division of protoplasts

Tripp, C.; Ruiz, A.; Bulmer, G.S., 1981:
Culture of Cryptococcus neoformans in the nonencapsulated state

Singh B.K.; Jenner C.F., 1983:
Culture of detached ears of wheat in liquid culture modification and extension of the method

Sadler, T.W., 1979:
Culture of early somite mouse embryos during organogenesis

Suri, N.K.; Banerjee, K., 1987:
Culture of embryonic mouse brain cells in vitro

Gonzalez M.P.; Miron J.; Murado M.A., 1987:
Culture of endomyces fibuliger in mussel processing wastes and precipitation with pegs of its extracellular amylolytic system

Mairh, O.P.; Pandey, R.S.; Tewari, A., 1986:
Culture of enteromorpha flexuosa wulf. j. ag. chlorophyceae in an outdoor pool

Kramer J.P.; Steinkraus D.C., 1981:
Culture of entomophthora muscae in vivo and its infectivity for 6 species of muscoid flies

Tal, S.; Ziv, I., 1978:
Culture of exotic species in israel

Sun J S.; Zhu Z Q., 1986:
Culture of explants from immature inflorescence of octoploid triticale

Wormald, P.J.; Abrahamson, M.J.; Millar, R.P., 1988:
Culture of functionally active human pituitary cells: investigation of gonadotropin regulation

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Culture of granulosa cells in collagen gels: the influence of cell shape on steroidogenesis

Bourgin, J.P.; Missonier, C., 1978:
Culture of ha ploid mesophyll protoplasts from nicotiana alata

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Culture of Hansen's bacilli in vitro in a case of lepromatous leprosy

Xie R D.; Liu Q G.; Yang S Y.; H.Y.J., 1980:
Culture of hemocytes and ovarian cells from 3 lepidopterous insect species

Sagromsky, H., 1972:
Culture of hordeum vulgare in earth and in hydroponics a comparison

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Culture of human cells obtained with DNA from chick Rous sarcoma

Johannisson, E.; Redard, M., 1984:
Culture of human endothelial cells derived from capillaries of the decidual tissue

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Culture of human endothelial cells derived from umbilical veins. Identification by morphologic and immunologic criteria

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Culture of human fetal pancreas and islet transplantation in 24 patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

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Culture of human glomerular cells

Oberley, T.D.; Gilbert, E.F.; Viseskul, C.; Arya, S., 1981:
Culture of human glomeruli from patients with metabolic or genetic diseases

Furman A.; Rotmensch S.; Dor J.; Venter A.; Mashiach S.; Vlodavsky I.; Amsterdam A., 1986:
Culture of human granulosa cells from an in vitro fertilization program effects of extracellular matrix on morphology and cyclic amp production

Kurrle E.; Hoelzer D.; Schmuecker H., 1979:
Culture of human hemopoietic cells in diffusion chambers part 1 growth of normal peripheral blood cells

Yankaskas, J.R.; Cotton, C.U.; Knowles, M.R.; Gatzy, J.T.; Boucher, R.C., 1985:
Culture of human nasal epithelial cells on collagen matrix supports. A comparison of bioelectric properties of normal and cystic fibrosis epithelia

Sutton D.L., 1986:
Culture of hydrilla hydrilla verticillata cultivar royle in sand root media amended with three fertilizers

Magakyan-Yu, A.; Nadzharyan, N.U.; Koltukhcheva, N.A., 1984:
Culture of hypothalamic supraoptic nuclei in vitro 1. kinetics and morphology

Ueda S.; Kuwayama M.; Shioya Y.; Hanada A., 1988:
Culture of in vitro fertilized bovine embryos in a chemically defined medium bo medium

Das, P.; Sinha, M.; Kumar, D.; Chakraborty, D.P.; Guha-Roy, M.K., 1978:
Culture of indian major carps with record yield in a demonstration pond

Atanasov A.I.; Butenko R.G., 1980:
Culture of isolated anthers of sugar beet

Cocking, E.C., 1976:
Culture of isolated cells and organelles their genetic and developmental interactions

Popov-Yu, G.; Vysotskii, V.A.; Trushechkin, V.G., 1976:
Culture of isolated cherry stem apices

Zdruikovskaya Rikhter A.I., 1985:
Culture of isolated embryos seedbuds and seeds of various crops and aspects of its use for applied purposes

Morita, T.; Oite, T.; Kihara, I.; Yamamoto, T.; Hara, M.; Naka, A.; Ohno, S., 1980:
Culture of isolated glomeruli from normal and nephritic rabbits 1. characterization of outgrowing cells

Oite, T.; Morita, T.; Kihara, I.; Yamamoto, T.; Suzuki, Y.; Okada, K., 1980:
Culture of isolated glomeruli from normal and nephritic rabbits 2. kinetics of outgrowing cells

Hinchee M.A.W.; Fitch M.M.M., 1984:
Culture of isolated micro spores of saccharum spontaneum

Kuchko A.A.; Marunenko I.M., 1983:
Culture of isolated potato anthers

Lysenko K.H.; Sydorov V.A., 1985:
Culture of isolated protoplasts and production of new potato forms

Piven' N.M.; Makhorina O.K., 1986:
Culture of isolated protoplasts of leaf mesophyll and the regeneration of tomato plants and some of its wild relatives

