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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5109

Chapter 5109 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hiramatsu R.; Nishi I.; Hiehata K.; Izumi K., 1987:
Deposition and insecticidal effect of dust formulation on the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens in paddy rice field

Kennedy, A.R.; Worcester, J.; Little, J.B., 1977:
Deposition and localization of polonium 210 intra tracheally instilled in the hamster lung as determined by auto radiography of freeze dried sections

Stearns, R.C.; Barnas, G.M.; Walski, M.; Brain, J.D., 1987:
Deposition and phagocytosis of inhaled particles in the gas exchange region of the duck, Anas platyrhynchos

Millard G.C.; Fraley L.Jr; Markham O.D., 1983:
Deposition and retention of cerium 141 and cesium 134 aerosols on cool desert vegetation

Wolff R.K.; Kanapilly G.M.; Gray R.H.; Mcclellan R.O., 1984:
Deposition and retention of inhaled aggregate gallium 67 oxide particles in beagle dogs fischer 344 rats and cd 1 mice

Cuddihy, R.G., 1978:
Deposition and retention of inhaled niobium in beagle dogs

Snipes M.B.; Olson T.R.; Yeh H.C., 1988:
Deposition and retention patterns for 3 9 and 15 mum latex microspheres inhaled by rats and guinea pigs

Toews, A.D.; Armstrong, R.; Ray, R.; Gould, R.M.; Morell, P., 1988:
Deposition and transfer of axonally transported phospholipids in rat sciatic nerve

Prahm, L.P.; Torp, U.; Stern, R.M., 1976:
Deposition and transformation rates of sulfur oxides during atmospheric transport over the atlantic

Brody, A.R.; Roe, M.W.; Evans, J.N.; Davis, G.S., 1982:
Deposition and translocation of inhaled silica in rats. Quantification of particle distribution, macrophage participation, and function

Mentz, W.M.; Brown, J.B.; Friedman, M.; Stutts, M.J.; Gatzy, J.T.; Boucher, R.C., 1986:
Deposition, clearance, and effects of aerosolized amiloride in sheep airways

Harrison R.M.; Johnston W.R., 1985:
Deposition fluxes of lead cadmium copper and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons on the verges of a major highway

Aylor D.E., 1987:
Deposition gradients of urediniospores of puccinia recondita near a source

Asche N., 1988:
Deposition interception and leaching in the canopy of an oak hornbeam stand

Bond J.A.; Sun J.D.; Medinsky M.A.; Jones R.K.; Yeh H.C., 1986:
Deposition metabolism and excretion of 1 carbon 14 nitropyrene and 1 carbon 14 nitropyrene coated on diesel exhaust particles as influenced by exposure concentration

Tomenius, L., 1977:
Deposition of 2 micrometer and 7 micrometer particles in the rabbit lung

Little, P., 1977:
Deposition of 2.75 5.0 and 8.5 micron particles to plant and soil surfaces

Callander B.A.; Unsworth M.H., 1983:
Deposition of 30 60 micrometer diameter droplets in winter wheat

Kim, C.S.; Brown, L.K.; Lewars, G.G.; Sackner, M.A., 1983:
Deposition of aerosol particles and flow resistance in mathematical and experimental airway models

Halik J.; Haus A.; Kleisner I.; Hrobska J., 1985:
Deposition of aerosol particles in respiratory tract in bronchospasm elicited by physostigmine

Reddi, C.S., 1976:
Deposition of airborne lycopodium and podaxis spores released from an artificial point source

Potts, M.J., 1978:
Deposition of airborne salt on pinus radiata and the underlying soil

Yonezawa S.; Irisa S.; Nakamura T.; Uemura S.; Otsuji Y.; Ohi Y.; Sato E., 1983:
Deposition of alpha 1 anti trypsin and loss of glyco conjugate carrying ulex europaeus agglutinin i binding sites in the glomerular sclerotic process phenomena common to chronic pyelo nephritis and chronic diffuse proliferative glomerulo nephritis

Youson J.H.; Neville C.M., 1987:
Deposition of aluminum in the gill epithelium of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri richardson subjected to sublethal concentrations of the metal

Yamato A., 1982:
Deposition of americium 241 and plutonium 239 plus plutonium 240 at tokai ibaraki prefecture japan

