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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5087

Chapter 5087 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mitchell, M.L.; Carney, C.N., 1985:
Cytologic criteria for the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma

Shibanova, A.I., 1978:
Cytologic criteria in diagnostics of esophageal dysplasia

Dimovska, A., 1977:
Cytologic data on the anterior pituitary of the doiran perch perca fluviatilis macedonica in certain periods of the sexual cycle

D.C.poa A.; Marlekaj P.; Baldini A.; Rocchi M.; Archidiacono N., 1985:
Cytologic demonstration of differential activity of ribosomal rna gene clusters in different human tissues

Rubel, L.; Reynolds, R.E., 1979:
Cytologic description of squamous cell papilloma of the respiratory tract

Selvaggi S.M., 1986:
Cytologic detection of condylomas and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia of the uterine cervix with histologic correlation

Brown, R.W.; Clarke, R.J.; Gonzales, M.F., 1985:
Cytologic detection of Cryptococcus neoformans in cerebrospinal fluid. Rapid screening methods

Yazigi R.; Sanchez J.; Duarte I.; Verni J., 1983:
Cytologic detection of endometrial carcinoma by the endocyte technique

Avram, E.; Yakovlevitz, M.; Schachter, A., 1984:
Cytologic detection of Enterobius vermicularis and Strongyloides stercoralis in routine cervicovaginal smears and urocytograms

Mossler, J.A.; Barton, T.K.; McClintock, S.C.; Johnston, W.W., 1980:
Cytologic detection of hepatic metastases

Woodard, B.H.; Ideker, R.E.; Johnston, W.W., 1978:
Cytologic detection of malignant melanoma in urine. A case report

Kapila, K.; Verma, K., 1982:
Cytologic detection of parasitic disorders

Sagebiel, R.W.; Gates, E.A.; Hill, L.C., 1978:
Cytologic detection of recurrent vaginal melanoma

Yamada, T.; Murohisa, B.; Muto, Y.; Okamoto, K.; Doi, K.; Tsuchiya, R., 1984:
Cytologic detection of small pancreaticoduodenal and biliary cancers in the early developmental stage

Angrish, K.; Verma, K., 1981:
Cytologic detection of tuberculosis of the uterine cervix

Kozinets G.I.; Dul'tsina S.M.; Zakharova A.V.; Shishkanova Z.G.; Korenevskaya M.I.; Kasatkina V.V.; Kotel'nikov V.M.; Pogorelov V.M., 1986:
Cytologic diagnosis of acute leukemias based on the fab classification and new cytochemical criteria

Botero, S.D.; Holmquist, N.D., 1979:
Cytologic diagnosis of amniotic fluid embolus. Report of a case

Uei, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Hirota, T.; Yamamoto, H.; Watanabe, H., 1980:
Cytologic diagnosis of breast carcinoma with nipple discharge: special significance of the spherical cell cluster

Parsi B.; Diard F.; Traissac L.; Elie G., 1988:
Cytologic diagnosis of bronchoalveolar papillomatosis

Droese, M.; Wöltjen, H.; Zimmermann, A.; Schröter, W., 1982:
Cytologic diagnosis of cancer of the urinary bladder, reliability, pitfalls and grading

Parsi B.; Coindre J.M.; Trojani M.; D.M.scarel I., 1987:
Cytologic diagnosis of chordoma report of a case

Pacifico E.; Miraglia M.; Miraglia F., 1981:
Cytologic diagnosis of endometrial carcinoma and hyperplasias using jet washing its possible use for an early diagnosis

Arzumanian, G.A.; Daian-Barsegian, O.A.; Zeĭtunian, M.A., 1987:
Cytologic diagnosis of fibrous tissue tumors

Szyfelbein, W.M.; Schiller, A.L., 1979:
Cytologic diagnosis of giant cell tumor of bone metastatic to lung. A case report

Miller, R.R.; Lin, F.; Mallonee, M.M., 1981:
Cytologic diagnosis of gliomatosis cerebri

Shah, S.M.; Schaefer, R.F.; Araoz, E., 1977:
Cytologic diagnosis of herpetic esophagitis. A case report

Tao L C.; Morgan R.C.; Donat E.E., 1984:
Cytologic diagnosis of intravenous talc granulomatosis by fine needle aspiration biopsy a case

Matsuda, M.; Nagumo, S.; Horai, T.; Yoshino, K., 1988 :
Cytologic diagnosis of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma in sputum

Hsu, C., 1983:
Cytologic diagnosis of lung tumors from bronchial brushings of Chinese patients in Hong Kong

Svejda, J.; Mechl, Z., 1977:
Cytologic diagnosis of malignant melanoma

Takeda, M.; Diamond, S.M.; DeMarco, M.; Quinn, D.M., 1978:
Cytologic diagnosis of malignant melanoma metastatic to the endometrium

Hausdorfer, G.S.; Chandrasoma, P.; Pettross, B.R.; Carriere, C.A., 1985:
Cytologic diagnosis of mesonephric adenocarcinoma of the urinary bladder

Wada, Y.; Masukawa, T., 1977:
Cytologic diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum of the mons pubis report of 2 cases

Rosen, R.G.; Garret, M.; Aka, E., 1968:
Cytologic diagnosis of neopl pancreatic cancer by ductal aspiration human

Jobst S.B.; Ljung B M.; Gilkey F.N.; Rosenthal D.L., 1983:
Cytologic diagnosis of olfactory neuro blastoma a case with multiple diagnostic parameters

Orenstein, M.; Webber, C.A.; Heurich, A.E., 1985:
Cytologic diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii infection by bronchoalveolar lavage in acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Lazzari G.; Vineis C.; Cugini A., 1981:
Cytologic diagnosis of primary pulmonary actinomycosis 2 cases

Gupta, R.K.; Belton, J.H.; Bronowicz, M., 1977 :
Cytologic diagnosis of primary squamous cell carcinoma of Bartholin's gland

Takashina, T.; Ito, E.; Kudo, R., 1985:
Cytologic diagnosis of primary tubal cancer

Cazzaniga, M.G.; Tommasini-Degna, A.; Negri, R.; Pioselli, F., 1987:
Cytologic diagnosis of prostatic malakoplakia. Report of three cases

Pilotti, S.; Rilke, F.; Gribaudi, G.; Spinelli, P., 1982:
Cytologic diagnosis of pulmonary carcinoma on bronchoscopic brushing material

Tao L.C.; Chamberlain D.W.; Delarue N.C.; Pearson F.G.; Donat E.E., 1982:
Cytologic diagnosis of radiographically occult squamous cell carcinoma of the lung

Stani, J., 1987:
Cytologic diagnosis of reactive lymphadenopathy in fine needle aspiration biopsy specimens

Lazarev, I.M., 1987:
Cytologic diagnosis of rectal malignant melanoma

Kondrat'eva, T.T.; Petrova, A.S., 1977:
Cytologic diagnosis of salivary gland tumors

Hayasaki K.; Sunami S.; Nagata H.; Kaneko T., 1987:
Cytologic diagnosis of salivary gland tumors by fine needle aspiration biopsy

Shida S.; Ikeguchi S.; Yokota K.; Muto K., 1981:
Cytologic diagnosis of sarcoma of the stomach

