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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5107

Chapter 5107 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Namba, T.; Tsunezuka, M.; Hattori, M., 1982:
Dental caries prevention by traditional chinese medicines 2. potent anti bacterial action of magnoliae cortex extracts against streptococcus mutans

Cleaton Jones P.; Richardson B.D.; Sinwel R.; Rantsho J.; Granath L., 1984:
Dental caries sucrose intake and oral hygiene in 5 year old south african indian children

Oilo, G.; Gjerdet, N.R., 1983:
Dental casting alloys with a low content of noble metals: physical properties

Lazic B.; Kosovel Z., 1985:
Dental cement quality control based on measurement of linear deformation in laboratory conditions

Oudran, L.; Sovadinova, V.; Melkova, V., 1977:
Dental cementum in radicular cyst study in the scanning electron microscope

Barbas, N.; Caplan, L.; Baquis, G.; Adelman, L.; Moskowitz, M., 1987:
Dental chair intracerebral hemorrhage

Chamla M C., 1980:
Dental change among north african population from epipaleolithic period up to recent times a metric analysis

Dalquest W.W.; Carpenter R.M., 1986:
Dental characters of some fossil and recent kangaroo rats with description of a new species of pleistocene dipodomys

Liu, K.L., 1977:
Dental condition of 2 tribes of taiwan aborigines ami and atayal

Radnzic D., 1988:
Dental crowding and its relationship to mesiodistal crown diameters and arch dimensions

Hägg, U.; Taranger, J., 1984:
Dental development assessed by tooth counts and its correlation to somatic development during puberty

Schwartz, J.H., 1978:
Dental development homologies and primate phylogeny

Poyry M., 1987:
Dental development in 0 3 year old children with cleft lip and palate

Farias, M.; Vargervik, K., 1988:
Dental development in hemifacial microsomia. I. Eruption and agenesis

Roberts, M.W.; Li, S.H.; Comite, F.; Hench, K.D.; Pescovitz, O.H.; Cutler, G.B.; Loriaux, D.L., 1985:
Dental development in precocious puberty

Murchison M.A.; Riopelle A.J.; Owsley D.W., 1988:
Dental development in protein deprived infant rhesus monkeys

Owsley D.W., 1982:
Dental discriminant sexing of arikara skeletons

Rothbauer G., 1984:
Dental disease and service capability

Reisine, S.T., 1984 :
Dental disease and work loss

Geddes, D.A.M., 1977:
Dental disease cause and prevention

Aitchison, G.U.; Spence, J.A., 1984:
Dental disease in hill sheep: an abattoir survey

Lukacs J.R.; Retief D.H.; Jarrige J F., 1985:
Dental disease in prehistoric baluchistan pakistan

Scott, E.A.; Gallagher, K.; Boles, C.L.; Beasley, R.D.; Reed, S.M., 1977:
Dental disease in the horse 5 case reports

Inoue, N.; Kuo, C.H.; Ito, G., 1981:
Dental diseases in japanese skeletal remains 1. kamakura era

Inoue, N.; Kuo, C.H.; Ito, G.; Kamegai, T., 1981:
Dental diseases in japanese skeletal remains 2. later jomon period

Inoue, N.; Kuo, C.H.; Ito, G.; Kamegai, T., 1981:
Dental diseases in japanese skeletal remains 3. kofun period

Inoue, N.; Kuo, C.H.; Ito, G.; Kamegai, T., 1982:
Dental diseases in japanese skeletal remains 4. muromachi era

Tsamtsouris, A.; Stack, A.; Padamsee, M., 1986:
Dental education of expectant parents

Grenby T.H.; Colley J., 1983:
Dental effects of xylitol compared with other carbohydrates and polyols in the diet of laboratory rats

Hagg U.; Taranger J., 1981:
Dental emergence stages and the pubertal growth spurt

Pass, B.; Aldrich, J.E., 1985:
Dental enamel as an in vivo radiation dosimeter

Aine, L., 1986:
Dental enamel defects and dental maturity in children and adolescents with celiac disease

Fincham A.G.; Belcourt A.B.; Termine J.D.; Butler W.T.; Cothran W.C., 1981:
Dental enamel matrix sequences of 2 amelogenin poly peptides

Dostal A.; Zapfe H., 1986:
Dental enamel prism patterns of mesopithecus pentelicus wagner 1839 compared with recent cercopithecids primates cercopithecidae

Jarvinen, V.; Meurman, J.H.; Hyvarinen, H.; Rytomaa, I.; Murtomaa, H., 1988:
Dental erosion and upper gastrointestinal disorders

Linkosalo, E.; Markkanen, H., 1985:
Dental erosions in relation to lactovegetarian diet

Jackson D.L.; Gluesing E.A.; Jacobson H.A., 1988:
Dental eruption in bobcats

Galliari C.A., 1985:
Dental eruption in captive born cebus apella from birth to 30 months old

Seow W.K.; Humphrys C.; Mahanonda R.; Tudehope D.I., 1988:
Dental eruption in low birth weight prematurely born children a controlled study

Phillips Conroy J.E.; Jolly C.J., 1988:
Dental eruption schedules of wild and captive baboons

Tuner, C.G., 1976:
Dental evidence on the origins of the Ainu and Japanese

Dal B.Z.non, R.; Calzavara, M.; Vicari, T.; Miotti, A.; Girolami, A., 1986:
Dental extraction in congenital hemorrhagic patients

Mukai, H.; Sugihara, K.; Kawashima, K.; Yamashita, S., 1987:
Dental extraction in hemophilia presentation of past 8 years' experience

Scantei Dorobat D.C., 1985:
Dental extraction in the treatment of dento maxillary anomalies

Vinckier F.; Vermylen J., 1985:
Dental extractions in hemophilia reflections on 10 years experience

Pniejnia Olszynski W.; Pietrzykowska E.; Lopaciuk S., 1979:
Dental extractions in patients with hemophilia a under the cover of cryo precipitate and epsilon amino caproic acid

Makkonen T.A.; Kiminki A.; Makkonen T.K.; Nordman E., 1987:
Dental extractions in relation to radiation therapy of 224 patients

Berggren U.; Linde A., 1984:
Dental fear and avoidance a comparison of 2 modes of treatment

Neverlien P.O., 1988:
Dental fear and locus of control a pilot study

Koppang, H.S.; Stene, T.; Solheim, T.; Larheim, T.A.; Winsnes, A.; Monn, E.; Stokke, O., 1984:
Dental features in congenital persistent renal tubular acidosis of proximal type

Barker, B.C.W., 1978:
Dental features of the tabon mandible

Lukinmaa, P.L.; Ranta, H.; Ranta, K.; Kaitila, I., 1987:
Dental findings in osteogenesis imperfecta: I. Occurrence and expression of type I dentinogenesis imperfecta

Lukinmaa, P.L.; Ranta, H.; Ranta, K.; Kaitila, I.; Hietanen, J., 1987:
Dental findings in osteogenesis imperfecta: II. Dysplastic and other developmental defects

Halse, A.; Bjorvatn, K.; Aarskog, D., 1979:
Dental findings in patients with Aarskog syndrome

Carroll, G.C.; Sebor, R.J., 1980:
Dental flossing and its relationship to transient bacteremia

Stoesser L.; Kneist S.; Gabsdiel M., 1985:
Dental flossing as a plaque sampling technique from the rat

Kadoma, Y.; Kojima, K.; Masuhara, E., 1983:
Dental fluoride releasing polymers 4. fluoridation of human enamel by fluoride containing sealant

Riordan P.J.; Tviet A.B., 1982:
Dental fluorosis a clinical histological and micro analytical case study

Wenzel, A.; Thylstrup, A., 1982:
Dental fluorosis and localized enamel opacities in fluoride and nonfluoride Danish communities

Manji F.; Baelum V.; Fejerskov O., 1986:
Dental fluorosis in an area of kenya with 2 parts per million fluoride in the drinking water

Mein, P.; Tupinier, Y., 1977:
Dental formula and the systematic position of the schreibers bat mammalia chiroptera

Kay, R.F.; Simons, E.L., 1983:
Dental formulae and dental eruption patterns in Parapithecidae (Primates, Anthropoidea)

