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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5092

Chapter 5092 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Landon M.S.; Stasiak R.H., 1983:
Daphnia hemo globin concentration as a function of depth and oxygen availability in arco lake minnesota usa

Maemets, A., 1976:
Daphnia longispina and daphnia galeata crustacea cladocera as independent species part 1

Pobegailo, P.I.; Novosadova, T.G., 1977:
Daphnia magna a test object for determining toxicity of sewage

Blonz, E.R.; Olcott, H.S., 1978:
Daphnia magna as a bioassay system for histamine in tuna extracts

Avtsyn A.P.; Trager R.S.; Martines T.A., 1984:
Daphnia magna as consumers of enteropathogenic bacteria

Sayre, R.M.; Clark, T.B., 1978:
Daphnia magna cladocera chydoroidea a new host of a helicosporidium sp protozoa helicosporida

Jones D.H., 1984:
Daphnia magna new record and daphnia atkinsonii new record crustacea cladocera in scotland uk

Alonso M., 1985:
Daphnia mediterranea new species a new species of hyperhaline waters long confused with daphnia dolichocephala

Tanaka, S.; Shigaki, S., 1987 :
Daphnia obtusa kurz 1874 emend. scourfield 1942 cladocera daphniidae in japan

Benzie J.A.H., 1986:
Daphnia occidentalis new species cladocera daphniidae from western australia new evidence on the evolution of the north american daphnia ambigua daphnia middendorifiana group

Boucherle, M.M.; Frederick, V.R., 1976:
Daphnia swarms in the harbor at put in bay ohio usa

Sergeev V.; Williams W.D., 1985:
Daphniopsis australis new species crustacea cladocera a further daphniid in australian salt lakes

Schwartz S.S.; Hebert P.D.N., 1985:
Daphniopsis ephemeralis new species cladocera daphniidae a new genus for north america

Sergeev V.; Williams W.D., 1983:
Daphniopsis pusilla cladocera daphniidae an important element in the fauna of australian salt lakes a re description with notes on distribution

Singh, A.; Mahajan, V.P.; Saini, S.S., 1977:
Dapog vs the local nursery method of raising rice for early transplanting in the punjab state india

Cowan R.E.; Wright J.T., 1981:
Dapsone and severe hypo albuminemia in dermatitis herpetiformis

Basset, N.; Guillot, B.; Michel, B.; Meynadier, J.; Guilhou, J.J., 1987:
Dapsone as initial treatment in superficial pemphigus. Report of nine cases

Davies, R.A.; Ng, Y.Y., 1981:
Dapsone compliance in North-east India

Peters, J.H.; Murray, J.F.; Gordon, G.R.; Gelber, R.H., 1981:
Dapsone in saliva and plasma of man

Lindskov, R.; Reymann, F., 1986:
Dapsone in the treatment of cutaneous lupus erythematosus

Haim, S.; Friedman-Birnbaum, R., 1978:
Dapsone in the treatment of pemphigus vulgaris

Modderman, E.S.; Merkus, F.W.; Zuidema, J.; Hilbers, H.W.; Warndorff, T., 1983:
Dapsone levels after oral therapy and weekly oily injections in Ethiopian leprosy patients

Sirsat A.M.; Lalitha V.S.; Pandya S.S., 1987:
Dapsone neuropathy report of three cases and pathological features of a motor nerve

Nagaraj S., 1981:
Dapsone psychosis 5 cases

Almeida, J.G.; Chacko, C.J.G.; Christian, M.; Taylor, P.M.; Fritschi, E.P., 1983:
Dapsone resistant infection among leprosy patients in the population of gudiyatham taluk south india 3. prevalence incidence risk factors and interpretation of mouse foot pad test results

Orege, P.A.; Owili, D.M., 1985:
Dapsone resistant leprosy, the western Kenya experience

Person J.R.; Schwartz J.H., 1982:
Dapsone responsive noninfectious verrucous pyoderma occurrence following cisplatin therapy

Jamrozik, K., 1986:
Dapsone syndrome occurring in two brothers

Mills, J.; Leoung, G.; Medina, I.; Hopewell, P.C.; Hughes, W.T.; Wofsy, C., 1988:
Dapsone treatment of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Carrillo J.M.; Pust R.E.; Borbon J., 1986:
Dar a luz a perinatal care program for hispanic women on the usa mexico border

Mercier C.; Sobel Y.; Dubois J E., 1981:
Darc pelco method a single quantitative structure activity relationship of phenyl ethanolamine n methyl transferase inhibitor phenyl alkylamines

Sobel Y.; Mercier C.; Dubois J E., 1981:
Darc pelco method quantitative structure activity relationships of hallucinogenic methoxyphenyl alkylamines

Dubois, J.E.; Laurent, D.; Bost, P.; Chambaud, S.; Mercier, C., 1976:
Darc system darc pelco method strategies in research of correlation of a series of adamantanamines towards influenza virus

Dubois J.E.; Mercier C.; Panaye A., 1986:
Darc topological system and computer aided design

Myhre H.O.; Kvernebo K., 1982:
Dardik bio graft for femoro distal bypass 50 consecutive cases

Davies, V.T., 1976:
Dardurus new genus amaurobiid spider from eastern australia with descriptions of 6 new species

Belaich, S.; Civatte, J.; Bonvalet, D.; Banzet, P.; Frileux, J.J.; Scholtes, C., 1978:
Darier ferrands dermato fibro sarcoma of the penis

Mohamed, K.N., 1987:
Darier's disease: response to combination of vitamins A and E

Marks, J.G.; Thor, D.E.; Lowe, R.S., 1978:
Darier's disease: an immunologic study

Vahlquist, A.; Lee, J.B.; Michaëlsson, G., 1982:
Darier's disease and vitamin A. Concentrations of retinoids in serum and epidermis of untreated patients

Miller R.L.; Bernstein M.L.; Arm R.N., 1982:
Dariers disease of the oral mucosa a clinical case with ultrastructural evaluation

Prudnikova I.V.; Sukhover L.K.; Zhavoronkova N.B.; Tishkevich T.K.; Makhan'ko L.A.; Makhan'ko A.P., 1987:
Dark accumulation of protochlorophyllide in the leaves of potato cultivars and hybrids varying in early maturing

Nakamoto, H.; Edwards, G.E., 1983:
Dark activation of maize leaf nadp malate dehydrogenase ec and pyruvate ortho phosphate di kinase ec in vivo under anaerobic conditions

Nakamoto H.; Edwards G.E., 1984:
Dark activation of nadp malate dehydrogenase in maize zea mays leaf discs

Richter, C.P., 1978:
Dark active rat transformed into light active rat by destruction of 24 hour clock function of 24 hour clock and synchronizers

Virsu, V.; Lee, B.B.; Creutzfeldt, O.D., 1977:
Dark adaptation and receptive field organization of cells in the cat lateral geniculate nucleus

Hollins, M.; Alpern, M., 1973:
Dark adaptation and visual pigment regeneration in human cones

Perlman, I., 1978:
Dark adaptation in abnormal royal college of surgeons rats studies electro retinographically

Henson, D.B.; North, R.V., 1979:
Dark adaptation in diabetes mellitus

Ohtsuka, Y.; Ikegami, Y.; Ishikawa, K., 1980:
Dark adaptation in diabetics 1. with special reference to the extent of retinal avascular area

Azuma, M., 1978:
Dark adaptation in frog photo receptor on the increase of sensitivity in the early stage of dark adaptation

Bichler E.; Daxecker F., 1983:
Dark adaptation in patients with head and neck tumors

Akopyan G.Kh; Dzhafarov A.I.; Dagkesamanskaya D.N., 1985:
Dark adaptation of photoreceptors of isolated frog retina during induced lipid peroxidation

Sharko N.V., 1980:
Dark adaptation of the eye in the pond snail lymnaea stagnalis

Dhanamitta S.; Stoecker B.; Maneechine A.; Valyasevi A., 1983:
Dark adaptation plasma vitamin a and urinary calcium of vitamin a supplemented children in northeast thailand

Barnes, S.N.; Goldsmith, T.H., 1977:
Dark adaptation sensitivity and rhod opsin level in the eye of the lobster homarus americanus

Cicerone C.M.; Green D.G., 1980:
Dark adaptation within the receptive field center of rat retinal ganglion cells

Kitazawa A.; Furukawa K.; Nakata K.; Kitaoka H.; Miki K.; Majima M.; Sakane S.; Mozai T.; Nanba K.; Utsumi T., 1986:
Dark adapted pupil area and r r interval variation in diabetes mellitus

Nash D.; Takahashi M A.; Asada K., 1984:
Dark anaerobic inactivation of photosynthetic oxygen evolution by chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Sokolov V.E.; Stepanova L.V., 1986:
Dark and light cells of mammalian skin sweat glands and problems of their classification

Avrushchenko M.Sh; Marshak T.L., 1983:
Dark and light purkinje cells of the cerebellum during the post resuscitation period

