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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5090

Chapter 5090 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kliphuis E., 1984:
Cytotaxonomic studies on galium verum

Herrero P.; Talavera R.R., 1988:
Cytotaxonomic studies on iberian and moroccan pelobates anura pelobatidae

Cabrero J.; Camacho J.P.M.; Pascual F., 1985:
Cytotaxonomic studies on pamphagid genus eumigus detection of two chromosomal races in eumigus monticola insecta orthoptera

Wolf S.J.; Mcneill J., 1987:
Cytotaxonomic studies on polygonum section polygonum in eastern canada and the adjacent usa

Soman, T.A.; Ramachandran, K., 1987:
Cytotaxonomic studies on south indian loranthaceae

Ozhatay, N., 1983:
Cytotaxonomic studies on the genus allium in european turkey and around istanbul 1. section molium and scorodon

Ozhatay, N., 1984:
Cytotaxonomic studies on the genus allium in european turkey and around istanbul 2. section codonoprasum

Ozhatay, N., 1984:
Cytotaxonomic studies on the genus allium in european turkey and around istanbul 3. section allium and section melanocrommyum

Kliphuis E., 1984 :
Cytotaxonomic studies on the genus galium notes on some species occurring in portugal

Blaise S.; Cartier D., 1985:
Cytotaxonomic study and ecological behavior of some mountain forest elements of mont ventoux and mount lure france evolutionary significance

Pogosyan A.I., 1985:
Cytotaxonomic study of allium derderianum alliaceae

Kuzmanov B.A.; Robeva P.N.; Georgieva S.B., 1987:
Cytotaxonomic study of bulgarian species of thalictrum l

Kochina, E.M., 1987:
Cytotaxonomic study of cyclops from the americanus vernalis group of acanthocyclops crustacea copepoda

Gervais, C.; Smith, J., 1985:
Cytotaxonomic study of herbaceous cornus from the ile aux basques st. lawrence estuary quebec canada

Reynaud C., 1986:
Cytotaxonomic study of hypericum from the western mediterranean and the canary islands spain

Zhukova P.G.; Petrovskii V.V., 1985:
Cytotaxonomic study of papaver spp papaveraceae from the northeastern asia

Zhukova P.G.; Petrovskii V.V., 1984:
Cytotaxonomic study of some brassicaceae species from northern asia

E.Baba J., 1985:
Cytotaxonomic study of some mediterranean scrophulariaceae

Zhukova P.G.; Petrovskii V.V., 1985:
Cytotaxonomic study of some species of the genus potentilla rosaceae from northern asia

Magulaev A.Yu, 1987:
Cytotaxonomic study of some species of the subgenus lotoidea genus trifolium fabaceae in the flora of the kazakh ssr ussr

Vysotskaya E.I.; Lesnyak E.N., 1984:
Cytotaxonomic study of the leafy mosses in the khibiny mountains kola peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Gel'tman D.V., 1984:
Cytotaxonomic study of urtica species urticaceae in the flora of the ussr

G.Z.; L.H., 1988:
Cytotaxonomic study on the genus paris

Nwankiti, O.C., 1983:
Cytotaxonomic survey of some tropical ornamental species 2. urginia altissima

Nwankiti O.C., 1984:
Cytotaxonomic survey of some tropical ornamental species albuca nigritana the nigerian squill liliaceae

Zeltner L., 1985:
Cytotaxonomical and cytogeographic study of centaurium pulchellum sensu lato

Phitos D.; Kamari G., 1984:
Cytotaxonomical contributions on the flora of crete greece 2

Nieto Feliner G., 1985:
Cytotaxonomical data on arenaria section plinthine

Morales-Valverde, R., 1986:
Cytotaxonomical notes on some iberian and north african thymus l. labiatae

Subramanian D., 1986:
Cytotaxonomical studies in south indian apiaceae

Subramanian D.; Munian M., 1988:
Cytotaxonomical studies in south indian araceae

Subramanian, D., 1988:
Cytotaxonomical studies in south indian cyperaceae i. species from the plains

Subramanian D., 1985:
Cytotaxonomical studies in south indian ranunculaceae

Subramanian D.; Pondmudi R., 1987:
Cytotaxonomical studies of south indian scrophulariaceae

Frey L., 1982:
Cytotaxonomical studies on the genus deschampsia in poland

Okada H.; Fujishima H.; Yahara T., 1985:
Cytotaxonomical study of ranunculus yaegatakensis an endemic species on yakushima island japan

Ray S.; Chatterjee P., 1988:
Cytotaxonomical study of some members of chara fibrosa complex

De-Montmollin, B., 1984:
Cytotaxonomical study of the flora of crete greece 2. chromosome numbers

De-Montmollin, B., 1986:
Cytotaxonomical study of the flora of crete iii. chromosome numbers

Dujardin M.; Hanna W.W., 1987:
Cytotaxonomy and evolutionary significance of two off type millet plants derived from a pearl millet x pearl millet x pennisetum squamulatum apomictic hybrid

Schlarbaum S.E.; Tsuchiya T., 1984:
Cytotaxonomy and phylogeny in certain species of taxodiaceae

Van Der Laan F.M.; Arends J.C., 1985:
Cytotaxonomy of the apocynaceae

Nwankiti O.C., 1983:
Cytotaxonomy of the harmattan lily hippeastrum equestre

Falistocco E.; Piccirilli M.; Falcinelli M., 1987:
Cytotaxonomy of trifolium subterraneum l

Banerjee N.; Sharma A.K., 1983:
Cytotaxonomy tissue culture and alkaloids of rauwolfia

Booker K.A.; Yongue W.H.Jr, 1982:
Cytotoddia toddia infection of serpentes and its incidence in 2 geographical areas

Potapov Y.N.; Krutova T.V.; Korman D.B.; Pashkova V.S., 1986:
Cytotoxic action of doxorubicin and daunomycin on the cells of human lung cancer

Malinovskaya V.V.; Litovchenko V.G.; Balandin I.G., 1985:
Cytotoxic action of interferons produced by the cells of newborn and sexually mature animals

