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Chapter 5,083

Cyto genetic studies on the genus oryza part 11 alien addition lines of oryza sativa with single chromosomes of oryza officinalis

Shin Y B.; Katayama, T.

Japanese Journal of Genetics 54(1): 1-10


Accession: 005082073

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From crosses between allotriploid plants with genomes AAC and diploid O. sativa plants (AA), 12 types of alien addition lines with single C-genome chromosome were distinguished on the basis of morphological characteristics of the addition type plants. Of the 12 chromosomes of O. officinalis (WOO65), 6 apparently were homeologous with those of O. sativa in varying degrees. The occurrence of many univalents in the PMCs [pollen mother cells] of 2 alien addition lines, G and J, suggests that 2 chromosomes of O. officinalis (WOO65) have genes which disturb the pairing of homologous sativa chromosomes.

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