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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5091

Chapter 5091 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pearson, C.J.; Steer, B.T., 1977:
Daily changes in nitrate uptake and metabolism in Capsicum annuum

Ponyi J.E.; Peter I.H.; Zankai N.P., 1982:
Daily changes in population structure and production of eudiaptomus gracilis copepoda calanoida during summer in a shallow lake balaton hungary

Yamaoka R.; Hayashiya K., 1982:
Daily changes in the characteristic fatty acid z 11 hexadecenoic acid of the pheromone gland of the silkworm bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae pupa and moth

Prokosheva, L.I., 1978:
Daily changes in the content of essential oil and tannic substances in marsh tea leaves

Bieniarz K.; Popek W.; Breton B.; Epler P., 1985:
Daily changes in the gonadotropin levels and response of carp oocytes to hypophyseal homogenate

Bubinas A.D.; Kublitskas A.K., 1981:
Daily changes in the nutrition of young roach lookup and perch in the reservoir of kaunas state electric power plant lithuanian ssr ussr in 1974

Titlyanov E.A.; L.N.uyen Khieu; Butorin P.V.; Khoang Tkhi Lin', 1983:
Daily changes in the physiological parameters of photosynthesis and dark respiration in seaweeds of the genus sargassum from southern vietnam

Shaposhnikov, G.L.; Evstigneeva, Z.G.; Aseeva, K.B.; Kertovich, V.L., 1975:
Daily changes in the rate of molecular nitrogen fixation and content of free amino acids and ammonia in lupine nodules

Bogus, M.J.; Cymborowski, B., 1977:
Daily changes in the sensitivity of wax moth larvae galleria mellonella to cooling stress

Steingrover E.; Ratering P.; Siesling J., 1986:
Daily changes in uptake reduction and storage of nitrate in spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar vreog reuzenblad grown at low light intensity

Doering R.; Rensing L., 1979:
Daily changes of content and synthesis of electrophoretically separated rna fractions in rat liver

Gasparyan G.S.; Aleksanyan S.I., 1984:
Daily changes of heart sensitivity to some arrhythmogenic and antiarrhythmic substances in an experiment

Debeljak L.; Fasaic K., 1985:
Daily changes of some hydrochemical parameters in a carp fish pond

Arikawa, K.; Kawamata, K.; Suzuki, T.; Eguchi, E., 1987:
Daily changes of structure, function and rhodopsin content in the compound eye of the crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus

Korol' T.S.; Chernyshev V.B., 1981:
Daily changes of the pheromone gland secretory cells in the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella

Deelstra, H.; van Schoor, O.; Robberecht, H.; Clara, R.; Eylenbosch, W., 1988:
Daily chromium intake by infants in Belgium

Awotedu, A.A.; Higenbottam, T., 1984:
Daily cigarette consumption and lung function: a study of peak expiratory flow rates

Poznanski W.; Jankowska K.; Jarosinska T.; Kwiecinska E., 1985:
Daily consumption of fodder by sows fed ad libitum in the period of lactation according to the number of piglets in litters

Nilsson S.E.G.; Lindh H., 1984:
Daily contact lens wear a 3 year follow up

Koch, W.; Eller, B.M., 1977:
Daily course of global radiation losses in gas exchange chambers in dependence upon their exposure

Calixto N.; Sobrinho S.C., 1981:
Daily curve of pressure in congenital glaucoma

Novikov, B.G.; Danilova, O.V.; Garmatina, S.M., 1978:
Daily cycle of structure and secretory activity changes in fowl adeno hypophysis gonadotropocytes in the reproduction period

Curtis L.A., 1980:
Daily cycling of the crystalline style in the omnivorous deposit feeding estuarine snail ilyanassa obsoleta

Cocchioni M.; Pellegrini M.G.; Tarantini F.; Vitali C., 1986:
Daily dietary intake of nitrates and nitrites

Cocchioni M.; Pellegrini M.G.; Alicino A.; Vitali C.; Tarantini F., 1987:
Daily dietary intakes of macro and trace elements of cobalt and nickel

Tamakawa K.; Katoh Y.; Ohgano Y.; Mishima Y.; Seki T.; Tsunoda A., 1987:
Daily dietary intakes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Vasil'eva, G.S.; Efimov, M.L.; Imangalieva, N.T.; Kovalenko, V.R., 1976:
Daily difference in phosphorus 32 level in induced tumors

Astaf'ev A.A., 1984:
Daily distances of running and individual territories of the american mink on rivers in the sikhote alin reservation russian sfsr ussr

Szymczak, J.T., 1986:
Daily distribution of sleep states in the jackdaw, Corvus monedula

Szymczak, J.T., 1987:
Daily distribution of sleep states in the rook Corvus frugilegus

Menendez A.M.; Domecq T.C., 1986:
Daily dose drug distribution system evaluation study of medication errors

Pereslegin I.A.; Zolotkov A.G.; Raifel' B.A.; Kagan Y.L.; Chushkin N.A., 1985:
Daily double irradiation of rectal cancer patients

Gjerde, H., 1987:
Daily drinking and drunken driving

Kasuya Y.; Okawara Y.; Seki K.; Kobayashi H., 1987:
Daily drinking patterns and drinking response to angiotensin ii in young and adult budgerigars melopsittacus undulatus

Kasuya Y.; Kariakida T.; Okawara Y.; Yamaguchi K.; Kobayashi H., 1985:
Daily drinking patterns and plasma angiotensin ii in the budgerigar melopsittacus undulatus and the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Kazakov E.A.; Kazakova S.M.; Gulyaev B.I., 1985:
Daily dynamics of gas exchange in sugar beet leaves as a function watering frequency during the day

Voronin A.D.; Shein E.V.; Gudima I.I., 1985:
Daily dynamics of moisture tensiometric pressure in the soil

Sultanov F.F.; Tadzhiev R.; Freink A.I., 1986:
Daily dynamics of motor activity and food and water consumption in rats at various ambient temperatures

Chikov, V.I.; Lozovaya, V.V.; Tarchevskii, I.A., 1977:
Daily dynamics of photosynthesis of intact wheat plants

Dorokhov B.L.; Zabriyan D.P., 1980:
Daily dynamics of photosynthetic intensity in the sunflower under different mineral fertilizations

Konovalova G.V., 1979:
Daily dynamics of phyto plankton in posyeta bay the sea of japan

Shein, E.V., 1975:
Daily dynamics of plant water parameters during optimal and insufficient water levels

Fokina, N.S.; Cherkasskaya, T.P., 1976:
Daily dynamics of the functional state of the nervous system in vocational school students

Golyanovskaya, S.A.; Bavrina, T.V.; Konstatinova, T.N.; Aksenova, N.P., 1976:
Daily dynamics of the synthesis of nucleic acids and protein in stem calluses of trapezond tobacco with the vegetative and generative type of morphogenesis

Nagieva, E.E., 1978:
Daily dynamics of transpiration intensity in leaves of grape cultivars differing in resistance to drought

Voreck O.; Kirchgessner M., 1980:
Daily egg synthesis of the laying hen with varying energy and protein supply

Scheck S.H.; Fleharty E.D., 1979 :
Daily energy budgets and patterns of activity of the adult thirteen lined ground squirrel spermophilus tridecemlineatus

Mollinger, L.A.; Spurr, G.B.; el Ghatit, A.Z.; Barboriak, J.J.; Rooney, C.B.; Davidoff, D.D.; Bongard, R.D., 1985:
Daily energy expenditure and basal metabolic rates of patients with spinal cord injury

Gabrielsen G.W.; Mehlum F.; Nagy K.A., 1987:
Daily energy expenditure and energy utilization of free ranging black legged kittiwakes

Karasov W.H., 1981:
Daily energy expenditure and the cost of activity in a free living mammal

Ricklefs R.E.; Williams J.B., 1984:
Daily energy expenditure and water turnover rate of adult european starlings sturnus vulgaris during the nesting cycle

Ricklefs, R.E.; Roby, D.D.; Williams, J.B., 1986:
Daily energy expenditure by adult leach's storm petrels during the nesting cycle

Williams J.B.; Nagy K.A., 1984:
Daily energy expenditure of savannah sparrows passerculus sandwichensis comparison of time energy budget and doubly labeled water estimates

Gersani M.; Degen A.A., 1988:
Daily energy intake and expenditure of the weaver ant polyrhachis simplex hymenoptera formicidae collecting honeydew from the cicada oxyrrhachis versicolor homoptera membracidae

Randolph J.C., 1980:
Daily energy metabolism of 2 rodents peromyscus leucopus and tamias striatus in their natural environment

Harms R.H.; Costa P.T.; Miles R.D., 1982:
Daily feed intake and performance of laying hens grouped according to their body weight

