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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5093

Chapter 5093 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Giambra L.M., 1983:
Day dreaming in 40 year old to 60 year old women menopause health values and sexuality

Pavone F.; Cuffari R.; Falcone A.; Fazio F., 1988:
Day hospital a 6 year experience

Pavone F.; Conti F.; Falcone A.; Natoli M., 1983:
Day hospital a statistical appraisal

Itro A.; Colella G.; Corvo G.; Domestico G., 1984:
Day hospital and odontostomatologic therapeutic treatments

Hiramatsu, K.; Anzai, N.; Miyauchi, M.; Ohta, T.; Kameyama, T.; Ikebuchi, E.; Masui, K., 1982:
Day hospital as a model of a community for the treatment of schizophrenics 2. patterns of interpersonal behavior and interest of patients and the process of their social adjustment

Rodriguez Sanler J., 1984:
Day hospital at habana del este municipality cuba

Tucker M.A.; Davison J.G.; Ogle S.J., 1984:
Day hospital rehabilitation effectiveness and cost in the elderly a randomized controlled trial

Cummings, V.; Kerner, J.F.; Arones, S.; Steinbock, C., 1985:
Day hospital service in rehabilitation medicine: an evaluation

Amble K E.; Ogar B., 1981:
Day hospitalization in psychiatric service

Garbary D., 1979:
Day length and development in 4 species of ceramiaceae rhodophyta

Wallace D.H.; Enriquez G.A., 1980:
Day length and temperature effects on days to flowering of early and late maturing beans phaseolus vulgaris

Nagashima Y.; Sekikawa H.; Otsuru M., 1986:
Day length as a main factor determining the seasonal forms of anopheles koreicus yamada et watanabe 1918

Al-Shalan, I.; Kandeler, R., 1978:
Day length dependence of the effect of abscisic acid and benzyl adenine on the growth of lemna gibba g 1

Janick J., 1982:
Day length response of dwarf pomegranate punica granatum cultivar nana

Ruenger W.; Fuehrer H., 1981:
Day length temperature and flowering reaction of schlumbergera zygocactus

Wiemers M., 1982:
Day lepidoptera observations in dalmatia yugoslavia

Hojerslev, N.K., 1978:
Day light measurements appropriate for photosynthetic studies in natural sea waters

Maske H., 1984:
Day light uv radiation and the photo inhibition of phyto plankton carbon uptake

Gutterman Y., 1988:
Day neutral flowering in some desert blepharis spp

Kovalak W.P., 1979:
Day night changes in stream benthos density in relation to current velocity

Smith J.A.C.; Griffiths H.; Bassett M.; Griffiths N.M., 1985:
Day night changes in the leaf water relations of epiphytic bromeliads in the rain forests of trinidad

Huber W.; Luettge U., 1988:
Day night cycles of net carbon dioxide exchange in crassulacean acid metabolism as related to day night changes of abscisic acid levels

Hammer R.M., 1981:
Day night differences in the emergence of demersal zoo plankton from a sand substrate in a kelp forest

Okla L.; Larsson P., 1987:
Day night differences in volatilization rates of polychlorinated biphenyls from water to air

Schroder P., 1984:
Day night observations of filter feeding in blackfly larvae diptera simuliidae

Balemans M.G.M.; Pevet P.; Van Benthem J.; Haldar Misra C.; Smith I.; Hendriks H., 1983:
Day night rhythmicity in the methylating capacities for different 5 hydroxy indoles in the pineal the retina and the harderian gland of the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus during the annual seasons

Shido O., 1987:
Day night variation of thermoregulatory responses to intraperitoneal electric heating in rats

Rygol J.; Buechner K H.; Winter K.; Zimmermann U., 1986:
Day night variations in turgor pressure in individual cells of mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Brainard G.C.; Matthews S.A.; Steger R.W.; Reiter R.J.; Asch R.H., 1984:
Day night variations of melatonin 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid serotonin serotonin n acetytransferase tryptophan norepinephrine and dopamine in the rabbit pineal gland

Sameoto D.; Guglielmo L.; Lewis M.K., 1987:
Day night vertical distribution of euphausiids in the eastern tropical pacific

Simmonds I.; Kaval J., 1986:
Day of the week variation of rainfall and maximum temperature in melbourne australia

Karl, T.R., 1978:
Day of the week variations of photochemical pollutants in the st louis area

Bowman, E.P.; Shelley, R.K.; Sheehy-Skeffington, A.; Sinanan, K., 1983:
Day patient vs. in patient factors determining selection of acutely ill patients for hospital treatment

Hecht, K.; Ljowschina, I.P.; Schlegel, T.; Poppei, M.; Treptow, K., 1976:
Day periodical dynamics of periodicities of conditional reflectory processes in the minute range

Damyanova R.; Semova N.; Strashimirova Ts, 1986:
Day regime of students class iv vi trained under the conditions of five day school week

Laveissiere, C.; Kienou, J.P.; Ouedraogo, K.V.; Traore, T., 1978:
Day resting places of glossina tachinoides guinea savannah hot season

Sigers J.M., 1987:
Day surgery in an otorhinolaryngological practice

Tanikaze S.; Okamoto E.; Murata H., 1987:
Day surgery in pediatric urology

Aggarwal P.K.; Chaturvedi G.S.; Sinha S.K., 1981:
Day time changes in chlorophyll content in plants at high temperature and radiation

Wendland K L.; Rebers U.; Gundel A.; Zarnitz T., 1987:
Day time correlated eeg variations in depressive and manic psychoses

Wendland K L.; Jonas B.; Gundel A., 1987:
Day time influence on eeg findings in cerebral arteriosclerosis

Gilhus N.E., 1987:
Day time patients in a neurological department

Benedens H G.; Hinz W., 1980:
Day time periodicity of the filtration performance of dreissena polymorpha and sphaerium corneum bivalvia

Cech I.; Youngs K.; Smolensky M.H.; Sargent H., 1979:
Day to day and seasonal fluctuations of urban mortality in houston texas usa

Tokuda M., 1985:
Day to day and seasonal variations of concentrations of suspended particles and various heavy metals in air

Christensen P., 1987:
Day to day reproducibility of the single breath method for estimation of cardiac output

Johnston K.A.; Viggers E., 1983:
Day to day variation in fat protein and lactose in raw milk and its effect on random day testing

Cobbe S.M.; Hoffman E.; Ritzenhoff A.; Brachmann J.; Kubler W.; Senges J., 1985:
Day to day variation in inducibility of ventricular tachyarrhythmias during the late postmyocardial infarction phase in conscious dogs

Syrstad, O., 1977:
Day to day variation in milk yield fat content and protein content

Cartar R.V.; Montgomerie R.D., 1987:
Day to day variation in nest attentiveness of white rumped sandpipers

Luck, H.; Keller, J.J.; Andrew, M.J.A., 1975:
Day to day variation of the protein percentage and sample size determination for estimating the mean protein content of milk

Romslo I.; Talstad I., 1988:
Day to day variations in serum iron serum iron binding capacity serum ferritin and erythrocyte protoporphyrin concentrations in anemic subjects

Cote B.; Platt T., 1983:
Day to day variations in the spring summer photosynthetic parameters of coastal marine phyto plankton

Dick, P.; Ince, A.; Barlow, M., 1985:
Day treatment: suitability and referral procedure

Ebeling, A.W.; Bray, R.N., 1976:
Day vs night activity of reef fishes in a kelp forest off santa barbara california usa

Starker, S.; Hasenfeld, R., 1976:
Daydream styles and sleep disturbance

Henderson B.B.; Gold S.R.; Mccord M.T., 1982:
Daydreaming and curiosity in gifted and average children and adolescents