Iwashita A.; E.A., 1987:
Deposition of amyloid in the alimentary tract with special reference to biopsy diagnosis

Hedman K.; Alitalo K.; Lehtinen S.; Timpl R.; Vaheri A., 1982:
Deposition of an intermediate form of pro collagen type iii into fibrils in the matrix of amniotic epithelial cells

Asa C.S.; Peterson E.K.; Seal U.S.; Mech L.D., 1985:
Deposition of anal sac secretion by captive wolves canis lupus

Tsunogai S.; Shinagawa T.; Kurata T., 1985:
Deposition of anthropogenic sulfate and lead 210 in the western north pacific area

Addison P.A.; Puckett K.J., 1980:
Deposition of atmospheric pollutants as measured by lichen element content in the athabasca alberta canada oil sands area

Samoszuk, M.K.; Espinoza, F.P., 1987:
Deposition of autofluorescent eosinophil granules in pathologic bone marrow biopsies

Stoewsand G.S.; Anderson J.L.; Rutzke M.; Lisk D.J., 1988:
Deposition of barium in the skeleton of rats fed brazil nuts

Cohen, M.P.; Dasmahapatra, A.; Wu, V.Y., 1981:
Deposition of basement membrane in vitro by normal and diabetic rat renal glomeruli

Carlo, J.R.; Ruddy, S.; Sauter, S.; Yount, W.J., 1979:
Deposition of beta 1H globulin in kidneys of patients with immune renal disease

Ebato, K., 1987:
Deposition of cadmium in organ tissues and excretion through hair following oral administration of cadmium acetate to rats

Christiansen J.S.; Wallace J.C., 1988:
Deposition of canthaxanthin and muscle lipid in two size groups of arctic charr salvelinus alpinus l

Newman S.P.; Woodman G.; Clarke S.W., 1988:
Deposition of carbenicillin aerosols in cystic fibrosis effects of nebulizer system and breathing pattern

Kluczewski S.M.; Brown K.A.; Bell J.N.B., 1985:
Deposition of carbonyl sulfide to soils

Perumalla C.J.; Peterson C.A., 1986:
Deposition of casparian bands and suberin lamellae in the exodermis and endodermis of young corn zea mays and onion allium cepa roots

Sassen M.M.A.; Traas J.A.; Wolters Arts A.M.C., 1985:
Deposition of cellulose microfibrils in cell walls of root hairs

Tobler L.; Bajo S.; Wyttenbach A., 1988:
Deposition of cesium 134 cesium 137 from chernobyl ussr fallout on norway spruce and forest soil and its incorporation into spruce twigs

Chari K.; Rajagopalan R., 1985:
Deposition of colloidal particles in stagnation point flow

Newman S.L.; Mikus L.K., 1985:
Deposition of complement c 3b and complement i c 3b onto particulate activators of the human complement system quantitation with monoclonal antibodies to human complement c 3

Tomino Y.; Sakai H.; Nomoto Y.; Endoh M.; Arimori S.; Fujita T., 1981:
Deposition of complement c 4 binding protein and beta 1h globulin in kidneys of patients with immuno globulin a nephropathy

Sohnle, P.G.; Frank, M.M.; Kirkpatrick, C.H., 1976:
Deposition of complement components in the cutaneous lesions of chronic muco cutaneous candidiasis

Langlands J.P.; Bowles J.E.; Donald G.E.; Smith A.J., 1984:
Deposition of copper manganese selenium and zinc in merino sheep

Langlands J.P.; Bowles J.E.; Donald G.E.; Smith A.J.; Paull D.R.; Davies H.I., 1982:
Deposition of copper manganese selenium and zinc in the ovine fetus and associated tissues

Lorio, W.J.; Jenkins, J.H.; Huish, M.T., 1976:
Deposition of dieldrin in 4 components of 2 artificial aquatic systems and a farm pond

Mccartney, H.A.; Bainbridge, A., 1987:
Deposition of erysiphe graminis conidia on a barley crop i. sedimentation and impaction

Mccartney, H.A., 1987:
Deposition of erysiphe graminis conidia on a barley crop ii. consequences for spore dispersal