Baulina, O.I.; Korzhenevskaya, T.G.; Gusev, M.V., 1977:
Dark and photo oxidative degradation of the blue green alga anabaena variabilis studied by electron microscopy

Rault P.L.; Sohier L.P.; Rivier A.M.; Daumas R.A., 1988:
Dark bacterial protozoan culture acidification nitrite accumulation and protozoan inhibition in absence of phytoplankton

Zaverukha B.V.; Ivchenko I.S.; Koz'yakov O.S., 1986:
Dark barked birches of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Rudoi, A.B.; Vezitskii, A.Y., 1976:
Dark biosynthesis of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in etiolated leaves infiltrated with exogenous chlorophyllide a

Ghevade K.S.; Joshi G.V.; Chavan P.D., 1985:
Dark carbon assimilation studies in a seagrass halophila beccarii

Clegg, C.J.; Whittingham, C.P., 1970:
Dark carbon di oxide fixation by potato d tuber tissue

Sharma S.; Singh M.B.; Malik C.P., 1981:
Dark carbon di oxide fixation during germination of amaryllis vittata pollen in suspension cultures

Ginzburg, C., 1975:
Dark carbon di oxide fixation in gladiolus cormels and its regulation during the break of dormancy

Ikeda M.; Yamada Y., 1981:
Dark carbon di oxide fixation in leaves of tomato lycopersicon esculentum plants grown with ammonium and nitrate as nitrogen sources

Creach E., 1979:
Dark carbon di oxide fixation under aerobic and anaerobic conditions in maize leaves after pre illumination in the absence of oxygen ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate can serve as a primary acceptor of carbon di oxide

Goldman J.C.; Dennett M.R., 1986:
Dark carbon dioxide uptake by the diatom chaetoceros simplex in response to nitrogen pulsing

Lu, B.C., 1972:
Dark dependence of meiosis at elevated temperatures in the basidiomycete Coprinus lagopus

Lischka, G.; Decker, E., 1978:
Dark effect of 8 methoxy psoralen on lymphocytes

Freitas I.; Novarina A., 1987:
Dark effects of hematoporphyrin derivatives on lactate dehydrogenase activity and distribution in hela cells cytochemical evaluation

Sjoestrand, F.S.; Dubochet, J.; Wurtz, M.; Kellenberger, E., 1978:
Dark field electron microscopic analysis of mitochondrial membranes

Korn A.P.; Ottensmeyer F.P., 1982:
Dark field electron microscopy of small peptide hormones acth glucagon secretin

Cole A.M.; Newcomb G.M.; Nixon K.C., 1984:
Dark field microscopy and patient education

Paisley J.W.; Mirrett S.; Lauer B.A.; Roe M.; Reller L.B., 1982:
Dark field microscopy of human feces for presumptive diagnosis of campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni enteritis

Quintana C.; Derenzini M., 1982:
Dark field observation at 200 kilovolt of thin sections of biological material

Sutton, B.G.; Osmond, C.B., 1972:
Dark fixation of carbon di oxide by crassulacean plants evidence for a single carboxylation step

Schnabl, H.; Mayer, I., 1976:
Dark fixation of carbon di oxide by flowers of cut roses

Leegood, R.C.; Ap-Rees, T., 1978:
Dark fixation of carbon di oxide during gluconeogenesis by the cotyledons of cucurbita pepo

Taguchi S., 1983:
Dark fixation of carbon di oxide in the subtropical north pacific ocean and the weddell sea antarctic

Goh, C.J.; Avadhani, P.N., 1976:
Dark fixation of radioactive carbon di oxide by the roots of ageratum conyzoides production of fumarate

Temme, L.A.; Ricks, E.; Morris, A., 1988:
Dark focus measured in Navy jet tactical fighter pilots

Heichel, G.H.; Day, P.R., 1972:
Dark germination and seedling growth in monocots and dicots of different photosynthetic efficiencies in 2 percent and 20.9 percent oxygen

Cooke T.J.; Paolillo D.J.Jr, 1980:
Dark growth and the associated phenomenon of age dependent photo responses in fern gametophytes

Kumazawa S.; Skjoldal H.R.; Mitsui A., 1987:
Dark hydrogen evolution and adenine nucleotides of subtropical marine unicellular green algae during anaerobic incubation

Asato, Y., 1983:
Dark incubation causes reinitiation of cell cycle events in Anacystis nidulans

Force A.R.; Lawton K.A.; Woodson W.R., 1988:
Dark induced abscission of hibiscus flower buds

Swaraj K.; Sheoran I.S.; Garg O.P., 1988:
Dark induced changes in functioning of root nodules of vigna unguiculata

Chetverikov A.G.; Swaraj K., 1985:
Dark induced changes in photosynthetic systems as related to symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soybean glycine max cultivar amurskaya 310

Korenbrot, J.I.; Cone, R.A., 1972:
Dark ionic flux and the effects of light in isolated rod outer segments

Burnell J.N.; Hatch M.D., 1983:
Dark light regulation of pyruvate inorganic phosphorus di kinase in 4 carbon pathway plants evidence that the same protein catalyses activation and inactivation

Muller Runkel R.; Grossweiner L.I., 1981:
Dark membrane lysis and photo sensitization by 3 carbethoxy psoralen

Basra A.S.; Malik C.P., 1983:
Dark metabolism of carbon di oxide during fiber elongation of 2 cottons differing in fiber lengths

Peiser G.D.; Lizada M.C.C.; Yang S.F., 1982:
Dark metabolism of carbon mon oxide in lettuce lactuca sativa leaf discs

Scheibe, R.; Anderson, L.E., 1981:
Dark modulation of nadp dependent malate dehydrogenase ec and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec in the chloroplast

Ebels, E.J., 1975:
Dark neurons: a significant artifact: the influence of the maturational state of neurons on the occurrence of the phenomenon

Matthews G., 1984:
Dark noise in the outer segment membrane current of green rod photo receptors from toad bufo marinus retina

Potapenko A.Ya; Moshnin M.V.; Krasnovsky A.A.Jr; Sukhorukov V.L., 1982:
Dark oxidation of unsaturated lipids by photo oxidized 8 methoxy psoralen

Hesseltine C.W.; Rogers R., 1987:
Dark period induction of zygospores in mucor

Miyamoto K.; Takahara Ishikawa K.; Horie H.; Miura Y., 1984:
Dark period nitrogen fixation by mastigocladus laminosus and its application to a bio photolysis system

Richards C.M.; Nace G.W., 1983:
Dark pigment variants in anurans classification new descriptions color changes and inheritance

Wolff L.F.; Liljemark W.F.; Pihistrom B.L.; Schaffer E.M.; Aeppli D.M.; Bandt C.L., 1988:
Dark pigmented bacteroides spp in subgingival plaque of adult patients on a rigorous recall program

Hernandez, A.; Torres-Font, J.M.; Ruiz, J.; Vantour, A.; Salazar, A., 1985:
Dark plastic soils at the sugarcane area of the cristino naranjo mill cuba i. genetic characteristics

Torres-Font, J.M.; Hernandez, A.; Ruiz, J.; Vantour, A.; Salazar, A., 1985:
Dark plastic soils at the sugarcane area of the cristino naranjo mill cuba ii. modifications through the mesorelief and microrelief

Ellis G.B.; Mcklveen R.E.; Turek F.W., 1982:
Dark pulses affect the circadian rhythm of activity in hamsters mesocricetus auratus kept in constant light

Tsumoto T.; Freeman R.D., 1987:
Dark reared cats responsivity of cortical cells influenced pharmacologically by an inhibitory antagonist

Ganesan, A.K.; Smith, K.C., 1969:
Dark recovery processes in escherichia coli irradiated with uv light mutagen ii effect of uvr genes on liquid holding recovery bacterio phage

Ganesan, A.K.; Smith, K.C., 1970:
Dark recovery processes in escherichia coli irradiated with uv light part 3 effect of rec mutations on recovery of excision deficient mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Yoshiyuki, M., 1981:
Dark red forest soils of the ogasawara islands japan 1. site condition and morphological mechanical and chemical properties

Terashima I.; Koike H.; Inoue Y.; Pietro A.S., 1985:
Dark reduction of p 700 plus in photosystem i particles by illuminated chlorophyllide

Cronin T.W.; Goldsmith T.H., 1984 :
Dark regeneration of rhodopsin in crayfish procambarus clarkii photoreceptors

Wynn, T.; Brown, H.; Campbell, W.H.; Black, C.C.Jr, 1973:
Dark release of carbon 14 di oxide from higher plant leaves

Friedborg, E.C.; King, J.J., 1971:
Dark repair of uv irradiated dna by bacterio phage t 4 purification and characterization of a dimer specific phage induced endo nuclease

Prokulevich V.A.; Fomichev Y.K., 1986:
Dark repair phenomena in erwinia chrysanthemi after uv irradiation

Koerner, I.; Malz, W.; Pitra, C., 1976:
Dark repair processes in mammalian cells

Gill R.; Rashid A.; Maheshwari S.C., 1981:
Dark requirement for cell regeneration and colony formation by mesophyll protoplasts of nicotiana plumbaginifolia

