Cytogenetic analysis of peripheral lymphocytes in workers occupationally exposed to toluene

Pelclova, D.; Rossner, P.; Pickova, J.

Pracovni Lekarstvi 39(8): 356-361


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-6291
Accession: 005085195

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Twenty employees working at a gravure web-fed rotary and exposed to toluene and 23 workers of a control group were subjected to cytogenetic analysis. The difference in the frequency of aberrant cells between the exposed group (4.00%) and the control group (4.22%) was not statistically significant. Both values, however, exceed the level supposed to apply for unexposed population by a factor of two. The deviation may be explained by increased exposure to genotoxic chemicals in the living environment in both observed groups. In the group exposed to toluene there was a lower level of ascorbic acid in serum. The values of immunoglobulins and alpha1antitrypsin proved to be within normal limits in both groups.