Essien I.O.; Sandoval D.N.; Kuroda P.K., 1985:
Deposition of excess amount of natural uranium from the atmosphere

Harris, P.M.; Widdowson, E.M., 1978:
Deposition of fat in the body of the rat during rehabilitation after early under nutrition

Colasanti G.; Maroger L.M.; D'amico G., 1987:
Deposition of fibrin stabilizing factor f xiiia and s fibrinogen related antigens fibrinogen degradation products fdp d and fdp e and antihemolytic factor f viii in renal disease analysis of 161 cases by immunofluorescence microscopy

Fyrand, O.; Mellbye, O.J., 1977:
Deposition of fibrinogen fr antigen in skin diseases part 3 synovial joint membranes in psoriatic arthritis

Burton-Wurster, N.; Lust, G., 1985:
Deposition of fibronectin in articular cartilage of canine osteoarthritic joints

Carling P.A., 1984 :
Deposition of fine and coarse sand in an open work gravel bed

Aoyama M.; Hirose K.; Sugimura Y., 1987:
Deposition of gamma emitting nuclides in japan after the reactor iv accident at chernobyl ussr

Navarre J L.; Ronneau C.; Priest P., 1980:
Deposition of heavy elements on belgian agricultural soils

Judeikis, H.S.; Wren, A.G., 1977:
Deposition of hydrogen sulfide and di methyl sulfide on selected soil materials/

Albini, B.; Ossi, E.; Neuland, C.; Noble, B.; Andres, G., 1979:
Deposition of immune complexes in the ovarian follicle of rabbits with experimental chronic serum sickness 1. immuno pathology

Tomino Y.; Nomoto Y.; Endoh M.; Sakai H., 1981:
Deposition of immuno globulin a dominant immune complexes in muscular vessels from patients with immuno globulin a nephropathy

Portis J.L.; Coe J.E., 1979:
Deposition of immuno globulin a in renal glomeruli of mink affected with aleutian disease

Tsoi, M.S.; Storb, R.; Jones, E.; Weiden, P.L.; Shulman, H.; Witherspoon, R.; Atkinson, K.; Thomas, E.D., 1978:
Deposition of immuno globulin m and complement at the dermo epidermal junction in acute and chronic cutaneous graft vs host disease in man

Martonen, T., 1983:
Deposition of inhaled particulate matter in the upper respiratory tract, larynx, and bronchial airways: a mathematical description

Zverev V.M.; Aleksevich Y.I.; Rybas' A.S.; Khomitskii N.V., 1981:
Deposition of kanamycin in peritoneum under dimexid effect

Svartengren, M.; Falk, R.; Linnman, L.; Philipson, K.; Camner, P., 1987:
Deposition of large particles in human lung

D.Leeuw G.T.N., 1985:
Deposition of lignin suberin and callose in relation to the restriction of infection by botrytis cinerea in ghost spots of tomato fruits

Gifford D.J.; Greenwood J.S.; Bewley J.D., 1982:
Deposition of matrix and crystalloid storage proteins during protein body development in the endosperm of ricinus communis cultivar hale seeds

Rybal'skii N.G.; Gavristov A.V., 1987:
Deposition of microorganisms with regard to patent procedure in the ussr

Villecourt, P., 1975:
Deposition of mineral nitrogen by rain in the lamto savanna ivory coast

Schnug E.; Holz F., 1987:
Deposition of nitrate nitrogen and sulfate sulfur by precipitations in schleswig holstein west germany

Kachel H.G.; Altmeyer P.; Kuehn K.W.; Koch K.M.; Baldamus C.A., 1984:
Deposition of nonamyloid material in connective tissue in uremia

Scheider W.A.; Snyder W.R.; Clark B., 1979:
Deposition of nutrients and major ions by precipitation in south central ontario canada

Kemp P.F., 1986:
Deposition of organic matter on a high energy sand beach by a mass stranding of the cnidarian velella velella

Johnston, J.R.; Schroter, R.C., 1979:
Deposition of particles in model airways

Ferrandino F.J.; Aylor D.E., 1985:
Deposition of particles to a wheat triticum aestivum canopy the importance of inertial impaction

Adamczyk Z.; Van D.V.n T.G.M., 1981:
Deposition of particles under external forces in laminar flow through parallel plate and cylindrical channels

