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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5096

Chapter 5096 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sugawara, C.; Sugawara, N.; Kiyosawa, H.; Miyake, H., 1988:
Decrease of serum triglyceride in normal rat fed with 2000 ppm aluminum diet for 67 days. II. Feeding young and adult rats a sucrose diet with addition of aluminum hydroxide and aluminum potassium sulfate

Christoffersson, J.O.; Ahlgren, L.; Schütz, A.; Skerfving, S.; Mattsson, S., 1986:
Decrease of skeletal lead levels in man after end of occupational exposure

Johansson S.R.M.; Andersson R.G.G., 1981:
Decrease of some metabolic and physiologic effects of diazoxide by propranolol in rat

Barnikol W.K.R.; Burkhard O., 1982:
Decrease of specific buffer capacity with increasing hemo globin concentration further indication for inter tetramer interactions

Zatsepina L.N., 1983:
Decrease of specific surface in a soil sample during freezing thawing

Fjällbrant, B.; Nilsson, S., 1977:
Decrease of sperm antibody titer in males, and conception after treatment of chronic prostatitis

Chung C.Y.; Kang M S., 1987:
Decrease of surface fibronectin availability required for myoblast adhesion by tunicamycin

Crisan M., 1980:
Decrease of t lymphocytes in mammary cancer

Bizzarro, A.; De-Bellis, A.; Daponte, A.; Gallo, R.; Piemonte, F.; Russo, N., 1987:
Decrease of tac positive lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of pregnant patients with graves' disease

Verdiere, M.; Derer, M.; Poullet, M., 1984:
Decrease of tailed asymmetric 16s acetylcholinesterase ec in rat superior cervical ganglion neurons in vitro after potassium depolarization partial antagonist action of a calcium channel blocker

Presta M.; Aletti M.G.; Ragnotti G., 1980:
Decrease of the activity of the mixed function oxidase system in regenerating rat liver an alternative explanation

Szanto C.; Ionescu M., 1980:
Decrease of the auditory threshold on exposure to noise in mines

Traba, M.L.; Climent, P.; Rapado, A.; De-La-Piedra, C.; Diaz-Curiel, M., 1986:
Decrease of the calcium intestinal absorption coefficient with normal serum 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d levels and decreased 24 25 dihydroxyvitamin d in paget's bone disease

Vialettes B.; Lassmann V.; Vague P., 1983:
Decrease of the complement c 3 in early onset insulin dependent diabetes

Tate, S.S.; Sweet, R.; Mcdowell, F.H.; Meister, A., 1971:
Decrease of the dopa decarboxylase ec activities in human erythrocytes and mouse tissues after administration of dopa

Louvel J.; Heinemann U., 1980:
Decrease of the extracellular concentration of calcium ions during focal epileptic seizures induced by enantho toxin in cat cortex

Katranushkova Kh; Tsvetkova B.; Loseva L., 1983:
Decrease of the formaldehyde quantity in wood hydrolysates after aeration

Auclair M C.; Carli A.; Lechat P., 1982:
Decrease of the hypertensive responses to phenylephrine in the rat submitted to a sublethal dose of escherichia coli endo toxin restoration by indomethacin

Adam, H., 1978:
Decrease of the immuno defense by halothane

Remold O'donnell E.; Lewandrowski K., 1982:
Decrease of the major surface glyco protein gp 160 in activated macrophages

Ashida H.; Kanazawa K.; Natake M., 1987:
Decrease of the nadph level in rat liver on oral administration of secondary autoxidation products of linoleic acid

Durand S.; Estival A.; Clemente F.; Dousteblazy L.; Ribet A., 1982:
Decrease of the nonsecretory phospho lipase a in rat pancreas during a chronic alcohol intoxication

Tuduri P.; Nso E.; Dufour J P.; Goffeau A., 1985:
Decrease of the plasma membrane proton atpase activity during late exponential growth of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Vatsek A.; Shikulova Ya; Bartonichkova A., 1982:
Decrease of the radioprotective effect of hypoxic hypoxia in mice adapted to oxygen deficiency

Walther, H., 1978:
Decrease of the risks associated with the use of phenytoin

Behm, R.; Bathelt, S.; Gerber, B.; Nollau, K.; Pfeiffer, C., 1987:
Decrease of the salt appetite of spontaneously hypertensive rats by chronic application of almitrine

Ispas, I.; Milcu, S., 1976:
Decrease of the sella turcica to normal size a major sign of the effectiveness of pituitary tumor irradiation

Kamata Y.; Okubo K.; Shibasaki K., 1979:
Decrease of the soybean glycinin digestibility in excess denaturation effect of re folding

Mashimo, T.; Ueda, I., 1981:
Decrease of the surface potential of bovine serum albumin by inhalation anesthetics

Zalkind V.I., 1986:
Decrease of thresholds in responses of muscle spindle afferents to stretch after stimulation of skeletomotor and fusimotor axons

Bensman, A.; Dardenne, M.; Bach, J.F.; Valleteau de Mouillac, J.; Lasfargues, G., 1982:
Decrease of thymic hormone serum level in Cockayne syndrome

D'armiento M.; Salabe H.; Vetrano G.; Scucchia M.; Pachi A., 1980:
Decrease of thyroid antibodies during pregnancy

Lotmar, R.; Ranscht-Froemsdorff, W.R.; Weise, H., 1969:
Decrease of tissue respiration of the mouse liver by artificial impulse radiation

Contreras, E.; Tamayo, L.; Quijada, L.; Muñoz, M., 1980:
Decrease of tolerance and physical dependence on morphine by drugs affecting brain serotonin

Nakamura, M.; Horita, K.; Tomino, K.; Hara, S., 1978:
Decrease of total mercury content of human head hair with its elongation

Seguin J.R.; Crastes D.P.ulet P.; Crastes D.P.ulet J.; Chaptal P.A., 1987:
Decrease of total serum cholesterol and apolipoproteins a1 and b levels during and after extracorporeal circulation

Craescu C.T.; Cassoly R.; Galacteros F.; Prehu C., 1984:
Decrease of transport of some polyols in sickle cells

Kohashi, N.; Katori, R., 1983:
Decrease of urinary taurine in essential hypertension

G.J.; Polak J.M.; Lazarides M.; Morgan R.; Pryor J.P.; Marangos P.J.; Blank M.A.; Bloom S.R., 1984:
Decrease of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide in the penises from impotent men

Flossmann K D.; Rosner H.; Gruenke U.; Miosga N., 1984:
Decrease of virulence and immunogenicity of pasteurella multocida by iron deficiency

Koric B., 1979:
Decrease of wheat yield due to the attack of cereal stem rust induced artificially in 1976 1977

Wise B.C.; Shoji M.; Kuo J.F., 1980:
Decrease or increase in cardiac muscarinic cholinergic receptor number in rats treated with methacholine or atropine

Yaginuma, T., 1982:
Decrease or increase in maternal blood prolactin concentrations during labor

Weisman Y.; Eisenberg Z.; Lubelski R.; Spirer Z.; Edelstein S.; Harell A., 1981:
Decreased 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol and increased 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol and 24 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol in tissues of rats treated with thyroxine

Baum, J.; Ziff, M., 1969:
Decreased 19s antibody response to bacterial antigens in systemic lupus erythematosus brucella shigella escherichia coli human

Young J.G.; Cohen D.J.; Caparulo B.K.; Brown S L.; Maas J.W., 1979 :
Decreased 24 hour urinary 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenethylene glycol in childhood autism

Diggory G.L.; Buckett W.R., 1985:
Decreased 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 but not 5 hydroxytryptamine 1 receptor binding in cortex of rat after chronic administration of dothiepin application of the woolf plot to analysis of binding parameters

Murray, J.L.; Reuben, J.M.; Munn, C.G.; Mansell, P.W.; Newell, G.R.; Hersh, E.M., 1984:
Decreased 5' nucleotidase activity in lymphocytes from asymptomatic sexually active homosexual men and patients with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Baskin, F.; Rosenberg, R.N., 1975:
Decreased 6 mercapto purine retention by 2 resistant variants of mouse neuro blastoma with normal hypo xanthine guanine phospho ribosyl transferase activities

Nicholson G.A.; Sugars J., 1982:
Decreased a 23187 calcimycin induced chemi luminescence in duchenne muscular dystrophy granulocytes

Herr, H.W.; Bean, M.A.; Whitmore, W.F., 1976:
Decreased ability of blood leukocytes from patients with tumors of the urinary bladder to act as stimulator cells in mixed leukocyte culture

Sonntag W.E.; Forman L.J.; Fiori J.M.; Hylka V.W.; Meites J., 1984:
Decreased ability of old male rats to secrete luteinizing hormone is not due to alterations in pituitary lhrh receptors

Cox B.; Lee T F.; Parkes J., 1981:
Decreased ability to cope with heat and cold linked to a dys function in a central dopaminergic pathway in elderly rats

Pond, W.G.; Yen, J.T.; Hill, D.A., 1981:
Decreased absorption of orally administered ammonia by clinoptilolite in rats

Glab, W.N.; Corby, D.G.; Decker, W.J.; Coldiron, V.R., 1982 :
Decreased absorption of propoxyphene by activated charcoal

Solanki V.; Murray A.W., 1982:
Decreased accumulation of cyclic amp in ischemic skin after 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate treatment

Neĭfakh, A.A.; Aleksandrova, A.Iu., 1986:
Decreased accumulation of fluorescent dyes in cells with multiple drug resistance

Lafrance N.D.; Wagner H.N.Jr; Whitehouse P.; Corley E.; Duelfer T., 1981:
Decreased accumulation of iodine 123 labeled iso propyl iodo amphetamine in brain tumors

Miripol, J.E.; Stern, I.J., 1977:
Decreased accumulation of phthalate plasticizer during storage of blood as packed cells

Sayers, S.T.; Yeoh, H.C.; McLane, J.A.; Held, I.R., 1986:
Decreased acetylcholine receptor content in denervated skeletal muscles infused with nerve extract

H.M.M.; Dai S.; Ogle C.W., 1984:
Decreased acid secretion and gastric lesion production by morphine in rats

Stark, R.; Liebes, L.F.; Nevrla, D.; Conklyn, M.; Silber, R., 1982:
Decreased actin content of lymphocytes from patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Wei J W.; Hickie R.A., 1983:
Decreased activities of cyclic cmp phospho di esterase in morris hepatomas having varying growth rates

Maley, F.; Ghambeer, R.; DelGiacco, R.R., 1971:
Decreased activities of enzymes associated with sialic acid synthesis in livers of diabetic rats

Yanokura M.; Tsukada K., 1982:
Decreased activities of glycine and guanidino acetate methyl transferases and increased levels of creatine in tumor cells

Aoyagi, T.; Wada, T.; Daskalov, H.P.; Kojima, F.; Nagai, M.; Harada, S.; Fujiwara, M.; Makino, M.; Umezawa, H., 1987:
Decreased activities of serine proteinases in spleen of various murine models of systemic lupus erythematodes

Rahman A.; James T.K., 1983:
Decreased activity of 5 ethyldipropyl thio carbamate plus r 25788 following repeated use in some new zealand soils