Kondo S.; Hozumi Y.; Sato N.; Aso K., 1986:
Culture of keratinizing cutaneous tumors the comparison between keratoacanthoma and squamous cell carcinoma in vitro

Houde, E.D.; Berkeley, S.A.; Klinovsky, J.J.; Schekter, R.C., 1976:
Culture of larvae of the white mullet mugil curema

Tigges, F.J.; Heyden, H.W.V.; Waller, H.D., 1977:
Culture of leukocytes of patients with hairy cell leukemia in the diffusion chamber

Higashihara T.; Fukuoka S.; Abe T.; Mizuhara I.; Imada O.; Hirano R., 1983:
Culture of marine yeasts using alcohol fermentation slop and their taxonomic characteristics

Adachi M.; Yokoyama M.; Tanioka Y., 1982:
Culture of marmoset ovarian oocytes in vitro

Monnier M., 1982:
Culture of mature ecotyledonous embryos of phaseolus vulgaris and the nutritional role of cotyledons

Böning, L.; Lau, B.; Wilmanns, W., 1980:
Culture of mononuclear cells from patients with aplastic anemia in diffusion chambers

van der Meer, J.W.; Bulterman, D.; van Zwet, T.L.; Elzenga-Claasen, I.; van Furth, R., 1978:
Culture of mononuclear phagocytes on a teflon surface to prevent adherence

Dhainaut F.; Gerbert Gaillard B.; Maume B.F., 1987:
Culture of mouse adrenal cortex y 1 cell line on microcarriers in cell reactor growth and steroidogenesis

Kamata, K.; Oh-Ishi, S., 1983:
Culture of mouse embryo for the toxicological evaluation of drugs in vitro. (2). Differential staining of sister chromatids of blastocyst cell

Kamata K.; Suzuki S.; O.I.hi S., 1983:
Culture of mouse embryo for the toxicological evaluation of drugs in vitro establishment of in vitro culture system and effect of 6 mercapto purine on development of early stage embryo

Sadler, T.W.; New, D.A., 1981:
Culture of mouse embryos during neurulation

Ackerman S.B.; Swanson R.J.; Stokes G.K.; Veeck L.L., 1984:
Culture of mouse pre implantation embryos as a quality control assay for human in vitro fertilization

Anon, 1981:
Culture of myo cardial cells and their morphological features

Gurevich, M.I.; Proichuk, N.F., 1978:
Culture of myo cardial cells as a model for studying the effect of adrenergic stimulation on cardiac muscle

Taylor, P.E.; Zuckerman, A.J.; Farrow, L.J., 1969:
Culture of needle biopsies of the liver from patients with suspected hepatitis

Szydlowska H.; Kowalska Z.; Vetulani J., 1981:
Culture of nervous tissue from rats of various ages for pharmacological studies

Zelcer A.; Galun E., 1980:
Culture of newly isolated tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi protoplasts cell division and precursor incorporation following a transient exposure to coumarin

Takayama, H., 1977:
Culture of noctiluca scintillans

Chikkappa, G.; Carsten, A.L.; Chanana, A.D.; Cronkite, E.P., 1978:
Culture of normal human blood cells in diffusion chamber systems part 1 granulocyte survival and proliferation

Eyestone W.H.; Leibfried Rutledge M.L.; Northey D.L.; Gilligan B.G.; First N.L., 1987:
Culture of one cell and two cell bovine embryos to the blastocyst stage in the ovine oviduct

Kerbauy G.B.; Handro W., 1980:
Culture of orchid embryos in liquid media

Krishnan, E.C.; Mebust, W.K.; Weigel, J.W.; Jewell, W.R., 1983:
Culture of peripheral monocytes in vitro in patients with renal cell carcinoma: a possible prognostic indicator

Schum A., 1981:
Culture of peronospora spinaciae on callus derived from susceptible and resistant spinach plants

Teasdale R.D.; Buxton P.A., 1986:
Culture of pinus radiata embryos with reference to artificial seed production

Jensen, M.D.; Conley, M.; Helstowski, L.D., 1983:
Culture of Plasmodium falciparum: the role of pH, glucose, and lactate

Klinefelter, G.R.; Amann, R.P.; Hammerstedt, R.H., 1982:
Culture of principal cells from the rat caput epididymidis

Farmer, I.; Lee, P.E., 1977:
Culture of protoplasts derived from ramsey durum wheat

Haugen, A.; Aune, T., 1986:
Culture of rabbit pulmonary Clara cells

Merrilees M.J.; Scott L., 1981:
Culture of rat and pig aortic endothelial cells differences in their isolation growth rate and glycosamino glycan synthesis

Edwards, R.B., 1977:
Culture of rat retinal pigment epithelium

Janecki, A.; Lukaszyk, A.; Jakubowiak, A., 1981:
Culture of rat Sertoli cells isolated with a modified procedure. Morphological identification of cell population and cell reactivity

Narvaez V.J.; Gonzalez F.J., 1983:
Culture of rice tissues oryza sativa induction of callus and regeneration of plants

Lewis, R.W.; Harrison, R.M.; Domingue, G.J., 1981:
Culture of seminal fluid in a fertility clinic