Singer J.L.; Pope K.S., 1981:
Daydreaming and imagery skills as predisposing capacities for self hypnosis

Tanaka S.; Denlinger D.L.; Wolda H., 1987:
Daylength and humidity as environmental cues for diapause termination in a tropical beetle

Parvez, A.; Gardner, F., 1987:
Daylength and sowing date responses of soybean lines with juvenile trait

Bennett J.D.; Passmore D.L., 1984:
Days lost from work due to injuries in usa underground bituminous coal mines 1975 1981

Thompson J.R.; Freeman A.E.; Berger P.J., 1982:
Days open adjusted annualized and fat corrected yields as alternatives to mature equivalent records

Belopol'skii L.O.; Babaryka V.N.; Smirnova L.V., 1980:
Daytime activity in some sea birds during their migrations on georges bank

Loehrl H., 1979:
Daytime activity nest building method and breeding behavior of bronze sunbird nectarinia kilimensis in central africa

Reiter R.J.; Steinlechner S.; Richardson B.A., 1985:
Daytime and nighttime pineal n acetyltransferase activity and melatonin content in male rats treated with indomethacin a prostaglandin synthesis inhibitor

Fukuda, H., 1975:
Daytime collection of mosquitoes using human bait trap in a suburb of tokyo japan

Pavlov D.S.; Machek A.D.; Kapuspin S.N., 1981:
Daytime distribution of fish in a river based on under water observations

Kiziroglu I., 1982:
Daytime fluctuations of starlings sturnus vulgaris near ankara turkey in the winter of 1977 1978

D.C.estecker J.S.; Blackwell J.N.; Pryde A.; Heading R.C., 1987:
Daytime gastroesophageal reflux is important in esophagitis

Briggs S.V., 1979:
Daytime habitats of water birds at 4 swamps on the northern tablelands of new south wales australia

Rowan, A.J.; Siegel, M.; Rosenbaum, D.H., 1987:
Daytime intensive monitoring: comparison with prolonged intensive and ambulatory monitoring

King D.R.; Wheeler S.H.; Robinson M.H., 1984:
Daytime locations of european rabbits at 3 localities in southwestern australia

Miller, J.D.; Tannenbaum, G.S.; Colle, E.; Guyda, H.J., 1982:
Daytime pulsatile growth hormone secretion during childhood and adolescence

Devore, P.W.; White, R.J., 1978:
Daytime responses of brown trout salmo trutta to cover stimuli in stream channels

Clancy, J.J.; Caldwell, D.F.; Villeneuve, M.J.; Sangiah, S., 1978:
Daytime sleep wake cycle in the rat

Claghorn, J.L.; Mathew, R.J.; Weinman, M.L.; Hruska, N., 1981:
Daytime sleepiness in depression

Brown R.G.B.; Barker S.P.; Gaskin D.E., 1979:
Daytime surface swarming by meganyctiphanes norvegica crustacea euphausiacea off brier island bay of fundy canada

Endo Y., 1984:
Daytime surface swarming of euphausia pacifica crustacea euphausiacea in the sanriku coastal waters off northeastern japan

Guttentag, D.N.; Albritton, W.L.; Kettner, R.B., 1983:
Daytime television viewing by hospitalized children: the effect of alternative programming

Goode D.J.; Meltzer H.Y.; Fang V.S., 1981:
Daytime variation in serum prolactin levels in patients receiving oral and depot anti psychotic medication

Persinger, M.A., 1976:
Daytime wheel running activity in laboratory rats following geo magnetic event of july 5 6 1974

Junien, J.L.; Brohon, J.; Guillaume, M.; Sterne, J., 1979:
DBM mice as a pharmacological model of maturity onset diabetes. Studies with metformin

Takahashi, K.; Tomita, F., 1983:
Dc 52 a novel anti tumor antibiotic 2. isolation physiochemical characteristics and structure determination

Tomita, F.; Takahashi, K.; Shimizu, K.I., 1983:
Dc 52 quinocarcin a novel anti tumor antibiotic 1. taxonomy fermentation and biological activity

Müller, M.; Fisher, R.P.; Rienhöfer-Schweer, A.; Hoffschulte, H.K., 1987:
DCCD inhibits protein translocation into plasma membrane vesicles from Escherichia coli at two different steps

Grotmol, T.; Buanes, T.; Raeder, M.G., 1987:
Dccd n n' dicyclohexylcarbodiimide inhibits biliary secretion of bicarbonate

Murakami N.; Konishi T., 1988:
Dccd sensitive sodium transport in the membrane vesicles of halobacterium halobium

Eun, H.M.; Yapo, A.; Petit, J.F., 1978:
Dd carboxy peptidase ec activity of membrane fragments of mycobacterium smegmatis enzymatic properties and sensitivity to beta lactam antibiotics

Dusart, J.; Marquet, A.; Ghuysen, J.M.; Frere, J.M.; Moreno, R.; Leyh-Bouille, M.; Johnson, K.; Lucchi, C.; Perkins, H.R.; Nieto, M., 1973:
Dd carboxy peptidase trans peptidase and killing site of beta lactam antibiotics in streptomyces strains r 39 streptomyces strain r 61 and streptomyces strain k 11

Fimreite, N.; Bjerk, J.E.; Kveseth, N.; Brun, E., 1977:
Dde and poly chlorinated bi phenyls in eggs of norwegian sea birds

Wiemeyer S.N.; Porter R.D.; Hensler G.L.; Maestrelli J.R., 1986:
Dde ddt and dieldrin residues in american kestrels falco sparverius and relations to reproduction

Blus L.J., 1984:
Dde in birds eggs comparison of 2 methods for estimating critical levels

Peakall, D.B.; Reynolds, L.M.; French, M.C., 1976:
Dde in eggs of the peregrine falcon

Bend, J.R.; Miller, D.S.; Kinter, W.B.; Peakall, D.B., 1977:
Dde induced microsomal mixed function oxidases in the puffin fratercula arctica

Anderson, W.L.; Duzan, R.E., 1978:
Dde residues and egg shell thinning in loggerhead shrikes

Capen D.E.; Leiker T.J., 1979 :
Dde residues in blood and other tissues of white faced ibis

Fleming, W.J.; Cromartie, E., 1981:
DDE residues in young wood ducks (Aix sponsa) near a former DDT manufacturing plant

Golovenko V.K.; Shchepinskii A.A.; Shevchenko V.A., 1981:
Ddt accumulation and its metabolism in black sea mussels

Fourie F.L.R.; Hattingh J., 1979:
Ddt administration hematological effects observed in the crowned guinea fowl numida meleagris

Kaphalia, B.S.; Seth, T.D., 1981:
DDT and BHC residues in some body tissues of goats, buffalo, and chickens, Lucknow, India

Ramachandran M.; Banerjee B.D.; Gulati M.; Grover A.; Zaidi S.S.A.; Hussain Q.Z., 1984:
Ddt and bhc residues in the body fat and blood samples from some delhi india hospitals

Jadhav G.D.; Shelke S.S., 1986:
Ddt and carbaryl residues in seed cotton and plants

Serat, W.F.; Lee, M.K.; Van-Loon, A.J.; Mengle, D.C.; Ferguson, J.; Burks, J.M.; Bender, T.R., 1977:
Ddt and dde in the blood and diet of eskimo children from hooper bay alaska usa

Novo J.P.S.; D.B.tista G.C.; Lima U.D.A.; Cia E., 1982:
Ddt and endrin residues in cotton seeds oils and meals gossypium hirsutum cultivar iac 17