Peisker M.; Apel P., 1980:
Dark respiration and the effect of oxygen on carbon di oxide compensation concentration in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar carola leaves

Golik K.N., 1988:
Dark respiration components in soybean ontogeny

Pistorius E.K.; Jetschmann K.; Voss H.; Vennesland B., 1979:
Dark respiration of anacystis nidulans production of hydrogen cyanide from histidine and oxidation of basic amino acids

Luettge U.; Ball E., 1987:
Dark respiration of cam plants

Naidu K.R.; Rajendrudu G.; Das V.S.R., 1980 :
Dark respiration of leaves in selected 4 carbon pathway and 3 carbon pathway tropical weed species

Pearman I.; Thomas S.M.; Thorne G.N., 1981:
Dark respiration of several cultivars of winter wheat triticum aestivum given different amounts of nitrogen fertilizer

Vakalounakis D.J.; Christias C., 1986:
Dark reversion of blue light inhibition of conidiation in alternaria cichorii

Villavaso, E.J., 1976:
Dark scale a recessive sex linked mutant of the boll weevil

Postius, S.; Jacobi, G., 1971:
Dark starvation and chloroplast function part 1 the decrease of enzyme activities correlated with nadp reduction and their regeneration by light

Krapf, G.; Jacobi, G., 1975:
Dark starvation and plant metabolism part 2 carbon di oxide fixation in isolated chloroplasts

Krapf, G.; Jacobi, G., 1975:
Dark starvation and plant metabolism part 3 carbon di oxide fixation and the distribution of radioactive intermediates in leaf discs from spinach plants

Postius, C.; Klemme, B.; Jacobi, G., 1976:
Dark starvation and plant metabolism part 5 comparative studies on the alteration of enzyme activities during dark starvation and senescence

Postius, C.; Jacobi, G., 1976:
Dark starvation and plant metabolism part 6 biosynthesis of glutamic acid dehydrogenase ec in detached leaves from cucurbita maxima

Couchat P.; Lasceve G.; Audouin P., 1982:
Dark stomatal movement in sunflowers helianthus annuus in response to illumination under nitrogen

Steinitz B.; Ben Jaacov J.; Ackerman A.; Hagiladi A., 1987:
Dark storage of three cultivars of bare root ficus benjamina foliage plants

Biswal U.C.; Singhal G.S.; Mohanty P., 1979:
Dark stress induced senescence of barley leaves changes in chlorophyll a fluorescence of isolated chloroplasts

Biswal, U.C.; Mohanty, P., 1976:
Dark stress induced senescence of detached barley leaves part 2 alteration in the absorption characteristic and photochemical activity of the chloroplasts isolated from senescing leaves

Harmelin J G.; Vacelet J.; Vasseur P., 1985:
Dark submarine caves an extreme environment and a refuge biotype

Vasile, V.A., 1969:
Dark threshold and steady state reactions of the pupillary light reflex in the pigmented rabbit

Joly, O.G.; Lubin, J.H.; Caraballoso, M., 1983:
Dark tobacco and lung cancer in Cuba

Lipskaya H.A., 1984:
Dark tolerance of the pigment apparatus in the ontogeny of barley plants

Gurinovich, I.F.; Grubina, L.A., 1978:
Dark transition of products of the 1st reduction level of porphyrins to the 2nd one/

Radzievskaya, M.G.; Bobko, I.N., 1985:
Dark zonal lines in the wood 2. use of the lines to study the population structure of wood decaying hymenomycetes

Tindall T.A., 1986:
Darkening agents in a urea ammonium nitrate solution influence on snow mold and yield of winter wheat

Mutlak H.H.; Mann J., 1984:
Darkening of dates control by microwave heating

Knor, I.B., 1976:
Darkling beetles coleoptera tenebrionidae of the east siberian taiga landscapes ussr

Medvedev, G.S.; Lourens, D.F., 1983:
Darkling beetles of the tribe hyocini coleoptera tenebrionidae of australia 1. subgenera nannohyocis new subgenus and neohyocis new subgenus genus hyocis

Fox B.J.; Lapins N.A., 1982:
Darkly pigmented basal cell carcinoma in a blue eyed patient

Messiha, F.S., 1985:
Darkness, ethanol and cerebral activity

Schmid, R.; Turner, M.D., 1977:
Darmera the correct name for peltiphyllum saxifragaceae and a new combination in peltophyllum triuridaceae

Van Aartsen J.J.; Bogi C., 1986:
Daronia monterosatoi new species a mediterranean gastropod

Hemmings, H.C.J. ; Greengard, P., 1986:
Darpp 32 a dopamine and 3' 5' amp regulated phosphoprotein regional tissue and phylogenetic distribution

Hemmings, H.C.J. ; Nairn, A.C.; Greengard, P., 1984:
Darpp 32 a dopamine and cyclic amp regulated neuronal phosphoprotein 2. comparison of the kinetics of phosphorylation of darpp 32 and phosphatase inhibitor 1

Hemmings, H.C.J. ; Willams, K.R.; Konigsberg, W.H.; Greengard, P., 1984:
Darpp 32 a dopamine regulated and cyclic amp regulated neuronal phosphoprotein 1. amino acid sequence around the phosphorylated threonine

Jenkins C.J., 1981:
Darriwilian middle ordovician graptolites from the monaro trough sequence east of braidwood new south wales australia

Hubbs C., 1985:
Darter reproductive seasons

Robins M.; Bibby C.J., 1985:
Dartford warblers sylvia undata in 1984 britain uk

Noda K., 1986:
Daruma and akakomugi parental wheat varieties of semi dwarfness

Galbraith M.N.; Hillen L.W.; Wake L.V., 1983:
Darwinene a branched hydro carbon from a green form of botryococcus braunii

Rye B.L., 1983:
Darwinia capitellata new species myrtaceae from southwestern australia

Marchant N.G.; Keighery G.J., 1980:
Darwinia wittwerorum new species and darwinia oxylepis new combination myrtaceae from western australia

Rodriguez P.A.; Perez Martin M.A.D.P.S., 1981:
Darwinian biological efficacy of the scarlet mutant in experimental populations of drosophila melanogaster

Allen, P.M., 1975:
Darwinian evolution and a predator prey ecology

Cavalli-Sforza, L.L.; Feldman, M.W., 1978:
Darwinian selection and altruism

Downhower, J.F.; Racine, C.H., 1976:
Darwins finches and croton scouleri an analysis of the consequences of seed predation

Robinson G.S., 1983:
Darwins moth from st pauls rocks central atlantic ocean a new species of erechthias tineidae

Lawler, A.R.; Ogle, J.T.; Donnes, C., 1977:
Dascyllus spp.: new hosts for lymphocystis, and a list of recent hosts

Zettler F.W.; Tsai J.H.; Faan H.C.; K.C.; L.K.C., 1987:
Dasheen mosaic virus infecting taro in china

Okuda S.; Kosaka Y.; Ohki S.T.; Teranaka M., 1979:
Dasheen mosaic virus isolated from konjac plants amorphophallus konjac affected by mosaic disease

Sharma R.M., 1987:
Dasineura psoraleae new species diptera cecidomyiidae of gall midge infesting inflorescences of psoralea corylifolia linn

Salamanca, M.E.; Salazar, I.; Badiola, J.J., 1977:
Dastres plates in the chorion of the sheep

Roberts T.R.; Karnasuta J., 1987:
Dasyatis laosensis new species a new whiptailed stingray family dasyatidae from the mekong river of laos and thailand

Loebl I., 1986:
Dasycerus inexpectatus new species a long flying dasycerid from asia

Bystricky J., 1979:
Dasycladaceae of the upper triassic of the stratenska hornatina mountains the west carpathians czechoslovakia

Carne, P.B., 1978:
Dasygnathus blattocomes new species coleoptera scarabaeidae dynastinae

Havelka, P., 1978:
Dasyhelea erici new species of ceratopogonid from the teichbach emergence diptera ceratopogonidae

Cannings R.A., 1980:
Dasyhelea oppressa new record ceratopogonidae and mycetobia divergens new record anisopodidae 2 diptera new to british columbia canada

Schmidt J.O.; Mickel C.E., 1979:
Dasymutilla archboldi new species from florida usa hymenoptera mutillidae

Schmidt, J.O., 1978:
Dasymutilla occidentalis a long lived aposematic wasp hymenoptera mutillidae

Manley D.G., 1980:
Dasymutilla phoenix a new synonym of dasymutilla foxi hymenoptera mutillidae

Gillaspy J.E.; Lara J.R., 1979:
Dasymutilla uniguttata new species from southern texas usa hymenoptera mutillidae

Janezic, F., 1978:
Dasyneura cotini new species diptera cecidomyiidae in the leaf galls of cotinus coggygria and contarinia coronillae new species diptera cecidomyiidae in the leaf galls of coronilla emerus and coronilla emeroides

Simova-Tosic, D., 1976:
Dasyneura trifolii a little known gall midge in serbia yugoslavia