Orchard J.E.; Hardwick K.; Collin H.A., 1979:
Culture of shoot apices of theobroma cacao

Kondo, S.; Hozumi, Y., 1984:
Culture of skin in diffusion chamber. Culture of whole skin in diffusion chambers in autologous rabbits: maintenance of normal epidermal differentiation

Kondo S.; Hozumi Y.; Watanabe S.; Aso K., 1985:
Culture of skin in intraperitoneal diffusion chambers in autologous guinea pigs maintenance of normal epidermal structure

Wertheimer A.C.; Heard W.R.; Martin R.M., 1983:
Culture of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka smolts in estuarine net pens and returns of adults from 2 smolt releases

Tricoli D.M.; Hein M.B.; Carnes M.G., 1986:
Culture of soybean glycine max mesophyll protoplasts in alginate beads

Guerin, J.P., 1987:
Culture of spionids annelida polychaeta throughout the life cycle i. culture techniques for one of the three forms of malacoceros fuliginosus found on french coasts

Knypl, J.S., 1976:
Culture of spirodela oligorrhiza in ammonium media buffered with calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate

Jacobson, S.L., 1977:
Culture of spontaneously contracting myo cardial cells from adult rats

Cobleigh, M.A.; Kennedy, J.L.; Hill, J.H.; Lindholm, K.M.; Langenberg, P.W.; Applebaum, E.L., 1986:
Culture of squamous head and neck cancer on 3T3 fibroblasts following isokinetic velocity sedimentation

Kubo, S.; Kagami, Y.; Nonaka, K., 1975:
Culture of stem tips of the hop humulus lupulus and elimination of virus symptoms

Kwon W S.; Cho C H., 1986:
Culture of the ark shell anadara broughtonii in yoja bay korea

Owen B.; Disalvo L.H.; Ebert E.E.; Fonck E., 1984:
Culture of the california red abalone haliotis rufescens in chile

D.M.deiros L.; Simoes M., 1979:
Culture of the cyanophycean oscillatoria formosa for the feeding of fresh water snails

Hansen G.L., 1987:
Culture of the expectorate in respiratory diseases is it worth the trouble and expense

Choo P.S., 1979:
Culture of the mussel mytilus viridis in the straits of johore malaysia

Manzi J.J.; Hadley N.H.; Battey C.; Haggerty R.; Hamilton R.; Carter M., 1984:
Culture of the northern hard clam mercenaria mercenaria in a commercial scale upflow nursery system

Kittaka J., 1988:
Culture of the palinurid jasus lalandii from egg stage to puerulus

Shimizu T., 1986:
Culture of the peritoneal sheath from the diapausing cabbage armyworm mamestra brassicae pupal testis

Higashihara T.; Fukuoka S.; Abe T.; Mizuhara I.; Imada O.; Hirano R., 1983:
Culture of the rotifer brachionus plicatilis using a microbial flock produced from alcohol fermentation slop

Landau M.; Ryther J.H., 1985:
Culture of the shrimp penaeus vannamei boone using feed and treated wastewater

Kunin, C.M.; Steele, C., 1985:
Culture of the surfaces of urinary catheters to sample urethral flora and study the effect of antimicrobial therapy

Lao F.O.; Divinagracia G.G., 1979:
Culture of the sweet potato scab fungus sphaceloma batatas

Claycomb W.C.; Palazzo M.C., 1980:
Culture of the terminally differentiated adult rat cardiac muscle cell a light and scanning electron microscope study

Cimmino, C., 1973 :
Culture of the yellow tail seriola quinqueradiata in japan as a possible method of marine culture for introduction in italy

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Culture of uninvolved and involved psoriatic and normal epidermis with 3T3 feeder layers: morphological and biochemical comparison

De-Cock, A.W.A.M., 1977:
Culture of zostera marina in the laboratory

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Culture patterns and sorting of rat Sertoli cell secretory proteins

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Culture ph carbon di oxide tension and cell division in euglena gracilis

Salzano, F.M., 1976:
Culture population structure and genetic variability in south american indians

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Culture procedure of mesothelial cells from the rat parietal pleura

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Culture produced subendothelium 1. platelet interaction and properties

Booyse, F.M.; Feder, S.; Quarfoot, A.J., 1982:
Culture produced subendothelium 2. effect of plasma factor viii ristocetin willebrand factor and fibronectin on interaction of normal platelets with normal and von willebrand porcine aortic subendothelium

Ghosh A.; Rao L.H.; Saha S.K., 1980:
Culture prospect of sarotherodon mossambicus in small ponds fertilized with domestic sewage

Monsour K.J., 1980:
Culture psychiatric illness and treatment in burma

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Culture purity assessments and morphological dissociation in the pleomorphic microorganism Bacterionema matruchotii

Kim J.S., 1980:
Culture results of mycobacterium tuberculosis on loewenstein jensen and ogawa media

Hall A.K.; Behrman H.R., 1981:
Culture sensitization and inhibition of luteinizing hormone responsive production of cyclic amp in luteal cells by luteinizing hormone prostaglandin f 2 alpha and 6 d tryptophan luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

Sage, H., 1986:
Culture shock. Selective uptake and rapid release of a novel serum protein by endothelial cells in vitro

Pedersen, P.M., 1978:
Culture studies in the pleomorphic brown alga myriotrichia clavaeformis dictyosiphonales myriotrichiaceae

