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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5113

Chapter 5113 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lacourt, J., 1976:
Description of the male of pristiphora tetrica new record hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Deyrup M.; Manley D., 1986:
Description of the male of pseudomonas oculata banks hymenoptera mutillidae

L.P.nt F.; Desjeux P., 1983:
Description of the male of psychodopygus dorlinsis new species of sand fly of french guyana

Quentin, J.C.; Gran, M.C., 1977:
Description of the male of syphacia petrusewiczi rauschi

Grehan J.R., 1983:
Description of the male of the endemic new caledonian species aenetus cohici lepidoptera hepialidae

Randall, J.E.; Struhsaker, P., 1976:
Description of the male of the hawaiian angelfish genicanthus personatus

Anderson, R.V., 1977:
Description of the male of tylenchorhynchus maximus nematoda tylenchorhynchinae

Choleva-Abadzhieva, B., 1976:
Description of the male of xiphinema turcicum nematoda dorylaimidae

Owen L.; Moorhouse D.E., 1980:
Description of the male pseudorictularia disparilis nematoda physalopteridae from northern australia

Ramos H.D.C.; Ribeiro H., 1980:
Description of the male pupa and 4th instar larva of culiseta atlantica diptera culicidae an endemic species of the azores archipelago

Lourenco W.R., 1981:
Description of the male tityus strandi scorpiones buthidae

Petter A.J., 1981:
Description of the males of 3 new species of the family benthimermithidae nematoda

Serbenyuk S.A., 1983:
Description of the males of the horse flies hybomitra pavlovskii haematopota stackelbergi and tabanus kinoshitai diptera tabanidae/

Jensen P., 1980:
Description of the marine free living nematode chromadora lorenzeni new species with notes on its micro habitats

Heitzman R.L., 1981:
Description of the mature larva and notes on holochroa dissociaria dissociaria geometridae ennominae

Cosson M.P.; Gulik A., 1982:
Description of the mitochondria axoneme junction in sea urchin arbacia lixula spermatozoa presence of a flagellar necklace

Gabidullin Z.G.; Gimranov M.G.; Ishkil'din I.B.; Yanbaeva K.A., 1985:
Description of the morphological and biological properties of proteus bacteria

Shi G.; L.J.Y.; Zhang B Z.; Gao J Q.; Chen Z J., 1987:
Description of the morphology of the larvae of two species of ophthalmopsylla siphonaptera leptopsyllidae

Telegdi L.; David L., 1982:
Description of the multi annual eutrophication process of shallow lakes by a discrete time watershed development model

Novelo Gutierrez R.; Gonzalez Soriano E., 1985:
Description of the naiad of cora marina odonata polythoridae

Novelo Gutierrez R.; Gonzalez Soriano E., 1986:
Description of the naiads of palaemnema desiderata selys and palaemnema paulitoyaca calvert odonata platystictidae

Soto, K.L., 1984:
Description of the natural pastures in continental magallanes chile 1. coverage percentage and botanical composition

Soto, K.L., 1984:
Description of the natural pastures in continental magallanes chile 2. sociological characteristics

Hernandez, V.A., 1975:
Description of the necrotic tips of the placenta of the cow

Tostain O., 1986:
Description of the nest and eggs of two guianese formicariidae hylopezus macularus and tamnophilus nigrocinereus

Vasil'ev A.G.; Plotnikov V.Yu; Grigor'eva T.I., 1985:
Description of the neuronal responses of the superior olivary complex to amplitude modulated stimuli in rats

Sirel, E., 1976:
Description of the new species eoannularia conica new species and new observations on the upper lutetian lower priabonian limestone in the darende gurun west of malatya region turkey

Kullmann, E.; Zimmermann, W., 1976:
Description of the new spider species oecobius afghanicus new species with supplementary remarks on oecobius putus and oecobius annulipes arachnida araneae oecobiidae

Rack G.; Kaliszewski M., 1985:
Description of the normal and phoretomorph female of bakerdania aperta new species acari pygmephoridae from hamburg west germany

Alba Tercedor J., 1982:
Description of the nymph of a new subspecies of ephemeroptera baetis muticus intermedius new subspecies ephemeroptera baetidae

Bergman, E.A.; Hilsenhoff, W.L., 1978:
Description of the nymph of centroptilum walshi ephemeroptera baetidae with biological notes

Santos N.D.D.; Costa J.M., 1987:
Description of the nymph of chalcopteryx rutilans rambur 1842 selys 1853 odonata polythoridae

Matthey, W., 1977:
Description of the nymph of crenitis punctatostriata coleoptera hydrophilidae

Huggins D.G., 1984:
Description of the nymph of enallagma daecki odonata coenagrionidae

Huggins, D.G., 1978:
Description of the nymph of enallagma divagans odonata coenagrionidae

Kennedy J.H.; White H.B.IIi, 1979:
Description of the nymph of ophiogomphus howei new record odonata gomphidae

Hayashi, M., 1976:
Description of the nymphs of mogannia minuta homoptera cicadidae a pest of sugarcane in the ryukyus japan

Desmond, M.E., 1982 :
Description of the occlusion of the spinal cord lumen in early human embryos

Collins E.I.; Lichvar R.W.; Evert E.F., 1984:
Description of the only known fen palsa in the contiguous usa

Rossberg D., 1988:
Description of the ontogenesis of insects in simulation models

Upton, S.J.; Freed, P.S., 1988:
Description of the oocysts of isospora pachydactyli new species apicomplexa eimeriidae from bibron's gecko pachydactylus bibronii reptilia gekkonidae

D.Smet W.H.O., 1981:
Description of the orcein stained karyotypes of 27 lizard species lacertilia reptilia belonging to the families iguanidae agamidae chameleontidae and gekkonidae ascalabota

D.Smet W.H.O., 1981:
Description of the orcein stained karyotypes of 36 lizard species lacertilia reptilia belonging to the families teiidae scincidae lacertidae cordylidae and varanidae autarchoglossa

Lutsik E.A.; Chernysheva M.P., 1984:
Description of the osmosensitivity of the supraoptic nucleus cells of the rat hypothalamus

Carvalho H.A.D.; Pereira M.C.G., 1981:
Description of the ovarian stages of the macrobrachium acanthurus crustacea palaemonidae during the reproductive cycle

Tanton M.T.; Epila J.S.O., 1984:
Description of the planidium of perilampus tasmanicus hymenoptera chalcidoidea a hyperparasitoid of larvae of paropsis atomaria coleoptera chrysomelidae

Rudek Z., 1981:
Description of the polish primitive horse equus gmelini f silvatica karyotype using g banding and c banding techniques