Lane E.D.; Kingsley M.C.S.; Thornton D.E., 1979:
Daily feeding and food conversion efficiency of the diamond turbot hypsopsetta guttulata an analysis based on field data

Butler G.S., 1982:
Daily feeding periodicity of the inter tidal goby caffrogobius caffer

Zorbidi-Zh-Kh, 1977:
Daily feeding rhythm of the coho oncorhynchus kisutch in lake azabachye

Tarverdieva, M.I., 1978:
Daily feeding rhythm of the king crab

Karpenko V.I., 1982:
Daily feeding rhythm of young salmon in the early marine period

Vinogradov, V.I., 1977:
Daily feeding rhythms and food consumption of the silver hake merluccius bilinearis and red hake urophycis chuss in an area of the northwest atlantic

Dreisig H., 1981:
Daily flight activity of moths in the continuous day light of the arctic summer

Toliver M.E.; Sternburg J.G.; Waldbauer G.P., 1979:
Daily flight periods of male callosamia promethea saturniidae

Shibata K.; Matsuo H.; Iwai K., 1988:
Daily fluctuation of urinary excretion of n 1 methylnicotinamide n 1 methyl 2 pyridone 5 carboxamide and n 1 methyl 4 pyridone 3 carboxamide in humans

Casanueva F.; Apud J.A.; Cocchi D.; Locatelli V.; Racagni G.; Muller E.; Masotto C., 1984:
Daily fluctuations in the activity of the tuberoinfundibular gamma aminobutyric acid ergic system and plasma prolactin levels

Ryabova, L.V., 1976:
Daily fluctuations in the intensity of free radical reactions and the daily rhythm of mitoses in the retina of the developing amphibian eye

Semenova, N.F., 1975:
Daily fluctuations in the reaction of corneal epithelium cells in mice to the action of vinblastine

Pesti, J., 1976:
Daily fluctuations in the sugar content of nectar and periodicity of secretion in the compositae

Falter U., 1986:
Daily fluctuations in the territorial behavior of oreochromis niloticus teleostei cichlidae

Ruess R.W.; Wali M.K., 1980:
Daily fluctuations in water potential and associated ionic changes in atriplex canescens

Todorov, D.; Kaijska, A.; Markovska, V., 1978:
Daily fluctuations of amino acids in the nutrition of some collectives

Fialkowska M., 1981:
Daily fluctuations of calcium and sodium levels in blood serum of male mice and effect of adrenalectomy

Mamaev V.V., 1983:
Daily fluctuations of carbon di oxide liberation in root fibrils of pine and birch under natural conditions

Simonyan, G.G.; Dolyagin, A.B.; Kalichava, G.S., 1977:
Daily fluctuations of epr signal in potato tumor tissues

Kovacs K.; Peczely P.; Pethes G., 1983:
Daily fluctuations of peripheral metabolism of cortico sterone in male japanese quails coturnix coturnix a dynamic approach to the development of plasma cortico sterone daily rhythm

Schamschula, R.G.; Un, P.S.; Sugár, E.; Duppenthaler, J.L.; Tóth, K.; Barmes, D.E., 1988:
Daily fluoride intake from the diet of Hungarian children in fluoride deficient and naturally fluoridated areas

Kawaeata M.; Ashizawa K., 1987:
Daily follow up of two children for their height measurements from june 1984 to may 1985

Funmilayo, O., 1977:
Daily food consumption of captive moles

Konieczna, W.; Kopczynska, B.; Swiechowska, E.; Albinowska, E., 1987:
Daily food intake of adolescents of secondary schools in warsaw poland in 1978 1984 part i. the energy and nutritional value

Maheux R.; Lemay Turcot L.; Lemay A., 1986:
Daily fsh luteinizing hormone estradiol and progesterone in ten women harboring uterine leiomyomas

Juric I.; Dikic M.; Bozic S.; Juric I.; Sencic J., 1984:
Daily gain level and fat thickness inheritance in pigs

Masoero, G.; Rossanino, A.; Arossa, W.; Marchetto, M.; Marucci, M.; De la Pierre, M., 1988:
Daily gastric pH in controls and in duodenal ulcer patients: basal condition and response to treatment

Nishimura A.; Watanabe Y.; Yamada J., 1985:
Daily growth increment like microstructure in otoliths of the pacific saury cololabis saira

Brothers, E.B.; Mathews, C.P.; Lasker, R., 1976:
Daily growth increments in otoliths from larval and adult fishes

Tsuji S.; Aoyama T., 1984:
Daily growth increments in otoliths of japanese anchovy larvae engraulis japonica

Miller S.J.; Tetzlaff B.L., 1985:
Daily growth increments in otoliths of larval walleye stizostedion vitreum

Tzeng W N.; Y.S.Y., 1988:
Daily growth increments in otoliths of milkfish chanos chanos forsskal larvae

Morales Nin B., 1981:
Daily growth increments in the otoliths of merluccius paradoxus

R.P., 1983:
Daily growth increments in the sagitta of pilchard larvae sardina pilchardus pisces clupeidae

Alshuth, S., 1988:
Daily growth increments on otoliths of laboratory reared sprat sprattus sprattus l. larvae

Miller S.J.; Storck T., 1982:
Daily growth rings in otoliths of young of the year largemouth bass micropterus salmoides

Walsh, S.W.; Stanczyk, F.Z.; Novy, M.J., 1984:
Daily hormonal changes in the maternal, fetal, and amniotic fluid compartments before parturition in a primate species

Karausheva, A.I., 1977:
Daily illumination and energy equivalent of lux

Birch L.; Elbrond O., 1985:
Daily impedance audiometric screening of children in a day care institution changes through 1 month

Abaturov Y.D., 1985:
Daily increment dynamics of terminal sprouts of scotch pine

Butte N.F.; Goldblum R.M.; Fehl L.M.; Loftin K.; Smith E.O.; Garza C.; Goldman A.S., 1984:
Daily ingestion of immunologic components in human milk during the 1st 4 months of life

Young, A.M.; Carolan, M.E., 1976:
Daily instability of communal roosting in the neotropical butterfly heliconius charitonius lepidoptera nymphalidae heliconiinae

Shiraishi, K.; Kawamura, H.; Tanaka, G., 1986:
Daily intake of elements as estimated from analysis of total diet samples in relation to reference Japanese man

Sharrett A.R.; Carter A.P.; Orheim R.M.; Feinleib M., 1982:
Daily intake of lead cadmium copper and zinc from drinking water the seattle washington usa study of trace metal exposure

Satoh A.; Kikawa H.; Suzuki Y.; Kawamura T., 1985:
Daily intake of n nitroso compounds in foodstuffs

Guthrie, B.E.; Robinson, M.F., 1977:
Daily intakes of manganese, copper, zinc and cadmium by New Zealand women

Carr, T.E.F.; Harrison, G.E.; Nolan, J., 1973:
Daily loss of calcium and sodium from the skin of 2 healthy men

Stetson, M.H.; Watson-Whitmyre, M.; Dipinto, M.N.; Smith, S.G., 1981:
Daily luteinizing hormone release in ovariectomized hamsters: effect of barbiturate blockade

Chassagnette R.; Soteras J., 1981:
Daily management of individual dosimetry at bugey nuclear plant france

Kleinman P.H.; Wish E.D.; Deren S.; Rainone G.; Morehouse E., 1988:
Daily marihuana use and problem behaviors among adolescents

Moutonnet P.; Couchat P., 1979:
Daily measurement of gas exchanges during a complete growth cycle photosynthesis transpiration and night respiration in a soil culture of maize zea mays cultivar inra f 7 x f 2

Deploey J.J.; Fortman B.; Perva L., 1981:
Daily measurements of mucor miehei lipase activity

Manning T.H., 1982:
Daily measurements of variation in weight loss of eggs of 7 passerine species before and during natural incubation

Sisk C.L.; Turek F.W., 1982:
Daily melatonin injections mimic the short day induced increase in negative feedback effects of testosterone on gonadotropin secretion in hamsters

Randolph J.C., 1980:
Daily metabolic patterns of short tailed shrews blarina in 3 natural seasonal temperature regimes

Re, P.; Chaves-Rosa, H.; Dinis, M.T., 1986:
Daily microgrowth increments in the sagittae of dicentrarchus labrax l. larvae under controlled conditions

Ching H.L., 1987:
Daily migration time and range of migration height of the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens stal

Popchenko V.I.; Popchenko I.I.; Lomakina L.V., 1983:
Daily migrations of lesser reedmace typha angustifolia phytocenosis populations in the saratov reservoir russian sfsr ussr