Fischkoff, S.A.; Papuchis, G.C.; Nickols, W.A., 1984:
Decreased activity of acetylcoenzyme a carboxylase ec during chemically induced neutrophilic differentiation of human promyelocytic leukemia cells

Bando, K.; Ichihara, K.; Toyoshima, H.; Shimotuji, T.; Koda, K.; Hayashi, C.; Miyai, K., 1986:
Decreased activity of carnosinase in serum of patients with chronic liver disorders

Shoji, M.; Brackett, N.L.; Helfman, D.M.; Morris, H.P.; Kuo, J.F., 1978:
Decreased activity of cyclic cmp phospho di esterase in the fast growing morris hepatoma 3924 a but not in the slow growing morris hepatoma 9618 a

Yamaguchi, H.; Naito, T.; Tatara, A., 1978:
Decreased activity of dna polymerase in seeds of barley during storage

Casaril M.; Gabrielli G.B.; Dusi S.; Nicoli N.; Bellisola G.; Corrocher R., 1985:
Decreased activity of liver glutathione peroxidase in human hepatocellular carcinoma

Olpe H.R.; Laszlo J.; Dooley D.J.; Heid J.; Steinman M.W., 1983:
Decreased activity of locus coeruleus neurons in the rat after n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzyl alanine treatment

Mizutani T., 1980:
Decreased activity of proteins adsorbed onto glass surfaces with porous glass as a reference

Whelan, W.L.; Kerridge, D., 1984:
Decreased activity of ump pyrophosphorylase ec associated with resistance to 5 fluorocytosine in candida albicans

Esquivel, C.O.; Björck, C.G.; Bergqvist, D.; Carson, S.N.; Rothman, U.; Bergentz, S.E., 1983:
Decreased acute thrombogenicity of human umbilical veins after heparin and alcohol treatment

L.P.tit-Thévenin, J.; Nobili, O.; Boyer, J., 1988:
Decreased acylation of phosphatidylcholine in diabetic rat erythrocytes

Shiffer I.V.; Strelin G.S.; Bychkovskaya I.B.; Zil'berg Y.G., 1982:
Decreased adaptation of transplantable tumors after fractionated irradiation of normal tissues

Murray, J.L.; Perez-Soler, R.; Bywaters, D.; Hersh, E.M., 1986:
Decreased adenosine deaminase and 5' nucleotidase activity in peripheral blood t cells in hodgkin disease

Galanti, B.; Russo, M.; Apice, G.; Giancane, R., 1980:
Decreased adenosine deaminase ec activity in peripheral lymphocytes from tumor patients with metastasis

Nyska M.; Porat S.; Nyska A.; Rousso M.; Shoshan S., 1987:
Decreased adhesion formation in flexor tendons by topical application of enriched collagen solution a histological study

Williams, G.H.; Braley, L.M.; Menachery, A., 1982:
Decreased adrenal responsiveness to angiotensin II: a defect present in spontaneously hypertensive rats. A possible model of human essential hypertension

Busse, W.W.; Lee, T.P., 1976:
Decreased adrenergic responses in lymphocytes and granulocytes in atopic eczema

Flannelly K.J.; Blanchard R.J., 1982:
Decreased aggressive and social responsiveness of chronically anosmic male rats

Arora D.K.; Filonow A.B.; Lockwood J.L., 1985:
Decreased aggressiveness of bipolaris sorokiniana conidia in response to nutrient stress

Olsen R.; Horder M., 1980:
Decreased alanine amino transferase activity in serum of man during gamma acetylenic gamma amino butyric acid treatment

Bernuau D.; Rogier E.; Feldmann G., 1983:
Decreased albumin and increased fibrinogen secretion by single hepatocytes from rats with acute inflammatory reaction

Bader, A.V.; Kondratick, J.; Bader, J.P., 1978:
Decreased alkaline phosphatase in cells transformed by rous sarcoma virus

Carlsson, R.N.K.; Ingvarsson, B.I., 1977:
Decreased alpha feto protein concentration in neo natal pigs after injection of adult swine serum/

Natta, C.L.; Ramirez, F.; Wolff, J.A.; Bank, A., 1976:
Decreased alpha globin messenger rna in nucleated red cell precursors in alpha thalassemia

Leonard E.P.; Reese W.V.; Benson C.L.; Cecil J.C.IIi, 1980:
Decreased alveolar bone resorption in rice rats oryzomys palustris treated with chlorhexidine and stannous fluoride

Sopelak, V.M.; Butcher, R.L., 1982:
Decreased amount of ovarian tissue and maternal age affect embryonic development in old rats

Emoto M.; Kimura S.; Matsutani H.; Kadoya Y.; Nakao T.; Nakai K.; Miyamura K., 1985:
Decreased amylase activity of the pancreas in nonobese diabetic mice

Kalland T., 1980:
Decreased and disproportionate thymus derived cell population in adult mice after neo natal exposure to di ethyl stilbestrol

Sugawara C.; Sugawara N., 1983:
Decreased and recovery of serum zinc and bone growth of rats with chronic ingestion of 25 parts per million and 50 parts per million cadmium

Marrone, B.L.; Hertelendy, F., 1985:
Decreased androstenedione production with increased follicular maturation in theca cells from the domestic hen (Gallus domesticus)

Melnick, G.F.; Ladoulis, C.T.; Cavallo, T., 1981:
Decreased anionic groups and increased permeability precedes deposition of immune complexes in the glomerular capillary wall

Rado, J.P., 1976:
Decreased anti diuretic response in diabetes insipidus during prolonged treatment with carbamazepine presumably due to enzyme induction

Koment, R.W.; Haines, H., 1978:
Decreased anti viral effect of phosphono acetic acid on the poikilothermic herpesvirus of channel catfish disease

Davis, B.K.; Gill, T.J., 1975:
Decreased antibody response in the offspring of immunized high responder rats

Oravec, S.; Tomecková, E.; Oravec, D.; Klacanský, T.; Blasková, O.; Valach, A., 1985:
Decreased apolipoprotein levels in women with hyperprolactinemia related to increased estradiol level: effect of hepatic lesion?

Riley, W.A.; Freedman, D.S.; Higgs, N.A.; Barnes, R.W.; Zinkgraf, S.A.; Berenson, G.S., 1986:
Decreased arterial elasticity associated with cardiovascular disease risk factors in the young. Bogalusa Heart Study

Warnock, L.G.; Stone, W.J.; Wagner, C., 1974:
Decreased aspartate amino transferase ec activity in serum of uremic patients

Peerschke E.I.; Grant R.A.; Zucker M.B., 1980:
Decreased association of calcium 45 with platelets unable to aggregate due to thrombasthenia or prolonged calcium deprivation

Gupta, J.D.; Harley, J.D., 1975:
Decreased atpase activity in human senile cataractous lenses

Tsunoda, K.; Mendelsohn, F.A.; Sexton, P.M.; Chai, S.Y.; Hodsman, G.P.; Johnston, C.I., 1988:
Decreased atrial natriuretic peptide binding in renal medulla in rats with chronic heart failure

Hafler D.A.; Buchsbaum M.; Weiner H.L., 1985:
Decreased autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction in multiple sclerosis

Fernandez L.A.; Macsween J.M., 1980:
Decreased autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction with aging

Lang J.M.; Ruscher H.; Hasselmann J.P.; Grandjean P.; Bigel P.; Mayer S., 1980:
Decreased autologous rosette forming thymus derived lymphocytes in alcoholic cirrhosis absence of correlation with other thymus derived cell markers and delayed cutaneous hyper sensitivity

Hultgren, P.B.; Hamrell, B.B., 1985:
Decreased auxotonic sarcomere shortening in hypertrophied rabbit myocardium

Nukada, H.; Dyck, P.J., 1984:
Decreased axon caliber and neurofilaments in hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy, type I

Jakobsen J.; Sidenius P., 1979:
Decreased axonal flux of retrogradely transported glyco proteins in early experimental diabetes

Mclane J.A., 1987:
Decreased axonal transport in rat nerve following acute and chronic ethanol exposure

Jakobsen, J.; Sidenius, P., 1980:
Decreased axonal transport of structural proteins in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Suttorp, N.; Simon, L.M., 1983:
Decreased bactericidal function and impaired respiratory burst in lung macrophages after sustained in vitro hyperoxia

Cousineau, D.; Goresky, C.A.; Rose, C.P., 1986:
Decreased basal cardiac interstitial norepinephrine release after neuronal uptake inhibition in dogs

Matsumoto D.E.; Farley R.D., 1980:
Decreased behavioral responsiveness to sucrose after treatment of blow fly phaenicia serricata taste receptors with vinblastine and colchicine

Aarons, R.D.; Nies, A.S.; Gerber, J.G.; Molinoff, P.B., 1983:
Decreased beta adrenergic receptor density on human lymphocytes after chronic treatment with agonists

Corradi L.; Negri F.; Parini A.; Partesana N.; Finardi G., 1981:
Decreased beta adrenoceptors in polymorphonuclears in essential hypertension

Viswanathan M.; Radhakrishnan N.; Bhakthan N.M.G., 1984:
Decreased beta endorphin in pituitary of pregnant rats

Hassan A.S.; Yunker R.L.; Subbiah M.T.R., 1981:
Decreased bile acid pool in neo nates of guinea pigs fed cholesterol during pregnancy

Blenkharn, J.I.; Habib, N.; Mok, D.; John, L.; McPherson, G.A.; Gibson, R.N.; Blumgart, L.H.; Benjamin, I.S., 1985:
Decreased biliary excretion of piperacillin after percutaneous relief of extrahepatic obstructive jaundice

Carlstrom, A.S.; Lieden, K.; Bjork, I., 1977:
Decreased binding of heparin to anti thrombin following the interaction between anti thrombin and thrombin

Harrison, L.C.; Billington, T.; Clark, S.; Nichols, R.; East, I.; Martin, F.I., 1977:
Decreased binding of insulin by receptors on placental membranes from diabetic mothers

Sakai, K.; Takase, S.; Kumagai, K.; Shimizu, F., 1985:
Decreased binding of insulin to erythrocytes in myotonic dystrophy

Cioffi C.L.; E.F.kahany E.E., 1986:
Decreased binding of the muscarinic antagonist tritiated n methylscopolamine in mouse brain following acute treatment with an organophosphate

Giacomini, K.M.; Massoud, N.; Wong, F.M.; Giacomini, J.C., 1984:
Decreased binding of verapamil to plasma proteins in patients with liver disease

Brown, D.D.; Juhl, R.P.; Warner, S.L., 1978:
Decreased bio availability of digoxin due to hypo cholesterolemic interventions

Uribe M.; Casian C.; Rojas S.; Sierra J.G.; G.V.L.W., 1981:
Decreased bio availability of prednisone due to anti acids in patients with chronic active liver disease and in healthy volunteers

Schoenwald, R.D.; Garabedian, M.E.; Yakatan, G.J., 1978:
Decreased bio availability of sustained release acetazolamide dosage forms

Berczi, I.; Cosby, H.; Hunter, T.; Baragar, F.; McNeilly, A.S.; Friesen, H.G., 1987:
Decreased bioactivity of circulating prolactin in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Babhair S.A., 1988:
Decreased bioavailability of indenolol due to coadministration of some gastrointestinal drugs

