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Chapter 5,091

Dairy product contamination with organochlorine insecticide residues in baghdad district iraq

Al Ogaily N.H.

Journal of Biological Sciences Research 16(1): 133-144


Accession: 005090419

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Organochlorine compounds are highly persistent insecticides used in Iraq for more than 20 yr. Most of them have been banned, yet their residues still appear as pollutants in food as well as in the environment. The extent of dairy product contamination in samples taken from 4 different areas around Baghdad district were determined. Some of these compounds (aldrin, dieldrin, endrin, lindane and DDT) were detected by using electron capture gas chromatography. All residue levels determined were found to be less than the maximum residue limits (MRL) given by the Codex Alimentarius Commission of the FAO/WHO. [Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization].

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