Dependence of kinetin induced elongation of wheat triticum vulgare cultivar sonalika coleoptiles on iaa metabolism

Bhattacharyya, R.N.; Basu, P.S.

Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen (BPP) 180(4): 269-276


Accession: 005106967

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Kinetin induced elongation of wheat coleoptiles and its relation on IAA metabolism was studied. Kinetin can induce elongation of wheat coleoptiles. It has a synergistic effect with either indole-3-acetic acid or 3-hydroxymethyloxindole (HMO) or 3-methyleneoxindole (Meox), the metabolites of the oxindole pathway of IAA metabolism. The growth promoting property of kinetin was almost lost when the oxidation of endogenous IAA was blocked by pretreating the coleoptiles with EDTA or a mixture of chlorogenic acid and 2,2'-dipyridyl. The growth promoting property of kinetin could be restored by the addition of a very low concentration of HMO or Meox. The kinetin induced growth of wheat coleoptile elongation was also reduced when the endogenous Meox was made unavailable to kinetin during its action forming endogenous adduct with sulfhydryl compounds.