Mittermueller J.; Kolb H.J.; Gerhartz H.H.; Wilmanns W., 1985:
Cytotoxic action of low dose cytosine arabinoside investigations in a marrow grafted patient with relapse

Ilarionova M.; Maneva K.; Todorov D.; Silyanovska K., 1985:
Cytotoxic action of thaliblastin in vitro in vivo experiments

Gorina L.G.; Zil'fyan A.V.; Sayadyan K.S.; Goncharova S.A.; Vartanyan A.V., 1988:
Cytotoxic action of the individual components of mycoplasma arthritidis and mycoplasma fermentans membranes on the lymphocytes of rats

Baik K U.; Ahn B Z., 1988:
Cytotoxic activities of some geranylated flavones against l1210 cell

Matveeva V.A.; Klyuchareva T.E., 1987:
Cytotoxic activity and augmentation of syrian hamster natural killer cells isolated within the percoll density gradient

Kauschke, E.; Mohrig, W., 1987:
Cytotoxic activity in the coelomic fluid of the annelid Eisenia foetida Sav

Conradi S.; Ronnevi L O., 1985:
Cytotoxic activity in the plasma of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients against normal erythrocytes quantitative determinations

Yagita M.; Imura H.; Hoshino T., 1984:
Cytotoxic activity of autologous and allogeneic lymphocytes from peripheral blood against freshly biopsied lymphoma cells in patients with malignant lymphoma ok 432 activated killer cells

Karas I.Yu; Karmysheva V.Ya; Vasil'eva O.A., 1985:
Cytotoxic activity of blood serum in patients with schizophrenia

Lathan, B.; Von Hoff, D.D., 1984:
Cytotoxic activity of echinomycin in a human tumor cloning system

Beery J.T.; Doyle M.P.; Higley N.A., 1984:
Cytotoxic activity of escherichia coli o 157 h 7 culture filtrate on the mouse colon and kidney

Kan-Mitchell, J.; Hengst, J.C.; Kempf, R.A.; Rothbart, R.K.; Simons, S.M.; Brooker, A.S.; Kortes, V.L.; Mitchell, M.S., 1985:
Cytotoxic activity of human pulmonary alveolar macrophages

Taniguchi, M.; Tsuru, S.; Ishii, J.; Fujisawa, H.; Zinnaka, Y., 1985:
Cytotoxic activity of ia positive macrophages i. ia positive macrophage enriched by fluorescence activated cell sorting and its activation by lymphokines

Szabo B.; Vaczi L.; Toth F.D.; Kiss J.; Kiss A.; Rak K., 1988:
Cytotoxic activity of lymphocyte subpopulations against autologous tumor cells in patients with myeloid leukaemias and preleukemic disorders

Nishino, K.; Nakazawa, S.; Mori, T.; Sugita, K.; Abe, T.; Suzuki, T.; Kinoshita, A.; Osano, M.; Tadakuma, T.; Et-Al, 1986:
Cytotoxic activity of monoclonal antibody kor n 34 liposome adriamycin conjugates to cultured lymphoid cell lines

Van'ko L.V.; Nasyrov V.A.; Akopyan R.G.; Suleimanova N.S.; Fuks B.B., 1984:
Cytotoxic activity of natural killers in patients with malignant neoplasms of the larynx and oropharynx

Lavrov V.F.; Semenkov V.F.; Alibaeva R.A.; Nazarova G.M.; Khodakova L.P.; Ageeva O.N., 1987:
Cytotoxic activity of normal killers and proliferative response of lymphocytes to specific viral antigens in influenza infection in mice

Nakano, E.; Tada, Y.; Ichikawa, Y.; Fujioka, H.; Ishibasi, M.; Matsuda, M.; Takaha, M.; Sonoda, T., 1985:
Cytotoxic activity of peripheral blood lymphocytes grown with interleukin 2 against autologous cultured tumor cells in patients with renal cell carcinoma: preliminary report

Roth, A.; Kuballa, B.; Bounthanh, C.; Cabalion, P.; Sévenet, T.; Beck, J.P.; Anton, R., 1986:
Cytotoxic activity of polyindoline alkaloids of Psychotria forsteriana (Rubiaceae) (1)

Cook, R.M.; Ashworth, R.F.; Chernin, J., 1988 :
Cytotoxic activity of rat granulocytes against Mesocestoides corti

Rondanelli R.; Guaglio R.; Guarnone E.; Bre E.; Olliaro P.; Benzi Cipelli R., 1986:
Cytotoxic activity of some alkaloids from epinetrum delagoense electron microscopy studies ii

Chaim Matyas A.; Ovadia M., 1987:
Cytotoxic activity of various snake venoms in melanoma b16 f10 and chondrosarcoma

Zwart A.; Woutersen R.A.; Wilmer J.W.G.M.; Spit B.J.; Feron V.J., 1988:
Cytotoxic and adaptive effects in rat nasal epithelium after 3 day and 13 week exposure to low concentrations of formaldehyde vapor

Morita, H.; Itokawa, H., 1988:
Cytotoxic and antifungal diterpenes from the seeds of Alpinia galanga

Rahman P.; Muhammad I.; Hasan C.M.; Jabbar A., 1988:
Cytotoxic and antimicrobial activities of alkaloids from dehaasia kurzii king stem bark

Higuchi, Y., 1986:
Cytotoxic and antitumor activity of a soluble fraction of Streptococcus pyogenes against S180 sarcoma cells

Smets L.A.; Bout B.; Wisse J., 1988:
Cytotoxic and antitumor effects of the norepinephrine analogue m iodobenzylguanidine mibg

Johnson, W.M.; Lior, H., 1986:
Cytotoxic and cytotonic factors produced by Campylobacter jejuni, Campylobacter coli, and Campylobacter laridis

Aronova G.V.; Velichkovskii B.T.; Korkina L.G.; Suslova T.B.; Nikolova S.; Kirov G., 1985:
Cytotoxic and fibrinogenic properties of natural mordenite

Cortes F.; Mateos S.; Escalza P., 1986:
Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of ethanol and acetaldehyde in root meristem cells of allium cepa

Andrade J.R.C.; Suassuna I., 1988:
Cytotoxic and hemolytic activities of uropathogenic escherichia coli