Chernyshev V.B.; Niyazov O.D.; Myartseva E.A., 1981:
Daily migrations of the cotton aphid acyrthosiphon gossypii and its estimates on cotton

K"snedelcheva, S.; K"snedelchev, M.; Sheriev, I., 1984:
Daily milk yield variations in cows of a dairy complex with manure under floor preservation depending on temperature and on air humidity 1. raising in free stall barns

K"snedelcheva, S.; K"snedelchev, M.; Sheriev, I.; Neikov, N., 1986:
Daily milk yield variations in cows of a dairy complex with manure under floor preservation depending on temperature and on air humidity ii. raising in a tie stall barn

Orsenigo E.; Sulli M., 1983:
Daily minimum temperatures in venegono varese italy

Stephens C.E., 1984:
Daily mitotic cycle in the common onion allium cepa

Ginovker A.G., 1982:
Daily mitotic regimen of hepatocytes in experimental opisthorchiasis

Singwi M.S.; Lall S.B., 1980:
Daily monitoring of x ray induced histo pathological changes in spermatogenically active testis of nonscrotal bat rhinopoma kinneari

Williams D.M., 1983:
Daily monthly and yearly variability in recruitment of a guild of coral reef fishes

Macfarlane, A., 1978:
Daily mortality and environment in english conurbations part 2 deaths during summer hot spells in greater london

Crecco V.; Savoy T.; Gunn L., 1983:
Daily mortality rates of larval and juvenile american shad alosa sapidissima in the connecticut river usa with changes in year class strength

Dmitriev-Yu, S.; Balbukov, O.S., 1976:
Daily motor activity of rat lines with different learning capacities

Hoeny M.M.; Iss Hak R.R.; Foda M.E., 1982:
Daily movement and time of activity of egyptian cotton leafworm larvae spodoptera littoralis on cotton plants

Webster A.B.; Brooks R.J., 1981:
Daily movements and short activity periods of free ranging meadow voles microtus pennsylvanicus

Hamilton, P.V., 1977:
Daily movements and visual location of plant stems by littorina irrorata mollusca gastropoda

Fancy S.G., 1981:
Daily movements of red squirrels tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Mccleave, J.D.; Fried, S.M.; Towt, A.K., 1977:
Daily movements of shortnose sturgeon acipenser brevirostrum in a maine usa estuary

Hazlett B.A., 1984:
Daily movements of some tropical marine gastropods

Hazlett B.A., 1981:
Daily movements of the hermit crab clibanarius vittatus

Nagarajan, V.; Parimalarangan, V.; Meenakshi, M.L., 1986:
Daily multiple session radiation therapy in advanced oral carcinoma. A preliminary investigation

Peterson, E.A.; Haselton, C.L.; Augenstein, J.S., 1984:
Daily noise duration influences cardiovascular responses

Mommado I.M.; Grafova V.A., 1983:
Daily nutrition rations and ascorbic acid supply to the human body during work under arid zone conditions

Fedorova G.V.; Drozzhina K.S., 1982:
Daily nutritional rhythm of the pike perch stizostedion lucioperca and the perch perca fluviatilis percidae in lake ladoga russian sfsr ussr

Callede, J., 1977:
Daily oscillations of the rivers discharge without precipitation

Victor B.C., 1982:
Daily otolith increments and recruitment in 2 coral reef wrasses thalassoma bifasciatum and halichoeres bivittatus

Ikusima I.; Hino K.; Tundisi J.G., 1983:
Daily oxygen budgets in a submerged plant stand in broa reservoir southern brazil

Wiygul, G.; Gueldner, R.C., 1978:
Daily oxygen uptake rhythms in male boll weevils anthonomus grandis coleoptera curculionidae of the ebony strain fed cotton squares buds

Brett, J.R.; Zala, C.A., 1975:
Daily pattern of nitrogen excretion and oxygen consumption of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka under controlled conditions

Vogt, H.; Holtum, J.; Buecker, J.; Latzko, E., 1987:
Daily pattern of proton extrusion by roots of zea mays l. cultivar limac

Borbely, A.A.; Neuhaus, H.U., 1978:
Daily pattern of sleep motor activity and feeding in the rat effects of regular and gradually extended photoperiods

Carey F.G.; Robison B.H., 1981:
Daily patterns in the activities of swordfish xiphias gladius observed by acoustic telemetry

Johnson R.C.; Witters R.E.; Ciha A.J., 1981:
Daily patterns of apparent photosynthesis and evapo transpiration in a developing winter wheat triticum aestivum crop

Goldstein I.F.; Cuzick J., 1983:
Daily patterns of asthma in new york city and new orleans usa an epidemiologic investigation

Thomas D.H.; Maclean G.L.; Clinning C.F., 1981:
Daily patterns of behavior compared between 2 sand grouse species aves pteroclididae in captivity

Carrillo M.; Zanuy S.; Montoro R.; Ollevier F., 1986:
Daily patterns of blood electrolytes in sea bass dicentrarchus labrax adapted to different osmotic media at different times of the year

Godin J G.J., 1981:
Daily patterns of feeding behavior daily rations and diets of juvenile pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha in 2 marine bays of british columbia canada

Setser P.J.; Guinasso N.L.Jr; Schink D.R., 1982:
Daily patterns of fluorescence in vivo in the central equatorial pacific

Babu, K.S.; Reddy, T.G.; Kasaiah, A., 1988:
Daily patterns of locomotor activity in the indian scorpion heterometrus fulvipes c. l. koch

Andre, M.; Massimino, D.; Daguenet, A., 1978:
Daily patterns under the life cycle of a maize crop part 1 photosynthesis transpiration respiration

Andre, M.; Massimino, D.; Daguenet, A., 1978 :
Daily patterns under the life cycle of a maize crop part 2 mineral nutrition root respiration and root excretion

Gambale W.; Purchio A.; Paula C.R., 1981:
Daily periodicity of airborne fungi from sao paulo city brazil

Zhirnova A.A.; Krykhtin M.L., 1980:
Daily periodicity of cell division in epithelial tissues of amur river northeastern asia autumn chum oncorhynchus keta larvae

Benedetto, L.A., 1970:
Daily periodicity of the flight of 4 leuctra species plecoptera on the polar circle

Atomi Y.; Iwaoka K.; Hatta H.; Miyashita M.; Yamamoto Y., 1986:
Daily physical activity levels in preadolescent boys related to maximal oxygen uptake and lactate threshold

Pisani F.; D.P.rri R., 1981:
Daily plasma fluctuations of di phenyl hydantoin in patients treated with di phenyl hydantoin and sodium valproate

Silva M.; Ricci G.; D.F.lippi F.; Ghiazza B., 1987:
Daily plasma levels of c peptide in nondiabetic young and elderly

Gordon, J.S.; Wu, C.H.; Mikhail, G., 1979:
Daily plasma prolactin in various gynecologic endocrinopathies

Bultot, F.; Dupriez, G.L.; Bodeux, A., 1976:
Daily potential interception of rainfall by different forest populations

Vogel, H.; Heinzeller, T.; Renner, M., 1977:
Daily protein synthesis in the pars intercerebralis and corpora allata of apis mellifica with and without training to a foraging schedule

Nikitina, N.A.; Karulin, B.E.; Litvin, V.Y. ; Khlyap, L.A.; Al'bov, S.A.; Sushkin, N.D.; Okhotskii-Yu, V., 1977:
Daily range extent and probable structural characteristics of individual ranges of some rodent species

Isbell L.A., 1983:
Daily ranging behavior of red colobus colobus badius tephrosceles in kibale forest uganda

Saint Jean L.; Pagano M., 1983:
Daily rate of egg production for acartia clausi in the ebrie lagoon ivory coast

Larson R.J., 1987:
Daily ration and predation by medusae and ctenophores in saanich inlet british columbia canada

Thorpe, J.E., 1977:
Daily ration of adult perch perca fluviatilis during summer in loch leven scotland

Sadyrin, V.M., 1977:
Daily ration of dragonfly coenagrion armatum larvae under experimental conditions

Nakashima, B.S.; Leggett, W.C., 1978:
Daily ration of yellow perch perca flavescens from lake memphremagog quebec canada vermont usa with a comparison of methods for in situ determinations

Walsh G.; Morin R.; Naiman R.J., 1988:
Daily rations diel feeding activity and distribution of age 0 brook charr salvelinus fontinalis in two subarctic streams

Molchanova N.M.; Toporkova I.B., 1982:
Daily regime and fitness for work in 8 9 year old students of an after school day care center

Heinzeller, T.; Vogel, H., 1978:
Daily release of neuro secretory material produced in the pars intercerebralis of apis mellifica with and without training to a foraging schedule