Clements M.H.S.; Oko T., 1983:
Cytologic diagnosis of schistosomiasis in routine urinary specimens a case

Petrova A.S.; Isakov V.L.; Zubriyan N.I.; Strakhova T.N., 1985:
Cytologic diagnosis of small cell cancer of the lung

Scala R.; Aquino A.; Tirone A.; Natale S., 1986:
Cytologic differential diagnosis of conjunctivitis

Molenaar W.M.; Oosterhuis J.W.; Kamps W.A., 1984:
Cytologic differentiation in childhood rhabdomyosarcomas following polychemotherapy

Newsome, Y.L.; Singh, D.N., 1977:
Cytologic effects of adriamycin on human peripheral lymphocytes

Rasmussen, K.; Peterson, B.L.; Jacobo, E.; Penick, G.D.; Sall, J., 1980:
Cytologic effects of Thiotepa and Adriamycin on normal canine urothelium

McSwain, G.R.; Valicenti, J.F.; O'Brien, P.H., 1978:
Cytologic evaluation of breast cysts

Sartorius, O.W.; Smith, H.S.; Morris, P.; Benedict, D.; Friesen, L., 1977:
Cytologic evaluation of breast fluid in the detection of breast disease

DeFine, L.A.; Saleba, K.P.; Gibson, B.B.; Wesseler, T.A.; Baughman, R., 1987:
Cytologic evaluation of bronchoalveolar lavage specimens in immunosuppressed patients with suspected opportunistic infections

Walas-Skolicka, E., 1977:
Cytologic evaluation of dysplasia of the epithelium of the cervix uteri in women with disorders of ovarian function

Williams, D.R.; Whitney, J.E.; Harding, M.; Bodfish, K.; Skinner, G.R., 1978:
Cytologic evaluation of experimental type 2 herpes simplex infection in mice

Sanderson, T.L.; Pustai, W.; Shelley, L.; Gelender, H.; Ng, A.B., 1980:
Cytologic evaluation of ocular lesions

Stilmant, M.M.; Freedlund, M.C.; Schmitt, G.W., 1987:
Cytologic evaluation of urine after kidney transplantation

Schempp W.; Meer B., 1983:
Cytologic evidence for 3 human x chromosomal segments escaping inactivation

D.C.poa A.; Baldini A.; Marlekaj P.; Gambari R.; Raschella G.; Fantoni A., 1985:
Cytologic evidence for increased ribosomal rna gene activity in hemin induced k 562 s cells

Takagi, N.; Wake, N.; Sasaki, M., 1978:
Cytologic evidence for preferential inactivation of the paternally derived X chromosome in XX mouse blastocysts

Syrjanen K.J.; Heinonen U M.; Kauraniemi T., 1981:
Cytologic evidence of the association of condylomatous lesion with dysplastic and neoplastic changes in the uterine cervix

Tatsuta M.; Yamamoto R.; Yamamura H.; Okuda S.; Tamura H., 1983:
Cytologic examination and carcino embryonic antigen measurement in aspirated pancreatic material collected by per cutaneous fine needle aspiration biopsy under ultrasonic guidance for the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma

Verma, K.; Bhargava, D.K., 1982:
Cytologic examination as an adjunct to laparoscopy and guided biopsy in the diagnosis of hepatic and gallbladder neoplasia

Jakubecz, S., 1977:
Cytologic examination during surgery for endometrial cancer

Melamed M.; Nikolova D.; Tsanev K., 1985:
Cytologic examination in diagnosis of malignant tumors of the rhinopharynx

Garret, M.; Jassie, M., 1976:
Cytologic examination of post prostatic massage specimens as an aid in diagnosis of carcinoma of the prostate

Fouret P.; Touboul J.L.; Picard F.; Mayaud C.; Roland J., 1986:
Cytologic examination of the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome and related complex

Raffi G.B.; D'antuono A.; Legnani P.P.; Sala A.; Marinelli M., 1981:
Cytologic examination of workers occupationally exposed to dyes

Razavi-Encha, F.; Fleury-Feith, J.; Gherardi, R.; Bernaudin, J.F., 1987:
Cytologic features of cerebrospinal fluid in Lyme disease

Sanyal, M.K.; Taymor, M.L.; Berger, M.J., 1976:
Cytologic features of oocytes in the adult human ovary

Johnson, T.L.; Kumar, N.B.; Hopkins, M.; Hughes, J.D., 1988:
Cytologic features of ovarian tumors of low malignant potential in peritoneal fluids

Droese, M.; Voeth, C., 1976:
Cytologic features of seminal vesicle epithelium in aspiration biopsy smears of the prostate

Wong J.Y.; Zaharopoulos P., 1983:
Cytologic features on needle aspiration of wilms tumor in an adult a case

Paavonen, J.; Purola, E., 1980:
Cytologic findings in cervical chlamydial infection

Kashimura, M.; Baba, S.; Shinohara, M.; Kashimura, Y.; Saito, T.; Hachisuga, T., 1988:
Cytologic findings in endometrial hyperplasia

Schachter, A.; Avram, E.; Gorodeski, I., 1983:
Cytologic findings in oral contraceptive users among Israeli Jewish women

Zuna, R.E.; Mitchell, M.L., 1988:
Cytologic findings in peritoneal washings associated with benign gynecologic disease

Suhrland, M.J.; Koslow, M.; Perchick, A.; Weiner, E.; Greco, M.A.; Colquhoun, F.; Muller, W.D.; Burstein, D.E., 1987:
Cytologic findings in progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. Report of two cases

Russ, J.E.; Winchester, D.P.; Scanlon, E.F.; Christ, M.A., 1978:
Cytologic findings of aspiration of tumors of the breast

Sumiyoshi Y.; Kimura A.; Hirahara F.; Gorai I.; Shiramizu I.; Masuda H.; Kikyo S., 1980:
Cytologic findings of vaginal smear during local therapy with bleomycin suppository for early cervical cancer

Muram D.; Curry R.H.; Drouin P., 1982:
Cytologic follow up of patients with invasive cervical carcinoma treated by radio therapy

Svejda J.; Kudlickova Z., 1983:
Cytologic grading in relation to the clinical stage of breast cancer

Zmener O.; Dominguez F.V., 1984:
Cytologic imprints of human periapical granulomas

Doboszynska, T.; Zurowski, W., 1977 :
Cytologic indices and their application in evaluation of vaginal smears in the european beaver castor fiber

Kunitsyna, T.A.; Kudryashov, V.K.; Zhandarova, L.F., 1977:
Cytologic investigation in the diagnosis of rectal and sigmoid cancer

Zenzes, M.T.; Belkien, L.; Bordt, J.; Kan, I.; Schneider, H.P.; Nieschlag, E., 1985:
Cytologic investigation of human in vitro fertilization failures

Nechaeva, I.D.; Aibinder, N.M.; Kolosov, A.E.; Lipova, V.A., 1977:
Cytologic investigation of needle biopsy specimens of the douglas pouch in early detection of ovarian tumors

Dalquen P., 1988:
Cytologic investigations in pneumology

Gospodinov G.M.; Szhurova J.; Iosifov Y.; Petkov J., 1987:
Cytologic investigations of the vaginal mucosa in cows with disturbed sexual cycle