Trebichavsky I.; Nyklicek O., 1979:
Description of the population and ultrastructure of cells on intra uterine devices

Srinivasa, K.R.; Ganapati, P.N., 1977:
Description of the post larvae and juveniles of scomberomorus lineolatus from indian waters

Waegele J W., 1987:
Description of the postembryonal stages of the antarctic fish parasite gnathia calva vanhoeffen crustacea isopoda and synonymy with heterognathia amar and roman

Garcia-Barros, E., 1986:
Description of the preimaginal phases and biology of paidia murina hb. 1822 lepidoptera arctiidae

Manino Z.; Leigheb G.; Cameron Curry P.; Cameron Curry V., 1987:
Description of the preimaginal phases of agrodiaetus humedasae toso and balletto 1976 lepidoptera lycaenidae

Arratia G., 1987:
Description of the primitive family diplomystidae siluriformes teleostei pisces morphology taxonomy and phylogenetic implications

Raes F., 1985:
Description of the properties of unattached polonium 218 and lead 212 particles by means of the classical theory of cluster formation

Grogan, W.L.J. ; Bystrak, P.G., 1976:
Description of the pupa larva and larval habitat of alluaudomyia parva diptera ceratopogonidae

Cekalovic-Kuschevich, T.; Weigert, G.T., 1974:
Description of the pupa of pycnosiphorus philippii coleoptera lucanidae

Outerelo, R., 1978:
Description of the pupa of quedius curtipennis coleoptera staphylinidae

Laville H.; Viaud Chauvet M., 1983:
Description of the pupa of telopelopia fascigera diptera chironomidae

Filippova, V.V., 1978:
Description of the pupa of the mosquito, Toxorhynchites christophi (Culicidae)

Steffan W.A.; Evenhuis N.L., 1980:
Description of the pupa of toxorhynchites rutilus septentrionalis diptera culicidae

Raymond, H.L., 1977:
Description of the pupal cases of 5 french species of tabanidae diptera

Stefanov V.E.; Magarshak Y.B., 1979:
Description of the relations between metabolite concentrations in a multi enzyme system

Van Vondel B.J., 1986:
Description of the second and third instar larvae of haliplus laminatus with notes on the subgeneric status coleoptera haliplidae

Marques A.; Canal G.; Mazel R.; Baudoin J., 1984:
Description of the semi hemoceolian life cycle of acephalus turbiniformis new genus new species apicomplexa sporozoa gregarina in pringleophaga kerguelensis lepidoptera tineidae

Dzhasybaeva T.S.; Sukhodoeva G.S.; Dranovskaya E.A., 1986:
Description of the sensitizing and anaphylactogenic properties of protein polysaccharide antigen from brucella

Richoux, P., 1978:
Description of the siettitia avenionensis male phreatic dytiscidae coleoptera found in the lyonnais region france

Baeyens G., 1979:
Description of the social behavior of the magpie pica pica

Schikow, E.W., 1978:
Description of the spermatophore of ena montana

Arjamaa O.; Talo A., 1983:
Description of the structural control systems of ovum transport in the quail coturnix coturnix japonica oviduct

Dubois, G., 1976:
Description of the supposed adult of bursotrema tetracotyloides and of a new species of the genus didelphodiplostomum parasites from didelphis azarae trematoda alariinae

Fine, D.H.; Rufeh, F.; Lieb, D.; Rounbehler, D.P., 1975:
Description of the thermal energy analyzer for trace determination of volatile and nonvolatile n nitroso compounds

Pichinoty, F., 1984:
Description of the type strain of Bacillus badius

Vuillemin C.; Semenoff Tian Chansky P., 1987:
Description of the types of caninia gigantea michelin tetracoralla from the carboniferous of the armorican massif france

Rohart J C.; Semenoff Tian Chansky P., 1981:
Description of the types of hexagonaria davidsoni and of pseudoacervularia profunda tetracorals from the devonian of boulonnais france

Polman H.L.A.; Van Der Linden P.M., 1987:
Description of the uncollimated electron beam in air by means of a directional pencil beam model

Kuenzel W., 1982:
Description of the ventricular system of the dog brain using corrosion casts

Bury E., 1984:
Description of the wall of the elaters of frullania dilatata comparison with the spore wall

Krom M.D.; Porter C.; Gordin H., 1985:
Description of the water quality conditions in a semi intensively cultured marine fish pond in eilat israel

Wunderlich J., 1984:
Description of the wolf spider pardosa pseudolugubris new species and a revision of the pardosa amentata group with a contribution to the study of intraspecific variability in spiders arachnida araneae lycosidae

Perrault G.H., 1986:
Description of the worker of the doubtful species gnamptogenys falcifera kempf 1967 hymenoptera formicidae

Golden A.M.; Franco J.; Jatala P.; Astocaza E., 1983:
Description of thecavermiculatus andinus new species meloidoderidae of round cystoid nematode from the andes mountains of peru

Robbins R.T., 1986:
Description of thecavermiculatus carolynae new species nematoda ataloderinae

Van Waerebeke D., 1987:
Description of thelastoma gipetiti new species from a spirostreptidae and comments on the genus thelastoma leidy 1850 oxyuroidea nematoda

Herbst, H.V., 1986:
Description of thermocyclops hastatus antillensis new subspecies with a key to the genus thermocyclops

D.T.ulgoet H.; Goodger D., 1985:
Description of three new chloroda from south america preceded by observations on other species in the genus lepidoptera arctiidae

Houart R., 1986 :
Description of three new muricid gastropods from the south western pacific ocean with comments on new geographical data

Ivantsoff W.; Crowley L.E.L.M.; Allen G.R., 1987:
Description of three new species and one subspecies of freshwater hardyhead pisces atherinidae craterocephalus from australia

Viette P., 1986:
Description of three new species of malagasian athetis lepidoptera noctuidae

Clastrier J., 1985:
Description of three new stilobezzia from the afrotropical region belonging to the stilobezzia differens group and whose the wing venation is modified diptera ceratopogonidae

D.F.rges B.R.; Guinot D., 1988:
Description of three species of cyrtomaia mier 1886 from new caledonia and the chesterfield islands france crustacea decapoda brachyura

Gonzalez, M.A., 1978:
Description of thremma tellae new species trichoptera thremmatidae of the iberian peninsula

Boulard, M., 1976:
Description of tibicina insidiosa new species from west asia revision of the list of the palearctic species belonging to this genus homoptera cicadoidea

Madrid, L.; Diaz-Barrientos, E., 1988:
Description of titration curves of mixed materials with variable and permanent surface charge by a mathematical model 1. theory 2. application to mixtures of lepidocrocite and montmorillonite

