Section 6
Chapter 5,086

Cytogenetic disturbances in germinating seeds of broad bean vicia faba var minor beck caused by herbicide avadex b. w

Samborska-Ciania, A.

Genetica Polonica 28(3): 277-284


Accession: 005085290

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The effect of the carbamate herbicide Avadex B. W. (a.i. triallate) in 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5% concentrations on the genetic material of broad bean root tips cv. Nadwislanski was studied. The examined compound induced chromosomal aberrations depending on its dose. In roots of broad bean treated with Avadex B. W. a decrease in the mitotic activity was found. However, in the material fixed 48 h after the herbicide treatment a tendency towards increase of the mitotic index was observed.

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