Nielsen R., 1983:
Culture studies of acrochaete leptochaete new combination and acrochaete wittrockii chaetophoraceae chlorophyceae

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Culture studies of dictyosphaeria chlorophyceae siphonocladales 1. life history and morphogenesis of dictyosphaeria cavernosa

Enomoto, S.; Hori, T.; Okuda, K., 1982:
Culture studies of dictyosphaeria chlorophyceae siphonocladales 2. morphological analysis of segregative cell division in dictyosphaeria cavernosa

Pulich W.M.Jr, 1982:
Culture studies of halodule wrightii edaphic requirements

Patidar, K.C.; Kaul, A., 1984:
Culture studies of riccia gangetica 3. influence of moisture regime on growth

Rao P.S.N.; Talpasayi E.R.S., 1982:
Culture studies on anabaena fertilissima from sambhar salt works india

Enomoto, S.; Ohba, H., 1987:
Culture studies on caulerpa caulerpales chlorophyceae i. reproduction and development of caulerpa racemosa var laetevirens

Ohba, H.; Enomoto, S., 1987:
Culture studies on caulerpa caulerpales chlorophyceae ii. morphological variation of caulerpa racemosa var laetevirens under various culture conditions

Pedersen P.M., 1980:
Culture studies on complanate and cylindrical scytosiphon fucophyceae scytosiphonales from greenland

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Culture studies on eucheuma nudum a carrageenan producing red alga from florida

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Culture studies on gelidium pusillum

Oza, R.M., 1977:
Culture studies on induction of tetra spores and their subsequent development in the red alga falkenbergia rufolanosa

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Culture studies on marine alga gelidiella acerosa forsskal feldmann et hamel

Pedersen, P.M., 1979:
Culture studies on marine algae from west greenland denmark 4. giffordia ovata fucophyceae ectocarpales

Pedersen, P.M., 1976:
Culture studies on marine algae from west greenland part 2 coelocladia arctica dictyosiphonales coelocladiaceae new family

Pedersen, P.M., 1978:
Culture studies on marine algae from west greenland part 3 the life histories and systematic positions of pogotrichum filiforme and leptonematella fasciculata phaeophyceae

D.P.ula E.J.; West J.A., 1986:
Culture studies on pedobesia ryukyuensis new record derbesiales chlorophyta in brazil

Vishvakarma, K.S.; Kaul, A., 1988:
Culture studies on plagiochasma appendiculatum lehm. et lindenb. and reboulia hemisphaerica l. raddi populations of pachmarhi central india in relation to ph on a comparative basis

Patidar, K.C.; Kaul, A., 1982:
Culture studies on riccia gangetica 1. effect of ph on growth

Patidar, K.C.; Kaul, A., 1983:
Culture studies on riccia gangetica 2. influence of light on growth

Patidar, K.C.; Solanki, C.M.; Kaul, A., 1988:
Culture studies on riccia gangetica ahmad v. influence of mineral nutrients on growth

Pedersen P.M., 1979:
Culture studies on the brown algae halothrix lumbricalis and elachista fucicola elachistaceae

Antia, N.J.; Cheng, J.Y., 1975:
Culture studies on the effects from borate pollution on the growth of marine phyto plankters

Oliveira, L.; Antia, N.J.; Bisalputra, T., 1978:
Culture studies on the effects from fluoride pollution on the growth of marine phyto plankters

Mueller D.G., 1984:
Culture studies on the life history of adenocystis utricularis phaeophyceae dictyosiphonales

Mueller D.G.; Meel H., 1982:
Culture studies on the life history of arthrocladia villosa f australia desmarestiales phaeophyceae

Mueller, D.G.; Schmidt, U.U., 1988:
Culture studies on the life history of elachista stellaris aresch. phaeophyceae chordariales

Clayton M.N., 1986:
Culture studies on the life history of scytothamnus australis and scytothamnus fasciculatus phaeophyta with electron microscope observations on sporogenesis and gametogenesis

Nielsen R., 1979:
Culture studies on the type species of acrochaete bolbocoleon and entocladia chaetophoraceae chlorophyceae

Nielsen, R., 1977:
Culture studies on ulvella lens and ulvella setchellii

Kennedy, F.G.R.; Hoshaw, R.W., 1978:
Culture study of reproductive cycles and systematics in mougeotia transeaui chlorophyta

Fenaux R.; Gorsky G., 1979:
Culture technique for appendicularians

Kowarsky, J., 1977:
Culture trials of young green turtles chelonia mydas in torres strait northern australia

Stumpf, S.E., 1978:
Culture values and food safety

Stary, A.; Kopp, W.; Gebhart, W.; Soltz-Szots, J., 1985:
Culture vs. direct specimen test comparative study of infections with chlamydia trachomatis in viennese prostitutes

Hsieh, W.T.; Chen, S.S.; Yang, Y.C., 1977:
Culture weight loss method for assessment of mycelial growth and enzyme synthesis in the solid culture

Slavinski-Turley, E.A.; Auersperg, N., 1978:
Cultured adreno cortical cells in various states of differentiation electron microscopic characterization and ultrastructural response to acth

Otwell W.S.; Rickards W.L., 1981:
Cultured and wild american eels anguilla rostrata fat content and fatty acid composition

