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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5111

Chapter 5111 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dalgic N.; Sezgin I.; Sungu S., 1987:
Dermatoglyphic investigations of leukemia

Newell-Morris, L.; Wienker, T., 1986:
Dermatoglyphic patterns and pattern intensities of Callicebus (primates: Cebidae): description and comparison of three species

Okra Podrabinek, N.; Roudier, M.; Lamour, Y.; de Grouchy, J., 1988:
Dermatoglyphic patterns in senile dementia of Alzheimer's type

Gustavson K.H.; Jagell S., 1980:
Dermatoglyphic patterns in the sjogren larsson syndrome

Korbackova A., 1982:
Dermatoglyphic patterns on the finger tip

Micle, S.; Fried, K., 1980:
Dermatoglyphic peculiarities in hypospadias

Micle, S.; Kobyliansky, E., 1986:
Dermatoglyphic sexual dimorphism in Israelis: principal components and discriminant analyses applied to quantitative traits

Larrauri S.; Rodriguez Larralde A., 1984:
Dermatoglyphic studies in a sample of the venezuelan population

Balgir, R.S., 1982:
Dermatoglyphic studies in affective disorders: an appraisal

Bhardwaj, D.N.; Guleria, S.S.; Shrivastava, P.K.; Sidhu, B.S., 1978:
Dermatoglyphic studies in breast cancer

Subramanyam-Reddy, S.; Ahuja, Y.R.; Reddi, O.S., 1977:
Dermatoglyphic studies in carcinoma of the cervix

Ahuja, Y.R.; Annapurna, V.; Reddy, Y.R.; Reddy, G.D.; Rao, V.S.; Rao, P.N., 1982:
Dermatoglyphic studies in congenital heart disease in India

Nair, R.R.; Balakrishnan, K.G., 1987:
Dermatoglyphic studies in endomyocardial fibrosis

Annapurna, V.; Ahuja, Y.R.; Reddi, Y.R.; Reddy, G.D.; Sudhakar Rao, V.; Niranjan Rao, P., 1978:
Dermatoglyphic studies in rheumatic heart disease

Loesch, D., 1981:
Dermatoglyphic studies in the parents of trisomy 21 children 1. distribution of dermatoglyphic discriminants

Elango, R.; Verma, I.C.; Tomar, A., 1985:
Dermatoglyphic studies on muria gonds of central india i. digital variables

Elango, R.; Verma, I.C.; Tomar, A., 1985:
Dermatoglyphic studies on muria gonds of central india ii. palmar variables

Oyhenart-Perera, M.F.; Kolski, R.; Salvat, G., 1977:
Dermatoglyphic study finger palm and plantar prints of individuals with supernumerary nipples

Giuffre, L.; Corso, D.; Cammarata, M.; Benigno, V., 1977:
Dermatoglyphic study in the 4p syndrome

Pereira M.; Fonval F.; Iagolnitzer E.R., 1980:
Dermatoglyphic study of cuiva indians from venezuela

Crhak, L., 1985:
Dermatoglyphic tests in paternity expert's reports

Novotný, F.; Pribíková, M., 1981:
Dermatoglyphic tests in psoriatics and members of their families

Loesch, D.; Swiatkowska, Z., 1978:
Dermatoglyphic total patterns on palms, finger-tips and soles in twins

Park K S.; Cheon H.Y., 1984:
Dermatoglyphic traits in koreans

Dennis R.L.H.; Sunderland E., 1979:
Dermatoglyphic variation in the human populations of the north pennine dales north england uk part 1 sex differences bilateral asymmetry digital diversity and regional variation

Plato, C.C., 1978:
Dermatoglyphics and aging

Chang S I.; Lee I H.; Hong H S., 1980:
Dermatoglyphics and chromosomal variation in downs syndrome

Wisniewska H., 1986:
Dermatoglyphics in ankylosing spondylitis and hla b27

Floris G.; Sanna E., 1985:
Dermatoglyphics in breast carcinoma

Polani P.E.; Polani N.; Buttolo R.; Lezzi G., 1983:
Dermatoglyphics in chronic alcoholics in friulani italy a pilot study

Trindade Marques, M.; Marques, J., 1977:
Dermatoglyphics in color blindness

Boerger D.; Held K.R.; Luettgen S., 1986:
Dermatoglyphics in congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Alter, M.; Schulenberg, R., 1970:
Dermatoglyphics in congenital heart disease

Borbolla, L.; Guerra, D.; Bacallao, J., 1980:
Dermatoglyphics in Cuban mongols

Banerjee A.R.; Banerjee N.; Sarkar N.C.; Pal S.C.; Gupta M., 1985:
Dermatoglyphics in disease diabetes mellitus

Qazi, Q.H.; Mapa, H.C.; McGann, B.; Woods, J., 1977:
Dermatoglyphics in Down's syndrome patients of different racial origins

Hauser G.; Maier U.; Mohl W., 1984:
Dermatoglyphics in families with polycystic kidney disease potter type iii

Stowens, D.; Sammon, J.W.; Proctor, A., 1970:
Dermatoglyphics in female schizophrenia. A preliminary report

Skrinjaric I.; Kaic S.; Poje Z.; Dumic M.; Zergollern L., 1986:
Dermatoglyphics in gonadal dysgenesis analysis of palmar patterns

Verma K.C.; Jain V.K.; Joshi R.K., 1981:
Dermatoglyphics in ichthyosis and alopecia areata

Ponnudurai R., 1981:
Dermatoglyphics in male schizophrenics

Ignatova, M.S.; Kharina, E.A.; Degtiareva, E.M., 1980:
Dermatoglyphics in nephrology

Ayme S.; Mattei M G.; Mattei J.F.; Aurran Y.; Giraud F., 1979:
Dermatoglyphics in parents of children with trisomy 21 evaluation of their interest in genetic counseling

Meleshkina K.G., 1981:
Dermatoglyphics in patients with chronic cholecystitis

Gregurek Novak T.; Oremovic L.; Schmutzer L., 1984:
Dermatoglyphics in patients with psoriasis

Belov B.S.; Myakotkin V.A., 1988:
Dermatoglyphics in patients with rheumatic fever

Batista D.A.S.; Campos M.T.G.R.; Vianna Morgante A.M.; Otto P.A., 1985:
Dermatoglyphics in patients with the prader willi syndrome and normal karyotypes

Vishwanatham, C.P.; Vijayalakshmi, G.; Subramanyam, T.S., 1980:
Dermatoglyphics in schizophrenia south indian males

Milcu, S.M.; Ciovarnache, M., 1976:
Dermatoglyphics in the diagnosis of turners syndrome

Kochar N.R.; Sheremetyeva V.A.; Rychkov Y.G., 1981:
Dermatoglyphics in the studies of the genetic processes in human population a case of armenian population of the ussr

Polani, P.E.; Polani, N., 1979:
Dermatoglyphics in the testicular feminization syndrome

Ciovîrnache, M.; Ioaniţiu, D.; Ionescu, B.; Dumitrache, C.; Milea, E.; Dumitrache, M., 1986:
Dermatoglyphics in the virilizing polycystic ovary syndrome

Ciovîrnache, M.; Dumitriu, L.; Mogoş, I.; Spandonide, T.; Damian, A.; Handoca, A.; Stoenescu, D., 1986:
Dermatoglyphics in thyroid cancer

Okajima M.; Ikeuchi H.; Tonomura A., 1981:
Dermatoglyphics of 2 fetuses with trisomy 21 diagnosed by amnio centesis

Vormittag, W.; Weninger, M.; Willvonseder, R.; Wewalka, F., 1976:
Dermatoglyphics of homo zygotes and hetero zygotes for wilsons disease hepato lenticular degeneration

Simonyan I.V., 1980:
Dermatoglyphics of the armenian female population

Kamali M.S., 1984:
Dermatoglyphics of the caucasians of south iran

Smit M.P.S., 1987:
Dermatoglyphics of the diola of the buluf plateau senegal

Mutafov S.; Torn'ova Randelova S., 1983:
Dermatoglyphics of the hand surfaces of blind children and adolescents

Kamali M.S., 1986 :
Dermatoglyphics of the kazaks in iran

Galaktionov O.K.; Efimov V.M.; Goltsova T.V.; Lemza S.V., 1981:
Dermatoglyphics of the nganasans and the forest entsy from the taimir peninsula siberia ussr

Krishan, G., 1977:
Dermatoglyphics of the nicobarese of great nicobar india

Holmes-Siedle, M.; Kerr, S.; Lindenbaum, R.H.; Bobrow, M., 1980:
Dermatoglyphs and chromosome mosaicism in parents of children with trisomy 18

Fortich-Baca, V.I., 1978:
Dermatoglyphs in a case of congenital cardiopathy

Tay, J.S.; Yip, W.C.; Yap, H.K.; Lee, B.W.; Wong, H.B.; Chay, S.O., 1985:
Dermatoglyphs in children with mitral valve prolapse

Shiono, H.; Ogino, T., 1980:
Dermatoglyphs in duplication of the thumb

Ciovirnache M.; Florea I.; Grigorescu A.; Ionescu V., 1979:
Dermatoglyphs in parents of children with turners syndrome

Ogunye, O.; Sagay, S.A., 1981:
Dermatoglyphs in the Southern Nigerian population

Shiono, H.; Kadowaki, J.; Tanda, H.; Hikita, M., 1977:
Dermatoglyphs of Klinefelter's syndrome

