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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5099

Chapter 5099 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Feldman, G.L.; Wolf, B., 1981: Deficient acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase ec activity in multiple carboxylase deficiency

Hug, G.; Schubert, W.K.; Chuck, G., 1969: Deficient activity of enz dephospho phosphorylase kinase and accumulation of glycogen in the liver children

Levine M.A.; Downs R.W.Jr; Singer M.; Marx S.J.; Aurbach G.D.; Spiegel A.M., 1980: Deficient activity of guanine nucleotide regulatory protein in erythrocytes from patients with pseudo hypo parathyroidism

Robinson, B.H.; Gall, D.G.; Cutz, E., 1977: Deficient activity of hepatic pyruvate dehydrogenase and pyruvate carboxylase in Reye's syndrome

Corry, J.M.; Marshall, W.C.; Guthrie, L.A.; Peerless, A.G.; Johnston, R.B., 1981: Deficient activity of the alternative pathway of complement in beta thalassemia major

Downs, R.W.; Levine, M.A.; Drezner, M.K.; Burch, W.M.; Spiegel, A.M., 1983: Deficient adenylate cyclase regulatory protein in renal membranes from a patient with pseudohypoparathyroidism

Stas R.J.; Potter L.M., 1982: Deficient amino acids in a 22 percent protein corn soybean meal diet for young turkeys

Blair, M.E.; Potter, L.M., 1987: Deficient amino acids in protein of dehulled soybean meal for young turkeys

Benner, R.; van Oudenaren, A.; Haaijman, J.J., 1978: Deficient antibody formation in the bone marrow of nude mice

Gupta S.; Safai B., 1983: Deficient autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction in kaposis sarcoma associated with deficiency of leu 3 plus responder t cells

Smith, J.B.; DeHoratius, R.J., 1982: Deficient autologous mixed lymphocyte reactions correlate with disease activity in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis

Ulrich W D.; Ulrich C.; Bohne B D., 1986: Deficient autoregulation and lengthening of the diffusion in the anterior optic nerve circulation in glaucoma an electro encephalo dynamographic investigation

Dmowski, W.P.; Steele, R.W.; Baker, G.F., 1981: Deficient cellular immunity in endometriosis

Wanders, R.J.; Schutgens, R.B.; Heymans, H.S., 1987: Deficient cholesterol side chain oxidation in patients without peroxisomes (Zellweger syndrome): evidence for the involvement of peroxisomes in bile acid synthesis in man

Toyama S.; Koyama A.H.; Toyama S., 1983: Deficient cmp n acetyl neuraminic acid glyco protein sialyl transferase activity in a clone of kb cells with altered cell fusion ability

Hwang K C.; Fikrig S.M.; Friedman H.M.; Gupta S., 1985: Deficient concanavalin a induced supressor cell activity in patients with bronchial asthma allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis

Wilkie B.N.; Markham R.J.F.; Hazlett C., 1979: Deficient cutaneous response to phyto hem agglutinin p in healthy puppies from a kennel with a high prevalence of demodicosis

Pall, M.L.; Trevillyan, J.M.; Hinman, N., 1981: Deficient cyclic 3' 5' amp control in mutants of 2 genes of neurospora crassa

Epstein, J.; Williams, J.R.; Little, J.B., 1973: Deficient dna repair in human progeroid cells

Lütold, B.E.; Karoum, F.; Neff, N.H., 1979: Deficient dopamine metabolism in the celiac ganglion of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Borderon, E.; Horodniceanu, T.; Buissiere, J.; Barthez, J.P., 1977: Deficient dwarf colony mutants of escherichia coli study of a thiamine resistant strain isolated from a urine culture

Guy K.; Docherty L.J.M.; Dewar A.E., 1986: Deficient expression of major histocompatibility complex class ii antigens in some cases of human b cell leukemia

Bordas E.; Nagy S.; Gabor S.; Papilian V.V., 1982: Deficient fecundation in rats deprived of copper

