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Deeper layer application of additional nitrogen fertilizer for rice plant 2. relationships between the depth of application of top dressing and growth and yield of rice plants

Okumura, T.; Takeuchi, S.; Hasegawa, H.

Japanese Journal of Crop Science 51(1): 58-64


Accession: 005096735

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Experimental plots consisted of 2 plots differing in placement of top dressing: soil surface layer (S plot) and deep layer (D plot). The growth pattern of tops and yields were compared. The number of spikelets per square meter and yield in D plot were 35% and 6% greater than those in S plot, respectively. The dry matter increase of leaves and stems in D plot increased until heading time, until 10 days before heading time in S plot. The maximum LAI was 6.0 in D plot and 5.8 in S plot. In D plot, the tops size was larger and the productive structure was better than those in S plot. The higher N content of leaves was maintained throughout the ripening period; the duration of botton leaves was longer, and the percentage of fruitful stems was higher than those in S plot. The effects of the deeper application of additional N fertilizer apparently brought about by the autumn vigor of growth due to less root-rotting.

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