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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5080

Chapter 5080 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ferrendelli, J.A.; Kinscherf, D.A., 1977:
Cyclic nucleotides in epileptic brain effects of pentylene tetrazole on regional cyclic amp and cyclic gmp levels in vivo

Panchenko, L.F.; Cherkasova, T.D.; Komarov, O.S., 1985:
Cyclic nucleotides in experimental uveitis

Blatchford D.R.; Faulkner A.; Henderson A.J.; Peaker M.; White J.M., 1984:
Cyclic nucleotides in goats milk changes with physiological state

Buyukmihci, N.; Elliott, H.F.; Giri, S.N., 1983:
Cyclic nucleotides in hamster retina

Mann T.; Jones R.; Sherins R.J.; Dufau M.L., 1981:
Cyclic nucleotides in human semen

Trang, L.E.; Lövgren, O.; Roch-Norlund, A.E.; Horn, R.S.; Walaas, O., 1979:
Cyclic nucleotides in joint fluid in rheumatoid arthritis and in Reiter's syndrome

Gennari C.; Andreassi L.; Francini G.; Maioli E.; Fimiani M., 1981:
Cyclic nucleotides in melanoma

Khondkarian, O.A.; Korshunova, T.S.; Larskiĭ, E.G.; Zavalishin, I.A.; Niiazbekova, A.S., 1986:
Cyclic nucleotides in multiple sclerosis

Lust, W.D.; Passonneau, J.V., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotides in murine brain effect of hypo thermia on cyclic amp glycogen phosphorylase glycogen synthase and metabolites following maximal electro shock or decapitation

Lust, W.D.; Goldberg, N.D.; Passonneau, J.V., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotides in murine brain the temporal relationship of changes induced in cyclic amp and cyclic gmp following maximal electro shock or decapitation

Colley, A.M.; Cavanagh, H.D.; Drake, L.A.; Law, M.L., 1985:
Cyclic nucleotides in muscarinic regulation of DNA and RNA polymerase activity in cultured corneal epithelial cells of the rabbit

Wiegant, V.M., 1978:
Cyclic nucleotides in nervous tissue

Andreev A.V.; Shpolyanskii Y.V.; Nishanbaev K.N.; Khamidov D.Kh, 1987:
Cyclic nucleotides in ontogenesis of the chick thymus

Lozinskaya I.N.; Yakimova T.P., 1987:
Cyclic nucleotides in patients irradiated for breast cancer

Ozherel'v A.S.; Chizhikov B.A.; Piskunova T.V.; Lotokov A.M., 1986:
Cyclic nucleotides in patients with cancer and nontumor diseases of the digestive tract

Whikehart D.R.; Fletcher R.T., 1979:
Cyclic nucleotides in rabbit corneal endothelial cells fresh tissue vs tissue culture

Burenin I.S.; Piskunova T.V., 1983:
Cyclic nucleotides in rats with induced mammary tumors

Hawlina A.; Osswald H., 1979:
Cyclic nucleotides in renal tissue and urine during graded expansion of extracellular fluid volume in intact and acutely parathyroidectomized rats

Krnjevic, K.; Van Meter, W.G., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotides in spinal cells

Shima, S.; Kawashima, Y.; Hirai, M.; Asakura, M.; Kouyama, H., 1980:
Cyclic nucleotides in the adrenal gland 10. effects of acth and prostaglandin on adenylate cyclase activity in the adrenal cortex

Shima, S.; Komoriyama, K.; Hirai, M.; Kouyama, H., 1984:
Cyclic nucleotides in the adrenal gland 11. adrenergic regulation of adenylate cyclase activity in the adrenal cortex

Puccia, E.; Maiorca, A.; Morello, R.; Calderaro, G., 1980:
Cyclic nucleotides in the amphibian discoglossus pictus during embryonic development 1. cyclic nucleotides determination

Walker J.E.; Mikeska J.A.; Crawford I.L., 1981:
Cyclic nucleotides in the amygdala of the kindled rat

Hevor T.K.; Gayet J., 1979:
Cyclic nucleotides in the brain of mice and rats submitted to the convulsant methionine sulfoximine

D.V.ies G.W.; Cohen A.I.; Lowry O.H.; Ferrendelli J.A., 1979:
Cyclic nucleotides in the cone dominant ground squirrel retina

Hopkins, D.; Manchester, K.L., 1981:
Cyclic nucleotides in the de nervated rat diaphragm and the effect of cyclic amp on ornithine decarboxylase ec and adenosyl methionine decarboxylase ec

Yamada K., 1982:
Cyclic nucleotides in the rat brain during lidocaine infusion

Ariano M.A.; Butcher L.L.; Appleman M.M., 1980:
Cyclic nucleotides in the rat caudate putamen complex histochemical characterization and effects of de afferentation and kainic acid infusion

Makeeva V.F.; Komolova G.S.; Egorov I.A.; Serova L.V.; Chel'naya N.A., 1981:
Cyclic nucleotides in tissues under long term hypo kinesia

Zlatkina, A.R.; Belousova, E.A.; Vinnickij, L.I.; Vorobjeva, N.T., 1987:
Cyclic nucleotides in ulcerative colitis

Paradisi L.; Dianzani M.U., 1979:
Cyclic nucleotides levels in the liver of rats treated with carbon tetra chloride