Gabig T.G.; Lefker B.A., 1984: Deficient flavo protein component of the nadph dependent super oxide anion generating oxidase in the neutrophils from 3 male patients with chronic granulomatous disease

Kvittingen, E.A.; Halvorsen, S.; Jellum, E., 1983: Deficient fumaryl acetoacetate fumaryl hydrolase ec activity in lymphocytes and fibroblasts from patients with hereditary tyrosinemia

Condrescu, M.; López, J.R.; Medina, P.; Alamo, L., 1987: Deficient function of the sarcoplasmic reticulum in patients susceptible to malignant hyperthermia

Iwasaki, T., 1976: Deficient go no go discrimination learning in rats under the treatment of chlordiazepoxide

Levine M.A.; Eil C.; Downs R.W.Jr; Spiegel A.M., 1983: Deficient guanine nucleotide regulatory unit activity in cultured fibroblast membranes from patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism type i a cause of impaired synthesis of cyclic amp by intact and broken cells

Fletcher-McGruder, B.L.; Gerritsen, G.C., 1984: Deficient humoral antibody response of the spontaneously diabetic Chinese hamster

Warren, R.P.; Stembridge, A.M.; Gardner, E.J., 1985: Deficient immune function of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with Gardner syndrome

Onwubalili, J.K.; Scott, G.M.; Robinson, J.A., 1985: Deficient immune interferon production in tuberculosis

Foliot A.; Touchard D.; Myara A.; Trivin F.; Chauffert M., 1987: Deficient induction of sulfobromophthalein conjugating activity by phenobarbital in hamster liver

Brinkman, J.; Bush, B.M.; Porter, R., 1978: Deficient influences of peripheral stimuli on precentral neurons in monkeys with dorsal column lesions

Porzsolt F.; Janik R.; Heil G.; Brudler O.; Raghavachar A.; Scholz S.; Papendick U.; Heimpel H., 1986: Deficient interferon alpha production in hairy cell leukemia

Murakawa Y.; Sakane T.; Tsunematsu T., 1987: Deficient interleukin 2 production and its mechanisms in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Kitas, G.D.; Salmon, M.; Farr, M.; Gaston, J.S.; Bacon, P.A., 1988: Deficient interleukin 2 production in rheumatoid arthritis: association with active disease and systemic complications

O'donnell, J.J.; Sandman, R.P.; Martin, S.R., 1977: Deficient l ornithine 2 oxo acid amino transferase ec activity in cultured fibroblasts from a patient with gyrate atrophy of the retina

Grant, I.; McDonald, W.I.; Trimble, M.R.; Smith, E.; Reed, R., 1984: Deficient learning and memory in early and middle phases of multiple sclerosis

Van Soest R.W.M., 1984: Deficient merlia normani from the curacao reefs with a discussion on the phylogenetic interpretation of sclerosponges

Mostafa Y.A.; E.M.ngoury N.H.; Meyer R.A.Jr; Iorio R.J., 1982: Deficient nasal bone growth in the x linked hypo phosphatemic hyp mouse and its implication in cranio facial growth

Thyss A.; Caldani C.; Bourcier C.; Michiels J.F.; Schneider M., 1985: Deficient natural killer activity evolving with an immune granulopenia

Delisi L.E.; Ortaldo J.R.; Maluish A.E.; Wyatt R.J., 1983: Deficient natural killer cell activity and macrophage functioning in schizophrenic patients

Hersey P.; Edwards A.; Lewis R.; Kemp A.; Mcinnes J., 1982: Deficient natural killer cell activity in a patient with fanconis anemia and squamous cell carcinoma association with defect in interferon release

Charpentier, B.; Franco, D.; Paci, L.; Charra, M.; Martin, B.; Vuitton, D.; Fries, D., 1984: Deficient natural killer cell activity in alcoholic cirrhosis

Yoda Y.; Abe T.; Mitamura K.; Saito K.; Kawada K.; Onozawa Y.; Adachi Y.; Nomura T., 1982: Deficient natural killer cell activity in paroxysmal nocturnal hemo globinuria