Biknevicius, A.R., 1986:
Dental function and diet in the Carpolestidae (Primates, Plesiadapiformes)

Rose, K.D.; Simons, E.L., 1977:
Dental function in the plagiomenidae origin and relationships of the mammalian order dermoptera

Pinto-Cisternas, J.; Muller, G., 1980:
Dental genetic studies in a Venezuelan human isolate of German ancestry: occlusion

Scheutz, F., 1985:
Dental habits, knowledge, and attitudes of young drug addicts

Varoscic M.; Hraste J., 1986:
Dental health and health culture in the primary school children

Widström, E.; Nilsson, B., 1984:
Dental health and perceived treatment needs of Finnish immigrants in Sweden

Reisine, S.T., 1985:
Dental health and public policy: the social impact of dental disease

Taylor P.J.; Carmichael C.L., 1980:
Dental health and the application of geographical methodology

Gibson A.; Gelbier S.; Bhatia S., 1981:
Dental health and treatment needs of 5 year old children in the health area of lambeth southwark and lewisham england uk

Bagramian, R.A.; Heller, R.P., 1977:
Dental health assessment of a population of nursing home residents

Janczuk Z.; Banach J.; Myslinska M.; Kamocka D., 1986:
Dental health condition and health behavior of workers aged 35 44 from selected factories

Stecksén-Blicks, C.; Arvidsson, S.; Holm, A.K., 1985:
Dental health, dental care, and dietary habits in children in different parts of Sweden

Hager B.; Krasse B., 1983:
Dental health education by barefoot doctors

Holt R.D.; Winter G.B.; Fox B.; Askew R.; L.G.L., 1983:
Dental health education through home visits to mothers with young children

Milén, A.; Hausen, H.; Tala, H.; Heinonen, O.P., 1985:
Dental health habits of 2.5 to 7.5 year old Finnish children

Milicic, A.; Gazi-Coklica, V.; Brcic, R.; Misolic, C., 1987:
Dental health in a sample of zagreb yugoslavia preschool children

Cho K Z., 1980:
Dental health index of 1st permanent molars of korean children in a mountain village

Pal A., 1983:
Dental health of andaman india negritos

Sudo K.; Nakao S.; Nishimura T.; Mitamura C., 1982:
Dental health of children in the elementary schools attached to osaka kyoiku university japan

Pelletier, J.; Boudreau, R., 1987:
Dental health of school children from riviere du loup quebec canada follow up three years after the program's termination

Murtomaa, H.; Turtola, L.; Rytömaa, I., 1984:
Dental health practices among Finnish university students

Pelton, W.J., 1972:
Dental health program of the university of alabama in birmingham part 9 a summary of 7 years experience

Olsen C.B.; Brown D.F.; Wright F.A.C., 1986:
Dental health promotion in a group of children at high risk to dental disease

Elderton R.J.; Nuttall N.M.; Eddie S.; Davies J.A., 1985:
Dental health services research in scotland uk a review of some 5 year results

Zimmerman, M.; Bornstein, R.; Martinsson, T., 1988:
Dental health status in two groups of refugees in Sweden

Gelbier, S.; Packham, J.; Simmons, S.; Hopes, I., 1983:
Dental health status of recipients of community dental health services

Sarkotić, R.; Sutalo, J., 1987:
Dental hypercementosis with chronic pulpitis

Roth V.L.; Shoshani J., 1988:
Dental identification and age determination in elephas maximus

Keiser-Nielsen, S., 1977:
Dental identification certainty vs probability

Clark D.H., 1986:
Dental identification problems in the abu dhabi united arab emirates air accident

Young, S.O.; Park, J.B.; Moore, G.H.; Moore, R.R.; Myers, B.R.; Sauer, B.W., 1978:
Dental implant fixation by electrically mediated process part 1 inter facial strength

Ozawa K.; Hirose Y.; Fukushima M.; Kawaguchi T.; Wada R.; Kobayashi T.; Mochizuki I.; Kusama S.; Nakano T., 1981:
Dental impression material as a foreign body in the bronchus a case

Douma Petridou E., 1984:
Dental inclinations and skull deformations on specimens of the family mustelidae from greece

Rudney, J.D., 1983:
Dental indicators of growth disturbance in a series of ancient Lower Nubian populations: changes over time

Borowsky, S.A.; Hasse, A.; Wiedlin, R.; Lott, E., 1979:
Dental infection in a cirrhotic patient. Source of recurrent sepsis

Barenthin, I., 1976:
Dental insurance and equity of access to dental services

Kerebel L M.; Kerebel B.; Ajacques J C., 1984:
Dental involvement in congenital chloride diarrhea

Peterková, R., 1983:
Dental lamina develops even within the mouse diastema

Khandekar, R.N.; Ashawa, S.C.; Kelkar, D.N., 1978:
Dental lead levels in bombay india inhabitants

Lyons, K.P.; Jensen, J.L., 1979:
Dental lesions causing abnormalities on skeletal scintigraphy

Carl W., 1980:
Dental management and prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with head and neck cancer

Mestrom T.J.H.; Spanauf A.J., 1981:
Dental management of a partially edentulous patient suffering from hepato lenticular degeneration wilsons disease

Locsey L.; Alberth M.; Mauks G., 1986:
Dental management of chronic hemodialysis patients

Regezi, J.A.; Courtney, R.M.; Kerr, D.A., 1976:
Dental management of patients irradiated for oral cancer

Friedlander A.; Gorelick D.A., 1988:
Dental management of the cocaine addict

Smith, D.B.; Gelbman, J.C., 1986:
Dental management of the sickle cell anemia patient

Spencer A.J., 1982:
Dental manpower a transitional matrix analysis of study

Hinshaw, D.B.; Holshouser, B.A.; Engstrom, H.I.; Tjan, A.H.; Christiansen, E.L.; Catelli, W.F., 1988:
Dental material artifacts on MR images

Hagg U.; Matsson L., 1985:
Dental maturity as an indicator of chronological age the accuracy and precision of 3 methods

Nyström, M.; Haataja, J.; Kataja, M.; Evälahti, M.; Peck, L.; Kleemola-Kujala, E., 1986:
Dental maturity in Finnish children, estimated from the development of seven permanent mandibular teeth

Stefanac, J., 1987:
Dental maturity norms

Hunt K.; Vitzthum V.J., 1986:
Dental metric assessment of the omo ethiopia fossils implications for the phylogenetic position of australopithecus africanus

D.B.nis L.; Johanson D.; Melentis J.; White T., 1981:
Dental metric variations in early hominids comparison between australopithecus afarensis and ouranopithecus macedoniensis

Puech P F.; Albertini H., 1983:
Dental micro wear of australopithecus afarensis microscopic examination of the complex upper cuspid lower first premolar

Puech P F.; Albertini H., 1984:
Dental microwear and mechanisms in early hominids from laetoli tanzania and hadar ethiopia

Sarwar M., 1980:
Dental morphology and distribution of tetralophodon punjabiensis progressus

Sharma, J.C., 1983:
Dental morphology and odontometry of the Tibetan immigrants

Turner, C.G.Ii ; Laughlin, W.S.; Harper, A.B., 1985:
Dental morphology and oral health of the a.d. 1764 medvedev russian party nikolski alaska usa

Palomino, H.; Chakraborty, R.; Rothhammer, F., 1977:
Dental morphology and population diversity

Allaerts W.; Van Den Audenaerde D.T.; Van Neer W., 1982:
Dental morphology and the systematics of the procaviidae mammalia hyracoidea

Harris, E.F.; Turner, C.G.Ii ; Underwood, J.H., 1975:
Dental morphology of living yap islanders micronesia

Mayhall J.T., 1979:
Dental morphology of the inuit of the canadian central arctic

Shah, H.A.; Dayal, P.K., 1984:
Dental myiasis

Berger, R.L.; Byers, M.R.; Calkins, D.F., 1983:
Dental nerve regeneration in rats 1. electro physiological studies of molar sensory deficit and recovery

Berger, R.L.; Byers, M.R., 1983:
Dental nerve regeneration in rats 2. auto radiographic studies of nerve regeneration to molar pulp and dentin

Corruccini, R.S.; Choudhury, A.F., 1986:
Dental occlusal variation among rural and urban Bengali youths