Ogreid D.; Doskeland S.O., 1983:
Cyclic nucleotides modulate the release of tritium labeled cyclic amp bound to the regulatory moiety of protein kinase i by the catalytic subunit of the kinase

Shmidt T.E.; Khokhlov A.P.; Malakhovskii V.K.; Promyslov M.Sh; Levchenko L.I.; Khalanskii A.S.; Brusovannik V.I., 1980:
Cyclic nucleotides of human and animal brain tumors

Bosse J.; Boileau R.; Begin R., 1988:
Cyclic nucleotides of lung lavage following acute antigen exposure in chronically exposed sheep

Fano, G.; Fulle, S.; Mantilacci, L.; Giovinazzo, G., 1985:
Cyclic nucleotides system in testis of esox lucius l. i. biochemical functional characteristics

Norn S.; Stahl B.S.; Geisler A.; Klysner R., 1981:
Cyclic nucleotides their role in mast cell function and significance for allergic reactions

Newsome, D.A.; Fletcher, R.T.; Chader, G.J., 1980:
Cyclic nucleotides vary by area in the retina and pigmented epithelium of the human and monkey

Behm F.; Ammann D.; Simon W.; Brunfeldt K.; Halstrom J., 1985:
Cyclic octapeptides and decapeptides as ionophores for magnesium

Zhang, F.H.; Lu, M.D., 1984:
Cyclic oculomotor spasm and relaxation phenomenon. Report of 2 cases

Dale, J.; Sevaldsen, O.; Titlestad, K., 1978:
Cyclic oligo esters of glycolic acid

Edmundson, R.S.; King, T.J., 1984:
Cyclic organophosphorus compounds 20. structural correlations in the 2 amino 4 methyl 1 3 2 dioxaphosphinane series x ray molecular structure of cis 2 tert butylamino 4 methyl 1 3 2 dioxaphosphinane 2 oxide

Chikkappa, G.; Chanana, A.D.; Chandra, P.; Cronkite, E.P.; Thompson, K.H., 1980:
Cyclic oscillation of blood neutrophils in a patient with multiple myeloma

Mehta, B.C.; Agarwal, M.B., 1980:
Cyclic oscillations in leukocyte count in chronic myeloid leukemia

Tadei W.J.; Mourao C.A., 1981:
Cyclic oscillations in population size of drosophila sturtevanti

Hamajima, N.; Yamada, H.; Hotta, T.; Yamao, K.; Aoki, K., 1984:
Cyclic oscillations of blood cells and serum biochemical data in a patient with chronic myeloid leukemia

Norman R.L.; Spies H.G., 1986:
Cyclic ovarian function in a male macaque macaca mulatta additional evidence for a lack of sexual differentiation in the physiological mechanisms that regulate the cyclic release of gonadotropins in primates

Reed M.D.; Lazarus H.M.; Herzig R.H.; Halpin T.G.Jr; Gross S.; Husak M.P.; Blumer J.L., 1983:
Cyclic parenteral nutrition during bone marrow transplantation in children

Sokolov, A.P.; Trotsenko, I.A., 1977:
Cyclic pathway of formaldehyde oxidation in Pseudomonas oleovorans

Jorde R.; Jenssen T.G.; Burhol P.G., 1987:
Cyclic patterns of plasma pancreatic polypeptide pp plasma motilin serum insulin and plasma gastric inhibitory polypeptide gip in fasting man

Titlestad, K., 1976:
Cyclic penta peptides of sarcosine in combination with either alanine or glycine syntheses and conformational processes studied by nmr spectroscopy

Ravi A.; Balaram P., 1983:
Cyclic peptide di sulfides consecutive beta turn conformation of a synthetic model peptide corresponding to the active site of thioredoxin

Ravi A.; Prasad B.V.V.; Balaram P., 1983:
Cyclic peptide di sulfides solution and solid state conformation of n tert butoxycarbonyl l cysteinyl l prolyl alpha aminoisobutyryl n methyl l cysteinamide cyclic di sulfide a di sulfide bridged peptide helix

Wasylyk J.M.; Biskupiak J.E.; Costello C.E.; Ireland C.M., 1983:
Cyclic peptide structures from the tunicate lissoclinum patella by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry

Miyazaki, K.; Yasutake, A.; Nishino, N.; Aoyagi, H.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1981:
Cyclic peptides 10. bitter taste and chymotryptic hydrolysis of cyclic depsi di peptides containing a tryptophan residue

Kanmera, T.; Izumiya, N., 1982:
Cyclic peptides 12. syntheses of alternaria mali toxin iii and its analogs

Hashimoto, Y.; Aoyagi, H.; Waki, M.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1983:
Cyclic peptides 13. asymmetric synthesis of aromatic l alpha amino acids through hydrogenation of cyclic dehydro di peptides

Yasutake, A.; Aoyagi, H.; Sada, I.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1982:
Cyclic peptides 14. syntheses of 4 l leucine cyl 2 4 d leucine cyl 2 and 3 l proline 4 d leucine cyl 2

Mihara, H.; Aoyagi, H.; Lee, S.; Waki, M.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1984:
Cyclic peptides 16. synthesis of am toxin i analogs containing a lower or higher homologue of the component l 2 amino 5 p methoxyphenyl pentanoic acid residue

Kozono, T.; Mihara, H.; Aoyagi, H.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1984:
Cyclic peptides 17. synthesis of am toxin ii by cyclization of linear tetradepsipeptide containing a dehydroalanine residue