Miklovicova, M., 1977:
Cultured anthers of nicotiana tabacum in vitro

Fischer, G.; Kettenmann, H., 1985:
Cultured astrocytes form a syncytium after maturation

Grabczewska, E.; Laskowska-Bozek, H.; Maślinski, W.; Ryzewski, J., 1983:
Cultured beating myocytes from neonatal rat heart as a model for the study of muscarinic cholinergic receptors

Revtyak, G.E.; Johnson, A.R.; Campbell, W.B., 1988:
Cultured bovine coronary arterial endothelial cells synthesize HETEs and prostacyclin

Hay, R.J.; Williams, C.D.; Macy, M.L.; Lavappa, K.S., 1982:
Cultured cell lines for research on pulmonary physiology available through the American type culture collection

Ziedler, R.B.; Willis, J.S., 1976:
Cultured cells from renal cortex of hibernators and nonhibernators regulation of cell potassium ion at low temperature

Ward, J.B., 1976:
Cultured cells in cystic fibrosis research: A review

Greene, L.A.; Thoa, N.B.; Jacobowitz, D.M., 1976:
Cultured chick embryo sympathetic ganglion chromaffin like cells synthesize and contain beta hydroxylated catecholamines

Byun, C.H.; Choo, S.Y., 1985:
Cultured colon cancer cell sc 1 associated membrane antigens demonstrable by membrane immunofluorescence and measurable titer of immunoglobulin m antibody in colorectal cancer patients' sera

Mcintyre T.M.; Zimmerman G.A.; Satoh K.; Prescott S.M., 1985:
Cultured endothelial cells synthesize platelet activating factor and prostacyclin in response to histamine bradykinin and atp

Harris A.; Coleman L., 1988:
Cultured epithelial cells derived from human fetal pancreas as a model for the study of cystic fibrosis further analyses on the origins and nature of the cell types

Baine R.M.; Benson J.M., 1981:
Cultured erythroid cells as a model for hemo globin regulation ability of cultured cells to synthesize hemo globin lepore and hemo globin and maintain balanced globin synthesis

Bartlett K.; N.H.; Dale G.; Green A.; Leonard J.V., 1981:
Cultured fibroblasts from patients with defects of biotin dependent carboxylation

Archer, F.J.; Mancall, E.L., 1983:
Cultured fibroblasts in huntingtons disease 1. effects of l glutamic acid

Archer, F.J.; Mancall, E.L., 1983:
Cultured fibroblasts in huntingtons disease 2. effects of glucosamine

Tenni R.; Tavella D.; Donnelly P.; D.F.rrante N.; Hill L.; Leach C.; Hatton D., 1980:
Cultured fibroblasts of juvenile diabetics have excessively soluble peri cellular collagen

Rosa P.A.; Shreffler D.C., 1983:
Cultured hepatocytes from mouse strains expressing high and low levels of complement c 4 differ in rate of synthesis of the protein

Glennås, A.; Rugstad, H.E., 1986:
Cultured human cells can acquire resistance to the antiproliferative effect of sodium aurothiomalate

Mercandetti, A.J.; Lane, T.A.; Colmerauer, M.E., 1984:
Cultured human endothelial cells elaborate neutrophil chemoattractants

Hauser C.; Saurat J H.; Jaunin F.; Sizonenko S.; Dayer J.M., 1985:
Cultured human epidermis cells produce cell associated interleukin 1 like prostaglandin e 2 stimulating factor and collagenase stimulation factor

Edge, S.B.; Hoeg, J.M.; Triche, T.; Schneider, P.D.; Brewer, H.B., 1986:
Cultured human hepatocytes. Evidence for metabolism of low density lipoproteins by a pathway independent of the classical low density lipoprotein receptor

Yang J L.; Shen Z M.; Sun Y F.; Han J X.; X.B., 1985:
Cultured human hepatoma cell bel 7404 for anticancer drugs screening

Han T.; Dadey B.; Minowada J., 1979:
Cultured human leukemic non thymus derived non bone marrow derived lympho blasts and their stimulating capacity in 1 way mixed lymphocyte reaction suggestive evidence for early thymus derived cell or bone marrow derived cell precursors

Wolff S.; Afzal V.; Lindquist P.B., 1984:
Cultured human lymphocyte proliferate faster in medium lacking fetal calf serum and antibiotics

Pabst, M.J.; Hedegaard, H.B.; Johnston, R.B., 1982:
Cultured human monocytes require exposure to bacterial products to maintain an optimal oxygen radical response

Hovi, T.; Mosher, D.; Vaheri, A., 1977:
Cultured human monocytes synthesize and secrete alpha macro globulin

Sens, M.A.; Hennigar, G.R.; Hazen-Martin, D.J.; Blackburn, J.G.; Sens, D.A., 1988:
Cultured human proximal tubule cells as a model for aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity

Baenziger, N.L.; Dillender, M.J.; Majerus, P.W., 1977:
Cultured human skin fibroblasts and arterial cells produce a labile platelet inhibitory prostaglandin

Kulesz Martin F.A.B.; Mclimans W.F., 1982:
Cultured human skin hetero transplantation

Vose B.M.; Moore M., 1981:
Cultured human t cell lines kill autologous solid tumors