Vigliani R.; Stramignoni A., 1981:
Cytologic localization of antigens from human saliva in pleomorphic adenomas of salivary glands

Greenebaum E.; Levi M.H.; Mckitrick J.C., 1988:
Cytologic manifestation of an unusual bacterial form simonsiella sp

Keagle M.; Marcks K.A.; Kaiser J.S., 1981:
Cytologic manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis in pleural effusion

Kiviat, N.B.; Paavonen, J.A.; Brockway, J.; Critchlow, C.W.; Brunham, R.C.; Stevens, C.E.; Stamm, W.E.; Kuo, C.C.; Derouen, T.; Holmes, K.K., 1985:
Cytologic manifestations of cervical and vaginal infections 1. epithelial and inflammatory cellular changes

Kiviat, N.B.; Peterson, M.; Kinney-Thomas, E.; Tam, M.; Stamm, W.E.; Holmes, K.K., 1985:
Cytologic manifestations of cervical and vaginal infections 2. confirmation of chlamydia trachomatis infection by direct immunofluorescence using monoclonal antibodies

Shibanova, A.I.; Kolycheva, N.I., 1977:
Cytologic method in the diagnosis of esophageal cancer

Huber H.; Knogler W.; Kucera H.; Ulm R., 1983:
Cytologic modifications in the endometrium after high dose iridium 192 irradiation

Luthra U.K.; Mitra A.B.; Prabhakar A.K.; Agarwal S.S.; Bhatnagar P., 1982:
Cytologic monitoring of women using copper containing intra uterine devices 5 year follow up study

Sachdeva S.K.; Kals R., 1981:
Cytologic morphologic and chemo taxonomic studies of the dactyloctenium aegyptium complex

Lu, P.; Zhang, J.Q.; Feng, C.H., 1984:
Cytologic observation on giant cell tumor of bone

Niebuhr, E., 1978:
Cytologic observations in 35 individuals with a 5p karyotype

Barron K.D.; Dentinger M.P., 1979:
Cytologic observations on axotomized feline betz cells part 1 qualitative electron microscopic findings

Dentinger M.P.; Barron K.D.; Kohberger R.C.; Mclean B., 1979:
Cytologic observations on axotomized feline betz cells part 2 quantitative ultrastructural findings

Koepf Maier P.; Hermann G., 1984:
Cytologic observations on the effects of metallocene dichlorides on human fibroblasts cultivated in vitro

Heath, E., 1974:
Cytologic observations on the secretory cells of the chin submandibular gland and brown inguinal gland in the rabbit

Weidmann J.; Freund M.; Mcgeever Rubin B., 1987:
Cytologic observations on trypsinized cells obtained from human endometrial epithelium in tissue culture

Pyatnitskii N.N.; Zhminchenko V.M.; Sugonyaeva N.P.; Shklyar T.I., 1980:
Cytologic organization of gastric glands small intestinal crypts and adreno cortical substance in rats

Bukovský, A.; Zidovský, J., 1985:
Cytologic phenomena accompanying uterine cervix electrocoagulation

Krupinski, L., 1977:
Cytologic picture of hormonal dys function of the placenta

Zawisza, E.; Makowska, W., 1977:
Cytologic picture of the nasal mucosa following cortico steroid therapy in hay fever

Chang, T.C.; Kou, S.H.; Chen, F.W.; Chang, C.C.; Liaw, K.Y.; Chang-Chien, Y.; Tsai, W.Y.; Huang, T.S.; Tsai, K.S.; Lin, C.C., 1987:
Cytologic presentation and its correlation with clinical stage in papillary carcinoma of the thyroid

Wallgren, A.; Zajicek, J., 1976:
Cytologic presentation of mammary carcinoma on aspiration biopsy smears

Malo Michele M., 1979:
Cytologic reactions of the hypophyso inter renal axis of the salema boops salpa marine teleost to a decrease in salinity metyrapone and reserpine injections and neurogenic stress

Malo-Michele, M., 1977:
Cytologic reactions of the pars intermedia of the salema boops salpa teleostean fish sparidae to variations in background color and illumination

Stephens, R.J.; Sloan, M.F.; Groth, D.G.; Negi, D.S.; Lunan, K.D., 1978:
Cytologic response of post natal rat lungs to ozone or nitrogen di oxide exposure

Lindberg, L.G.; Ahlgren, M.; Nordqvist, S.R.B., 1977:
Cytologic screening and re screening in detection and prevention of preclinical cervical cancer

Behmard, S.; Taherzadeh, D.; Gondos, B., 1977:
Cytologic screening for cervical cancer in southern Iran

Berry, A.V.; Baskind, A.F.; Hamilton, D.G., 1981:
Cytologic screening for esophageal cancer

Raskina, E.S.; Ermolova, T.P., 1976:
Cytologic studies in pulmonary pathology

Akahori, T.; Hasegawa, K.; Ohtsu, F.; Kinugasa, M.; Takeuchi, K.; Tokiwa, Y.; Takeuchi, Y.; Mochizuki, M., 1987:
Cytologic studies of cervical adenocarcinoma

Fritsch, R., 1984:
Cytologic studies on bryophytes from the harz mountains germany 2. chromosome numbers of additional liverwort species

Haldimann G., 1982:
Cytologic study of callitriche hamulata

Radoux D.; Lepoint A.; Goessens G., 1980:
Cytologic study of nucleoli and nucleolar organizers during inhibition of rna synthesis

Durand, J.; Gourbault, N., 1977:
Cytologic study of photo receptive organs of the australian planarian cura pinguis

Kawasaki T.; Kanamaru T.; Shingaki S.; Mizutani H.; Nakajima T., 1980:
Cytologic study of salivary gland tumors

Pargney, J.C.; Thalouarn, P., 1978:
Cytologic study of the aleppo pine embryo during germination effect of a stimulating treatment by successive administration of mercury and chlorine ions

Chesnoy, L., 1975:
Cytologic study of the gametes the fertilization and the pro embryogenesis in biota orientalis part 2 the male gamete

Caporali, L., 1976:
Cytologic study of the mycelium of urophlyctis leproides

Saito, Y.; Imai, T.; Sato, M.; Ota, S.; Kanma, K.; Takahashi, S.; Usuda, K.; Sagawa, M.; Nagamoto, N.; Suda, H., 1988:
Cytologic study of tissue repair in human bronchial epithelium

Dmitrovsky, E.; Matthews, M.J.; Bunn, P.A.; Schechter, G.P.; Makuch, R.W.; Winkler, C.F.; Eddy, J.; Sausville, E.A.; Ihde, D.C., 1987:
Cytologic transformation in cutaneous T cell lymphoma: a clinicopathologic entity associated with poor prognosis

Chen Z.; E.A., 1984:
Cytologic typing of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and its relation with histology and prognosis after radiotherapy

Geier, G.R.; Schwarz, J.A.; Schlag, P., 1979:
Cytologic uniformity of breast cancer from different localizations: a pattern analysis study

Biedrzycki T.; Dabska M.; Sikorowa L.; Kubicki T., 1980 :
Cytologic vagaries in the diagnosis of breast tumors