Aoyagi, H.; Mihara, H.; Lee, S.; Kato, T.; Ueno, T.; Izumiya, N., 1985:
Cyclic peptides 18. syntheses of am toxin i analogs containing bulky l amino acid residues instead of an l alanine

Ueda, T.; Sada, I.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1985:
Cyclic peptides 19. synthesis conformation and biological activity of cycloproline valine proline valine with l l l l and l d l d sequences

Yasutake, A.; Aoyagi, H.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1980:
Cyclic peptides 7. synthesis and conformation of dia stereomeric analogs of cyl 2 containing l proline and l leucine

Yasutake, A.; Miyazaki, K.; Aoyagi, H.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1980:
Cyclic peptides 8. synthesis and tryptic hydrolysis of cyclic depsi di peptides containing a lysine residue

Kanmera, T.; Lee, S.; Aoyagi, H.; Izumiya, N., 1980:
Cyclic peptides 9. asymmetric hydrogenation of alpha beta dehydro amino acid residue in cyclo di peptides and preparation of optically pure alpha amino acids

Shimohigashi, Y.; Lee, S.; Aoyagi, H.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1977:
Cyclic peptides part 1 synthesis of alternaria mali toxin analog containing o methyl l tyrosine

Madison, V.; Young, P.E.; Blout, E.R., 1976:
Cyclic peptides part 14 conformational energy and circular dichroism of proline containing cyclic di peptides

Young, P.E.; Madison, V.; Blout, E.R., 1976:
Cyclic peptides part 15 lanthanide assisted carbon 13 and proton nmr analysis of preferred side chain rotamers in proline containing cyclic di peptides

Madison, V.; Deber, C.M.; Blout, E.R., 1977:
Cyclic peptides part 17 metal and amino acid complexes of cyclo prolyglycyl octa peptide and analogs studied by nmr and circular dichroism

Niu, C.H.; Pease, L.G.; Blout, E.R., 1978:
Cyclic peptides part 18 carbon 13 spin lattice relaxation times of proline containing cyclic hexa peptides

Baron, D.; Pease, L.G.; Blout, E.R., 1977:
Cyclic peptides part 19 cation binding of a cyclic dodeca peptide cyclo l valylglycylglycyl l prolyl in an aprotic medium

Lee, S.; Izumiya, N., 1977:
Cyclic peptides part 2 synthesis of a cyclo depsi peptide proto destruxin

Shimohigashi, Y.; Lee, S.; Aoyagi, H.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1977:
Cyclic peptides part 3 synthesis of am toxin i

Shimohigashi, Y.; Izumiya, N., 1978:
Cyclic peptides part 5 synthesis of alternaria mali toxin ii and its analog

Lee S.; Kanmera T.; Aoyagi H.; Izumiya N., 1979:
Cyclic peptides part 6 asymmetric hydrogenation of dehydro alanine or dehydro amino butanoic acid residue in cyclo di peptides

Lee, S.; Noda, K.; Aoyagi, H.; Kato, T.; Izumiya, N., 1986:
Cyclic peptides xx. synthesis of a cyclochlorotine analog containing 4 chloroproline in place of 3 4 dichloroproline

Mihara, H.; Ikesue, K.; Lee, S.; Aoyagi, H.; Kato, T.; Ueno, T.; Izumiya, N., 1986:
Cyclic peptides xxi. syntheses of alternaria mali toxin i analogs containing l lactic acid or l 2 hydroxy 4 methylpentanoic acid residue

Roza, M.; Francke, A., 1978:
Cyclic per oxides from a soy lip oxygenase ec catalyzed oxygenation of methyl linolenate

Dahl J.F., 1986:
Cyclic perineal swelling during the intermenstrual intervals of captive female pygmy chimpanzees pan paniscus

Makabe, O.; Miyadera, A.; Kinoshita, M.; Umezawa, S., 1978:
Cyclic phosphates of formycin

Schmid, G.H.; Jankowicz, M.; Menke, W., 1976:
Cyclic photo phosphorylation and chloroplast structure in the labellum of the orchid aceras anthropophorum

Romanova, E.Yu, 1977:
Cyclic photo phosphorylation in barley chloroplasts depending on the level of nitrogen nutrition

Menke, W.; Schmid, G.H., 1976:
Cyclic photo phosphorylation in the mycotrophic orchid neottia nidus avis

Tanner, W.; Loffler, M.; Kandler, O., 1969 :
Cyclic photo phosphorylation in vivo and its relation to photosynthetic carbon di oxide fixation chlorella vulgaris inst auto radiography

Gallagher, J.S.; Bernstein, I.L.; Maccia, C.A.; Splansky, G.L.; Glueck, H.I., 1978:
Cyclic platelet dys function in immuno globulin e mediated allergy

Sidorova L.D.; Valentik M.F.; Tov N.L.; Nesina I.A.; Movchan E.A.; Kagalovskaya I.M., 1986:
Cyclic polychemotherapy in chronic glomerulonephritis

Wendland V., 1981:
Cyclic population changes in 3 mouse species in the same woodland

Bethge E., 1982:
Cyclic population changes of the common vole microtus arvalis studied by analysis of owl pellets

Hendry, W.F.; Treehuba, K.; Hughes, L.; Stedronska, J.; Parslow, J.M.; Wass, J.A.; Besser, G.M., 1986:
Cyclic prednisolone therapy for male infertility associated with autoantibodies to spermatozoa