Prilyuk L.V.; Potapova A.T.; Shchapova A.I., 1987:
Description of topcross hybrids between triticum monococcum and rye

Deuve T., 1987:
Description of trechus besuchetianus new species and notes on some himalayan trechinae coleoptera carabidae

Deuve T.; Queinnec E., 1983:
Description of trechus fongondi new species species from nepal coleoptera caraboidea

Deuve T., 1980:
Description of trechus meurguesianus new species of kashmir india and notes on some little known asiatic species coleoptera carabidae

Wygodzinsky P., 1982:
Description of trichatelura rettenmeyeri new species insecta thysanura nicoletiidae from ecuador

Platner G.R.; Oatman E.R., 1981:
Description of trichogramma julianoi new species hymenoptera trichogrammatidae from new york usa

Viggiani G., 1979:
Description of trichogrammatoidea eldanae new species hymenoptera trichogrammatidae parasite of eldana saccharina lepidoptera pyralidae in the ivory coast with notes on trichogrammatoidea nodicornis

G.X.G.; Zhao W X.; X.F.S., 1987:
Description of tricula sanxiensis new species from sichuan china gastropoda hydrobiidae

Lewis S.A.; Golden A.M., 1981:
Description of trilineellus clathrocutis new genus new species tylenchorhynchinae tylenchida with a key to species and observations on tylenchorhynchus sensu stricto

Pramanik M.M.; Raychaudhuri D.N., 1979:
Description of triplogynium indicum new species mesostigmata triplogyniidae from india

Miyagi I.; Toma T.; Tsukamoto M., 1983:
Description of tripteroides riverai new species from the philippines diptera culicidae

Nelissen, M.; Thys-Van-Den-Audenaerde, D.F.E., 1975:
Description of tropheus brichardi new species from lake tanganyika pisces cichlidae

Nelissen, M.H.J., 1977:
Description of tropheus moorei kasabae new subspecies pisces cichlidae from the south of lake tanganyika east central africa

Hashim Z., 1983:
Description of trophotylenchulus saltensis new species with a comment on the status of trophotylenchulus and a proposal for ivotylenchulus new genus nematoda tylenchida

Guillaumet J L.; Kahn F., 1979:
Description of tropical forest vegetation morphological and structural approach

Ono, H., 1977:
Description of twinnia cannibora new species from japan diptera simuliidae

D.Toulgoet H., 1986:
Description of two new amastus from latin america with taxonomic considerations on other species of the genus lepidoptera arctiidae

Zajkov A.N., 1986:
Description of two new dacnusini species hymenoptera braconidae

Rasplus J Y., 1986:
Description of two new dinarmus from ivory coast hymenoptera pteromalidae

Aubin P., 1987:
Description of two new hybrids discovered in the french central pyrenees

Mamaev Y.L.; Parukhin A.M., 1986:
Description of two new monogenean species of the genus kuhnia mazocraeidae and notes on the genus composition

Houart R., 1985:
Description of two new muricacean species gastropoda muricidae from sri lanka and western australia

Besuchet C., 1988:
Description of two new palearctic batrisodes coleoptera pselaphidae

Platia G., 1985:
Description of two new palearctic species of click beetles coleoptera 5th contribution to the knowledge of coleoptera elateridae

Remaudiere G.; Quednau W., 1988:
Description of two new pterasthenia and revision of the pterastheniinae new subfamily homoptera aphididae

Zaragoza Caballero S., 1984:
Description of two new species and new records of cenophengus coleoptera phengodidae matinocerini

Risch L., 1985:
Description of two new species in the genus chrysichthys pisces bagridae

Platia, G., 1987:
Description of two new species of athous eschz. from north italy coleoptera elateridae

Zaragoza Caballero S., 1985:
Description of two new species of cenophengus leconte coleoptera phengodidae mastinocerini

Allen G.R., 1985:
Description of two new species of freshwater catfishes plotosidae from papua new guinea

Ishimaru S I., 1987:
Description of two new species of guernea crustacea amphipoda dexaminidae from japan with tentative revision of subfamily prophliantinae

Slipinski S.A., 1986 :
Description of two new species of sarothrias coleoptera jacobsoniidae

Dajoz R., 1985:
Description of two new species of tenebrionidae from tunisia coleoptera

Peixoto O.L.; C.A.G., 1988:
Description of two new species of the genus phyllodytes wagler amphibia anura hylidae

Clastrier J., 1986:
Description of two new stilobezzia from guinea diptera ceratopogonidae

Pham J., 1987:
Description of two new techus spp from spain coleoptera trechidae

Zhu C.; Wen Z.; Sun X., 1986:
Description of two species and the male spider of one species of linyphiidae arachnida araneae

Lopes S.M.; Couri M.S., 1987:
Description of two species of chaetagenia malloch 1928 diptera muscidae cyrtoneurininae

D'addabbo Gallo M.; Morone D.L.cia M.R.; Grimaldi D.Z.o S., 1986:
Description of two species of halechiniscidae belonging to the subfamilies halechiniscinae and styraconyxinae tardigrada heterotardigrada

Jocque R., 1979:
Description of tybaertiella peniculifer new genus new species and tybaertiella minor new species erigonid twin species from ivory coast araneida erigonidae

Hashim Z., 1984:
Description of tylenchorhynchus teeni new species and observations on rotylenchus cypriensis nematoda tylenchida from jordan

Khurma U.R.; Gupta N.K., 1988:
Description of tylenchus magnus new species nemata tylenchidae

Maqbool M.A.; Zarina B.; Ghazala P., 1987:
Description of tylenchus naranensis new species nematoda tylenchinae

Ehara S., 1981:
Description of typhlodromus shibai new species from miso factories with synonymy of typhlodromus bambusae acarina phytoseiidae

Cherry J.A.; Izard M.K.; Simons E.L., 1987:
Description of ultrasonic vocalizations of the mouse lemur microcebus murinus and the fat tailed dwarf lemur cheirogaleus medius

Kistler S.; Stephenson A.G.; Benninghoff W.S., 1980:
Description of understory development in a tree plantation with a new method of data structuring

Banziger H., 1980:
Description of uroleucon acutirostre new species homoptera aphididae from north thailand

Rodriguez P.; Giani N., 1984:
Description of varichaetadrilus bizkaiensis new species of tubificidae oligochaeta of spain

Sajjan, S.S.; Dhawan, A.K., 1977:
Description of various stages of the rice green leafhopper nephotettix nigropictus hemiptera homoptera cicadellidae