James, S.P.; Graeff, A.S.; Zeitz, M.; Kappus, E.; Quinn, T.C., 1987:
Cytotoxic and immunoregulatory function of intestinal lymphocytes in Chlamydia trachomatis proctitis of nonhuman primates

Lotzova E.; Savary C.A.; Lowlachi M.; Murasko D.M., 1986:
Cytotoxic and morphologic profile of endogenous and pyrimidinone activated murine natural killer cells

Danilova T.A.; Guseva N.G.; Kosmatova E.N., 1985:
Cytotoxic antibodies to thymocyte antigens in rheumatic fever and other diseases

Galdiero, F.; Romano Carratelli, C.; Nuzzo, I.; Folgore, A., 1985:
Cytotoxic antibody dependent cells in mice experimentally infected with Brucella abortus

Chang P.; Lee K H., 1984:
Cytotoxic antileukemic anthraquinones from morinda parvifolia

W.Y.C.; L.S.T.; Chang J J.; Lee K H., 1988:
Cytotoxic aporphinoid alkaloids from thalictrum sessile

Fingert, H.J.; Chang, J.D.; Pardee, A.B., 1986:
Cytotoxic, cell cycle, and chromosomal effects of methylxanthines in human tumor cells treated with alkylating agents

Kratikanont, P.; deShazo, R.D.; Banks, D.E.; Chapman, Y., 1987:
Cytotoxic cell function in bronchogenic carcinoma

Muss, H.B.; Case, D.; Cooper, M.R.; Richards, F.; Spurr, C.L.; Resnick, M.I.; Zekan, P.; Nelson, E.C.; Puckett, J.B.; Pope, E., 1985:
Cytotoxic chemotherapy and androgen priming in patients with advanced carcinoma of the prostate. A phase II trial of the Piedmont Oncology Association

Itokawa, H.; Morita, H.; Katou, I.; Takeya, K.; Cavalheiro, A.J.; de Oliveira, R.C.; Ishige, M.; Motidome, M., 1988:
Cytotoxic diterpenes from the rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium

Wustrow, T.P.; Raffael, A.; Valet, G., 1986:
Cytotoxic drug testing in head and neck cancer by multiparametric flow cytometry

Zhang R.X.; Nagashima T.; Hoshino T., 1987:
Cytotoxic effect and induction of sister chromatid exchange in exponentially growing rat 9l gliosarcoma cells after brief exposure to bromodeoxyuridine

Kisby G.E.; Acosta D., 1987:
Cytotoxic effect of aluminum in hippocampal cerebellar and astrocyte cell cultures

Weil Hillman G.; Runge W.; Jansen F.K.; Vallera D., 1985:
Cytotoxic effect of anti 67000 molecular weight protein immunotoxins on human tumors in a nude mouse model

Peng, Q.; He, D.H.; Zhang, W.Y.; Dong, R.C., 1988:
Cytotoxic effect of carcinophotorin plus red light on human liver cancer cells in vitro

Liang H.; E.A., 1986:
Cytotoxic effect of hematoporphyrin derivative plus light irradiation in vitro

Sandberg, G.; Stenvinkel, C., 1986:
Cytotoxic effect of heterologous and autologous serum factor on guinea pig thymocytes assayed by electronic cell volume distribution analysis

Bazanova E.A.; Nechaeva I.P.; Lavrent'eva N.N.; Bukhova V.P., 1986:
Cytotoxic effect of lymphocytes on autologous monocytes of the blood in the presence of group a streptococcal antigens in patients with primary erysipelas

Mohanty P.K., 1987:
Cytotoxic effect of nickel chloride on the somatic chromosomes of swiss albino mice mus musculus

Garcia J.D., 1984:
Cytotoxic effect of partially purified hemolysin from escherichia coli on lymphocytes and monocytes in vitro

Sutherland, A.D.; Donachie, W., 1986:
Cytotoxic effect of serotypes of Pasteurella haemolytica on sheep bronchoalveolar macrophages

Berard M.; Antonucci M.; Beaumont J L., 1986:
Cytotoxic effect of serum on fibroblasts in one case of normolipidemic plane xanthoma and myeloma immunoglobulin g lambda

Bazanova E.A.; Panasyuk A.F.; Lyampert I.M., 1986:
Cytotoxic effect on various target cells in delayed type hypersensitivity to group a streptococcus antigens

Bersani, L.; Colotta, F.; Peri, G.; Mantovani, A., 1987:
Cytotoxic effector function of B lymphoblasts

Ishii, T.; Kanoe, M.; Inoue, T.; Kai, K.; Blobel, H., 1988:
Cytotoxic effects of a leukocidin from Fusobacterium necrophorum on bovine hepatic cells

Yang Y Z.; Yang X Y.; Guo Q.; Jin P Y.; Chen J R.; Chen W Z., 1987:
Cytotoxic effects of changrolin lidocaine and amiodarone on cultured rat beating heart cells

Arvidson K.; Cottler Fox M.; Hammarlund E.; Friberg U., 1987:
Cytotoxic effects of cobalt chromium alloys on fibroblast derived from human gingiva

Comoe, L.; Kouamouo, J.; Jeannesson, P.; Desoize, B.; Dufour, R.; Yapo, E.A.; Jardillier, J.C., 1987:
Cytotoxic effects of fagara zanthoxyloides lam. rutaceae root extract on the human erythroleukemia k 562 cell line

Pasanen, J.T.; Gustafsson, T.E.; Kalliomäki, P.L.; Tossavainen, A.; Järvisalo, J.O., 1986:
Cytotoxic effects of four types of welding fumes on macrophages in vitro: a comparative study

Siegel, I.; Liu, T.L.; Yaghoubzadeh, E.; Keskey, T.S.; Gleicher, N., 1987:
Cytotoxic effects of free fatty acids on ascites tumor cells

Gonzales-garza, M.T.; Montalvo, I.; Sotelo, A., 1985:
Cytotoxic effects of gossypol and vitamin E on human and rat lymphocytes and spermatozoa

Dixit G.B.; Nerle S.K., 1985:
Cytotoxic effects of industrial effluents on allium cepa