Eversole L.R.; Pappas J.R.; Graham R., 1985:
Dental occlusal wear and degenerative disease of the temporomandibular joint a correlational study utilizing skeletal material from a contemporary population

Stewart R.E.A.; Stewart B.E., 1987:
Dental ontogeny of harp seals phoca groenlandica

Landau H.; Miethke R R.; Entrup W., 1988:
Dental orthodontic findings in patients with mucopolysaccharidoses

Brentegani L.G.; Lico M.C., 1982:
Dental pain and injection of agents into the trigeminal nucleus of guinea pigs

Lloyd P.M.; Shay K., 1987:
Dental pain in the elderly

Falcone C.; Sconocchia R.; Guasti L.; Codega S.; Montemartini C.; Specchia G., 1988:
Dental pain threshold and angina pectoris in patients with coronary artery disease

Fleury J E.; Deboets D.; Voisin D.; Assaad C.; Maffre N.; Viou F.; Bellaiche G., 1988:
Dental pains provoked by altitude report on one case

Thesleff, I.; Partanen, A.M.; Kuusela, P.; Lehtonen, E., 1987:
Dental papilla cells synthesize but do not deposit fibronectin in culture

Laufer D.; Benderly A.; Hochberg Z., 1988:
Dental pathology in calcitriol resistant rickets

Smith, P.; Tau, S., 1978:
Dental pathology in the period of the roman empire a comparison of 2 populations

Isler R.; Schoen J.; Iscan M.Y., 1985:
Dental pathology of a prehistoric human population in florida usa

Fornaciari, G.; Brogi, M.G.; Balducci, E., 1985:
Dental pathology of the skeletal remains of pontecagnano salerno italy vii iv centuries b.c

Goss A.N.; Mcnamara J.; Rounsefell B., 1988:
Dental patients in a general pain clinic

Wardle J., 1984:
Dental pessimism negative cognitions in fearful dental patients

Serpentino A.H.; Dos Santos M.A.A.; Mos E.D.N.; Ferreira C.S., 1987:
Dental plaque evaluation by quantitative method

Najzar Fleger D.; Prpic G., 1983:
Dental plaque microflora on approximal surfaces

Suliborski, S.; Krzemiński, Z., 1981:
Dental plaque on filling materials in in vitro investigations

Levine M., 1985:
Dental plaque toxins are not lymphotoxins

Reuling N.; Siebert G.K., 1988:
Dental plastics overview of materials and clinical application

Cook, W.D., 1982:
Dental poly electrolyte cements 1. chemistry of the early stages of the setting reaction

Fujita, H.; Ishikawa, H.; Nagai, T.; Ida, K.; Arai, T.; Hirano, S.; Ito, M.; Kawai, Y.; Yamaguchi, M.; Asai, K., 1986:
Dental practice made intentionally for the industrial workers during three years and its evaluation

Horiot J.C.; Schraub S.; Bone M.C.; Bain Y.; Ramadier J.; Chaplain G.; Nabid N.; Thevenot B.; Bransfield D., 1983:
Dental preservation in patients irradiated for head and neck tumors a 10 year experience with topical fluoride and a randomized trial between 2 fluoridation methods

Pfeifer, M.R.; Pfeifer, J.S., 1988:
Dental prevention: the oral prophylaxis

Hamp, S.E.; Johansson, L.A., 1982:
Dental prophylaxis for youths in their late teens 1. clinical effect of different preventive regimes on oral hygiene gingivitis and dental caries

Hamp, S.E.; Bergendal, B.; Erasmie, T.; Lindstrom, G.; Mellbring, S., 1982:
Dental prophylaxis for youths in their late teens 2. knowledge about dental health and diseases and the relation to dental health behavior

Bergendal, B.; Erasmie, T.; Hamp, S.E., 1982:
Dental prophylaxis for youths in their late teens 3. attitudes to teeth and dental health and their relation to dental health behavior

Stuettgen U., 1988:
Dental prosthetics and computer technology

Kishi, J.I.; Iijima, K.I.; Hayakawa, T., 1979:
Dental pulp collagenase ec initial demonstration and characterization

Melcer J.; Chaumette M T.; Melcer F., 1987:
Dental pulp exposed to the carbon dioxide laser beam

Warfvinge, J.; Dahlén, G.; Bergenholtz, G., 1985:
Dental pulp response to bacterial cell wall material

Hubackova, J.; Kukletova, M., 1977 :
Dental pulp response to caryosan and calxyd part 1 indirect capping

Hubackova, J.; Kukletova, M., 1977:
Dental pulp response to caryosan and calxyd part 2 direct capping

Zeichner, S.J.; Ruttimann, U.E.; Webber, R.L., 1987:
Dental radiography: efficacy in the assessment of intraosseous lesions of the face and jaws in asymptomatic patients

Hutterer, R., 1977:
Dental reduction in the shrew sorex minutus

Anderson, D.L.; Popovich, F., 1977:
Dental reductions and dental caries

Ricci R.; Vidoni G.; P.; Cirillo L., 1986:
Dental reimplantations four cases with different situations and different surgical techniques

Bermudez-De-Castro, J.M., 1988:
Dental remains from atapuerca ibeas spain ii. morphology

Bermudez-De-Castro, J.M., 1986:
Dental remains from atapuerca spain i. metrics

Johanson D.C.; White T.D.; Coppens Y., 1982:
Dental remains from the hadar formation ethiopia 1974 1977 collections

Tal H.; Smith P., 1981:
Dental remains of the late roman empire

Travi Y.; Moreau J.L., 1985:
Dental risk of fluorides in senegal

Byers M.R.; Neuhaus S.J.; Gehrig J.D., 1982:
Dental sensory receptor structure in human teeth

Eidelman, D.; Neuman, I.; Kuttin, E.S.; Pinto, M.; Beemer, A.M., 1978:
Dental sepsis due to Candida albicans causing urticaria: case report

Turner A., 1984:
Dental sex dimorphism in european lions panthera leo of the upper pleistocene paleoecological and paleoethological implications

Lieberman S.S.; Gelvin B.R.; Oxnard C.E., 1985:
Dental sexual dimorphisms in some extant hominoids and ramapithecines from china a quantitative approach

Potter R.H.Y.; Rice J.P.; Dahlberg A.A.; Dahlberg T., 1983:
Dental size traits within families path analysis for 1st molar and lateral incisor

Jones D.W.; Sutow E.J.; Hall G.C.; Tobin W.M.; Graham B.S., 1988:
Dental soft polymers plasticizer composition and leachability

Steele P.F., 1978:
Dental specialties for the dental hygienist

Jimenez I.D., 1987:
Dental stability and maximal masticatory muscle activity

Robertson, C.J.; Bliss, H.D.; Beck, D.J., 1976:
Dental status and attitudes of the elderly

Sewón, L.A.; Parvinen, T.H.; Sinisalo, T.V.; Larmas, M.A.; Alanen, P.J., 1988:
Dental status of adults with and without periodontitis

Jago J.D.; Chapman P.J.; Aitken J.F.; Mceniery T.M., 1984:
Dental status of pregnant women attending a brisbane australia maternity hospital

Cotti S.; Carboni A.; Giangrave M., 1985:
Dental stomatological pathology in school ambient at assemini italy

Kubota, K.; Okada, S.; Ono, Y.; Nakata, M.; Ohnishi, M.; Kameda, Y.; Grillo, T.A.I.; Hollist, N.O.; Johnson, S.O., 1984:
Dental survey in nigeria 1. prevalence of dental caries in nigeria

Ono, Y.; Kubota, K.; Okada, S.; Nakata, M.; Ohnishi, M.; Kameda, Y.; Grillo, T.A.I.; Hollist, N.O.; Johnson, S.O., 1985:
Dental survey in nigeria 2. biting force of nigerian

Kubota, K.; Watanabe, H.; Hollist, N.O.; Ajayi-Obe, S.O.; Ono, Y.; Ohnishi, M.; Nakata, M.; Yonemitsu, M.; Grillo, T.A., 1988:
Dental survey in Nigeria. Part 4. Prevalence and severity of periodontal diseases

