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Cyto genetic studies in wheat 13. sr 35 a 3rd gene from triticum monococcum for resistance to puccinia graminis tritici

Mcintosh, R.A.; Dyck, P.L.; The, T.T.; Cusick, J.; Milne, D.L.

Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenzuechtung 92(1): 1-14


Accession: 005081974

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A previously undescribed gene, Sr35, was independently transferred from diploid T. monococcum to polyploid wheats [T. aestivum] in Australia and in Canada. Sr35 was located in chromosome 3A.alpha. of a hexaploid derivative and showed genetic linkages of 34% with the centromere and 1% with R2 for red grain color. White seeded Sr35 Sr35 individuals were obtained. Due to the occurence of virulence for Sr35 in both Australian and North American P. graminis tritici populations, Sr35 should be exploited only in combinations with other genes for resistance.

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