Yoda Y.; Abe T., 1985: Deficient natural killer cells in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria studies of lymphoid cells fractionated by discontinuous density gradient centrifugation

Dupont E.; Vandercruys M.; Wybran J., 1984: Deficient natural killer function in patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs analysis at the cellular level

Caron, P.J.; Nieman, L.K.; Rose, S.R.; Nisula, B.C., 1986: Deficient nocturnal surge of thyrotropin in central hypothyroidism

Djawari, D., 1978: Deficient phagocytic function in papillon lefevre syndrome

Ben Yoseph Y.; Hahn L.C.; Defranco C.L.; Nadler H.L., 1981: Deficient phosphorylation of mannose residues of mannan in fibroblasts of patients with muco lipidosis ii and muco lipidosis iii

Woo, K.C.; Anderson, J.M.; Boardman, N.K.; Downton, W.J.S.; Osmond, C.B.; Thorne, S.W. , 1970: Deficient photosystem ii in agranal bundle sheath chloroplasts of 4 carbon plants

Gershon, R.K.; Kondo, K., 1976: Deficient production of a thymus dependent high affinity antibody subset in mice cba n with an x linked bone marrow derived lymphocyte defect

Marshall Clarke S.; Cooke A.; Hutchings P.R., 1979: Deficient production of anti red cell auto antibodies by mice with an x linked bone marrow derived lymphocyte defect

Isaacs D.; Tyrrell D.A.J.; Clarke J.R.; Webster A.D.B.; Valman H.B., 1981: Deficient production of leukocyte interferon interferon alpha in vitro and in vivo in children with recurrent respiratory tract infections

Kazura, J.W.; Gandola, C.; Rodman, H.R.; Mahmoud, A.A., 1979: Deficient production of the lymphokine eosinophil stimulation promoter in chemically induced and mutation diabetes mellitus in mice

Chamone D.A.F.; Massumoto C.M.; Paschoa A.F.; Arashiro F.; Pontes J.F., 1988: Deficient release of prostacyclin by the rat stomach under stress

Zolan, M.E.; Cortopassi, G.A.; Smith, C.A.; Hanawalt, P.C., 1982: Deficient repair of chemical adducts in alpha DNA of monkey cells

Rose, R.M.; Wasserman, A.S.; Weiser, W.Y.; Remold, H.G., 1986: Deficient responses of pulmonary macrophages from healthy smokers to antiviral lymphokines in vitro

Bokov P., 1986: Deficient sedimentation zones part 1

Fierer, J.; Finley, F., 1979: Deficient serum bactericidal activity against Escherichia coli in patients with cirrhosis of the liver

Lagercrantz H.; Sjoquist B., 1980: Deficient sympatho adrenal activity a cause of apnea urinary excretion of catecholamines and their metabolites in preterm infants

Grover-Johnson, N.; Pearson, J., 1976: Deficient vascular innervation in familial dysautonomia an explanation for vaso motor instability

Heinz-Erian, P.; Dey, R.D.; Flux, M.; Said, S.I., 1985: Deficient vasoactive intestinal peptide innervation in the sweat glands of cystic fibrosis patients

Wagman A.M.I.; Heinrichs D.W.; Carpenter W.T.Jr, 1987: Deficit and nondeficit forms of schizophrenia neuropsychological evaluation

Miller D.E.; Hang A.N., 1980: Deficit high frequency irrigation of sugar beets beta vulgaris with the line source technique

Miller D.E.; Hang A.N., 1982: Deficit high frequency sprinkler irrigation of wheat triticum aestivum

Pfaff, D.W.; Sakuma, Y., 1979: Deficit in the lordosis reflex of female rats caused by lesions in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus

Miceli G.; Villa G.; Silveri M.C., 1983: Deficit of reading mechanisms in a case of deep dyslexia

Hang A.N.; Evans D.W., 1985: Deficit sprinkler irrigation of sunflower helianthus annuus and safflower carthamus tinctorius

Thomas, G.J.; Spafford, P.S., 1984: Deficits for representational memory induced by septal and cortical lesions (singly and combined) in rats