Szocs G.; Toth M., 1979:
Daily rhythm and age dependence of female calling behavior and male responsiveness to sex pheromone in the gamma moth autographa gamma lepidoptera noctuidae

Ionova V.A., 1981:
Daily rhythm and food rhythm of juveniles of the caspian and aral sea ussr roach rutilus rutilus caspicus in elementary populations

Ehrhardt, V., 1977:
Daily rhythm and regulation of 2 amino iso butyric acid transport in rat liver

Yogev, L.; Terkel, J., 1980:
Daily rhythm in secretion of prolactin in androgenized female rats

Zigmond, M.J.; Wurtman, R.J., 1970:
Daily rhythm in the accumulation of brain catecholamines synthesized from circulating tritiated tyrosine

Rocha-Pite, M.T., 1978:
Daily rhythm of activities of the natural populations of drosophilidae in the region of sintra colares portugal

Ehrhardt V., 1979:
Daily rhythm of alpha amino iso butyric acid uptake in rat liver kinetic characteristics of transport

Blank, M.A.; Neishtadt, E.L.; Kochnev, V.A.; Yakovleva, G.Y., 1976:
Daily rhythm of bone marrow cell division in patients with malignant neoplasms

Dinaburg, A.D.; Zavadskaya, G.Y., 1978:
Daily rhythm of catecholamine and gluco corticoid excretion during hypothalamic damage

Beuving, G.; Vonder, G.M.A., 1977:
Daily rhythm of cortico sterone in laying hens and the influence of egg laying/

Belozerov V.N.; Kruchinina L.V., 1979:
Daily rhythm of detachment of engorged larvae in 2 species of ixodid ticks and its photoperiodic adjustment

Malanova V.S., 1981:
Daily rhythm of excretion of 21 carbon cortico steroids with urine in children with chronic diseases of the stomach and duodenum

Chernyshev, V.B.; Afonina, V.M., 1976:
Daily rhythm of geophysical factors and time perception

Smirnov, K.M.; Viru, A.A.; Sazonova, T.E.; Smirnova, T.A., 1978:
Daily rhythm of isolation of 17 oxy corticoids during local and monotonous industrial work

Elomaa E.; Johansson G.G., 1980:
Daily rhythm of loco motor activity is abolished during rapid eye movement sleep deprivation in the rat

Mamontov S.G.; Ivanova L.N.; Zakharov V.B., 1980:
Daily rhythm of mitoses and rates of cell renewal in tissues of rats after adrenalectomy

Langner R.; Rensing L., 1979:
Daily rhythm of nuclear protein kinase activity in rat liver

Ehrenkranz, J.R.; Tamarkin, L.; Comite, F.; Johnsonbaugh, R.E.; Bybee, D.E.; Loriaux, D.L.; Cutler, G.B., 1982:
Daily rhythm of plasma melatonin in normal and precocious puberty

Fujiwara, J., 1975:
Daily rhythm of serum tyrosine concentration of schizophrenia

Gorsuch, C.S.; Karandinos, M.G.; Koval, C.F., 1975:
Daily rhythm of synanthedon pictipes lepidoptera aegeriidae female calling behavior in wisconsin usa temperature effects

Benz G., 1980:
Daily rhythm of the feeding activity of larvae of the larch bud moth zeiraphera diniana lepidoptera tortricidae

Moskalik, K.G., 1976:
Daily rhythm of the mitotic activity dna synthesis and duration of mitosis in mouse bone marrow cells

Shchitaeva V.A.; Lemaeva A.M.; Khallyeva K., 1981:
Daily rhythm of the physiological activity of fine fibered cotton root system

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Daily rhythmic variation of hepatic drug metabolism in the rat and mouse aminopyrine metab p nitro anisole metab hexo barbital metab 4 di methylamino azo benzene metab pheno barbital metab

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Daily rhythmic vertical movement of myriapoda diplopoda cylindroiulus londinensis cylindroiulus latestriatus cylindroiulus hitidus cylindroiulus punctatus cylindroiulus truncorum chromatoiulus austriacus orthochordeuma glomeris polydesmus craspedosoma

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Daily rhythmicity in the body weight of spotted munia lonchura punctulata effect of food intake and light dark cycles

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Daily rhythmicity of some life processes in the two spotted stink bug perillus bioculatus hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae

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Daily rhythms in adrenal responsiveness to acth are determined primarily by the time of feeding in the rat

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Daily rhythms of amino acid levels in the plasma of goldfish carassius auratus

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Daily rhythms of carbohydrate fat protein and 11 hydroxy cortico steroid metabolism in rats

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Daily rhythms of cell division and mitosis duration in the root meristem of seed peas in the norm and under the effect of thyroxine

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Daily rhythms of cell proliferation in the early stages of hepato carcinogenesis induced in mice by o amino azo toluene

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Daily rhythms of changes in hemodynamic indices in healthy persons and in patients with ischemic heart disease

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Daily rhythms of feeding in the genetically obese and lean Zucker rats

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Daily rhythms of liver cyclic amp total liver lipids prolactin like hormone and growth hormone cell activities in sarotherodon mossambicus acclimated to different photoperiod regimes

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Daily rhythms of nuclear protein fractions in rat liver

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Daily rings in otoliths of 3 species of lepomis and tilapia mossambica

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Daily seasonal and annual fluctuations among zoo plankton populations in an unpolluted tropical embayment

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Daily sleep patterns observed among institutionalized elderly residents

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Daily spermatozoal production, epididymal spermatozoal reserves and transit time of spermatozoa through the epididymis of the rhesus monkey

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Daily sprinkling of straw with sodium hydroxide solution as it affects its digestibility energetic food value and consumption by sheep

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Daily subcutaneous administration of human growth hormone in growth hormone deficient children

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Daily tension curve in normal subjects

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Daily termination of activity and change of roosting place of a blackbird population turdus merula

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Daily terrestrial activities of norway rats in livestock buildings in the northern kazakh ssr

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Daily tidal and two weekly spawning periodicity and brief pelagic dispersal in the tropical intertidal gastropod umbonium vestiarium

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Daily time budget of the post nesting verdin

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Daily time of spawning of 12 fishes in the peconic bays new york usa

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Daily topical sequential triple therapy of tretinoin betamethasone valerate and hydro quinone on melasma

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Daily travel of sundanese mothers in an agricultural community of west java indonesia evidence of restriction by childcare

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Daily urinary estrogen excretion as an index of follicle growth in ivf and et

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Daily urinary protein loss in Schistosoma haematobium infection

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Daily utilization of nitrogen in food by the silkwood bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae

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Daily variation in air quality

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Daily variation in catch of the kuruma prawn fisheries along the buzen district

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Daily variation in circulating lymphocyte counts thymus derived cells and bone marrow derived cells proportions and responsiveness to phyto hem agglutinin

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Daily variation in concentrations of atmospheric aerosol and its constituent elements

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Daily variation in ecdysone titer in pupae of pieris brassicae and barathra brassicae

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Daily variation in the body temperatures of free ranging garter snakes

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Daily variation in the concentration of aitkin nuclei in brazzaville congo

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Daily variation of blood pressure in patients with Cushing's syndrome

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Daily variation of cholesterol content in the rat liver homogenate

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Daily variation of mitotic rate in thymic lymphocytes of the south african clawed toad xenopus laevis

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Daily variation of photoperiod and pinealectomy effects on hypothalamic mono amine oxidase ec activity in the goldfish carassius auratus

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Daily variation of rat brain fucosyl transferase

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Daily variation of the horary number of captures of haematopota pluvialis tabanus bromius and hybomitra muehlfeldi tabanidae diptera by a trap simulating a host

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Daily variation of water economy parameters in lolium perenne and arrhenatherum elatius at different atmospheric conditions

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Daily variations in phyto plankton production in a river a model for a reach of the river lot france

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Daily variations in response of certain immunity indices to prolactin in White Leghorn chickens

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Daily variations in s adenosyl methionine content and oxy indole o methyl transferase ec activity in rat epiphysis

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Daily variations in serotonin metabolism in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the rat influence of estradiol impregnation

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Daily variations in the activity of beta n acetyl glucosaminidase ec in fractions of heart homogenates from male mice 1. effect of x irradiation

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Daily variations in the formation of gastric ulcers caused by cervical cord transection in the rat

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Daily variations in the moisture of ripe soybean seed in relation to meteorological conditions

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Daily variations in the sensitivity of soybean seedlings to low temperature

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Daily variations in yield and dry rubber content in 4 hevea clones

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Daily variations of electrocardiographic and left ventricular parameters at exercise in patients with anginal attacks but normal coronary arteriograms

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Daily variations of plasma concentrations of lutropin and steroids in male dog during puberty

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Daily variations of shift workers behavior