Moustafa M.A.; Gouda M.W.; Tariq M., 1986:
Decreased bioavailability of propranolol due to interactions with adsorbent antacids and antidiarrheal mixtures

Moustafa M.A.; A.S.ora H.I.; Gaber M.; Gouda M.W., 1987:
Decreased bioavailability of quinidine sulfate due to interactions with adsorbent antacids and antidiarrheal mixtures

Moustafa M.A.; Babhair S.A.; Kouta H.I., 1987:
Decreased bioavailability of some antipsychotic phenothiazines due to interactions with adsorbent antacid and antidiarrheal mixtures

Boiron F.; Darriet D.; Bourre J.M.; Cassagne C., 1984:
Decreased biosynthesis of saturated 20 carbon to 24 carbon fatty acids by the trembler mouse sciatic nerve

Deneux C.; Leopold P.; Scotto G., 1986:
Decreased bleeding with injectable nitroglycerin during corrective surgery of rachidian deformations comparative study of 200 observations

Kristensen J.K.; Henriksen O., 1979:
Decreased blood flow in papaverine induced passive vascular bed in sclerodermal skin

Burtin C.; Noirot C.; Paupe J.; Scheinmann P., 1983:
Decreased blood histamine levels in patients with solid malignant tumors

Elinder C G.; Friberg L.; Lind B.; Nilsson B.; Svartengren M.; Overmark I., 1986:
Decreased blood lead levels in residents of stockholm sweden for the period 1980 1984

Jorgensen B.; Fischer E.; Ingeberg S.; Hollaender N.; Ring Larsen H.; Henriksen J.H., 1984:
Decreased blood platelet volume and count in patients with liver diseases

Lamanna J.C.; Romeo S.A.; Crumrine R.C.; Mccracken K.A., 1985:
Decreased blood volume with hypoperfusion during recovery from total cerebral ischemia in dogs

Berman E.; Carter H.B., 1984:
Decreased body weight in fetal rats after irradiation with 2450 megahertz microwaves

Nishiyama S.; Kuwahara T.; Matsuda I., 1986:
Decreased bone density in severely handicapped children and adults with reference to the influence of limited mobility and anticonvulsant medication

Eifel P.J., 1988:
Decreased bone growth arrest in weanling rats with multiple radiation fractions per day

Koller, L.D.; Brauner, J.A., 1977:
Decreased bone marrow derived lymphocyte response after exposure to lead and cadmium

Cervantes F.; Rozman C.; Piera C.; Fernandez M R., 1986:
Decreased bone marrow iron in chronic granulocytic leukemia a consistent finding not reflecting iron deficiency

Trulson M.E.; Himmel C.D., 1983:
Decreased brain dopamine synthesis rate and increased tritium labeled spiroperidol binding in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Obrénovitch, T.P.; Gillard, J.L., 1985:
Decreased brain levels of ascorbic acid in rats exposed to high pressures

Van Loon G.R.; Shum A.; Sole M.J., 1981:
Decreased brain serotonin turnover after short term 2 hour adrenalectomy in rats a comparison of 4 turnover methods

Wahlstrom, G.; Nordberg, A., 1978:
Decreased brain weights in rats after long term barbital treatments

Dixit P.K.; Ekstrom R.A., 1980:
Decreased breaking strength of diabetic rat bone and its improvement by insulin treatment

Raaijmakers J.A.M.; Beneker C.; Dol R.; D.R.iter Bootsma A.L., 1987:
Decreased bronchiolar epithelial beta adrenoceptor densities in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease

Zeitz H.J.; Zeff R.A.; Gewurz H.; Lint T.F., 1983:
Decreased c 5b 67 inhibitor activity in 2 families with hereditary functional deficiency of complement c 8

Friedlander G.; Amiel C., 1985:
Decreased calcium and magnesium urinary excretion during prostaglandin synthesis inhibition in the rat

Panagia V.; Elimban V.; Ganguly P.K.; Dhalla N.S., 1987:
Decreased calcium binding and calcium atpase activities in heart sarcolemma upon phospholipid methylation

Mccoy E.E.; Sneddon J.M., 1984:
Decreased calcium content and calcium 45 uptake in downs syndrome blood platelets

Tishler, M.; Creter, D.; Djaldetti, M., 1979:
Decreased calcium content in patients with digoxin intoxication

Parsons P.G.; Moss D.J.; Morris C.; Musk P.; Maynard K.; Partridge R., 1985:
Decreased calcium dependence of lymphoblastoid cell lines compared with burkitts lymphoma cell lines

Vincenzi F.F.; Hinds T.R., 1988:
Decreased calcium pump atpase activity associated with increased density in human red blood cells

Vincenzi F.F.; Morris C.D.; Kinsel L.B.; Kenny M.; Mccarron D.A., 1986:
Decreased calcium pump atpase in red blood cells of hypertensive subjects

Bronstein J.; Farber D.; Wasterlain C., 1988:
Decreased calmodulin kinase activity after status epilepticus

Aguado M.T.; Perrin L.H.; Miescher P.A.; Lambert P.H., 1981:
Decreased capacity to solubilize immune complexes in sera from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Kaledin, V.I.; Gruntenko, E.V.; Morozkova, T.S., 1978:
Decreased carcinogenic effect of urethane on the lungs in thymus deprived nude mice compared with immunologically normal litter mates

Thayer W.S., 1985:
Decreased cardiac lipoprotein lipase activity in rats treated chronically with adriamycin

Langlais P.J.; Walsh F.X.; Stevens T.J.; Bird E.D., 1983:
Decreased catecholamine content caused by slicing of frozen human post mortem brain with an electric blade

Alhonen Hongisto L.; Hung D.T.; Deen D.F.; Marton L.J., 1984:
Decreased cell kill of vincristine and methotrexate against 9l rat brain tumor cell in vitro caused by alpha difluoromethylornithine induced polyamine depletion

Kosztolányi, G., 1987:
Decreased cell viability of fibroblasts from two patients with a ring chromosome: an in vitro reflection of growth failure?

Saha K.; Sharma V.; Siddiqui M.A., 1982:
Decreased cellular and humoral anti infective factors in the breast secretions of lactating mothers with lepromatous leprosy

Rivera, J.H.bicht, J.; Torres, N.C.ssio, T.U.ermohlen, V.T.var, A.R.bson, D.; Bourges, H., 1986:
Decreased cellular immune response in wasted but not in stunted children

Wishnitzer, R.; Berrebi, A.; Hurwitz, N.; Vorst, E.; Eliraz, A., 1986:
Decreased Cellularity and Hemosiderin of the Bone Marrow in Healthy and Overtrained Competitive Distance Runners

Lorden, J.F.; Oltmans, G.A.; Mckeon, T.W.; Lutes, J.; Beales, M., 1985:
Decreased cerebellar 3' 5' cyclic gmp levels and insensitivity to harmaline in the genetically dystonic rat dt

Schatz R.A.; Stramentinoli G.; Sellinger O.Z., 1981:
Decreased cerebral catabolism of tritium labeled histamine in vivo after s adenosyl methionine administration

Bareggi S.; Franceschi M.; Bonini L.; Zecca L.; Smirne S., 1982:
Decreased cerebro spinal fluid concentrations of homo vanillic acid and gamma amino butyric acid in alzheimers disease age related of disease related modifications?

Weitzman S.; Palmer L.B.; Berger S.A., 1979:
Decreased cerebro spinal fluid cyclic amp in bacterial meningitis

E.Y.zigi A.; A.M.fty O., 1985:
Decreased cerebrospinal fluid glutamine levels in patients with benign brain tumors

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Decreased cerebrovascular resistance in small for gestational age infants

Pacht, E.R.; Davis, W.B., 1988:
Decreased ceruloplasmin ferroxidase activity in cigarette smokers

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Decreased chemiluminescent associated phagocytic response of peripheral blood mononuclear cells to chlamydia trachomatis in patients with hla b 27 positive anterior uveitis

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Decreased chemo tactic activity in activated new born plasma role of higher chemo tactic factor inactivator activity and lower complement levels

Ohtake, H.; Cervantes, C.; Silver, S., 1987:
Decreased chromate uptake in Pseudomonas fluorescens carrying a chromate resistance plasmid

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Decreased circulating erythrocyte rosette forming cells in psoralen long wave uv light treated patients

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Decreased circulating large granular lymphocytes associated with depressed natural killer cell activity in renal transplant recipients

Stern, A.M.; Dixit, P.K., 1977:
Decreased citrate synthesis by lymphocytes from alloxan diabetic rat

Tanaka, N.; Christensen, P.; Rydén, S.; Klöfver-Ståhl, B.; Bengmark, S., 1985:
Decreased clearance of Escherichia coli from the bile in rats with obstructive jaundice

Chrysostomou A.; Seshadri R.; Morley A.A., 1984:
Decreased cloning of lymphocytes from elderly individuals

Konohana, A.; Miyakawa, S.; Tajima, S.; Nishikawa, T., 1986:
Decreased collagen and hyaluronic acid content in lesional skin of acrogeria

Spanheimer, R.G.; Umpierrez, G.E.; Stumpf, V., 1988:
Decreased collagen production in diabetic rats

Uitto J.; Bauer E.A.; Santa Cruz D.J.; Holtmann B.; Eisen A.Z., 1982:
Decreased collagenase production by regional fibroblasts cultured from skin of a patient with connective tissue nevi of the collagen type

Rachmilewitz D.; Karmeli F.; Sharon P., 1984:
Decreased colonic sodium potassium atpase activity in active ulcerative colitis

Losonczy G.; Posch E.; Harsing L., 1981:
Decreased complement activity after bilateral renal ischemia in rats

Holme E.; Fyfe A.; Zoma A.; Veitch J.; Hunter J.; Whaley K., 1986:
Decreased complement c 3b receptors cr 1 on erythrocytes from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Taylor R.P.; Horgan C.; Buschbacher R.; Brunner C.M.; Hess C.E.; O'brien W.M.; Wanebo H.J., 1983:
Decreased complement mediated binding of antibody tritium labeled double stranded dna immune complexes to the red blood cells of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus rheumatoid arthritis and hematologic malignancies

Ikegami, T.; Natsumeda, Y.; Weber, G., 1986:
Decreased concentration of xanthine dehydrogenase (EC in rat hepatomas

Padayachi T.; Pegoraro R.J.; Hofmeyr J.; Joubert S.M.; Norman R.J., 1987:
Decreased concentrations and affinities of estrogen and progesterone receptors of intrauterine tissue in human pregnancy

Kennedy, W.J.; Reynard, A.M., 1978:
Decreased conjugation efficiency by fla minus mutants of escherichia coli k 12 bearing f like plasmids

Morii N.; Nakao K.; Kihara M.; Sugawara A.; Sakamoto M.; Amori Y.; Imura H., 1986:
Decreased content in left atrium and increased plasma concentration of atrial natriuretic polypeptide in spontaneously hypertensive rats and spontaneously hypertensive rat stroke prone

