Damage to cucumber cucumis sativus cotyledons caused by various stress factors depends on intracellular potassium ion concentrations

Melekhov, E.I.; Anev, V.N.

Fiziologiya Rastenii 33(1): 142-149


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-5719
Accession: 005090623

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Isolated cotyledons of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) were subjected to various potentially lethal treatments: a 3-h treatment with 5 mM sodium 2.4-dichlorophenoxy acetate, heating at 45-52.degree. for 10 min, or cooling at 2.degree. The amount of potassium in cotyledons was regulated by incubation in KCl of the concentrations from 0 to 200 mM before or after the stress treatments. The level of cotyledon damage correlated with K+ concentrations in cotyledons. It is suggested that the decrease in cell potassium in response to various injuries, known from the literature, may serve a protective means against potentially lethal injuries.