Maple, T.L.; Zucker, E.L.; Dennon, M.B., 1979:
Cyclic proceptivity in a captive female orang-utan (Pongo Pygmaeus Abelii)

Kleczkowska, D.; Chomczynski, P., 1976:
Cyclic purine nucleotides as modulators of rna synthesis in rabbit mammary gland nuclei

Grdina D.J.; Hunter N., 1982:
Cyclic radiation response of murine fibro sarcoma cells grown as pulmonary nodules

Gil'kman A.I.; Savenko N.G.; Kalinichenko G.P., 1987:
Cyclic recurrence of cenomanian deposits in the northwestern black sea area as a basis for the separation of their details

Herm, D., 1977:
Cyclic regression sedimentation and fossil associations in the gosau beds santonian of brandenberg tirol austria

Aimar C.; Vilain C.; Delarue M.; Grant N., 1986:
Cyclic regulation of cytokinesis in amphibian eggs

Nyborg, J.K.; Nguyen, A.P.; Spindler, S.R., 1985:
Cyclic regulation of growth hormone gene transcription in vivo and in vitro

Bourgoin T., 1979:
Cyclic schistomelia

Uva, B.; Deplano, S., 1978:
Cyclic secretory activity in meso nephric segments of amphibian urodeles

Birkenmajer K., 1984:
Cyclic sedimentation in mixed alluvial to marginal marine conditions the treskelodden formation upper carboniferous and lower permian at hornsund south spitsbergen norway

Mack G.H.; James W.C., 1986:
Cyclic sedimentation in the mixed siliciclastic carbonate abo hueco transitional zone lower permian southwestern new mexico usa

Hartman, J.T.; Pugh, J.L.; Smith, R.D.; Robertson, W.W.; Yost, R.P.; Janssen, H.F., 1982:
Cyclic sequential compression of the lower limb in prevention of deep venous thrombosis

Gulya K.; Pelton J.T.; Hruby V.J.; Yamamura H.I., 1986:
Cyclic somatostatin octapeptide analogues with high affinity and selectivity toward mu opioid receptors

Abdelmaguid, N.; Sabry, I., 1987:
Cyclic spermatogenesis in the testis of the Egyptian toad (Bufo regularis)

Lettenmaier D.P.; Burges S.J., 1982:
Cyclic storage a preliminary assessment

Friendly, D.S.; Manson, R.A.; Albert, D.G., 1973:
Cyclic strabismus a case study

Wladimirova G., 1983:
Cyclic structure of daytime sleep in normal infants aged 2 to 12 months

Satchell G.H., 1986:
Cyclic subambient blood pressure in the dorsal intestinal vein of the spiny dogfish squalus acanthias

Johnson, D.R.; Nielson, R.R., 1977:
Cyclic succinic dehydrogenase activity in rat liver mitochondria

Sakai M.; Kubota H.Y., 1981:
Cyclic surface changes in the nonnucleate egg fragment of xenopus laevis

Gupta, P.; Rapp, F., 1978:
Cyclic synthesis of human cytomegalovirus induced proteins in infected cells

Liebowitz S.M.; Lombardini J.B.; Salva P.S., 1987:
Cyclic taurine analogs synthesis and effects on atp dependent calcium uptake in rat retina

Taniguchi, M.; Hino, T., 1981:
Cyclic tautomers of tryptophans and tryptamines 4. synthesis of cyclic tautomers of tryptophans and tryptamines

Carstensen J.T.; Rhodes C.T., 1986:
Cyclic testing in stability programs

Kraus J L.; Dipaola A.; Belleau B., 1984:
Cyclic tetrameric clusters of chemotactic peptides as superactive activators of lysozyme release from human neutrophils

Perrone E.; Alpegiani M.; Bedeschi A.; Borghi D.; Giudici F.; Franceschi G., 1986:
Cyclic thiosulfinates and thiosulfonates from oxidation of the 2 thiacephem ring system synthesis of 5r penems by stereospecific sulfur dioxide extrusion

Matuschka F.R.; Haefner U., 1984:
Cyclic transmission of an african besnoitia species by snakes of the genus bitis to several rodents

Matuschka, F.R.; Schnieder, T.; Daugschies, A.; Rommel, M., 1986:
Cyclic transmission of sarcocystis bertrami by the dog to the horse

Bartl W.; Kemeter P.; Friedrich F.; Seidl A., 1982:
Cyclic treatment of climacteric complaints with natural estrogens

Porch, W.M.; Ellsaesser, H.W., 1977:
Cyclic trends in los angeles fine particulates

Harpp D.N.; Granata A., 1979:
Cyclic tri sulfides by alkoxide decomposition of bis sulfenyl thio carbonates

Parmley, R.T.; Presbury, G.J.; Wang, W.C.; Wilimas, J., 1984:
Cyclic ultrastructural abnormalities in human cyclic neutropenia

Nayak, R.K.; Albert, E.N.; Kassira, W.N., 1976:
Cyclic ultrastructural changes in ewe uterine tube (oviduct) infundibular epithelium

Buttram, V.C., 1979:
Cyclic use of combination oral contraceptives and the severity of endometriosis

Ochiai K., 1980:
Cyclic variation and distribution in the concentration of cytosol estrogen and progesterone receptors in the normal human uterus and myoma