Sanchez E., 1983:
Dasyochloa poaceae monotypic genus from north america

Weinberg M., 1979:
Dasypogon bacescui new species diptera asilidae

Weinberg M., 1985:
Dasypogon kugleri new species of asilidae diptera from yugoslavia

Emilio B., 1983:
Dasypolia templi new status a valid species lepidoptera noctuidae

Chandra K.J.; Rao K.H., 1985:
Dasyrhynchus indicus new species cestoda trypanorhyncha from the teleost fish of waltair coast india

Galan R.; Ortega A.; Moreno Y.G., 1985:
Dasyscyphella inmutabilis new species in the iberian peninsula helotiales ascomycotina

Sharma M.P., 1980:
Dasyscyphus kumaonicus new species hyaloscyphaceae from india

Singh, H., 1975:
Dasyscyphus spp in india

Lee I.K.; West J.A., 1979:
Dasysiphonia chejuensis new genus new species rhodophyta dasyaceae from korea

Mayer K., 1986:
Dasytinae from mongolia coleoptera melyridae

Beveridge I., 1984:
Dasyurotaenia robusta and dasyurotaenia dasyuri new species from carnivorous australian marsupials

Suharyono; Ghazali, V.; Sunoto; Adnan, S.W., 1986:
DAT (duodenal aspiration test) as a diagnostic tool for obstructive jaundice

Wellershaus, S., 1976:
Data 1973 1974 regarding hydrography and water quality in the weser estuary germany

Wellershaus, S., 1978:
Data 1975 1976 regarding hydrography and water quality in the weser estuary west germany

Salzman, G.C.; Hiebert, R.D.; Crowell, J.M., 1978:
Data acquisition and display for a high speed cell sorter

Scheffer P.; Riviere G., 1985:
Data acquisition and processing of graphic cephalometric data in dento maxillo facial orthopedics

Dibianca F.A.; Johnson D.G.; Bagnell C.R.; Cole E.I.; Oxford W.V.; Propst R.H.; Smith C.A., 1986:
Data acquisition and processing techniques for voltage contrast measurements

Graham, B.L.; Buchanan, P.R.; Withy, S.J.; Harris, E.A., 1985:
Data acquisition from a multiplex, quadrupole mass spectrometer

Couillard D., 1983:
Data acquisition networks

Kamide J., 1985:
Data acquisition system for a powered tillage disk

Ko, W.H.; Bergmann, B.P.; Plonsey, R., 1978:
Data acquisition system for body surface potential mapping

Knopp, R.; Bähre, M.; Breuel, H.P.; Winkler, C., 1980:
Data acquisition techniques in functional heart scintigraphy. Advantages and disadvantages, Diagnostic significance

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Data base systems for ecological information an application using biological data from antarctica

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Data consistency yield maintenance and hysteresis in batch cultures of candida lipolytica cultured on n hexa decane

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Data dependent permutation techniques for the analysis of ecological data

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Data entry errors in an on line operation

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Data file cards for the evaluation of the condition of elderly persons

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Data filing and transmission of electronic endoscopy data

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Data for evaluation of the self performance test results of growing bulls

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Data for health planning

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Data for substantiating the permissible level of boron content in drinking water

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Data for the revision of the maximum permissible concentration for sulfurous anhydride in the air of the working place area

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Data for the study of supplementary nutrition of ichneumonids hymenoptera ichneumonidae

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Data from determination of the breeding value of various combinations of parental forms on basis of performance testing

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Data from experiments on creation of native high producing hybrid hens of egg type

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Data handling and reporting for microbiology specimens with a small laboratory computer system

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Data intensive spatial sampling and multiple hierarchical clustering methodological approaches toward cost time efficiency in natural resource assessment

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Data limitations in hyperactivity

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Data management for a large collaborative clinical trial coronary artery surgery study

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Data manager in obstetrical gynecological practice a medical coded history

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Data of chorological interest on some taxa of the western iberian peninsula

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Data of shunt operation performed in infantile hydrocephalus as reflected by the latest results

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Data of the interrelationships between social hierarchy milk production and several physiological parameters of dairy cows

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Data of the polychaete armandia polyophthalma ophelidae reproduction near granville france

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Data on a new species of charophyte from the upper thanetian of the petites pyrenees france stephanochara levis new species

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Data on abundance and activity of cyclura nubila sauria iguanidae in the environs of cayo largo del sur cuba

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Data on anatomy and morphology of seeds of cactaceae part 2 characteristics of taxonomic value

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Data on and description of thysanurans from the new world apterygota microcoryphia and zygentoma

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Data on and distribution of small mammals in the county of karl marx stadt east germany mammalia insectivora and rodentia

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Data on anthomyiid fly pegomyia hyoscyami panz. diptera anthomyiidae egg laying on various fodder beet cultivars

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Data on anthropophilic flora of the chukot national okrug ussr

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Data on aphids homoptera aphidina in apple orchard with particular emphasis on their flight dynamics and natural control factors studies in apple ecosystems no. 6

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Data on archaediscidae and involutinidae 2 taxonomically incompatible families of homeomorphic foraminifers

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Data on armenian flora solanaceae

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Data on biochemical significance of nickel

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Data on biology and phenology of the nut gall mite phytoptus avellanae acarina phytoptidae

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Data on biology of the caspian plover

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Data on caloric values in anyphaena accentuata and some correlations of body weight and body length in this species

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Data on cardiac and vascular reactions induced by 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the rat

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Data on characteristics of the skin resorptive effect of tri cresyl phosphate in a mixture with adipate

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Data on determining permissible concentrations of m tri fluoromethylphenyl iso cyanate and butyl iso cyanate in the air of working areas

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Data on disturbed erythrocyte membrane permeability to sodium and potassium ions in hypertension

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Data on drug use in brazilian adolescents

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Data on ecology and behavior of the ring dove

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Data on ecology and distribution of the polecat vormela peregusna in tuva assr

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Data on ecology and fructification of cepes in the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Data on ecology of tufted duck nyroca fuligula of the middle flow of the anadyr river

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Data on enzyme polymorphism in hungarian drosophila populations

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Data on experimental eco physiology of durvillea antarctica phaeophyceae

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Data on experimental substantiation of maximum permissible concentrations of strontium compounds in the air of industrial facilities

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Data on fish in myvatn norway

Kouassi N., 1980:
Data on fishing efforts and fish production of lake ayame ivory coast in 1978

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Data on flora of central siberia ussr part 1

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Data on flora of the kalmyk assr russian sfsr ussr 1. concrete flora of the vicinity of imeni chapayeva and dzhalykovo

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Data on forest insect pests in iran part 2 macro lepidoptera

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Data on genus gaudryina foraminifera based on materials from upper cretaceous and eocene deposits in western siberia ussr

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Data on gracilaria syringella lepidoptera gracilariidae part 3 ecology gradology and control

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Data on growth and reproductive cycle of mytilus galloprovincialis in the scardovari inlet italy

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Data on harpacticoid copepods living in the adriatic sea 2. meio benthos of cape piran yugoslavia

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Data on helmintho fauna of wild mammals in the area of the kara kum canal ussr

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Data on hematological parameters of the mullet liza aurata

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Data on herpetocenoses in clearings in the amazon forest colombia

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Data on heteroptera fauna from sandy steppe grasses 1

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Data on hygienic standardization of mono iso propyl and mono butyl esters of ethylene glycol in the atmosphere

Il'enko, N.N., 1978:
Data on innervation of synovial membrane of thoracic limb joints in some mammals

Haken D., 1980:
Data on intensification of grass stands on shallow soils

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Data on irregular large field irradiation with the chisobalt cobalt unit

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Data on knowledge of the blue green alga anabaenopsis raciborskii

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Data on larvae of long horned beetles of the subfamily cerambycinae coleoptera cerambycidae

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Data on lepidopus xantusi and trichiurus nitens trichiuridae distribution and biology in the southeastern pacific

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Data on leporinus octofasciatus from the parana basin brazil pisces anostomidae

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Data on linkage relations between glyoxylase and 21 hydroxylase

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Data on lipid metabolism of larvae and young of the striped bass morone saxatilis/

Borowiec, L., 1977:
Data on louse flies diptera hippoboscidae parasitizing birds in poland

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Data on lumbriculidae oligochaeta fauna of the chukotski peninsula ussr

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Data on lymphogranulomatosis metastasizing into spine

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Data on macro lepidoptera in the hansag region hungary lepidoptera

Szocs J., 1981:
Data on mining moths from budapest hungary and its environs

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Data on modernization of horse nutrition

Gyongyossi G., 1980:
Data on morphological lesions of the kidney in acute bilateral subrenal occlusion

Lopez-Caballero, E.J., 1975:
Data on morphological variations of diplotriaena henry new record nematoda diplotriaenoidea and its presence in turdidae of spain

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Data on morphology and biometrics of vipera aspis viperidae

Fekete G.; Apor P., 1981:
Data on muscle fiber conversion and fiber splitting in man