Piatkowska, E., 1977:
Dermatoglyphs of the hands of children with cleft lip and palate

Rudan, P.; Schmutzer, L., 1976:
Dermatoglyphs of the inhabitants of the island of hvar yugoslavia

Chamberlain, Y.M., 1978:
Dermatolithon litorale rhodophyta corallinaceae in the british isles

Peris Z., 1985:
Dermatologic aspect of superior vena cava syndrome

Nixon, D.W.; Pirozzi, D.; York, R.M.; Black, M.; Lawson, D.H., 1981:
Dermatologic changes after systemic cancer therapy

Gaspari, A.A.; Lotze, M.T.; Rosenberg, S.A.; Stern, J.B.; Katz, S.I., 1987:
Dermatologic changes associated with interleukin 2 administration

O'Connell, B.M.; Abel, E.A.; Nickoloff, B.J.; Bell, B.J.; Hunt, S.A.; Theodore, J.; Shumway, N.E.; Jacobs, P.H., 1986:
Dermatologic complications following heart transplantation

Melichar M.; Podstatova H.; Pokorny J., 1980:
Dermatologic creams from the standpoint of microbiologic purity

Gibson, L.E.; Muller, S.A., 1987:
Dermatologic disorders in patients with thymoma M.L.; Nartinez J.; Weisman M., 1985:
Dermatologic lesions related to modern neonatal assistance

Medina A.L., 1980:
Dermatologic manifestations of malignancies

D"bnishki A., 1984:
Dermatologic morbidity with temporary incapacity for work of insured persons in the town of gabrovo bulgaria in 1979

Siddiqui, A.H.; Cormane, R.H., 1976:
Dermatologic origins and developments down to the early 20th century

DesGroseilliers, J.P.; DesJardins, J.P.; Germain, J.P.; Krol, A.L., 1978:
Dermatologic problems in amputees

Goldschmidt, H., 1977:
Dermatologic radio therapy and thyroid cancer

Niinimăki, A.; Saari, S., 1978:
Dermatological and allergic hazards of cheesemakers

Schmidt J.B.; Huber J.; Spona J., 1984:
Dermatological and endocrinological aspects of hirsutism

Cardama J.E.; Jakim I.H.; Jaled M.M.; Gil J.; Bianchi O., 1983:
Dermatological aspects of a systemic lupus erythematosus

Heise H.; Mattheus A., 1986:
Dermatological aspects of occupational environmental influences

Deharo, C.; Berbis, P.; Privat, Y., 1988:
Dermatological complications caused by oral contraceptives

Mikrut W., 1986:
Dermatological complications of oral hormonal contraception gravistat

Zurita Esquivel M.; Zolla C., 1986:
Dermatological diseases in mexican traditional medicine

Asahi M.; Toshitani S.; Hino Y.; Koda H., 1981:
Dermatological findings and their analyses in the general examination of yusho in 1976 1980

Fischbein A.; Wolff M.S.; Bernstein J.; Selikoff I.J.; Thornton J., 1982:
Dermatological findings in capacitor manufacturing workers exposed to di electric fluids containing poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Gimenez M.F.; Szymula C.; Gimenez M.M., 1986:
Dermatological findings in diabetic patients

Asahi M.; Urabe H.; Toshitani S., 1983:
Dermatological findings in the general examination of yusho in 1980 1982

Toshitani S.; Asahi M.; Honbo S.; Urabe H., 1985:
Dermatological findings in the general examination of yusho in 1983 1984

Toshitani S.; Asahi M.; Urabe H., 1987:
Dermatological findings in the general examination of yusho in 1985 1986

Koya M., 1987:
Dermatological investigation of stoma care in conjunction effect of adhesive material used with ostomy appliances physical function of the skin

Abulafia J.; Sanchez G.F.; Grosman G.A.; Schajovicz F.; Jaimovich L., 1983:
Dermatological localizations of ewings sarcoma

Larrègue, M.; Bressieux, J.M.; Lorette, G.; Prigent, F.; Alcalay, M.; Gallet, P.; Rat, J.P.; Champion, R.; de Glacomoni, P., 1981:
Dermatological manifestations of synovial cysts of the lower limbs

Lü, Y.C.; Wong, P.N., 1984:
Dermatological, medical, and laboratory findings of patients in Taiwan and their treatments

Gol'dshtein L.M.; Medvid' V.S.; Il'ina A.I., 1980:
Dermatological morbidity at a precision organic synthesis plant and ways of its reduction

Magnus I.A., 1976:
Dermatological photobiology clinical and experimental aspects

Abreu M.A.; Frieyro J.E.; Suarez E., 1988:
Dermatological problems in family medicine analysis of the interconsultation model in 381 cases

Landi, G., 1987:
Dermatological survey for tumors of the face indications and limits

Nonaka, S.; Hashiguchi, Y.; Kawabata, M.; Aoki, Y.; Tada, I.; Marroquin, H.F.; Flores, G.Z., 1980:
Dermatological survey of onchocerciasis in Guatemala

Nonaka, S.; Yoshimura, T.; Sakamoto, M.; Flores, G.Z., 1983:
Dermatological survey of onchocerciasis in guatemala 2. relationship between the prevalence rate of cutaneous changes and that of onchocerciasis

Van Ketel W.G., 1986:
Dermatological testing of an aluminum zirconium complex in two cream formulations

Smith, M.C.; Brown, T.R., 1984:
Dermatologists' referrals of prescriptions requiring compounding

Ramsay, D.L.; Grunberg, A.H.; Sanchez, M.; Rosenthal, L.E., 1984:
Dermatology manpower projections

Grob, J.J.; Bonerandi, J.J., 1987:
Dermatomal pruritus of the upper limb: a manifestation of nerve root compression due to degenerative spine disease?

Machida M.; Asai T.; Itagaki T., 1984:
Dermatomal somato sensory evoked potentials new approach for diagnosis and post operative evaluation in herniated lumbo sacral disc

Aminoff, M.J.; Goodin, D.S.; Barbaro, N.M.; Weinstein, P.R.; Rosenblum, M.L., 1985:
Dermatomal somatosensory evoked potentials in unilateral lumbosacral radiculopathy

Iyengar, B., 1976:
Dermatomic areas and the genesis of melanomas

Olaru V., 1984:
Dermatomycoses caused by trichophyton verrucosum

Torres S.M.F.; Moreira Y.K., 1984:
Dermatomycosis in dogs in belo horizonte state of minas gerais brazil

Nishikawa K.; Igarashi Y.; Takeyasu N.; Urushibata O.; Sawai H.; Sakai Y., 1984:
Dermatomyositis accompanied with liver cirrhosis and esophageal varices report of a case

Canovas Robles E.; Encina L.; Sicilia E.; Pedra J.; Castro E.N., 1987:
Dermatomyositis and cancer of the nasopharynx

Hatron P.Y.; Wallaert B.; Fourrier J.L.; Fournier E.; Gosselin B.; Devulder B., 1985:
Dermatomyositis and pulmonary fibrosis associated with sjogrens syndrome a study of 3 cases

Arakawa M.; Takei Y.; Ueki H., 1985:
Dermatomyositis associated with subcutaneous nodules

Martin Gonzalez M.; Alonso Pacheco M.L.; Allegue Rodriguez F.; Freire Murgueytio P.; Rocamora Ripoll A.; Ledo Pozueta A., 1988:
Dermatomyositis in childhood study of 7 cases

Cabrera H.N.; Gomez M.L.; Alvarez C.; Dorfman M.; Sehtman J.; Alvarez M., 1985:
Dermatomyositis lichen sclerosus et atrophicus and breast cancer

Magnin P.H.; Dickson C., 1988:
Dermatomyositis over the last 30 years

Bowles N.E.; Dubowitz V.; Sewry C.A.; Archard L.C., 1987:
Dermatomyositis polymyositis and coxsackievirus b infection

Badui E.; Mintz G.; Robles E., 1986:
Dermatomyositis polymyositis and the heart

Kanda R.; Tanigaki T.; Kitano Y.; Yoshikawa K., 1986:
Dermatomyositis statistical observation of 26 cases

Igarashi, M.; Aizawa, H.; Tokudome, Y.; Tagami, H., 1985:
Dermatomyositis with prominent mucinous skin change. Histochemical and biochemical aspects of glycosaminoglycans

Schapowal A.; Enzmann H., 1987:
Dermatopathic lymphadenopathia due to allergy to amalgam

Burke, J.S.; Sheibani, K.; Rappaport, H., 1986:
Dermatopathic lymphadenopathy. An immunophenotypic comparison of cases associated and unassociated with mycosis fungoides

Galvao A.B.; Guitton N., 1986:
Dermatophagoides deanei new species of pyroglyphid mite from house dust in brazil

Petrova-Yu, I.; Vershinina, V.I.; Petrova, S.V., 1987:
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus allergen produced by cock's technique

Thomas, V.; Bock Hay A.T.n; Rajapaksa, A.C., 1978:
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and house dust allergy in west Malaysia

Dusbabek F.; Cuervo N.; J., 1982:
Dermatophagoides siboney new species acarina pyroglyphidae a new house dust mite from cuba

E.M.rimi A.A.; Bhutta A.I.; Muhammed S.I.; Elamin G., 1987:
Dermatophilosis in a flock of fat tailed sheep in libya

Migaki, G.; Seibold, H.R., 1976:
Dermatophilosis in a titi monkey (Callicebus moloch)