Kowarski S.; Cowen L.A.; Schachter D., 1986:
Decreased content of integral membrane calcium binding protein in tissues of the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Govoni S.; Missale C.; Castelletti L.; Spano P.F.; Trabucchi M., 1983:
Decreased content of methionine enkephalin like peptides in superior cervical and celiac ganglia of aged rats

Ross D.A.; Jackson R.C.; Weber G., 1982:
Decreased content of reduced and oxidized nadp in rat hepatomas

Adams H.R.; Baxter C.R.; Izenberg S.D., 1984:
Decreased contractility and compliance of the left ventricle as complications of thermal trauma

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Decreased contractility and norepinephrine content of guinea pig seminal vesicles after chronic treatment with testosterone

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Decreased contractility of the ductus arteriosus in experimental pulmonic stenosis

Soubrie P.; Thiebot M.H.; Jobert A.; Montastruc J.L.; Hery F.; Hamon M., 1980:
Decreased convulsant potency of picro toxin and pentetrazole and enhanced tritium labeled flunitrazepam cortical binding following stressful manipulations in rats

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Decreased coronary reserve: a mechanism for angina pectoris in patients with aortic stenosis and normal coronary arteries

Yamaguchi R., 1987:
Decreased coronary reserve in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a study using split dose thallium 201 dipyridamole myocardial imaging

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Decreased coronary reserve in primary scleroderma myocardial disease

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Decreased coronary vascular reserve in Watanabe heritable hyperlipidemic rabbits

Chee, D.O.; Holmes, E.C.; Morton, D.L., 1978:
Decreased correlation between the agarose leukocyte migration inhibition assay and delayed cutaneous hyper sensitivity response to purified protein derivative in cancer patients

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Decreased cyclic 3' 5' gmp and guanylate cyclase activity in leprechaunism evidence for a postreceptor defect

Bistoletti P.; Olund A.; Lunell N O.; Fredholm B., 1982:
Decreased cyclic amp concentration in amniotic fluid during rivanol induced abortion

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Decreased cyclic amp content of the hypothalamus of genetically hypertensive rats

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Decreased cyclic amp levels in human di ploid cells exposed to cholinergic stimuli

Fredholm, B.B., 1977:
Decreased cyclic amp phospho di esterase activity in rat striatum following chronic haloperidol treatment

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Decreased cyclic amp phosphodiesterase ec activity in rat brain following triethyltin intoxication

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Decreased cyclic amp response to isoproterenol in cystic fibrosis leukocytes

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Decreased cyclic amp responsiveness to glucagon in livers from ethynyl estradiol treated rats

White, I.N.H.; White, J.A.; Liem, H.H.; Muller-Eberhard, U., 1978:
Decreased cytochrome p 450 and increased porphyrin concentrations in the livers of rats on a low iron diet given a single dose of deferrioxamine

Nersesyan A.K.; Zil'fyan V.N.; Kumkumadzhyan V.A.; Fichidzhyan B.S., 1986:
Decreased cytogenetic disturbances induced by certain cytostatics in somatic cells of rats immunized by tularemic vaccine

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Decreased defense against free radicals in rat heart during normal reperfusion after hypoxic ischemic and calcium free perfusion

Bartosz G.; Niewiarowska J.; Judkiewicz L., 1982:
Decreased deformability in aging erythrocytes

Norton, J.M.; Rand, P.W., 1981:
Decreased deformability of erythrocytes from smokers

Engstrom K.G.; Taljedal I B., 1986:
Decreased deformability of erythrocytes in hyperglycemic non inbred ob ob mice

Sever, I.S.; Kalyaeva, E.S.; Danilevskaya, O.N.; Gorlenko-Zh, M., 1982:
Decreased degradation of beta beta' rna polymerase subunits and abnormal proteins in a mutant escherichia coli

Kageshita T.; Jono M.; Nakamura A., 1981:
Decreased delayed hyper sensitivity response in an aging population

Gotloib L.; Shustak A.; Jaichenko J.; Galdi P., 1988:
Decreased density distribution of mesenteric and diaphragmatic microvascular anionic charges during murine abdominal sepsis

Schiffrin, E.L., 1988:
Decreased density of binding sites for atrial natriuretic peptide on platelets of patients with severe congestive heart failure

Suranyi Cadotte B.; Lafaille F.; Dongier M.; Dumas M.; Quirion R., 1988:
Decreased density of peripheral benzodiazepine binding sites on platelets of currently drinking but not abstinent alcoholics

Inomata K.; Nasu F.; Tanaka H., 1987:
Decreased density of synaptic formation in the frontal cortex of neonatal rats exposed to ethanol in utero

Livshits, G.; Davidi, L.; Kobyliansky, E.; Ben-Amitai, D.; Levi, Y.; Merlob, P., 1988:
Decreased developmental stability as assessed by fluctuating asymmetry of morphometric traits in preterm infants

Coutard, M.; Osborne-Pellegrin, M.J., 1983:
Decreased dietary lipid deposition in spontaneous lesions distal to a stenosis in the rat caudal artery

Atinmo, T.; Baldijrao, C.; Pond, W.G.; Barnes, R.H., 1976:
Decreased dietary protein or energy intake and plasma growth hormone levels of the pregnant pig, its fetuses and developing progeny

Dumont L.; Trelles L.; Chartrand C., 1987:
Decreased digitalis receptor activity in acute rejecting canine transplanted heart

Hobara N.; Watanabe A., 1979:
Decreased disappearance rate of 1 2 tetra hydro furyl 5 fluoro uracil ft 207 from the blood and its unresponsiveness to tocopheryl nicotinate and indomethacin in patients with primary hepato cellular carcinoma

Schiffman, S.; Pasternak, M., 1979:
Decreased discrimination of food odors in the elderly

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Decreased distal acidification in acute hypercapnia in the dog

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Decreased distribution of gentamicin in rat kidney by complexation with dextran sulfate

Nawata H.; Sekiya K.; Higuchi K.; Kato K I.; Ibayashi H., 1987:
Decreased dna binding of glucocorticoid receptor complex in cultured skin fibroblasts from a patient with the glucocorticoid resistance syndrome

Grant, W.F., 1969:
Decreased dna content of birch d betula d chromosomes at high ploidy as determined by inst cyto photometry

Mori, A.; Hiramatsu, M.; Namba, S.; Nishimoto, A.; Ohmoto, T.; Mayanagi, Y.; Asakura, T., 1987 :
Decreased dopamine level in the epileptic focus

Fernandez Ruiz J.J.; Pais J.R.; Cebeira M.; Ramos J.A., 1988:
Decreased dopamine turnover in striatum of female rats bearing ectopic pituitaries or with bilateral ovariectomy

Selmanoff M.; Wise P.M., 1981:
Decreased dopamine turnover in the median eminence in response to suckling in the lactating rat

Bowmer C.J.; Lindup W.E., 1982:
Decreased drug binding in uremia effect of indoxyl sulfate and other endogenous substances on the binding of drugs and dyes to human albumin

Appleton R.S.; Graham T.P.Jr; Cotton R.B.; Moreau G.A.; Boucek R.J.Jr, 1988:
Decreased early diastolic function after indomethacin administration in premature infants

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Decreased ecto 5' nucleotidase ec activity of peripheral blood lymphocytes in human monoclonal gammopathies correlation with tumor cell kinetics

Schlede, E.; Borowski, R., 1974:
Decreased effect of pheno barbital treatment on microsomal drug metabolizing enzyme activity during gestation

Cantilena L.R.Jr; Klaassen C.D., 1982:
Decreased effectiveness of chelation therapy with time after acute cadmium poisoning

Faingold C.L.; Gehlbach G.; Caspary D.M., 1986:
Decreased effectiveness of gamma aminobutyric acid mediated inhibition in the inferior colliculus of the genetically epilepsy prone rat

Kolb, G.E.; Wendt, J.G.; Rahn, D.P., 1980:
Decreased egg production in a turkey breeder flock associated with Newcastle disease virus

Leppert P.C.; Y.S.Y.; Keller S.; Cerreta J.; Mandl I., 1987:
Decreased elastic fibers and desmosine content in incompetent cervix

Bourne W.M.; Brubaker R.F., 1983:
Decreased endothelial permeability in transplanted corneas

O'Neal, M.R.; Polse, K.A., 1986:
Decreased endothelial pump function with aging

Mousa S.; Tjioe S.; Couri D., 1985:
Decreased enkephalinase activity following postnatal treatment with phenobarbital

Glass, G.A.; Gershon, D., 1984:
Decreased enzymic protection and increased sensitivity to oxidative damage in erythrocytes as a function of cell and donor aging

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Decreased epinephrine in familial alcoholism. Initial findings

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Decreased epstein barr virus induced transformation and elevated 2' 5' oligoadenylate synthetase and rnase l activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients treated with recombinant interferon alfa 2b

Westermarck, T.; Sandholm, M., 1977:
Decreased erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase activity in neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis corrected with selenium supplementation

Goekoop J.G.; Wisse D.M.; Van Brussel J.L.; Van Kempen G.M.J.; Spies F., 1984:
Decreased erythrocyte membrane elevations in patients with a major depressive episode

Owen, J.S.; Bruckdorfer, K.R.; Day, R.C.; McIntyre, N., 1982:
Decreased erythrocyte membrane fluidity and altered lipid composition in human liver disease

Zerez, C.R.; Lachant, N.A.; Lee, S.J.; Tanaka, K.R., 1988:
Decreased erythrocyte nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide redox potential and abnormal pyridine nucleotide content in sickle cell disease

Andersen, B.R.; Amirault, H.J., 1976:
Decreased erythrocyte rosette following strepto lysin o treatment

Marchal G.; Milon G., 1981:
Decreased erythropoiesis the origin of the bcg induced anemia in mice

Bodwin, J.S.; Cho-Chung, Y.S., 1977:
Decreased estrogen binding in hormone dependent mammary carcinoma following ovariectomy or di butyryl cyclic amp treatment

Martinez F.; Chavez E.; Echegoyen S., 1987:
Decreased exchange of adenine nucleotides in human placental mitochondria

Jodkowski, Z.S.; Lipski, J., 1986:
Decreased excitability of respiratory motoneurons during hypercapnia in the acute spinal cat

Tully, R.E.; Terry, M.E., 1985:
Decreased Exopolysaccharide Synthesis by Anaerobic and Symbiotic Cells of Bradyrhizobium japonicum

Lazarovits, A.I.; Karsh, J., 1988:
Decreased expression of CD7 occurs in rheumatoid arthritis

Nagai, H.; Fisher, R.I.; Cossman, J.; Oppenheim, J.J., 1986:
Decreased expression of class II major histocompatibility antigens on monocytes from patients with Hodgkin's disease

Jouvin M H.; Wilson J.G.; Bourgeois P.; Fearon D.T.; Kazatchkine M.D., 1986:
Decreased expression of complement c 3b receptor cr 1 on erythrocytes of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus contrasts with its normal expression in other systemic diseases and does not correlate with the occurrence of severity of systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis

Faure M.; Eisinger M.; Bystryn J C., 1981:
Decreased expression of epidermal cytoplasmic antigens in cultured human keratinocytes