Thrane K.E., 1987:
Deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons pah in the surroundings of primary aluminum industry

Newman S.P.; Pavia D.; Moren F.; Sheahan N.F.; Clarke S.W., 1981:
Deposition of pressurized aerosols in the human respiratory tract

Newman, S.P.; Morén, F.; Pavia, D.; Little, F.; Clarke, S.W., 1981:
Deposition of pressurized suspension aerosols inhaled through extension devices

Huck P.M.; Anderson W.B., 1983:
Deposition of radium 226 on surfaces during precipitation and leaching of barium radium sulfate

Weiss K., 1986:
Deposition of royal jelly and development of queen larvae during consecutive experiments in queenless colonies of apis mellifera

Morgan A.; Black A.; Evans N.; Holmes A.; Pritchard J.N., 1980:
Deposition of sized glass fibers in the respiratory tract of the rat

Fisher B.E.A., 1982:
Deposition of sulfur and the acidity of precipitation over ireland

Bristow A.W.; Garwood E.A., 1984:
Deposition of sulfur from the atmosphere and the sulfur balance in 4 soils under grass

Walker D.R.; Dick A.C.; Nyborg M., 1981:
Deposition of sulfur gases from multiple scattered sources in alberta canada

Dahl, A.R.; Snipes, M.B.; Muggenburg, B.A.; Young, T.C., 1983:
Deposition of sulfuric acid mists in the respiratory tract of beagle dogs

Van Steveninck R.F.M.; Van Steveninck M.E.; Fernando D.R.; Horst W.J.; Marschner H., 1987:
Deposition of zinc phytate in globular bodies in roots of deschampsia caespitosa ecotypes a detoxification mechanism?

Newman, S.P.; Morén, F.; Clarke, S.W., 1987:
Deposition pattern from a nasal pump spray

Stahlhofen, W.; Gebhart, J.; Heyder, J.; Scheuch, G., 1983:
Deposition pattern of droplets from medical nebulizers in the human respiratory tract

Brody, A.R.; Roe, M.W., 1983:
Deposition pattern of inorganic particles at the alveolar level in the lungs of rats and mice

Newman, S.P.; Morén, F.; Clarke, S.W., 1988:
Deposition pattern of nasal sprays in man

Adams A.J.; Palmer A., 1986:
Deposition patterns of small droplets applied to a tomato crop using the ulvafan and two prototype electrostatic sprayers

Israeli M., 1985:
Deposition rates of radon progeny in houses

Lippmann, M.; Yeates, D.B.; Albert, R.E., 1980 :
Deposition, retention, and clearance of inhaled particles

Emery, R.S., 1979:
Deposition, secretion, transport and oxidation of fat in ruminants

Shinkaji, N.; Amano, H.; Nunokawa, M.; Anbiru, T., 1987:
Deposition sites of egg masses of the viburnum leaf beetle pyrrhalta humeralis chen coleoptera chrysomelidae on the host tree viburnum awabuki k. koch

Delumyea R.; Petel R.L., 1979:
Deposition velocity of phosphorus containing particles over southern lake huron april october 1975

Picha, F., 1978:
Depositional and diagenetic history of pleistocene and holocene oolitic sediments and sabkhas in kuwait persian gulf

Skovbro B., 1983:
Depositional conditions during chalk sedimentation in the ekofisk area norwegian north sea

Chiplonkar G.W.; Badve R.M., 1980:
Depositional conditions of the bagh sediment india as indicated by the oyster beds

A.Q.yim B.A.J.; Khaiwka M.H., 1980:
Depositional environment and diagenesis of the oligocene reef cycles kirkuk oil field northern iraq

Minoura K.; Nakamori T., 1982:
Depositional environment of algal balls in the ryukyu group ryukyu islands southwestern japan

Youssef E.A.A.; Kamel A.A.M., 1985:
Depositional environment of dir el biraqat evaporites northwestern desert egypt

Misra S.B., 1984 :
Depositional environment of the krol group of the nainital area india and its impact on the stromatolites

Brouwer, J., 1977:
Depositional environment of the oligocene rupel clay in well grashoek 1 peel region the netherlands

Poche, D.; Brooks, J.E., 1976:
Depositional environment of the palo pinto limestone upper pennsylvanian in north central texas usa