Vann J.M.; Proctor R.A., 1988:
Cytotoxic effects of ingested staphylococcus aureus on bovine endothelial cells role of staphylococcus aureus alpha hemolysin

Ando R., 1985:
Cytotoxic effects of injection drugs and additives on cultured hela cells and chick embryo skeletal muscle cells

Bazanova, E.A.; Panasyuk, A.F.; Lyampert, I.M.; Danilova, T.A.; Bukhova, V.P., 1986:
Cytotoxic effects of lymphocytes and lymphocytotoxins from experimental animals with delayed type hypersensitivity to group a streptococcus antigens on varying cultures of human fibroblasts

Bruchelt G.; Girgert R.; Buck J.; Wolburg H.; Niethammer D.; Treuner J., 1988 :
Cytotoxic effects of m iodine 131 and m iodine 125 iodobenzylguanidine on the human neuroblastoma cell lines sk n sh and sk n lo

Cameron, D.J., 1984:
Cytotoxic effects of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and macrophages in patients undergoing lymph depletion via thoracic duct drainage

Zenner, H.P.; Zimmermann, U., 1988:
Cytotoxic effects of recombinant human biological response modifiers on head and neck carcinoma cells

Hwang W I.; Park G H.; Paik J M., 1987:
Cytotoxic effects of red ginseng extract against murine leukemic cells

Price G.; Brenner M.K.; Prentice H.G.; Hoffbrand A.V.; Newland A.C., 1987:
Cytotoxic effects of tumor necrosis factor and gamma interferon on acute myeloid leukemia blasts

Okazaki K.; Yoshizawa T.; Kimura S., 1987:
Cytotoxic effects on hep 2 cells of trichothecene mycotoxins and their related macrocyclic trichothecene compounds baccharins b 4 and b 5

Yang, L.Y.; Drewinko, B., 1985:
Cytotoxic efficacy of reconstituted and stored antitumor agents

Ramachandran, V.G.; Varghese, A., 1987:
Cytotoxic Escherichia coli

Schuderer M.L.; Schneider M.R., 1987:
Cytotoxic esters of 1 1 bis 4 hydroxyphenyl 2 phenyl 1 butene with selective antitumor activity against estrogen receptor containing mammary tumors

Herrmann, D.B.; Neumann, H.A., 1986:
Cytotoxic ether phospholipids. Different affinities to lysophosphocholine acyltransferases in sensitive and resistant cells

Okamoto K.; Maekawa K.; Eto M., 1985:
Cytotoxic factor from mouse liver

Ratner, L.; Polmar, S.H.; Paul, N.; Ruddle, N., 1987:
Cytotoxic factors secreted by cells infected by human immunodeficiency virus type I

Asahi, H.; Kawabata, M.; Moribayashi, A.; Okumura, H., 1986:
Cytotoxic factors toward neuroblastoma cells in trypomastigotes of Trypanosoma cruzi

Chini, L.; Fattorossi, A.; Galli, E.; Lombardi, V.R.; Moschese, V.; Scalamandré, A.; Rossi, P., 1987:
Cytotoxic function in the differentiated HL60 cell line

Criado, M.; Lindstrom, J.M.; Anderson, C.G.; Dennert, G., 1985:
Cytotoxic granules from killer cells: specificity of granules and insertion of channels of defined size into target membranes

Zambello, R.; Chisesi, T.; Agostini, C.; Trentin, L.; Masciarelli, M.; Gasparotto, G.; Vespignani, M.; Casorati, G.; Foa, R.; Semenzato, G., 1987:
Cytotoxic in vitro function in the lymphoproliferative disease of granular lymphocytes

Hojo, H.; Endoh, Y.S.; Hashimoto, Y., 1985:
Cytotoxic lymphocytes in rat tumor in situ: effect of intraperitoneal injections of Propionibacterium avidum

Green, L.M.; Stern, M.L.; Haviland, D.L.; Mills, B.J.; Ware, C.F., 1985:
Cytotoxic lymphokines produced by cloned human cytotoxic t lymphocytes i. cytotoxins produced by antigen specific and natural killer like cytotoxic t lymphocytes are dissimilar to classical lymphotoxins

Green, L.M.; Reade, J.L.; Ware, C.F.; Devlin, P.E.; Liang, C.M.; Devlin, J.J., 1986:
Cytotoxic lymphokines produced by cloned human cytotoxic t lymphocytes ii. a novel cytotoxic t lymphocyte produced cytotoxin that is antigenically distinct from tumor necrosis factor and alpha lymphotoxin

Gafner F.; Chapuis J C.; Msonthi J.D.; Hostettmann K., 1987:
Cytotoxic naphthoquinones molluscicidal saponins and flavonols from diospyros zombensis

Caprioli, A.; Falbo, V.; Ruggeri, F.M.; Baldassarri, L.; Bisicchia, R.; Ippolito, G.; Romoli, E.; Donelli, G., 1987:
Cytotoxic necrotizing factor production by hemolytic strains of Escherichia coli causing extraintestinal infections

Lutz F.; Maurer M.; Failing K., 1987:
Cytotoxic protein from pseudomonas aeruginosa formation of hydrophilic pores in ehrlich ascites tumor cells and effect of cell viability

Kawagishi H.; Katsumi R.; Sazawa T.; Mizuno T.; Hagiwara T.; Nakamura T., 1988:
Cytotoxic steroids from the mushroom agaricus blazei

Schun, Y.; Cordell, G.A., 1987:
Cytotoxic steroids of Gelsemium sempervirens

Juretic A.; Juretic E., 1984:
Cytotoxic t cell response to h y antigen as a model for studying the influence of the host genotype on immune responsiveness

Pemberton, R.M.; Cannon, M.J.; Openshaw, P.J.; Ball, L.A.; Wertz, G.W.; Askonas, B.A., 1987:
Cytotoxic T cell specificity for respiratory syncytial virus proteins: fusion protein is an important target antigen

Kurtz M.E.; Graff R.J.; Adelman A.; Martin Morgan D.; Click R.E., 1985:
Cytotoxic t lymphocyte and serologically defined antigens of b 2m h 3 region