Tsypkun A.G., 1986:
Description of vascular receptors in human placenta

Pace, R., 1975:
Description of venetiella berica new genus new species a blind staphylinidae from veneto italy coleoptera staphylinidae aleocharinae part 13 contribution to the study of soil fauna

Kazmierski A., 1980:
Description of venilia longina new species acari actinedida tydeidae with a key to all species of the genus

Minagawa N., 1986:
Description of verutus mesoangustus new species tylenchida heteroderidae from japan

Villemson S.; Agur M., 1984:
Description of viral forms isolated from indicator of nicotiana glutinosa

Sey O., 1984:
Description of watsonius papillatus new species and the revision of the subfamily watsoniinae trematoda paramphistomata

Mahan, B.R., 1975:
Description of white spotting occurrence in a woodchuck marmota monax

Varenitsa E.T.; Gins V.K.; Rybakova M.I.; Chaplya S.A., 1984:
Description of winter wheat cultivars on the basis of the photosynthetic characteristics of the flag leaf in connection with the productivity of an ear

Poll M., 1985:
Description of xenotilapia flavipinnis new species from lake tanganyika tanzania zaire pisces cichlidae

Kwon Y.J., 1981:
Description of xestocephalus koreanus new species homoptera cicadellidae

Luc M.; Doucet M.E., 1984:
Description of xiphidorus achalae new species and proposal for a classification of longidorids nematoda dorylaimoidea

Luc M.; Loof P.A.A.; Coomans A., 1986:
Description of xiphinema thorneanum new species and observations on some species of the genus nemata longidoridae

Galiano, M.E., 1970:
Description of yepoella new genus of salticidae araneae

Ortea J.; Templado J., 1984:
Description of young specimens of hypselodoris webbi mollusca opisthobranchia

Durette Desset M C.; Beveridge I., 1981:
Description of zaglonema zaglossi new genus new species and zaglonema ewersi new species nematoda trichostrongyloidea parasitic in the intestine of zaglossus bruynii in new guinea

Lundqvist L.; Johnston D.E., 1985:
Description of zercon lindrothi new species and a redescription of zercon colligans acari mesostigmata zerconidae

Haynes, E., 1976:
Description of zoeae of coonstripe shrimp pandalus hypsinotus reared in the laboratory

Okutani, T.; Mikami, S., 1977:
Description on beaks of nautilus macromphalus/

Anderson, R.V.; Mulvey, R.H., 1980:
Description relationships and host symptoms of ditylenchus dryadis new species nematoda tylenchidae from the canadian high arctic a transitional species of gall forming parasite attacking dryas integrifolia

Gayral P.; Fresnel J., 1983:
Description sexuality and developmental cycle of a new coccolithophorid prymnesiophyceae pleurochrysis pseudoroscoffensis new species

Fuiman L.A.; Witman D.C., 1979:
Descriptions and comparisons of catostomid fish larvae catostomus catostomus and moxostoma erythrurum

Fuiman L.A., 1979 :
Descriptions and comparisons of catostomid fish larvae northern atlantic drainage species

Harris K.M., 1979:
Descriptions and host ranges of the sorghum midge contarinia sorghicola diptera cecidomyiidae and of 11 new species of contarinia reared from gramineae and cyperaceae in australia

Stewart A.J.A., 1986:
Descriptions and key to the nymphs of eupteryx leafhoppers homoptera cicadellidae occurring in britain uk

Richards J.E.; Beamish R.J.; Beamish F.W.H., 1982:
Descriptions and keys for ammocoetes of lampreys from british columbia canada

Ogunwolu E.O.; Habeck D.H., 1979:
Descriptions and keys to larvae and pupae of the grass loopers mocis spp in florida usa lepidoptera noctuidae

Powell, P.K.; Robinson, W.H., 1980:
Descriptions and keys to the 1st instar nymphs of 5 periplaneta spp dictyoptera blattidae

Chapman, R.F.; Cook, A.G.; Mitchell, G.A.; Page, W.W., 1977:
Descriptions and morphometrics of the nymphs of zonocerus variegatus orthoptera acridoidea

Grgurinovic C.A.; Holland A.A., 1982:
Descriptions and notes for mycena galopus var mellea new variety and mycena sanguinolenta

Henry T.J., 1979:
Descriptions and notes on 5 new species of miridae from north america hemiptera heteroptera

Martins, U.R., 1981:
Descriptions and notes on onciderinae 2. coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae

Martins U.R., 1979:
Descriptions and notes on onciderini coleoptera cerambycidae

Dennis, D.S.; Lavigne, R.J., 1976:
Descriptions and notes on the pupae and pupal cases of 10 species of wyoming usa robber flies diptera asilidae

Morales J.B., 1981:
Descriptions and notes on the wood anatomy of boraginaceae from western mexico

Smith, I.M., 1978:
Descriptions and observations on host associations of some larval arrenuroidea prostigmata parasitengona with comments on phylogeny in the superfamily

Van-Goethem, J.L., 1975:
Descriptions and preliminary diagnoses of new genera and species of urocyclinae mollusca pulmonata urocyclidae

Huggert L., 1979:
Descriptions and re descriptions based on a study of kieffers trichopria types from the seychelles islands hymenoptera proctotrupoidea diapriidae

Huggert, L., 1977:
Descriptions and re descriptions of species of the genus trichopria from malagasy and the ethiopian region hymenoptera proctotrupoidea diapriidae

Huggert L., 1982:
Descriptions and re descriptions of trichopria spp from africa and the oriental and australian regions hymenoptera proctotrupoidea diapriidae

Diakonoff A., 1983:
Descriptions and records of exotic tortricinae lepidoptera

Ito, T., 1976:
Descriptions and records of marine harpacticoid copepods from hokkaido japan part 6

Garcia Aldrete A.N., 1986:
Descriptions and records of mexican species of pachytroctes new record psocoptera pachytroctidae

Mockford, E.L.; Evans, H.A., 1976:
Descriptions and records of some philotarsidae from trinidad west indies psocoptera

Breuning S.; Teocchi P., 1983:
Descriptions and refinements on some morimopsini and parmenini of south africa coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae

Markham J.C., 1988:
Descriptions and revisions of some species of isopoda bopyridae of the northwestern atlantic ocean

Tsuda, M.; Ueyama, A., 1977:
Descriptions and specimens of the genus ceratosphaeria

Barr, W.F., 1976:
Descriptions and taxonomic notes of enoclerus and some allied genera coleoptera cleridae

Soika A.G., 1985:
Descriptions from female specimens of a new genus and 2 new species of asiatic eumenidae hymenoptera

