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Cyto genetic studies in the inbred lines of radish raphanus sativus var radicola and their hybrids part 4 germination of pollen grains on stigma

Dayal, N.

Cytologia 44(1): 7-12


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-4545
Accession: 005081967

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Pollen germination on the stigmatic surface and further development of pollen tubes in the style were studied in 2 inbred lines of radish (R. sativus L. var. radicola Pers.), namely LS-337/24 and LS-337/25, their F1 and backcross hybrids and the original population to understand the mechanism of reduced fertility of the inbred lines. The inbred lines differed significantly among themselves and from the original population in pollen germination on stigma under identical condition of pollination; pollen germination in the inbred lines is much lower in the inbred lines. Pollen grains of LS-337/25 germinated quite well on the stigma of LS-337/24 and the F1 hybrid LS-337/24 .times. LS-337/25, but the pollen grains of LS-337/24 showed poor germination on the stigma of LS-337/25 and the F1 hybrid, indicating its genotypic peculiarity. Differences among lines, hybrids and the original population were also noted in style length, stigma morphology and the number of pollen tubes in the style. Possible mechanism of semi-sterility of the inbred lines is discussed.

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