Tang N., 1987:
Ddt and ethanol potentiation of the hepatotoxicity of carbon tetrachloride

Gabliks, J.; Mclean, S., 1979:
Ddt and inflammatory responses 2. bacterial endo toxin induced pulmonary edema in mice and rats

Macgregor, J.S., 1976:
Ddt and its metabolites in the sediments off southern california usa

Eidmann H.H.; Bergman O.; Henningsson B.; Moller C., 1979:
Ddt and lindane residues on treated conifer seedlings and in soil

Latimer, J.W.; Siegel, H.S., 1977:
DDT and metabolite accumulation in adrenal, liver, and brain of broiler chickens

Helle, E.; Olsson, M.; Jensen, S., 1976:
Ddt and poly chlorinated bi phenyl levels and reproduction in ringed seal from the bothnian bay

Donazzolo R.; Vitturi L.M.; Orio A.A.; Pavoni B., 1983:
Ddt and poly chlorinated bi phenyls in sediments of the venice gulf italy

Lemmetyinen R.; Rantamaki P., 1980:
Ddt and poly chloro bi phenyl residues in the arctic tern sterna paradisaea nesting in the archipelago of southwestern finland

Barquero M.; Thiel R., 1986:
Ddt and polychlorinated biphenyl residues in human milk

Chang C.P.; Plapp F.W.Jr, 1983:
Ddt and pyrethroids receptors binding in relation to knockdown resistance kdr in the house fly musca domestica

Niemi W.D.; Webb G.D., 1980:
Ddt and sodium transport in the eel electrophorus electricus electroplaque

Chang C.P.; Plapp F.W.Jr, 1983:
Ddt and synthetic pyrethroids mode of action selectivity and mechanism of synergism in the tobacco budworm heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae and a predator chrysopa carnea neuroptera chrysopidae

Hidaka H.; Tanabe S.; Tatsukawa R., 1983:
Ddt compounds and poly chlorinated bi phenyl isomers and congeners in weddell seals leptonychotes weddelli and their fate in the antarctic marine ecosystem

Reich A.R.; Perkins J.L.; Cutter G., 1986:
Ddt contamination of a north alabama usa aquatic ecosystem

Clark R.A., 1980:
Ddt contamination of the sacred ibis threskiornis aethiopicus

Basturk O.; Dogan M.; Salihoglu I.; Balkas T.I., 1980:
Ddt dde and poly chlorinated bi phenyl residues in fish crustaceans and sediments from the eastern mediterranean coast of turkey

Smoczynski S.; Amarowicz R.; Wisniewska I.; Segarska Z.; Gainska B., 1987:
Ddt dde ddd and bhc in milk fat from the olsztyn province poland in 1983 1984

Eggers, H.; Berling, R.; Riemer, F.; Grisk, A., 1977:
Ddt ddt metabolites and poly chlorinated bi phenyl content in eggs of the herring gull larus argentatus

Sharma S.K.; Sadasivam K.V.; Dave J.M., 1987:
Ddt degradation by bacteria from activated sludge

Guenzi, W.D.; Beard, W.E., 1976:
Ddt degradation in flooded soil as related to temperature

Addison R.F.; Brodie P.F.; Zinck M.E.; Sergeant D.E., 1984:
Ddt has declined more than polychlorinated biphenyls in eastern canadian seals during the 1970s

Opalinski K.W.; Lukowski A.B., 1979:
Ddt in antarctic sediments

Bradt, P.T.; Herrenkohl, R.C., 1976:
DDT in human milk. What determines the levels?

Smokler P.E.; Young D.R.; Gard K.L., 1979:
Ddt in marine fishes following termination of dominant california usa input 1970 1977

Boileau S.; Baril M.; Alary J.G., 1979:
Ddt in northern pike esox lucius from the richelieu river quebec canada 1974 1975

Peakall, D.B., 1976:
Ddt in rain water in new york following application in the pacific northwest usa

Young, D.R.; Mcdermott, D.J.; Heesen, T.C., 1976:
Ddt in sediments and organisms around southern california usa outfalls

Tripathi A.K., 1982:
Ddt induced neuro secretory activity in odoiporus longicollis

Ghiasuddin S.M.; Matsumura F., 1979:
Ddt inhibition of calcium atpase of the peripheral nerves of the american lobster

Ghiasuddin S.M.; Matsumura F., 1981:
Ddt inhibition of calcium magnesium atpase from peripheral nerves and muscles of lobster homarus americanus

Matuo Y.K.; Lopes J.N.C.; Lopes J.L.C., 1980:
Ddt levels in human milk from ribeirao preto brazil

Woodard, B.T.; Ferguson, B.B.; Wilson, D.J., 1976:
DDT levels in milk of rural indigent blacks

Ware, G.W.; Estesen, B.J.; Buck, N.A.; Cahill, W.P., 1978:
Ddt moratorium in arizona agricultural residues after 7 years

Owen, R.B.J. ; Dimond, J.B.; Getchell, A.S., 1977:
Ddt persistence in northern spodosols

Keil, J.E.; Preister, L.E., 1969:
Ddt pestic uptake and metabolism by a marine diatom cylindrotheca closterium

Gossett R.W.; Puffer H.W.; Arthur R.H.Jr; Young D.R., 1983:
Ddt poly chlorinated bi phenyl and benzo a pyrene levels in white croaker genyonemus lineatus from southern california usa

Omer S.M.; Georghiou G.P.; Irving S.N., 1980:
Ddt pyrethroid resistance interrelationships in anopheles stephensi

Dimond, J.B.; Kadunce, R.E.; Getchell, A.S.; Blease, J.A., 1968:
Ddt residue persistence in red backed salamanders in a natural environment plethodon cinereus choristoneura fumiferana

Shwe, K.A.; Law, A., 1977:
DDT residues in adipose tissue of people in Rangoon area

Arthur, R.D.; Cain, J.D.; Barrentine, B.F., 1977:
DDT residues in air in the Mississippi delta, 1975

Dhaliwal, G.S.; Kalra, R.L., 1978:
DDT residues in butter and infant formula in India, 1977

Yeadon R.; Perfect T.J., 1981:
Ddt residues in crop and soil resulting from application to cowpea vigna unguiculata in the subhumid tropics

Moore, D.G.; Loper, B.R., 1980:
Ddt residues in forest floors and soils of western oregon usa sept. nov. 1966

Dhaliwal, G.S.; Kalra, R.L., 1977:
Ddt residues in milk samples from ludhiana and surrounding areas

Gilbert, W.S.; Singh, G.; Macindoe, R.N., 1976:
Ddt residues in poultry from rice hulls used as poultry litter

Pearce, P.A.; Reynolds, L.M.; Peakall, D.B., 1978:
Ddt residues in rain water in new brunswick and estimate of aerial transport of ddt into the gulf of st lawrence 1967 1968

Agarwal H.C.; Mittal P.K.; Menon K.B.; Pillai M.K.K., 1986:
Ddt residues in the river jamuna in delhi india

Bondareva N.I.; Drobozina V.P.; Alekseev E.V.; Afendi D.T.; Bezverkhaya N.V.; Varenik L.I.; Guz N.P.; Koza R.F.; Mazhaeva L.I.; E.A., 1983:
Ddt resistance in mosquitoes of the anopheles maculipennis complex in the territory of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Kilonzo B.S., 1985:
Ddt resistance in xenopsylla brasiliensis the common plague vector in tanzania

Kerdpibule V.; Sucharit S.; Deesin T., 1981:
Ddt resistant culex quinquefasciatus the effect of ddt on mosquito size fecundity and survival

