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Chapter 5,082

Cytogenetic action of extracts from gamma-irradiated potato tubers on the bone marrow of mice

Kuzin, A.M.; Osipova, I.N.; Kopylov, V.A.

Radiobiologiia 15(5): 763-766


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-8192
PMID: 1208804
Accession: 005081491

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Radiotoxins (RT) isolated from .gamma.-irradiated (10 krad) potato tubers and administered per os to male mice induce chromosome aberrations (bridges and fragments) in the bone marrow cells (up to 19.63%). The percentage of cells with similar chromosome aberrations in the control groups of animals, that received extracts from non-irradiated potato and a physiological solution, is 5.01% and 3.19%, respectively. In addition to chromosome aberrations, certain cytogenetic disorders such as attached chromosomes and retarded anaphase chromosomes, are observed in mouse bone marrow cells. The genetic effects observed confirm the mutagenic activity of RT formed in the irradiated plant tissue.

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