Cytoplasmic male sterility in nicotiana restoration of fertility and the nucleolus part 2 nicotiana debneyi cytoplasm

Burns, J.A.; Gerstel, D.U.; Sand, S.A.

Genetics 90(1): 151-160


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6731
Accession: 005088284

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A chromosome, presumably derived from N. debneyi, with partial restoring power was studied. Acting in the cytoplasm of N. debneyi, it directs formation of morphologically normal anthers, without, however, restoring pollen fertility. This chromosome also has a functioning nucleolar organizer, but only slightly inhibits the nucleolus-forming capacity of N. tabacum chromosomes. The suggestion of a relationship between the nucleolar apparatus and restoration of normal anthers is thus strengthened by the observation that restorers are found on nucleolus-forming chromosomes from 2 very distinct Nicotiana spp., as well as in several comparable cases cited from the Triticinae.