Anver, M.R.; Park, J.S.; Rush, H.G., 1976:
Dermatophilosis in the marble lizard (Calotes mystaceus)

Uzibleo B.; Pawinski J.; Nowakowski J., 1986:
Dermatophilosis of sheep in poland clinical observation and isolation of the pathogen

Gordon, M.A.; Salkin, I.F.; Stone, W.B., 1977:
Dermatophilus congolensis dermatitis enzootic in deer in new york state usa and vicinity

Da-Cruz, L.C.H., 1975:
Dermatophilus congolensis part 3 behavior in relation to oxygen

Da-Cruz, L.C.H., 1975:
Dermatophilus congolensis part 4 maintenance of laboratory strains

Cheetham, P.; Holland, S.J., 1988:
Dermatophyte fungi: improved isolation in a hospital laboratory

Drouhet, E.; Papachristou-Moraiti, A.; Minas, A., 1976:
Dermatophyte identification using immuno fluorescence

Greatorex F.B., 1988:
Dermatophyte infection in somerset england uk 1976 1985

Allred, B.J., 1982:
Dermatophyte prevalence in Wellington, New Zealand

Onsberg, P., 1979:
Dermatophyte species, microscopic and cultural examination

Svejgaard, E.; Onsberg, P.; Rosman, N.; Stenderup, A.; Sylvest, B., 1982:
Dermatophytes and dermatophytosis in Denmark 1979

Zaun H.; Port G., 1986:
Dermatophytes causing mycosis in the region of saarland and western palatia west germany an epidemiologic study

Faggi E.; Saponetto N.; Sagone M., 1987:
Dermatophytes isolated from domestic carnivores in the florence italy area epidemiological results

Oztunali, O.; Hakgüdener, Y.; Gürel, M., 1985:
Dermatophytes isolated in the Sivas area of Turkey

Kölemen, F., 1981:
Dermatophytic flora of Ankara (Turkey)

Mariat, F.; Chatelain, J.; Rouffaud, M.A., 1975:
Dermatophytic flora of small wild mammals in alsace france final results of a study in 4000 animals

Sharma M.; Bhargava R.K.; Williamson D., 1983:
Dermatophytic profile of jaipur india 1

Kennou, M.F., 1978:
Dermatophytoses found at the pasteur institute of tunisia discussion of 697 cases

Lubwama, S.W., 1986:
Dermatophytoses in East Africa: a review

Bhardwaj, G.; Hajini, G.H.; Khan, I.A.; Masood, Q.; Khosa, R.K., 1987:
Dermatophytoses in Kashmir, India

Elsner P.; Hartmann A.A.; Kohlbeck M., 1987:
Dermatophytoses in wuerzburg west germany 1976 1985

Nagase K.; Hayashi N.; Toshitani S.; Suenaga Y., 1980:
Dermatophytosis caused by microsporum canis

Alvarez, D.P.; de Bracalenti, B.J., 1982:
Dermatophytosis caused by Trichophyton ajelloi

Nooruddin, M.; Singh, B., 1987:
Dermatophytosis in buffaloes, cattle and their attendants

Martínez-Roig, A.; Torres-Rodríguez, J.M., 1986:
Dermatophytosis in children and adolescents: epidemiological study in the city of Barcelona, Spain

Gonzalez Cabo, J.F.; Latre Cequiel, M.V.; Solans Aisa, C.; Verde Arribas, M.T., 1988:
Dermatophytosis of pigs by Trichophyton mentagrophytes

Saez, H.; Chauvier, G.; Demontoy-Bomsel, M.C., 1977:
Dermatophytosis pseudodermatophytosis and healthy cutaneous portage observed in platyrrhine and cynomorph monkeys

Tymms, K.E.; Webb, J., 1985:
Dermatopolymyositis and other connective tissue diseases: a review of 105 cases

Pradalier A.; Dry J.; Artigou C.; Chateau M., 1985:
Dermatopolymyositis during hyposensitization with candidin

Sawada Y., 1985:
Dermatoses from cement among tunnel construction workers

Skyberg K.; Ronneberg A., 1986:
Dermatoses in cable workers exposed to mineral oils

Bazex, A.; Parant, M.; Bazex, J.; Viraben, R., 1978:
Dermatosis caused by bone graft material

Mugnaini M.; Bertazzoni M.G.; Galli S., 1986:
Dermatosis of the external acoustic duct research of etiopathogenetic factors about 62 cases

van Halderen, A.; Green, J.R., 1988:
Dermatosparaxis in White Dorper sheep

van Dijk, E.; van Voorst Vader, P.C., 1979:

Reynolds G.W.; Rodriguez E., 1986:
Dermatotoxic phenolics from glandular trichomes of phacelia campanularia and phacelia pedicellata

Ballantyne B.; Depass L.R.; Fowler E.H.; Garman R.H.; Myers R.C.; Troup C.M.; Coleman J.H., 1986:
Dermatotoxicology of bis 2 dimethylaminoethyl ether

Peacock, E.R., 1975:
Dermestes peruvianus dermestes haemorrhoidalis and other dermestes spp coleoptera dermestidae

Kalik V., 1986:
Dermestidae from the cape verde islands atlantic ocean insecta coleoptera

Koele H., 1981:
Dermis flap transposition as a treatment for fixed dislocation of the temporo mandibular joint

Kobayasi, T., 1978:
Dermo epidermal junction of normal skin

Delfino G.; Brizzi R.; Calloni C., 1985:
Dermo epithelial interactions during the development of cutaneous gland anlagen in amphibia a light microscope and electron microscope study on several species with some cytochemical findings

Larregue, M.; Lauret, P.; Beauvais, P.; Bressieux, J.M., 1977:
Dermo neuro hypsarhythmia association of a congenital dermatosis and hypsarhythmia 9 cases

Pinheiro M.; Freire Maia N., 1983:
Dermo odonto dysplasia an 11 member 4 generation pedigree with an apparently hitherto undescribed pure ectodermal dysplasia

Ancona L.; Bellagamba A., 1980:
Dermo optical perception a clinical case

Wong, M.H.; Yew, D.T., 1978:
Dermo toxicity of the mosquito repellent related to rabbit ears

Petersen A., 1984:
Dermochelys coriacea new record order chelonia recorded in iceland

Caputo, R.; Sambvani, N.; Monti, M.; Cavicchini, S.; Carrassi, A.; Ratiglia, R., 1988:
Dermochondrocorneal dystrophy francois' syndrome report of a case

Gezzi, A.; Longhi, M.G.; Mazzoleni, R.; Curri, S.B., 1986:
Dermocosmetic activity of ginsenosides note ii. instrumental evaluation of cutaneous hydration and elasticity

Curri S.B.; Gezzi A.; Longhi M.G.; Castelpietra R., 1986:
Dermocosmetic activity of ginsenosides note iii long term evaluation of the moisturizing and tonifying effect on the face skin

Hatai K.; Hirose H.; Hioki M.; Miyakawa M.; Egusa S., 1979:
Dermocystidium anguillae found on the gills of the european eel anguilla anguilla cultured in japan

Sagi, A.; Walter, P.; Walter, M.H.; Baruchin, A.M.; Mahler, D.; Rosenberg, L.; Feuchtwanger, M.M., 1986:
"Dermodress", a new temporary skin substitute: pilot study on donor sites

Eason, A.A.; Spaulding, J.T., 1977:
Dermoid cyst arising in testicular tunics

Hofmann W.; Moerl C., 1985:
Dermoid cyst in a female hare

Betkowski A.; Gosniak Kurek E.; Orlowski J., 1980:
Dermoid cyst in naso pharynx

Arcand, P.; Abela, A., 1985:
Dermoid cyst of the Eustachian tube

Yeschua, R.; Bab, I.A.; Wexler, M.R.; Neuman, Z., 1977:
Dermoid cyst of the floor of the mouth in an infant. (Case report)

L.V.t, J.; Ducasse, B.; Kints, J.; Dechaux, J.C., 1980:
Dermoid cyst of the mediastinum fistulized into the bronchi

Specterow J.; Goke K.; Abreu E.V.D.; Bokor L.; Rezende G.M.D.; Valim W., 1984:
Dermoid cyst of the neck

Gupta, A.K.; Gupta, M.K.; Gupta, K., 1986:
Dermoid cyst of the testis (a case report)

Villani U.; Leoni S.; Canossi G.C.; Ramagnoli R.; Calo M., 1981:
Dermoid cyst of urinary bladder diagnosed by computed tomography

Pollard, Z.F.; Harley, R.D.; Calhoun, J., 1976:
Dermoid cysts in children

Dinu C.; Martu D.; Antohe D., 1987:
Dermoid cysts of the floor of the tongue

Huhn, F.O., 1975:
Dermoid cysts of the greater omentum

Laing, F.C.; Van Dalsem, V.F.; Marks, W.M.; Barton, J.L.; Martinez, D.A., 1981:
Dermoid cysts of the ovary: their ultrasonographic appearances

Radulescu D.; Gavrilescu S.; Budu S., 1983:
Dermoid tumors of the abdominal wall

Pearson, R.W.; Paller, A.S., 1988:
Dermolytic (dystrophic) epidermolysis bullosa inversa

Schubert C.; Christophers E., 1985:
Dermolytic shedding a special form of autotomy in geckolepis typica reptilia gekkonidae

Gentry-Weeks, C.R.; Cookson, B.T.; Goldman, W.E.; Rimler, R.B.; Porter, S.B.; Curtiss, R., 1988:
Dermonecrotic toxin and tracheal cytotoxin, putative virulence factors of Bordetella avium