Bluestone J.A.; Potter T.A.; Chatterjee Hasrouni S.; Rajan T.V., 1984:
Cytotoxic t lymphocyte recognize different determinants from those defined serologically on l d somatic cell mutants

Hassin, D.; Fixler, R.; Bank, H.; Klein, A.S.; Hasin, Y., 1985:
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes and natural killer cell activity in the course of mengo virus infection of mice

Owen, J.A.; Scinto, L.A.; Klein, L.; Kline, C.J., 1986:
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes discriminate between isomeric forms of the same hapten

Gotch F.; Rothbard J.; Howland K.; Townsend A.; Mcmichael A., 1987:
Cytotoxic t lymphocytes recognize a fragment of influenza virus matrix protein in association with hla a2

Laetzsch E.; Pilgrim H., 1988:
Cytotoxic testing of titanium nitrate coated dental alloys

Oyanagi, K.; Kuniya, Y.; Nagao, M.; Tsuchiyama, A.; Nakao, T., 1987:
Cytotoxicities of sodium benzoate in primary culture of hepatocytes from adult rat liver

Sakakibara F.; Hirano S.; Matsumoto Y.; Matsumoto T.; Sakai Y.; Nakamura H., 1985:
Cytotoxicities of the various root canal filling materials

Siklos P.; Nemeth Csoka A.; Bartalits L.; Ungar L.; Hercz P.; Garam T., 1985:
Cytotoxicity activity of peripheral mononuclear cells in normal pregnancy

Gamba Vitalo C.; Blair O.C.; Tritton T.R.; Lane P.A.; Carbone R.; Sartorelli A.C., 1987:
Cytotoxicity and differentiating actions of adriamycin in wehi 3b d positive leukemia cells

Okui T., 1987:
Cytotoxicity and effects of dna repair of arsenic compounds in cho cells

Tokuda, K.; Bodell, W.J., 1988:
Cytotoxicity and induction of sister chromatid exchanges in human and rodent brain tumor cells treated with alkylating chemotherapeutic agents

Hoffman, D.R.; Hoffman, L.H.; Snyder, F., 1986:
Cytotoxicity and metabolism of alkyl phospholipid analogues in neoplastic cells

Yates I.E., 1985:
Cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of aflatoxins b 1 b 2 g 1 and g 2 in photobacterium phosphoreum

Demarini D.M.; Brimer P.A.; Hsie A.W., 1984:
Cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of coal oils in the chinese hamster ovary and hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase assay

Green, H.; Boll, J.; Parrish, J.A.; Kochevar, I.E.; Oseroff, A.R., 1987:
Cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of low intensity, 248 and 193 nm excimer laser radiation in mammalian cells

Younis S.A.; A.H.kkak Z.S.; Yousif H.M., 1986:
Cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of two ice cream colorants in allium cepa

Tokuda K.; Bodell W.J., 1987:
Cytotoxicity and sister chromatoid exchanges in 9l cells treated with monofunctional and bifunctional nitrogen mustards

Lambert B.; Laugaa P.; Roques B.P.; L.P.cq J.B., 1986:
Cytotoxicity and sos inducing ability of ethidium and photoactivable analogs on escherichia coli ethidium bromide sensitive strains

Cohen, M.B.; Glazer, R.I., 1985:
Cytotoxicity and the inhibition of ribosomal RNA processing in human colon carcinoma cells

Van Kessel K.P.M.; Visser M.R.; Van Strijp J.A.G.; Van Kats Renaud J.H.; Verhoef J., 1986:
Cytotoxicity by human adherent cells oxygen dependent and oxygen independent cytotoxic reactions by different cell populations

Hoellinger, H.; Lecorsier, A.; Sonnier, M.; Leger, C.; Do-Cao-Thang; Nguyen-Hoang-Nam, 1987:
Cytotoxicity, cytogenotoxicity and allergenicity tests on certain pyrethroids

Kocan R.M.; Sabo K.M.; Landolt M.L., 1985:
Cytotoxicity genotoxicity the application of cell culture techniques to the measurement of marine sediment pollution

D.L.B.rrera S.; Fejes M.; Riera N.E.; Scaglione C.; Perez Bianco R.; D.B.acco M.M.D.E., 1985:
Cytotoxicity induced by sera from patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome or the acquired immune deficiency syndrome related complex to epstein barr virus infected cell lines

Nara N.; Suzuki T.; Yamashita Y.; Murohashi I.; Aoki N., 1988:
Cytotoxicity of 4 hydroperoxycyclosphosphamide for the blast progenitors of acute myeloblastic leukemia

Lunn J.M.; Harris A.L., 1988:
Cytotoxicity of 5 3 methyl 1 triazenoimidazole 4 carboxamide mtic on mer positive mer positive rem negative and mer negative cell lines differential potentiation by 3 acetamidobenzamide

Cameron, D.J., 1985:
Cytotoxicity of adherent mononuclear cells detached after 24 hours of culture

Kaga, M.; Seale, N.S.; Hanawa, T.; Ferracane, J.L.; Okabe, T., 1988:
Cytotoxicity of amalgams

Botti R.E.Jr; Lazarus H.M.; Imperia P.S.; Lass J.H., 1987:
Cytotoxicity of antineoplastic agents on rabbit corneal epithelium in vitro

Kimura, H.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Fujisawa, T., 1984:
Cytotoxicity of autologous and allogeneic lymphocytes against cultured human lung cancer cells: optimal conditions for the production of cytotoxic lymphocytes

Christensen T., 1986:
Cytotoxicity of bilirubin photoproducts

Siegfried, J.M.; Nesnow, S., 1984:
Cytotoxicity of chemical carcinogens towards human bronchial epithelial cells evaluated in a clonal assay

Naseem, S.M.; Heald, F.P., 1987:
Cytotoxicity of cholesterol oxides and their effects on cholesterol metabolism in cultured human aortic smooth muscle cells

Gallimore B.; Gagnon R.F.; Stevenson M.M., 1986:
Cytotoxicity of commercial peritoneal dialysis solutions toward peritoneal cells of chronically uremic mice

