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Cyto genetic studies in the intergeneric hybrid euchlaena perennis by zea mays part 1 meiotic analysis in 2 plant generations

Andrada, A.B.; Boggiatto, A.J.; Auad, L.G.; Collado, M.L.

Revista Agronomica del Noroeste Argentino 12(3-4): 323-330


Accession: 005081968

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Meiotic associations are analyzed in microsporocytes of 2 plant generations (F1 and F8) of the hybrid resulting from E. perennis Hitch. and Z. mays L. The average odd associations in the F1 (III = 3.59 and I = 5.05) exceeded the same configurations in the F8 (III = 0.79 and I = 1.55). The average even associations were higher in the F8 (II = 17.25 and IV = 0.40) than in the F1 (II = 7.09). These observations, as well as the high percent abnormal anaphase I and telophase I for F1 (96% and 95%, respectively) and the percent normal anaphase I, telophase I and tetrads for F8 (83%, 85% and 95%, respectively), agree with the viable seed setting of the plants analyzed in both generations.

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