Das, K.; Singh, B.D.; Singh, R.B.; Singh, J.; Singh, R.M., 1978:
Cytological aberrations induced by lasso machete and stam f 34 in barley hordeum vulgare

Chand S.; Roy S.C., 1980:
Cytological abnormalities during culture of nigella sativa

Petrakis N.L.; King E.B., 1981:
Cytological abnormalities in nipple aspirates of breast fluid from women with severe constipation

Zhong X.; Armstrong B.K.; Holman C.D.J.; Stenhouse N.S.; Giles P.F.H.; Waters E.D., 1984:
Cytological abnormalities of the cervix 15 year follow up of a gynecological cancer survey

Barbagallo C.; Pavone P.; Maugeri T.L.; Terassi M.C., 1979:
Cytological activity of prodigiosin by allium cepa test

Srivastav A.K., 1980:
Cytological activity of the ultimobranchial body of froglets of rana cyanophlyctis in response to a calcium rich environment

Hair, J.B.; Raven, P.H.; Seavey, S.R., 1977:
Cytological affinities of the australasian species of epilobium onagraceae

Tokiwa, T.; Nishiyama, S.; Yoshimoto, J.; Sato, J., 1980:
Cytological alteration of cultured rat liver cells by 3' methyl 4 dimethylamino azo benzene with special reference to chromosome changes changes of growth patterns at a colony level and alpha feto protein production

Campos E.P.D.; Maeda M.Y.S.; Shih L.W.S.; Pacheco G.R.; Alves V.A.F., 1986:
Cytological alterations due to chlamydial infection in 30000 vaginal smears

Vaquero, J.; Oya, S.; Manrique, M.; Lozano, A.P.; Bravo, G., 1978:
Cytological alterations in alumina cream experimental epilepsy

Gill C.C.; Chong J., 1979:
Cytological alterations in cell infected with corn leaf aphid specific isolates of barley yellow dwarf virus

Hanumante M.M.; Deshpande U.D.; Nagabhushanam R., 1979:
Cytological alterations in the neuro secretory cells of the fresh water pulmonate indoplanorbis exustus during shell regeneration

Appiano, A.; Pennazio, S.; Redolfi, P., 1978:
Cytological alterations in tissues of gomphrena globosa plants systemically infected with tomato bushy stunt virus

Pizzolato, G.P.; D'atena, C.; Villani, L.; Moneta, E., 1978:
Cytological alterations of the cervix during pregnancy

Lau Y F.; Wertelecki W.; Pfeiffer R.A.; Arrighi F.E., 1979:
Cytological analyses of a 14 plus variant by means of nucleolus organizer region banding and combinations of silver staining and chromosome bandings

Akita Y.; Wakahara M., 1985:
Cytological analyses of factors which determine the number of primordial germ cells in xenopus laevis

Mariani, A.; Arcioni, S.; Veronesi, F., 1978:
Cytological analysis and electrophoretic patterns of seed proteins in medicago sativa medicago glutinosa and their hybrids

Penaz M.; Rab P.; Prokes M., 1979:
Cytological analysis gynogenesis and early development of carassius auratus gibelio

Savrova, O.B., 1976 :
Cytological analysis in rats of the secretory epithelium of the submandibular salivary glands hypertrophied after repeated amputation of the lower incisors

Wlodarski, K.; Jakobisiak, M., 1978:
Cytological analysis of bone marrow present in the bone nodules induced by human follicular lymphoma cells in mice

Goday C.; Pimpinelli S., 1986:
Cytological analysis of chromosomes in the two species parascaris univalens and parascaris equorum

Tandon P.; Nanda I.; Raman R., 1984:
Cytological analysis of constitutive heterochromatin in 2 species of birds

Bhattacharya, G.N.; Ghosh, D.K., 1976:
Cytological analysis of different cytotypes of ottelia alisnoides

Wakhlu, A.K.; Bajwa, P.S., 1987:
Cytological analysis of embryogenic callus cultures and regenerated plants of papaver somniferum l. opium poppy

Espinasse A.; Dosba F., 1982:
Cytological analysis of hybrids between papaver somniferum and papaver bracteatum phylogenetic relationships between the 2 species

Kuliev R.A.; Agaeva T.K., 1983:
Cytological analysis of interspecies cotton hybrids treated with physical and chemical mutagens

Shnaider T., 1980:
Cytological analysis of meiosis in common wheat mutants and hybrids

Kozak M.F., 1986:
Cytological analysis of meiosis in microsporogenesis of interspecific soybean hybrids

Shnaider T.M.; Peusha K.O., 1982:
Cytological analysis of meiosis in the interspecific wheat hybrids f 1

Grigor'eva, A.V.; Yarygin, V.N., 1985:
Cytological analysis of nuclear chromatin proteins of the rat sympathetic neurons in postnatal ontogenesis 2. age dependent changes in fast green fcf revealed non histone nuclear proteins and the transcription before and after extraction of a loosely bound fraction

Lessman C.A.; Kavumpurath S., 1984:
Cytological analysis of nuclear migration and dissolution during steroid induced meiotic maturation in vitro of follicle enclosed oocytes of the goldfish carassius auratus

Zadoo, S.N., 1986:
Cytological analysis of pennisetum pedicellatum trin. accessions

Bhattacharya, B., 1974:
Cytological analysis of some species of the genera pennisetum and setaria

Fontana F., 1982:
Cytological analysis of the chromosome complement of kalotermes flavicollis isoptera kalotermitidae the sex determining mechanism

Cipriani L.; D.C.stro M.; Rocchi A., 1986:
Cytological analysis of the effect of treatments visualizing the chromosome core on non histone nuclear proteins

Stephen, J., 1977:
Cytological analysis of the endosperm failure in a hybrid clone of tradescantia

Cailliez J.C.; Poulain D., 1988:
Cytological analysis of the expression of an epitope carried by glycoproteins excreted from candida albicans

Ramachandran C.; Seshadri V.S., 1986 :
Cytological analysis of the genome of cucumber cucumis sativus and muskmelon cucumis melo

Volkov, V.R.; Volkova, V.V., 1970:
Cytological analysis of the hybrids from crossing triticale m 2n equals 56 with winter soft wheat m

Ryabinina, Z.A., 1976:
Cytological analysis of the intact and regenerating liver in rats of different strains

Baratashvili D.Sh, 1979:
Cytological analysis of the mutagenic action of n nitroso n methyl urea and carbon 14 labeled n methyl n nitroso urea on tea seeds

Baratashvili D.Sh, 1981:
Cytological analysis of the mutagenic effect of phosphorus 32 and sulfur 35 on tea seeds

Verma S.; Ruttner F., 1983:
Cytological analysis of thelytokous parthenogenesis in the cape honey bee apis mellifera capensis

Millan, J.; Crenn, O.; Lidome, E., 1981:
Cytological and bacteriological examinations of the cervix and vagina. A review of the results obtained in a laboratory for analyses in Guadeloupe

Badr E.A.; Mousa M.; Seehy M.A., 1983:
Cytological and biochemical alterations induced by 2 herbicides in the root tips of vicia faba