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Daily variations of the habituation of opto cardiac response in calliphora vomitoria diptera calliphoridae

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Daily variations of the hydrogen sulfide content in atmospheric air at ground level in france

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Daily variations of various parameters of serotonin metabolism in the rat brain part 2 circadian variations in serum and cerebral tryptophan levels lack of correlation with 5 hydroxy tryptamine turnover

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Daily vertical distribution of calanus hyperboreus and calanus glacialis in the central polar basin

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Daily vertical distribution of zoo plankton in some lakes in the eastern part of the bol'shezemel'skaya tundra russian sfsr ussr

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Daily vertical migrations of shrimp in the western part of the bering sea russian sfsr ussr

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Daily vertical migrations of the bentho neuston in the vostok bay sea of japan ussr

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Daily vertical migrations of the pelagic animals in the canary islands area

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Daily vs alternate day prednisone therapy for stage II sarcoidosis

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Daily winter pellet groups and beds of alaskan moose

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Dailyatia new genus of the tommotiidae from cambrian strata of southeastern australia crustacea cirripedia

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Dairy and suckled milk production of dorset ewes

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Dairy and vegetable protein blends by co extraction and co ultra filtration

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Dairy calf management morbidity and mortality in ontario canada holstein herds ii. age and seasonal patterns

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Dairy calf management morbidity and mortality in ontario canada holstein herds iii. association of management with morbidity

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Dairy calf management morbidity and mortality in ontario canada holstein herds iv. association of management with mortality

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Dairy characteristics of the holstein friesian breed in the metropolitan region chile ii. lactation curves

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Dairy characteristics of the holstein friesian breed in the metropolitan region chile iii. predicted differences

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Dairy cow culling decision 1. techniques for evaluating the effect on herd income

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Dairy cow culling decision 2. profitability and genetic trend in herds with culling on production versus income

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Dairy cow culling decision 3. risk of culling on predicted income an application of bayes criterion

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Dairy cow performance at stabling in autumn influence of the environmental change

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Dairy cow performance in autumn influence of the nature of roughage and of the level of concentrate supplementation

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Dairy derived food ingredients functional and nutritional considerations

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Dairy goats farms in touraine france i. management parasitism and estimation of pathologies in adult goat

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Dairy herd problem with mastitis caused by a rapidly growing Mycobacterium species

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Dairy potential of bunaji white fulani and bokoloji sokoto gudali breeds M.A.; Tameesh A.H.; A.O.aily N.H., 1985:
Dairy product contamination with organochlorine insecticide residues in baghdad district iraq

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Dairy research in new zealand

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Dairy research in the netherlands from an ecological point of view

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Dairy sire evaluation fitting some of the herd year season effects as random

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Dairy temperament and production in holstein friesian cows of first lactation in cuba

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Dairy temperament of holstein friesian cattle in the tropics ii. concomitant effect of black hair extension in milk production

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Dairy wastewater treatment by anaerobic packed bed upflow filter

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Dairy yield of crosses between yaks and cattle

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Dakchip a white skinned chipping cultivar

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Dakinomyia secuta new species from queensland australia diptera asilidae

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Dakotornis cooperi new genus new species a new paleocene bird from north dakota usa

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Dalapon and glyphosate for controlling couch grass agropyron repens in permanent grassland

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Dalapon resistance at an early seedling stage in lolium perenne

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Dalapon resistance in lolium perenne populations

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Dalargin electrophoresis as a method of treating duodenal ulcers

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Dalbergia species 15. dalcriodain a binary neo flavanoid

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Dalbinol a new 12a hydroxy rotenoid from dalbergia latifolia seeds

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Daldinia concentrica vs. daldinia vernicosa

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Dale direct access to laboratory equipment a system for developing computer aided biomedical experiments

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Dalea candida new record fabaceae for the ridge and valley physiographic province usa

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Dalechampia stenoloba new species euphorbiaceae from peninsular india

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Dalejina frequens brachiopoda rhipidomellidae in the eodevonian sandstones from the armorican massif france

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Daleomyces phillipsii in czechoslovakia discomycetes pezizaceae

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Daligrams pebbles of malm limestone with ammonites as cult objects in india

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Dall sheep demography in mckinley park alaska usa and a reevaluation of muries data

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Dallisgrass yield quality and nitrogen recovery responses to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers

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Dalspinin 7 o beta d galactopyranoside a new isoflavone glycoside from roots of dalbergia spinosa

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Dalspinosin 7 o beta d glucopyranoside a new isoflavone glycoside from the roots of dalbergia spinosa roxb

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dam methylation in the archaebacteria

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Dam overpassing by migratory adult salmonids an analysis of the leaping behavior with the view of a better management

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Dam raised fawns an alternative to bottle feeding

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Damaeidae acari oribatei collected by the hungarian soil zoological expeditions to south america

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Damage and control of thrips tabaci lindeman on spring onions

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Damage and destruction of taenia taeniaeformis larvae transplanted intra peritoneally in rats immunized against the parasite or its usual host mouse

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Damage and early destruction of Taenia taeniaeformis larvae in resistant hosts, and anomalous development in susceptible hosts: a light microscopic and ultrastructural study

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Damage and losses caused by callosobruchus chinensis to different legumes stored in selected containers

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Damage and preference of lesser cornstalk borer elasmopalpus lignosellus lepidoptera pyralidae larvae for peanut arachis hypogaea pods in different stages of maturity/

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Damage and recovery of bone marrow hemopoietic cells during and after continuous irradiation 2. cyto genetic changes

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Damage and recovery of bone marrow hemopoietic cells during and after long term irradiation 1. hemopoietic stem cells and cellularity

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Damage and recovery of cultured cells after x ray treatment

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Damage and recovery of visual cells after experimental choroidal circulatory disturbance. 1. Degenerative changes in early stage

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Damage and regeneration of the renal epithelium after crushing of the soft tissues of the extremities

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Damage and repair in mammalian cells after exposure to nonionizing radiations 2. photo reactivation and killing of rat kangaroo cells potorous tridactylus and herpes simplex virus 1 by exposure to fluorescent white light or sun light

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Damage and repair in mammalian cells after exposure to nonionizing radiations 3. uv and visible light irradiation of cells of placental mammals including humans and determination of photo repairable damage in vitro

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Damage and repair of bone marrow stem cells at different times after irradiation of animals

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Damage and repair synthesis of the dna of various rat organs caused by emotional pain stress

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Damage and reproductive potentials of pratylenchus brachyurus and pratylenchus penetrans on soybean glycine max

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Damage and transmissibility of leprosis symptoms by the mite brevipalpus phoenicis

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Damage and yield loss caused by stem borers in irrigated rice in kenya

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Damage and yield loss induced by stalk borer papaipema nebris lepidoptera noctuidae in field corn zea mays

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Damage and yield reduction in field corn zea mays due to black cutworm agrotis ipsilon lepidoptera noctuidae feeding results of a computer simulation study

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Damage by 2 douglas fir cone and seed insects correlation with cone crop size

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Damage by dichlorvos of human lymphocyte DNA

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Damage by european corn borer lepidoptera pyralidae to popcorn kernels compared with damage to kernels of dent corn and sweet corn

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Damage by greenbug homoptera aphididae to grain sorghum as affected by tillage surface residues and canopy

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Damage by nysius spp hemiptera lygaeidae in non stressed sunflower helianthus annuus l. crops

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Damage by pheasants phasianus colchicus to maize and sunflower crops

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Damage by pissodes validirostris coleoptera curculionidae studied in relation to the mono terpene composition in scotch pine and lodgepole pine

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Damage by rich stink bug oebalus pugnax to grain sorghum

Sandhu P.S.; Dhindsa M.S., 1982:
Damage by rose ringed parakeet psittacula krameri and some other animal pests to almond prunus amygdalus at ludhiana punjab india

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Damage by solar radiation at defined wavelengths involvement of inducible repair system

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Damage by stink bugs on small seeded soybean genotypes

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Damage by the cabbage maggot hylemya brassicae diptera anthomyiidae to brussels sprouts brassica oleracea capitata group

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Damage by the tarnished plant bug lygus lineolaris and alfalfa plant bug adelphocoris lineolatus heteroptera miridae to asparagus

Hansson L., 1985:
Damage by wildlife especially small rodents to north american pinus contorta provenances introduced into sweden

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Damage caused by a complex of species or types of the genus alebra in chestnut trees homoptera cicadellidae

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Damage caused by adults of epicauta atomaria on pithecellobium edwalli plants

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Damage caused by dredging to japanese surf clam pseudocardium sybillae shells

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Damage caused by heterodera avenae to cereals

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Damage caused by lygus rugulipennis popp. heteroptera miridae to pinus sylvestris l. seedlings