Stroup, W.W.; Nielsen, M.K.; Gosey, J.A., 1987:
Cyclic variation in cattle feed intake data: characterization and implications for experimental design

Maathuis, J.B.; Aitken, R.J., 1978:
Cyclic variation in concentrations of protein and hexose in human uterine flushings collected by an improved technique

Zhu Y S.; Szeto H.H., 1987:
Cyclic variation in fetal heart rate and sympathetic activity

Lavin, M.J.; Dhillon, B.J., 1987:
Cyclic variation in onset of central retinal vein occlusion

Zawaneh, S.M.; Ayoub, E.M.; Baer, H.; Cruz, A.C.; Spellacy, W.N., 1981:
Cyclic variation in the adherence of group B streptococci to human vaginal epithelial cells

Cobror O.; Olmo E.; Odierna G.; Angelini F.; Ciarcia G., 1986:
Cyclic variation of chiasma frequency and distribution in podarcis sicula reptilia lacertidae

Masters, J.R.; Drife, J.O.; Scarisbrick, J.J., 1977:
Cyclic Variation of DNA synthesis in human breast epithelium

Shibagaki, M.; Kiyono, S., 1984:
Cyclic variation of integrated spindle components during nocturnal sleep in mentally retarded children

Ribalet B.; Beigelman P.M., 1979:
Cyclic variation of potassium ion conductance in pancreatic beta cells calcium ii and voltage dependence

Casslen B.; Ohlsson K., 1981:
Cyclic variation of proteinase inhibitors in human uterine fluid and influence of an intra uterine device

Casslén, B.; Kobayashi, T.K.; Stormby, N., 1982:
Cyclic variation of the cellular components in human uterine fluid

Tolley L.C.; Raper C.D.Jr, 1985:
Cyclic variations in nitrogen uptake rate in soybean glycine max cultivar ransom plants

Tolley-Henry, L.; Raper, C.D.; Granato, T.C.; Raper CD.J.r., 1988:
Cyclic variations in nitrogen uptake rate of soybean plants: effects of external nitrate concentration

Miaskowski, C.; Ong, G.L.; Haldar, J., 1987:
Cyclic variations in spinal cord levels of oxytocin and vasopressin during the stages of the rat estrous cycle

O'connell R.J.; Singer A.G.; Stern F.L.; Jesmajian S.; Agosta W.C., 1981:
Cyclic variations in the concentration of sex attractant pheromone in hamster mesocricetus auratus vaginal discharge

Rai S.C., 1983:
Cyclic variations in the testicular activity of a fresh water tropical teleost colisa fasciatus

Roubaud P.; Chaillou C.; Sjafei D., 1985:
Cyclic variations in tolerance to a cold thermal shock administered during embryo cleavage in the common carp cyprinus carpio

Mathur S.; Mathur R.S.; Goust J.M.; Williamson H.O.; Fudenberg H.H., 1979:
Cyclic variations in white cell sub populations in the human menstrual cycle correlations with progesterone and estradiol

Lichtensteiger, W., 1969:
Cyclic variations of catecholamine content in hypothalamic nerve cells during the estrous cycle of the rat, with a concomitant study of the substantia nigra

Pavlovic Kentera V.; Kezic J., 1980:
Cyclic variations of erythropoietin excretion in a patient with congenital hypoplastic anemia diamond blackfan syndrome

Henquin J.C.; Meissner H.P.; Schmeer W., 1982:
Cyclic variations of glucose induced electrical activity in pancreatic beta cells

Demassieux C.; Balesdent M L., 1979:
Cyclic variations of the beta protocerebral neuro secretory cells related with sexual physiology in the female of the crustacean isopod asellus aquaticus

Porath Furedi A., 1986:
Cyclic variations of the density dispersion pattern of the spermatozoa population

Philippe, P., 1987:
Cyclic variations of twin births at isle aux coudres quebec canada a case control approach

Fatchen T.J.; Barker S., 1979:
Cyclic vegetation pattern in the southern simpson desert australia

D.S.lva P.H.A.U.; Pemadasa M.A.; Herath R.M., 1983:
Cyclic vegetational and edaphic changes in an arthrocnemum indicum community in sri lanka

Thomas G.; Zacharias P.S., 1985:
Cyclic voltammetric studies of copper ii amino acid complexes electrochemical evidence for the generation of copper i complex as an intermediate

Ilangovan S.; Natarajan P., 1986 :
Cyclic voltammetric studies of dioxygen bridged dinuclear cobalt iii complexes

Thrivikraman K.V.; Keller R.W.Jr; Wolfson S.K.Jr; Yao S.J.; Morgenlander J.C., 1982:
Cyclic voltammetric studies on the application of carbon electrodes in the determination of oxalic acid

Shao M J.; Xing X K.; Liu C C., 1987:
Cyclic voltammetric study of glucose oxidation on an oxide covered platinum electrode in the presence of an underpotential deposited thallium layer

Flores A.; Leon L.E.; Calvo A., 1984:
Cyclic voltammetric study of the r nitroso salt application to the indirect determination of iron ii

Wehmeyer K.R.; Wightman R.M., 1985:
Cyclic voltammetry and anodic stripping voltammetry with mercury ultramicroelectrodes

Rao G.S.R.; Reddy S.J., 1985:
Cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry of selenium and tellurium

Sayo, H.; Morimoto, A., 1975:
Cyclic voltammetry and controlled potential electrolysis of benzenesulfon p anisidide