Sozinov A.A.; Novosel'skaya A.Yu; Lushnikova A.A.; Bogdanov Y.F., 1987:
Cytological and biochemical analysis of common wheat cultivars with 1b 1r substitutions and translocations in their karyotypes

Catzeflis F., 1983:
Cytological and biochemical analysis of crocidura shrews from the island of cyprus mammalia insectivora

Thomas J.; Kugrens P.; Ross C.W., 1980:
Cytological and biochemical aspects of cyto kinin enhanced growth of radish raphanus sativus cultivar early scarlet globe cotyledons

Morozov E.O.; Mamaev N.N.; Blinov M.N.; Samuskevich I.G.; Medveceva N.V., 1987:
Cytological and biochemical characteristics of ribosomal rna synthesis in blood lymphocytes of patients with chronic lymphatic leukemia

Baidulova Babko T.Yu; Popova A.F.; Sud'yina O.H., 1985:
Cytological and biochemical features of the leaves of the forms of soft winter wheat with cytoplasmic male sterility

Asamizu, T.; Nishi, A., 1976:
Cytological and biochemical studies on malate dehydrogenase ec in growing hyphae of aspergillus oryzae

Sandru, G.; Sandru, L.; Repciuc, E., 1977:
Cytological and biological aspects of cell migration from blood clot fragments in vitro

Tanasch, L., 1984:
Cytological and breeding investigations on garlic allium sativum 2. karyological and morphological observations concerning suitability of some cultivars for garlic production in austria

Kockova-Kratochvilova, A.; Holan, Z., 1976:
Cytological and chemical changes in cell walls of rhodotorula gracilis part 3 characteristics and life cycle of the yeast

Singh V.; Verma K.; Bhargava V.L., 1983:
Cytological and colposcopic evaluation in pre malignant and early malignant lesions of the cervix

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Cytological classification of lung cancer on the basis of malignancy criteria

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Cytological classification of lung carcinomas

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Cytological comparison of diploid and autotetraploid trifolium riograndense burkart leguminosae

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Cytological comparison of specific r3 and general resistance to late blight in potato leaf tissue

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Cytological complications of intra uterine devices

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Cytological confirmation of merging processes into 8 ploid kalimeris incisa in a newly borne 12 ploid strain of aster ageratoides ssp ovatus kalimeris incisa

Tara M., 1984:
Cytological confirmation of selective backcrosses in the natural f 2 hybrid 2n equals 72 of aster ageratoides ssp ovatus x kalimeris incisa

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Cytological criteria of infected ascites in cirrhosis

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Cytological cytochemical and ultrastructural characteristics of breast carcinoma

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Cytological damage and cell wall modification in cultured apple cells following exposure to pectin lyase from monilinia fructigena

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Cytological detection of a follicular carcinoma of the thyroid associated with a parathyroid adenoma

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Cytological detection of somatic mutations in tradescantia induced by ethanol

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Cytological development of ascosphaera atra

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Cytological di ploidization in the cultivated octo ploid strawberry fragaria x ananassa

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Cytological diagnosis and cytological classification of lymphosarcomas

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Cytological diagnosis for primary cancer of the fallopian tubes

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Cytological diagnosis in benign pathological breast

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Cytological diagnosis in dysplasia of the uterine cervix

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Cytological diagnosis of asthmatoid bronchitis and bronchial asthma

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Cytological diagnosis of breast lesions from needle aspirates

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Cytological diagnosis of cancer of the colon and rectum

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Cytological diagnosis of carcinoid tumors of the lungs stomach and intestine

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Cytological diagnosis of carcinomas of the prostate and testis

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Cytological diagnosis of colorectal adenocarcinoma using brushing april 1 1976 dec. 31 1983

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Cytological diagnosis of digestive cancer

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Cytological diagnosis of echinococcus of the lungs

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Cytological diagnosis of gastric cancer relapse in the gastro esophageal anastomosis region

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Cytological diagnosis of gastric polyps

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Cytological diagnosis of glial tumors of the central nervous system

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Cytological diagnosis of lymphoma in serous effusions

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Cytological diagnosis of malignant pleural effusion in myeloma

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Cytological diagnosis of nodose hyperplasia and prostatic cancer

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Cytological diagnosis of plasma cell dyscrasia a report on 200 cases

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Cytological diagnosis of prostate gland cancer

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Cytological diagnosis of prostatic cancer

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Cytological diagnosis of rectal polyps

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Cytological diagnosis of ruptured membranes

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Cytological differences in cell cultures infected with fowl plague virus and influenza type a virus

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Cytological differentiation and sexual isolation between populations of Drosophila nigricruria

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Cytological differentiation of explanted and implanted notochords in amphibian anuran embryos

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Cytological differentiation of gray treefrogs from missouri usa

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Cytological differentiation of human fetal skeletal muscle

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Cytological differentiation of the di ploid tetra ploid species pair of north american tree frogs amphibia anura hylidae

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Cytological distribution of prostaglandin dehydrogenase in the rat ileum

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Cytological disturbances in allium cepa cultivar wolska root meristems induced by herbicides

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Cytological diversity in the progeny of octo ploid facultative apomicts of hieracium aurantiacum

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Cytological effect associated with trisomic light green of sorghum bicolor

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Cytological effect of a water extract of lupinus termis on vicia faba

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Cytological effect of dimethylsulfate dms ethylmethanesulfonate ems and acrid juice of mango ajm in chilli capsicum annuum l

Y.W., 1986:
Cytological effect of gossypol on rat gametogenesis and spermatozoa

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Cytological effect of pesticides viii. meiotic effects of the insecticide methamidophos

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Cytological effect of pesticides xvi. effect of the insecticide rotenone on root mitosis of vicia faba

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Cytological effect of the herbicides reglone gramoxone and balan

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Cytological effects of 2450 megahertz continuous wave microwave radiation

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Cytological effects of 3 alkylating agents in drosophila

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Cytological effects of an organic phosphate pesticide on human cells in vitro

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Cytological effects of bavistin

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Cytological effects of berberine sulfate on chironomus salivary gland nuclei

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Cytological effects of colchicine from the new sources in iphigenia stellata

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Cytological effects of di ethyl stilbestrol on the vaginal epithelial cells of young female long evans rats

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Cytological effects of edta on pterotheca falconeri

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Cytological effects of fungicide topsin in allium cepa

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Cytological effects of fungicides 2. chromosomal aberrations induced by vitavax 200 and dithane s 60 in meiotic cells of wheat and 2 related species

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Cytological effects of heat shocks on xenopus oocytes and eggs

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Cytological effects of insecticide carbicron 100 and gamma radiation in common wheat triticum aestivum

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Cytological effects of khat (Catha edulis) in somatic and male germ cells of mice

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Cytological effects of medicinal plants in Qatar. 1. Mitotic effect of water extract of Pulicaria crispa on Allium cepa

Shehab, A.S., 1980:
Cytological effects of medicinal plants in qatar 2. mitotic effect of water extract of teucrium pilosum on allium cepa

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Cytological effects of medicinal plants in qatar 3. mitotic effect of water extract of anastatica hierochuntica on allium cepa

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Cytological effects of n methyl n nitro n nitroso guanidine on spirogyra paradoxa