Aoshima, M., 1978:
Depositional environment of the plio pleistocene kakegawa group japan a comparative study of the fossil and the recent foraminifera

Wayne W.J., 1982:
Depositional environment of the type section of the seward formation lower pleistocene nebraska usa

Maejima W., 1979:
Depositional environment of the upper permian haigyu group along the sakashu kitoh river at sakashu tokushima prefecture southwest japan

Martindale S.G., 1986:
Depositional environments and phosphatization of the meade peak phosphatic shale tongue of the phosphoria formation leach mountains nevada usa

Miller K.B., 1986:
Depositional environments and sequences pleurodictyum zone ludlowville formation of western new york usa

Walters L.J.Jr; Owen D.E.; Henley A.L.; Winstein M.S.; Valek K.W., 1987:
Depositional environments of the dakota sandstone and adjacent units in the san juan basin usa utilizing discriminant analysis of trace elements in shales

Onalan M., 1986:
Depositional environments of the paleozoic sediments in the nur mountains turkey and paleogeographic evolution of the region

Jehn, P.J.; Young, L.M., 1976:
Depositional environments of the pitkin formation northern arkansas usa

Rees, M.N.; Brady, M.J.; Rowell, A.J., 1976:
Depositional environments of the upper cambrian johns wash limestone house range utah usa

Schreiber, B.C.; Friedman, G.M., 1976:
Depositional environments of upper miocene messinian evaporites of sicily italy as determined from analysis of intercalated carbonates

Hamilton Taylor J.; Willis M.; Reynolds C.S., 1984:
Depositional fluxes of metals and phyto plankton in windermere england uk as measured by sediment traps

Amdurer M.; Munson M.G.; Valastro S.Jr, 1979:
Depositional history and rate of deposition of a flood tidal delta central texas coast usa

Eganhouse R.P.; Kaplan I.R., 1988:
Depositional history of recent sediments from san pedro shelf california usa reconstruction using elemental abundance isotopic composition and molecular markers

Mitchell Tapping H.J., 1980:
Depositional history of the oolite of the miami limestone formation florida usa

Tizzard, P.G.; Lerbekmo, J.F., 1975:
Depositional history of the viking formation suffield area alberta canada

Kussel C.M.; Jones D.S., 1986:
Depositional history of three pleistocene bluffs in northeastern florida usa

Scott R.W., 1979:
Depositional model of early cretaceous coral algal rudist reefs arizona usa

Hine A.C.; Evans M.W.; Davis R.A.Jr; Belknap D.F., 1987:
Depositional response to seagrass mortality along a low energy barrier island coast west central florida usa

Goodarzi, F.; Gentzis, T., 1987:
Depositional setting determined by organic petrography of the middle eocene hat creek no. 2 coal deposit british columbia canada

Southwick L.M.; Boethel D.J.; Willis G.H.; Rester D.C.; Yanes J.Jr; Troxclair N.N.Jr; Sparks A.N.Jr, 1986:
Deposits and persistence of permethrin ultralow volume and emulsifiable concentrate applications on soybean leaves

Jakob, H., 1969:
Deposits in central nervous system occurring with chronic myo clonus body disease lundborg type

Llompart C., 1979:
Deposits of dinosaur foot prints in the prepyrenees spain upper cretaceous

Donnenfeld H.; Kascsak R.J.; Bartfeld H., 1984:
Deposits of immuno globulin g and complement c 3 in the spinal cord and motor cortex of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients

Johannessen A.C.; Nilsen R.; Skaug N., 1983:
Deposits of immuno globulins and complement c 3 in human dental peri apical inflammatory lesions

Mekori Y.A.; Steiner P.; Farkash R.; Moalem T.; Klajman A., 1981:
Deposits of immuno globulins and complement c 3 in the walls of human renal arteries

Gruschwitz M.; Keller J.; Hornstein O.P., 1988:
Deposits of immunoglobulins at the dermo epidermal junction in chronic light exposed skin what is the value of the lupus band test?