Sane J.; Ylipaavalniemi P., 1988:
Dental trauma in contact team sports

Jacobson J.J.; Millard H.D.; Plezia R.; Blankenship J.R., 1986:
Dental treatment and late prosthetic joint infections

Yamazaki H.; Futamura H.; Eguchi S.M.T.; Sano H.; Nogi M.; Kawashima Y., 1982:
Dental treatment for a patient with implanted cardiac pacemaker

Masui Y.; Shirasu R.; Shida T.; Ueda Y., 1984:
Dental treatment for handicapped patients under general anesthesia in okinawa

Smith J.M.; Sheiham A., 1980:
Dental treatment needs and demands of an elderly population in england uk

Holland T.J.; O'mullane D.M., 1986:
Dental treatment needs in three institutions for the handicapped

Raickovic B., 1984:
Dental treatment of a patient with implanted artificial heart valve

Hotta, F.; Oka, M.; Naganawa, Y.; Ohtsuji, K., 1979:
Dental treatment of handicapped children under general anesthesia

Colquhoun, J., 1976:
Dental treatment of the unmanageable child

Hansen R.; Boening B.; Hagedorn J., 1985:
Dental treatment of watchdogs and pet dogs

Gingerich, P.D., 1977:
Dental variation in early eocene teilhardina belgica with notes on the anterior dentition of some early tarsiiformes

Guilday J.E., 1982:
Dental variation in microtus xanthognathus microtus chrotorrhinus and microtus pennsylvanicus rodentia mammalia

Alanen, P., 1982:
Dental visits after free and systematic dental care

Petersen, P.E., 1983:
Dental visits, dental health status and need for dental treatment in a Danish industrial population

Lovejoy, C.O., 1985:
Dental wear in the Libben population: its functional pattern and role in the determination of adult skeletal age at death

Scott E.C., 1979:
Dental wear scoring technique

Leach, B.F., 1977:
Dentalium shell in new zealand archaeological sites

Novikov V.S.; Oktyabreva N.B.; Tikhomirov V.N., 1979:
Dentaria bulbifera new record for the flora of the moscow oblast ussr

Sues, H.D., 1977:
Dentaries of small theropods from the judith river formation campanian of alberta canada

Beaubaton, D.; Trouche, E.; Amato, G.; Grangetto, A., 1978:
Dentate cooling in monkeys performing a visuo motor pointing task

West, M.O.; Christian, E.; Robinson, J.H.; Deadwyler, S.A., 1981:
Dentate granule cell discharge during conditioning. Relation to movement and theta rhythm

Grimes L.; Mcginty J.; Mclain P.; Mitchell C.; Tilson H.; Hong J., 1988:
Dentate granule cells are essential of kainic acid induced wet dog shakes but not for seizures

Rose G.; Diamond D.; Lynch G.S., 1983:
Dentate granule cells in the rat hippocampal formation have the behavioral characteristics of theta neurons

Collier T.J.; Miller J.S.; Travis J.; Routtenberg A., 1982:
Dentate gyrus granule cells and memory electrical stimulation disrupts memory for places rewarded

Martin Salazar F.J.; Isbrucker I.J.H.; Nijssen H., 1982:
Dentectus barbarmatus new genus new species of mailed catfish from the orinoco basin of venezuela pisces siluriformes loricariidae

Casares P.; Miguel E.S.; Carracedo M.C., 1986:
Denticles in drosophila simulans larvae a study on the intrapopulational genetic variability

Bruun, C.; Thylstrup, A., 1988:
Dentifrice usage among Danish children

Lustmann J.; Bodner L., 1988:
Dentigerous cysts associated with supernumerary teeth

Badrawy, R.; Safwat, F.; Eissa, M.H.; Basyouni, A., 1978:
Dentigerous cysts of the maxilla

Kaur R., 1986:
Dentimachus himalayaenisis new species a new scolobatine species from india hymenoptera ichneumonoidea

Molnar, S.; Przybeck, T.R.; Gantt, D.G.; Elizondo, R.S.; Wilkerson, J.E., 1981:
Dentin Apposition rates as markers of primate growth

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Deoxygenation inhibits the volume stimulated chloride dependent potassium efflux in ss and young aa cells a cytosolic magnesium modulation

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Deoxyguanosine nucleotide analogs potent stimulators of microtubule nucleation with reduced affinity for the exchangeable nucleotide site of tubulin

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Deoxynitrosugars 11. reactions of 1 c nitroglycosylhalides and 1 c nitroglycosylsulfones with dialkylphosphite anions nucleophilic attack vs. single electron transfer

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Deoxypyrimidine kinase from the egg cells of the sea urchin

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Deoxyradicinin and 3 epideoxyradicinol production by the sunflower pathogen alternaria helianthi

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Deoxyribonucleic acid dna synthesis in vitro by thymus and spleen cells of the rat after hyperthermia

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Deoxythymidine kinase ec in cerebrospinal fluid a new potential marker for brain tumors

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Department chairpersons perceptions of the role in 3 institutions

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Departmental resources and statistics of academic pathology

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Departure latency to invasion of personal space effects of status and sex

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Departures in the spoken narratives of normal and language disordered children

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Dependability of brazelton neonatal behavioral assessment cluster scales

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Dependence and narcissistic resistances in the psychoanalytic process

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Dependence and tolerance multi unit recording from central gray mesencephalic reticular formation and medial thalamus in freely behaving rats

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Dependence between growth and development of central buds and green shoots in the grapevine

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Dependence between the p 3 wave and the pre stimulus electro encephalogram negative shift under conditions of probability prediction

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Dependence between the rate of rna synthesis and the activity of ctp synthetase ec in different tissues of rats and chickens

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Dependence liability of several sedative hypnotic agents evaluated in monkeys

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Dependence liability of the benzodiazepines

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Dependence of 2 3 di phospho glycerate and oxygen affinity of hemo globin on sex and pregnancy in the guinea pig

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Dependence of 24 hour energy expenditure in man on the composition of the nutrient intake

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Dependence of a radiation induced lesion of wheat lipoxygenase upon structural organization of the enzyme

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Dependence of a sleeping parameter from north south or east west sleeping direction

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Dependence of ability for extrapolation on the level of brain excitability

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Dependence of abscisic acid accumulation in leaves of pearl millet pennisetum americanum on rate of development of water stress

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Dependence of absorbed dose along the radiation beam axis on depth and on radiation field for photons produced in the linac saturn ii plus

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Dependence of accommodation response on the spatial frequency spectrum of the observed object

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Dependence of agricultural production on production resources and results realized per resource unit

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Dependence of anaphylactic histamine release from rat mast cells on cellular energy metabolism

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Dependence of androgenization on differentiation of hypothalamic centers

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Dependence of anionic atpase activity on the temperature in the presence of anions

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Dependence of area under the curve on proquazone particle size and in vitro dissolution rate

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Dependence of asbestos induced and mineral dust induced transformation of mammalian cells in culture on fiber dimension

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Dependence of atomic radii and volumes on the electron distribution in solute molecule and on solute solvent interaction

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Dependence of atpase activity of rabbit psoas muscle fibers and myofibrils on substrate concentration

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Dependence of auditory cortex evoked unit activity on inter stimulus interval in the cat

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Dependence of background and evoked electric activity of the human brain on the signal value of a stimulus

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Dependence of bi ionic potential across membranes on salt concentration

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Dependence of bi layer lipid membrane stability in electrical field on the bi layer area

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Dependence of biliary secretion of inorganic mercury on the biliary transport of glutathione

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Dependence of biomass output of the ararat cochineal on the collection method and the egg laying infectivity level of fodder plants

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Dependence of biomechanical impedance upon living body structure

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Dependence of biometric indices of pine on the nutrient source area

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Dependence of bleomycin induced cytotoxicity and dna damage on the in vitro culture growth phase of mouse tumor cells

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Dependence of blood lactate level in diabetics on type of treatment, metabolic compensation, and complications

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Dependence of blood serum effect on leukocyte migration in leukocytic culture on its erythropoiesis stimulating and inhibiting activities

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Dependence of bone tissue on mechanical influences biomechanics of bone tissue

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Dependence of brain damage severity in phenyl ketonuria on degree of hyper phenyl alaninemia

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Dependence of brain tryptamine formation on tryptophan availability

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Dependence of breakdown voltage of bi layer lipid membranes on the rate of potential difference increase