Schuurman H J.; Hendriks R.W.; Lange J.M.A.; Van Der Linden J.A.; Meyling F.H.J.G.; Danner S.A.; Kater L., 1986:
Cultured human thymus epithelial monolayer cells induce cd 4 expression on mononuclear cells of acquired immune deficiency syndrome patients in vitro

Drewinko B.; Yang L.Y.; Barlogie B.; Trujillo J.M., 1984:
Cultured human tumor cells may be arrested in all stages of the cycle during stationary phase demonstration of quiescent cells in g 1 s and g 2 phase

Sprandio, J.D.; Shapiro, S.S.; Thiagarajan, P.; McCord, S., 1988:
Cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells contain a membrane glycoprotein immunologically related to platelet glycoprotein Ib

Dorn G.W.II.S.ns D.; Chaikhouni A.; Mais D.; Halushka P.V., 1987:
Cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells with functional thromboxane a 2 receptors measurement of u 46619 induced calcium 45 efflux

Swierenga S.H.H., 1988:
Cultured liver epithelial cell can incorporate monoclonal antibodies directed against intracellular cytokeratin structures without microinjection

Budd R.C.; Cerottini J C.; Macdonald H.R., 1986:
Cultured lyt 2 negative l3t4 negative t lymphocytes from normal thymus or lpr mice express a broad spectrum of cytolytic activity

Keating A.; Whalen C.K.; Singer J.W., 1983:
Cultured marrow stromal cells express common acute lympho blastic leukemia antigen implications for marrow transplantation

Ehmann, U.K.; Guzman, R.C.; Osborn, R.C.; Young, J.T.; Cardiff, R.D.; Nandi, S., 1987:
Cultured mouse mammary epithelial cells: normal phenotype after implantation

Tesseraux, I.; Gülden, M.; Wassermann, O., 1987:
Cultured myotubes from skeletal muscle of adult rats. Characterization and action of Anemonia sulcata toxin II

Higgins T.J.C.; Bailey P.J.; Allsopp D.; Imhof D.A., 1981:
Cultured neo nate rat myocytes as a model for the study of myo cardial ischemic necrosis

Nicholson D.M.; Mason W.T., 1982:
Cultured neurons from the mature bovine mediobasal hypothalamus contain lhrh but not catecholamine

Hashem, N.; Shawki, R., 1976:
Cultured peripheral lymphocytes 1 biologic indicator of potential drug hazard

Hall, C.L.; Haynes, J.D.; Chulay, J.D.; Diggs, C.L., 1978:
Cultured Plasmodium falciparum used as antigen in a malaria indirect fluorescent antibody test

Shirai, J., 1988:
Cultured rabbit lens epithelial cells in the laboratory diagnosis of ocular herpes simplex virus disease

Yamamoto H., 1983:
Cultured rat aortic medial smooth muscle cells

Kino M.; Tokushige A.; Tamura H.; Hopp L.; Searle B.M.; Khalil F.; Aviv A., 1985:
Cultured rat vascular smooth muscle cells extracellular calcium and sodium ion potassium ion regulation

Burke J.M., 1982:
Cultured retinal glial cells are insensitive to platelet derived growth factor

Yuasa T.; Fukuma M.; Takashima S.; Takaki R., 1980:
Cultured skin fibroblasts in lipidoses enzymatic histochemical and ultrastructural relationship in fabrys tay sachs and sandhoffs disease

Creedon, D.J.; Tuttle, J.B., 1988:
Cultured smooth muscle targets lack survival activity for ciliary ganglion neurons

Hawrot E., 1980:
Cultured sympathetic neurons effects of cell derived and synthetic substrata on survival and development

Bertoglio J.; Gerlier D.; Gerard J.P., 1981:
Cultured t lymphocytes cyto toxic for a syngeneic lymphoma derivation in concanavalin a conditioned medium and in vivo activity

Rapoport, B.; Adams, R.J.; Rose, M., 1977:
Cultured thyroid cell cyclic amp response to thyrotropin loss and restoration of sensitivity to iodide inhibition

Sasvari Szekely M.; Staub M.; Taljanidisz J.; Szabo G.Jr; Takacs J.; Antoni F., 1984:
Cultured tonsillar lymphocytes excrete tritium labeled thymidine labeled dna and revert to resting state

Obrink, A.; Bunne, G.; Hedlund, P.O., 1979:
Cultures from different parts of the urethra in female urethral syndrome

Matsuda, M., 1981:
Cultures of amphibian neural crest cell aggregates

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Cultures of blue green algae from thermal springs of the caucasus ussr

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Cultures of Chlamydia trachomatis in mouse peritoneal macrophages: factors affecting organism growth

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Cultures of human embryo organs and investigation of australian antigen

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Cultures of islet cells from the pancreas of human fetuses

Behnke, M., 1976:
Cultures of isolated cells from ha ploid solanum tuberosum clones and their regeneration

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Cultures of mast cell like cells from human pleural exudate cells

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Cultures of normal human urothelial cells from ureters of perfused cadaver transplant kidneys

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Cultures of serogroup b meningococcus with continuous and synchronous cell fission