Lunzer E.A.; Stratford B., 1984: Deficits in attention in young children with specific reference to downs syndrome and other mentally handicapped children

Srebro, B.; Ellertsen, B.; Ursin, H., 1976: Deficits in avoidance learning following septal lesions in the albino rat

Schultz W.; Studer A.; Jonsson G.; Sundstrom E.; Mefford I., 1985: Deficits in behavioral initiation and execution processes in monkeys macaca fascicularis with 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine induced parkinsonism

Dravid, A.R., 1983: Deficits in cholinergic enzymes and muscarinic receptors in the hippocampus and striatum of senescent rats: effect of chronic hydergine treatment

Bialik, R.J.; Pappas, B.A.; Roberts, D.C., 1984: Deficits in conditioned avoidance responding following adrenalectomy and central norepinephrine depletion are dependent on postsurgical recovery period and phase of the diurnal cycle

Mangiapane, M.L.; Thrasher, T.N.; Keil, L.C.; Simpson, J.B.; Ganong, W.F., 1983: Deficits in drinking and vasopressin secretion after lesions of the nucleus medianus

Binggeli, R.; Weinstein, R.C., 1985: Deficits in elevating membrane potential of rat fibrosarcoma cells after cell contact

Stanford S.C.; Parker V.; Morinan A., 1988: Deficits in exploratory behavior in socially isolated rats are not accompanied by changes in cerebral cortical adrenoceptor binding

Albano J.E.; Wurtz R.H., 1982: Deficits in eye position following ablation of monkey macaca mulatta superior colliculus pretectum and posterior medial thalamus

Amorosa H.; Von Benda U.; Dames M.; Schaeferskuepper P., 1986: Deficits in fine motor coordination in children with unintelligible speech

Alheid, G.F.; Mcdermott, L.; Kelly, J.; Halaris, A.; Grossman, S.P., 1977: Deficits in food and water intake after knife cuts that deplete striatal dopamine or hypothalamic norepinephrine in rats

Laming, P.R.; McKee, M., 1981: Deficits in habituation of cardiac arousal responses incurred by telencephalic ablation in goldfish, Carassius auratus, and their relation to other telencephalic functions

Rafal R.D.; Posner M.I., 1987: Deficits in human visual spatial attention following thalamic lesions

Schwarting R.; Carey R.J., 1985: Deficits in inhibitory avoidance after neurotoxic lesions of the ventral striatum are neurochemically and behaviorally selective

Willis G.L.; Smith G.C.; Mcgrath B.P., 1983: Deficits in loco motor behavior and motor performance after central 6 hydroxy dopamine or peripheral l dopa

Pinchoff B.S.; Winterkorn J.M.S., 1979: Deficits in luminous flux discrimination by cats with lesions of the superior colliculus pretectum

Welle, S.L.; Coover, G.D., 1978: Deficits in mouse killing following trigeminal lesions in the rat

Schneider, J.S.; Diamond, S.G.; Markham, C.H., 1986: Deficits in orofacial sensorimotor function in Parkinson's disease

Swartzwelder H.S., 1981: Deficits in passive avoidance and fear behavior following bilateral and unilateral amygdala lesions in mice

Dudley S.D.; Ramirez I.; Wade G.N., 1981: Deficits in pituitary and brain cell nuclear retention of tritium labeled estradiol in diabetic rats deprived of insulin time course and metabolic correlates

Thompson, R.; Harmon, D.; Yu, J., 1985: Deficits in response inhibition and attention in rats rendered mentally retarded by early subcortical brain damage

Chevalley A.F.; Schenk F., 1988: Deficits in spatial learning of immature rats

Ramier, A.M.; Hecaen, H., 1977: Deficits in the verbal fluency test in left handed subjects with unilateral hemispheric lesions

Snyder A.; Shapley R., 1979: Deficits in the visual evoked potentials of cats as a result of visual deprivation

Winterkorn, J.M.S., 1977: Deficits in visual learning by cats with lesions of the visual cortex

Campbell, A., 1978: Deficits in visual learning produced by posterior temporal lesions in cats