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Dependence of breeding success from the integrated light values at the nest sites of birds

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Dependence of buckwheat yield seeded at different times on the level of soil enzymatic activity

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Dependence of calcium level in fish tissues on its content in the medium

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Dependence of calcium of potassium induced and agonist induced changes in potassium permeability of rabbit ear artery

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Dependence of calcium outflow and depression of frog myocardium contraction on riodipine concentration

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Dependence of calcium permeability of sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles on external and internal calcium ion concentrations

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Dependence of calcium transport into strawberry fragaria ananassa leaves on positive pressure in the xylem

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Dependence of carbon 13 chemical shifts on the spatial interaction of protons and its application in structural and conformational studies of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides

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Dependence of carbon 14 labeled nicotinate and sulfur 35 labeled lipoate transport to erythrocytes on their magnesium sodium potassium atpase activity

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Dependence of carbon content in near bottom phytoplankton on cell size distribution

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Dependence of carbon di oxide compensation concentration on photon fluence rate in french bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar harzgruss leaves and its relation to quantum yield and dark respiration/

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Dependence of carbon di oxide gas exchange and acid metabolism of the alpine crassulacean acid metabolism plant sempervivum montanum on temperature and light

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Dependence of carbon di oxide output on soil temperature and moisture

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Dependence of carbon dioxide gas exchange on environmental factors in cucumbers at early stages of ontogenesis

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Dependence of carbonic anhydrase activity in chlorella cells on carbon di oxide concentration

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Dependence of cardiac rhythm structure on athletes physical working capacity

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Dependence of carminomicin biosynthesis by an actinomadura carminata culture on inoculum quality

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Dependence of carotid body structure on age in male rats

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Dependence of carotid chemo receptor stimulation by metabolic agents on arterial oxygen and carbon di oxide tensions

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Dependence of cell membrane conductances on bathing solution bicarbonate carbon dioxide in necturus gallbladder

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Dependence of cell wall growth and conjugation in schizosaccharomyces pombe on the cell cycle

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Dependence of cell yield and specific growth rate of Candida boidinii on temperature during continuous cultivation

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Dependence of cellular potential on ionic concentrations. Data supporting a modification of the constant field equation

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Dependence of central airway resistance on frequency and tidal volume: a model study

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Dependence of centriole formation on protein synthesis

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Dependence of cerebellar tremor on proprioceptive but not visual feedback

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Dependence of cerebro spinal fluid on plasma bi carbonate during hypocapnia and hypoxemic hypocapnia

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Dependence of changes in rat liver cell nuclear fractions caused by single injection of di ethyl nitrosamine on dose of carcinogen and animal strain/

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Dependence of changes in the resistance and blood filling of the intestinal vessels on their initial condition and strength of the humoral stimulus

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Dependence of chemical radioprotection on the stability of radiation induced oxygen sensitive sites

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Dependence of chemo taxis in paramecium caudatum and paramecium aurelia 51s on concentration of calcium ions in external medium

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Dependence of cherry rooting on leaf surface structure

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Dependence of chlorophyll delayed fluorescence in alga cells on the presence of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the medium

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Dependence of chlorophyll photo sensitized reduction of methyl red by ascorbic acid on pigment composition and state of electron transport chain of chloroplasts

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Dependence of chlorophyll synthesis on sodium chloride or osmotic stress in sodium chloride adapted tobacco cells

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Dependence of chloroplast functional activity in certain woody and herbaceous plants on the length of shading and leaf age

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Dependence of chromium edta absorption from the rumen on luminal osmotic pressure

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Dependence of chromosomal aberrations and sister chromatid exchange on in vivo and in vitro exposure to cyclophosphamide

Kagramanyan M.S., 1981:
Dependence of chromosome aberration frequency on lymphocyte storage conditions before and after treatment by thio phosphamide

Rossberg V.F.; Schreiter J., 1986:
Dependence of chronotropic drug effects on the intraluminal pressure in isolated right rabbit atria

Hildebrand E.; Dryl S., 1983:
Dependence of ciliary reversal in paramecium caudatum on extracellular calcium concentration

Wall S.B.V.; Hutchins H.E., 1983:
Dependence of clarks nutcracker nucifraga columbiana on conifer seeds during the post fledging period

Montville, T.J., 1983:
Dependence of Clostridium botulinum gas and protease production on culture conditions

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Dependence of collagen synthesis by embryonic chick tendon cells on the extracellular concentrations of glutamine

Pataraya D.T.; Durmishidze N.V.; Agre N.S., 1979:
Dependence of colonial morphology of streptomyces spp on inoculation medium

Kalmus H., 1979:
Dependence of color naming and monochromator setting on the direction of preceding changes in wavelength

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Dependence of component composition of gentamicin complex on cultivation conditions of micromonospora purpurea var violacea strain 1935

Shepelev, A.P., 1977:
Dependence of composition and phase transitions of lipids in myo cardial mitochondria of white rats and dogs on the intensity of acute hypo thermia

Morimoto S.; Masuda M., 1984:
Dependence of conduction velocity on spike interval during voluntary muscular contraction in human motor units

Yutani, K.; Ogasahara, K.; Tsujita, T.; Sugino, Y., 1987:
Dependence of conformational stability on hydrophobicity of the amino acid residue in a series of variant proteins substituted at a unique position of tryptophan synthase alpha subunit

Dunton K.H.; Schell D.M., 1987:
Dependence of consumers on macroalgal laminaria solidungula carbon in an arctic kelp community delta carbon 13 evidence

Khodorov, B.I.; Mukumov, M.R.; Kitaigorodskaya, G.M.; Khodorova, A.B., 1977:
Dependence of contraction amplitude in frog myo cardium on stimulation frequency role of external and internal calcium in excitation contraction coupling

Jamar J.H.T.; Koenderink J.J., 1984:
Dependence of contrast detection and independence of amplitude modulation and frequency modulation detection on retinal illuminance

Popov D.V.; Kalistratova E.N.; Efimenko N.N.; Golichenkov V.A., 1982:
Dependence of corneal pigmentation on the number of epidermal melanophores in rana temporaria larvae

Yakovlev N.N.; Chagovets N.R.; Maksimova L.V., 1980:
Dependence of creatine kinase and glycogen synthetase activities of skeletal muscles on adenine nucleotide phosphorylation and cyclic amp metabolism

Brauer, G.M.; Steinberger, D.R.; Stansbury, J.W., 1986:
Dependence of curing time, peak temperature, and mechanical properties on the composition of bone cement

Meisheri K.D.; Ruegg J.C., 1983:
Dependence of cyclic amp induced relaxation on calcium and calmodulin in skinned smooth muscle of guinea pig tenia coli

Knecht M.; Ranta T.; Gersman S.; Catt K.J., 1984:
Dependence of cyclic nucleotide production and luteinizing hormone receptor formation upon rna synthesis in cultured rat granulosa cells

Bergeron, R.J.; Channing, M.A.; Mcgovern, K.A., 1978:
Dependence of cyclo amylose substrate binding on charge

Kirichenko, O.P.; Chebotarev, A.N., 1976:
Dependence of cyto genetic effect of different concentrations of dipin and fotrin on duration of contact with human lymphocytes

Land, P.W., 1987:
Dependence of cytochrome oxidase activity in the rat lateral geniculate nucleus on retinal innervation

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Dependence of cytoplasmic calcium transients on the membrane potential in isolated nerve endings of guinea pig

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Dependence of cytoplasmic on mitochondrial protein synthesis in kluyveromyces lactis cbs 2360 part 1 biochemical analysis

Algeri, A.; Marmiroli, N.; Viola, A.; Puglisi, P.P., 1977:
Dependence of cytoplasmic protein synthesis on mitochondrial protein synthesis in kluyveromyces lactis cbs 2360 part 2 genetic studies

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Dependence of cytoplasmic streaming in characean cells on the resting potential

Maslova O.V., 1981:
Dependence of ddt accumulation on lipid content in estuary fish tissues

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Dependence of de fibrillation threshold upon extracellular and intra cellular potassium concentrations

Khayutin S.N.; Grinchenko Y.V.; Dmitrieva L.P., 1984:
Dependence of defensive behavior of the altricial nestlings on the alarm signal parameters neuroethological approach

