Cytogenetic analysis as an element in genetic monitoring of persons exposed professionally to chemical substances damage i. chromosome aberration frequency in the lymphocyte cultures of workers in oil chemical industry

Simeonova, M.

Genetika i Selektsiya 19(1): 38-45


Accession: 005085154

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A cytogenetic analysis assessing the frequency of structural and cardinal number chromosome aberrations and genome mutations in lymphocytal cultures of workers from the oil-chemical industry has been made. It has been found that the number of cells with structural chromosome aberrations (SCA) is much higher in cultures of workers than in those of the control persons. A correlation exists between the definite production conditions and SCA frequency. In the workshops with predominant amount of polycyclines and other hydrocarbons among the harmful substances the number of workers with enhance frequency of cells having SCA and the presence of chromosome disturbances is considerably higher than in case of workers occupied with production of organic solvents. Enhanced frequency of hyperploid cells was observed in the workers' cultures. A correlation is evident between level of chromosome deviations and the reproductive failures in workers families. The cytogenetic analysis is a realistic approach revealing the raised genetic risks for workers and their families.