Bowden E.F.; Hawkridge F.M.; Chlebowski J.F.; Bancroft E.E.; Thorpe C.; Blount H.N., 1982:
Cyclic voltammetry and derivative cyclic volt absorptometry of purified horse heart cytochrome c at tin doped indium oxide optically transparent electrodes

Nichols M.F.; Hahn A.W.; James W.J.; Sharma A.K.; Yasuda H.K., 1981:
Cyclic voltammetry for the study of polymer film adhesion to platinum neurological electrodes

Palecek, E.; Jelen, F.; Trnková, L., 1986:
Cyclic voltammetry of DNA at a mercury electrode: an anodic peak specific for guanine

Kutnik J.; Tien H.T., 1986:
Cyclic voltammetry of dye modified blms

Tien H.T., 1985:
Cyclic voltammetry of electron conducting bilayer lipid membranes

Crawford P.W.; Foye W.O.; Ryan M.D.; Kovacic P., 1987:
Cyclic voltammetry of quinolinium salts and related compounds correlation with structure and anticancer activity

Ames J.R.; Brandange S.; Rodriguez B.; Castagnoli N.Jr; Ryan M.D.; Kovacic P., 1986:
Cyclic voltammetry with cyclic iminium ions implications for charge transfer with biomolecules metabolites of nicotine phencyclidine and spermine

Reinhart, J.B.; Evans, S.L.; Mcfadden, D.L., 1977:
Cyclic vomiting in children seen through the psychiatrists eye

Muram D.; Schinfeld J.S.; Buxton B.H., 1986:
Cyclic vomiting in the adolescent

Berger E.M.; Harada R.N.; Vatter A.E.; Bowman C.M.; Repine J.E., 1984:
Cyclical abnormalities in the bactericidal function super oxide production and lysozyme activity of neutrophils obtained from a healthy women during menstruation reversal by pre treatment with aspirin

Kumar T.P.; Reddy G.R.; Vijayalakshmi S.; Babu K.S., 1979:
Cyclical acetyl cholin esterase activity in diurnal calotes nemoricola and nocturnal mus booduga

Kamiya R.; Okagaki T., 1986:
Cyclical bending of two outer doublet microtubules in frayed axonemes of chlamydomonas

Krawczyszyn J.; Romberger J.A., 1979 :
Cyclical cell length changes in wood in relation to storied structure and interlocked grain

Wilson J.F.; Morgan M.A., 1979:
Cyclical changes in concentrations of alpha melanotropin in the plasma of male and female rats

Paaby P.; Nielsen A.; Moller Petersen J.; Raffn K., 1988:
Cyclical changes in endogenous overnight creatinine clearance during the third trimester of pregnancy

Celis E.; Hale A.H.; Russell J.H.; Eisen H.N., 1979:
Cyclical changes in susceptibility of a myeloma tumor lpc 1 to immune destruction part 1 changes in reactivity with cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes and anti h 2d sera

Hale A.H.; Celis E.; Russell J.H.; Eisen H.N., 1979:
Cyclical changes in susceptibility of a myeloma tumor lpc 1 to immune destruction part 2 periodic fluctuations during growth in normal and nude mice and in culture

van der Horst, C.J.; Vogel, F., 1979:
Cyclical changes in the carbohydrate composition of dog endometrium

Patzner, R.A., 1978:
Cyclical changes in the ovary of the hagfish eptatretus burgeri cyclostomata

Funaki K.; Fukudome H.; IIno A., 1986:
Cyclical changes in the surface epithelium of the rat vagina during the normal estrous cycle scanning electron microscopic studies

Patzner, R.A., 1977:
Cyclical changes in the testis of the hagfish eptatretus burgeri cyclostomata

Fabian G., 1985:
Cyclical changes in the uterine lymphatics of the pig

Fabian G., 1981:
Cyclical changes in the uterine lymphatics of the pig investigations on the perimetrium

Preti, G.; Huggins, G.R., 1975:
Cyclical changes in volatile acidic metabolites of human vaginal secretions and their relation to ovulation

Patzner R.A., 1980:
Cyclical changes in weight and fat content of the liver and their relationship to reproduction in the hagfish eptatretus burgeri cyclostomata

Gallagher K.P.; Osakada G.; Kemper W.S.; Ross J.Jr, 1985:
Cyclical coronary flow reductions in conscious dogs equipped with ameroid constrictors to produce severe coronary narrowing

Atkinson A.B.; Chestnutt A.; Crothers E.; Woods R.; Weaver J.A.; Kennedy L.; Sheridan B., 1985:
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Cyclical parthenogenesis and the cost of sex

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Cyclical phenomena occurring during the maturation of the enamel of rat incisor teeth. Their manifestation during drying

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Cyclical variation of the heart rate in sleep apnea syndrome mechanisms and usefulness of 24 hour electro cardiography as a screening technique

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Cyclical variations in ovarian neoplastic mucins

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Cyclicity of growth and seed bearing in pinus sibirica

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Cyclicity of massive animal reproduction as a basis for long term forecasting

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Cyclicity of pine sawfly reproduction

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Cyclicity of the development of fish parasites in the reservoirs of the central kama river cascade russian sfsr ussr

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Cyclin a protein specified by maternal messenger rna in sea urchin eggs that is destroyed at each cleavage division

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Cyclin synthesis modification and destruction during meiotic maturation of the starfish oocyte