Frati, C.; Sonego, G.; Fileccia, P.; De-Pietro, U.; Cavalieri, R., 1987:
Dermopathy and thyropathy note 1. dermatitis herpetiformis and thyroid pathology

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Dero flabelliger naididae oligochaeta new to central florida usa

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Deroceras agreste new record and deroceras altenai new species gastropoda pulmonata in romania

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Deroceras ikaria new species from ikaria greece

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Deroceras lombricoides morelet 1845 and deroceras maltzani simroth 1885 with their synonymy gastropoda pulmonata agriolimacidae

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Deroceras sturanyi new record in the central part of the river saale valley east germany

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Desalination the solution to oman's thirst

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Desaturation and nocturnal pulmonary artery hypertension in chronic obstructive lung disease the effect of oxygen therapy

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Descending connections between the superior olivary and cochlear nuclear complexes in the cat studied by auto radiographic and horseradish peroxidase methods

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Deschampsia caespitosa ssp pyrenaica new subspecies

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Deschampsia spp in the iberian peninsula

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Deschampsio quercetum virgilianae new at the koniarska plain czechoslovakia

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Description and implications for analysis of brain growth in suckling mice

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Description and interpretation of structured nucleoids observed in some bacteroids of rhizobium

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Description and karyotype of a new ricefish oryzias mekongensis new species from thailand

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Description and key to larvae of curculio spp of eastern usa and canada coleoptera curculionidae

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Description and life cycle of echinoparyphium combesi new species in bulinus truncatus vector of schistosoma haematobium in algeria

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Description and life cycle of histiostoma heinemanni new species acari histiostomidae associated with commercial mushroom production

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Description and life cycle of howardula acris new species nematoda sphaerulariidae parasitic in hydrophilidae coleoptera

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Description and life history of a new species of nematus hymenoptera tenthredinidae on robinia hispida fabaceae in new york usa

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Description and mechanism of formation of a deep chlorophyll maximum due to ceratium hirundinella o.f. mueller bergh

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Description and microbiology of home canned tomatoes and tomato juice

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Description and osteology of thryssocypris new genus of anchovy like cyprinid fishes based on 2 new species from southeast asia

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Description and paleo ecology of permian brachiopods from the nemo formation near ohai south island new zealand

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Description and performance of a cytometric flux apparatus the epics

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Description and performance of the amsterdam nuclear microprobe

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Description and phylogeny of isaacsicalanus paucisetus new genus new species copepoda calanoida spinocalanidae from an east pacific hydro thermal vent site 21 degrees north

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Description and population dynamics of dactylogyrus legionensis from barbus barbus bocagei

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Description and postharvest physiology of some slow ripening nectarine genotypes

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Description and rationale of a new operation for chronic pancreatitis

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Description and re description of some ceraphronoidea hymenoptera 1

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Description and reconstruction of the skull of rudapithecus hungaricus kretzoi mammalia

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Description and redescription of ethiopian oribatids acari oribatida 1

Mahunka S., 1985:
Description and redescription of ethiopian oribatids acari oribatida ii

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Description and redescriptions of opiinae hymenoptera braconidae from the palearctic region

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Description and relationships of a micro hylid frog barygenys parvula new species from papua new guinea

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Description and relationships of a new root knot nematode meloidogyne sewelli new species nematoda meloidogynidae from canada and a new host record for the genus

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Description and representation of the 3 castes of chalepoxenus kutteri new species hymenoptera formicidae myrmicidae

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Description and revision of some south african aeolidacean nudibranchia mollusca gastropoda

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Description and revision of the genus anamartus new genus coleoptera nitidulidae

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Description and scanning electron microscope observations of dolichodorus marylandicus new species with a key to dolichodorus spp

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Description and scanning electron microscopic observations of meloidogyne chitwoodi new species meloidogynidae a root knot nematode on potato solanum tuberosum in the pacific northwest usa

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Description and significance of a fossil earthworm dendrodrilus rubidus oligochaeta lumbricidae cocoon from postglacial sediments in southern ontario canada

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Description and significance of a peculiar intradigestive symbiosis between bacteria and a deposit feeding echinoid

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Description and simulation of tree layer composition and size distributions in a primaeval picea pinus forest

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Description and stratigraphic range of echinid species collected from the ermenek area konya

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Description and stratigraphic range of hemicyon sansaniensis ursidae from the middle miocene of inonu northwest ankara area turkey

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Description and stratigraphical distribution of some species of the genera nummulites assilina and alveolina from the ilerdian cuisian and lutetian of the haymana region south of ankara turkey

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Description and systematic position of arachnomimus cristithorax new genus new species coleoptera ptinidae from venezuela

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Description and taxonomic status of cytophaga heparina new combination basionym flavobacterium heparinum

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Description and test of resistivity fish counter

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Description and validation of a model simulating growth in the pig 20 90 kg liveweight

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Description and validation of an electrocardiographic removal procedure for diaphragmatic electromyogram power spectrum analysis

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Description and validation of an LDL procedure designed to select SSPL90

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Description and validation of the texas a and m sheep simulation model

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Description and yields of an 11 year old hardwood stand on sharkey clay soil

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Description bionomics and phylogenetic discussion of the 1st instar larva of megacerus cubicus coleoptera bruchidae

Pfaffenberger G.S., 1985:
Description differentiation and biology of the 4 larval instars of acanthoscelides obtectus coleoptera bruchidae

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Description distribution and abundance of late larval stages of the scyllaridae slipper lobsters in the southeastern indian ocean

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Description distribution and life cycle of the larvae of hydropsyche bulgaromanorum new record trichoptera in the lower loire france

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Description geographical variation and ecology of goerodes naraensis trichoptera lepidostomatidae

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Description models and the design of automated data processing systems trends in west germany

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Description natural history and distribution of eretris suzannae new species satyridae from costa rica

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Description of 1 new monotypic genus of reduviinae from panama and 2 from southern india hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae

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Description of 1 new species and notes on 43 unrecorded species of noctuidae lepidoptera from korea

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Description of 13 new species of anisotomini from southeast asia coleoptera leiodidae

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Description of 150 patients attempting suicide with pills with special consideration of suicidal behavior and use of suicide prevention services

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Description of 1st instar larva of caryedon palaestinicus new status coleoptera bruchidae

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Description of 2 anomalous fish flounder pleuronectes flesus and haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus

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Description of 2 cases of ovoviviparity in the diplectanidae monogenea monopisthocotylea

Garcia Sanchez M.R.; Sahuquillo Herraiz C., 1987:
Description of 2 ceratopogonids diptera nematocera new for science the female of dasyhelea leptocladus and the male of bezzia picticornis

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Description of 2 commensal complexes associated with the anemones stoichactis helianthus and homostichanthus duerdeni in puerto rico

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Description of 2 demospongiae 1 being toxic from the great barrier reef australia

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Description of 2 hybrids involving silver bream blicca bjoerkna from british uk waters

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Description of 2 larvae of cataetyx guenther 1887 pisces bythitidae collected in the catalonian sea spain

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Description of 2 neotropical praying mantis species mantodea mantidae mantinae mantini

Clastrier J., 1983:
Description of 2 new afro tropical species belonging to the genus ceratobezzia and clinohelea diptera ceratopogonidae

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Description of 2 new and a known species of the genus tylenchus nematoda tylenchinae from india

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Description of 2 new asiatic genera of fulviini heteroptera miridae

Basilewsky, P., 1987:
Description of 2 new carabid coleoptera from the people's republic of the congo coleoptera carabidae

Chassain J., 1979:
Description of 2 new cardiophorus species from the near east coleoptera elateridae

Mauries J.P., 1984:
Description of 2 new cavernicolous species of cyclades greece

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Description of 2 new cetoniidae coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Gofas S., 1984:
Description of 2 new clanculus species from southern angola

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Description of 2 new filariae from the genus litomosoides and their infective stages

Gichenok L.A., 1980:
Description of 2 new genera of monogeneans with a discussion of homology of the valve parts in the subfamily gastrocotylinae

Bernard C., 1983:
Description of 2 new hybrids in the orchidaceae from the grands causses cevenols france

Laurent R.F., 1979:
Description of 2 new hyperolius from sankuru zaire amphibia hyperoliidae

Breuning S., 1981:
Description of 2 new lamiinae coleoptera cerambycidae of the hungarian museum of natural sciences of budapest

P.Daniel V., 1983:
Description of 2 new neotropical subgenera of simuliidae diptera culicomorpha

Baraud, J., 1976:
Description of 2 new palearctic species of coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Doucet M.E., 1980:
Description of 2 new peltamigratus species and of a hoplolaimus galeatus population from cordoba province argentina

Orue Etxebarria X., 1986:
Description of 2 new planktonic foraminifera in the coastal eocene of the province of vizcaya spain

Dinet A., 1981:
Description of 2 new pontostratiotes species from the deep sea crustacea copepoda harpacticoida

Brailovsky H.; Barrera E., 1983:
Description of 2 new south american species from tribe nematopodini hemiptera heteroptera coreidae

Sanyal A.K., 1984:
Description of 2 new species and 1 new record of cryptostigmatid mites acari oribatei from maharashtra india

Rocchi S., 1979:
Description of 2 new species of african dytiscidae coleoptera dytiscidae

Castro M.T.L., 1982:
Description of 2 new species of aquatic heteroptera hemiptera corixidae

