Cyto genetics of a tri specific hybrid nicotiana benthamiana x nicotiana glutinosa x nicotiana tabacum and its allo poly ploids in genus nicotiana

Varma, K.T.R.; Apparao, K.; Narayanan, A.I.

Cytologia 42(3-4): 703-710


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-4545
Accession: 005082244

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The study pertains to the cytogenetics of a newly synthesized trispecific hybrid N. benthamiana (n = 19) .times. N. glutinosa (n = 12) .times. N. tabacum and its allopolyploids. The F1 (n = 55) plants were phenotypically identical and by colchicine treatment 2 partial and 2 complete allopolyploids were obtained. It is not possible to maintain the stability in these allopolyploids, when the chromosome number is increased beyond certain limits. They are useful to understand certain fundamental aspects of evolution. Recently the trispecific hybrids have gained additional importance as they offer an excellent tool to combine 2 non-crossable species through a bridge, thus making it possible to transfer disease or pest resistance traits from wild species to the species of commerce, N. tabacum.