Anisman H.; Irwin J.; Sklar L.S., 1979: Deficits of escape performance following catecholamine depletion implications for behavioral deficits induced by uncontrollable stress

Blanchard B.A.; Riley E.P.; Hannigan J.H., 1987: Deficits on a spatial navigation task following prenatal exposure to ethanol

Auriault C.; Damonneville M.; Joseph M.; Capron M.; Verwaerde C.; Billaut P.; Capron A., 1985: Defined antigens secreted by the larvae of schistosomes protect against schistosomiasis induction of cytotoxic antibodies in the rat and monkey

Yang, S.T.; Tang, I.C.; Okos, M.R., 1988: Defined bacterial culture development for methane generation from lactose

Smith, R.H.; Price, H.J.; Thaxton, J.B., 1977: Defined conditions for the initiation and growth of cotton callus in vitro part 1 gossypium arboreum

Stevenson T.M.; Kazmierczak F.; Leonard N.J., 1986: Defined dimensional alterations in enzyme substrates general synthetic methodology for the bent dihydro lin benzopurines

Stevenson T.M.; Leonard N.J., 1984: Defined dimensional alterations in enzyme substrates lin naphtho adenine and lin naphtho adenosine

Moder K.P.; Leonard N.J., 1982: Defined dimensional alterations in enzyme substrates synthesis and enzymatic evaluation of some lin naphtho purines

Thomson A.B., 1986: Defined formula diets alter jejunal and colonic uptake of lipids in rabbits with intact intestinal tract and following ileal resection

Kele, R.A.; McCoy, E., 1971: Defined liquid minimal medium for Caryophanon latum

Hill, G.J.; Machlis, L., 1970: Defined Media for Growth and Gamete Production by the Green Alga, Oedogonium cardiacum

Huber F.M.; Tietz A.J., 1983: Defined media strategies for the biosynthesis of cephalosporin c

Whitby, G.E.; Murray, R.G., 1980: Defined medium for Aquaspirillum serpens VHL effective in batch and continuous culture

Matsumoto, T.; Okunishi, K.; Noguchi, M., 1976: Defined medium for crown gall cells of tobacco in suspension culture

Herriott, R.M.; Meyer, E.Y.; Vogt, M.; Modan, M., 1970: Defined medium for growth of Haemophilus influenzae

Juni E.; Heym G.A.; Avery M., 1986: Defined medium for moraxella catarrhalis

Silani V.; Redaelli L.M.; Scarlato G., 1982: Defined medium for purifying neuronal cells in culture from rat central nervous tissue

Tolar M.; Michl J.; Dlouha H.; Teisinger J., 1983: Defined medium supplemented with growth promoting alpha globulin supports the formation differentiation and innervation of myotubes in cell cultures from chicken embryo

Lee Y.H.; Brown M.R.W.; Cheung H.Y., 1982: Defined minimal media for the growth of prototrophic and auxotrophic strains of bacillus stearothermophilus

Herriott, R.M.; Meyer, E.M.; Vogt, M., 1970: Defined nongrowth media for stage II development of competence in Haemophilus influenzae

Gabra, M.S.; Grossiord, D.; Perrin, L.H.; Shaw, A.; Cheung, A.; McGregor, I.A., 1986: Defined Plasmodium falciparum antigens in malaria serology

Richardson G.H.; Hong G.L.; Ernstrom C.A., 1980: Defined single strains of lactic streptococci in bulk culture for cheddar and monterey cheese manufacture

Thunell R.K.; Sandine W.E.; Bodyfelt F.W., 1984: Defined strains and phage insensitive mutants for commercial manufacture of cottage cheese and cultured butter milk

Elliott T.; Geiduschek E.P., 1984: Defining a bacterio phage t 4 late promoter absence of a minus 35 region

Bizzini, B.; Toth, P.; Fedinec, A.A., 1988: Defining a region on tetanus toxin responsible for neuromuscular blockade