Nikolopoulou-Papaconstantinou, A.A.; Johannessen, A.C.; Kristoffersen, T., 1987:
Deposits of immunoglobulins, complement, and immune complexes in inflamed human gingiva

Cain, H.; Egner, E.; Ruska, J., 1977:
Deposits of rare earth metals in the lungs of man, and in experimental animals

De-Bonis, L.; Bouvrain, G.; Melentis, J., 1977:
Deposits of vertebrates from the lower valley of the vardar greece

Fowler, S.A.; Korb, D.R.; Allansmith, M.R., 1985:
Deposits on soft contact lenses of various water contents

Carie, P., 1976:
Deposits where the dronte has been found

Hoff S.F.; Fitzgerald R.H.Jr; Kelly P.J., 1981:
Depot administration of penicillin g and gentamicin in acrylic bone cement

Leat, W.M.F., 1977:
Depot fatty acids of aberdeen angus and friesian cattle reared on hay and barley diets

Gift T.E.; Gift J.M., 1981:
Depot fluphenazine and depression possible mechanism

Yahner R.H.; Wright A.L., 1985:
Depredation on artificial ground nests effects of edge and plot age

Santamarina Mijares A.; Gonzalez Broche R., 1985:
Depredator capacity of aquatic hemiptera under laboratory conditions

Waldmeier, P.C.; Felner, A.E., 1978:
Deprenil loss of selectivity for inhibition of b type mono amine oxidase ec after repeated treatment

Lavie, P.; Wajsbort, J.; Youdim, M.B., 1980:
Deprenyl does not cause insomnia in parkinsonian patients

Eisler, T.; Teräväinen, H.; Nelson, R.; Krebs, H.; Weise, V.; Lake, C.R.; Ebert, M.H.; Whetzel, N.; Murphy, D.L.; Kopin, I.J.; Calne, D.B., 1981:
Deprenyl in Parkinson disease

Giovannini P.; Grassio M.P.; Scigliano G.; Piccolo I.; Soliveri P.; Caraceni T., 1985:
Deprenyl in parkinsons disease personal experience

Schachter M.; Marsden C.D.; Parkes J.D.; Jenner P.; Testa B., 1980:
Deprenyl in the management of response fluctuations in patients with parkinsons disease on l dopa

Fuller R.W.; Hemrick Luecke S.K., 1984:
Deprenyl protection against striatal dopamine depletion by 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine in mice

Roschlau G.; Baumgarten R.; Winter H., 1982:
Depressan induced hepatitis with necrosis

Ault B.; Evans R.H., 1981:
Depressant action of baclofen on the isolated spinal cord of the neo natal rat

Sada H.; Sada S., 1986:
Depressant action of calcium antagonists on slow action potentials in guinea pig ventricular muscles

Pei, Y.Q., 1983:
Depressant action of Fructus Piperis Longi on the central nervous system

Leonortiz, C.; Junge, D., 1978:
Depressant action of lithium at the crayfish neuro muscular junction presynaptic and postsynaptic effects

Tonini, M.; Rizzi, C.A.; Perucca, E.; D.P.nti, F.; D'Angelo, L.; Del Vecchio, A.; Crema, A., 1987:
Depressant action of oxybutynin on the contractility of intestinal and urinary tract smooth muscle

Davies J.; Watkins J.C., 1985:
Depressant actions of gamma d glutamylaminomethyl sulfonate on amino acid induced and synaptic excitation in the cat spinal cord

Wu, J.X.; Chen, J.X., 1988:
Depressant actions of Panax notoginseng saponins on vascular smooth muscles

Watanabe T.; Honjo H.; Nezasa Y.; Kodama I.; Toyama J., 1986:
Depressant actions of propafenone on electrical and contractile activities of single ventricular myocytes

Flugy-Brucato, A.; Coppola, A.; Provenzano, P.M., 1978:
Depressant and dis inhibitory effects of triazolam following a brief continuous treatment

Daugirdas, J.T.; Wang, X.; Nutting, C.; Swanson, V.; Agrawal, A., 1988:
Depressant effect of acetate in isolated cardiac tissue

Leontowicz M.; Kulasek G.; Krasicka B.; Jaworska K., 1980:
Depressant effect of ammonium acetate in the diet on the insulin level in the plasma of rats

Sofia, R.D.; Barry, H.I.i, 1970:
Depressant effect of delta 1 tetra hydro cannabinol enhanced by inhibition of its metabolism