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Data on nesting of gypaetus barbatus l. and falco pelegrinoides babylonicus sclater in the central kopet dag turkmen ssr ussr

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Data on new alkaloids from strychnos gossweileri

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Data on occurrence of the staphylinid genus osorius new record coleoptera staphylinidae in the southern soviet far east ussr and description of a new subspecies

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Data on oligo elements in different metabolic disorders

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Data on oxygen consumption of isopoda and diplopoda species

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Data on perennial nitrophilic communities artemisietea vulgaris from galicia spain

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Data on primitive wingless insects apterygota from zaire species from the families isotomidae collembola and acerentomidae protura

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Data on rare and endangered mammal species of the turkmen ssr ussr fauna

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Data on rare and endangered species of bird fauna of the turkmen ssr ussr

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Data on rare and endangered species of reptile fauna of the turkmen ssr ussr

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Data on renal hypothermia by the venous passage

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Data on reproduction and population structure in myomorph rodents of an african lowland rain forest

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Data on salix of hsinganling china

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Data on scantius aegyptius palearctic hemiptera heteroptera pyrrhocoridae comparison with pyrrhocoris apterus

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Data on seasonal variations in plankton and on the hydrologic characteristics of the north sea off ostende and nieuwpoort belgium period from 1969 to 1971

Kudelina, R.I., 1978:
Data on sensitivity of the tularemia causative agent to some antibiotics

Gael', A.G.; Smetana, N.G.; Shchurina, G.N., 1978:
Data on soil characteristics in the quartz sands of the northern aral sea region ussr

Solov'ev I.N., 1985:
Data on soil moisture regime analyzed by statistic methods

Migunova E.S., 1987:
Data on soils justifying the phytoindication estimation of the trophic level in forest habitats

Harmelin, J.G., 1976:
Data on some cribrimorphs bryozoa cheilostomata from the eastern atlantic

Parvu C., 1986:
Data on some dolichopodidae diptera of romania iv

Burke, D.C.; Burley, H.T.; Ungar, G.H., 1985:
Data on spinal injuries 1. collection and analysis of 352 consecutive admissions

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Data on syrphidae diptera fauna in the turkmen ssr ussr

Richarz, K.; Sprankel, H., 1978:
Data on territorial sexual and social behavior of tupaia glis

Livingstone, F.B., 1973:
Data on the abnormal hemo globins and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in human populations 1967 1973

Bliznyuk A.I.; Lyubaeva L.I.; Lyubaev V.L., 1980:
Data on the abundance and biology of rare steppe birds in kalmyk assr russian sfsr ussr

Majer, J., 1977:
Data on the acroceridae diptera fauna of mongolia

Choquet R.; Clapier F., 1979:
Data on the activation and dismantling of the 155 mev synchro cyclotron of the institute of nuclear physics at orsay france

Potter I.C.; Prince P.A.; Croxall J.P., 1979:
Data on the adult marine and migratory phases in the life cycle of the southern hemisphere lamprey geotria australis

Gusev-Yu, D., 1977:
Data on the adventive flora of the udmurt assr ussr

Jankovich I., 1973:
Data on the age of volcanic rocks in the borzsony mountains hungary

Hajdu, L., 1976:
Data on the algal flora of hungary part 2

Hajdu, L., 1977:
Data on the algal flora of hungary part 2 illustrations

Kowalski, W., 1975:
Data on the algal flora of szczecin pomerania northwestern poland

Flores, E.M.; Engleman, E.M., 1976:
Data on the anatomy and morphology of seeds of cactaceae part 1 development and structure

Andrasfalvy, P., 1978:
Data on the aphidinea fauna of hungary

Gurova, A.I.; Alekseeva, N.P.; Gorlova, O.E., 1977:
Data on the assessment of methylchloro formate toxicity

Legany, A.; Konya, J.; Vertes, I., 1977:
Data on the avi fauna of the tisza region in szatmar bereg

Hamar, J., 1976:
Data on the bacteriological and algological conditions of the region of kiskore reservoir hungary

Popescu Marinescu V.; Nastasescu M., 1987:
Data on the benthic fauna of lakes saratura and plopu dobruja romania

Mateias M.C., 1984:
Data on the bioecology of tephrina arenacearia lepidoptera geometridae

Hefendehl, F.W., 1970:
Data on the biogenesis of essential oils composition of 2 essential oils from mentha pulegium d

Palfi G., 1984:
Data on the biological and healing effect of heviz hungary peat bog mud derivatives and their humic substances

Beinar, L.S.; Mel'kumyants, N.B., 1976:
Data on the biological characteristics of the shtutser schmidt shigella isolated in the turkmen ssr

Lachaud J.P.; Passera L., 1982:
Data on the biology of 3 myrmecophilous diapriidae plagiopria passerai solenopsia imitatrix and lepidopria pedestris

Konchina-Yu, V., 1977:
Data on the biology of fish of the family pomadasyidae

Vasil'eva, I.S., 1977:
Data on the biology of free living phases of hirsutiella zachvatkini and leptotrombidium orientalis acariformes trombiculidae

Dorogoi I.V., 1988:
Data on the biology of sandpipers in the chukochya river northeastern yakutsk assr russian sfsr ussr

Sichinava S.G., 1981:
Data on the biology of the mosquito culex pipiens complex and their control in western georgian ssr ussr

Mourikis P.A.; Vassilaina Alexopoulou P., 1981:
Data on the biology of the opogona sacchari new record a new pest for ornamental plants in greece

Lepenye, G.; Novak, J.; Nemet, L., 1977:
Data on the biophysics of thermal injury

Fedorenko, I.A., 1976 :
Data on the bird louse fauna in passeriformes from the ukrainian ssr ussr part 2 brueliinae mallophaga ischnocera

Ocete-Rubio, M.E.; Lopez-Sanchez, S., 1986:
Data on the breeding and laying behavior of spodoptera littoralis boisd. lepidoptera noctuidae

Isenmann P., 1983:
Data on the breeding biology of a population of blue tit parus caeruleus in southern france

Gnielka R., 1987:
Data on the breeding biology of the blackcap sylvia atricapilla in the district of halle east germany

Llorente G.A.; Ruiz X., 1985:
Data on the breeding biology of the red crested pochard netta rufina in the ebro delta spain

Gnielka R., 1986:
Data on the breeding of the greenfinch carduelis chloris according to nesting maps from the district of halle east germany

Honegger R.E.; Schneider C.; Zimmermann E., 1985:
Data on the breeding of the horned frog ceratophrys ornata salientia leptodactylidae

Hund K.; Prinzinger R., 1982:
Data on the breeding of the starling sturnus vulgaris in southwestern germany

Ochyra, R., 1976:
Data on the bryo flora of southern poland

Peshkova, G.I., 1977:
Data on the bryo flora of the kaluga oblast ussr bryophytic mosses in the tarusa area

Shakhmatova R.A.; Leont'eva M.N.; Kravchenko A.A.; Sukhova E.N.; Tukhsanova N.G.; Shurganova G.V., 1980:
Data on the cadastral study of lakes in the gorki oblast russian sfsr ussr

Welker C.; Roeber J.; Luehrmann B., 1981:
Data on the carrying of young common marmosets callithrix jacchus cotton head tamarins saguinus oedipus and titi monkeys callicebus moloch by other members of their family groups

Gael, A.G.; Smetana, N.G., 1976:
Data on the characteristics of organic substances of sandy desert soils

Gittenberger E.; Hoogmoed M.S., 1985:
Data on the christian snake cult on the ionian island of cephalonia greece

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Data on the contamination of bed linens with bacteria on the skin surface during bed rest

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Data on the correlation between the content of lead in urine and acetyl choline and cholin esterase activity in blood

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Data on the development of flying fish hirundichthys marginatus exocoetidae

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Data on the developmental cycle of philometra obturans nematoda philometridae

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Data on the diet of cyclura nubila sauria iguanidae in the environs of cayo largo del sur cuba

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Data on the diet of the long eared owl asio otus in southern galicia spain

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Data on the distribution and biology of steropus catalonicus daniel 1906 coleoptera carabidae

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Data on the distribution and ecology of the syrian woodpecker dendrocopos syriacus in the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Data on the distribution in the northeastern iberian peninsula and first record in france of copelatus atriceps new record sharp 1880 82 coleoptera dytiscidae colymbetinae as well as unpublished aspects of its morphology

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Data on the distribution of biogenic elements in the tamar estuary at plymouth

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Data on the distribution of dissolved oxygen and nutrients in waters adjacent to the island of mallorca spain

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Data on the distribution of freshwater crayfish decapoda astacidae in hungary in the late 1950s

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Data on the distribution of the collared turtle dove from the european regions of the ussr

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Data on the distribution of the gray partridge perdix perdix hispaniensis reich. in the french pyrenees

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Data on the drepane drepane punctata of the andaman sea and arabian sea

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Data on the ecobiology of prays oleae lepidoptera plutellidae in the south of spain 3. carpophagous generation

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Data on the ecological energetics of formica pratensis hymenoptera formicidae in the psammophile ecosystems of the southern hungarian plain

