Cyto genetical studies on the genus oryza part 10 cyto genetics of tetra ploid f 1 plant between amphi ploid punctata eichinergi and bbcc genome species

Katayama, T.; Shin, Y.B.; Onizuka, W.

Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University 22(1-2): 99-105


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-6152
Accession: 005082207

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In 1967, it was proposed that diploid punctata strain is the B genome donor based on the cytogenetical evidences of the diploid F1 plants between diploid punctata strain and its related species. To corroborate the result, the tetraploid F1 plants were produced from the crosses between amphiploid punctata-eichingeri [Oryza punctata-O. eichingeri hybrid] and the species having the BBCC genomes. The results of the cytogentical observations of both the diploid F1 (diploid punctata .times. C genome species) and tetraploid F1 (synthesized amphiploid strain .times. BBCC genome species) plants support the opinion that diploid punctata is the donor of the B genome.