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Cytological effects of pesticides 10. meiotic effects to phosvel

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Cytological effects of pesticides 11. meiotic effects of the herbicides mono chloro acetic acid and tri chloro acetic acid

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Cytological effects of pesticides 12. effects of the phosphorothioate insecticide dursban on the mitosis of vicia faba

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Cytological effects of pesticides 13. meiotic effects of the insecticide dursban

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Cytological effects of pesticides 14. effect of the insecticide dipterex trichlorphon on vicia faba cultivar giza 2 plant

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Cytological effects of pesticides 9. effects of the phosphonothioate insecticide leptophos on vicia faba

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Cytological effects of pesticides part 8 effects of the carbamate pesticides pc rogor and duphar on vicia faba

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Cytological effects of pesticides xv. effect of the insecticide methamidophos on root mitosis of vicia faba

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Cytological effects of pesticides xvii. effect of the insecticide dichlorvos on root mitosis of vicia faba

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Cytological effects of phenothiazine tranquilizing agents on barley meristems

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Cytological effects of single and combined treatments with x rays iaa and gibberellic acid in allium cepa

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Cytological effects of sodium cyclamate and cyclo hexylamine on pterotheca falconeri

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Cytological effects of sodium fluoride on mice

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Cytological effects of solar eclipse in root meristems of plant systems

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Cytological effects of some b complex vitamins

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Cytological effects of some tranquilizing drugs

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Cytological effects of sulfur and selenium purine analogs on 2 transplantable hepatomas and normal renewing cells in mice

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Cytological effects of the herbicide tribunil on vicia faba l

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Cytological effects of the oral contraceptive

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Cytological effects of tobacco leaf extract on root tip cells of allium sativum

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Cytological effects of tri iodo thyronine on dorsal root regeneration in adult rat

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Cytological effects of urecholine stimulation on the rat pancreas

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Cytological effects of vinca alkaloids i. effect of vinblastine and yohimbine on meiosis of vicia faba

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Cytological effects of water extracts of medicinal plants 2. influence of ammi majus and ammi visnaga extracts on meiosis of vicia faba

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Cytological evaluation of endometrial hyperplasia in relation to histological pictures

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Cytological evaluation of general resistance to phytophthora infestans in potato foliage

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Cytological evaluation of long term effects of lippes loop and copper intra uterine device

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Cytological evaluation of results of radiation and chemo therapy of laryngeal cancer

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Cytological evaluation of the likelihood that triploid grass carp will reproduce

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Cytological evaluation of triticale hexaploide under 2 climatic conditions

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Cytological events in allo stimulated lymphocytes triggered by exposure to allo antigens 5. response to disrupted target cells

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Cytological events in allo stimulated lymphocytes triggered by exposure to stimulatory allo antigens 2. changes in the areal density of cytoplasmic vacuoles and in the sub cellular localization of acid phosphatase

Poulsen, P.B.; Nielsen, L.H., 1979:
Cytological events in allo stimulated lymphocytes triggered by exposure to stimulatory allo antigens 3. changes in the areal density of cytoplasmic vacuoles containing endocytized thorotrast

Poulsen, P.B.; Nielsen, L.H., 1981:
Cytological events in allo stimulated lymphocytes triggered by exposure to stimulatory allo antigens 4. the influence of prednisolone

Poulsen P.B., 1979:
Cytological events in allo stimulated lymphocytes triggered by exposure to stimulatory allo antigens part 1 changes in cell size the mitochondrial areal density and numerical density of the endoplasmic reticulum and the golgi apparatus

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Cytological events involved in glyco protein synthesis in cellular and syncytial tropho blast of human placenta an electron microscope auto radiographic study of tritiated galactose incorporation

Nelson, D.M.; Enders, A.C.; King, B.F., 1978:
Cytological events involved in protein synthesis in cellular and syncytial tropho blast of human placenta an electron microscope auto radiographic study of tritiated leucine incorporation

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Cytological evidence bearing on the origin of the b genome in polyploid wheats

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Cytological evidence for an inactive X chromosome in murine oogonia

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Cytological evidence for different types of cerebro spinal fluid contacting subependymal cells in the preoptic infundibular recesses of the frog

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Cytological evidence for fertilization in hexaploid wheat x sorghum crosses

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Cytological evidence for polyspermy or polar body activation in mosaic embryos of chorthippus brunneus orthoptera acrididae

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Cytological evidence for self fertilization in lasaea subviridis galeommatacea bivalvia

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Cytological evidence for temporal differences during the asynchronous ovarian maturation of bi sexual and uni sexual fishes of the genus poecilia

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Cytological evidence of chromosomal rearrangement in the 2nd meiotic division after exposure to x rays

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Cytological evidence of genetic control of chromosome pairing in artificial autotetraploids of trifolium riograndense burkart

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Cytological evidence of terminal deficiencies produced by the r x1 deletion in maize

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Cytological evidence of the association of a geminivirus with the tomato yellow leaf curl disease in tunisia

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Cytological evidence of transient sex chromatin decondensation during compensatory hypertrophy in rat livers

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Cytological examination of cerebro spinal fluid in 8 patients with neuro behcets disease

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Cytological examination of douglas cul de sac punctates during treatment of patients with ovarian cancer

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Cytological examination of dryopteris villarii from the locus classicus type locality

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Cytological examination of the buccal cavity in workers exposed to lead and mineral acids

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Cytological examinations of 2 tall fescue festuca arundinacea genotypes and their sterile hybrids

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Cytological factors relating to posterior capsule opacification following cataract surgery

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Cytological factors that support nonparallel secretion of luteinizing hormone and fsh during the estrous cycle

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Cytological features and fertility of f 1bc 1 triploid interspecific wheat hybrids in connection with the success of the backcross

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Cytological features in 6 botanical varieties of cucumis melo and 15 different hybrids

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Cytological features of gonocytes during their migration in early embryos of rats

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Cytological features of lymphocytes in infectious mononucleosis

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Cytological features of spermatozoa and spermiogenesis in some neuroptera

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Cytological features of the developing chick embryo lung

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Cytological features of the development of puccinia graminis f sp tritici in wheat stems in compatible and incompatible combinations

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Cytological findings in cases of marsupialized odontogenic cysts. A contribution to early diagnosis of malignant changes

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Cytological findings in infiltrative carcinoma of the mammary gland

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Cytological findings in medullary carcinoma of the thyroid

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Cytological findings in trans rectal aspiration biopsy on hormone and radio treated carcinoma of the prostate

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Cytological findings of 10 cases with i xq and 1 with dicentric xq ter centric p 22 p 11 q ter

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Cytological findings of multiple primary lung tumors with accompanying asbestosis

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Cytological findings of pleomorphic giant cell carcinoma of pancreas a case

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Cytological follow up of 200 women using copper device for contraception

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Cytological grading as a prognostic feature in breast cancer

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Cytological grading of prostatic aspiration biopsy: a comparison with the Gleason grading system

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Cytological histological and genetical studies on mutation induction in mulberry

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Cytological histological study of a dimorphic bronchial carcinoma

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Cytological identification and characterization of the nuclear matrix

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Cytological identification of 1b 1r wheat rye translocations in winter wheat breeding lines

