Description of the larvae of the lanternfish hygophum bruuni from the area of valparaiso chile pisces myctophidae

Balbontin, F.; Orellana, M.C.

Revista de Biologia Marina 19(2): 205-216


Accession: 005111947

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Larvae of the lanternfish, H. bruuni Wisner, collected in the area of Valparaiso, Chile, are described and illustrated. The account is based on the study of larvae from 3.8 mm SL up to a juvenile of 14.5 mm SL. The most useful characters for identification are the shape of the eye and the mass of underlying choroid tissue, the anal pigment, the pigment on the side of the body on the myoseptae 21-25%, and the caudal pigment. Using mainly the pigmentation pattern, the larvae of H. bruuni can be distinguished from these belonging to the other 2 spp. of the genus that might occur off the coast of Chile.