Section 6
Chapter 5,107

Deontological aspects of the employment of computer monitoring systems in the intensive care and critical care wards

Lebedeva, R.N.; Eremenko, A.A.

Anesteziologiya i Reanimatologiya 6: 24-27


Accession: 005106395

The use of monitor-computer systems for the automation of certain functions of medical staff in the intensive and critical care wards raises a number of problems dealing with medical deontology. First of all this applies to keeping of case records in the computer memory, computer-assisted observations of the patient's state, diagnosis and treatment. The basic problem is a correct view of the possibilities of computers and the choice of tasks and functions with which they should be entrusted. Physicians should not be opposed to the computer. Computer system should be regarded as an essentially new tool which allows one to significantly increase the possibilities of the physician in diagnosis and treatment.

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