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Cycling ambient temperature effect on boar semen/

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Cycling in the dark an analysis of fatal bicycle accidents in the netherlands

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Cycling in the idiotypic proliferative response of peripheral blood lymphocytes in normal and salmonella typhi immunized rabbits

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Cycling of dissolved organic phosphorus compounds in natural waters

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Cycling of fallout plutonium americium 241 cesium 137 and natural uranium thorium and lead 210 radionuclides in washington continental slope sediments usa

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Cycling of fluoride in a mangrove avicennia marina community near a fluoride emission source

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Cycling of immune responses to a syngeneic murine mammary adeno carcinoma

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Cycling of nitrogen in soil and vegetation components of grasslands in garhwal himalayas india

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Cycling zone separations

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Cyclists palsy neurological and electro myographic study in 4 cases with distal ulnar lesions

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Cyclitol glucosides and their role in the synthesis of a glucan from udp glucose in phaseolus aureus characterization of some cyclitol glucosides and their synthesis

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Cyclitol reactions 5. synthesis of enantiomerically pure valienamine from quebrachitol

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Cyclitol reactions xiii. synthesis of pseudosugars from d glucose by intramolecular horner emmons olefination

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Cyclitol reactions xiv synthesis of building units of pseudo alpha d glucopyranose and of valinol

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Cyclitol reactions xv. synthesis of pseudodisaccharides with ether linkage

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Cyclization catalyzed by palladium 0 initial studies and macrolide formation

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Cyclization of 2 hydroxyethylurea derivatives to give 3 nitroso 2 oxazolidinones under usual nitrosation conditions

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Cyclization of 2 nitroacetyl benzoic acids

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Cyclization of 3 n omega halo alkyl n methylaminoaceto 2 6 xylidide derivatives in relation to their local anesthetic effect in vitro and in vivo

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Cyclization of 4 or 5 substituted 2 benzimidazolyl thio acetic acids isolation and identification of 2 possible isomers of substituted thiazolo 3 2 a benzimidazol 3 2h one

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Cyclization of 5 amino 1 beta d ribofuranosyl imidazole 4 carboxamide a review

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Cyclization of 7 deazaxanthine 9 propionic acid to an active site directed irreversibly acting inhibitor of xanthine oxidase

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Cyclization of acetylenecarboxylic acids a novel route to gamma methylene butyro lactones

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Cyclization of biliverdins to verdohemochromes

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Cyclization of dextro and levo s 2 methylprop 1 enyl l cysteine s oxides

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Cyclization of gamma delta unsaturated sulfenic acids to give thietane 1 oxide derivatives crystal structure of rel 1r 2s 3r 4r 3 hexyl 2 hydroxymethyl 4 methyl thietane 1 oxide

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Cyclization of linear chimeric plasmids in vivo by a novel end to end joining reaction or by intra molecular recombination 1 of the products contains a 147 base pair perfect palindrome stable in escherichia coli

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Cyclization of mouse chromosomal dna as a result of complementary interaction of single stranded segments in partial denaturation regions

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Cyclization of polyenes biogenetic type synthesis of snyderols

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Cyclization of quinolinium salts with a peptide like side chain

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Cyclization of rna 3' terminal phosphate by cyclase from hela cells proceeds via formation of nucleoside 3' diphospho 5' adenosine activated intermediate

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Cyclization of squalene 2 3 epoxide by microsomes extracted from tobacco d tissues grown in vitro

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Cyclization of squalene 2 3 epoxide to 10 alpha cucurbita 5 24 dien 3 beta ol by microsomes from cucurbita maxima seedlings

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Cyclization of substituted 3 butenoic acids synthesis of new naphthoic acid and 1 2 di hydro naphthalen 1 one derivatives of expected biological activity

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Cyclization of the phosphorus chain of the methylene bridged analogs of atp

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Cyclization of thymus derived cell helper activity

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Cyclization to pyrrolodiazepinoquinoline a diastereoselective reaction

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Cyclizine as a narcotic?

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Cyclo additions of 3 4 di methyl 1 thio 1 phenyl phosphole

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Cyclo benzaprine effect on segmental mono synaptic and tonic vibration reflexes in the cat

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Cyclo benzaprine some pharmacological cardiac actions

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Cyclo butane type pyrimidine photo dimer formation and excision in human skin fibroblasts after irradiation with 313 nanometer uv light

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Cyclo creatine phosphate as a substitute for creatine phosphate in vertebrate tissues energetic considerations

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Cyclo cryo coagulation sequelae of induced alterations and effect of a prostaglandin inhibitor on the breakdown of the blood aqueous barrier

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Cyclo cryo therapy in advance glaucoma

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Cyclo cytidine in breast cancer

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Cyclo dehydro iso lubimin a new tri cyclic sesqui terpene from potato tubers inoculated with phytophthora infestans

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Cyclo dehydrogenation of psoralidin with di chloro di cyano benzo quinone

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Cyclo depsi peptides from beauveria bassiana part 1 beauverolide h and beauverolide i

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Cyclo dextrin adamantanecarboxylate inclusion complexes a model system for the hydrophobic effect

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Cyclo dextrin catalyzed hydrolyses of acetanilides

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Cyclo dextrin chemistry selective modification of all primary hydroxyl groups of alpha and beta cyclo dextrins

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Cyclo dextrin complex of a volatile insecticide dichlorvos o o di methyl 2 2 dichlorovinyl phosphate

