Cyto genetic study of auto tetra ploid forms of winter rye part 2 analysis of stages of the 2nd meiotic division in 2nd generation tetra ploids

Popova, I.S.; Shumny, V.K.; Vladimirov, N.S.

Genetika 14(8): 1376-1386


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 005082110

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Plants with a low frequency of anomalous tetrads, suitable for selection, were identified as early as at C2 in populations of winter rye ('Omka', 'Dolinskaya', 'Udinskaya'), which were produced on a broad genetic basis. Plants varied in level of irregularities and in their patterns. These patterns consisted of different numbers and combinations of irregularity types and of the presences of abnormalities specific to the given plants which were phenotypically expressed as impairment in the mechanisms of the spindle, karyo- and cytokinesis. 'Udinskaya' which was derived from a more winter-hardy variety of winter rye differed from 'Omka' and 'Dolinskaya' in smaller mean number of irregular tetrads, smaller variability in the level and types of irregularities and in higher frequency of irregular tetrads due to impaired cytokinesis. 'Omka' and 'Dolinskaya' did not differ in the level or irregularity patterns in stages of the 2nd meiotic division.