Rotin, D.; Wan, P.; Grinstein, S.; Tannock, I., 1987:
Cytotoxicity of compounds that interfere with the regulation of intracellular pH: a potential new class of anticancer drugs

Kigoshi, S.; Nishio, M.; Oshita, M., 1985:
Cytotoxicity of cortisone resistant lymphocyte from mice treated with a group a streptococcus or freund's complete adjuvant against tumor cells

Osuna A.; Gamarro F.; Jansen D.; Carreras M.A.; Castanys S.; Adroher F.J.; D.R.cke P.H., 1987:
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Czechoslovakian species of the genus zyras coleoptera staphylinidae

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D 1 and d 2 receptor antagonist induce catalepsy via different efferent striatal pathways

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D 1 d 2 behavioral interactions in the rat involving striatal dopamine d 1 receptors

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D 1 protein of drosophila melanogaster purification and adenine thymine rich dna binding properties

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D 2 amino pimelic acid and trans 3 4 dehydro d 2 amino pimelic acid from asplenium unilaterale

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D 2 dopamine receptor mediated inhibition of adenylate cyclase activity in the intermediate lobe of the rat pituitary gland requires gtp

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D 2 dopaminergic agonists and cyclic amp directly regulate the synthesis of alpha msh like peptides by cultured rat melanotrophs

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D alanine 1 peptide t amide is transported from blood to brain by a saturable system

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D alanine 2 methionine 5 enkephalinamide cns mediated inhibition of prostaglandin stimulated intestinal fluid and ion transport in the rat

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D alanine 2 methionine enkephalinamide a potent long lasting synthetic penta peptide analgesic

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D alanine ester containing glycero phospho glyco lipids in the membrane of gram positive bacteria

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D alanine transport and metabolism by the coelomocytes of the bloodworm glycera dibranchiata polychaeta

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D alpha iminopropio acetic acid isolated from the adductor muscle of scallop

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D amino acid stimulated ethylene production molecular requirements for the stimulation and a possible receptor site

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D amino acids in higher plants

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D and c yellow no. 10 and d and c yellow no. 11 delayed contact hyper sensitivity in the guinea pig

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D b friedoolean 5 ene 3 beta 29 diol an angular methyl oxygenated d b friedooleanene from elaeodendron balae

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D camphor beta sulfonic acid as an ion pair reagent for determination of biogenic amine and their metabolites in rat brain by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

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'D' excision for sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus disease

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D fructose dehydrogenase ec of gluconobacter industrius purification characterization and application to enzymatic micro determination of d fructose

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D fucose metabolism in a pseudomonad part 1 oxidation of d fucose to d fucono delta lactone by a d aldo hexose dehydrogenase

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D fucose metabolism in a pseudomonad part 2 oxidation of d fucose to d fucono gamma lactone by an l arabino aldose dehydrogenase and hydrolysis of the lactone by a lactonase

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D fucose metabolism in a pseudomonad part 3 conversion of d fuconate to 2 keto 3 deoxy d fuconate by a dehydratase

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D fucose metabolism in a pseudomonad part 4 cleavage of 2 keto 3 deoxy d fuconate to pyruvate and d lactaldehyde by 2 keto 3 deoxy l arabonate aldolase

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D galactosamine hepato toxicity part 5 role of free fatty acids in the pathogenesis of fatty liver

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D genome donors for aegilops crassa and aegilops vavilovii deduced from esterase analysis by iso electric focusing

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D glucosamine induced increase of the glycerol containing lipids in growing culture of human malignant epithelial cells

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D glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec from the cysts of the brine shrimp artemia salina effects of certain ions and coenzymes

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D glucose and fluid re absorption in proximal surface tubule of the rat kidney

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D glucose and l glucose transport across the pulmonary epithelium

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D glucose anomeric preference of hexo kinases from animals and yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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D glucose as an exogenous substrate of the blue light enhanced respiration in chlorella fusca

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D glucose derivatives labeled with bromine 75 bromine 77 and iodine 123

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D glucose isomerase ec constitutive and catabolite repression resistant mutants of streptomyces phaeochromogenes

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D glucose uptake by isolated human erythrocyte membranes vs d glucose transport by human erythrocytes comparison of the effects of proteolytic and phospho lipase a 2 digestion

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D glucoside 3 dehydrogenase as a common factor for various transport reactions in agrobacterium tumefaciens

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D glucosyl transferase ec of streptococcus mutans isolation of 2 forms of the enzyme that bind to insoluble dextran

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D glucosylkojic acid derivatives potential precursors for the cyclic carboxylate equivalents of gaba mimetic agents

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D glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec amino acid sequence of the enzyme from the extreme thermophile thermus aquaticus

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D glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec complete amino acid sequence of the enzyme from bacillus stearothermophilus

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D glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec conformational changes with cooperative interactions/

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D glyceric acidemia a new anatomical and clinical observation

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D glycero d gulo heptono 1 4 lactone as a precursor for the synthesis of deoxyheptonolactones and anhydroheptonolactones

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D homo steroids 1. synthesis of d homo pregnane derivatives active as gestagens

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D homo steroids part 5 formolysis of an equatorial tosylate with 2 vicinal axial methyls

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D homo steroids part 6 diverse bond shifts in the solvolyses of uranediol 3 acetate 17a tosylate

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D homo steroids part 7 further studies on the mechanism of d homo annulation of 17 alpha hydroxy pregnan 20 ones with lewis acids/

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D homoannulation in the color and fluorescence reaction of 17 alpha hydroxyprogesterone with sulfuric acid

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D idose a one dimensional and two dimensional nmr investigation of solution composition and conformation

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D iso leucine and l iso leucine metabolism and regulation of their pathways in pseudomonas putida

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D isomeric replacements within the 6 9 core sequence of n acetyl 4 norleucine alpha msh 4 11 amide a topological model for the solution conformation of alpha melanotropin

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D k restricted antiinfluenza cytotoxic t cell clone loses 1 of its 2 alloreactivities

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D l alpha mono fluoromethyl putrescine is a potent irreversible inhibitor of escherichia coli ornithine decarboxylase ec