Rasnitsyn S.P.; Zharova A.N., 1985:
Ddt sensitivity of aedes aegypti mosquitoes invaded by the malaria pathogen

Dikshith, T.S.S., 1978:
Ddt the problems of residue and hazard

Malaspina O.; Stort A.C., 1983:
Ddt tolerance of africanized bees italian bees apis mellifera ligustica and their f 1 hybrids hymenoptera apidae

Manley, G.V.; Butcher, J.W.; Zabik, M., 1976:
Ddt transfer and metabolism in a forest litter macro arthropod food chain

Saxena D.M.; Lal R.; Reddy B.V.P., 1982:
Ddt uptake and metabolism in blepharisma intermedium

Nadal J.; Venero J.L.; Borrell A.; Llorente G.A.; Ruiz X., 1987:
Ddts and pcbs in eggs of 5 bird species originating in calca cuzco peru

Gallander, J.F., 1977:
De acidification of eastern table wines with schizosaccharomyces pombe

Steele J.T.; Kunkee R.E., 1979:
De acidification of high acid california usa wines by calcium double salt precipitation

Snow P.G.; Gallander J.F., 1979:
De acidification of white table wines through partial fermentation with schizosaccharomyces pombe

Yinon U.; Podell M.; Goshen S., 1984:
De afferentation of the visual cortex effect on cortical cells in normal and in early mono ocularly deprived cats

Hillman, K.; Wainio, W.W.; Krausz, L.M., 1975:
De aggregation of mammalian cytochrome c heme undeca peptide

Tanaka S., 1986:
De alation flight muscle histolysis and oocyte development in the striped ground cricket allonemobius fasciatus

Telleria M.T., 1985:
De aphyllophoralibus in hispania provenientibus ordinati commentarii iii

Telleria M.T.; Duenas M., 1986:
De aphyllophoralibus in hispania provenientibus ordinati commentarii iv

Cogan U.; Moshe M.; Mokady S., 1981:
De bittering and nutritional upgrading of enzymic casein hydrolysates

Umetsu H.; Matsuoka H.; Ichishima E., 1983:
De bittering mechanism of bitter peptides from milk casein by wheat carboxy peptidase

Tsen H Y., 1981:
De bittering of grapefruit citrus paradisi juice with immobilized naringinase

Vaks B.; Lifshitz A., 1981:
De bittering of orange juice by bacteria which degrade limonin

Helbig N.B.; H.L.; Christy G.E.; Nakai S., 1980:
De bittering of skim milk hydrolysates by adsorption for incorporation into acidic beverages

Pal R.N.; Chadha K.L., 1982:
De blossoming mangoes with cyclo heximide

Ishizaki, Y.; Taniguchi, H.; Maruyama, Y.; Nakamura, M., 1983:
De branching enzymes of potato tubers solanum tuberosum 1. purification and some properties of potato iso amylase ec

Williams, M.D.; Fox, J.L., 1976:
de Broglie waves in amoeboid motility

Kobayashi T.; Yanagimoto M., 1981:
De carapace treatment of antarctic krill euphausia superba by water jet

Yanagimoto M.; Kobayashi T.; Shiba M., 1982:
De carapace treatment of antarctic krills euphausia superba by turbulence

Ogura A., 1981:
De ciliation and re ciliation in paramecium after treatment with ethanol

Signer, S.F.; Cummings, J.L., 1987:
De clerambault's syndrome in organic affective disorder two cases

Ugrinovits M., 1980:
De coloration with poly vinyl pyrrolidone in food analysis

Livernoche D.; Jurasek L.; Desrochers M.; Veliky I.A., 1981:
De colorization of a kraft mill effluent with fungal coriolus versicolor mycelium immobilized in calcium alginate gel

Goldman M.; Horev B.; Saguy I., 1983:
De colorization of beta carotene in model systems simulating dehydrated foods mechanism and kinetic principles

Takeda N.; Yamaguchi K.; Hashimoto K., 1980:
De colorization of dark muscle of mackerel pneumatophorus japonicus japonicus and sardine sardinops melanosticta

Royer G.; Livernoche D.; Desrochers M.; Jurasek L.; Rouleau D.; Mayer R.C., 1983:
De colorization of kraft mill effluent kinetics of a continuous process using immobilized coriolus versicolor

Mittal A.K.; Mehrotra I., 1981:
De colorization of pulp and paper mill wastes using alum and clay

Murphy G.L.; Spaulding J.D.; Noakes J.E., 1980:
De commissioning of a luminous dial painting facility

Gall, W.E.; Ohsumi, Y., 1976:
De condensation of sperm nuclei in vitro

Lapshin E.N.; Dobretsov G.E.; Klebanov G.I.; Vladimirov Y.A., 1983:
De condensing effect of cholesterol on bi layers of the total egg phospho lipids/

Tronchet J.M.J.; Gentile B.; Nguyen Xuan T., 1979:
De conjugation of sugars enones preliminary communication

Rakhmanin Y.A.; Talaeva Y.G.; Nikitina Y.N., 1982:
De contaminating effect of various methods of sea water de salinization during its chemical pollution

Ferreira J.; Raghu K., 1981:
De contamination of bhc isomers in soil by green manure application

Sanchez A.; Perez E.M., 1983:
De contamination of llc mk 2 cell line infected by mycoplasma

Wood, F.H.; Foot, M.A., 1977:
De contamination of potato tubers grown in soil infested with potato cyst nematodes

Pearson D.E.; Laher T.M.; Campagna S., 1981:
De contamination of sodium cyanide

Chantefort, A.; Huet, M., 1977:
De contamination of the air by electrostatic filtration

Pullin, T.G.; Pinkerton, M.N.; Johnston, R.V.; Kilian, D.J., 1978:
De contamination of the skin of swine following phenol exposure a comparison of the relative efficacy of water vs poly ethylene glycol industrial methylated spirits

Prickler H.; Przyborowski R., 1983:
De contamination of the tank and piping of dental turbines with the preparation trosilin fluessig kombi

Efremenko T.S.; Yakovleva V.A., 1981:
De contamination of waste products of potato processing industries from synchytrium endobioticum

D.F.ancisco A.; Shepherd A.D.; Hoseney R.C.; Varriano Marston E., 1982:
De corticating pearl millet pennisetum americanum and grain sorghum sorghum bicolor in a laboratory abrasive mill

Dahl G.; Isenberg G., 1980:
De coupling of heart muscle cells correlation with increased cytoplasmic calcium activity and changes of nexus ultrastructure

Grechishkin L.L.; Krasnova E.I.; Indenbom M.L., 1979:
De curarization of the myo relaxant and its antagonist molecules by means of cation anionic interaction

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De forestation and its consequences

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De forestation in india

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De forestation in the brazilian amazon how fast is it occurring?

Fearnside P.M., 1982:
De forestation in the brazilian amazon region with what intensity is it occurring?