Joliot P.; Joliot A., 1980:
Dependence of delayed luminescence upon atpase activity in chlorella pyrenoidosa

Benenson I.E.; Zhigal'skii O.A., 1982:
Dependence of demographic parameters of a population on its density as a possible cause of fluctuations in vole number results of imitation modeling

Williams G.D.; Beach J.M.; Dodd S.W.; Brown M.F., 1985:
Dependence of deuterium spin lattice relaxation rates of multilamellar phospholipid dispersions on orientational order

Loring, S.H.; Mead, J.; Griscom, N.T., 1985:
Dependence of diaphragmatic length on lung volume and thoracoabdominal configuration

Sokhansanj S.; Nelson S.O., 1988:
Dependence of dielectric properties of whole grain wheat on bulk density

Khaitov, R.M.; Ryabova, L.V., 1978:
Dependence of differentiation of hemopoietic stem cells on the functional state of the thymus

Pokric B.; Pucar Z., 1980:
Dependence of diffusion coefficients and immuno precipitating titers on ph albumin and immuno globulin g in human serum and their rabbit antibodies

Dawson R.F.; Shrum J.E.Jr; Mohammed R.A., 1980:
Dependence of dioscorea tuber growth rate on water content of an andept soil

Yang Q Z.; Sun H B.; X.K., 1984:
Dependence of discharge patterns of slow and fast stretch receptors of penaeus orientalis on magnesium concentration

Zaguskin, S.L.; Kaminskii, I.I., 1978:
Dependence of discharges in the crayfish mechano receptor neuron on initial functional state and degree of nissl substance aggregation

Burney C.M.; Davis P.G.; Johnson K.M.; Sieburth J.M., 1981:
Dependence of dissolved carbohydrate concentrations on small scale nanno plankton and bacterio plankton distributions in the western sargasso sea

Sedliaková, M.; Prachar, J.; Masek, F., 1977:
Dependence of DNA dark repair on protein synthesis in Escherichia coli

Lomova, T.Yu, 1978:
Dependence of dna synthesis in cultured chinese hamster cells on cultivation conditions

Watanabe M.; George S.R.; Seeman P., 1985:
Dependence of dopamine receptor conversion from agonist high affinity to low affinity state on temperature and sodium ions

Dudel, J., 1986:
Dependence of double pulse facilitation on amplitude and duration of the depolarization pulses at frog's rana esculenta motor nerve terminals

Esipenko B.E.; Karevina T.G.; Kostromina A.P., 1985:
Dependence of drinking excitability on body weight animal sex and season

Kohlhardt, M.; Wirth, K.; Dudeck, J., 1969:
Dependence of dv dt and dp dt of ventricular pressure from the systolic mechanical result of the left heart ventricle

Houk, J.C.; Rymer, W.Z.; Crago, P.E., 1981:
Dependence of dynamic response of spindle receptors on muscle length and velocity

Cwalina B.; Weglarz L.; Dzierzewicz Z.; Wilczok T., 1988:
Dependence of effectiveness of leaching of metallic sulfides on enzymes involved in inorganic sulfur metabolism in thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Ataullakhanov F.I.; Pichugin A.V., 1981:
Dependence of effectivity of the pentose phosphate pathway on atp concentration in erythrocytes

Mycielski, R.; Kociszewska-Kauc, B.; Bialkowska-Hobrzanska, H., 1977:
Dependence of efficiency of dna transfer and recombinant formation on cell cycle of hfr in escherichia coli k 12

Dol'nik T.V.; Dol'nik V.R., 1981:
Dependence of egg weight clutch production and productive energy on body weight of the female in passerine birds

Busse R.; Bauer R.D.; Sattler T.; Schabert A., 1981:
Dependence of elastic and viscous properties of elastic arteries on circumferential wall stress at 2 different smooth muscle tones

Kireeva, T.B., 1977:
Dependence of electrical activity of the muscle on its length in the development of constant force

Papazova M.P.; Kortezova N.I.; Atanasova E.A., 1982:
Dependence of electrical activity of the pyloric sphincter on the activity of the stomach and duodenum

Frede, K.E.; Benner, K.U.; Gebert, E.; Oberdorster, G.; Zimmer, R.; Hirsch, H., 1971:
Dependence of electro corticographic survival time and latency of recovery upon duration of perfusion between 1 minute of cerebral complete ischemias

Sagberg F., 1980:
Dependence of electro dermal response recovery times and other electro dermal measures on scale of measurement a methodological clarification

Irie N.; Nakamura R., 1980:
Dependence of electro myographic reaction times of the rectus femoris on position changes of the hip joint role of the joint capsule

Khan A.; Phillips C.R., 1985:
Dependence of electrostatic diffusion of radon progeny on environmental parameters

Volkind, N.Ya, 1975:
Dependence of emotional stress on different factors of examination situation

Garab, G.; Farineau, J.; Hervo, G., 1987:
Dependence of energization of thylakoids on frequency of exciting flashes in intact chloroplasts

Mironova, N.V., 1978:
Dependence of energy balance on temperature in fishes

Tseitlin V.B., 1984:
Dependence of energy exchange in marine animals upon their body mass and size

Vinberg, G.G., 1976:
Dependence of energy metabolism on the body mass in aquatic poikilotherms

Rall, J.A., 1978:
Dependence of energy output on force generation during muscle contraction

Kawai, M.; Brandt, P.; Orentlicher, M., 1977:
Dependence of energy transduction in intact skeletal muscles on the time in tension

Casas, I.A.; Zimmerman, L.N., 1969:
Dependence of enz protease secretion by streptococcus faecalis var liquefaciens on arginine and its possible relation to site of synthesis

Pisareva L.N.; Ivanova G.I.; Vasilenko T.F., 1986:
Dependence of enzymatic activity of sodium potassium atpase from surface properties of substances interacting with the cell membrane

Schrey H.P., 1987:
Dependence of erosion from flow length within an erosion protected plot

Harley, J.B.; Santangelo, G.M.; Rasmussen, H.; Goldfine, H., 1978:
Dependence of Escherichia coli hyperbaric oxygen toxicity on the lipid acyl chain composition

Houghton, R.L.; Fisher, R.J.; Sanadi, D.R., 1976:
Dependence of escherichia coli pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase ec on phospho lipids and its sensitivity to n ethyl maleimide

Zakharova, N.N., 1976:
Dependence of evoked potentials on the initial functional state of the central nervous system

Butorina L.G., 1979:
Dependence of exchange rate of polyphemus pediculus cladocera on visual perception of environmental conditions

Kozlov A.G.; Savitskii S.Yu; Yokovlev A.A., 1987:
Dependence of exogenous tritiated norepinephrine uptake by the sympathectomized heart on norepinephrine concentration during the action of pharmacological modulators

Stoesser L.; Kuenzel W.; Tietze W.; Kohl G., 1985:
Dependence of experimental rat caries on sucrose concentration of cariogenic diet

Hankin D.G.; Healy M.C., 1986:
Dependence of exploitation rates for maximum yield and stock collapse on age and sex structure of chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha stocks

Ivanova N.G., 1983:
Dependence of extinction rate of instrumental defensive reflexes on the length of pain stimulation

Szyszko, J., 1975:
Dependence of facility of catching carabidae coleoptera on the mechanical composition of the surface soil layer

Walter, H., 1968:
Dependence of falco eleonorae on trans mediterranean bird migration

Kolosova L.D.; Kovalenko V.I.; Shumnyi V.K., 1979 :
Dependence of fertility in hungarian sainfoin from the modes of pollination

Koval' V.G.; Shevchenko L.I.; Shcherbatskaya N.V., 1980:
Dependence of fibrinogen fragment e fluorescence spectra on medium ph

Skorupskas, E.F., 1982:
Dependence of fish production in kursiu marios bay lithuanian ssr ussr on climatic factors 1. air temperature 1926 1976

Skorupskas, E.F., 1983:
Dependence of fish production in the kursiu marios lagoon ussr on climatic factors 2. wind velocity 1951 1975/

Skorupskas E.F., 1983:
Dependence of fish production on climatic factors in the kursiu marios lagoon lithuanian ssr ussr precipitation 1951 1975