Tuzovskii P.V., 1982:
Description of 2 new species of aquatic mites of the superfamily lebertoidea acarina trombidiformes from magadan oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Description of 2 new species of arachnoidea bryozoa ctenostomida collected during the kaiko i ocean expedition japan

Ramanantsoa G.A., 1979:
Description of 2 new species of brookesia reptilia squamata chamaeleonidae brookesia legendrei new species and brookesia bonsi new species

Arnaud P., 1985:
Description of 2 new species of cetoniidae from palawan island philippines

Le-Danois, Y., 1978:
Description of 2 new species of chaunacidae pisces pediculati

Daccordi, M., 1976:
Description of 2 new species of chrysomelinae from east africa with some remarks on the genus liomela coleoptera chrysomelidae

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Description of 2 new species of eriophyid mites acari eriophyoidea from west bengal india

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Description of 2 new species of heterosarus hymenoptera apoidea

Orghidan T.; Gruia M., 1983:
Description of 2 new species of hydracarians of cuba

Van Waerebeke D.; Remillet M., 1982:
Description of 2 new species of hystrignathus and redefinition of the genus nematoda oxyuroidea

Tikader, B.K., 1977:
Description of 2 new species of jumping spider of the genus rhene family salticidae from india

Tikader, B.K., 1977:
Description of 2 new species of jumping spiders of the genus phidippus family salticidae from india

Outerelo, R., 1975:
Description of 2 new species of leptotyphlinae coleoptera staphylinidae

Dauvin J.C.; Gentil F., 1983:
Description of 2 new species of liljeborgiidae of the french coasts crustacea amphipoda listriella dentipalma new species and listriella spinifera new species

Soler Cruz M.D.; Alcantara Ibanez F.; Florido Navio A., 1984:
Description of 2 new species of mallophaga found on sylvia atricapilla

Doucet, M.E., 1978:
Description of 2 new species of merlinius nematoda tylenchida

Alekseev V.M.; Naumova A.D.; Dymina E.V., 1979:
Description of 2 new species of nematodes of the genus ethmolaimus nematoda chromadoridae

Raibaut A.; Essafi K., 1979:
Description of 2 new species of parasitic copepods of selachians of tunisia

Osella, G., 1974:
Description of 2 new species of phloeophagus and notes on the distribution and ecology of phloeophagus gracilis and phloeophagus lignarius coleoptera curculionidae cossoninae

Henning S.F., 1979:
Description of 2 new species of poecilmitis lepidoptera lycaenidae from namaqualand south africa

Nayrolles P., 1987:
Description of 2 new species of prorastriopes symphypleonan collembola

Sivakumar C.V.; Selvasekaran E., 1982:
Description of 2 new species of scutellonema hoplolaimidae nematoda

Dwivedi Y.N., 1979:
Description of 2 new species of subgenus drosophila drosophilidae diptera from darjeeling india

Paugy, D., 1987:
Description of 2 new species of synodontis from the konkoure basin guinea synodontis dekimpei new species and synodontis levequei new species pisces mochokidae

Tandon, R.S.; Singh, S.P., 1977:
Description of 2 new species of the genus aphelenchus nematoda aphelenchidae

Baldizzone G., 1980:
Description of 2 new species of the genus coleophora coleophora pyrenaica new species and coleophora lessinica new species

Karacabey Oztemur N., 1979:
Description of 2 new species of the genus dictyoptychus new record found in turkey

Chao C L., 1983:
Description of 2 new species of the genus numenes from china lepidoptera lymantriidae

Saito H., 1980:
Description of 2 new species of the genus tapinocyba araneae erigonidae from japan

Tendeiro, J., 1977:
Description of 2 new species of the genus turturicola mallophaga ishnocera

Gupta N.K., 1981:
Description of 2 new species of the genus tylenchorhynchus family tylenchorhynchidae from india

D.Saint Laurent M., 1979:
Description of 2 new species of the genus upogebia decapoda upogebiidae

Moron R.M.A., 1981:
Description of 2 new species plusiotis and discussion of some zoo geographical aspects of the costata group of species coleoptera melolonthidae rutelinae

Viraktamath C.A.; Murphy D.H., 1980:
Description of 2 new species with notes on some oriental idiocerinae homoptera cicadellidae

Sastre, C., 1978:
Description of 2 new taxa from sauvagesia ochnaceae collected in amazonian colombia

Deuve T., 1981:
Description of 2 new trechus of central nepal

Van Stalle J., 1984:
Description of 2 new west african species of the genus borysthenes with notes on borysthenes mlanjensis

Sturhan D., 1983:
Description of 2 new xiphinema species from portugal with notes on xiphinema pachtaicum and xiphinema opisthohysterum nematoda longidoridae

Lescure, J., 1976:
Description of 2 phyllobates tadpoles dendrobatidae phyllobates femoralis and phyllobates pictus

Bieri, M.; Delucchi, V.; Lienhard, C., 1978:
Description of 2 soil samplers for research on micro arthropods

Pacheco, F., 1975:
Description of 2 south american species of efflagitatus coleoptera heteroceridae and notes on the distribution of 3 other species

Bodin, P., 1977:
Description of 2 species of harpacticoid copepods in the experimental ecosystem of roscoff

Badonnel A., 1983:
Description of 2 species of the genus archipsocus from panama additions to the diagnosis of archipsocus mockfordi

Post, A., 1978:
Description of 2 species of the genus notolepis notolepis coatsi and notolepis annulata new species from the antarctic sea osteichthyes myctophiformes paralepididae

Holzschuh C., 1984:
Description of 21 new longhorn beetles from europe and asia cerambycidae coleoptera

Malicky, H., 1975:
Description of 22 new west palearctic caddis flies trichoptera

Marty D.G., 1986:
Description of 23 cellulolytic and non cellulolytic marine clostridia

Hekstra G.P., 1982:
Description of 24 new subspecies of american otus aves strigidae

Clastrier J., 1983:
Description of 3 new afro tropical species of ceratopogonidae diptera nematocera belonging to the genera jenkinshelea and neosphaeromias new record

Cavazzuti P., 1986:
Description of 3 new carabus subspecies from anatolia turkey coleoptera carabidae

Basquin P.; Turlin B., 1986:
Description of 3 new female forms of charaxes kheili staudinger lepidoptera nymphalidae

Straka V., 1979:
Description of 3 new hilara species diptera empididae from the caucasus ussr

Clastrier J., 1984:
Description of 3 new kolenohelea diptera ceratopogonidae from guinea

Banziger H., 1985:
Description of 3 new lachryphagous moths of the genus mabra from thailand malaysia and china lepidoptera pyralidae

Lauzanne L., 1981:
Description of 3 new orestias of lake titicaca bolivia orestias ispi new species orestias forgeti new species and orestias tchernavini new species cyprinodontidae

Costas, J.M.S., 1978:
Description of 3 new species and establishment of synonymies within the cantabrigian bathysciinae

B.D.; Xia K., 1984:
Description of 3 new species of acridoidea orthoptera from yunnan china

Rodriguez P.; Giani N., 1986:
Description of 3 new species of aquatic oligochaetes from the basque provinces spain

Banziger H., 1979:
Description of 3 new species of calyptra lepidoptera noctuidae

Ledoux, G., 1977:
Description of 3 new species of carabids from afghanistan

Gupta J.P.; Panigrahy K.K., 1982:
Description of 3 new species of drosophila scaptodrosophila from orissa india

Bourne J.D., 1979:
Description of 3 new species of niphadobata diptera tipulidae with some bio geographical comments

Holthuis L.B., 1981:
Description of 3 new species of shrimps crustacea decapoda caridea from pacific islands

Demange, J.M., 1977:
Description of 3 new species of spirostreptoidea myriapoda diplopoda from india 1 belonging to a typically african genus

Durante-Pasa, M.V.; Maucci, W., 1975:
Description of 3 new species of tardigrada from scandinavia

Laurent R.F., 1982:
Description of 3 new species of the genus liolaemus

Dwivedi, M.P., 1977:
Description of 3 new species of the genus neopronocephalus pronocephalidae trematoda

Antoine P., 1987:
Description of 3 new species of the genus oxythyrea mulsant equals leucocelis burmeister subgenus acheilosis ruter coleoptera cetoniidae

Renaud Mornant J., 1980:
Description of 3 new species of the genus tanarctus and creation of the new subfamily tanarctinae tardigrada heterotardigrada

Hameed, M.S.; Pillai, N.K., 1973:
Description of 3 new species of trebius copepoda trebidae and re description of trebius exilis

Dahl, C., 1976:
Description of 3 new species of trichoceridae diptera nematocera from northern sweden and the alps

Hayakawa H.; Takahasi H., 1983:
Description of 3 tabanid species belonging to the genus tabanus from japan diptera tabanidae

Bilqees F.M., 1979:
Description of 3 trematodes including 2 new species from the fishes of kalri lake sind pakistan

Wygodzinsky P.; Coscaron S., 1982:
Description of 3 unusual species of the black fly subgenus simulium ectemnaspis from the andes of colombia diptera simuliidae

Persson, P.I., 1976:
Description of 3rd instar larval characters in spathulina tristis from crete greece diptera tephritidae

Leonardi C., 1979:
Description of 4 new longitarsus species from the mediterranean region coleoptera chrysomelidae

Bilardo A.; Pederzani F., 1979:
Description of 4 new species and 3 allotypes of african dytiscidae coleoptera