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Data on the ecology and behavior of the rock dove in the southern urals and western siberia russian sfsr ussr

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Data on the ecology of a littoral marine zone receiving oil refinery wastes

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Data on the ecology of ellobius talpinus in the voroshilovgrad oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

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Data on the ecology of the beetle entomoscelis adonidis in the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Data on the ecology of the brown bear on the northeastern shores of lake baikal russian sfsr ussr

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Data on the ecology of the honey fungus armillariella mellea in the forests of moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Data on the ecology of the red deer cervus elaphus mammalia cervidae in the kaliningrad oblast

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Data on the ecology of the red spotted fire bellied toad bombina bombina in the central part of the yuzhnyy bug river basin

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Data on the ecology of the wryneck in the gardens of the middle dnieper ukrainian ssr ussr

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Data on the effect of atmospheric pollution from ferrous metallurgy on the level of heavy metals and carboxyhemoglobin in the blood of the population

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Data on the effect of feeding fodder containing toxin f 2 produced by fusarium graminearum upon males of cervidae species

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Data on the epidemiological investigation of foci of enzootic abortion of sheep in the rostov oblast

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Data on the epidemiology and pathology of iliac and femoral arterial athero sclerosis in residents of the samarkand oblast

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Data on the etiology of swine atrophic rhinitis the role of genetic factors

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Data on the evolution of hormones. Investigations on imprinting evoked by oligopeptides exhibiting no hormonal activity

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Data on the existence of enclaves of halophilic vegetation in the alberche valley spain

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Data on the family labiatae from china part 3

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Data on the fauna and biotope distribution of blood sucking mosquitoes culicidae in the kalmyk assr ussr

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Data on the fauna and ecology of biting midges of the lesser khingan mountains ussr

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Data on the fauna and ecology of flies of the genus lonchaea diptera lonchaeidae from the tuva assr ussr

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Data on the fauna and ecology of reptiles in tedzhen murgab region turkmen ssr ussr

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Data on the fauna of biting lice of passerine birds in the ukrainian ssr part 3 philopterinae mallophaga ischnocera section 1

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Data on the fauna of gamasid mites of the family pachylaelaptidae in the odessa oblast

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Data on the fauna of ixodids acarina ixodidae of small mammals in iran

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Data on the fauna of mites of the family rhodacaridae parasitidae gamasoidea in the georgian ssr ussr

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Data on the feeding of the buzzard buteo buteo

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Data on the feeding of the english sparrow passer domesticus in the ukrainian ssr

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Data on the feeding of the isabelline wheatear in the northern caspian sea area russian sfsr ussr

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Data on the feeding spectrum of blackfly larvae

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Data on the finding of west palearctic machilids and lepismatids insecta archaeognatha zygentomata

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Data on the fishing biology and abundance of the greenland halibut reinhardtius hippoglossoides in the gulf of st lawrence canada

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Data on the flavonoids from lespedeza capitata

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Data on the flora and ecology of agaricales fungi in the lithuanian ssr ussr new and rare species of the family boletaceae

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Data on the flora and vegetation of khodzhakasian mountain range southern tadzhik ssr ussr

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Data on the flora and vegetation of the swiss alps

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Data on the flora of bryansk oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Data on the flora of higher fungi in the water peatbog reservation brzeziczno poland

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Data on the flora of mebel island and hooker island franz josef land russian sfsr ussr

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Data on the flora of the province of burgos spain montes de oca and sierra de la demanda

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Data on the fluctuation of the population and behavior of the colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata in the region of avlon attica greece

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Data on the foliar morphology of rhacocarpus purpurascens hedwigiaceae musci

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Data on the formation of crystal like structures in various human and insect viruses

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Data on the functional anatomy of gastric muscle layers

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Data on the functional organization in the amygdaloid complex obtained on the basis of effects on the blood pressure

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Data on the genus calloporella bryozoa

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Data on the genus mormolyce coleoptera carabidae

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Data on the genus thorectes coleoptera scarabaeoidea thorectes baraudi new species for spain

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Data on the geographic distribution of leistus piceus alpicola coleoptera carabidae

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Data on the geometrid lepidoptera fauna of iran larentiinae and sterrhinae

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Data on the growth and development of common tree sparrow nestlings in the leningrad oblast ussr

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Data on the halochasmophyte communities of the galician cliffs spain

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Data on the heat resistance of cercariae of some species of trematodes

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Data on the hepaticae flora in vitim state reserve central siberia ussr

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Data on the heredity of the camazulene content of chamomile populations

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Data on the herpetofauna of southwestern algarve southern portugal

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Data on the hydrobiology of the middle and lower tisza river region

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Data on the hydrology and productivity of a closed lagoon takapoto tuamotu islands

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Data on the hygienic characteristics of the washing and disinfecting agent sanpor

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Data on the hygienic standardization of 2 carbon to 5 carbon potassium xanthates in bodies of water

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Data on the ichthyological fauna of the bay of biscay 1. distribution of diplodus sparidae perciformes and remarks on their juvenile stages

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Data on the identification of compounds from the water soluble fraction of a preparation isolated from the lipo soluble extract of the tri chloro acetic acid residue of nervous tissue

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Data on the incidence and pathology of inflammation of phallus protrudens in geese and recommendations for the control

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Data on the internal genitalia of virgin queens of atta capiguara hymenoptera formicidae

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Data on the joint clinical study of cyclo cytidine in leukemias in children and adults

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Data on the knowledge of the algal vegetation on the sediment surface in lake balaton plattensee hungary

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Data on the lacerta rudis group of the lacerta saxicola complex in turkey reptilia sauria lacertidae part 2

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Data on the lepthyphantes nebulosus group arachnida araneida linyphiidae

Nassi, H., 1978:
Data on the life cycle of ribeiroia marini guadeloupensis new subspecies trematode sterilizing biomphalaria glabrata in guadeloupe french west indies maintenance of the life cycle with a view to an eventual control of the populations of mollusks

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Data on the light conditions of the mating flight of the woodcock scolopax rusticola in hungary

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Data on the lilac leaf miner gracilaria syringella lepidoptera gracilariidae part 2 biology

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Data on the littoral forest of crete greece

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Data on the localities of heteromera coleoptera heteromera from the carpathian basin eastern europe

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Data on the long tailed marmot marmota caudata fatness in the pamirs tadzhik ssr ussr

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Data on the luso extremadura flora

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Data on the macromycete flora of northeastern poland

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Data on the marlowe crowne and edwards social desirability scales

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Data on the mass production of fry of clarias lazera pisces claridae

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Data on the maternal behaviour of fine wool merino ewes

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Data on the middle upper vallesian of the outskirts of terrassa spain

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Data on the mite genera gamasiphoides and laelaptiella acarina parasitiformes

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Data on the model of the squirrel population in eastern sayan ussr part 1 the primary analysis of population dynamics of the squirrel and the yield of the siberian stone pine

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Data on the morphology of the mouflon horn and on the principles governing its growth

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Data on the moss flora of the tarna region

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Data on the mycoflora of the spruce forest in the suwalki region poland

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Data on the natural host plants of the longicornia in cuba coleoptera cerambycidae

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Data on the nature of the chernevaya taiga russian sfsr ussr on the basis of its bryo flora analysis

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Data on the nuclear structures of chara vulgaris during morphogenesis and in relation to gene activity amplification phenomena

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Data on the nutrition of nocturnal birds of prey athene noctua noctua scop. strigiformes in the timis district romania

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Data on the occurrence and behavior of the otter lutra lutra in the province of noord holland the netherlands

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Data on the opisthobranchia of cabo de palos murcia spain

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Data on the ornithological fauna of the area surrounding the village of telki hungary

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Data on the oxidation capacity of sulfur in some samples of ferralitic and arid tropical soils

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Data on the perissodactyla of the roc de santa formation spain palaeotherium crusafonti new species

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Data on the pharmaco kinetics of sulfonamide trimethoprim combinations in sucking pigs

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Data on the pineal eye of some brazilian lizard

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Data on the population of muridae rodents of the pluvial rice fields in the region of tai ivory coast

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Data on the population structure of the walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma in the bering sea

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Data on the populations of hydrocanthares of the temporary lakes of the savannas of lamto ivory coast

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Data on the presence of lethocerus annulipes new record in the state of rio grande do sul brazil

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Data on the prey of the barn owl tyto alba among some mammals in the tolfa mountains rome italy

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Data on the principal characteristics of metachromasia using uranium di oxide ions compared to data on classical in situ metachromasia

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Data on the problem of artifactual cranial deformation 2

Pap I., 1983:
Data on the problem of artificial cranial deformation 1

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Data on the processes of nitellization in chara vulgaris

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Data on the production biology of the roe deer living in the forest and in the fields

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Data on the production of an improved agaricus bitorquis

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Data on the protection of flora in arkhangelsk oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Data on the proteolytic enzyme system of Lernaea cyprinacea

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Data on the pupae and behavior of the adults of dirphia araucariae

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Data on the reduction in improving effect of artificial insemination bulls in relation to the genetic trend of the population