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Cytological identification of 2 x chromosome types in the wood lemming myopus schisticolor

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Cytological identification of alloplasmatic rye 2n equals 28

Pilch J.; Nalepa S., 1979:
Cytological identification of alloplasmatic rye triticale 2n equals 28

K.N J., 1988:
Cytological identification of cucumber mosaic virus infecting phalaenopsis

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Cytological identification of lymphocytes of highly leukemic akr j mice in oncogenesis the influence of somatotropic hormone on the cellular composition of lymphoid organs

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Cytological identification of sex in pig embryos at indifferent gonadal stages

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Cytological identification of telotrisomic and double ditelosomic lines in secale cereale cultivar heines helkorn by means of giemsa c banding patterns and crosses with wheat rye addition lines

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Cytological identification of the chromosomes involved in Searle's translocation and the location of the centromere in the X chromosome of the mouse

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Cytological identification of the genomes in penta ploid allium neapolitanum using giemsa c banding

Tyagi, B.R., 1976:
Cytological identification of translocated chromosomes in pennisetum typhoides by observing hybrids between translocation homo zygotes and translocation testers

Burma P.K.; Lakhotia S.C., 1984:
Cytological identity of 93d like and 87c like heat shock loci in drosophila pseudoobscura

Khuda Bukhsh A.R., 1985:
Cytological indications of polyploidy in some himalayan india hillstream fishes

Hafiz H.M.I.; Larik A.S.; Khan M.A., 1982:
Cytological instability in hexa ploid triticale

Cellarova E.; Rychlova M.; Honcariv R., 1984:
Cytological instability in matricaria chamomilla tissue cultures

Gow, N.A.; Henderson, G.; Gooday, G.W., 1986:
Cytological interrelationships between the cell cycle and duplication cycle of Candida albicans

Georgieva, J.D., 1977:
Cytological investigation of capsicum annuum embryogenesis part 1 cytochemical features of embryo sac and fertilization

Pusztai T., 1985:
Cytological investigation of long lasting several generations herbicide treatment resulting sensitivity changes in barley

Dudareva, L.A., 1978:
Cytological investigation of pharmaceutical pathomorphism in breast cancer patients

Datta, M., 1977:
Cytological investigation of regenerating liver cells after partial hepatectomy in the guinea pig

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Cytological investigation of scilla bifolia populations in hungary 1

Kereszty Z.; Szilagyi L., 1986:
Cytological investigation of scilla bifolia populations in hungary ii

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Cytological investigation of some representatives of the genus setaria of georgian flora ussr

Chandran, R.; Bhavanandan, K.V., 1986:
Cytological investigation of the family scrophulariaceae i. limnophila

Chandran, R.; Bhavanadan, K.V., 1987:
Cytological investigation of the family scrophulariaceae ii. coenocytism in digitalis purpurea linn

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Cytological investigation on androgenesis of triticum aestivum

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Cytological investigation on rickettsia tsutsugamushi infection of mice with different allotypic susceptibility to the agent

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Cytological investigations in 3 species of cenchrus gramineae

Chaudhary J.D., 1983:
Cytological investigations in 3 species of oplismenus gramineae

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Cytological investigations in backcrosses and amphi di ploids in hibiscus spp

Kumar S.S.; Verma S.K., 1979:
Cytological investigations in some west himalayan india mosses

Marian-Krasznai, T.; Krasznai, Z., 1978:
Cytological investigations in the family cyprinidae pisces

Srivastava A.K., 1980:
Cytological investigations in the genus bothriochloa gramineae

Nikova V.; Stoyanova M., 1982:
Cytological investigations of cytoplasmic male sterile tobacco with nicotiana glauca cytoplasm

Ruebenbauer, T.; Nalepa, S.; Pilch, J., 1976:
Cytological investigations of hexa ploid triticale x tetra ploid rye hybrids

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Cytological studies of early stages of powdery mildew in barley and wheat 8. auto fluorescence at penetration sites of erysiphe graminis hordei on living barley hordeum vulgare cultivar kobin katagi coleoptiles

Tsuzuki, T.; Ishizaki, H.; Kunoh, H., 1977:
Cytological studies of early stages of powdery mildew in barley and wheat leaves part 1 comparisons of papillae and halos induced by erysiphe graminis infection to wound plugs and halos induced by tween 20 and or glycerin sprays

Kunoh, H.; Ishizaki, H.; Nakaya, K., 1977:
Cytological studies of early stages of powdery mildew in barley and wheat leaves part 2 significance of the primary germ tube of erysiphe graminis on barley leaves

Kunoh, H.; Takamatsu, S.; Ishizaki, H., 1978:
Cytological studies of early stages of powdery mildew in barley and wheat part 3 distributions of residual calcium and silicon in germinated conidia of erysiphe graminis hordei

Kunoh, H.; Tsuzuki, T.; Ishizaki, H., 1978:
Cytological studies of early stages of powdery mildew in barley and wheat part 4 direct ingress from superficial primary germ tubes and appressoria of erysiphe graminis hordei on barley leaves

Takamatsu, S.; Ishizaki, H.; Kunoh, H., 1978:
Cytological studies of early stages of powdery mildew in barley and wheat part 5 effects of calcium on the infection of coleoptiles of barley by erysiphe graminis hordei

Takamatsu S.; Ishizaki H.; Kunoh H., 1979:
Cytological studies of early stages of powdery mildew in barley and wheat part 6 antagonistic effects of calcium and lithium on the infection of coleoptiles of barley by erysiphe graminis hordei

Kunoh, H.; Yamamori, K.; Ishizaki, H., 1983:
Cytological studies of early stages of powdery mildew in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar kobinkatagi and wheat 9. effect of various inorganic salts on the occurrence of auto fluorescence at penetration sites of appressoria of erysiphe graminis f sp hordei

Inoue, M.; Yamamoto, H., 1987:
Cytological studies of family lampyridae i. karyotypes of luciola lateralis and luciola cruciata

Yamamoto M., 1979:
Cytological studies of hetero chromatin function in the drosophila melanogaster male autosomal meiotic pairing

Michelmore R.W.; Sansome E.R., 1982:
Cytological studies of heterothallism and secondary homothallism in bremia lactucae

Kaneko, K.; Kamemoto, H., 1978:
Cytological studies of kaumana and uniwai anthurium andreanum

Hlushchenko H.I.; Pylypchuk B.Z.; Tesnovets' P.I., 1983:
Cytological studies of lolium spp and festuca spp in connection with selection goals

Buvat, R.; Robert, G., 1982:
Cytological studies of maturation dehydration of barley embryo roots hordeum vulgare 1. behavior of the endoplasmic reticulum and the vacuolar apparatus

Johannisson, E.; Eliasson, R., 1978:
Cytological studies of prostatic fluids from men with and without abnormal palpatory findings of the prostate part 1 methodological aspects

Eliasson, R.; Johannisson, E., 1978:
Cytological studies of prostatic fluids from men with and without abnormal palpatory findings of the prostate part 2 clinical application

Goddard, M.V., 1976:
Cytological studies of puccinia striiformis yellow rust of wheat

Mason G.F., 1982:
Cytological studies of sibling species of simulium tuberosum new record diptera simuliidae