Muzafarov E.N.; Ivanov B.N.; Mal'yan A.N.; Zolotareva E.K., 1986:
Dependence of flavonol functions on their chemical structure in chloroplast energy reactions

Nisbet, I.C.T., 1978:
Dependence of fledgling success on egg size parental performance and egg composition among common tern and roseate tern sterna hirundo and sterna dougallii

Bader K.P.; Schmid G.H., 1980:
Dependence of fluorescence behavior and other photosystem ii characteristics on the nature of the nitrogen source for the filamentous cyanobacterium oscillatoria chalybea

Sorokin, E.M., 1976:
Dependence of fluorescence time of chlorophyll a in chloroplasts on the concentration of ferri cyanide and vitamin k 3

Klimov, V.V.; Krakhmaleva, I.N.; Shuvalov, V.A.; Karapetyan, N.V.; Krasnovskii, A.A., 1975:
Dependence of fluorescence yield of chloroplasts and chromatophores on the state of reaction centers

Herzig J.W.; Yamamoto T.; Rueegg J.C., 1981:
Dependence of force and immediate stiffness on sarcomere length and calcium activation in frog rana temporaria skinned muscle fibers

Krisanda J.M.; Paul R.J., 1988:
Dependence of force velocity and oxygen consumption on extracellular calcium in porcine carotid artery

Terasima, T.; Yasukawa, M., 1977:
Dependence of freeze thaw damage on growth phase and cell cycle of cultured mammalian cells

Dumanskii-Yu, D.; Rudichenko, V.F., 1976:
Dependence of functional activity of liver mitochondria on super high frequency radiation

Gulaya N.M.; Volkov G.L.; Lishko V.K.; Govseeva N.N.; Klimenko E.P., 1986:
Dependence of functional characteristics of fast sodium channels on the lipid composition of neuroblastoma c 1300 cells

Danilov Y.P.; Glezer V.D., 1984:
Dependence of functional organization of receptive fields of cat lateral geniculate body on contrast of a visual stimulus

Zmyslowski W.; Kasicki S., 1982:
Dependence of gait pattern on the type of coupling between hind limb and fore limb generators modeling study

Paul R.; Werner D., 1986:
Dependence of gas diffusion on soil structure

Schmandke H.; Bikbov T.M.; Belavtseva E.M.; Radschenko L.G.; Maune R.; Schultz M.; Grinberg V.Ya; Tolstoguzov V.B., 1981:
Dependence of gelation of vicia faba protein on the degree of acetylation

Khlebovich, T.V., 1976:
Dependence of generation time and nutrition rate in the infusorian dileptus anser on food concentration

Ostrovskii I.S., 1986:
Dependence of generation time on the body weight in infusoria

Strzelczyk, E.; Pokojska, A., 1976:
Dependence of gibberellin like substances production by fungi on the sugar content in the medium and age of the organism

Evlent'eva, N.E.; Chernyak, N.B., 1977:
Dependence of glycolysis and pentose phosphate pathway intensity on aggregation of human thrombocytes caused by adp

Roessler H.H.; Schneider Seelbach E.; Malati T.; Risse H J., 1981:
Dependence of glycosyl transferases in dictyostelium discoideum on the structure of poly isoprenols

Porter D.A.; Licht P., 1986:
Dependence of gonadotropin releasing hormone action on sodium potassium and calcium in the frog rana pipiens pituitary

Draganic M., 1982:
Dependence of grain yield on the degree of resistance of maize to stalk rot gibberella zeae

Gianik T.; Baichi A.; Laputkova G.; Pavelkova Ya, 1987:
Dependence of gramicidin d and valinomycin induced conductivity of lipid bilayer on cholesterol content

Rassoulzadegan F., 1982:
Dependence of grazing rate gross growth efficiency and food size range on temperature in a pelagic oligotrichous ciliate lohmanniella spiralis fed on naturally occurring particulate matter

Reichholf J., 1980 :
Dependence of group formation in roe deer capreolus capreolus from season and type of habitat

Klenovska, S., 1976:
Dependence of growth water relations and of the dynamics of free glycids in tobacco calluses upon the humidity of the surroundings

Nair, C.N., 1987:
Dependence of guanidine sensitivity of poliovirus replication on the concentration of monovalent cations in the culture medium

Maurer C.R.Jr; Regen D.M., 1986:
Dependence of heart chamber dimensions and dynamics on chamber demands and myocardial properties

Chinkin A.S., 1986:
Dependence of heart hypertrophy of different physical exercise regimens on the hypertrophy of the heart and its parts

Dregol'skaya I.N.; Korotneva N.V., 1982:
Dependence of heat resistance on temperature changes and duration of acclimation in hydra oligactis

Babaev Ya, 1980:
Dependence of helminth fauna of rodents on the habitat and way of life of the rodents

Burakovskii V.I.; Lishchuk V.A.; Podgornyi V.F.; Rod'kin A.F., 1980:
Dependence of hemodynamics and the state of the left heart on the magnitude of the systemic vascular resistance following open heart surgery

Romero F.J.; Pallardo F.V.; Bolinches R.; Roma J.; Saez G.T.; Noll T.; D.G.oot H., 1987:
Dependence of hepatic gluconeogenesis on oxygen partial pressure inhibitory effects of halothane

Tsai G.E., 1983:
Dependence of hepatic vein topography on the liver external form its size and age

Bzik D.J.; Person S., 1981:
Dependence of herpes simplex virus type 1 induced cell fusion on cell type

Lahiri, S.; Maret, K.; Sherpa, M.G., 1983:
Dependence of high altitude sleep apnea on ventilatory sensitivity to hypoxia

Sieff, C.A.; Emerson, S.G.; Mufson, A.; Gesner, T.G.; Nathan, D.G., 1986:
Dependence of highly enriched human bone marrow progenitors on hemopoietic growth factors and their response to recombinant erythropoietin

Johansen, T.; Chakravarty, N., 1972:
Dependence of histamine release from rat mast cells on atp

Nagaoka I.; Yamashita T., 1984:
Dependence of histochemical staining of leukocyte aminopeptidase on its biochemical enzyme activity

Kazarov A.R.; Rozenkrants A.A.; Sobolev A.S., 1986:
Dependence of hormonal stimulation of adenylate cyclase on membrane area fraction accessible for lateral mobility of the adenylate cyclase complex proteins

Chu C T., 1980:
Dependence of host cell function in virus replication replication of herpes simplex virus in temperature sensitive mutants of mammalian cells

Gottlieb, G.L.; Agarwal, G.C., 1978:
Dependence of human ankle compliance on joint angle

Harzer G.; Haug M., 1984:
Dependence of human milk lipids on the duration of breast feeding the time of day the incidence of suckling and the nutrition of the mother

Lages B.; Weiss H.J., 1981:
Dependence of human platelet functional responses on divalent cations aggregation and secretion in heparin anti coagulated and hirudin anti coagulated platelet rich plasma and effects of chelating agents

Vasil'ev-Ya, A.; Trush, V.D., 1975:
Dependence of human response time on the level of spatial synchronism of cortical bio potentials

Zagryadskii V.P.; Sulimo Samuillo Z.K., 1982:
Dependence of human response to extreme factors on the initial state

Demchenko, A.P., 1981:
Dependence of human serum albumin fluorescence spectrum on the excitation wavelength

Urazaliev R.A.; Nabiullin B.A., 1979:
Dependence of hybrid seed infructescence potential in male sterile winter wheat plants on conditions of vertical zonality methods of pollination and restorer genotype

Goring H.; Zoglauer K., 1979:
Dependence of iaa induced ethylene production on water potential in excised coleoptile sections of triticum aestivum

Farutina, L.M.; Karmysheva, V.Y. ; Karaseva, P.S.; Ivanova, R.I., 1975:
Dependence of immune cytolysis of cells infected with western equine encephalomyelitis virus on cell cycle stages

Mendelenko M.M.; Petrov R.V.; Livshits M.L.; Nesterov S.V.; Sysolyatin V.A.; Zotin V.V., 1986:
Dependence of immune response intensity on the immune status of immunized children

Vasilevskaya, N.E.; Polyakova, N.N., 1977:
Dependence of impulse activity of neurons in the medulla oblongata on characteristics of acidic stimulation in the carp cyprinus carpio