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De glaciation and marine paleo climates schuchert dal scoresby sund east greenland

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De granulation of dermal mast cells effects of fixation and of antidromic nervous impulses on 2 histochemically identified cell types

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De granulation of endothelial specific granules of the frog rana catesbeiana aorta after treatment with compound 48 80

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De granulation of rat mesentery mast cells by anti histamines influence of ionization

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De greening of waxed citrus fruit with ethephon and temperature

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De gumming of soybean oil quantitative analysis of phospho lipids in crude and de gummed oil

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De Gustibus Non Est Disputandem: A Spiral Center for Taste in the Brain of the Teleost Fish, Heterotis niloticus

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De hardening in flower buds of saskatoon berry amelanchier alnifolia in relation to temperature moisture content and spring bud development

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De hulling cereal grains and grain legumes for developing countries part 2 chemical composition of mechanically and traditionally de hulled sorghum and millet

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De humidified air from sorbent beds for aeration of food grains

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De mineralization of whey according to the swedish dairies association method

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De myelination of sternarchus albifrons electrocyte fibers by injection of diphtheria toxin

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De myelination poly neuropathy associated with mono clonal immuno globulin m para proteinemia histological ultrastructural and immuno cytochemical studies

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De myelination produced by experimental allergic neuritis serum and anti galacto cerebroside anti serum in central nervous system cultures an ultrastructural study

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De myelination with calcium deposits and microcephaly cockayne syndrome

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De myelinative chiasmal lesions

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De n alpha 1 acetyl alpha melanotropin a synthetic substrate for specific amino terminal directed enzymatic acetylation

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De nervated changes in muscle fibers and motor end plates

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De nervated end plates have a dual population of junctional acetyl choline receptors

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De nervated frog skeletal muscle calcium content and kinetics of exchange

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De nervated melanophores of the dark chub zacco temmincki method of de nervation and the evaluation of preparations for physiological experiments

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De nervated muscle rate of propagation and effects of manganese ions and glycerol on the fibrillatory activity of frog rana pipiens semitendinosus

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De nervation accelerates the degradation of junctional acetyl choline receptors

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De nervation activity in the electro myogram of patients with upper motor neuron lesions time course local distribution and pathogenetic aspects

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De nervation alterations in surface membrane glyco protein glycosyl transferases of mammalian skeletal muscle

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De nervation and di aza cholesterol myotonia a study of the isometric twitch of the rat

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De nervation and the time course of resting membrane potential changes in skeletal muscle in vivo

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De nervation due to lesions of the central nervous system an electro myographic study in cases of cerebral contusion and cerebro vascular accidents

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De nervation effects on limb regeneration in post metamorphic xenopus laevis

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De nervation effects on newt limb regeneration collagen and collagenase

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De nervation hyper sensitivity to centrally administered noradrenaline resulting from intra ventricular administration of 6 hydroxy dopamine with special reference to the pituitary adreno cortical response and its dependence on the basal level of cortico sterone in the rat

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De nervation in the canine pectineus muscle quantitative electro myographic analysis of its time course

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De nervation in the dopaminergic meso limbic system functional changes followed using levo n n propyl norapomorphine depend on the basal activity levels of rats

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De nervation in the primary olfactory pathway of mice part 3 effect on enzymes of carnosine metabolism

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De nervation in the primary olfactory pathway of mice part 4 biochemical and morphological evidence for neuronal replacement following nerve section

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De nervation induced changes in alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic receptors of the rat submandibular gland

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De nervation induced changes in electro physiologic parameters of the smooth muscle of the guinea pig and rat vas deferens

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De nervation of cat fast and slow skeletal muscles effect on ouabain binding

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De nervation of the primary olfactory pathway in mice part 5 long term effect of intra nasal zinc sulfate irrigation on behavior biochemistry and morphology

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De nervation of the syrinx and the structure of radiated sounds in non passeriformes

Zvonov B.M.; Tikhonov A.V., 1982:
De nervation of the syrinx and the structure of the radiated sounds in passeriformes

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De nervation produces super sensitivity of a serotoninergically innervated structure

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De nervation reduces extractable methionine enkephalin like immuno reactivity in guinea pig lips

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De nervation sequence of neuro muscular degenerative changes in rats and the effect of stimulation

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De nervation super sensitivity and muscarinic receptors in the cat iris

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De nervation super sensitivity of the urethra in patients with chronic neurogenic bladders

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De nervation super sensitivity to 5 hydroxy tryptophan in rats following spinal transection and 5 7 di hydroxy tryptamine injection

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De nervation super sensitivity to serotonin in the facial nucleus

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De nitrification in a salt marsh ecosystem

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De nitrification in several alberta canada soils inhibition by sulfur anions

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De nitrification in waterlogged soils in situ temperature dependent variations

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De nitrification measurements in intact soil cores

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De nitrification nitrogen fixation and nitrification in continuous flow laboratory soil columns

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De novo activation of the transposable element tam 2 of antirrhinum majus

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De novo analysis of data obtained in binding of isatin derivatives to human serum albumin

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De novo and maintenance DNA methylation by a mouse plasmacytoma cell DNA methyltransferase

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De novo appearance of keyhole limpet hemo cyanin transfer factor following immunization

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De novo appearance of the philadelphia chromosome in a previously monosomic bone marrow 45 xx minus 6 conversion of a myelo proliferative disorder to acute myelogenous leukemia

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De novo balanced reciprocal translocation 46 xy translocation 6 8 q 13 q 22

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De novo biosynthesis of dna polymerase during wheat embryo germination

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De novo biosynthesis of secondary metabolism enzymes in homogeneous cultures of Penicillium urticae

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De novo carcinoma of the rectum: a case report

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De novo centrioles originate at sites associated with annulate lamellae in sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus eggs

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De novo cholesterol synthesis in 3 different animal models of diabetes

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De novo complex chromosomal rearrangement in a phenotypically abnormal girl

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De novo deletion 4 p 15.32 with incomplete expression of the wolf hirschhorn syndrome

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De novo deletion 6q25 associated with macular degeneration

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De novo deletion 7pter p21.2 p 15.2 qter and craniosynostosis implications for critical segment assignment in the 7p2 monosomy syndrome

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De novo deletion in a mentally retarded boy

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De novo disseminated intra vascular coagulation in angio immuno blastic lymph adenopathy

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De novo end to end translocation between 2 chromosomes 18 46 xy ter rea 18.18 p ter p ter

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De novo expression of a type IV collagen gene in Drosophila embryos is restricted to mesodermal derivatives and occurs at germ band shortening

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De novo focal glomerular sclerosis in preeclampsia

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De novo formation of immune complexes in human kidney allografts

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De novo gene duplication vs reactivation of cryptic genes in escherichia coli k 12

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De novo guanylate synthesis in the commitment to replication in hepatoma 3924A cells

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De novo hemolytic uremic syndrome in renal transplant recipients immunosuppressed with cyclosporine

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De novo interstitial deletion 46 xx deletion 2 q14q21 and premature craniosynostosis

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De novo interstitial deletion of the long arm of chromosome 7 46 xy deletion 7 q23 q32

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De novo intrarenal formation of angiotensin II during control and enhanced renin secretion

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De novo inversion deletion 4 in an infant with the wolf hirschhorn syndrome

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De novo malignant tumors in renal transplant recipients

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De novo membranous nephropathy in human renal allo grafts report of 9 patients

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De novo mutation like events observed at the 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase locus of the japanese quail and the principle of polymorphism breeding more polymorphism

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De novo mutations producing hemo globins or hemo globin m 1. establishment of a depository and use of data to test for an association of de novo mutation with advanced parental age

Stamatoyannopoulos, G.; Nute, P.E., 1982:
De novo mutations producing unstable hemo globin or hemo globin m 2. direct estimates of minimum nucleotide mutation rates in man

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De novo neuromuscular junction formation on human muscle fibers cultured in monolayer and innervated by fetal rat spinal cord ultrastructural and ultrastructural cytochemical studies

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De novo paracentric inversion in a microcephalic boy 46 xy inversion 14q13 q24

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De novo partial duplication of 17p 17p12 p11.2 clinical report

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De novo purine biosynthesis by 2 pathways in burkitt lymphoma cells and in human spleen

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De novo purine biosynthesis in intact cells of cucurbita pepo cultivar early prolific straightneck

