Cytogenetic analysis as an element in genetic monitoring of persons exposed professionally to chemical substance damage ii. frequency of sister chromatid exchanges in lymphocyte cultures of workers in oil chemical industry

Simeonova, M.; Georgieva, V.

Genetika i Selektsiya 19(2): 114-120


Accession: 005085153

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An analysis of sister chromatide exchange (SCE) was made in the lympho cyte cultures of 55 workers engaged in the oil-chemical industry and of 30 control persons. It was found that the level of SCE in the lymphocytes of the workers is considerably higher than that of the control persons. A correlation between SCE and the definite production conditions was observed. Workers who were in contact with aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons had highest SCE values per cell. A directly proportional correlation was revealed between the individual SCE frequency and the frequency of changes with structural and cardinal number of chromosome aberrations, exchange type of aberrations and the reproductive failures in workers families. Results obtained indicate that sister chromatide exchanges can be successfully used as human dosimeter in genetic monitoring of high risk groups of the population.