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D l methionine a potent anti inflammatory and analgesic compound

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D l methionine and d l methionine hydroxy analog free acid in broiler diets

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D l phenyl alanine vs imipramine a double blind controlled study

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D l propranolol and chlorpromazine following admission for schizophrenia controlled comparison

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D l quisqualic acid and l aspartic acid activate separate excitatory conductances in cultured spinal cord neurons

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D l threo 4 fluoroglutamic acid a chain terminating inhibitor of polypolyglutamate synthesis

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D lactate and l lactate catabolism to carbon di oxide in rat tissues

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D lactate formation d lactate dehydrogenase activity and glycolytic potential of helix pomatia

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D lactate oxidation and generation of the proton electrochemical gradient in membrane vesicles from escherichia coli gr 19n and in proteoliposomes reconstituted with purified d lactate dehydrogenase and cytochrome o oxidase

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D levo 3 hydroxybutyrate cotransport with sodium in rat renal brush border membrane vesicles

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D levo and l dextro gamma carboxy glutamic acid resolution of synthetic carboxy glutamic acid derivatives

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D levo beta hydroxybutyrate induced effects on mouse embryos in vitro

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D levo lactic acid a metabolic problem

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D levo lactic acid formation and d levo lactate dehydrogenase in octopus spermatozoa

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D levo mandelic acid dehydrogenase from lactobacillus curvatus

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D levo n methyl glucamine buffer for ph 8.5 10.5

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D levo poly beta hydroxy butyrate in membranes of genetically competent bacteria

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D levo tartrate dehydratase ec of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides purification characterization and application to enzymatic determination of d levo tartrate

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D loop cycle a circular reaction sequence which comprises formation and dissociation of d loops and inactivation and reactivation of super helical closed circular dna promoted by rec a protein of escherichia coli

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D malate dehydrogenase ec from pseudomonas fluorescens uk 1

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D malic enzyme ec of pseudomonas fluorescens

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D penicillamine in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and progressive systemic sclerosis

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D proline 10 dynorphin 1 11 is a kappa selective opioid analgesic in mice

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D ribulose 1 5 di phosphate carboxylase ec from the blue green alga aphanocapsa 6308

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D ribulose 1 5 di phosphate carboxylase from rhodospirillum rubrum part 2 quaternary structure composition catalytic and immunological properties

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D serine dehydratase ec from escherichia coli part 2 analytical studies and subunit structure

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D sorbitol in trollius hondoensis

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D t diaphorase and nadph nitro blue tetrazolium reductase activation a biochemical and histochemical response of the lymph nodes of the rat to the administration of poly cyclic hydro carbons

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D trp 6 lhrh inhibits sulpiride induced hyperprolactinemia in normal men

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D tryptophan is the only d amino acid formed in wilting tomato leaves

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D tyrosine as a metabolic inhibitor of bacillus subtilis enz prephenate dehydrogenase

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D valylleucyllysylamino iso phthalic acid di methyl ester is sensitive to strepto kinase activator not to plasmin

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D vitamins and their precursors as growth regulators in axenically cultivated marine macro algae

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D xylose absorption in children with sickle cell anemia

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D xylose as inducer of the xylan degrading enzyme system in the yeast pullularia pullulans

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D xylose catabolism in fusarium oxysporum

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Da dapi fluorescent bands in the chromosomes of pan paniscus

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Dabsyl chloride its synthesis characterization and application in amino acid and amine microanalysis

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Dachs a mutant in tribolium with effects analogous to engrailed in drosophila

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Daconil induced sister chromatid exchanges

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Dacriocoronarid tentaculites of the region of pisuerga carrion palencia spain 1

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Dacron arterial grafts: the influence of porosity, velour, and maturity on thrombogenicity

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Dacron felt wrapping and prosthetic vascular anastomosis

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Dacron grafting from the aorta to the distal profunda femoris arteries via the obturator foramina

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Dacron patch aorto plasty for coarctation of aorta

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Dacron patch enlargement of anterior wall of left ventricle after aneurysmectomy with concomitant infarctectomy

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Dacryo cysto rhinostomy kaspers technique

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Dacryocystorhinostomy our experiences

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Dactyl aplasia in mice a 2 locus model for developmental anomalies

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Dactylaria constricta description of two varieties

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Dactylioceratidae ammonoidea of the domerian

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Dactylis glomerata ssp oceanica new subspecies a new taxon on the atlantic coast

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Dactylobiotus haplonyx new species of tardigrade from the river interstitial fauna of the po valley italy

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Dactylochelifer shinkaii new species pseudoscorpionidea cheliferidae from japan

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Dactylogram in sevillian spain infantile population

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Dactylogyridae platyhelminthes monogenea from cyprinids of the genus barbus in south cameroon

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Dactylogyrus achmerowi gussew 1955 a new parasite species for the bulgaria parasitofauna

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Dactylogyrus atripinnei new species from the blackfin sucker in tennessee usa

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Dactylogyrus balistae new species monogenea parasite of the branchia of barbus barbus bocagei

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Dactylogyrus extensus monogenoidea from cultured carp in japan

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Dactylogyrus ostraviensis new species dactylogyridae monogenea from the gills of barbus conchonius

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Dactylogyrus tauricus new species monogenoidea dactylogyridae from alburnoides sp

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Dactylonotum shaanxiensis new genus new species of aphidiidae from china hymenoptera

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Dactylorhiza fuchsii x gymnadenia odoratissima new record for sweden

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Dactylorhiza incarnata and dactylorhiza traunsteineri new record in northernmost uppland central sweden

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Dactylorhiza lapponica laest. ex hartman soo orchidaceae in the alps

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Dactylorhiza lapponica new record laest. ex hartman soo in scotland uk

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Dactylorhiza maculata sensu lato orchidaceae in the ussr

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Dactylorhiza maculata ssp ericetorum new record in bohuslan sweden

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Dactylorhiza majalis ssp turfosa new subspecies

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Dactylorhiza praetermissa new record druce soo a new floral element in western lower saxony west germany

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Dactylorhiza russowii new record a newly recognized and extinct species of the czechoslovak flora

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Dactylorhiza sambucina in norway