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De novo purine synthesis in nitrogen fixing nodules of cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar caloona and soybean glycine max cultivar bragg

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De novo pyrimidine biosynthesis in isolated rat hepatocytes. Quantitative aspects of the regulation by UTP

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De novo reciprocal translocation 6 14q27 q13.3 in a child with infantile spasms

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De novo replication and repair replication of dna during di ethyl nitrosamine induced carcinogenesis

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De novo saccular aneurysms

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De novo simultaneous reciprocal translocation and deletion

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De novo sterologenesis in intact primates

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De novo sterologenesis in the skin 2. regulation by cutaneous barrier requirements

Maclean D.D.; Lewis S.F., 1984:
De novo synthesis and axoplasmic transport of sulfur 35 labeled methionine substance p in explants of nodose ganglion vagus nerve

Kayser H., 1984:
De novo synthesis and levels of cytochrome c and a biliprotein during pupal adult development of a butterfly pieris brassicae

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De novo synthesis and specific assembly of keratin filaments in nonepithelial cells after micro injection of messenger rna for epidermal keratin

Archard, L.C., 1978:
De novo synthesis of 2 classes of dna induced by vaccinia virus infection of hela cells

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De novo synthesis of 3 ribo nucleotidase ec in germinating rice embryos

Zhu, Z.P.; Marsh, L.; Marcus, A., 1983:
De novo synthesis of 3' nucleotidase in germinating wheat triticum aestivum embryo

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De novo synthesis of a polymer of deoxy adenylate and deoxy thymidylate by calf thymus dna polymerase a ec

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De novo synthesis of acetyl cholin esterase in roots of pisum sativum

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De novo synthesis of adenine nucleotides in different skeletal muscle fiber types

Haggblom P., 1987:
De novo synthesis of alternariol in conidia of alternaria alternata

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De novo synthesis of brush border membrane enzymes during intestinal perfusion with bile salt in the rat

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De novo synthesis of carbohydrates 14. preparation of 4 aminolyxose derivatives x ray molecular structure of ethyl 6 ethoxycarbonylamino 8 hydroxymethyl 3 3 dimethyl 2 4 dioxa 7 azabicyclo 3.3.0. octane 7 carboxylate

Maier, M.; Schmidt, R.R., 1985:
De novo synthesis of carbohydrates and related natural products 18. hetero diels alder reactions for the synthesis of 3 4 dihydro 2h pyrans

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De novo synthesis of carbohydrates and related natural products 22. synthesis of d digitoxose from mesodivinylglycol

Kuefner, U.; Schmidt, R.R., 1986:
De novo synthesis of carbohydrates and related natural products 23. synthesis of 2 deoxy dl ribohexose and 6 deoxy dl talose from mesodivinylglycols

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De novo synthesis of carbohydrates and related natural products 29. synthesis of partially protected carbohydrates from meso divinylglycol

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De novo synthesis of chlorophyll in the germinating seedlings of dolichos lablab l

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De novo synthesis of cholesterol by the human fetal adrenal gland

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De novo synthesis of d alanine in germinating pisum sativum seedlings

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De novo synthesis of glutathione in human fibroblasts during in vitro aging and in some metabolic diseases as measured by a flow cytometric method

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De novo synthesis of myosin in a cell free system

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De novo synthesis of neuron specific enolase ec in a rabbit reticulocyte translation system programmed by poly adenylic acid rna from rat brain

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De novo synthesis of peroxidase isozymes of soybean cultivar clark 63 infected with the root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita

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De novo synthesis of potato spindle tuber viroid as measured by incorporation of phosphorus 32

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De novo synthesis of progesterone receptor in the fetal uterus of guinea pig in organ culture and its control by progestins and tri phenyl ethylene anti estrogens

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De novo synthesis of purine nucleotides in human blood platelets

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De novo synthesis of rnase and beta 1 3 glucanase by aleurone cells of barley m

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De novo synthesis of veratryl alcohol by coriolus versicolor

Yunis, E.; Egel, H.; Zuniga, R.; Ramirez, E.; De-Caballero, O.M.T.; Leibovici, M., 1977:
De novo trisomy 1q 32 to 1q ter and monosomy 3p 25 to 3p ter

Andre, M.J.; Aurias, A.; De-Berranger, P.; Gillot, F.; Lefranc, G.; Lejeune, J., 1976:
De novo trisomy 4p due to iso chromosome 4p formation

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De novo trisomy 4p ter to q 21

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De obstructive sodium and water diuresis patho physiologic and clinical aspects of bilateral obstructive nephropathy

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De personalization in response to life threatening danger

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De personalization symptoms meaning therapy

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De phosphorylation of glycogen synthase in rat heart extracts by escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase use of an exogenous phosphatase to study substrate mediated regulation of de phosphorylation

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De pigmentation due to p tert butyl catechol

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De pigmentation from 4 tertiary butyl catechol an experimental study

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De pigmentation of meadow fescue seedlings under the effect of high temperature

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De pigmented haloes associated with the involution of flat warts

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De pigmented iris sector in tuberous sclerosis

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De pigmenting erythema multiforme a clinical and histo pathological study

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De polarization and hyper polarization to catecholamines of identified pond snail lymnaea stagnalis neurons

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De polarization dependent protein phosphorylation in rat cortical synaptosomes effects of calcium strontium and barium

Robinson P.J.; Dunkley P.R., 1983:
De polarization dependent protein phosphorylation in rat cortical synaptosomes factors determining the magnitude of the response

Robinson P.J.; Jarvie P.E.; Dunkley P.R., 1984:
De polarization dependent protein phosphorylation in rat cortical synaptosomes is inhibited by fluphenazine at a step after calcium entry

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De polarization evoked accumulation of cyclic amp in brain slices the requisite intermediate adenosine is not derived from hydrolysis of release atp

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De polarization increases the susceptibility of toad bladder sodium transport to inhibition by ouabain

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De polarization induced and ionophore induced release of octacosa somatostatin from stalk median eminence synaptosomes

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De polarization induced calcium release from sarcoplasmic reticulum fragments part 1 release of calcium taken up upon using atp

Kasai, M.; Miyamoto, H., 1976:
De polarization induced calcium release from sarcoplasmic reticulum fragments part 2 release of calcium incorporated without atp

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De polarization induced calcium uptake vesicles in a highly enriched sarcolemma preparation from canine ventricle

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De polarization induced decreases in fluorescence intensity of gastro intestinal quinacrine binding nerves

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De polarization induced increase in synaptosomal membrane calcium monitored by chlortetracycline fluorescence

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De polarization induced release of folates from slices of rat cerebellum

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De polarization induced release of tritium labeled histamine by high potassium concentrations electrical stimulation and veratrine from rat brain slices after incubation with the radio labeled amine

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De polarization of cell membranes in leaves of lycopersicon by extract containing riccas factor

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De polarization of cultured rat astrocytes by glutamate and aspartate

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De polarization of different afferent terminals of the lumbar section of the spinal cord during fictitious scratching

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De polarization of mouse fore brain minces with veratridine and high potassium failure to stimulate the calcium independent spontaneous release of acetyl choline from the cytoplasm due to hydrolysis of the acetyl choline stored there

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De polarization of primary afferents induced by gamma amino butyric acid introduced into the central canal of the cat spinal cord

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De polarization of the electrogenic trans membrane electro potential of zea mays by bipolaris maydis helminthosporium race t toxin azide cyanide dodecyl succinic acid or cold temperature

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De polarization of the plasma membrane of neurospora crassa during active transport of glucose evidence for a proton dependent co transport system

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De polarization of trans membrane potential of corn and wheat coleoptiles under reduced water potential and after iaa application

