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Data on soil characteristics in the quartz sands of the northern aral sea region ussr

Gael', A.G.; Smetana, N.G.; Shchurina, G.N.

Biologicheskie Nauki (Moscow) (4): 120-135


ISSN/ISBN: 0470-4606
Accession: 005091510

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Recent studies of soil characteristics in the quartz sand region north of the Aral Sea (Kazakh SSR, USSR) are reviewed. In conditions of the desert climate of the region, brown desert soils were formed on clays, loams and sandy loams. Soddy semi-desert cohesive-sand, highly-calcareous soils formed on sandy trains transformed during the Pleistocene. Soddy-steppe sandy non-calcareous soils formed on hummocky-ridged sands in the Late Pleistocene phase of defilation. Young loose-sand primitive shallow soils of a soddy-steppe type were then formed. The morphology, granulometric and chemical composition of these soils are described in connection with the characteristics of the vegetation cover. Their fractional humus composition and mineralogical composition of silty fractions are analyzed.

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