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Dactylorhiza sambucina x dactylorhiza fuchsii found in north uppland central sweden

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Dactylorhiza traunsteineri new record for bohuslan southwestern sweden

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Dactyloscopic identification of papillary patterns on cadaveric and vital human skin

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Dactyloscopy in mentally retarded children

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Dactylosoma hannesi new species dactylosomatidae piroplasma found in the blood of gray mullets mugilidae from south africa

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Dactylosporangium fulvum new species

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Dactylosporangium roseum new species

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Dactylosporangium vinaceum new species

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Dacus dorsalis fumigation of papayas with ethylene di bromide

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Dacus oleae ovipositing in olive drupes diptera tephritidae

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Dacus opiliae new species sibling of the dacus dorsalis complex of fruit flies from northern australia diptera tephritidae

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Dacus spp reared from carambola fruits im malaysia

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Dadta vi a mini computer based video control system for the analysis of behavioral and electro physiological data

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Daffodil chromoplast dna comparison with chloroplast dna physical map and gene localization

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Dahlella caldariensis new genus new species a leptostracan crustacea malacostraca from deep sea hydrothermal vents

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Dahlgreniella new name for the genus dahlgrenia foraminifera saccamminidae

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Dahlgrenodendron new genus of lauraceae from natal and pondoland south africa

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Dahlgrens systems of classification implications on taxonomical ordering and impact on character state analysis

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Dahlia congestifolia new record section entemophyllon asteraceae heliantheae coreopsidinae new from hidalgo mexico

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Daily 1 delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol and pressing for hypothalamic stimulation

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Daily 1 shot treatment of 1.0 gram cefoperazone in simple acute cystitis

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Daily 5 methoxy tryptamine injections inhibit short day induced testicular atrophy in golden hamsters

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Daily abundance patterns of pestiferous chironomidae diptera in an urban lakefront in central florida usa

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Daily activities of a company doctor at an electro metallurgical plant 1948 1978

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Daily activities of the feral cat felis catus

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Daily activity and body temperature of the southern woodchuck, Marmota monax monax, in northwestern Arkansas

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Daily activity and movement of the land crab cardisoma hirtipes dana by radio telemetry during nonbreeding season

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Daily activity and sizes of home ranges of the lynx in the southern taiga of the upper volga ussr river region/

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Daily activity and utilization of territory by house mice mus musculus

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Daily activity cycles of 8 species of oklahoma usa tabanidae diptera

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Daily activity of agama sanguinolenta reptilia sauria in the southeastern turkmen ssr ussr

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Daily activity of drosophilid flies in the arctic summer

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Daily activity of sea otter off the monterey peninsula california usa

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Daily activity of short tailed shrews blarina brevicauda in simulated natural conditions

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Daily activity of some rodents in vietnam

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Daily activity pattern of astropecten aranciacus echinodermata asteroidea and 2 related species under natural conditions

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Daily activity pattern of peamouth mylocheilus caurinus in lake washington usa

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Daily activity pattern of the european hare lepus europaeus

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Daily activity pattern of the giant forest hog hylochoerus meinertzhageni in the national park of virunga zaire

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Daily activity patterns and their seasonal change in the sea star asterina minor asteroidea asterinidae

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Daily activity patterns of breeding ring billed larus delawarensis and california gulls larus californicus

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Daily activity patterns of south polar catharacta maccormicki and brown skuas catharacta lonnbergi near palmer station antarctica

H.J., 1987:
Daily activity rhythm of giant panda

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Daily activity rhythms in the intertidal gastropod hydrobia ulvae

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Daily administration of melatonin delays rat vaginal opening and disrupts the 1st estrous cycles evidence that these effects are synchronized by the onset of light

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Daily air pollution effects on children's respiratory symptoms and peak expiratory flow

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Daily alcohol intake of habitual drinker during fifteen months

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Daily alkaloid dynamics in aboveground parts of scopolia tangutica

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Daily and circadian variations in serum free testosterone levels are not clinically significant

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Daily and seasonal activity of the common field mouse apodemus sylvaticus and the turkish pine vole pitymys majori in the mountains of the northwestern caucasus ussr

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Daily and seasonal activity of the striped field mouse apodemus agrarius mantschuricus in the soviet far east ussr

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Daily and seasonal activity pattern of roe deer capreolus capreolus in a boreal habitat

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Daily and seasonal activity patterns of the muskrat ondatra zibethicus as revealed by radio telemetry

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Daily and seasonal changes in the oviposition activities on culex pipiens pipiens

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Daily and seasonal changes in the regulation of cardiac rhythm in agricultural mechanics

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Daily and seasonal changes of carbon di oxide liberation in skeletal pine and birch roots

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Daily and seasonal changes of the density of tree visiting formica pratensis in mutual relation to the presence of lachnid aphids of some forest biotopes near wuerzburg west germany

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Daily and seasonal dynamics of nitrogen fixation in lupine under field conditions

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Daily and seasonal dynamics of the emanation of carbon dioxide by gray forest soil

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Daily and seasonal evapotranspiration and yield of irrigated alfalfa in southern idaho usa

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Daily and seasonal loco motor activity in epilachna chrysomelina

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Daily and seasonal movements of the sacred ibis threskiornis aethiopicus at pretoria transvaal south africa

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Daily and seasonal patterns of construction activity by odontotermes latericius isoptera termitidae

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Daily and seasonal rhythms in radiosensitivity of albino mongrel rats

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Daily and seasonal rhythms of indoleamine and catecholamine content in mouse brain

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Daily and seasonal rhythms of loco motor activity and adrenal function in male hedgehogs erinaceus europaeus

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Daily and seasonal variation in hydric conditions and temperature inside nests of common snapping turtles chelydra serpentina

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Daily and seasonal variation in sudden cardiac death rochester minnesota usa 1950 1975

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Daily and seasonal variations in limulus visual behavior

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Daily and seasonal variations in the water relations of the understory tree asimina triloba

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Daily and summer winter variation in mass spawning of the striped parrotfish scarus croicensis

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Daily and weekly variations in filamentous and arthro spore fungi in stools of a male great panda

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