Mccreight J.D.; Bohn G.W., 1979:
Descriptions genetics and independent assortment of red stem and pale in muskmelon cucumis melo

Villiers, A., 1976:
Descriptions localities and synonymies of reduviidae hemiptera heteroptera from the royal museum of central africa

Asahina, S., 1976:
Descriptions of 1 new genus and 2 new species of caliphaeinae odonata calopterygidae from thailand with taxonomic notes of the subfamily

Verseveldt, J.; Benayahu, Y., 1978:
Descriptions of 1 old and 5 new species of alcyonacea coelenterata octocorallia from the red sea

Howell J.O., 1981:
Descriptions of 1st instars in the genera quernaspis and neoquernaspis

Howell, J.O.; Tippins, H.H., 1977:
Descriptions of 1st instars of nominal type species of 8 diaspidid tribes

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Descriptions of 2 new ceriantharia from the caribbean region pachycerianthus curacaoensis new species and arachnanthus nocturnus new species with a discussion of the cnidom and of the classification of the ceriantharia

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Descriptions of 2 new didymozoids from australian fishes

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Descriptions of 2 new genera scageliopsis new genus and glandothamnus new genus ceramiaceae rhodophyta including 5 previously undescribed species from southern australia

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Descriptions of 2 new ichneumonflies hymenoptera parasitic on etiella spp lepidoptera pyralidae from indonesia

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Descriptions of 2 new lamiinae from africa coleoptera cerambycidae

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Descriptions of 2 new species of acalyptonotus from western north america with a new diagnosis of the genus based upon larvae and adults and comments on phylogeny and taxonomy of acalyptonotidae acari parasitengona arrenuroidea

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Descriptions of 2 new species of acontiothespini mantodea hymenopodidae acromantidae

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Descriptions of 2 new species of african zyras in the collection of the zoological museum berlin germany

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Descriptions of 2 new species of ancillista gastropoda olividae ancillinae from mozambique

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Descriptions of 2 new species of cheiloneurus from malaysia hymenoptera encyrtidae

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Descriptions of 2 new species of enchytraeidae from the pyrenees

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Descriptions of 2 new species of holothuroidea from the east coast of south africa

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Descriptions of 2 new species of lygaeosoma from china

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Descriptions of 2 new species of nematode genus trophonema tylenchida tylenchulidae

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Descriptions of 2 new species of neo tropical leptoglossus hemiptera heteroptera coreidae

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Descriptions of 2 new species of neotropical eulophidae hymenoptera of economic interest with taxonomic notes on related species and genera

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Descriptions of 2 new species of peayanus with a revised key to the species cicadellidae coelidiinae teruliini

Nielson M.W., 1983:
Descriptions of 2 new species of perulidia with a revised key to the species cicadellidae coelidiinae teruliini

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Descriptions of 2 new species of philonthus curtis 1829 from belgium coleoptera staphylinidae staphylininae philonthini

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Descriptions of 2 new species of tanypodinae diptera chironomidae from southern indian lake canada

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Descriptions of 2 new species of the family brentidae from japan coleoptera

Azuma M., 1979:
Descriptions of 2 new species of the family ovulidae gastropoda from off kii wakayama prefecture japan

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Descriptions of 2 new species of the genus eosentomon protura and their larval stages

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Descriptions of 2 new species of the genus phyllonorycter from japan and korea with notes on the phyllonorycter longispinata group lepidoptera gracillariidae

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Descriptions of 2 new stilobezzia species diptera ceratopogonidae from the afrotropical region guinea

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Descriptions of 2 new subspecies of afroedura pondolia and a discussion of species groups within the genus reptilia gekkonidae

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Descriptions of 2 new zealand sea anemones actiniaria hormathiidae

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Descriptions of 3 mediterranean psocidae blaste hilaris neopsocopsis aegyptiacus new species and ptycta hispanica new species psocoptera

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Descriptions of 3 new chalcoides from canada with a key to the known nearctic species chrysomelidae halticinae

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Descriptions of 3 new chinese tropidocephala homoptera delphacidae

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Descriptions of 3 new fishes from western australia

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Descriptions of 3 new mongolian aphids homoptera aphidoidea

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Descriptions of 3 new species and a new subspecies of land snails from japan

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Descriptions of 3 new species in the genera amblyseius and typhlodromus acarina phytoseiidae in canada with descriptions of males of 9 other species and some new collection records

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Descriptions of 3 new species in the genus platyacarus acarina proctophyllodidae

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Descriptions of 3 new species of aloeides lepidoptera lycaenidae from the transvaal south africa and south west africa namibia

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Descriptions of 3 new species of drosophila drosophilidae from northeast india

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Descriptions of 3 new species of labocurtidia with a revised key to the species cicadellidae coelidiinae teruliini

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Descriptions of 3 new species of metopodiella from the ethiopian zoo geographical region with a key to all species known so far diptera sarcophagidae miltogramminae

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Descriptions of 3 new species of miridae from the prairie provinces and a new record of european phylini in the nearctic region heteroptera

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Descriptions of 3 new species of nearctic ctenopelmatinae hymenoptera ichneumonidae

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Descriptions of 3 new species of senotainia from the ethiopian zoo geographical region diptera sarcophagidae miltogramminae

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Descriptions of 3 new species of the tribe sarcophagini from northern sichuan china diptera sarcophagidae

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Descriptions of 3 new species referred to the genus plagiotrochus hymenoptera cynipoidea cynipidae

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Descriptions of 3 species of flagellates protozoa mastigophora studied for the 1st time in mexico

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Descriptions of 3 species of muscid larvae and eggs newly recorded from cow dung in japan diptera muscidae

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Descriptions of 3rd instar larvae of craspedoxantha polyspila and craspedoxantha marginalis diptera tephritidae from gambia

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Descriptions of 4 larvae of rhyacophila from the lozoya river central spain and key to the species of the iberian peninsula trichoptera rhyacophilidae

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Descriptions of 4 new species of chiggers from bats in northern japan acarina trombiculidae

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Descriptions of 4 new species of nothocriconema and the male of nothocriconema sphagni criconematidae nematoda

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Descriptions of 4 new species of the idiothrips complex thysanoptera phlaeothripidae

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Descriptions of 4 pupae of australian culicoides diptera ceratopogonidae

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Descriptions of 5 new muricacean gastropods and comments on 2 additional species in the families muricidae and coralliophilidae mollusca

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Descriptions of 5 new species of anthomyiidae diptera from south gansu china

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Descriptions of 5 new species of delphacidae homoptera

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Descriptions of 5 new species of the genus horniolus of southeast asia coleoptera coccinellidae

