Section 6
Chapter 5,082

Cytogenetical changes and their relation to survival of bone marrow hemopoietic cells during continuous irradiation

Kalina, I.; Ondrusseková, A.; Brezáni, P.

Neoplasma 29(4): 447-451


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-2685
PMID: 7133235
Accession: 005081651

In this paper the frequency of aberrant cells in the bone marrow of continuously irradiated mice with the dose rates 0.05 Gy/day and 0.50 Gy/day was studied. The aberrant cell values were increased non-proportionally with the accumulated doses and their level was influenced mainly by the irradiation period in the dose range 0.5-5 Gy. The most significant reduction in the lymphocyte number and to some extent the granuloid cells number in the bone marrow occurred in the dose rate 0.50 Gy/day. The frequency of aberrant cells in the bone marrow increased at the same time to 15-20%. Possible mechanisms influencing the different response of cells to irradiation are discussed.

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