Description of 2 new xiphinema species from portugal with notes on xiphinema pachtaicum and xiphinema opisthohysterum nematoda longidoridae

Sturhan, D.

Nematologica 29(3): 270-283


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-2596
Accession: 005110716

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Two new Xiphinema spp. from North Portugal are described: X. lusitanicum sp. nov. is very long, has a postmedian vulva, a short, pegged tail, a well-developed Z-organ and no males. X. pachydermum sp. nov. most closely resembles X. pachtaicum but is slightly longer, has a thicker cuticle, more posterior dorsal esophageal gland nucleus and males are common. A 3rd species found is regarded as conspecific with X. opisthohysterum. Additional morphological information is given about X. pachtaicum and X. opisthohysterum.