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Damage caused by pine die back ascocalyx abietina on refertilization trial plots on laaviosuo lammi southern finland

Da-Camara-Smeets, M., 1978:
Damage caused by ploceus cucullatus

Deedat Y.D.; Ellis C.R., 1983:
Damage caused by potato stem borer hydraecia micacea lepidoptera noctuidae to field corn

Chiavegato L.G.; Mischan M.M., 1981:
Damage caused by tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae to strawberry plants fragaria sp

Sedivy J., 1981:
Damage caused by the cabbage aphid brevicoryne brassicae to winter rape

Maack G., 1977:
Damage caused by the cabbage fly phorbia brassicae and possibilities for reducing the expense of insecticides in its control

Valerio J.R.; Nakano O., 1987:
Damage caused by the pasture spittlebug zulia entreriana berg 1879 homoptera cercopidae on plants of brachiaria decumbens stapf maintained in different soil humidity levels

Valerio J.R.; Nakano O., 1987:
Damage caused by the pasture spittlebug zulia entreriana berg 1879 homoptera cercopidae on root production of brachiaria decumbens stapf

Rotrekl J., 1985:
Damage caused by thrips thysanoptera terebrantia on alfalfa seed crops

Bernd, H.J., 1981:
Damage caused by wearing contact lenses throughout the day

Havlin J., 1986:
Damage caused to newly sown maize by greylag geese

Rabbinge R.; Jorritsma I.T.M.; Schans J., 1985:
Damage components of powdery mildew erysiphe graminis f sp tritici in winter wheat

Chauhan R.; Dahiya B., 1987:
Damage due to pod borer and pod fly in early maturing genotypes of pigeonpea in haryana india

Sidhu, A.S.; Sandhu, S.S., 1977:
Damage due to the spotted bollworm earias vittella in relation to the age of bolls of hirsutum variety j 34

Madden, P.W.; Easty, D.L., 1983:
Damage during corneal cryo preservation 1. with temperature reduction as low as minus 30 celsius

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Damage effects of helium cadmium laser microbeam irradiation on single cells in vitro

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Damage evaluation and chemical control of spittlebugs in rice

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Damage evaluation of aphis gossypii homoptera aphididae in the cotton cultivar iac 17

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Damage evaluation of apple scab venturia inaequalis in santiago nuevo leon mexico

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Damage from infesting maize zea mays plants with european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis egg masses and larvae

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Damage from lema melanopus coleoptera chrysomelidae to winter wheats

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Damage from predation on the reindeer husbandry area in finland during the years 1976 1983

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Damage fruit quality and effectiveness of plant protection in plum orchards

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Damage impact of larval feeding by the grape root borer in a commercial concord grape vineyard

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Damage in canine hearts following defibrillator shocks

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Damage in dna irradiated with 1.2 megahertz ultrasound and its effect on template activity of dna for rna synthesis

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Damage in DNA of an infecting phage T4 shifts reproduction from asexual to sexual allowing rescue of its genes

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Damage in hachirogata japan polder during the nihonkai chubu earthquake on agricultural engineering facilities and agricultural lands

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Damage in mesophyll ultrastructure of needles of norway spruce in 2 industrial environments in central finland

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Damage induced by systemic kainic acid in rats in dependent upon seizure activity a behavioral and morphological study

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Damage of amino acid residues of proteins after reaction with oxidizing lipids estimation by proteolytic enzymes

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Damage of cellular functions by trifluoperazine a calmodulin specific drug

Polivoda B.I., 1986:
Damage of cellular membranes by linoleic hydroperoxide

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Damage of chinese yam by african mole cricket gryllotalpa africana and its control by chemicals

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Damage of chromosomal proteins during isolation of chromatin and a chromatin bound protease from germinated pea cotyledon

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Damage of coriaria lactone experimental convulsion on immature rat brain development and protective effect of glucose

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Damage of cortical neurons by ischemia and subsequent lactic acidosis

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Damage of culture cells by s adenosyl 3 thio propylamine

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Damage of fetal and neo natal brain vessels

Oddoy A.; Joschko K.; Frenzke G.; Goldmann M., 1981:
Damage of fetal myo cardium by betamimetics?

Douda V., 1981:
Damage of forest soils from logging and transport machines

Novacek M., 1982:
Damage of forest stands by camping

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Damage of knee joints in shipbuilding industry

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Damage of lymphocytes by ionizing rays

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Damage of paddy rice plants caused by foehn

Hirte W.F.; Glathe I.; Thuermer L., 1987:
Damage of paintings by fungi

Warren, J.R., 1978:
Damage of proliferating lymphoid cell dna by methyl methanesulfonate and n acetoxy 2 acetylamino fluorene

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Damage of psii by sulfite

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Damage of rat liver sinusoidal endothelium by ethanol

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Damage of rat small intestine induced by ethanol. Effect of ethanol on fecal excretion of intestinal alkaline phosphatase

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Damage of rough and brown rice by four stored product insect species

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Damage of skeletal muscle in rats by immuno globulins part 1 patho physiological data and light microscopic observations

Korenyi-Both, A., 1976:
Damage of skeletal muscle in rats by immuno globulins part 2 ultrastructural studies

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Damage of spruce by elks

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Damage of sunflower by the southern armyworm spodoptera eridania lepidoptera noctuidae

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Damage of the airway epithelium and bronchial reactivity in patients with asthma

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Damage of the chloroplast hydrogen ion atpase complex by low concentrations of glutaraldehyde

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Damage of the hepatic mixed function oxygenase system by carbon tetra chloride significance of incorporation of carbon 14 tetra chloride metabolites in vivo

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Damage of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium transporting system of the heart under emotional pain stress

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Damage of trypanosoma cruzi dna by nitroheterocyclic drugs

Goijman S.G.; Frasch A.C.C.; Stoppani A.O.M., 1984:
Damage of trypanosoma cruzi dna by trypanocide agents

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Damage of woody plants treated with 2 4 d herbicide

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Damage potential and control of cotton stem weevil pempherulus affinis

Sagwal S.S., 1987:
Damage potential and control of termites in agro forestry

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Damage potential of adult and larval southern corn billbugs sphenophorus callosus coleoptera curculionidae on field corn in eastern north carolina usa

Mcpherson R.M., 1983:
Damage potential of cereal leaf beetles oulema melanopus coleoptera chrysomelidae in virginia usa small grains and corn

Regupathy, A.; Balasubramanian, M., 1978:
Damage potential of shoot fly atherigona approximata on pearl millet pennisetum typhoides

Craig, C.H., 1978:
Damage potential of the sweetclover weevil sitona cylindricollis coleoptera curculionidae in the canadian prairies

Miller G.E., 1986:
Damage prediction for contarinia oregonensis diptera cecidomyiidae in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seed orchards

Yates, J.T.; Ramsey, J.D.; Holland, J.W., 1976:
Damage risk an evaluation of the effects of exposure to 85 vs 90 decibels of noise

Rice, C.G.; Rossi, G.; Olina, M., 1987:
Damage risk from personal cassette players

Rinker D.L.; Snetsinger R.J., 1984:
Damage threshold to a commercial mushroom by a mushroom infesting phorid diptera phoridae

Ruehm W., 1986:
Damage through black flies to grazing animals in hessen west germany

Bishop A.L., 1984:
Damage to 2 varieties of lucerne medicago sativa by acyrthosiphon kondoi in australia

Jarman, P.J., 1976:
Damage to acacia tortilis seeds eaten by impala

Olthof T.H.A., 1986:
Damage to an apple orchard cover crop of creeping red fescue festuca rubra associated with meloidogyne microtyla

Mitropolenko A.I., 1987:
Damage to and death of the tillering mode in winter wheat plants due to wintering conditions

Straub R.W.; Weires R.W.; Eckenrode C.J., 1986:
Damage to apple cultivars by races of european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Khokhar, A.R.; Fulk, G.W., 1976:
Damage to apple trees by the collared pika ochotona rufescens

Diamond, R.D.; Clark, R.A., 1982:
Damage to Aspergillus fumigatus and Rhizopus oryzae hyphae by oxidative and nonoxidative microbicidal products of human neutrophils in vitro

Malhi C.S.; Brar S.S., 1985:
Damage to ber ziziphus mauritiana umran by rose ringed parakeet psittacula krameri at ludhiana punjab india

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Damage to carrots by rotylenchus uniformis with a discussion on the cause of increase of tolerance during the development of the plant

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Damage to cell dna resulting from continuous gamma irradiation and its repair

Rozenberg-Arska, M.; Van Asbeck, B.S.; Martens, T.F.; Verhoef, J., 1985:
Damage to chromosomal and plasmid DNA by toxic oxygen species