Hsieh, K.H.; Wu, H.L., 1987:
Decreased expression of high affinity interleukin 2 receptors after hyposensitization to house dust

Lev Ran A.; Hwang D.L.; Barseghian G., 1986:
Decreased expression of liver epidermal growth factor receptors in rats with alloxan and streptozotocin diabetes

Linnoila R.I.; Lack E.E.; Steinberg S.M.; Keiser H.R., 1988:
Decreased expression of neuropeptides in malignant paragangliomas an immunohistochemical study

Sing, G.K.; Garnett, H.M., 1981:
Decreased expression of receptors on monocytes from cancer patients

Mccormack R.T.; Nelson R.D.; Solem L.D.; Lebien T.W., 1988:
Decreased expression of the common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen calla cd10 on neutrophils from patients with thermal injury

Wilson J.G.; Ratnoff W.D.; Schur P.H.; Fearon D.T., 1986:
Decreased expression of the complement c 3b c 4b receptor cr 1 and the c 3d receptor cr 2 on b lymphocytes and of cr 1 on neutrophils of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Cohen J.H.M.; Autran B.; Jouvin M.H.; Aubry J.P.; Rozenbaum W.; Banchereau J.; Debre P.; Revillard J.P.; Kazatchkine M., 1988:
Decreased expression of the receptor for the c3b fragment of complement on erythrocytes of patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Hensold, J.O.; Housman, D.E., 1988:
Decreased expression of the stress protein HSP70 is an early event in murine erythroleukemic cell differentiation

Menza, M.A.; Murray, G.B.; Holmes, V.F.; Rafuls, W.A., 1987:
Decreased extrapyramidal symptoms with intravenous haloperidol

Kimmel C.B.; Eaton R.C.; Powell S.L., 1980:
Decreased fast start performance of zebrafish brachydanio rerio larvae lacking mauthner neurons

Leu R.W.; Hefley S.M.; Herriott M.J., 1983:
Decreased fc and complement c 3 receptor function in macrophage populations which are refractory to migration inhibitory factor complement c 3 activators and immune complex

Hsieh, K.H., 1980:
Decreased Fc and complement receptors on the phagocytes of asthmatic children

Katayama, S.; Chia, D.; Knutson, D.W.; Barnett, E.V., 1983:
Decreased Fc receptor avidity and degradative function of monocytes from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Martin, J.R.; Novin, D., 1977:
Decreased feeding in rats following hepatic portal infusion of glucagon

Scott, J.C.; Stanski, D.R., 1987:
Decreased fentanyl and alfentanil dose requirements with age. A simultaneous pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation

Howell R.G.; Burton J.L., 1982:
Decreased fertility in men with venous stasis of the leg

Webb, C.G., 1980:
Decreased fertility in mice immunized with terato carcinoma ott 6050

Saltzman D.H.; Barbieri R.L.; Frigoletto F.D.Jr, 1986:
Decreased fetal cord prolactin concentration in diabetic pregnancies

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Decreased fetal movements associated with umbilical cord complications

Edelberg S.C.; Dierker L.; Kalhan S.; Rosen M.G., 1987:
Decreased fetal movements with sustained maternal hyperglycemia using the glucose clamp technique

Ljungner H.; Bergqvist D., 1983:
Decreased fibrinolytic activity at the bottom of human vein valve pockets

Kjaeldgaard A.; Anker C.; Larsson B., 1985:
Decreased fibrinolytic activity in the rat uterus after laparotomy

Hach V.; Heyland H.; Walter Fincke R.; Scharrer I., 1985:
Decreased fibrinolytic activity in the venous wall of patients with thromboembolic disorders

Gerdes, J.S.; Douglas, S.D.; Kolski, G.B.; Yoder, M.C.; Polin, R.A., 1984:
Decreased fibronectin biosynthesis by human cord blood mononuclear phagocytes in vitro

Kenney, M.C.; Lewis, W.; Redding, J.; Waring, G.O., 1986:
Decreased fibronectin levels in aqueous humor after corneal injury

Chan, J.Y.H.; Becker, F.F., 1980:
Decreased fidelity in 1 subspecies of dna polymerase alpha ec that appears during n 2 acetylamino fluorene hepato carcinogenesis

Chan, J.Y.H.; Becker, F.F., 1979:
Decreased fidelity of dna polymerase ec activity during n 2 fluorenyl acetamide hepato carcinogenesis

Bailen, J.; Howerton, L.W., 1980:
Decreased fistula formation with modified Denis Browne hypospadias repair

Olofsson S.; Lindahl P.E., 1979:
Decreased fitness of cod gadus morrhua from polluted waters

Tillmann, W.; Wagner, D.; Schroeter, W., 1977:
Decreased flexibility of erythrocytes of new born infants

Spiller, R.C.; Brown, M.L.; Phillips, S.F., 1986:
Decreased fluid tolerance, accelerated transit, and abnormal motility of the human colon induced by oleic acid

Sies H.; Graf P.; Crane D., 1983:
Decreased flux through pyruvate dehydrogenase during calcium ion movements induced by vasopressin alpha adrenergic agonists and the ionophore a 23187 calcimycin in perfused rat liver

Crane, D.; Haeussinger, D.; Graf, P.; Sies, H., 1983:
Decreased flux through pyruvate dehydrogenase ec by thiol oxidation during tert butyl hydro per oxide metabolism in perfused rat liver

Saito, M.; Ibuka, N., 1983:
Decreased food intake of rats kept under adiurnal feeding cycles: effect of suprachiasmatic lesions

Shapira, E.; Ben-Yoseph, Y.; Nadler, H.L., 1976:
Decreased formation of alpha 2 macro globulin protease complexes in plasma of patients with cystic fibrosis

Riviere, J.E.; Bowman, K.F.; Rogers, R.A., 1985:
Decreased fractional renal excretion of gentamicin in subtotal nephrectomized dogs

Welle S.; O'connell M.; Danforth E.Jr; Campbell R., 1984:
Decreased free fraction serum thyroid hormones during carbohydrate overfeeding

Ponec J.; Lichardus B., 1980:
Decreased free water excretion after indomethacin in the absence of anti diuretic hormone in saline loaded hypophysectomized wistar and hydropenic brattleboro rats

Sheps, D.S.; Ernst, J.C.; Briese, F.R.; Lopez, L.V.; Conde, C.A.; Castellanos, A.; Myerburg, R.J., 1977:
Decreased frequency of exercise induced ventricular ectopic activity in the 2nd of 2 consecutive treadmill tests

Foreman, D.; Weeks, J., 1978:
Decreased fructose concentration in coagulating glands of pre puberal rats treated with testosterone and luteinizing hormone/

Gisiger, V.; Stephens, H.R., 1984:
Decreased g 4 10s acetyl cholin esterase ec content in motor nerves to fast muscles of dystrophic 129 rej mice lack of a specific compartment of nerve acetyl cholin esterase

Bielicki, L.; Krieglstein, J., 1976:
Decreased gamma amino butyric acid and glutamate concentration in rat brain after treatment with 6 amino nicotinamide

Tappaz M.L.; Kakucska I.; Paut L.; Makara G.B., 1986:
Decreased gamma aminobutyric acid ergic innervation of the pituitary intermediate lobe after rostral hypothalamic cuts

Gilman, R.H.; Partanen, R.; Brown, K.H.; Spira, W.M.; Khanam, S.; Greenberg, B.; Bloom, S.R.; Ali, A., 1988:
Decreased gastric acid secretion and bacterial colonization of the stomach in severely malnourished Bangladeshi children

Saller, C.F.; Stricker, E.M., 1978:
Decreased gastro intestinal motility in rats after parenteral injection of p chlorophenyl alanine

Holsapple M.P.; Yim G.K.W., 1981:
Decreased gastro intestinal ulcerogenicity of chlordimeform a basic anti inflammatory agent

Mayden, K.L.; Confino, E.; Miller, C.E.; Friberg, J.; Gleicher, N., 1986:
Decreased gestational sac volumes in pregnancies induced by human menopausal gonadotropin

Kacian, D.L.; Gambino, R.; Dow, L.W.; Grossbard, E.; Natta, C.; Ramirez, F.; Spiegelman, S.; Marks, P.A.; Bank, A., 1973:
Decreased globin messenger RNA in thalassemia detected by molecular hybridization

Kanazawa M., 1981:
Decreased glucagon release from pancreatic alpha cells in response to insulin hypo glycemia in diabetics

Chang, M.J.W.; Webb, T.E.; Koestner, A., 1977:
Decreased gluco corticoid induction of brain glycerol phosphate dehydrogenase ec following trans placental carcinogenesis with ethylnitroso urea

Faurschou P., 1984:
Decreased glucose in rheumatoid arthritis cell positive pleural effusion correlation of pleural glucose lactic dehydrogenase and protein concentration to the presence of rheumatoid arthritis cells

Ikeda, T.; Yoshida, T.; Honda, M.; Ito, Y.; Murakami, I.; Mokuda, O.; Tominaga, M.; Mashiba, H., 1986:
Decreased glucose production from maltose in perfused kidney of streptozotocin diabetic rats

Kajiyama, K.; Ueno, S.; Tatsumi, T.; Yorifuji, S.; Takahashi, M.; Tarui, S., 1988:
Decreased glutamate dehydrogenase protein in spinocerebellar degeneration

Fredborg, A.; Lindahl, P.E., 1970:
Decreased glutathione reductase activity in the mitotic ehrlich ascites tumor cell

Scartezzini, P.; Forni, G.L.; Izzo, C.; Sansone, G., 1982:
Decreased glycosylation of band 3 and band 4.5 glyco proteins of erythrocyte membrane in congenital dys erythropoietic anemia type ii

Busse, W.W., 1977:
Decreased granulocyte response to isoproterenol in asthma during upper respiratory infections

Johnson, P.A.; Dickerman, R.W.; Bahr, J.M., 1986:
Decreased granulosa cell luteinizing hormone sensitivity and altered thecal estradiol concentration in the aged hen, Gallus domesticus

Kaul M.N.; Misra R.C.; Agarwal S.K.; Saha K., 1980:
Decreased gut associated immuno globulin a levels in patients with typhoid fever

D'incalci M.; Bolis G.; Facchinetti T.; Mangioni C.; Morasca L.; Morazzoni P.; Salmona M., 1979:
Decreased half life of cyclo phosphamide in patients under continual treatment

Carpenter, T.E.; Edson, R.K.; Yamamoto, R., 1981:
Decreased hatchability of turkeys eggs caused by experimental infection with Mycoplasma meleagridis

Kleiger R.E.; Miller J.P.; Bigger J.T.Jr; Moss A.J.; Multicent Post Infarction Res Group (Usa), 1987:
Decreased heart rate variability and its association with increased mortality after acute myocardial infarction

Lew P.D.; Zubler R.; Vaudaux P.; Farquet J.J.; Waldvogel F.A.; Lambert P H., 1979:
Decreased heat labile opsonic activity and complement levels associated with evidence of complement c 3 breakdown products in infected pleural effusions

Ragni M.V.; Lewis J.H.; Spero J.A.; Bontempo F.A.; Rasbin B.S., 1984:
Decreased helper suppressor cell ratios after treatment with factor vii and factor ix concentrates and fresh frozen plasma