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De polarizations produced by a large molecule derivative of p chloromercuri benzoate in the frog rana catesbeiana crystalline lens

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De polarized light scattering studies of bi layer structures in phospho lipid vesicles

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De polarizing action of gamma amino butyric acid on myelinated fibers of peripheral nerves

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De polarizing action of red tide dinoflagellate breve toxin on axonal membranes

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De polarizing inhibitory postsynaptic potentials and de polarization by gamma amino butyric acid of rat neo striatum cells in vitro

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De polarizing media increase the cyclic gmp content of bovine superior cervical ganglion

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De poly ploidization of chinese silkworm tetra ploids

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De polymerization of actin by specific proteins from plasma and brain a quantitative assay

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De polymerization of f actin by dnase i

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De population of rural districts and mental health the sassim italy study

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De rancidification of milk by adsorption

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De regulation of mouse antibody forming cells by streptococcal pyrogenic exo toxin 3. modification of t cell dependent plaque forming cell responses of mouse immunocytes is a common property of highly purified and of crude preparations of streptococcal pyrogenic exo toxin

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De regulation of mouse antibody forming cells by streptococcal pyrogenic exo toxin part 2 modification of spleen thymus derived cell complemented nude mouse plaque forming cell responses

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De repressed allo antigen on trans placentally induced lung tumor coded for by h 2 linked gene

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De repressed levels of glutamate synthase and glutamine synthetase in escherichia coli mutants altered in glutamyl transfer rna synthetase

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De repressed levels of the iso leucine valine and leucine enzymes in his t 1504 a strain of salmonella typhimurium with altered leucine transfer rna

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De repressed pkmr plasmids in wild strains of shigella

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De repressed syntheses of sporulation marker enzymes in a bacillus sp mutant

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De repressed synthesis of cellulase by cellulomonas sp

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De repression and repression of lysine sensitive asparto kinase ec during in vitro culture of carrot root tissue

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De repression and repression of the histidine operon role of the feedback site of the 1st enzyme

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De repression in saccharomyces cerevisiae can be dissociated from cellular proliferation and dna synthesis

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De repression of alkaline phosphatase in hfr of escherichia coli during conjugation

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De repression of amino acid hydrogen co transport in developing soybean glycine max cultivar chippewa 64 embryos

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De repression of atp sulfurylase ec by the sulfate analogs molybdate and selenate in cultured tobacco cells

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De repression of certain aromatic amino acid biosynthetic enzymes of escherichia coli strain k 12 by growth in ferric ion deficient medium

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De repression of genes on the human inactive x chromosome evidence for differences in locus specific rates of de repression and rates of transfer of active and inactive genes after dna mediated transformation

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De repression of glyoxylate cycle enzyme activities in anise pimpinella anisum suspension culture cells

Friedrich C.G., 1982:
De repression of hydrogenase during limitation of electron donors and de repression of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase during carbon limitation of alcaligenes eutrophus

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De repression of nitrate reductase in the presence of excess ammonium in a uni cellular alga growing under conditions of phosphate limitation

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De repression of nitrogenase in chemostat cultures of the fast growing rhizobium leguminosarum

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De repression of synthesis of the aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases for the branched chain amino acids of escherichia coli

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De repression of the glutamine synthetase ec in neuro blastoma cells at low concentrations of glutamine

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De repression of the synthesis of d ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec from rhodospirillum rubrum

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De repression of valine sensitive aceto hydroxy acid synthase ec by threonine alpha keto butyrate or iso leucine in escherichia coli k 12

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De repression with decreased expression of the glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase locus on the inactive x chromosome in normal human cells

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De repressive formation of l leucine pyruvate trans aminase under nitrogen free conditions in gluconobacter suboxydans

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De salinization of soils of low rice checks under the effect of closed drainage

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De salinization of takyr aggregated by the hydroxyl containing water soluble polymers

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De salivation and saline ingestion in rats

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De salting of nucleotides by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

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De saturating blue increases only chromatic brightness

Gero A., 1983:
De sensitization 2 state receptors and pharmacological parameters

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De sensitization and deactivation of the secretory responsiveness of rabbit neutrophils induced by the chemo tactic peptide formyl methionylleucylphenyl alanine

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De sensitization and potentiation during glutamate application to locust skeletal muscle

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De sensitization as a means of preventing untoward reactions to ionic contrast media

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De sensitization at the frog rana esculenta neuro muscular junction a biphasic process

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De sensitization in human and rabbit blood platelets

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De sensitization in vitro the role of t suppressor cells t suppressor factor and t acceptor cells in the inhibition of the passive transfer of contact sensitivity to picryl chloride by exposure to antigen in vitro

Anderson, L.T., 1977:
De sensitization in vivo for men unable to urinate in a public facility

Nadler J.V., 1981:
De sensitization like changes in gamma amino butyric acid receptor binding of rat fascia dentata after entorhinal lesion

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De sensitization of adenylate cyclase ec to prostaglandin e 1 or 2 chloro adenosine

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De sensitization of beta 2 adrenergic receptors and acth release

Reisine T.; Heisler S., 1983:
De sensitization of beta adrenergic receptors linked to acth secretion

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De sensitization of beta adrenergic responsiveness in vivo decreased coupling between receptors and adenylate cyclase in isolated brown fat cells

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De sensitization of beta receptor mediated cyclic amp response of culture fibroblasts by partial agonists

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De sensitization of bull frog rana catesbeiana atrium muscle to the muscarinic action of acetyl choline on its action potential

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De sensitization of chick embryo ventricle to the physiological and biochemical effects of isoproterenol evidence for uncoupling of the beta receptor adenylate cyclase complex

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De sensitization of contact allergy to di nitrofluoro benzene in mice 1. description of a model system

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De sensitization of cultured muscle cells to isoproterenol

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De sensitization of effective anti tumor immunity in guinea pigs

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De sensitization of fsh responsive adenylate cyclase in cultured immature sertoli cells by homologous hormone

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De sensitization of gamma amino butyric acid receptors in muscle fibers of the crab cancer borealis

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De sensitization of isolated human bronchial smooth muscle to beta receptor agonists

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De sensitization of isolated rat myometrium with respect to biologically active substances

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De sensitization of kitten atria to chronotropic inotropic and adenylate cyclase ec stimulating effects of levo isoprenaline

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De sensitization of normal rat kidney cells to adenosine

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De sensitization of ornithine decarboxylase ec activity to norepinephrine in the testis of rat

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De sensitization of primary cultures of adult rat liver parenchymal cells to stimulation of cyclic amp production by glucagon and epinephrine

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De sensitization of rat anterior pituitary gland to trh

Wynford Thomas D.; Stringer B.M.J.; Williams E.D., 1982:
De sensitization of rat thyroid to the growth stimulating action of tsh during prolonged goitrogen administration persistence of refractoriness following withdrawal of stimulation

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De sensitization of the beta adrenergic receptor adenylate cyclase complex in rabbit iris ciliary body induced by topical epinephrine

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De sensitization of the beta adrenergic receptor on leukocytes after long term oral use of a beta sympathicomimetic its effect on the beta adrenergic blockade hypothesis of szentivanyi

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De sensitization of the beta adrenoceptor adenylate cyclase system of immature erythrocytes by in vivo treatment of rats with isoprenaline

Schumacher M.; Braendle W.; Schwarz M., 1984:
De sensitization of the cyclic amp system in mouse leydig cells by human chorionic gonadotropin cholera toxin di butyryl cyclic amp and cyclic amp localization of lesions to the guanine nucleotide regulatory protein adenylate cyclase complex