Heuse O., 1982:
Damage to clothing due to stabbing instruments

Rai, B.K., 1977:
Damage to coconut palms by azteca sp hymenoptera formicidae and insecticidal control with bait in guyana

Hartmann H.; Watson A.K., 1980:
Damage to common ragweed ambrosia artemisiifolia caused by the white rust fungus albugo tragopogi

Townsend L.H.; Sedlacek J.D., 1986 :
Damage to corn caused by euschistus servus euschistus variolarius and acrosternum hilare heteroptera pentatomidae under greenhouse conditions

Melekhov E.I.; Anev V.N., 1986:
Damage to cucumber cucumis sativus cotyledons caused by various stress factors depends on intracellular potassium ion concentrations

Bergeson G.B.; Green R.J.Jr, 1979:
Damage to cultivars of peppermint mentha piperita by the lesion nematode pratylenchus penetrans in indiana usa

Fraga, C.G.; Tappel, A.L., 1988:
Damage to DNA concurrent with lipid peroxidation in rat liver slices

Slezarikova V.; Sedliakova M., 1987:
Damage to dna replication forks produces alkali labile sites in the daughter dna of uv irradiated escherichia coli

Koukalova B.; Kuhrova V., 1980:
Damage to escherichia coli cells induced by tritium decay secondary lethality under nongrowth conditions

Krol, A.; Skrzypczynska, M., 1987:
Damage to european larch larix decidua mill. of various provenances in poland caused by coleophora laricella hb. lepidoptera coleophoridae

Palyusik M., 1981:
Damage to farm animals by fusarium and stachybotrys toxins and toxin detection

Douda V., 1988:
Damage to forest stands by logging and hauling machines

Schlimme D.V.; Ashby B.H.; Turczyn M.T.; Fowke M.; V.Q., 1984:
Damage to french fried potatoes caused by simulated transport and handling tests at cryogenic temperatures

Berghahn R., 1979:
Damage to fresh water rotifers during passage through the cooling system of a fossil fueled power plant

Starks K.J.; Burton R.L., 1979:
Damage to grain sorghum sorghum bicolor by fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda and corn earworm heliothis zea

Hall D.G.Iv; Teetes G.L., 1982:
Damage to grain sorghum sorghum bicolor by southern green stink bug nezara viridula conchuela chlorochroa ligata and leaf footed bug leptoglossus phyllopus

Matschke R.G., 1987:
Damage to hearing from radio communication?

Johnson, C.T.; Olton, D.S.; Gage, F.H.Iii ; Jenko, P.G., 1977:
Damage to hippocampus and hippocampal connections effects of differential reinforcement of low rate responding and spontaneous alternation

Getzin L.W., 1983:
Damage to inflorescence of cabbage brassica oleracea seed plants by the pale legume bug lygus elisus heteroptera miridae

Parenzan, P., 1985:
Damage to jojoba simmondsia chinensis from nysius cymoides spin. rhynchota heteroptera lygaeidae in apulia italy

Kirkham, I.R.; Montevecchi, W.A.; Lien, O.J.; Sklepkovych, B.O.; Butler, R.G., 1987:
Damage to leach's storm petrel feet

Halse S.A.; Trevenen H.J., 1985:
Damage to medic pastures by skylarks in northwestern iraq

Schoenbeck, F.; Dehne, H.W., 1977:
Damage to mycorrhizal and nonmycorrhizal cotton seedlings by thielaviopsis basicola

Vallfors B.; Erlandson B E., 1980:
Damage to nervous tissue from mono polar and bi polar electro coagulation

Leone, I.A.; Flower, F.B.; Arthur, J.J.; Gilman, E.F., 1977:
Damage to new jersey crops by landfill gases

Ostrofsky W.D.; Seymour R.S.; Lemin R.C.Jr, 1986:
Damage to northern hardwoods from thinning using whole tree harvesting technology

Meyer A.J., 1984:
Damage to onions by nanidoris minor in the koue bokkeveld south africa

Mian A.; Ali M.; Ali R., 1988:
Damage to orchard plantations by small mammals in baluchistan pakistan

Karlman M., 1986:
Damage to pinus contorta in northern sweden with special emphasis on pathogens

D.Kam M., 1982:
Damage to poplar populus trichocarpa caused by pseudomonas syringae in combination with frost and fluctuating temperatures

Strange E.D.; Jones S.B.; Benedict R.C., 1985:
Damage to pork liver caused by repeated freeze thaw cycling and refrigerated storage

Diamond, R.D.; Krzesicki, R.; Jao, W., 1978:
Damage to pseudohyphal forms of Candida albicans by neutrophils in the absence of serum in vitro

Mikhailenko V.M.; Furman M.A., 1986:
Damage to rat liver dna in the endogenic synthesis of n nitrosodimethylamine

Prisyazhnyuk V.E.; Prisyazhnyuk N.P., 1985:
Damage to regrowth and undergrowth caused by the wild spotted deer in broad leaved forests in the southern part of primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Schubiger F.X.; Defago G.; Kern H.; Sedlar L., 1986:
Damage to rumex crispus and rumex obtusifolius caused by the rust fungus uromyces rumicis

Butterworth, A.E.; Wassom, D.L.; Gleich, G.J.; Loegering, D.A.; David, J.R., 1979:
Damage to schistosomula of Schistosoma mansoni induced directly by eosinophil major basic protein

Spakhova, A.S.; Ryazantseva, L.A., 1978:
Damage to some trees by sulfur di oxide

Nilakhe S.S.; Chalfant R.B.; Singh S.V., 1981:
Damage to southern peas vigna unguiculata by different stages of the southern green stink bug nezara viridula

Waldbauer, G.P., 1977:
Damage to soybean seeds by south american stink bugs

Blokhin D.Yu, 1985:
Damage to supramolecular dna complex in the mechanism of the action of antitumor drugs

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Damage to the biliary tract during preservation

Ilfeld, F.W.; Makin, M., 1977:
Damage to the capital femoral epiphysis due to Frejka pillow treatment

Bohne, B.A.; Zahn, S.J.; Bozzay, D.G., 1985:
Damage to the cochlea following interrupted exposure to low frequency noise

Kerr Muir M.G.; Sherrard E.S., 1985:
Damage to the corneal endothelium during neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet photodisruption

Hatchell, D.L.; Magolan, J.J.; Besson, M.J.; Goldman, A.I.; Pederson, H.J.; Schultz, K.J., 1983:
Damage to the epithelial basement membrane in the corneas of diabetic rabbits

Debler E.A.; Sershen H.; Lajtha A.; Gennaro J.F.Jr, 1987:
Damage to the high affinity gamma aminobutyric acid gaba uptake system in mouse brain by horseradish peroxidase hrp

Snooks, S.J.; Barnes, P.R.; Swash, M.; Henry, M.M., 1985:
Damage to the innervation of the pelvic floor musculature in chronic constipation

Snooks, S.J.; Barnes, P.R.; Swash, M., 1984:
Damage to the innervation of the voluntary anal and periurethral sphincter musculature in incontinence: an electrophysiological study

Avrov F.D.; Nikol'skii V.I., 1984:
Damage to the larch caused by the gall midge dasyneura laricis in a clonal seed orchard of siberia russian sfsr ussr

Slepneva L.V.; Krivtsova I.M.; Alekseeva N.N., 1981:
Damage to the mitochondrial bio energetic function under conditions of post hemorrhagic hypoxia

Fokin S.I., 1981:
Damage to the nuclear apparatus of paramecium caudatum and the vitality of cells after uv irradiation

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Damage to the sarcoplasmic reticulum of the skeletal muscles in ischemia the role of lipid per oxidation

Abdrakhmanov A.Zh; Orlovskii N.B., 1984:
Damage to the supraspinal muscle in the structure of humeroscapular periarthritis and its surgical treatment

Carr, K.E.; Hamlet, R.; Nias, A.H.; Watt, C., 1983:
Damage to the surface of the small intestinal villus: an objective scale of assessment of the effects of single and fractionated radiation doses

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Damage to the umbilical cord during late amnio centesis

Hill D.L.; Almli C.R.; Fisher R.S.; Williams D., 1981:
Damage to the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus of new born rats growth ingestion and neuro endocrine dys function

Sternlicht, M., 1977:
Damage to underground telephone and electric cables inflicted by termites callotermes flavicollis callotermitidae isoptera

Fye R.E., 1984:
Damage to vegetable and forage seedlings by overwintering lygus hesperus heteroptera miridae adults

Fye R.E., 1982:
Damage to vegetable and forage seedlings by the pale legume bug lygus elisus hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Ruge U.; Burkhardt H J., 1979:
Damage to vegetation surrounding an airport or in air corridors