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Descriptions of 5 polynoid species polychaeta from the coasts of norway and sweden including 3 new species diplaconotum paucidentatum new genus new combination and neopolynoe new name

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Descriptions of 6 new forms of florida usa tree snails liguus fasciatus

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Descriptions of 6 new mite species of the genus cheyletus acarina cheyletidae from pakistan

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Descriptions of 7 african species of cunaxa actinedida acardia with remarks on the genus

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Descriptions of 7 new dorylomorpha species from europe diptera pipunculidae

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Descriptions of a male and a new subspecies of plectus acuminatus nematoda plectidae

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Descriptions of a new bledius from central asia and a new geodromicus from lebanon coleoptera staphylinidae

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Descriptions of a new genus and 2 new species of the strepsiptera parasitic on japanese heteroptera strepsiptera corioxenidae studies on the japanese strepsiptera 7

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Descriptions of a new genus and two new species of tripterygiid fishes from new zealand

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Descriptions of a sledge used for quantitative 2 level sampling of neritic supra benthic fauna

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Descriptions of acostemminae synonym acroponinae and selenocephalinae from southern africa homoptera cicadellidae

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Descriptions of adults and nymphs of the taro planthopper tarophagus proserpina taiwanensis new subspecies from taiwan homoptera delphacidae

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Descriptions of and notes on larval habits of 4 immature phycitines in the southeastern usa lepidoptera pyralidae

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Descriptions of aphelinis new genus coleoptera cetoniidae and of a new species pertaining to this genus

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Descriptions of batrachyla amphibia anura leptodactylidae tadpoles

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Descriptions of calliperla rickera and 2 new western nearctic isoperla species plecoptera perlodidae

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Descriptions of cervidellus serratus from sweden and cervidellus neftasiensis new species from tunisia with a note on some recently proposed genera nematoda cephalobidae

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Descriptions of chitwoodius brasiliensis new species chitwoodius rusticulus new species and vanderlindia venata new species dorylaimida tylencholaimidae vanderlindiinae

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Descriptions of commercial tree seedlings at sijunjung forest area west sumatra indonesia

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Descriptions of copepodite stages of diaptomus nudus crustacea copepoda

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Descriptions of dendrosclerophilous ommatolampinae orthoptera acrididae

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Descriptions of early stages of 3 species of sparidae teleostei perciformes from the northwest african upwelling area appendix the supporting elements of the dorsal fin of northeastern atlantic sparidae

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Descriptions of eggs and reproductive patterns of leptodactylus pentadactylus amphibia leptodactylidae

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Descriptions of eggs larvae and early juveniles of the iowa darter etheostoma exile girard from lac heney quebec

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Descriptions of eight new species of drosophilid flies from kunming china diptera drosophilidae

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Descriptions of eupithecia peckorum new species and the male of eupithecia cocoata geometridae

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Descriptions of females of 8 species of platypodidae coleoptera from southeast asia and taiwan

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Descriptions of fingerlings of 4 species of the genus hoplostethus trachichthyidae beryciformes

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Descriptions of five new species of the genus dyspetes hymenoptera ichneumonidae

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Descriptions of four new ichneumon flies parasitic on pine insect pests in thailand hymenoptera ichneumonidae

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Descriptions of four new species of criconematidae male of ogma terrestris tylenchida criconematoidea and tylaphelenchus yamani new species aphelenchina aphelenchoididae

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Descriptions of four new species of criconematoidea (tylenchina: nemata) from southern chile

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Descriptions of four new species on phytoseiid mites and the male of iphiseius dinghuensis from fujian province china acarina phytoseiidae

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Descriptions of immature stages of the grape root borer vitacea polistiformis lepidoptera sesiidae

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Descriptions of larvae of some axonopsine water mites prostigmata parasitengona aturidae with notes on phylogenetic affinities of the subfamily

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Descriptions of larval heptagenia from the rocky mountain usa region ephemeroptera heptageniidae

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Descriptions of last instar larvae and pupae of 3 european species of tabanidae diptera

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Descriptions of little known species of higher fungi from mexico with discussions on ecology and distribution

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Descriptions of males unknown to date of 2 species of nematodes

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Descriptions of mascarene fulgoroidea homoptera

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Descriptions of mature larvae of seven ropalidia species from papua new guinea hymenoptera vespidae

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Descriptions of meloidogyne camelliae new species and meloidogyne querciana new species nematoda meloidogynidae with scanning electron micrography and host range observations

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Descriptions of mytilid species and definition of the new subfamily dacrydiinae mytilacea bivalvia

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Descriptions of neallotypes for 2 african siphonaptera

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Descriptions of neolebouria tinkerbellae new species trematoda digenea opecoelidae from experimental fish hosts and of metacercariae of neolebouria tinkerbellae and an unidentified digenean from pandalus jordani decapoda penaeidae from the pacific coast of canada

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Descriptions of new african lamiinae

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Descriptions of new and noteworthy gastropoda from western pacific and indian oceans

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Descriptions of new butterflies from iran

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Descriptions of new edaphic and aquatic species of chlorococcum chlorococcales

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Descriptions of new forms of ethiopian lamiinae 3rd note coleoptera cerambycidae

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Descriptions of new forms of lamiinae from ethiopia 2nd note coleoptera cerambycidae

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Descriptions of new genera and species of the so called glyphipterygidae lepidoptera

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Descriptions of new mites of the genus cheletomorpha acarina cheyletidae from pakistan

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Descriptions of new mormiine moth flies diptera psychodidae from abkhazia ussr

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Descriptions of new nearctic cecidomyiidae diptera that live in xylem vessels of fresh cut wood and a review of ledomyia sensu stricto

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Descriptions of new neotropical genera of archipini and rectification of the deltinea problem lepidoptera tortricidae

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Descriptions of new neotropical holotrochus and a key to the species of the genus coleoptera staphylinidae

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Descriptions of new plusiinae lepidoptera noctuidae

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Descriptions of new species and a new genus of oribatei acari from the subarctic ussr

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Descriptions of new species and combinations in microsphaera and erysiphe 2

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Descriptions of new species and combinations in microsphaera and erysiphe 3

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Descriptions of new species and new combinations in microsphaera and erysiphe 4

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Descriptions of new species of amalda and chilotygma gastropoda olividae ancillinae with a note on the systematics of amalda ancillus and ancillista

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Descriptions of new species of anthicus aulacoderus from southern africa coleoptera anthicidae

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Descriptions of new species of bradyellopsis and perissocope copepoda harpacticoida from the california coast usa with revised keys to the genera