Billings Gagliardi S.; Hall A.L.; Stanhope G.B.; Altschuler R.J.; Sidman R.L.; Wolf M.K., 1984:
Cultures of shiverer mutant cerebellum injected with normal oligodendrocytes make normal and shiverer myelin

Ohki K.; Rueter J.G.; Fujita Y., 1986:
Cultures of the pelagic cyanophytes trichodesmium erythraeum and trichodesmium thiebautii in synthetic medium

Majocha R.E.; Schmidt R.; Shashoua V.E., 1982:
Cultures of zona ependyma cells of goldfish carassius auratus brain an immunological study of the synthesis and release of ependymins

Varley, J.; Jordan, F.T., 1978:
Culturing anomalies associated with Mycoplasma recovered from the tissues of chicks and turkey poults experimentally infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum or Mycoplasma gallinarum

Sabour A.; Tisserat B., 1985:
Culturing date palm embryos and seedlings in vitro

Kuenzel, W.; Starost, E.; Meissner, C., 1976:
Culturing mycoplasma on liquid media sterilized with beta propio lactone

Shanghai-Cereal-Oil-Ind-Corp-Workshop-Brewage-(China), 1976:
Culturing of aspergillus oryzae strain 3.042

Ru, N.; Whitcomb, W.H.; Murphey, M., 1976:
Culturing of chrysopa rufilabris neuroptera chrysopidae

Schubert R.; Helm F., 1985:
Culturing of escherichia coli bacteria impaired by chlorine action with the aid of the membrane filtration technique

Laohathai, K.; Bhamarapravati, N., 1985:
Culturing of human hepatocellular carcinoma. A simple and reproducible method

Suzuki K., 1983:
Culturing of lyctus brunneus by the buckwheat cake fagopyrum sagittatum method and tentative procedure for determining the efficacy of preserved products

Aboul Eid H.Z.; Ameen H.H., 1981:
Culturing of mylonchulus hawaiiensis on microbiological and soil media

Itani, Z.S., 1977:
Culturing of neisseria gonorrhoeae development of an easy method

Yoqoob M., 1979:
Culturing of petrolisthes bosciicrustacea decapoda porcellanidae in the laboratory

Koshy P.K.; Sosamma V.K., 1982:
Culturing of radopholus similis within mesocarp of coconut cocos nucifera

Mendgen K.; Dressler E., 1983:
Culturing puccinia coronata on a cell mono layer of the avena sativa coleoptile

Kaveriappa K.M.; Safeeulla K.M.; Shaw C.G., 1980:
Culturing sclerospora sorghi in callus tissue of sorghum sorghum vulgare

Bacescu M., 1982:
Cumacea from the sea of marmara and the aegean euboea island

Zimmer C., 1980:
Cumaceans of the american atlantic boreal coast region usa crustacea peracarida

Hall I.V.; Jamieson A.R.; Brydon A.D., 1988:
Cumberland and fundy lowbush blueberries

Keizer P.D.; Gordon D.C.Jr; Daborn G.R.; Ebenhoeh W., 1987:
Cumberland basin nova scotia canada ecosystem model structure performance and evaluation

Gamo S., 1985:
Cumellopsis surugaensis new species crustacea cumacea from japan

Kulkarni, A.P.; Hodgson, E., 1978:
Cumene hydro per oxide generated spectral interactions of piperonyl butoxide and other synergists with microsomes from mammals and insects

Plyugacheva E.I.; Metelitsa D.I., 1985:
Cumene hydroperoxide dependent oxidation of ethanol catalyzed by cytochrome p 450 lm 2 and hemoglobin

Koster J.F.; Slee R.G.; Essed C.E.; Stam H., 1985:
Cumene hydroperoxide induced lipid peroxidation in the isolated perfused rat heart

Sayo H.; Hosokawa M., 1985:
Cumene hydroperoxide supported n demethylation of n n dimethylanilines catalyzed by catalase

Wegst, A.V.; Goin, J.E.; Robinson, R.G., 1983:
Cumulated activities determined from bio distribution data in pregnant rats ranging from 13 21 days gestation 1. technetium 99m per technetate/

Kwapinska H., 1986:
Cumulation and distribution of zinc 65 in white rat masticatory organ

Davydov, O.N.; Perevozchenko, I.I.; Braginskii, L.P.; Bal'on-Ya, G., 1976:
Cumulation desorption and mechanism of action of organo chlorine toxic chemicals on cestodes of fishes

Stary J.; Kratzer K.; Prasilova J., 1983:
Cumulation of alkali earths and alkali metals on algae

Lukowski A.B.; Ligowski R., 1987:
Cumulation of chloroorganic insecticides by antarctic marine diatoms

Fuzesi I.; Fuzesi Susan M., 1981:
Cumulation of diet derived chlorinated hydro carbons in muscle liver and fat tissue of laboratory rats

Durant, N.N.; Lee, C.; Katz, R.L., 1981:
Cumulation of neomycin and its residual potentiation of tubocurarine in the cat

Nosov V.N.; Kolosova L.V., 1979:
Cumulation of toxic effect by aquatic animals

Dmowski K.; Karolewski M.A., 1979:
Cumulation of zinc cadmium and lead in invertebrates and in some vertebrates according to the degree of an area contamination

Ellison, G.; Ring, M.; Ross, D.; Axelrood, B., 1980:
Cumulative alterations in rat behavior during continuous administration of LSD or mescaline: absence of tolerance?