Miller R.N.; Rinzel J., 1981:
Dependence of impulse propagation speed on firing frequency dispersion for the hodgkin huxley model

O.T.H.; Markelonis G.J., 1980:
Dependence of in vitro myogenesis on a trophic protein present in chicken embryo extract

Savtsova Z.D.; Grinevich Y.A.; Shevchenko I.N.; Nikol'skii I.S., 1984:
Dependence of influenza virus cocarcinogenic effect on the pattern of influenza infection

Obukhovskaya, A.S.; Lishnevskaya, E.B.; Tereshin, I.M., 1978:
Dependence of inhibition by levorin of amino acid incorporation into protoplasts and sub cellular fractions of candida albicans proteins on variation in endo cellular potassium concentration

Lopez, D.M.; Lopez, P.F.; Parks, W.P.; Paul, R.D., 1986:
Dependence of initiation of an innocent bystander cytotoxicity reaction on the association of viral antigens and tumor cell membranes in mice

Nilius, B., 1977:
Dependence of inotropic vagal effects on the expansion of the atrial myo cardium

Marttinen, A., 1986:
Dependence of insulin degradation by intact erythrocytes on receptor binding in diabetic patients

Bobst, A.M.; Torrence, P.F.; Kouidou, S.; Witkop, B., 1976:
Dependence of interferon induction on nucleic acid conformation

Sharyi N.I.; Blokhina M.E.; Yarilin A.A.; Kuz'mina E.G., 1986:
Dependence of interleukin 2 production on the time intervals between irradiation and mitogenic activation of lymphocytes

Winne, D., 1978:
Dependence of intestinal absorption in vivo on the unstirred layer

Hietanen, E.; Laitinen, M., 1978:
Dependence of intestinal bio transformation on dietary cholesterol

Llano I.; Marty A.; Tanguy J., 1987:
Dependence of intracellular effects of gtp gamma s and inositoltrisphosphate on cell membrane potential and on external calcium ions

Stoddard J.S.; Helman S.I., 1985:
Dependence of intracellular sodium ion concentration on apical and basolateral membrane sodium ion influx in frog rana pipiens skin

Lindemann, B., 1982:
Dependence of ion flow through channels on the density of fixed charges at the channel opening. Voltage control of inverse titration curves

Menestrina G.; Porcelluzzi C., 1986:
Dependence of ion flow through the hemocyanin channel on a fixed charge at the pore mouth effects of protons and calcium ions

Bomsztyk, K.; Wright, F.S., 1986:
Dependence of ion fluxes on fluid transport by rat proximal tubule

Borisova, M.P.; Ermishkin, L.N.; Zil'bershtein, A.Y. ; Kasumov-Kh, M.; Potseluev, V.M., 1978:
Dependence of ionic channel properties on the lactone ring structure of polyene antibiotic molecules

Asai H.; Ochiai T., 1987:
Dependence of ionic strength of the calcium induced contraction of glycerinated stalk of the peritrich ciliate vorticella convallaria

Requena J.; Mullins L.J.; Whittembury J.; Brinley F.J.Jr, 1986:
Dependence of ionized and total calcium in squid axons on extracellular sodium free or high extracellular potassium conditions

Faitel'berh, R.O.; Shamin, V.I., 1977:
Dependence of iron absorption on content of trace elements mono saccharides and amino acids in the intestine

Kirchgessner, M.; Schneider, U.A.; Schnegg, A.; Grassmann, E., 1979:
Dependence of iron utilization in intermediary metabolism during pregnancy on the level of iron supply

Izakov V.Ya; Bykov B.L.; Kimmel'man I.Ya, 1981:
Dependence of isometric myo cardial relaxation kinetics on temperature

Zajac F.E.; Wicke R.W.; Levine W.S., 1984:
Dependence of jumping performance on muscle properties when humans use only calf muscles for propulsion

Zal'kaln-Ya, P., 1978:
Dependence of kidney damage on the duration of administration of analgesic and anti pyretic medicines

Bhattacharyya R.N.; Basu P.S., 1985:
Dependence of kinetin induced elongation of wheat triticum vulgare cultivar sonalika coleoptiles on iaa metabolism

Mcgrail, J.C.; Bonen, A.; Belcastro, A.N., 1978:
Dependence of lactate removal on muscle metabolism in man

Trimbee A.M.; Prepas E.E., 1988:
Dependence of lake oxygen depletion rates on maximum oxygen storage in a partially meromictic lake in alberta canada

Kam Z.; Borochov N.; Eisenberg H., 1981:
Dependence of laser light scattering of dna on sodium chloride concentration

Ljubin C.; Licul F.; Ljubin N., 1981:
Dependence of latency on acoustic stimuli in the audio motor reflex

Murei, I.A., 1976:
Dependence of leaf area in plant crops on the value of the cenotic effect

Chaichenko G.M., 1982:
Dependence of learning in rats on their general excitability

Zhukova, R.A.; Nabokova, L.P.; Starshinova, E.N.; Tereshin, I.M., 1978:
Dependence of lethal and mutagenic effect of mitomycin c and uv light on spore germination in streptoverticillium mycoheptinicum

Bokesch P.M.; Raymond S.A.; Strichartz G.R., 1987:
Dependence of lidocaine potency on ph and carbon dioxide partial pressure

Khomenko A.V.; Semenova E.G.; Pinaev G.P., 1986:
Dependence of ligand receptor complex redistribution in cultured cells on growth type and cell cycle phase

Bekina R.M.; Lysenko G.G.; Lebedeva A.F.; Gusev M.V., 1981:
Dependence of light induced oxygen reduction on ph in chloroplasts

Senft, H.W., 1978:
Dependence of light saturated rates of algal photosynthesis on intra cellular concentrations of phosphorus

L.Y.Q.; Tsao T.H.; Linskens H.F., 1986:
Dependence of lilium pollen germination and tube growth on protein synthesis and glycosylation after inhibitor treatments

Khomova T.V.; Gusakova S.D.; Murdakhaev Y.M.; Umarov A.U., 1984:
Dependence of lipids from plectranthus glaucocalyx seeds on growth conditions

Hellman, R.P., 1978 :
Dependence of loudness growth on skirts of excitation patterns

Savel'ev V.B., 1985:
Dependence of low angle equatorial reflections intensity of x ray pattern from frog skeletal muscle on sarcomere length

Chernigovskaya, T.V., 1976:
Dependence of low frequency amplitude modulation perception on age and training in humans

Buchholz D.M.; Dray S.; Teodorescu M., 1979:
Dependence of lymphocyte surface immuno globulin on continuous poly clonal activation

Gevorkyan S.G.; Morozov V.N., 1983:
Dependence of lysozyme hydration isotherm on molecular packing in the solid phase

Kudryashova N.I.; Losev N.A., 1983:
Dependence of m cholinomimetic properties of arecoline analogs on their molecular structural properties

Nichols, L.; Schmidt, F.J., 1988:
Dependence of M1 RNA substrate specificity on magnesium ion concentration

Yamanashi W.S.; Anderson D.W.; Lester P.D.; Herrick D.; Frazer J.W., 1985:
Dependence of magnetic resonance image intensity values on relaxation times pulse intervals and other signal attenuation factors

Sharonov, Y.A.; Sharonova, N.A.; Atanasov, B.P., 1976:
Dependence of magneto optical rotatory dispersion and magnetic circular dichroism of deoxy hemo globin and met hemo globin on their quaternary structure

Mattern, M.R.; Painter, R.B., 1979:
Dependence of mammalian dna replication on dna super coiling 1. effects of ethidium bromide on dna synthesis in permeable chinese hamster ovary cells

Mattern, M.R.; Painter, R.B., 1979:
Dependence of mammalian dna replication on dna super coiling 2. effects of novobiocin on dna synthesis in chinese hamster ovary cells

Mattern, M.R.; Scudiero, D.A., 1981:
Dependence of mammalian dna synthesis on dna super coiling 3. characterization of the inhibition of replicative and repair type dna synthesis by novobiocin and nalidixic acid

Marbach, A.; Shilo, M., 1978:
Dependence of marine bdellovibrios on potassium, calcium, and magnesium ions

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