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Descriptions of new species of ceratopogonidae diptera

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Descriptions of new species of perdita hymenoptera apoidea in the collection of the california academy of sciences usa

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Descriptions of new species of the genus nesiodrosophila diptera drosophilidae with taxometrical analyses

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Descriptions of new species of the genus paraleleupidia discovered by p bruneau de mire in cameroon coleoptera carabidae zuphiinae

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Descriptions of new species of the lycosidae araneae from japan

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Descriptions of new species trisetacus prostigmata eriophyoidea from pinaceae in western north america

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Descriptions of new tachinidae diptera and revision of the besseria anthophila group

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Descriptions of new taxa of crotalid snakes from china and ceylon sri lanka

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Descriptions of new taxa of eulimidae mollusca prosobranchia with notes on some previously described genera

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Descriptions of nine laboulbeniales ascomycetes from tropical america

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Descriptions of nocturnal ground beetle larvae of the tribe tentyriini coleoptera tenebrionidae from southern siberia ussr

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Descriptions of nymphs of itzalana submaculata new record homoptera fulgoridae for the usa

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Descriptions of odonate nymphs from Thailand

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Descriptions of offshore squid angling in the sea of japan with special reference to the distribution of common squid todarodes pacificus and on the techniques for forecasting fishing conditions

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Descriptions of one new genus and two new species of blattellidae blattodea

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Descriptions of paranelaphinis new genus coleoptera cetoniidae and of three new species pertaining to this genus

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Descriptions of pharyngodon asterostoma new species and pharyngodon tiliquae nematoda oxyuroidea from egernia cunninghami scincidae in australia

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Descriptions of pilimelia columellifera revived name and pilimelia columellifera ssp pallida revived name

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Descriptions of plectus cirratus males and achromadora subdubia nematoda

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Descriptions of pratylenchus gibbicaudatus new species and pratylenchus macrostylus tylenchida pratylenchidae from kyushu japan

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Descriptions of psectrosema spp diptera cecidomyiidae reared from galls on tamarix spp in pakistan including 4 new species

Razowski J., 1985:
Descriptions of rudenia new genus and its two new species lepidoptera tortricidae

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Descriptions of scutellonema southeyi new species and a population of hemicycliophora chathami tylenchida nematoda from the falkland islands south atlantic ocean

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Descriptions of seven new species of peritrichs on penaeus orientalis peritricha zoothamnidae epistylidae

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Descriptions of some hypotrich ciliates living in sphagnum bogs and acid ponds

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Descriptions of some males of holoconops diptera ceratopogonidae

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Descriptions of some new african species of the genus craspedophorus hope and notes on synonymy coleoptera carabidae panagaeini

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Descriptions of spiders of the genus pardosa distincta group araneae lycosidae

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Descriptions of spiders of the genus synagelides araneae salticidae from japan and nepal

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Descriptions of spiniferomonas silverensis new species and spiniferomonas minuta new species and an assessment of form variation in their closest relative spiniferomonas trioralis chrysophyceae

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Descriptions of tachinobia new genus and 3 new species of tetrastichinae hymenoptera eulophidae with a tentative key to genera

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Descriptions of telenomus xanthosoma new species and telenomus taurus new species 2 unusual neotropical hymenoptera scelionidae

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Descriptions of tephritis neesii diptera tephritidae and its parasitoids hymenoptera ichneumonoidea chalcidoidea in flower heads of leucanthemum vulgare asteraceae in sweden

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Descriptions of the 1st and 3rd stage larvae of agabus striolatus coleoptera dytiscidae

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Descriptions of the 1st instar larvae of 3 species of epicautine blister beetles coleoptera meloidae

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Descriptions of the 1st instars of the north american species in the genus fiorinia

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Descriptions of the adults and pupa of culicoides hildae new species from south africa diptera ceratopogonidae

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Descriptions of the advertising calls of cycloramphus asper and cycloramphus dubius amphibia leptodactylidae

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Descriptions of the female pupa and larva of apatophysis pavlovskii and a discussion of the position of the genus apatophysis in the cerambycidae coleoptera

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Descriptions of the hemi penial morphology in 8 species of microteiid lizards family teiidae subfamily gymnophthalminae

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Descriptions of the immature and adult stages of the cocoa mirid helopeltis clavifer heteroptera miridae

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Descriptions of the immature stages and biology of vitula lugubrella pyralidae phycitinae

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Descriptions of the immature stages of barynema costatum banks from australia trichoptera odontoceridae

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Descriptions of the immature stages of delphacodes bellicosa homoptera fulgoroidea delphacidae

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Descriptions of the immature stages of imported puncturevine weevils microlarinus lareynii and microlarinus lypriformis

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Descriptions of the immature stages of protopulvinaria pyriformis homoptera coccidae

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Descriptions of two new myrmecophilous species of the family pselaphidae coleoptera from japan

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Descriptions of two new species and other observations on the genus cephalenchus goodey 1962 nematoda tylenchidae

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Descriptions of two new species of the genus sphaenognathus buquet 1838 coleoptera lucanidae

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Descriptions of two new species of zanchius from china hemiptera miridae

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Descriptions of types and other alcyonacean material coelenterata octocorallia in the australian museum sydney

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Descriptive analysis of the sensory properties of beverages and gelatins containing sucrose or synthetic sweeteners

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Descriptive and contextual analysis of eye covering behavior in captive rhesus macaques macaca mulatta

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Descriptive and functional anatomy of the digital vascular system of the tokay gekko gecko

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Descriptive and functional myology of the neck and forelimb of the striped hyena hyaena hyaena

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Descriptive clinical research and medically unexplained physical symptoms

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Descriptive dynamic models for goal directed arm movements

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Descriptive ecology of offshore deep water benthic algae in the temperate western north atlantic ocean

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Descriptive elements of rice production on rural farms of the high malagasy plateaus

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Descriptive epidemiology and health statistics in the area of gastro enterology

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Descriptive epidemiology of cancer of the uterine cervix

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Descriptive epidemiology of thyroid cancer in hawaii usa

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Descriptive key to the otoliths of gadid fishes of the bering chukchi and beaufort seas

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Descriptive kinetics of spermatogenesis in four chromosomal species of the Spalax ehrenbergi superspecies in Israel

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Descriptive neuro pathology of chromosomal disorders in man

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Descriptive notes for 9 species of heteromurus subgenus heteromurtrella and a key to the species collembola entomobryidae

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Descriptive notes on some new or little known orchids of nicobar islands india

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Descriptive organogenesis of genital ducts and gonad in littorina saxatilis

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Descriptive phenology and seasonality of a canadian brown water stream