Goedert, J.J.; Biggar, R.J.; Winn, D.H.; Mann, D.L.; Byar, D.P.; Strong, D.M.; Digioia, R.A.; Grossman, R.J.; Sanchez, W.C.; Et-Al, 1985:
Decreased helper t lymphocytes in homosexual men 1. sexual contact in high incidence areas for the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Goedert, J.J.; Biggar, R.J.; Winn, D.M.; Mann, D.L.; Byar, D.P.; Strong, D.M.; Digioia, R.A.; Grossman, R.J.; Sanchez, W.C.; Et-Al, 1985:
Decreased helper t lymphocytes in homosexual men 2. sexual practices

Emerson, S.G.; Sieff, C.A.; Gross, R.G.; Rozans, M.K.; Miller, R.A.; Rappeport, J.M.; Nathan, D.G., 1987:
Decreased hematopoietic accessory cell function following bone marrow transplantation

Verger, C.; Imbenotte, J., 1982:
Decreased heme content and cessation of cell growth in cultured chick embryo fibroblasts in the presence of horse serum: stimulation of heme synthesis and cell growth by iron

Machovich, R.; Staub, M.; Patthy, L., 1978:
Decreased heparin sensitivity of cyclo hexanedione modified thrombin

Mann, H.J.; Townsend, R.J.; Fuhs, D.W.; Cerra, F.B., 1987:
Decreased hepatic clearance of clindamycin in critically ill patients with sepsis

Mihaly, G.W.; Date, N.M.; Veenendaal, J.R.; Newman, K.T.; Smallwood, R.A., 1987:
Decreased hepatic elimination of pyrimethamine during malaria infection. Studies in the isolated perfused rat liver

Decaux, J.F.; Ferre, P.; Robin, D.; Robin, P.; Girard, J., 1988:
Decreased hepatic fatty acid oxidation at weaning in the rat is not linked to a variation of malonyl coenzyme a concentration

Jewell S.A.; D.M.nte D.; Gentile A.; Guglielmi A.; Altomare E.; Albano O., 1986:
Decreased hepatic glutathione in chronic alcoholic patients

Keller, G.A.; Barke, R.; Harty, J.T.; Humphrey, E.; Simmons, R.L., 1985:
Decreased hepatic glutathione levels in septic shock. Predisposition of hepatocytes to oxidative stress: an experimental approach

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Decreased hepatic insulin degradation in obese patients

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Decreased in vivo acetylation of sulfisoxazole in the rabbit in the presence of 4 n acetyl sulfisoxazole

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Decreased in vivo tritium labeled spiroperidol binding in rat brain after repeated methamphetamine administration

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Decreased incidence of ventricular fibrillation after an acute coronary artery ligation in exercised pigs

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Decreased incorporation of carbon 14 labeled l serine into phosphatidyl serine by polymorphonuclear leukocytes during phagocytosis

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Decreased incorporation of the photoaffinity probe 8 amino gamma phosphorus 32 gtp into a 45kd protein in lung tumors

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Decreased induced retention of the progesterone receptor in the nuclear extract in human uterine leiomyoma in vivo

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Decreased inhibition of proteolysis by osteoarthritic synovial fluids

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Decreased insulin binding to adipocytes and circulating monocytes from obese subjects

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Decreased insulin response of adipose tissue in fructose induced hypertriglyceridemia in the rat a postreceptor defect

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Decreased insulin secretory response of pancreatic islets during culture in the presence of low glucose is associated with diminished calcium 45 net uptake nadph nadp positive and gsh gssg ratios

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Decreased interaction of fibronectin, type IV collagen, and heparin due to nonenzymatic glycation. Implications for diabetes mellitus

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Decreased interleukin 2 production in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Decreased intracellular sodium concentration is an early event in murine erythroleukemic cell differentiation

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Decreased labeling of amino acids by inhibition of the utilization of tritium labeled carbon 14 labeled glucose via the hexose mono phosphate shunt in rat brain in vivo

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Decreased learning in rats following repeated exposure to toluene preliminary report

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Decreased level of suppressor cytotoxic t cells okt 8 positive in polymyalgia rheumatica and temporal arteritis relation to disease activity

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Decreased level of thymidine in the serum of obese strain (OS) chickens with spontaneous autoimmune thyroiditis

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Decreased levels of an astrocytic marker glial fibrillary acidic protein in the visual cortex of dark reared rats measurement by elisa

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Decreased levels of ascorbic acid in lung following exposure to ozone

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Decreased levels of hepatic epidermal growth factor receptors in obese hyperglycemic rodents

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Decreased levels of histidine rich glyco protein and increased levels of free plasminogen in women on oral contraceptives low in estrogen

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Decreased levels of t cells with suppressor t cell phenotype as defined by specific mono clonal antibodies in patients with atopic dermatitis

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Decreased Leydig cell responsiveness in the testicular feminized male rat

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Decreased life span and membrane damage of carbamylated erythrocytes in vitro

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Decreased lipase activity in pure pancreatic juice and duodenal content from mutant mice with some alterations resembling cystic fibrosis

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Decreased lipid order induced by microsomal cytochrome p 450 and nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase in model membranes fluorescence and esr studies

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Decreased lipid peroxidation in the rat kidney during gestation

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Decreased lipolysis in peanuts arachis hypogaea by a pyridazinone bioregulator

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Decreased lipopolysaccharide content and enhanced susceptibility of leptospiras to serum leptospiricidal action and phagocytosis after treatment with diphenylamine

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Decreased liver cytochrome p 450 in rats caused by norethindrone or ethynyl estradiol

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Decreased liver cytosol gluco corticoid receptors in protein deficient rats

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Decreased liver delta amino levulinate dehydratase ec activity in porphyria cutanea tarda and in alcoholism

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Decreased long term retention of cadmium 115m in japanese quail produced by a combined supplement of zinc copper and manganese

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Decreased longevity of human di ploid cells after incorporation of latex spheres within their cytoplasm

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Decreased loss of liver atp during hypothermic preservation in rats pretreated with glucose implications for organ donor management

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Decreased luminal membrane transport of phosphate in chronic renal failure

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Decreased lung metastasis and tumor growth in parenterally fed mice

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Decreased luteinizing hormone response to the 2nd of consecutive day luteinizing hormone releasing hormone infusions among patients with constitutional delay of puberty a phenomenon of pubertal maturation

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Decreased lymphatic pumping after intravenous endotoxin administration in sheep

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Decreased lymphocyte adenosine deaminase activity in tumor patients

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Decreased lymphocyte blastogenic responses in patients with multiple basal cell carcinoma

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Decreased lymphocyte copro porphyrinogen iii oxidase ec activity in hereditary copro porphyria

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Decreased lymphocyte reactivity to a suboptimal concentration of phyto hem agglutinin in sjogrens syndrome

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Decreased lymphocyte transformation to vaccinia virus in multiple sclerosis

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Decreased lyso phospho lipase ec and increased phospho lipase a 2 ec activity in ileal mucosa from patients with crohns disease

Shimizu T., 1988:
Decreased magnesium effects on echinocytes formed by calcium plus a 23187 in cryopreservation

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Decreased malaria morbidity in the Tharu people compared to sympatric populations in Nepal

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Decreased membrane fluidity during differentiation of human pro myelocytic leukemia cells in culture

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Decreased membrane fluidity of erythrocytes from a patient with hemolytic uremic syndrome

Chasis, J.A.; Agre, P.; Mohandas, N., 1988 :
Decreased membrane mechanical stability and in vivo loss of surface area reflect spectrin deficiencies in hereditary spherocytosis

Parmelee, J.T.; Beebe, D.C., 1988:
Decreased membrane permeability to potassium is responsible for the cell volume increase that drives lens fiber cell elongation

Segel, G.B.; Lichtman, M.A., 1977:
Decreased membrane potassium permeability and transport in human chronic leukemic and tonsillar lymphocytes

Witkowski J.; Micklem H.S., 1985:
Decreased membrane potential of t lymphocytes in aging mice flow cytometric studies with a carbocyanine dye

Souyri F.; Barguil S.; Bourre J.M., 1988:
Decreased metabolism of cerebrosides and sulfatides in rat sciatic nerve after intraneural injection of colchicine

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Decreased methylation of the major mouse long interspersed repeated DNA during aging and in myeloma cells

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Decreased micro viscosity of membrane lipids in leukemic cells 2 possible mechanisms

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Decreased microfilarial load and its effect on the calculation of prevalence and the rate of false negatives in the detection of onchocerciasis

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Decreased mitochondrial creatine kinase ec activity in dystrophic chicken breast muscle alters creatine linked respiratory coupling

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Decreased mononuclear and polymorphonuclear chemo taxis in human new borns infants and young children

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Decreased mononuclear cell response to mitogens in artificially reared neonatal pigs

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Decreased morbidity from acute bacterial spinal epidural abscesses using computed tomography and nonsurgical treatment in selected patients

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Decreased morphine intake by opiate addicted rats administered zimelidine a 5 hydroxy tryptamine uptake inhibitor

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Decreased mortality among male prisoners

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Decreased mortality among relatives of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

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Decreased mortality from brain abscesses since advent of computerized tomography

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Decreased mortality of murine graft vs host disease by human chorionic gonadotropin

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Decreased motility of bull spermatozoa caused by Mycoplasma bovigenitalium

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Decreased motor activity of hyperactive children on dextro amphetamine during active gymnastic program

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Decreased muscarinic binding sites in small intestine from mice treated with neostigmine

Gomez Estrada H.; Hernandez Delgado J.; Diaz Esquivel P., 1984:
Decreased myeloperoxidase activity of mouse polymorphonuclear leukocytes by lithium carbonate treatment

Luczak A.; Szmigielski S.; Gumulka S.W., 1979:
Decreased myo cardial and renal content of cyclic amp in genetically hypertensive rats effects of prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha

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Decreased myo cardial extracellular and muscle lipo protein lipase activities in endo toxin treated rats

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Decreased myo cardial sodium potassium atpase activity in 1 kidney 1 clip hypertensive rats

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Decreased nailfold capillary density in Raynaud's phenomenon: a reflection of immunologically mediated local and systemic vascular disease?