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Data on the registering of acute myo cardial infarction in kaunas lithuanian ssr ussr

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Data on the reproduction capacity of quercus cerris

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Data on the reproduction of alepocephalus bairdi alepocephalidae of the northeastern atlantic

Bertrand J., 1986:
Data on the reproduction of lethrinus mahsena on the banks of the saya de malha indian ocean

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Data on the reproductive biology of hoplosternum littorale siluriformes callichthyidae in venezuela

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Data on the respiration of different organisms common in the plankton of villefranche sur mer

Salek J., 1987:
Data on the scientific study of the soil infiltration of liquid fertilizer used for irrigation

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Data on the serum progesterone level of hungarian combed merino sheep conceived out of and within season

Conand, C., 1976:
Data on the sexual cycle and inter annual variations of fecundity of pomatomus saltator on the northern senegal coast

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Data on the sexual cycle fecundity and distribution of eggs of so called armless flounder of the family bothidae in the southwestern atlantic

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Data on the sites of stimulatory feedback action of gonadal steroids indispensable for luteinizing hormone release in the rat

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Data on the small mammal fauna of tiszakarad and its environs hungary

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Data on the spatial structure of the zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis range

Forge P., 1980:
Data on the stagnant limnic environments of the savannas of lamto ivory coast africa

Kapusz, N., 1975:
Data on the static and dynamic rigidity of the calvaria

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Data on the stone fly fauna of the family leuctridae insecta plecoptera from siberia ussr and the far east

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Data on the storage capacity of some table grape varieties in relation to the evolution of some physical and morphological characteristics

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Data on the stratigraphic range of the nowakiidae dacryoconarida in the devonian of northwestern africa morocco algeria

Mellini A., 1985:
Data on the strombus from the este necropolis at dosso del pol gazzo veronese 1932 italy

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Data on the structure and histochemistry of the skin and the lips of marmosets callithrix jacchus

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Data on the sub microscopic structure of collagen a basis for the interpretation of corresponding polarization optical and histochemical findings

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Data on the suborder symphyta hymenoptera in the ponoare and frumoasa natural reserves suceava district romania

Uzhdavini, E.R.; Astaf'eva, I.K.; Mamaeva, A.A.; Gilev, V.G., 1976:
Data on the substantiation of the maximum permissible concentration of dicresol in the atmosphere of the working zone

Brandy L.D., 1979:
Data on the succession of fauna of neogene rodents in afghanistan

Hamar, J., 1977:
Data on the summer algal flora of dead arms in the vicinity of tiszafured hungary

Popescu, A., 1977:
Data on the summer diet of the buzzard buteo buteo

Mahunka, S., 1975:
Data on the systematics taxonomy ontogeny ecology and distribution of tarsonemids part 2 acari tarsonemida

Pozo J., 1982:
Data on the taxocenoses of collembola of a coastal prairie

Franzen M., 1987:
Data on the taxonomy distribution and ecology of mertensiella luschani steindachner 1891 in turkey caudata salamandridae

Jenser G., 1982:
Data on the thysanoptera fauna of tunisia

Feher G.; Graf Z., 1983:
Data on the topography of the digestive tract and intra abdominal organs in the two humped camel camelus bactrianus

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Data on the toxicological characteristics of the repeated effect of ammonia on animals during short exposures

Monpeyssin, M.; Beaulaton, J., 1977:
Data on the ultrastructural localization of phenol oxidase activity in circulating hemocytes of antheraea pernyi in the last larval stage

Mazzone P., 1981:
Data on the use of sexual pheromone traps for the control of cydia pomonella in campania italy

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Data on the vertical distribution of planktonic primary productivity in the offshore zone of constanta the black sea

Frechette J.; Pilote S.; Portelance B., 1984:
Data on the vertical distribution of the shrimp pandalus borealis and their implications for estimating stocks

Zamanmuradova Z.M., 1986:
Data on the zooplankton of sarykamysh lake turkmen ssr ussr

Rivas Martinez S.; Penas A.; Diaz Gonzalez T.E., 1986:
Data on therophyte and nitrophilous vegetation of leon spain note ii

Gaevskaya, A.V.; Kovaleva, A.A., 1978:
Data on trematodes from southwestern atlantic fish

Atamuradov K.I.; Sukh S.I., 1985:
Data on venomous spiders of the genus latrodectus from the turkmen ssr ussr

Nikiforova O.D., 1983:
Data on vicia lilacina fabaceae

Kuska, A., 1977:
Data on weevils coleoptera curculionidae migrating from the moravian gap into poland

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Data on zoo plankton of some small water bodies in the vicinity of lake zorkul pamir part 1

Zlomke, L.C.; Piersel, W.C., 1984:
Data over time: how much tells the story

Josse J., 1986:
Data processing and ecopathology

Leclerc J., 1986:
Data processing and food stuff analysis laboratory

Granjean D.; Paragon B M.; Grandjean R., 1986:
Data processing and teleprocessing applied to rationing of dogs

Tuffery G., 1986:
Data processing applied to veterinary analysis laboratories objectives and principles

Goguel, A., 1978:
Data processing in laboratories for medical analysis

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Data processing in microbiology: an integrated, simplified system

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Data processing in pathology laboratories the phoenix system part 1 the overall design and the main facilities

Abson, J.; Prall, A.; Wootton, I.D.P., 1977:
Data processing in pathology laboratories the phoenix system part 2 the file structure and basic operations

Abson, J.; Prall, A.; Wootton, I.D.P., 1977:
Data processing in pathology laboratories the phoenix system part 3 further programs staff training and system performance

Van-Der-Maarel, E.; Orloci, L.; Pignatti, S., 1976:
Data processing in phytosociology retrospect and anticipation

Acs J.; Demeter A.; Varro R., 1985:
Data processing of enzyme immunoassay measurements using programmable desk top calculator

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Data processing of the output from a vickers m 300 clinical chemistry analyzer principles and implementation

Ogata Y.; Takeshima K.; Nishizawa K.; Kojima S.; Takata K., 1987 :
Data processing system of personnel exposure with a personal computer

Speckmann, H., 1975:
Data processing with a process control computer in experiments related to nonpulsating milking systems

Finkelstein, S.M.; Budd, J.R.; Ewing, L.B.; Wielinski, C.L.; Warwick, W.J.; Kujawa, S.J., 1985:
Data quality assurance for a health monitoring program

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Data quality in a distributed data processing system the systolic hypertension and elderly program pilot study

Stephens M.A.P.; Norris Baker C.; Willems E.P., 1984:
Data quality in self observation and report of behavior

Berweger P.; Patil S.; Fahrni U.; Spuhler T.; Minder C.E.; Abelin T., 1985:
Data quality in the veska hospital discharge data base

Matsui K.; Koshi S., 1983:
Data recording system for industrial hygiene information environmental condition records and medical examination records of workplaces

Hilcoat, B.L., 1984:
Data recycling and misreading 2. potential errors in pooled data from small studies

Schmidt, R.; Hess, A., 1985:
Data reduction for electron isodose measurements

Morling, N.; Platz, P.; Ryder, L.P.; Svejgaard, A.; Thomsen, M., 1980:
Data reduction in hla d typing with the primed lymphocyte typing technique the normalized median response

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Data regarding the typology and functional significance of the venous valves

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Data sheets on quarantine organisms part 1

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Data the digestibility and content of the cell wall and cell content of the home produced roughages and by products

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Data to change of behavioral pattern of lambs

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Data to the eupithecia fauna of nepal iii. lepidoptera geometridae

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Data to the interrelationship of damages caused by the lucerne seed chalcid bruchophagus roddi and the lucerne seed weevil tychius flavus

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Data to the knowledge of moth communities occurring on fruit trees and shrubs in hungary

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Data to the knowledge of the tardigrada fauna of tunisia

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Data to the limnological knowledge of the river raab raba hungary

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Data to the oribatid fauna of australia acari 3

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Data to the phenology of starling sturnus vulgaris vulgaris

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Data to the relations of the physiognomic structure of the bukk primeval forest hungary

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Data transformation in agricultural trials

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Data treatment in multi channel isotachophoresis

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Date and rate of ammonium nitrate application to irrigated and non irrigated cotton fields

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Date attribution, age, and the distribution of lifetime memories

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Date development handling and packaging in the usa

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Date for the substantiation of the maximum permissible concentrations of di nitro cresol in bodies of water

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Date of heading and plant height of wheat varieties as related to septoria tritici leaf blotch damage

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Date of lambing and reproductive performance of newfoundland and dorset leicester suffolk breeds of sheep raised under extensive management in nova scotia canada

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Date of planting and row spacing effects on 4 soybean glycine max cultivars

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Date of publication and authorship of the fish names in eydoux and souleyets zoology of la bonite 1841 1852

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Date of seeding fall growth and winter survival of winter wheat triticum aestivum and rye secale cereale

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Date of sowing and nursery growth of provenances of pseudotsuga menziesii given 2 fertilizer regimes