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De sensitization of the cyclic amp system in rat corpora lutea comparison between the effects of human chorionic gonadotropin and luteinizing hormone

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De sensitization of the d 2 dopamine receptor and the beta 2 adrenoceptor in the intermediate lobe of the rat pituitary gland

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De sensitization of the human neutrophil de granulation response studies with 5 12 di hydroxy 6 8 10 14 eicosatetraenoic acid

Tokimasa T.; Hasuo H.; Koketsu K., 1981:
De sensitization of the muscarinic acetyl choline receptor of atrium in bull frogs rana catesbeiana

Hasuo H.; Tokimasa T.; Koketsu K., 1982:
De sensitization of the muscarinic receptor controlling action potential of bull frog rana catesbeiana atrial muscles

Akasu T.; Koketsu K., 1980:
De sensitization of the muscarinic receptor controlling action potentials of sympathetic ganglion cells in bull frog rana catesbeiana

Tokimasa T.; Hasuo H.; Koketsu K., 1980:
De sensitization of the muscarinic receptor of bull frog rana catesbeiana atrial muscle

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De sensitization of tumor leydig cells by lutropin evidence for uncoupling of the lutropin receptor from the guanine nucleotide binding protein

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De sensitization part 2 passive transfer of the de sensitized state by serum from de sensitized animals

Singh, R., 1976:
De sensitization procedure employing external inhibition

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De sensitization procedures in the treatment of childhood disorders

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De sensitization to atp magnesium inhibition of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase by heat treatment of microsomes

Sarne, Y., 1976:
De sensitization to gamma amino butyric acid in crustacean muscle fibers

Sato H.; Ohuchi K.; Tsurufuji S., 1980:
De sensitization to locally injected prostaglandin f 2 alpha as reflected in the vascular permeability and collagen and noncollagenous protein synthesis of carrageenan induced granulation tissue in rats

Yamamoto, T.; Tonomura, Y., 1982:
De sensitization to magnesium of the phospho enzyme in sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase ec by the addition of a nonionic detergent and the restoration of sensitivity after its removal

Boksa P.; Livett B.G., 1984:
De sensitization to nicotinic cholinergic agonists and potassium agents that stimulate catecholamine secretion in isolated adrenal chromaffin cells

Tamayo J.; Bellorin Font E.; Sicard G.; Anderson C.; Martin K.J., 1982:
De sensitization to parathyroid hormone in the isolated perfused canine kidney reversal of altered receptor adenylate cyclase system by gtp in vitro

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De sensitization without hierarchical presentation and concomitant relaxation

Metz K., 1980:
De socio centering a neo piagetian model of the process of de centering in the intergroup context

Moulton K.J.; Mustakas G.C.; Baker E.C., 1981:
De solventizing toasting of extracted soybean flakes development of pilot plant equipment and operational procedure

Chao A.C.; Keinath T.M., 1982:
De stabilization of biological solids with iron iii chloride

Johnsen, O.; Eliasson, R., 1978:
De stabilization of human sperm membranes by albumin edta and histidine

Hubble J.; Mann P., 1984:
De stabilization of microbial rennet

Henderson Sellers B., 1981:
De stratification and re aeration as tools for in lake management

Grigoryan D.A.; Vartanyan L.K., 1982:
De strobilation of proteocephalus neglectus a parasite of lake sevan armenian ssr ussr trout and the reasons provoking it

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De synchronization and rate of cell divisions in chimeric loach embryos of different age

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De synchronization of electrical activity in rats induced by deprenyl an inhibitor of mono amine oxidase b and relationship with selective increase of dopamine and beta phenethylamine

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De synchronization of the oral temperature circadian rhythm in young subjects with poor tolerance for night work

Zamboni G.; Perez E.; Calasso M.; Cianci T.; Parmeggiani P.L., 1980:
De synchronized sleep recovery and preoptic temperature in the cat A.P.M.; Mundstock C.M., 1979:
De tasseling effects on maize zea mays grain yield

Ogier H.; Lombes A.; Scholte H.R.; Poll The B.T.; Fardeau M.; Alcardi J.; Vignes B.; Niaudet P.; Saudubray J.M., 1988:
De toni fanconi debre syndrome with leigh syndrome revealing severe muscle cytochrome c oxidase deficiency

Morimoto, Y.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Sugibayashi, K., 1982:
De toxication capacity of a multiple water oil water emulsion for the treatment of drug over dose 2. de toxication of quinine sulfate with the emulsion in the gastro intestinal tract of rabbits

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De toxication dynamics of caragard and its metabolites and their effect on the qualitative indices of grapevines

Chio H.; Metcalf R.L., 1979:
De toxication mechanisms for aldrin carbofuran fonofos phorate and terbufos in 4 species of diabroticites

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De toxication methods for bromureide poisoning comparison of hemo dialysis hemo filtration and hemo perfusion on bastard dogs

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De toxication of 2 4 d in winter wheat plants with different additional doses of nitrogen fertilizer and chloro choline chloride

Arziani B.A.; Ugrekhelidze D.Sh; Mitaishvili T.I., 1983:
De toxication of 2 4 di nitro phenol in plants

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De toxication of metals by marine bivalves an ultrastructural study of the compartmentation of copper and zinc in the oyster ostrea edulis

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De toxication of some naturally occurring phenolics by prairie voles a rapid assay of glucuronidation metabolism

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De toxication of the body in cirrhosis of the liver

Annis H.M.; Liban C.B., 1980:
De toxication of the female alcoholic a follow up study

Das, B.; Singh, P.K., 1977:
De toxication of the pesticide bhc by blue green algae

Stahl E.; Gerard D., 1983:
De toxication of wormwood artemisia absinthium by high pressure extraction with carbon di oxide

Chapman, G.; Dunlop, S., 1981:
De toxication of zinc and cadmium by the fresh water protozoan tetrahymena pyriformis 1. the effect of water hardness

Dunlop, S.; Chapman, G., 1981:
De toxication of zinc and cadmium by the fresh water protozoan tetrahymena pyriformis 2. growth experiments and ultrastructural studies on sequestration of heavy metals

Bambauer R.; Jutzler G.A.; Stolz D.; Doenecke P., 1982:
De toxication using a technically simplified plasma filtration system

Daghir N.J.; Zaatari I.M., 1983:
De toxification and protein quality of buffalo gourd meal cucurbita foetidissima for growing chickens

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De toxification from methadone maintenance double blind comparison of 2 methods

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De toxification from methadone maintenance in a family oriented program

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De toxification in rat of compounds formed during thermo polymerization of linseed oil 2. effects of discontinuous administration of heated fat on urinary glucuronide excretion liver weight and cyclic monomer tissue contents

Manabe, M.; Minamisawa, M.; Matsuura, S., 1978:
De toxification of afla toxin and sterilization of myco toxin producing fungi in peanut meal using ammonia gas on laboratory scale

Bose, P.K., 1977:
De toxification of argemone mexicana oil

Jensen, K.I.N.; Stephenson, G.R.; Hunt, L.A., 1977:
De toxification of atrazine in 3 gramineae subfamilies

Mueller, J.C.; Walden, C.C., 1976:
De toxification of bleached kraft mill effluents

Madugawu E.N.; Umoh I.B., 1982:
De toxification of cassava manihot esculenta leaves by simple traditional methods

Roberts M.H.Jr, 1980:
De toxification of chlorinated sewage effluent by dechlorination in estuarine waters

Grandgirard, A., 1978 :
De toxification of compounds formed in rat during thermo polymerization of linseed oil part 1 evolution of free or conjugated glucuronic acid urinary excretion