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Decreased natural killer activity in hairy cell leukemia an analysis at the cellular level

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Decreased natural killer activity in patients with liver cirrhosis

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Decreased natural killer activity in thalassemia major: a possible consequence of iron overload

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Decreased natural killer cell activity after prolonged administration of interferon in cancer patients

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Decreased natural killer cell activity in atopic eczema

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Decreased natural killer cell activity in children with untreated acute leukemia

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Decreased natural killer cell activity in lichen ruber planus

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Decreased natural killer cell activity vs. normal natural killer cell markers in mononuclear cells from patients with smoldering leukemia

Merrill J.; Jondal M.; Seeley J.; Ullberg M.; Siden A., 1982:
Decreased natural killer cell killing in patients with multiple sclerosis an analysis on the level of the single effector cell in peripheral blood and cerebro spinal fluid in relation to the activity of the disease

Becker, S.; Klein, E., 1976:
Decreased natural killer effect in tumor bearing mice and its relation to the immunity against oncornavirus determined cell surface antigens

Gottwald T.R.; Wood B.W., 1985:
Decreased net photosynthetic and dark respiration rates of pecan fruit and foliage in response to infection by cladosporium caryigenum

Kalaria R.N.; Prince A.K., 1986:
Decreased neurotransmitter receptor binding in striatum and cortex from adult hypothyroid rats

Humbert, J.R.; Hutter, J.J.Jr ; Thoren, C.H.; Dearmey, P.A., 1976:
Decreased neutrophil bactericidal activity in acute leukemia of childhood

Cotter, T.G.; O'Malley, K., 1983:
Decreased neutrophil cyclic AMP response to isoprenaline stimulation in the elderly

Touitou Y.; L.H.ang P.; Claustrat B.; Attye T.; Auzeby A.; Brun J.; Bogdan A.; Touitou C., 1986:
Decreased nocturnal plasma melatonin peak in patients with a functional alteration of the retina in relation with uveitis

Tamarkin, L.; Danforth, D.; Lichter, A.; DeMoss, E.; Cohen, M.; Chabner, B.; Lippman, M., 1982:
Decreased nocturnal plasma melatonin peak in patients with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer

Børresen, T.; Henriksen, O.B.; Christensen, N.J., 1980:
Decreased norepinephrine concentration in normal tissue neighboring a malignant tumor

Kelly T.G.; Aloyo V.J.; Ungar A.L.; Codd E.E.; Byrne W.L., 1981:
Decreased normorphine sensitivity of maternal guinea pig ilea at parturition

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Decreased nuclear binding of estrogen receptors in the pituitary of mice: correlation with biological effects throughout aging

Menezes Ferreira M.M.; Eil C.; Wortsman J.; Weintraub B.D., 1984:
Decreased nuclear uptake of iodine 125 labeled triiodo l thyronine in fibroblasts from patients with peripheral thyroid hormone resistance

Gerber M.; Favier F.; Pioch Y.; Dubois J B., 1986:
Decreased nucleic acid synthesis in low dose irradiated lymphocytes effect of t cell growth factor addition

Shojaeian H.; Delhaye Bouchaud N.; Mariani J., 1987:
Decreased number of cells in the inferior olivary nucleus of the adult mouse plus sg heterozygous for the staggerer gene

Rotoli B.; Robledo R.; Luzzatto L., 1982:
Decreased number of circulating progenitor cells bfu e in paroxysmal nocturnal hemo globinuria

Abbate R.; Modesti P.A.; Fortini A.; Lombardi A.; Matucci M.; Gensini G.F.; Serneri G.G.N.; Fellin R.; Valerio G.; Crepaldi G., 1985:
Decreased number of prostaglandin d 2 binding sites on platelets from patients with type iia hyperlipoproteinemia

Krasznai, A.; Krajcsi, P.; Arányi, P.; Mészáros, K.; Horváth, I., 1986:
Decreased number of steroid receptors of circulating lymphocytes in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Yasyui K.; Yamazaki M.; Miyagawa Y.; Komiyama A.; Akabane T., 1987:
Decreased numbers of chemotactic factor receptors in chronic neutropenia with defective chemotaxis spontaneous recovery from the neutrophil abnormalities during early childhood

Catalá, I.; Ferrer, I.; Galofré, E.; Fábregues, I., 1988:
Decreased numbers of dendritic spines on cortical pyramidal neurons in dementia. A quantitative Golgi study on biopsy samples

Ferrer I.; Fabregues I.; Rairiz J.; Galofre E., 1986:
Decreased numbers of dendritic spines on cortical pyramidal neurons in human chronic alcoholism

Passero, F.C.; Myers, A.R., 1981:
Decreased numbers of monocytes in inflammatory exudates in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Decreased numbers of pancreatic zymogen granules in nod mice

Mooi, W.; Wagenvoort, C.A., 1983:
Decreased numbers of pulmonary blood vessels: reality or artifact?

Tucker R.W.; Barrett J.C., 1986:
Decreased numbers of spindle and cytoplasmic microtubules in hamster embryo cells treated with a carcinogen diethylstilbestrol

Ishikawa, H.; Matsubara, T.; Hirohata, K., 1983:
Decreased numbers of T gamma lymphocytes in rheumatoid synovial membrane

Giraud G.D.; Maccannell K.L., 1984:
Decreased nutrient blood flow during dopamine induced and epinephrine induced intestinal vaso dilation

Nathenson, G.; Miller, M.E.; Myers, K.A.; Stitzel, A.; Spitzer, R.E., 1978:
Decreased opsonic and chemo tactic activities in sera of post burn patients and partial opsonic restoration with properdin and properdin convertase

Parker, L.E.; Netzloff, M.L., 1982:
Decreased ornithine decarboxylase in the fetal hydantoin syndrome

Abhold R.H.; Hegreberg G.A.; Magnuson J.A., 1983:
Decreased osmotic fragility in heritable canine myopathy

Breslow, J.L.; Epstein, J.; Vayo, M.M.; Fontaine, J.H., 1977:
Decreased ouabain binding in cystic fibrosis fibroblasts in potassium free medium

Trentini, G.P.; Botticelli, A.R.; Sannicola-Botticelli, C.; Barbanti-Silva, C., 1976 :
Decreased ovarian luteinizing hormone incorporation after melatonin treatment

Tildon, J.T.; Stevenson, J.H., 1984:
Decreased oxidation of labeled glucose by dissociated brain cells in the presence of fetal bovine serum

Coulson R.A.; Hernandez T., 1986:
Decreased oxygen consumption after catecholamine induced glycolysis in the alligator alligator mississippiensis

Niwa, Y.; Sakane, T.; Somiya, K.; Miyachi, Y., 1985:
Decreased oxygen radical generation by neutrophils from patients with measles presumably owing to activation of suppressor T lymphocytes

Mclaughlin C.L.; Peikin S.R.; Baile C.A., 1984:
Decreased pancreatic cholecystokinin receptor binding and cholecystokinin stimulated amylase release in zucker obese rats

McLaughlin, C.L.; Peikin, S.R.; Baile, C.A., 1982:
Decreased pancreatic exocrine response to cholecystokinin in Zucker obese rats

Tochikubo, K.; Yasuda, Y.; Kozuka, S., 1986:
Decreased particulate NADH oxidase activity in Bacillus subtilis spores after polymyxin B treatment

Perez Trallero E.; Garcia Arenzana J.M.; Cilla Eguiluz G.; Figueroa Pedrosa M., 1986:
Decreased penicillin sensitivity in strains causing a disseminated gonococcic infection

Carp, R.I.; Licursi, P.C.; Merz, P.A.; Merz, G.S., 1972:
Decreased percentage of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in mouse peripheral blood after inoculation with material from multiple sclerosis patients

Kjeldsen S.E.; Flaaten B.; Eide I.; Helgeland A.; Leren P.; Fonstelien E., 1983:
Decreased peripheral dopaminergic activity in essential hypertension?

Galante D.; Andreana A.; Perna P.; Utili R.; Ruggiero G., 1982:
Decreased phagocytic and bactericidal activity of the hepatic res during chronic ethanol treatment and its restoration by levamisole

Sabioncello A.; Rabatic S.; Kadrnka Lovrencic M.; Oberiter V.; Dekaris D., 1981:
Decreased phagocytosis and antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity in type 1 diabetes

Suzuki T.; Ikeda S.; Kanoh T.; Mizoguchi I., 1986:
Decreased phagocytosis and superoxide anion production in alveolar macrophages of rats exposed to nitrogen dioxide

Ido, M.; Sato, K.; Sakurai, M.; Inagaki, M.; Saitoh, M.; Watanabe, M.; Hidaka, H., 1987:
Decreased phorbol ester receptor and protein kinase C in P388 murine leukemic cells resistant to etoposide

Hueh W.; Lamb R.; Gonzalez Crussi F., 1982:
Decreased phospho lipase a 2 activity and prostaglandin biosynthesis in bcg activated alveolar macrophages

Brattberg G., 1986:
Decreased phosphorus loading changes phytoplankton composition and biomass in the stockholm sweden archipelago

Ehrlich, Y.H.; Bonnet, K.A.; Davis, L.G.; Brunngraber, E.G., 1978:
Decreased phosphorylation of specific proteins in neo striatal membranes from rats after long term narcotic exposure

Bank B.; Gurd J.W.; Chute D.L., 1986:
Decreased phosphorylation of synaptic glycoproteins following hippocampal kindling

Averbeck D.; Moustacchi E., 1980:
Decreased photo induced mutagenicity of mono functional as opposed to bi functional furo coumarins in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Hunter D.D.; Nathanson N.M., 1984:
Decreased physiological sensitivity mediated by newly synthesized muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in embryonic chicken heart

Mease A.D.; Fischer G.W.; Hunter K.W.; Ruymann F.B., 1980:
Decreased phyto hem agglutinin induced aggregation and complement c 5a induced chemo taxis of human new born neutrophils

Chi P Y.; Chou L W.; Sheih M H.; Lin J H.; Wan W.C M., 1984:
Decreased pituitary response to gonadotropin releasing hormone in vitro of adrenalectomized male rats and dexamethasone treated male rats

Manchester, D.; Jacoby, E., 1984:
Decreased placental monooxygenase activities associated with birth defects

Sadowitz, P.D.; Walenga, R.W.; Clark, D.; Stuart, M.J., 1987:
Decreased plasma arachidonic acid binding capacity in neonates

Tørring, O.; Bucht, E.; Sjöberg, H.E., 1985:
Decreased plasma calcitonin response to a calcium clamp in primary hyperparathyroidism

Seideman P.; Borg K O.; Haglund K.; Von Bahr C., 1987:
Decreased plasma concentrations and clinical effects of alprenolol during combined treatment with pentobarbitone in hypertension

Jezová-Repceková, D.; Vigas, M.; Klimes, I., 1980:
Decreased plasma cortisol response to pharmacological stimuli after glucose load in man

Belch, J.J.; McArdle, B.; Madhok, R.; McLaughlin, K.; Capell, H.A.; Forbes, C.D.; Sturrock, R.D., 1984:
Decreased plasma fibrinolysis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Jitoku, M.; Koide, N.; Nagashima, H., 1986:
Decreased plasma fibronectin in liver diseases correlated to the severity of fibrotic, inflammatory and necrotic changes of liver tissue

Smith, D.B.; Janmey, P.A.; Sherwood, J.A.; Howard, R.J.; Lind, S.E., 1988:
Decreased plasma gelsolin levels in patients with Plasmodium falciparum malaria: a consequence of hemolysis?