Dockery, D.W.; Speizer, F.E.; Ferris, B.G.; Ware, J.H.; Louis, T.A.; Spiro, A., 1988:
Cumulative and reversible effects of lifetime smoking on simple tests of lung function in adults

Gerolt, P., 1977:
Cumulative and sensitization effects of repeated applications of methomyl to the house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae

Gillon Y., 1986:
Cumulative coevolution and substitutive coevolution

Dor, J.; Itzkowic, D.J.; Mashiach, S.; Lunenfeld, B.; Serr, D.M., 1980:
Cumulative conception rates following gonadotropin therapy

Jensen, A.R., 1977:
Cumulative deficit in iq of blacks in the rural south

Chahal R.S.; Singh J.P.; Khera A.P., 1984:
Cumulative direct and residual effects of phosphorus potassium and farmyard manure on crop yield and soil characteristics

Singh, D.R., 1977:
Cumulative dose calculations for clinical and diagnostic radio nuclides

Pollard G.T.; Howard J.L., 1986:
Cumulative dose effect curves in rats run twice a week on an interresponse time greater than 72 second schedule

Laursen L.C.; Franck K.; Munch E.P.; Taudorf E.; Weeke B., 1984:
Cumulative dose response study comparing clinical effects of 2 doses of terbutaline sulfate administered via a 750 milliliter spacer to asthmatic patients

Klein L.; Hopkins J.; Beck E.; Burton B., 1983:
Cumulative dose responses to gallamine pancuronium and neostigmine in halothane anesthetized horses neuro muscular and cardio vascular effects

Benzian, B., 1972:
Cumulative dressings of potassium meta phosphate and soluble phosphorus potassium fertilizers for seedlings and transplants of picea sitchensis g in 2 english nurseries

Olson C.R.; Freeman R.D., 1980:
Cumulative effect of brief daily periods of mon ocular vision on kitten striate cortex

Koregave, B.A.; Kolhe, A.K.; Darandale, N.J.; Sangave, R.A., 1978:
Cumulative effect of farmyard manure on crop yields of bajra and wheat

Kozubek, S., 1983:
Cumulative effect of nonstandard radiation

Dev N.K.; Mangat H.K., 1983:
Cumulative effect of prostaglandin e 2 injections on electro encephalographic activity in male monkeys macaca mulatta

Jungowska-Klin, B., 1980:
Cumulative effect of x ray radiation and inflammatory reaction on the circadian rhythm of tyrosine amino transferase ec in the mouse liver

Kaidbey K.H.; Kligman A.M., 1981:
Cumulative effects from repeated exposures to uv radiation

Tikhonchuk, V.S., 1978:
Cumulative effects in microwave irradiation

Lapaev E.V.; Bednenko V.S., 1985:
Cumulative effects of coriolis accelerations on coronary hemodynamics

Sibbett G.S.; Martin G.C., 1982:
Cumulative effects of ethephon as a fruit thinner on french prune prunus domestica

Chiera J.W.; Newson R.M.; Cunningham M.P., 1985:
Cumulative effects of host resistance on rhipicephalus appendiculatus acarina ixodidae in the laboratory

Felner A.E.; Waldmeier P.C., 1979:
Cumulative effects of irreversible mono amine oxidase inhibitors in vivo

Hofstra G.; Tonneijck A.E.G.; Allen O.B., 1985:
Cumulative effects of low levels of sulfur dioxide on ozone sensitivity in bean and cucumber

Van-Cleve, K.; Moore, T.A., 1978:
Cumulative effects of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizer additions on soil respiration ph and organic matter content

Heithaus E.R.; Stashko E.; Anderson P.K., 1982:
Cumulative effects of plant animal interactions on seed production by bauhinia ungulata a neotropical legume

Sathiyamoothy P.; Vivekanandan M., 1988:
Cumulative effects of pre sowing seed treatment and foliar application of salts in improving biomass and grain yield of soybean in moderate saline alkaline soil

Parrish J.A.; Zaynoun S.; Anderson R.R., 1981:
Cumulative effects of repeated subthreshold doses of uv radiation

Faig D.; Karpatkin S., 1982:
Cumulative experience with a simplified solid phase radio immunoassay for the detection of bound anti platelet immuno globulin g serum auto antibodies allo antibodies and drug dependent antibodies

Schewach-Millet, M.; Azizi, E.; Semah, D., 1984:
Cumulative experience with Solcoderm in the treatment of basal cell epithelioma

Lee-Feldstein, A., 1986:
Cumulative exposure to arsenic and its relationship to respiratory cancer among copper smelter employees

Keller F.; Loewe H J.; Bauknecht K J.; Schwarz A.; Offermann G., 1988:
Cumulative function rates of cimino shunts and graft fistulas in hemodialysis patients

Walker, D.A.; Webber, P.J.; Binnian, E.F.; Everett, K.R.; Lederer, N.D.; Nordstrand, E.A.; Walker, M.D., 1987:
Cumulative impacts of oil fields on northern alaskan landscapes

Chemtob, S.; Papageorgiou, A.; du Souich, P.; Aranda, J.V., 1987:
Cumulative increase in serum furosemide concentration following repeated doses in the newborn

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