Dent, J.; Dodds, W.J.; Hogan, W.J.; Wood, J.D.; Arndorfer, R.C., 1979:
Depressant effect of sodium nitroprusside on the lower esophageal sphincter of the opossum

Sakanashi, M.; Yoshikawa, Y.; Kondoh, G.; Yonemura, K., 1981:
Depressant effect of trapidil on dog coronary arterial contraction induced by ergonovine

Tjeuw M.T.B.; Yao F S.; Van Pozank A., 1986:
Depressant effects of anesthetics on isolated human gravid and non gravid uterine muscle

Gilmour R.F.Jr; Morrical D.G.; Ertel P.J.; Maesaka J.F.; Zipes D.P., 1984:
Depressant effects of fast sodium channel blockade on the electrical activity of ischemic canine ventricle mediation by the sympathetic nervous system

Descotes J.; Evreux J.C., 1981:
Depressant effects of major tranquilizers on contact hyper sensitivity to picryl chloride in the mouse

Engler, R.L.; L.W.nter, M.M.; Karliner, J.S., 1979:
Depressant effects of quinidine gluconate on left ventricular function in conscious dogs with and without volume overload

Kimura T., 1985:
Depressant effects of the inhalation anesthetic halothane on autonomic nervous activities

Zerkle T.B.; Wade A.E., 1984:
Depressant effects of the interferon inducer poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid on cytochrome p 450 hemo proteins

Olds M.E.; Nienhuis R., 1979:
Depressant effects of topical morphine on self stimulation related units in hypothalamus

Gonzalex Lima F.; Valedon A.; Stiehil W.L., 1986:
Depressant pharmacological effects of a component isolated from lettuce lactuca sativa

Asselbergs J.E.F., 1979:
Depressaria emeritella new record for the dutch fauna lepidoptera oecophoridae

Hannemann, H.J., 1976:
Depressaria species from the e turati collection lepidoptera oecophoridae

Zimmerman B.G.; Friedman P.L.; Wong P.C., 1982:
Depressed adrenergic nerve function in tibial arteries of 2 kidney 1 clip goldblatt hypertensive dogs

Ceriello, A.; Dello Russo, P.; Curcio, F.; Tirelli, A.; Giugliano, D., 1984:
Depressed antithrombin III biological activity in opiate addicts

Friedman, H., 1968:
Depressed cellular formation of antibody to shigella antigens in vitro by spleen cell cultures from unresponsive mice sheep erythrocyte recovery from immunological tolerance

Bhat, J.G.; Gombos, E.A.; Baldwin, D.S., 1977:
Depressed cellular immune response to streptococcal antigens in post streptococcal glomerulo nephritis

Tsunekawa, H.; Takagi, E.; Kishimoto, H.; Shimokata, K., 1987:
Depressed cellular immunity in Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia

Masihi, K.N.; Lange, W.; Rohde-Schulz, B.; Chedid, L.; Jolivet, M., 1985:
Depressed chemiluminescence response by influenza virus is enhanced after conjugation of viral subunits to muramyl dipeptide

Fust G.; Czink E.; Minh D.; Miszlay Z.; Varga L.; Hollan S.R., 1985:
Depressed classical complement pathway activities in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Mendez Meza A.; Garcia Moguel A., 1984:
Depressed cranial fractures evaluation of surgical conservative management

Dupont, E.; Opelz, G.; Gustafsson, L.A.; Mikulski, S.M.; Terasaki, P.I., 1977:
Depressed effector cell function in antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity in kidney allo graft recipients

Swartzwelder H.S.; Wegener S.T.; Johnson C.T.; Dyer R.S., 1980:
Depressed excitability and integrated electro encephalographs following hippocampal afterdischarges

Guarini A.; Mussoni L.; Gugliotta L.; Chetti L.; Niewiarowski T.; Catani L.; Macchi S.; Donati M.B.; Tura S., 1987:
Depressed fibrinolysis in patients with acute leukemia

Morgan W.C.; Parbery D.C., 1980:
Depressed fodder quality and increased estrogenic activity of lucerne medicago sativa infected with pseudopeziza medicaginis

Ronkainen H., 1985:
Depressed fsh luteinizing hormone and prolactin responses to the lhrh trh and metaclopramide test in endurance runners in the hard training season