Alexander B.K.; Schweighofer A.R.F., 1988: Defining addiction

Vogt, I., 1984: Defining alcohol problems as a repressive mechanism: its formative phase in imperial Germany and its strength today

Dobson K.S., 1985: Defining an interactional approach to anxiety and depression

Andrykowski M.A., 1988: Defining anticipatory nausea and vomiting differences among cancer chemotherapy patients who reported pretreatment nausea

Jameson G.W., 1984: Defining critical landscapes on mexican ejidos

Handa, K.; Herrmann, S., 1985: Defining cytolytic t lymphocyte recognition of chemically modified self 1. response to trinitrophenyl h 2k k 1

Harber P.; Tockman M., 1982: Defining disease in epidemiologic studies of pulmonary function percent of predicted or differences from predicted?

Flaherty, E.W.; Kotranski, L.; Fox, E.; Kay, F.D., 1986: Defining drug use: a model for the integration of measures through the census tract

Jenkins, D.; Goodall, A.; Gillet, F.R.; Scott, B.B., 1985: Defining duodenitis: quantitative histological study of mucosal responses and their correlations

Babitch J.A.; Macha M.R.; Kiener P.A., 1984: Defining erythrocyte internal labeling by phosphorylation

Kottow M.H., 1980: Defining health

Benussi G.; Mccarthy B.J.; Friedman J.S.; Elsea W.; Morris L., 1982: Defining legitimate births in fulton county georgia usa 1977

Kaufert P.A.; Gilbert P.; Tate R., 1987: Defining menopausal status the impact of longitudinal data

White, C.; Ryan, J., 1983: Defining optimal conditions for making cottage cheese from reconstituted milk powder

Blueford J.R., 1984: Defining radiolarian species in search of solutions

Daly M.J.; Henry R.E., 1981: Defining renal anatomy and function with technetium 99m di mercapto succinic acid clinical and renographic correlation

Wohlgemuth, A., 1978: Defining specificities, genes, antigens, and antibodies- A matrix approach

Anagnostopoulos, G.D., 1975: Defining synchrony of cell cultures

Garbarino, J.; Crouter, A., 1978: Defining the community context for parent child relations the correlates of child mal treatment

Oliphant A.; Struhl K., 1988: Defining the consensus sequences of escherichia coli promoter elements by random selection

Roberts, C.S.; Strange, M.K., 1986: Defining the family in family medicine: implications for social workers

Takashi, R.; Duke, J.; Ue, K.; Morales, M.F., 1976: Defining the fast reacting thiols of myosin by reaction with 1 5 n iodoacetyl n 5 sulfo 1 naphthyl ethylenediamine

Hales, D.J.; Lozoff, B.; Sosa, R.; Kennell, J.H., 1977: Defining the limits of the maternal sensitive period

Herbschleb-Voogt, E.; Khan, P.M., 1981: Defining the locus of origin of a genetically determined electrophoretic variant of a multi locus enzyme system the calcutta 1 of human lactate dehydrogenase ec system is a b locus variant

Sakai, K.; Watanabe, K.; Millard, R.W., 1985: Defining the mechanical border zone: a study in the pig heart

O'Reilly, T.; Niven, D.F., 1986: Defining the metabolic and growth responses of porcine haemophili to exogenous pyridine nucleotides and precursors

Mabbett I.W., 1982: Defining the paranormal

Hirotsu C., 1983: Defining the pattern of associated in 2 way contingency tables

Wiedeman, M.P.; Tuma, R.F.; Mayrovitz, H.N., 1976: Defining the precapillary sphincter

Anhalt, G.J.; Till, G.O.; Diaz, L.A.; Labib, R.S.; Patel, H.P.; Eaglstein, N.F., 1986: Defining the role of complement in experimental pemphigus vulgaris in mice

Berman M.C., 1984: Defining the role of the sonographer

Nelson R.L., 1986: Defining the seed filling period on soybeans glycine max to predict yield

Fiume, S., 1978: Definite points about the problem of toxicomanias

Tanaka H.; Ishihara M.; Ichino K.; Ito K., 1987: Definite total synthesis of coumarinolignans daphneticin and its regioisomer