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Cyclo dextrin glucano transferase ec from klebsiella pneumoniae part 1 formation purification and properties of the enzyme from klebsiella pneumoniae strain m 5 al

Bender, H., 1977:
Cyclo dextrin glucano transferase from klebsiella pneumoniae part 2 significance of the enzyme for the metabolism of cyclo dextrins by klebsiella pneumoniae strain m 5 al

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Cyclo dextrin glycosyl transferases ec from klebsiella pneumoniae m 5 al and bacillus macerans quantitative analysis by high performance liquid chromatography of the 1 4 alpha d gluco pyranosyl transfer products from some linear and cyclic substrates

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Cyclo dextrin inclusion catalysis in the isomerization of prostaglandin a 1

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Cyclo dextrin inclusion complexes 1. complex between cyclo dextrins and bencyclane in aqueous solution

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Cyclo dextrin inclusion complexes 2. application of the partition coefficiency method

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Cyclo dextrin inclusion complexes of 2 chloroethyl phosphonic acid

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Cyclo dextrins in food cosmetics and toiletries

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Cyclo diphosphates as intermediates in reactions of nucleoside phosphorothioates with cyanogen bromide

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Cyclo functionalization of olefinic urethanes with benzeneselenenyl reagents a new general synthesis of nitrogen hetero cycles/

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Cyclo hepta amylose as an affinity ligand of cereal alpha amylase characteristics and a possible mechanism of the interaction

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Cyclo hexamine rocket fuel phencyclidines potent analog

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Cyclo hexanone oxygenase stereochemistry enantioselectivity and regioselectivity of an enzyme catalyzed baeyer villiger reaction

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Cyclo heximide action on ultrastructure and certain metabolic processes in spev pig embryo kidney cells part 1

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Cyclo heximide alters axonal transport and sub cellular distribution of dopamine beta hydroxylase activity

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Cyclo heximide and mitomycin c inhibited production of dengue virus induced suppressor factor

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Cyclo heximide and renin release following renal artery constriction

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Cyclo heximide blockage of estradiol 17 beta induced contractions in ovariectomized ewes

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Cyclo heximide causes increased accumulation of translatable messenger rna for tyrosine amino transferase ec and tryptophan oxygenase ec in livers of cortisol treated rats

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Cyclo heximide dependent mutants in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Cyclo heximide effect on rna synthesis and formation of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus structures

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Cyclo heximide elicits in human fibroblasts a response characteristic for initiation of cell proliferation

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Cyclo heximide induced changes in levels and distribution of hepatic microsomal enzymes of suckling rats

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Cyclo heximide induced changes in the content of cytoplasmic polysomes in datura stramonium leaves inoculated with potato virus x

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Cyclo heximide induced nuclear alterations in maize zea mays root tips

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Cyclo heximide inhibition of cyto kinin dependent protein synthesis correlation with betacyanin synthesis

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Cyclo heximide inhibition of hormonal induction of alpha 24 globulin messenger rna

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Cyclo heximide inhibition of insulin control of liver glycogen synthase b into a conversion

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Cyclo heximide insensitive amoebo flagellate transformation in starved amoebae of physarum polycephalum

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Cyclo heximide potentiation of prostaglandin e 1 stimulated and cholera toxin stimulated cyclic amp accumulation in ng 108 cc 15 neuro blastoma glioma hybrid cells

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Cyclo heximide produces attentional persistence and slowed learning in chickens

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Cyclo heximide resistance in chinese hamster cells part 3 characterization of cell free protein synthesis by polysomes

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Cyclo phosphamide pre treatment reduces the toxic effect of high dose melphalan on intestinal epithelium in sheep

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Cyclosporin A and the thymus. Immunopathology

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Cyclosporin A antileukemic activity: mode of action on target cells

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Cyclosporin A applied topically to the recipient eye inhibits corneal graft rejection

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Cyclosporin A as a diabetogenic cofactor

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Cyclosporin a as a sole immuno suppressive agent in recipients of kidney allo grafts from cadaver donors preliminary results of a european multicenter trial

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Cyclosporin a as prophylaxis against graft vs. host disease in 36 patients

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Cyclosporin a as the initial immuno suppressive agent for canine lung transplantation

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Cyclosporin a associated nephro toxicity in the 1st 100 days after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation 3 distinct syndromes

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Cyclosporin A binding to calmodulin: a possible site of action on T lymphocytes

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Cyclosporin a depolarizes cytoplasmic membrane potential and interacts with calcium ionophores

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Cyclosporin a does not enhance granulocytic progenitor cell growth in patients with severe aplastic anemia

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Cyclosporin a does not inhibit epidermal cell growth therapeutic levels

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Cyclosporin a does not inhibit the pha stimulated increase in intracellular calcium concentration but inhibits the increase in e rosette receptor cd2 expression and appearance of interleukin 2 receptors cd25

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Cyclosporin a does not prevent expression of tac antigen a probable t cell growth factor receptor molecule on mitogen stimulated human t cells

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Cyclosporin a effective therapy for 52 cadaver kidney recipients

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Cyclosporin a enhances the survivability of mouse cerebral cortex grafted into the 3rd ventricle of rat brain

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Cyclosporin a for the treatment of graft vs host disease in man

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Cyclosporin a impairs wound healing in rats

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Cyclosporin a in acrodermatitis continua

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