Section 6
Chapter 5,082

Cyto genetic changes in the somatic cells in radio diagnostic studies

Shmeleva, N.I.; Sumetskaya, B.L.

Meditsinskaya Radiologiya 24(8): 42-46


Accession: 005081659

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Cytogenetic changes in the peripheral blood lymphocytes were studied in 25 patients subjected to repeated radiodiagnostic studies. Radiation load on the skin comprised 35 .+-. 5.3 R. Chromosomal and genomal changes were noted 24 h after angiography: there was an increase in the occurrence of chromosomal aberrations and in aneuploidy. The most marked index of repeated radiation load action on the body was an increase in the number of dicentrics. No changes were noted in the correlation between the chromosomal and chromatid types of aberrations.

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