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Date of thinning and attack by engraver beetle pityogenes chalcographus in spruce stands of the harz mountains west germany

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Date palm and fusariosis 10. numeration of rhizosphere actinomycetes their antagonism against fusarium oxysporum f sp albedinis

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Date palm and fusariosis 8. parasitism of fusarium oxysporum f sp albedinis by an actinomycete

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Date palm phoenix dactylifera potential source for refined sugar

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Date palm seeds from the lower miocene of central europe

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Date palm tree and fusariosis part 3 relationships between the molecular structure of di holosides and tri holosides and their influence upon the growth of fusarium oxysporum f sp albedinis

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Date to the horizontal and vertical distribution of the zoo benthic fauna of the tisza region at szeged hungary

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Dated wood from alaska usa and the yukon canada implications for forest refugia in beringia

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Dates and regions of atlantic walrus whelping

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Dates of birth of persons committing suicide

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Dates of glyphosate treatments on weeds and bermuda grass cynodon dactylon

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Dates of publication of s o lindbergs major papers especially contribution to the cryptogam flora of northeastern asia

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Dates of reproduction for birds of senegambia senegal gambia

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Dates of stay of the lesser noctule nyctalus leisleri mammalia chiroptera in the crimean oblast ussr

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Dates of the publication of the histoire naturelle generale et particuliere des crustaces et des insectes 1802 1805 by latreille in sonnini's buffon

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Dates on breeding biology of the red backed shrike lanius collurio near northwestern lake constance west germany

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Dating a hedgerow landscape in middlesex england uk fryent country park

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Dating aboriginal relics from the contact period

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Dating and environmental reconstruction from prehistoric mud dauber nests some possibilities

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Dating new zealand archaeology by radio carbon

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Dating of brioverian and paleozoic formations of brittany france based on micro plankton

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Dating of paleo magnetic records from finnish lake sediment cores using pollen analysis

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Dating of rocks from the bungonia district new south wales australia

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Dating of the bison find from siberia ussr a supplement

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Dating of winged specimens of the migratory locust locusta migratoria in nature by examination of the ventral thoracic hair orthoptera acrididae

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Dating the moraines and recession of athabasca and dome glaciers alberta canada

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Dating the time interval from meconium passage to birth

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Dating violence among high school students

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Datumelin a new withanolide from datura metel l

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Datura arborea poisoning the angels trumpet

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Datura cubensis new species from central cuba 1

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Datura ipomoea tagetes and lawsonia as control of tylenchulus semipenetrans and anguina tritici

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Datura lanosa new species of datura from mexico

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Datura stramonium Agglutinin : Location in the Seed and Release upon Imbibition

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Datura stramonium f violacea withanolides part 2 withastramonolide

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Datura tissue cultures a source of sterols

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Datura velutinosa new species of solanaceae for cuba

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Daturalactone isolated from datura quercifolia a new interceptive agent

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Daturanolone a tri terpene from datura fastuosa solanaceae

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Daturilinol a new withanolide from the leaves of datura metel

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Daubaylia helicophilus new species daubayliidae nematoda a parasite of the snail gyraulus spirillus from taiwan

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Daubaylia malayanum new species nematoda cephalobidae a parasite of malaysian pulmonate snails with observations on its life history

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Daubaylia olsini new species daubayliidae rhabditida from the leech dina anoculata in california usa

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Daucus dentatus new record apiaceae for the flora of yugoslavia

Zilch A., 1984:
Daudebardia tarentina and pseudolibania nudibranchia notaspidea pleurobranchidae

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Dauer larvae of pelodera strongyloides nematoda rhabditidae in the conjunctival sacs of lemmings

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Daughter cell fusion and formation of polykaryons in a cold resistant l cell variant

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Daughter ion mass spectra from cationized molecules of small oligopeptides in a reflecting time of flight mass spectrometer

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Daughters and sons of alcoholics developmental paths in transmission

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Daughters from daughterless mothers rescuing a female lethal maternal effect by cytoplasmic transplantation in drosophila embryos

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Daughters maternal grandsires res in sire evaluation

Nishiya, I., 1976:
Daughters of di ethyl stilbestrol

Levin P.; Malarkey W.B., 1981:
Daughters of women with breast cancer have elevated mean 24 hour prolactin levels and a partial resistance of prolactin to dopamine suppression

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Daulocoris sumatrensis new species from sumatra hemiptera heteroptera aradidae

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Daunomycin administered by continuous intravenous infusion is effective in the treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

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Daunomycin and adriamycin metabolism via reductive glycosidic cleavage

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Daunomycin and aracytin change c myc oncogene transcripts in human erythroleukemic cell line during cellular differentiation

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Daunomycin cytosine arabinoside and 6 thio guanine vs vincristine cytosine arabinoside and 6 thio guanine in the induction treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia a randomized collaborative study

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Daunomycin in the treatment of experimental proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Effective doses in vitro and in vivo

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Daunomycin metabolism in rat tissue slices

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Daunomycin nsc 82151 induced cardio toxicity in children and adults a review of 110 cases

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Daunomycinone analogs via the diels alder reaction synthesis and chemistry of some 6 11 di hydroxy 5 12 naphthacenediones

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Daunorubicin and platelet function

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Daunorubicin cytosine arabinoside 6 mercapto purine prednisolone 2 step therapy for acute myelogenous leukemia in adults

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Daunorubicin daunorubicinol and dna plasma kinetics after intra venous administration of daunorubicin dna complex in the rabbit

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Daunorubicin metabolism by rat tissue preparations

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Daunorubicin metabolites in human urine

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Daunorubicin reductase activity in leukemia leukocyte homogenates

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Daunorubicin reduction mediated by aldehyde and ketone reductases

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Daunorubicinol, a major metabolite of daunorubicin: isolation from human urine and enzymatic reactions

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Daurian partridge ecology in the southern transbaikal area russian sfsr ussr

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Davainea ambajogaiensis new species from a fowl gallus domesticus in india

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David moiseevich golub on his 75th birthday and 50 years of scientific pedagogical and social work

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Davidsonia and davidsoniacea devonian strophomenid brachiopods

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Davidsons biochemistry of the nucleic acids

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Daviesia and leptosema fabaceae in central australia new species and name changes

Crisp M.D., 1980:
Daviesia arenaria new species fabaceae from the mallee lands of southeastern australia

Crisp M.D., 1982:
Daviesia spiralis new species and daviesia debilior new species leguminosae papilionoideae occurring in the wongan hills western australia

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Davis gelatin a fundamental factor in cardiac septation 2. organization of the entrance chamber of the right ventricle in the human embryo

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Davis gelatin fundamental factor of cardiac septation part 1 origin and development of the septum primum interatriorum 1st inter atrial septum

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Davisia reginae new species protozoa myxosporida from 4 california usa marine fishes

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Davydov splitting in 7 2 anthryl 1 heptanoic acid langmuir blodgett films

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Dawestrema cycloancistrum new record monogenea ancyrocephalinidae first report for cuba

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Dawn drug abuse warning network a 2nd look its impact on minorities and public policy

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DAWN: Drug Abuse Warning Network or Data About Worthless Numbers?

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Dawn phenomenon

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Dawn phenomenon studies of insulin dependent diabetic patients with biostator

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Day 6 bone marrow aspirate for the prediction of response to remission induction therapy for acute myelogenous leukemia

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Day activities programming serving the severely impaired chronic client

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Day and night differences in the larval fish catch from the gulf of aden

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Day and night rhythms in the methylation of n acetyl serotonin 5 hydroxy tryptophol in the pineal gland of male rats of different ages

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Day and night rhythms of aldosterone 18 glucuronide free cortisol potassium and sodium excretion in the urine of normal children

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Day and night temperature control of floral induction in stylosanthes guianensis var guianensis cultivar schofield

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Day and night temperature effects on nitrogen and soluble carbohydrate allocation during early reproductive growth in soybeans glycine max cultivar ransome

Thomas J.F.; Raper C.D.Jr, 1981:
Day and night temperature influence on carpel initiation and growth in soybeans glycine max cultivar ransom

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Day and night work: changes in cholesterol, uric acid, glucose and potassium in serum and in circadian patterns of urinary catecholamine excretion. A longitudinal cross-over study of railway workers

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Day biting mosquitoes diptera culicidae of manipur india

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Day care and childrens conceptions of moral and social rules

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Day care center illness policy and practice in north carolina usa

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Day care for dementia patients an analysis of a 4 year program

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Day care surgery in british columbia canada a 7 year experience 1968 1974

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Day case and strabismus surgery without post operative ocular medication a masked randomized study

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Day case inguinal hernia repair under local anesthetic

Thomas H.; Hare M.J., 1987:
Day case laparoscopic sterilization time for a rethink

Wallace L.M., 1986:
Day case laparoscopy patient preferences adjustment and management

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Day case surgery for hernias and hemorrhoids a clinical social and economic evaluation

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Day clinics as instrument of rehabilitation and of intervention to crises in rural districts

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Day degree units and time in relation to vegetative development and fruiting for 3 cultivars of cotton