Murawski S.A.; Lange A.M.; Sissenwine M.P.; Mayo R.K., 1983: Definition and analysis of multi species otter trawl fisheries off the northeast coast of the usa/

Contesso G.; Bertin F.; Lacombe M.J., 1987: Definition and anatomo pathological classification of benign pathological conditions on the breast

Woodburne, M.O., 1977: Definition and characterization in mammalian chrono stratigraphy

Surico, N.; Crivello, T.; Viale, S.; Porcelli, A.; Mollo, F.; Marengo, F.; Ferraris, G., 1987: Definition and classification of endometrial carcinoma precursors

Kawashima Y., 1981: Definition and classification of the double outlet right ventricle

Chapman, J.R.; Charles, P.J.; Venables, P.J.; Thompson, P.J.; Haslam, P.L.; Maini, R.N.; Turner Warwick, M.E., 1984: Definition and clinical relevance of antibodies to nuclear ribonucleoprotein and other nuclear antigens in patients with cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis

Madison R.; Afifi A.A., 1982: Definition and comparability of nosocomial infection rates

Prost, J.; Belleville, J., 1975: Definition and critical study of a titrimetric assay of synthetic activity of cholesterol esterase in pancreatic juice

Saeger, W.; Breuer, H.; Luedecke, D., 1976: Definition and differential diagnosis of chromophobe pituitary adenomas light microscopic and electron microscopic studies

Yamasaki Y., 1980: Definition and etiology of bladder neck contracture

Lawrence, C.B.; Goldman, D.A., 1988: Definition and identification of homology domains

Hoeg, J.M.; Brewer, H.B., 1987: Definition and management of hyperlipoproteinemia

Cartwright, D.S.; Marks, M.E.; Durrett, J.H.J., 1978: Definition and measurement of 3 processes of imagery representation exploratory studies of verbally stimulated imagery

Watanabe H.; Kijima H.; Uchida K.; E.A., 1986: Definition and morphological characteristics of early carcinoma of the gallbladder

Hippa H.; Oksala I., 1982: Definition and revision of the enoplognatha ovata group araneae theridiidae

Paull R.K., 1983: Definition and stratigraphic significance of the lower triassic conodont gladigondolella meeki new species in the western usa

Iversen T., 1985: Definition and treatment of microcarcinoma of the cervix uteri

Walker P.H.; Beckmann G.G.; Brewer R., 1984: Definition and use of the term pedoderm

Immelmann, K., 1972: Definition and use of the terms ultimate factor proximate factor and zeitgeber

Muraro, R.; Wunderlich, D.; Thor, A.; Lundy, J.; Noguchi, P.; Cunningham, R.; Schlom, J., 1985: Definition by monoclonal antibodies of a repertoire of epitopes on carcinoembryonic antigen differentially expressed in human colon carcinomas vs. normal adult tissues

Caudwell A.; Kuszala C., 1986: Definition by the infectivity test of a medium for extraction and survival and of a method for purification and cryopreservation in vitro of the grapevine flavescens doree pathogen mlo

Athias Henroit C., 1980: Definition composition and geography of the genus cornigamasus acari parasitiformes parasitidae

Kubin S., 1985: Definition evaluation and measurement of the photosynthetically active radiation

Paul, L.C.; Busch, G.J.; Paradysz, J.M.; Carpenter, C.B., 1983: Definition, genetics, and possible significance of a newly defined endothelial antigen in the rat

Maurer, B.A.; Jones, J.A.; Neefe, J.R., 1978: Definition of 17 rhesus monkey histo compatibility antigens including 1 new antigen

Maurer B.A.; Siwarski D.F.; Neefe J.R., 1979: Definition of 2 lymphocyte defined antigens in rhesus monkeys

H.S.K.; Eardley D.D.; Cantor H.; Gershon R.K., 1983: Definition of 2 pathways for generation of suppressor t cell activity

Rogowsky P.; Halford S.E.; Schmitt R., 1985: Definition of 3 resolvase binding sites at the res loci of transposon tn 21 and transposon tn 1721