Yip, M.Y., 1977:
Cytological studies of some aranda arachnis x vanda hybrids orchidaceae

Mehra, P.N.; Pandita, T.K., 1984:
Cytological studies of some helobiales of kashmir himalayas india 1. family alismataceae

Pandita, T.K.; Mehra, P.N., 1984:
Cytological studies of some helobiales of kashmir himalayas india 2. families butomaceae and hydrocharitaceae

Subramanian D., 1988:
Cytological studies of some mangrove flora of tamil nadu india

Baquar, S.R., 1978:
Cytological studies of some southern nigerian cyperaceae

Solov'eva L.V.; Omarov M.D., 1986:
Cytological studies of some species and varieties of diospyros l

Kazimierski T.; Kazimierska E.M., 1987:
Cytological studies of sterility and poor fertility in the yellow melilot melilotus officinalis l

Kumaran K.; Menon P.M., 1982:
Cytological studies of sterility in 10 indica hybrids of oryza sativa

Sands, V.E., 1982:
Cytological studies of the coreidae and alydidae hemiptera heteroptera 1. male meiosis in malaysian species

Sands, V.E., 1982:
Cytological studies of the coreidae and alydidae hemiptera heteroptera 2. karyological changes exemplified by malaysian genera

A.Mayah A R.A., 1986:
Cytological studies of the date palm phoenix dactylifera l

Kunoh, H.; Kuno, K.; Ishizaki, H., 1985:
Cytological studies of the early stages of powdery mildew in barley hordeum vulgare and wheat xi. autofluorescence and haloes at penetration sites of appressoria of erysiphe graminis hordei and erysiphe pisi on barley coleoptiles

Stumpf M.A.; Heath M.C., 1985:
Cytological studies of the interactions between the cowpea rust fungus uromyces vignae and silicon depleted french bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar pinto plants

Hopkin A.A.; Reid J., 1988:
Cytological studies of the m haustorium of endocronartium harknessii morphology and ontogeny

Harn, C.; Lee, M.S., 1976:
Cytological studies of the paeonia species grown wild or cultivated in korea part 1 karyotypes of cultivated paeonia albiflora varieties

Korabl'ova N.P.; Bahdasaryan S.H.; Ladyzhens'ka E.P.; Protsenko M.O., 1983:
Cytological studies of the properties of the cytoplasmic membrane of potato tuber parenchyma

Bleve Zacheo T.; Zacheo G., 1987:
Cytological studies of the susceptible reaction of sugar beet roots to heterodera schachtii

Feiertag-Koppen, C.C.M., 1980:
Cytological studies of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae tetranychidae trombidiformes 2. meiosis in growing oocytes

Feiertag-Koppen, C.C.M., 1976:
Cytological studies of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae tetranychidae trombidiformes part 1 meiosis in eggs

Mogensen M.M.; Butler R.D., 1984:
Cytological studies of trichophrya rotunda

Mesquita, J.F.; Santos, M.F., 1976:
Cytological studies of yellow algae chrysophyceae part 1 ultrastructure of chrysocapsa epiphytica

Chaudhuri, J.B.; Sharma, A., 1978:
Cytological studies on 3 aquatic members of hydrocharitaceae in relation to their morphological and ecological characteristics

Raghavan, R.S.; Kamble, S.Y., 1977:
Cytological studies on 3 endemic species of western and peninsular india

Panzera F.; Mazzella M.C.; E.S., 1983:
Cytological studies on 3 species of neotropical cassidines coleoptera chrysomelidae

Badr, E.A.; El-Dib, S.I., 1977:
Cytological studies on 3 species of the cichlid fish

Sharma G.P.; Sobti R.C.; Bhai C., 1986:
Cytological studies on a holotrichous ciliate frontonia leucas

Wang R.R C., 1988:
Cytological studies on a polyhaploid of critesion iranicum obtained after hybridization with critesion bulbosum

Inoue, M., 1976:
Cytological studies on acrididae part 3 karyotypes of 3 species in acrididae

Inoue, M., 1977:
Cytological studies on acrididae part 6 karyotypes of 3 species in subfamily catanopinae

Przywara L.; Kuta E.; Ochyra R., 1984:
Cytological studies on antarctic mosses 2

Lee Y.H., 1987:
Cytological studies on arundina graminifolia orchidaceae

Bhavanandan K.V., 1985:
Cytological studies on bolbitis quoyana

Takeyama H., 1981:
Cytological studies on broncho alveolar lavage fluid in bronchial asthma

Takeyama H., 1981 :
Cytological studies on broncho alveolar lavage fluid in inflammatory and granulomatous respiratory diseases

Hoshino T.; Shimizu T., 1986:
Cytological studies on degenerative nuclei at pollen development of carex ciliato marginata

Jacobsen, E., 1976:
Cytological studies on di plandroid production in a di ha ploid potato clone and its correlation with seed set in 4x by 2x crosses

Rangasamy, S.R.S., 1972:
Cytological studies on di ploid and poly ploid taxa of the genus pennisetum

Nishimura S.; Maeda E., 1982:
Cytological studies on differentiation and de differentiation in pericycle cells of excised rice oryza sativa cultivar aichi asahi roots

Oshiro T., 1987:
Cytological studies on diploid gynogenesis induced in the loach misgurnus anguillicaudatus

Miyazaki, Y.; Iwasaki, M.; Tojo, S.; Hasegawa, K., 1981:
Cytological studies on early invading pictures in uterine cervical cancer

Stiemerling, R.; Stockem, W., 1975:
Cytological studies on endocytosis and exocytosis in acellular slime molds

Kirti P.B.; Rao B.G.S., 1982:
Cytological studies on f 1 hybrids of solanum integrifolium with solanum melongena and solanum melongena var incanum

Dutta R.; Bhattacharya G.N., 1981:
Cytological studies on funkia and hemerocallis

Kito, H., 1978:
Cytological studies on genus porphyra

Parida, B.B.; Sharma, N.N., 1987:
Cytological studies on indian spiders i. meiosis in three species of wolf spiders lycosidae arachnida

Thirb H.H.; Benson Evans K., 1982:
Cytological studies on lemanea fluviatilis in the river usk uk

Bir S.S.; Gill B.S.; Bedi Y.S., 1980:
Cytological studies on loranthus

Bir S.S.; Saggoo M.I.S., 1985:
Cytological studies on members of family labiatae from kodaikanal and adjoining areas south india

Yoshida K.; Takeuchi I.K., 1980:
Cytological studies on mitochondria induced cytoplasmic transformation in yeasts

Kawamura N., 1983:
Cytological studies on mixo ploidy and embryonic development in mosaic silkworms bombyx mori induced by low temperature treatment

Hirahara, S., 1984:
Cytological studies on narcissus 2. karyotype of narcissus pseudo narcissus

Shoji, T., 1976:
Cytological studies on orchidaceae part 3 chromosome numbers and karyotypes in phalaenopsis spp

Oginuma, K.; Nakata, M., 1988:
Cytological studies on phanerogams in southern peru i. karyotype of acaena ovalifolia

Sansome E., 1985:
Cytological studies on phytophthora nicotianae var parasitica in relation to mating type

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