Ngassam P., 1983:
Description of 4 new species of ciliata heterotrichida belonging to both genera nyctotherus and paranyctotherus new genus endo commensal of an oligochaete from cameroons

Dajoz R., 1981:
Description of 4 new species of the genus tyrtaeus coleoptera tenebrionidae

Guerrero R., 1980:
Description of 4 new species of thelastomatidae nematoda endo parasites of popilius species coleoptera passalidae in the venezuelan andes

Van Stalle J.; Synave H., 1984:
Description of 4 new west african cixiidae homoptera fulguroidae

Medvedev, S.I.; Daniyarov-Yu, R., 1975:
Description of 4 species of lamellicorn beetle larvae coleoptera scarabaeidae from the tadzhik ssr ussr

Grzybkowska M., 1984:
Description of 4th instar larva of ablabesmyia phatta diptera chironomidae

Hugot J P., 1979:
Description of 5 new nematodes of an african tenrecoidea potamogale velox

Waren A.; Burch B.L.; Burch T.A., 1984:
Description of 5 new species of hawaiian usa eulimidae

Pena G.L.E., 1986:
Description of 5 new species of tenebrionidae coleoptera of the genera psectrascelis platesthes and thinobatis with an additional note

Van-Hove, M.; Bosmans, R., 1984:
Description of 5 new suffucioides spp araneae zodariidae scientific report of the belgian mount cameroon expedition 1981 no. 10

Delamadeleine Y L., 1984 :
Description of 5 observation areas near neuchatel switzerland

Lesage, L.; Harper, P.P., 1977:
Description of 5 species of larvae of nearctic elmidae coleoptera

Leal F.; Antoni M.G.; Rodriguez P., 1979:
Description of 5 varieties of pineapple ananas comosus in venezuela

Dinnar U.; Beal M.C.; Goodridge J.P.; Mitchell F.L.; Upledger J.E.; Mcconnell D.G.; Johnston W.Jr; Karni Z., 1982:
Description of 50 diagnostic tests used with osteopathic manipulation

Dykes D.; Copouls B.; Polesky H., 1983:
Description of 6 new group specific component variants

Couri M.S., 1983:
Description of 6 new species of philornis diptera muscidae cyrtoneurinidae

Sirel, E., 1976:
Description of 6 new species of the alveolina found in the south of polatli sw of ankara region turkey

Kunz H., 1984:
Description of 6 species of phyllopodopsyllus copepoda harpacticoida from the pacific

Kitaoka S.; Tanaka K., 1985:
Description of 7 new species of culicoides diptera ceratopogonidae from taiwan

Golemansky, V., 1978:
Description of 9 new species of coccidia coccidia eimeriidae parasites of small mammals in bulgaria

Samoil, H.P.; Samuel, W.M., 1977:
Description of 9 species of eimeria protozoa eimeriidae in the snowshoe hare lepus americanus of central alberta canada

John, H.C., 1976:
Description of a 2 net neuston sampler devised by sameoto and jaroszynski

McCall, J.O.; Sizemore, R.K., 1979:
Description of a bacteriocinogenic plasmid in Beneckea harveyi

Wygodzinsky P.; Coscaron S., 1979:
Description of a black fly simulium subgenus pternaspatha from the high andes of ecuador diptera simuliidae

Rosso, R.; Brema, F.; Porcile, G., 1975:
Description of a case of acute neurological toxicity after di methyltriazeno imidazolecarboxamide nsc 45382 adriamycin vincristine therapy

Cardace P.; Severino M.; Cautiero O.; Nappo V.; Iaccarino E.; Bandieramonte Z., 1987:
Description of a case of amniotic band syndrome

Rivera P.; Urena A.C.; Vargas M.T.; Sandoval L., 1984:
Description of a case of chromobacterium violaceum infection

Tomov-Sh ; Karayashev, G.; Ganchev-Kh, 1987:
Description of a case of erythema nodosum paraneoplasticum

Cavalieri, S.; Barbato, G.; Spinosa, G.; Viviani, D., 1977:
Description of a case of letterer siwes disease in a 6 month old baby/

Caruso E.; Lonardo F.; Perone L.; Rinaldi A.; Ferrara M.; D.C.stris L.; Klain A.; Cali T., 1985:
Description of a case of partial monosomy of the chromosome 18 18p monosomy in a 5 year old girl

Alonso, M.J.; Gomez D.T.jada, R.; Diaz, P.; Ruiz, J.; Prieto, J., 1987:
Description of a case of rhinosporidiosis in Spain

Cardace P.; D.A.gelis A.; Nappo V.; Criscuolo G.; Iaccarino E.; Salzano S.; Iozzino G., 1986:
Description of a case of rubinstein taybi syndrome

Martorelli S.R., 1984:
Description of a cercaria belonging to the schistosomatidae family parasitizing chilina gibbosa from lake pellegrini province of rio negro argentina

Korbling, M.; Fliedner, T.M.; Ruber, E.; Pflieger, H., 1980:
Description of a closed plastic bag system for the collection and cryo preservation of leukapheresis derived blood mononuclear leukocytes and granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells from human donors

Bouchery Y., 1979:
Description of a collector for use outdoors and intended to automatically collect arthropods captured in a suction trap

Férard, G.; Klumpp, T.; Ragagnin, M.; Metzger, G.; Métais, P., 1980:
Description of a computer system for the emergency medical laboratory

Waxman, K.; Edrich, L.; O'Neal, K.; Formosa, P.; Stellin, G.; Sarfeh, I.J.; Mason, G.R., 1986:
Description of a continent jejunal gastrostomy

Baumgartner H.; Coggins C.R.E., 1980:
Description of a continuous smoking inhalation machine for exposing small animals to tobacco smoke

Speidel W.; Speidel A., 1986:
Description of a cossidae species and list of the cretan cossidae and pyraloidea lepidoptera cossidae pyralidae crambidae

Bouquet, A., 1978:
Description of a counting method for chromosomes in vitis

Evers, P.; Robinson, K.; Maistry, L.; Higginson, E., 1980:
Description of a coverslip holder for, and observations on, the critical point drying of cell cultures

Guijarro D.P.blos J.E.; Anitua Solano J.M.; Gomez Sanchez Mazano J.; Gastaca Bilbao J.M.; Anitua Minon A., 1979:
Description of a cranio thoracopagus tetrabrachius tetrapus case type jano janiceps thoracic and abdominal cavities

Van Den Hooff H.; Blange T., 1981:
Description of a dark field illuminator cone for the dissecting microscope

Gabrielyan E.S.; Nalbandyan S.G.; Ordukhanyan A.A., 1983:
Description of a data bank on the effect of prostaglandin e 1 on the homeostasis mechanisms of cerebral circulation

Seidl, W., 1977:
Description of a device facilitating the in vitro culture of chick embryo according to the new method

Kreiborg, S.; Björk, A., 1982:
Description of a dry skull with Crouzon syndrome

Markhaseva E.L., 1980:
Description of a female gaetanus paracurvicornis calanoida aetideidae

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Description of a female parablastothrix reimovi new record hymenoptera encyrtidae from the turkmen ssr ussr

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Description of a food recording electronic device for use in dietary surveys

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Description of a free living polychaete without gut astomus taenioides new genus new species protodrilidae archiannelida

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Description of a fresh water amoeba acanthamoeba lenticulata new species amoebida

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Description of a genetic polymorphism of a human proline rich salivary protein pc and its relationship to other proteins in the salivary protein complex

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Description of a genus and three deep water species of fishes teleostei cichlidae from lake malawi africa

Aboussouan A., 1980:
Description of a giant ribbon shaped larva attributed to the genus brotulotaenia pisces gadiformes ophidioidei ophidiidae collected east of the new hebrides southwest pacific ocean

Mckaye K.R.; Stauffer J.R.Jr, 1986:
Description of a gold cichlid teleostei cichlidae from lake malawi africa

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Description of a harmful mite luciaphorus perniciosus new species acari tarsonemina pygmephoridae on edible fungi auricularia polytricha in thailand

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Description of a keroplatidae from the mid cretaceous cenomanian and morphological and taxonomic data on the mycetophiloidea diptera

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Description of a large pedigree with an adverse lipoprotein cholesterol phenotype the bogalusa louisiana usa heart study

Gaffney E.S., 1979:
Description of a large trionychid turtle shell from the eocene bridger formation of wyoming usa

Danilevskii M.L., 1980:
Description of a larva of lampetis argentata coleoptera buprestidae a pest of the saxaul

Pascual F., 1981:
Description of a male eumigus rubioi orthoptera pamphagidae

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Description of a male leptoconops turkmenicus diptera ceratopogonidae

Fausto-Filho, J., 1976:
Description of a male of enoplometopus antillensis decapoda nephropidae

Shchur, L.E., 1976:
Description of a male of xenocastor fedjushini acariformes glycyphagidae

Gagarin, V.G., 1978:
Description of a male prodesmodora circulata nematoda spiriniidae

Orousset J., 1983:
Description of a mayetia of the island of elba italy coleoptera pselaphidae

Bernardi, L., 1982:
Description of a method for the measurement of electric skin impedance

Potter R.W.; Olsen A.R., 1987:
Description of a mite rhypoglyphus indicus new genus new species acari acaridae found in foods from the oriental region

Kniepert F W., 1979:
Description of a modified manitoba trap for collecting female tabanids diptera tabanidae