Goldgaber D.; Gibbs C.J.Jr; Gajdusek D.C.; Svedmyr A. , 1985: Definition of 3 serotypes of hantaviruses by a double sandwich elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay with biotin avidin amplification system

Blaineau C.; Connan F.; Arnaud D.; Andrews P.; Williams L.; Mcilhinney J.; Avner P., 1984: Definition of 3 species specific monoclonal antibodies recognizing antigenic structures present on human embryonal carcinoma cells which undergo modulation during in vitro differentiation

Van Der Poel J.J.; Moelders H.; Thompson A.; Ploegh H.L., 1983: Definition of 4 hla a 2 subtypes by cell mediated lympholysis typing and biochemical analysis

Tropea J.; Almon R.R., 1979: Definition of a beta adrenergic receptor population in skeletal muscle iodine 131 labeled hydroxybenzyl pindolol binding

Dabard, J.; Dechambre, R.P.; Ducluzeau, R.; Gosse, C.; Guillon, J.C.; Perrot, A.; Raibaud, P.; Sabourdy, M.; Sacquet, E.; Et-Al, 1977: Definition of a heteroxenic mouse according to the controlled sanitary statute

Nijhout H.F., 1983: Definition of a juvenile hormone sensitive period in rhodnius prolixus

Meruelo, D.; Paolino, A.; Flieger, N.; Offer, M., 1980: Definition of a new T lymphocyte cell surface antigen, Ly 11.2

Gren M.R.; Roeder R.G., 1980: Definition of a novel promoter for the major adenovirus associated virus messenger rna

Seremetis, S.; Cuttner, J.; Winchester, R., 1985: Definition of a possible genetic basis for susceptibility to acute myelogenous leukemia associated with the presence of a polymorphic Ia epitope

Soo, H.M.; Sander, E.H.; Kess, D.W., 1978: Definition of a prediction model for determination of the effect of processing and compositional parameters on the textural characteristics of fabricated shrimp

Knipe D.M.; Spang A.E., 1982: Definition of a series of stages in the association of 2 herpesviral protein with the cell nucleus

Ross P.D.; Wasnich R.D.; Heilbrun L.K.; Vogel J.M., 1987: Definition of a spine fracture threshold based upon prospective fracture risk

Notteghem J L., 1985: Definition of a strategy for the use of resistance through the genetic analysis of host pathogen relationships the rice pyricularia oryzae couple

Targan S.R.; Newman W., 1983: Definition of a trigger stage in the natural killer cytolytic reaction sequence by a mono clonal antibody to the glyco protein t 200

Lachmann G.; Siebert H., 1980: Definition of acid base state in erythrocytes and liver tissue of cattle

Greenberg P.D.; Cheever M.A.; Fefer A., 1981: Definition of alien h 2 determinants on a friend leukemia by analysis of allo reactivity of cyto toxic lymphocytes from primary mixed lymphocyte culture

Campbell A.; Mohn R.K., 1983: Definition of american lobster stocks for the canadian maritimes by analysis of fishery landing trends

Bryan J.; Hwo S., 1986: Definition of an amino terminal actin binding domain and a carboxyl terminal calcium regulatory domain in human brevin

Hayes L.J.; Diller K.R.; Lee H.S.; Baxter C.R., 1984: Definition of an average cooling rate during cell freezing

Rettig W.J.; Chesa P.G.; Beresford H.R.; Melamed M.R.; Old L.J., 1988: Definition of an extracellular matrix protein in rostral portions of the human central nervous system

Klepper L.Ya, 1981: Definition of an object function in the determination of optimum physical conditions of irradiation by means of tolerant dose values in normal organs and tissues

Hand P.H.; Nuti M.; Colcher D.; Schlom J., 1983: Definition of antigenic heterogeneity and modulation among human mammary carcinomas cell populations using mono clonal antibodies to tumor associated antigens

Sharpan' Y.V., 1984: Definition of antihistaminic properties of some histidine derivatives in experimental t and b rosette formation by guinea pig lymphocytes

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