Lilien, L.D.; Srinivasan, G.; Yeh, T.F.; Pildes, R.S., 1985:
Decreased plasma glucose following indomethacin therapy in premature infants with patent ductus arteriosus

Kolmodin-Hedman, B., 1973:
Decreased plasma half life of phenyl butazone in workers exposed to chlorinated pesticides

Harvey, P.W.; Allen, K.G.D., 1981:
Decreased plasma lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase ec activity in copper deficient rats

Christofides, N.D.; Ghatei, M.A.; Bloom, S.R.; Borberg, C.; Gillmer, M.D., 1982:
Decreased plasma motilin concentrations in pregnancy

Tschöpe, W.; Ritz, E.; Schellenberg, B.; Arab, L.; Schlierf, G., 1984:
Decreased plasma phosphate under hormonal contraceptives

Fray, J.C.S.; Mayer, P.V.H., 1977:
Decreased plasma renin activity and renin release in rats with pheo chromo cytoma

Sarrias M.J.; Artigas F.; Martinez E.; Gelpi E.; Alvarez E.; Udina C.; Casas M., 1987:
Decreased plasma serotonin in melancholic patients a study with clomipramine

Uma S.M.; Satapathy M.; Sitaramayya A., 1983 :
Decreased plasma taurine levels in retinitis pigmentosa

Sakai, T.; Antoku, Y., 1987:
Decreased plasmalogen ratios in cultured skin fibroblasts from myotonic dystrophy

Mysliwiec M.; Villa S.; Kornblihtt L.; D.G.etano G.; Donati M.B., 1980:
Decreased plasminogen activator but normal prostacyclin activity in rat veins during development of experimental thrombosis

Turitto, V.T.; Weiss, H.J.; Baumgartner, H.R., 1983:
Decreased platelet adhesion on vessel segments in von Willebrand's disease: a defect in initial platelet attachment

Holloway, D.S.; Summaria, L.; Sandesara, J.; Vagher, J.P.; Alexander, J.C.; Caprini, J.A., 1988:
Decreased platelet number and function and increased fibrinolysis contribute to postoperative bleeding in cardiopulmonary bypass patients

Meyerhoff J.; Dorsch C.A., 1981:
Decreased platelet serotonin levels in systemic lupus erythematosus

Buchanan M.R.; Carter C.J.; Hirsh J., 1979:
Decreased platelet thrombogenicity in association with increased platelet turnover and vascular damage

Tang, S.W.; Berg, J.M.; Bruni, J.; Davis, A., 1988:
Decreased platelet tritiated imipramine binding in down's syndrome

Schneider L.S.; Severson J.A.; Sloane R.B.; Fredrickson E.R., 1988:
Decreased platelet tritiated imipramine binding in primary major depression compared with depression secondary to medical illness in elderly outpatients

Geaney D.P.; Rutterford M.G.; Elliott J.M.; Schachter M.; Peet K.M.S.; Grahame Smith D.G., 1984:
Decreased platelet tritium labeled imipramine binding sites in classical migraine

Olsen N.J.; Jasin H.E., 1984:
Decreased pokeweed mitogen induced immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin m rheumatoid factor synthesis in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with gold sodium thiomalate or penicillamine

Jothy S.; Gilmore N.; El'gabalawy H.; Prchal J., 1985:
Decreased population of leu 7 positive natural killer cells in lymph nodes of homosexual men with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome related persistent lymphadenopathy

Tan, U.; Agar, A.; Marangoz, C., 1978:
Decreased post tetanic potentiation of mono synaptic reflexes by simultaneous tetanization of antagonist nerves

Sellin, L.C.; Sperelakis, N., 1978:
Decreased potassium permeability in dystrophic mouse skeletal muscle

Burgunder J M.; Lauterburg B.H., 1987:
Decreased production of glutathione in patients with cirrhosis

Moises H.W.; Schindler L.; Leroux M.; Kirchner H., 1985:
Decreased production of interferon alpha and interferon gamma in leukocyte cultures of schizophrenic patients

Wilson C.B.; Westall J.; Johnston L.; Lewis D.B.; Dower S.K.; Alpert A.R., 1986:
Decreased production of interferon gamma by human neonatal cells intrinsic and regulation deficiencies

Kapp A.; Gillitzer R.; Kirchner H.; Schoepf E., 1988:
Decreased production of interferon in whole blood cultures derived from patients with psoriasis

Sarup, J.C.; Rao, K.V.; Fox, C.F., 1988:
Decreased progesterone binding and attenuated progesterone action in cultured human breast carcinoma cells treated with epidermal growth factor

Rojdmark S.; Carlsson A., 1985:
Decreased prolactin responsiveness to trh and metoclopramide in hyperthyroidism

Nagel J.E.; Chopra R.K.; Chrest F.J.; Mccoy M.T.; Schneider E.L.; Holbrook N.J.; Adler W.H., 1988:
Decreased proliferation interleukin 2 synthesis and interleukin 2 receptor expression are accompanied by decreased messenger rna expression in phytohemagglutinin stimulated cells from elderly donors

Deviere J.; Denys C.; Schandene L.; Romasco F.; Adler M.; Wybran J.; Dupont E., 1988:
Decreased proliferative activity associated with activation markers in patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis

Watanabe J.; Umeda F.; Sugimoto H.; Wasada T.; Ibayashi H., 1985:
Decreased prostacyclin production and platelet abnormalities in diabetes mellitus

Stuart M.J.; Sunderji S.G.; Yambo T.; Slott J.H.; Clark D.A.; Allen J.B.; Elrad H., 1981:
Decreased prostacyclin production characteristic of chronic placental insufficiency syndromes

Stuart, M.J.; Sunderji, S.G.; Allen, J.B., 1981:
Decreased prostacyclin production in the infant of the diabetic mother

Wilson, A.P.; Efthimiou, J.; Betteridge, D.J., 1988:
Decreased prostacyclin sensitivity of platelets in patients with behcet's syndrome

Friedman, Z.; Seyberth, H.; Lamberth, E.L.; Oates, J., 1978:
Decreased prostaglandin E turnover in infants with essential fatty acid deficiency

Ingerowski, R.M.; Haux, F.; Bruchhausen, F.V., 1977:
Decreased prostaglandin synthetase activity during kidney regeneration after folic acid or 2 4 5 tri amino 6 styryl pyrimidine application

Lepor, H.; Berry, S.J., 1984:
Decreased prostatic secretory function in canine benign prostatic hyperplasia is not due to decreased levels of muscarinic cholinergic receptors

Schreiber, J.R.; Barrus, V.A.; Siber, G.R., 1985:
Decreased protective efficacy of reduced and alkylated human immune serum globulin in experimental infection with Haemophilus influenzae type b

Burch, P.G.; Stanski, D.R., 1982:
Decreased protein binding and thiopental kinetics

Cook J.R.; Buetow D.E., 1981:
Decreased protein synthesis by polysomes transfer rna and aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases isolated from senescent rat liver

Huszti Z.; Kenessey A., 1981:
Decreased protein synthesis in rats during a single short term immobilization

Tollefsbol T.O.; Cohen H.J., 1985:
Decreased protein synthesis of transforming lymphocytes from aged humans relationship to impaired mitogenesis with age

Goldstein, S.; Stotland, D.; Cordeiro, R.A.J., 1976:
Decreased proteolysis and increased amino acid efflux in aging human fibroblasts

Hayashi R.; Kameda I., 1980:
Decreased proteolysis of alkali treated protein consequences of racemization in food processing

Lau H.T.; Hardy M.A.; Altman R.P., 1983:
Decreased pulmonary alveolar macrophage bactericidal activity in splenectomized rats

Lund, B.O.; Bergman, A.; Brandt, I., 1986:
Decreased pulmonary drug metabolism in mice treated with the pcb metabolite 4 methylsulfonyl 2 2' 5' 5' tetrachlorobiphenyl

Susić, D.; Haxhiu, M.; Kentera, D., 1981:
Decreased pulmonary pressor response to acute hypoxia in chronically hypoxic rats

Satake, I.; Tari, K.; Suzuki, F.; Yoshida, S., 1985:
Decreased pulmonary toxicity in continuous subcutaneous infusion and consecutive daily injection of peplomycin in testicular tumor patients

Satake, I.; Tari, K.; Honma, T.; Noguchi, Y.; Yoshida, K., 1985:
Decreased pulmonary toxicity of peplomycin in elderly patients employing continuous subcutaneous infusion

Tucker, A.; Reeves, J.T.; Jackson, D.L.; Grover, R.F., 1978:
Decreased pulmonary vascular responses in dogs with increased pulmonary blood flow

Morganoroth M.L.; Pickett W.C.; Worthen S.; Mathias M.; Reeves J.T.; Voelkel N.F., 1987:
Decreased pulmonary vascular responsiveness in rats raised on an essential fatty acid deficient diet

Sonntag, W.E.; Steger, R.W.; Forman, L.J.; Meites, J., 1980:
Decreased pulsatile release of growth hormone in old male rats

Kyaw, A.; Nwe, K.K.; Pe, U.H., 1980:
Decreased pyridoxal phosphate and kinase levels in iron deficient rat liver

Hesp, R.; Klenerman, L.; Page, L., 1984:
Decreased radial bone mass in Colles' fracture

Breillout, F.; Hadida, F.; Echinard-Garin, P.; Lascaux, V.; Poupon, M.F., 1987:
Decreased rat rhabdomyosarcoma pulmonary metastases in response to a low methionine diet

Cocchetto, D.M.; Tschanz, C.; Bjornsson, T.D., 1983:
Decreased rate of creatinine production in patients with hepatic disease: implications for estimation of creatinine clearance

Miller, A.L.; Hawkins, R.A.; Veech, R.L., 1975:
Decreased rate of glucose utilization by rat brain in vivo after exposure to atmospheres containing high concentrations of carbon di oxide

Korolenko T.A.; Pupyshev A.B.; Malygin A.E., 1980:
Decreased rate of intra lysosomal proteolysis and labilization of rat liver lysosomes during suramin administration

Grinblat L.; Pacheco Bolanos L.F.; Stoppani A.O.M., 1986:
Decreased rate of ketone body oxidation and decreased activity of d 3 hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase and succinyl coenzyme a 3 oxo acid coenzyme a transferase in heart mitochondria of diabetic rats

Boss, G.R.; Erbe, R.W., 1981:
Decreased rates of methionine synthesis by methylene tetra hydro folate reductase ec deficient fibroblasts and lympho blasts

Imsande J.; Edwards D.G., 1988:
Decreased rates of nitrate uptake during pod fill by cowpea green gram and soybean

Mezl V.A.; Cutcliffe N., 1987:
Decreased ratio of alpha to beta globin messenger rna in reticulocyte membrane rna

Banovac, K.; Bzik, L.; Sekso, M.; Petek, M., 1978:
Decreased ratio of serum tri iodo thyronine reverse tri iodo thyronine in patients with hyper thyroidism

Gorodeski, I.G.; Geier, A.; Siegal, A.; Beery, R.; Lunenfeld, B.; Langzam, J.; Bahari, C.M., 1986:
Decreased ratio of total progesterone to total estradiol receptor levels in endometria of women with adult dysfunctional uterine bleeding

Sugishita, Y.; Kakihana, M.; Murao, S., 1978:
Decreased reactive hyperemia after coronary perfusion with nonoxygenated solution

Beck Peccoz P.; Amr S.; Menezes Ferreira M.M.; Faglia G.; Weintraub B.D., 1985:
Decreased receptor binding of biologically inactive thyrotropin in central hypothyroidism effect of treatment with trh

Braasch, D.; Rogausch, H., 1971:
Decreased red cell deformability after severe burns determined with the chlorpromazine test

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