Thys-Van-Den-Audenaerde, D.F.E., 1977:
Description of a monkey skin from east central zaire as a probably new monkey species mammalia cercopithecidae

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Description of a mono clonal antibody defining an hla allotypic determinant that includes specificities within the b 5 cross reacting group

Lancien J., 1981:
Description of a mono conical trap used for eradication of tsetse flies in the congo

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Description of a murine b lymphocyte tumor specific antigen

Goldrosen, M.H.; Paolini, N.; Holyoke, E.D., 1986:
Description of a murine model of experimental hepatic metastases

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Description of a mutant of trichogramma sp hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

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Description of a mylodontid of the early blancan age of the central mesa of mexico

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Description of a natural hybrid between acanthorhodeus macropterus tonkinensis and rhodeus spinalis osteichthyes cyprinidae from hainan china

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Description of a nematode parasite of the african buffalo oesophagostomum synceri new species

Seshagiri-Rao, B.V., 1977:
Description of a neotype for platygaster macrophthalma ilisha megaloptera

Haacke, W.D., 1975:
Description of a new adder viperidae reptilia from southern africa with a discussion of related forms

D.Toulgoet H.D., 1986:
Description of a new african arctiid 6th note lepidoptera arctiidae

Clastrier J., 1983:
Description of a new afro tropical species of tetrabezzia diptera ceratopogonidae

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Description of a new alepocephalid fish bajacalifornia erimoensis new species and a 2nd record of alepocephalus umbriceps off japan

Clastrier, J., 1977:
Description of a new alluaudomyia guinea diptera ceratopogonidae

Movsum Zade K.M.; Tsalikova T.P.; Rashidova A.M., 1984:
Description of a new anomalous variant of pyruvate kinase of human erythrocytes

D.Toulgoeet H., 1981:
Description of a new arctiid of central america with creation of watsonidia new genus lepidoptera arctiidae 6

Toulgoet, H.D., 1984:
Description of a new arctiid of latin america 13. lepidoptera arctiidae

Bomans H.E., 1985:
Description of a new australian species of serrognathus 42nd contribution to the study of coleoptera lucanidae

Tupinier, Y., 1977:
Description of a new bat myotis nathalinae new species chiroptera vespertilionidae

Gouteux, J.P., 1977:
Description of a new black fly from kivu zaire simulium juxtadamnosum new species

Lemos-De-Castro, A.; Brasil-Lima, I.M., 1976:
Description of a new brazilian species of excorallana isopoda excorallanidae

Bartolozzi L., 1987:
Description of a new brentid from algeria coleoptera

Pham, J., 1978:
Description of a new carabid from the french catalonian region coleoptera carabidae

Deuve T., 1982:
Description of a new carabid of south korea carabus sternbergi cartereti new subspecies coleoptera carabidae

Bernini F.; Mahunka S., 1982:
Description of a new chamobates species acarina

Raffone G., 1987:
Description of a new chersodromia walker from the seychelles indian ocean

Beneluz F., 1986:
Description of a new copaxa from costa rica lepidoptera saturniidae

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Description of a new cottid fish icelinus japonicus new species from japanese waters

Garrido O.H., 1982:
Description of a new cuban species of chamaeleolis lacertilia iguanidae with notes on its behavior

Romand, R., 1978:
Description of a new cyprinodontidae from liberia epiplatys fasciolatus tototaensis new subspecies

Moyer, J.T.; Ida, H., 1976:
Description of a new damselfish chromis miyakeensis new species from miyake island japan

Kriseman, M.M., 1982:
Description of a new disposable uterine sampler (the Accurette) for endometrial cytology and histology

Giordan J C.; Raffaldi J., 1982:
Description of a new duvalius of the alpes maritimes france and considerations on the extreme variation of this species coleoptera carabidae trechinae

Rivero J.A., 1986:
Description of a new eleutherodactylus sp amphibia leptodactylidae of the subgroup myersi with notes on its relationships and the origin of this group of species

Leonardi, C., 1976:
Description of a new european species of alticinae longitarsus noricus new species coleoptera chrysomelidae

Auberger, M.; Minig, A., 1975:
Description of a new female form of charaxes manica subrubidus lepidoptera nymphalidae

Daget J.; Leveque C., 1981:
Description of a new fish from the ivory coast synodotis comoensis new species pisces mochocidae

Shatskaya, T.L.; Krasnopol'skaya, K.D.; Idel'son, L.I., 1976:
Description of a new form of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase kaluga from erythrocytes of a patient with chronic nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia

Malkmus R., 1982:
Description of a new form of the fire salamander from serra de monchique portugal salamandra salamandra crespoi new subspecies

Ohno K.; Yukawa J., 1984:
Description of a new gall midge diptera cecidomyiidae causing leaf galls on camellia japonica with notes on its bionomics

Yukawa, J.; Sunose, T., 1976:
Description of a new gall midge diptera cecidomyiidae on euonymus with notes on its bionomics

Rose H.S., 1981:
Description of a new galleriid lamoria hemi new species lepidoptera galleriinae pyralidae from north india

Boulard M.; Jauffret P., 1984:
Description of a new gelastocoris of brazil and more precise information on the male and female genitalia of this genus of hemiptera heteroptera gelastocoridae

Johnsen P., 1983:
Description of a new genus 3 new species and the hitherto unknown sex of 3 species of orthoptera acridomorpha from tropical africa

Coiffait H., 1984:
Description of a new genus and 11 new species of anommatidae

Davis D.R.; Nielsen E.S., 1980:
Description of a new genus and 2 new species of neopseustidae from south america with discussion of phylogeny and biological observations lepidoptera neopseustoidea

Rullier, F., 1976:
Description of a new genus and a new species of chaetopteridae sasekumaria selangora new genus new species annelida polychaeta from malaysia

Zaragoza Caballero S., 1984:
Description of a new genus and a new species of matinocerini coleoptera phengodidae

D.Toulgoet H., 1985:
Description of a new genus and a new subspecies of arctiid from martinique 18th note lepidoptera arctiidae

You Q.; Lin R., 1983:
Description of a new genus and new species of catantopidae from guangxi province china orthoptera acridoidea

Dias J.A.T.S., 1987:
Description of a new genus and new species of tabanid diptera tabanidae from namibia bartolomeudiasiella atlanticus new genus new species

Caso M.E., 1984:
Description of a new genus and species of holothuroidea parathyonacta new genus and parathyonacta bonifaznunoi new species collected in the oceanographic cruise sipco iii on board of the oceanographic vessel el puma

Fei L.; Q.W.; W.S., 1985:
Description of a new genus and species of hynobiidae of china

Adkison, D.L.; Heard, R.W., 1978:
Description of a new genus and species of pseudioninae isopoda bopyridae parasite of the hermit crab pagurus annulipes from north carolina usa

Holleman W., 1987:
Description of a new genus and species of tripterygiid fish perciformes blennioidei from the indo pacific and the reallocation of vauclusella acanthops whitley 1965

Prinsloo, G.L., 1978:
Description of a new genus for 16 described african species of coccid inhabiting encyrtidae hymenoptera chalcidoidea

Petter A.J., 1983 :
Description of a new genus of benthimermithidae nematoda with unusual uterine glands

Gauld, I.D., 1976:
Description of a new genus of ichneumonidae hymenoptera of economic importance from sabah

Potapov M.B., 1988:
Description of a new genus of isotomidae collembola from mountain regions of the ussr

Georgesco, M., 1977:
Description of a new genus of spider from nepal hubertia orientalis new genus new species micryphantidae

L.G.; Ping Z., 1983:
Description of a new genus tsaitermes new genus and its 3 new species from china isoptera rhinotermitidae heterotermitinae

Houbrick R.S., 1987:
Description of a new giant ataxocerithium species from australia with remarks on the systematic placement of the genus prosobranchia cerithiopsidae

De-Castro, A.L., 1978:
Description of a new giant species of the genus bathynomus new record from the coast of brazil isopoda cirolanidae

Hutchins J.B., 1984:
Description of a new gobiesocid fish from southwestern australia with a key to the species of aspasmogaster

Akihito, P.; Meguro, K., 1975:
Description of a new gobiid fish glossogobius aureus new species with notes on related species of the genus

Kubodera, T.; Okutani, T., 1977:
Description of a new gonatid squid gonatus madokai new species from the northwest pacific with notes on morphological changes with growth and distribution in immature stages cephalopoda oegopsida

Theodorides J.; Jolivet P., 1981:
Description of a new gregarine anisolobus desportis new species eugregarina gregarinidae parasite of a curculionid beetle of reunion island indian ocean and considerations on the genus anisolobus

Jeremie J., 1983:
Description of a new hedycarya monimiaceae of new caledonia the occurrence of a 2nd species of the genus in australia is confirmed

Lemaire, C., 1977:
Description of a new hemileucinae dirphia unicolor new species lepidoptera attacidae

Haig, J., 1977:
Description of a new hermit crab family paguridae from southern california usa and mexico

Poggi R., 1981:
Description of a new italian species of the genus agathidium coleoptera leiodidae agathidiini

Suwa M., 1981:
Description of a new japanese species of oedoparena an asia american dipterous genus dryomyzidae

Wongratana, T., 1975:
Description of a new jawfish opisthognathus rex new species from thailand pisces opisthognathidae

Kutschera U., 1985:
Description of a new leech species helobdella striata new species hirudinea glossiphoniidae

Deuve T., 1985:
Description of a new leistus from nepal and notes on the genus coleoptera caraboidea nebriidae

