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Cyto genetic studies of the intergeneric hybrid euchlaena perennis x zea mays 2. meiotic analysis in an advanced generation as related to viable seed setting in 2 regions of the province of tucuman argentina

Boggiatto, A.J.; Andrada, A.B.; Portas-De-Zamudio, A.M.

Revista Agronomica del Noroeste Argentino 15(4): 95-111


Accession: 005082021

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Meiotic studies were conducted with F9 plants of the hybrid E. perennis Hitch. .times. Z. mays L. Some vegetative components of fertility (viable seed setting) were also studied. During metaphase I of microsporocytes in plants from both locations the meiotic analysis showed a high rate of bivalent figures, whose values were similar for the 2 localities. The statistical analysis of the vegetative components, plant height, ear length, ear number per plant, seeds per ear and seeds per plant, showed a different arithmetic mean (.hivin.x) for each one. The differences were significant according to the "t" test. Comstock and Robinson's method, adapted to this case, was used for the variance analysis. The heritability for each component was calculated.

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