Shaoyou, L.; Stoltz, R.L.; Xinzhi, N., 1986:
Damage to wheat by macrosiphum avenae f. homoptera aphididae in northwest china

White G.G.; Lambkin T.A., 1988:
Damage to wheat grain by larvae of tribolium castaneum herbst coleoptera tenebrionidae

Viator H.P.; Pantoja A.; Smith C.M., 1983:
Damage to wheat triticum aestivum seed quality and yield by the rice stink bug oebalus pugnax and southern green stink bug nezara viridula hemiptera pentatomidae

Skipp R.A.; Lambert M.G., 1984:
Damage to white clover trifolium repens foliage in grazed pastures caused by fungi and other organisms

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Damaged DNA in lymphocytes of aplastic anemia

Kosmarskaya E.N.; Butikova V.I.; Balashova E.G., 1979:
Damaged function of vestibulo oculo motor system in animals with hyper thyroidism

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Damaged membrane fragments and immune complexes in the blood of patients with Behcet's syndrome

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Damages caused by animals in forest plantations mammalia rodentia

Franca F.H.; Vecchia P.T.D., 1986:
Damages caused by euxesta stigmatias on carrot roots in commercial seed field

Igarashi, K.; Matsuyama, A., 1978:
Damages caused by irradiation in the presence of sodium chloride in macro molecular components of escherichia coli

Zuranska I., 1985:
Damages caused by larvae of phytomyza rufipes diptera in winter rape cultivations in olsztyn voivodeship poland

Goncalves M.D.F.B.; Lima J.A.A., 1988:
Damages caused by strains of cowpea severe mosaic virus in vigna unguiculata cultivar pitiuba

Taniguchi M., 1983:
Damages caused by the floating bacterial matrix to cultivated monostroma

Sedivy, J.; Suchanek, A., 1978:
Damages caused by the pea moth laspeyresia nigricana on lentil

Maksimovic M.; Abazovic D., 1980:
Damages caused in bosnia yugoslavia by rhyacionia buoliana and its numerical occurrence

Galileo M.H.M.; Heinrichs E.A., 1979:
Damages caused to soybeans glycine max at different levels and periods of infestation during its development

Lesoine W., 1981:
Damages in the ear nose and throat field caused by eco catastrophes

Strashimirova, R.; Petkova, V.; Ivanova, S.; Matakieva, M.; Dicheva-Ts ; Chepilov, I., 1977:
Damages of the gastro intestinal tract in workers in contact with lead

Nuzzaci, G.; Monaco, R., 1977:
Damages on cypress cupressus sempervirens by trisetacus juniperinus acarina eriophyoidea

Batuev, A.S.; Cherenkova, L.V., 1980:
Damages to cortical associative areas: effects on visual discrimination learning in cats

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Damages to poinsettia euphorbia pulcherrima by practical application of tamaron and their possible biochemical causes

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Damages to super helical structures of nuclear dna induced by gamma rays and heavy ions

Toroptsev I.V.; Eshchenko V.A., 1983:
Damaging action of dithizone on insulin producing cells

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Damaging effect of cadmium oxide dust to the lung and its relation to solubility of the dust

Lisochkin B.G.; Fateeva L.I., 1980:
Damaging effect of lincomycins on the intestine of experimental animals

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Damaging effect of nystatin sodium salt on ascites tumor cells

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Damaging effect of peripheral mononuclear cells of dermatomyositis on cultured human skin fibroblasts

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Damaging effect of pressure wave on the ear 1. sites and features of damage

Liang, Z.A.; Yang, Q.H.; Feng, J.M., 1983:
Damaging effect of pressure wave on the ear 2. condition of damage in relation to pressure wave parameters

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Damaging effect of radiation on laryngeal carcinomas in dependence on the dose

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Damaging effect of subzero temperature minus 4 celsius on rabbit renal function

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Damaging effect of venezuelan and eastern equine encephalomyelitis viruses on the chromosomal apparatus of mouse bone marrow cells

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Damaging effects of 14 chemo therapeutic drugs on mouse testis cells

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Damaging effects of adriamycin on mouse spermatozoa

Cardinal, J.A.; Caron, A., 1976:
Damaging insects controlled by federal legislation in quebec canada conditions in 1975

Krauss, N., 1980:
Damaging of the respiratory system by leptospirosis

Casteel, R.W., 1978:
Damalichthys saratogensis new species of fresh water fish embiotocidae from the pliocene pleistocene blancan of california usa

Filipov I., 1987:
Damianka a new bulgaria peach cultivar

Mcgregor G.R., 1987:
Daminozide affects growth and yield of heritage red raspberry

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Daminozide and senescent breakdown of mcintosh apples

Rymal K.S.; Dozier W.A.Jr; Knowles J.W.; Cosper R.D.; Reed R.B., 1984:
Daminozide and unsymmetrical di methyl hydrazine residues in fresh and processed cultivar red delicious apples

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Daminozide oxidation by photochemically generated singlet oxygen to dimethylnitrosamine and succinic anhydride

Phatak S.C.; Jaworski C.A.; Ghate S.R., 1985:
Daminozide protects potato solanum tuberosum seedlings from metribuzin phytotoxicity

Sherman, M.; Hillyer, I.G., 1976:
Daminozide reduces stem elongation of grand rapids forcing leaf lettuce grown at high greenhouse temperatures

Ahmad N.; Hutton R.J.; Menzies A.R.; Gilbert W.S., 1982:
Daminozide residues in cherries prunus avium and peaches prunus persica resulting from daminozide spray to enhance fruit maturity

Ripley B.D.; Lougheed E.C.; Miller S.R., 1979:
Daminozide residues on orchard treated apples

Prada C.; Lopez Mascaraque L., 1985:
Dammar resin prevents the fading of celloidin sections of golgi impregnated embryonic central nervous system

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Dammarane derivatives in the fruit lipids of olea madagascariensis

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Dammarane saponins of american ginseng roots of panax quinquefolium

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Dammarane saponins of leaves and seeds of panax notoginseng

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Dammarane saponins of leaves of panax japonicus var major collected in qinling mountain china 1

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Dammarane saponins of sanchi ginseng roots of panax notoginseng araliaceae structures of new saponins notoginsenoside r 1 and notoginsenoside r 2 and identification of ginsenoside rg 2 and ginsenoside rh 1

Betancor C.; Freire R.; Hernandez R.; Suarez E.; Cortes M.; Prange T.; Pascard C., 1983:
Dammarane tri terpenes of trevoa trinervis structure and absolute stereochemistry of trevoagenin a trevoagenin b and trevoagenin c

Fattorusso E.; Santacroce C.; Xaasan C.F., 1985:
Dammarane triterpenes from the resin of boswellia freerana

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Dammarane type saponins of leaves of panax japonicus part 2 saponins of the specimens collected in tottori prefecture kyoto and niigata prefecture japan

Strother J.L., 1987:
Damnxanthodium new genus compositae heliantheae from mexico

Bojadziev G.N., 1980:
Damped oscillating processes in biological and biochemical system

Lee, I.H.; Fredrickson, A.G.; Tsuchiya, H.M., 1976:
Damped oscillations in continuous culture of Lactobacillus plantarum

Uffink G.J.M., 1983:
Dampening of fluctuations in ground water temperature by heat exchange between the aquifer and the adjacent layers

Alderslade P., 1983:
Dampia pocilloporaeformis new genus new species of octocorallia coelenterata from australia

Mchedlishvili, G.I.; Ormotsidze, L.G.; Labadze, T.S., 1977:
Damping fluctuations of arterial pressure in internal carotid arteries

Tarabeih A.M.; A.Z.rary A.J.; Michail S.H.; Shawkat A.L.B., 1979:
Damping off and fruit rot of certain cucurbitaceous plants in iraq

Gayed, S.K.; Barr, D.J.S.; Weresub, L.K., 1978:
Damping off in tobacco seedbeds caused by rhizoctonia solani and pythium ultimum

Tarabeih, A.H.M., 1977:
Damping off of araucaria excelsa seedlings in egypt

Lim G.; See G.K., 1982:
Damping off of brassica seedlings

Pawuk, W.H., 1978:
Damping off of container grown longleaf pine seedlings by seed borne fusaria

Sheir, H.M.; Michail, S.H., 1978:
Damping off of cucurbitaceous plants in egypt part 5 reaction of vegetable marrow watermelon and cucumber to certain isolates of rhizoctonia solani

Ushiyama, K.; Nishimura, J.; Aono, N., 1987:
Damping off of feather cockscomb celosia argentea var cristata o. kuntze caused by rhizoctonia solani kuehn

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Damping off of fiber flax seedlings

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