Monguzzi, R., 1976:
Description of a new licinini from sardinia italy baudia bucciarellii new species coleoptera carabidae

Klompen J.S.H.; Lukoschus F.S.; Nadchatram M., 1985:
Description of a new malaysian bat parasite with keys to the species of chirobia and to the genera of the teinocoptidae acari astigmata

Mazur S., 1984:
Description of a new margarinotus species with additional notes about 2 histerids from nepal coleoptera histeridae

Reyes Castillo P.; D.F.nseca C.R.V.; Castillo C., 1987:
Description of a new mesoamerican genus of passalidae coleoptera lamellicornia

Lemaire C., 1986:
Description of a new mexican automeris lepidoptera saturniidae hemileucinae

Hernandez Ortiz V., 1985:
Description of a new mexican species of the genus rhagoletis diptera tephritidae

Bonadona P., 1984:
Description of a new microhoria coleoptera anthicidae from portugal

Hutchins J.B.; Matsuura K., 1984:
Description of a new monacanthid fish of the genus thamnaconus from fiji

Azuma, M., 1976:
Description of a new muricid gastropod from off tanegashima south of kyushu japan

Durette-Desset, M.C.; Denke, M., 1978:
Description of a new nematode parasite of an african hare and additional data on the morphological study of some trichostrongylidae

Ono, H., 1978:
Description of a new odagmia species odagmia nishijimai new species diptera simuliidae from japan

Rosso J C., 1985:
Description of a new olividae from the late quaternary of gabon equatorial africa oliva weyderdi new species

Dujardin J.P.; Fain A., 1980:
Description of a new organ probably with respiratory function in pupae of simulium spp in the afro tropical region

Boudinot J., 1985:
Description of a new palearctic limenitini genus lepidoptera nymphalidae

Robbs C.F.; Kimura O.; Ribeiro R.D.L.D., 1981:
Description of a new pathovar of xanthomonas campestris on garden beets beta vulgaris and a comparative study with xanthomonas beticola

Eads R.B.; Campos E.G., 1982:
Description of a new phalacropsylla and notes on phalacropsylla allos siphonaptera hystrichopsyllidae

Grootaert P., 1987:
Description of a new platypalpus species from the platypalpus albiseta group diptera empidoidea hybotidae from belgium

Hutchins J.B., 1987:
Description of a new plesiopid fish from southwestern australia with a discussion of the zoogeography of paraplesiops

Willan R.C.; Bertsche H., 1987:
Description of a new pleurobranch opisthobranchia notaspidea from antarctic waters with a review of notaspideans from southern polar seas

Yukawa, J.; Sanui, T., 1978:
Description of a new predaceous gall midge diptera cecidomyiidae

Lassale B., 1983:
Description of a new pristonychus coleoptera caraboidea pterostichinae

Arita Y., 1985:
Description of a new prochoreutis species from japan lepidoptera choreutidae

Tilak R.; Husain A., 1980:
Description of a new psilorhynchid psilorhynchus sucatio nudithoracicus new subspecies psilorhynchidae cypriniformes from uttar pradesh india with notes on zoo geography

Goulet H.; Bousquet Y., 1983:
Description of a new pterostichus coleoptera carabidae from beaver houses in eastern north america

Togashi, I., 1977:
Description of a new sawfly pristiphora ezomatsuvora new species hymenoptera tenthredinidae injurious to picea glehnii in japan

Vala J.C.; Reidenbach J.M., 1982:
Description of a new sciomyzidae from the french fauna euthycera leclercqi new species and key of the french species of the genus euthycera diptera

Griffiths R.J., 1985:
Description of a new south african arminacean and the proposed reinstatement of the genus atthila mollusca opisthobranchia

Baehr M., 1985:
Description of a new species agastus hirsutus new species with first record of the genus from new guinea coleoptera carabidae zuphiinae

Rigout J., 1987:
Description of a new species and 3 new subspecies of pachnoda with a note on pachnoda aemula bourgoin and pachnoda arborescens vigors coleoptera cetoniidae cetoniidae

Chao, H., 1975:
Description of a new species and 3 other known species of the genus leptobatopsis hymenoptera ichneumonidae banchinae from china

Mauries J P., 1981:
Description of a new species and a new genus of hypogeous polydesmid diplopods collected in the area of beziers herault southern france

Angelini F.; D.M.rzo L., 1985:
Description of a new species and a new subspecies of the genus agathidium coleoptera leiodidae

Bach C.; Mendes L.F.; Gaju Ricart M., 1985:
Description of a new species and new record of nicoletiinae from sierra morena cordova spain nicoletiidae zygentoma

Gery, J.; Mahnert, V., 1977:
Description of a new species and subspecies of the genus brycinus from west africa pisces cypriniformes characoidei with a review of the superspecies brycinus longipinnis

Dias E.S.; Falcao A.L.; Silva J.E.D.; Martins A.V., 1987:
Description of a new species belonging to the subgenus helcocyrtomyia lutzomyia capixaba new species diptera psychodidae phlebotominae

Pascual, F., 1978:
Description of a new species ctenodecticus granatensis new species from the sierra nevada spain orthoptera tettigoniidae decticinae

Kremer, M.; Rebholtz-Hirtzel, C.; Delecolle, J.C., 1975:
Description of a new species culicoides dubitatus new species diptera ceratopogonidae of the ethiopian region

Fain A.; Lukoschus F.S., 1985:
Description of a new species in the genus criokeron and of the male of criokeron quintus acari cheyletidae

Rasplus J Y., 1987:
Description of a new species in the genus krombeinius boucek 1978 collected in western africa hymenoptera perilampidae

Kuehne, H., 1975:
Description of a new species of a wood boring gribble limnoria sexcarinata new species crustacea isopoda

Angelini F.; D.M.rzo L., 1984:
Description of a new species of afroagathidium from ghana coleoptera leiodidae

Mouton P.L.F.N.; Mostert D.P., 1985:
Description of a new species of afroedura reptilia gekkonidae from the southwestern cape south africa

Chao H F.; Zhao J Z., 1986:
Description of a new species of agriotypus from fujian china hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Bellan Santini D.; Dauvin J.C., 1981:
Description of a new species of ampelisca of the french coast amphipoda

Lamothe Argumedo R.; Madrigal R.B., 1983:
Description of a new species of amphimerus trematoda opisthorchidae from costa rica

Gery, J., 1987:
Description of a new species of anostomid fish ostariophysi characoidei from the mamore river bolivia rhytiodus lauzannei new species

Kullander S.O., 1982:
Description of a new species of apistogramma from the oyapock and approuague river systems french guiana brazil teleostei cichlidae

D.T.ulgoet H.; Watson A., 1984:
Description of a new species of arctiinae from latin america lepidoptera arctiidae

Chassain J., 1985:
Description of a new species of athous from southwestern france coleoptera elateridae

Platia, G., 1984:
Description of a new species of athous from the island of elba italy 4. contribution to the study of coleoptera elateridae

Baid, I.C., 1975:
Description of a new species of branchinella from sambhar lake india crustacea branchiopoda anostraca

Rozendaal F.G., 1987:
Description of a new species of bush warbler of the genus cettia bonaparte 1834 aves sylviidae from yamdena tanimbar islands indonesia

Allemand R., 1987:
Description of a new species of byrrhidae coleoptera from the western alps byrrhus derrei new species

Deuve T., 1987:
Description of a new species of caledonica chaudoir coleoptera cicindelidae

Ledoux G., 1988:
Description of a new species of calosoma from afghanistan coleoptera carabidae

Liang X Q.; Yan S L.; Wang Z Z., 1987:
Description of a new species of caridina from yunnan china decapoda atyidae

Hayat M., 1987:
Description of a new species of centrodora foerster with notes on some other aphelinids hymenoptera chalcidoidea

Risch L., 1988:
Description of a new species of chrysichthys pisces bagridae from the konkoure river guinea

Ananthasubramanian K.S.; Ghosh L.K., 1987:
Description of a new species of coccosterphus stal with revisionary notes on the genus homoptera membracidae

Mouton P.L.F.N., 1986:
Description of a new species of cordylus laurenti reptilia cordylidae from the south western cape south africa

Massoia, E., 1973:
Description of a new species of cricetid rodent oryzomys fornesi new species and new data on some species of subgenus oryzomys mammalia rodentia cricetidae

Raffone G., 1982:
Description of a new species of crossopalpus bigot from lido di volano ferrara italy diptera empididae

Bameul F., 1986:
Description of a new species of cryptopleurum mulsant from madagascar coleoptera hydrophilidae

Fei S H.; Lee T S., 1984:
Description of a new species of culicoides from china diptera ceratopogonidae

Leviton A.E.; Anderson S.C., 1984:
Description of a new species of cyrtodactylus from afghanistan with remarks on the status of gymnodactylus longipes and cyrtodactylus fedtschenkoi

Kamijo K., 1986:
Description of a new species of desmatocharis hymenoptera eulophidae with notes on other species

Tavares M.L.R., 1981:
Description of a new species of discocyrtus in the state of rio grande do sul brazil opiliones gonyleptidae pachylinae

Brunckhorst D.J., 1985:
Description of a new species of doridocola copepoda cyclopoida from a nudibranch host with notes on copepod nudibranch associations

Mateus, A., 1974:
Description of a new species of echinogammarus amphipoda gammaridae from portugal

Albuquerque D.D.O., 1980:
Description of a new species of fannia diptera fanniidae with the 5th golden sternite