McDonough, K.H.; Lang, C.H.; Spitzer, J.J., 1984:
Depressed function of isolated hearts from hyperdynamic septic rats

Mylvaganam, R.; Garcia, R.O.; Ahn, Y.S.; Sprinz, P.G.; Kim, C.I.; Harrington, W.J., 1988:
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Depression of myocardial contractility in vitro by bupivacaine, etidocaine, and lidocaine

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Depression of ph in lakes and streams in central ontario canada during snow melt

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Depression of pre optic responsiveness to repetitive electrical stimulation during de synchronized sleep

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Depression of primary productivity by humic matter in lake and reservoir waters of the boreal forest zone

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Depression of pyrimidine dimer excision from the aspects of uv reversibility of irradiated cells

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Depression of rapid eye movement sleep in cats by nisoxetine a potential anti depressant drug

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Depression of sodium chloride and calcium ions in the plasma of goldfish carassius auratus and immature fresh water adapted and sea water adapted eels anguilla anguilla after acute administration of salmon calcitonin

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Depression of spontaneous and ionophore induced transmitter release by ruthenium red at the frog neuro muscular junction

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Depression of st tract in precordial derivations during acute inferior myocardial infarction

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Depression of t cell activity during pregnancy 1. factors in pregnancy serum affecting t cell reactivity

Mehrotra, N.N., 1982:
Depression of t cell activity during pregnancy 2. identification of factors in pregnancy serum inhibiting t cell reactivity

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Depression of t cell activity during pregnancy 3. modulation of human t cell function of human chorionic gonadotropin

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Depression of the 2nd anti coagulation system in sympathectomized animals under emotional stress

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Depression of the achilles reflex in new borns during daytime sleep

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Depression of the anti coagulation system in sympathectomized animals under different stress conditions/

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Depression of the bone marrow from intra vesical use of thiotepa

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Depression of the cardiac chronotropic component of the baro receptive reflex evoked by stimulation of somatic afferents

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Depression of the efferent activity of the cerebellar nuclei following destruction of the inferior olive

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Depression of the firing of rat cerebral cortical neurons by 2 azido analogs of adenine nucleotides

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Depression of the immune response to sheep erythrocytes in mice infected with Taenia crassiceps larvae

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Depression of the immune response toward allo transplantation of lymphoma induced by 5 3 3 di methyl 1 triazeno imidazole 4 carboxamide

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Depression of the minimum concentration of methyl bromide effective against diapausing warehouse moth ephestia elutella larvae at 15 celsius by prior exposure at a moderate concentration

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Depression of the positive inotropic response to ouabain and noradrenaline by the myo cardium of the ground squirrel spermophilus richardsonii during hibernation

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Depression of the primary humoral antibody response by trifluoperazine a phenothiazine derivative

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Depression of the radioprotective effect of isoproterenol on mammalian cells in vitro after desensitization of the cyclic amp system

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Depression of the res following graded isoproterenol induced myo cardial injury

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Depression of the respiratory burst in alveolar and peritoneal macrophages after thermal injury

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Depression of the synthesis of the intermediate and large forms of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec in rhodopseudomonas capsulata

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Depression of the thymus derived lymphocyte response to phyto hem agglutinin by renal cells

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Depression of thymus derived cell function and normality of bone marrow derived cell response in protein calorie mal nutrition

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Depression of thymus derived lymphocyte function in chimpanzees receiving thymectomy and irradiation

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Depression of thymus derived lymphocyte response by non thymus derived suppressor cells in lung cancer patients a possible prognostic value of suppressor cell activity

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Depression of vaccinal immunity to Marek's disease by infection with reticuloendotheliosis virus

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Depression of viral interferon induction in cell mono layers by asbestos fibers

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Depression or asthenia related to metabolic disturbances in obese patients after intestinal bypass surgery

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Depression subtypes affect the steady state plasma levels and therapeutic efficacy of amitriptyline and nortriptyline

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Depression vs. pseudodepression in dementia

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Depressions with psychological traits of mid life crisis

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Depressive action of clonidine on guinea pig and rabbit atrial pairs

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Depressive and schizophrenic characteristics of the japanese people on the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory data

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Depressive behaviors and gambling

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