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Descriptive physiology and biochemistry of the abnormally ripening tomato fruit lycopersicon esculentum cultivar snowball

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Descriptive profile analysis of cooked stored and reheated chicken patties

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Descriptive profiles of highly skilled women volleyball players

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Descriptive profiling vs. direct similarity assessments of soft drinks

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Descriptive sensory assessment of beef steaks by category scaling line scaling and magnitude estimation

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Descriptive statistic as a mean to trace bitter pit in cultivar gravenstein apple

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Descriptive statistical analyses of serial dilution data

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Descriptive statistics reliability and validity of a short form of rotter's locus of control scale given to iranian college students

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Descriptive study of diarrheal diseases in a mother and infant care center in abidjan ivory coast

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Descriptive study of the demand of emergency care in a rural environment

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Descriptive study of the hairs of mus spretus lataste 1883

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Descriptive study of the population consuming heroin and cared for in the emergency service of a general hospital of madrid spain

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Descriptive system for congenital limb anomalies

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Descriptors for an intelligent person a japanese study

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Descriptors for texture profile analysis of frankfurter type products from minced fish

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Desdemona ornata new record banse 1957 polychaeta sabellidae fabricinae in the mediterranean sea

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DESEMO seats for young children with cerebral palsy

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Desensitization 3. the role of lymphokines in the maintenance of the anergic state during desensitization

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Desensitization 4. permeability changes during active and passive desensitization

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Desensitization and coupled receptors a model of drug dependence

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Desensitization and recovery of muscarinic and histaminergic calcium mobilization in 1321n1 astrocytoma cells

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Desensitization and resensitization of myofibrils from akazara scallop striated and smooth adductor muscles

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Desensitization as a reflection of inactivation of the receptor enzyme system during the reaction a kinetic model of the process

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Desensitization by external sodium of the cyclic amp dependent sodium proton antiporter in trout red blood cells

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Desensitization of acetylcholine receptors in rat myotubes is enhanced by agents that elevate intracellular cyclic amp

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Desensitization of acetylcholine receptors observed in aplysia ganglion cells

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Desensitization of acute inflammatory lesions to chemotaxins and endotoxin

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Desensitization of adenosine and dopamine receptors in rat brain after treatment with adenosine analogs

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Desensitization of adenosine receptor mediated inhibition of lipolysis the mechanism involves the development of enhanced cyclic amp accumulation in tolerant adipocytes

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Desensitization of adenylate cyclase and cyclic AMP flux during the early stages of liver regeneration

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Desensitization of alpha adrenoreceptors of the rat small intestine

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Desensitization of animals to the inflammatory effects of uv radiation is mediated through mechanisms which are distinct from those responsible for endotoxin tolerance

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Desensitization of aortic smooth muscle contraction in rats harboring pheochromocytoma

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Desensitization of beta adrenergic receptor coupled adenylate cyclase activity

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Desensitization of beta adrenergic receptors at the bronchial level

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Desensitization of beta adrenoreceptors and its influence on the antiradiation effect of isoproterenol

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Desensitization of brain opiate receptor mechanisms by gonadal steroid treatments that stimulate luteinizing hormone secretion

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Desensitization of chloride dependent gamma aminobutyric acid response observed in ganglion cells of aplysia

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Desensitization of cholinergic receptors in somatic membrane of helix lucorum command neurons

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Desensitization of contact allergy to 2 4 dinitro 1 fluorobenzene in mice 2. characteristics of immediate desensitization

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Desensitization of contact allergy to dinitrofluorobenzene in mice iii. characteristics of immediate desensitization induced by haptenated spleen cells

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Desensitization of dopamine receptors observed in Aplysia ganglion cells

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Desensitization of glutamate and aspartate in rat olfactory prepyriform cortex slice

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Desensitization of immature rat testicular ornithine decarboxylase to arginine vasopressin

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Desensitization of isolated smooth muscle cells from guinea pig tenia cecum to acetylcholine

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Desensitization of lh stimulated cyclic amp accumulation in isolated bovine luteal cells effect of phorbol ester

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Desensitization of macrophage oxygen metabolism on immobilized ligands: different effect of immunoglobulin G and complement

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Desensitization of membrane bound torpedo acetylcholine receptor by amine noncompetitive antagonists and aliphatic alcohols tritium labeled acetylcholine binding and sodium 22 ion fluxes

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Desensitization of mouse Leydig cells in vivo: evidence for the depletion of cellular cholesterol

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Desensitization of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors possible relation to receptor heterogeneity and phosphoinositides

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Desensitization of pigeon erythrocyte adenylate cyclase under effects of isoproterenol and cyclic amp

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Desensitization of prostacyclin responsiveness in a neuronal hybrid cell line selective loss of high affinity receptors

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Desensitization of rat renal thick ascending limb cells to vasopressin

Chang P.; Kimura K., 1987:
Desensitization of renal vasopressin stimulated adenylate cyclase by a vasopressor and antidiuretic antagonist 1 beta mercapto beta beta cyclopentamethylenepropionic acid 2 o ethyl d tyrosine 4 valine arginine vasopressin

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Desensitization of reticular neurons after ionophoretically applied noradrenaline in rats

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Desensitization of substance p induced potassium release in rat parotid

Madhubala, R.; Reddy, P.R.K., 1985:
Desensitization of testicular ornithine decarboxylase ec to gonadotropin releasing hormone and gonadotropic hormones

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Desensitization of the beta adrenergic receptor coupled adenylate cyclase in cultured mammalian cells receptor sequestration vs. receptor function

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Desensitization of the calcium mobilizing system to serum growth factors by ha ras and v mos

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Desensitization of the chick oviduct to estrogen: mediation at different levels of gene expression

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Desensitization of the isolated bovine iris sphincter muscles by pilocarpine

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Desensitization of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor by dfp

Schuiling G.A.; Moes H.; Koiter T.R., 1984:
Desensitization of the pituitary gland induced in vivo by lhrh or by the lhrh analog buserelin does not affect the autonomous secretion of luteinizing hormone and fsh as observed in vitro

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Desensitization to adsorbed pollen calcium phosphate for 4 years running study of the serums by immuno imprint radioallergosorbent test and paper radioimmunosorbent test

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Desensitization to ephedrine on isolated guinea pig trachea in relationship to beta adrenoceptor

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Desensitization to experimental asthma with compound 48 80 4 methoxy n methylbenzeneethanamine formaldehyde product

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Desensitization to factor VIII in a patient with classic hemophilia and C2 deficiency

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Desensitization to growth hormone releasing factor is associated with down regulation by growth hormone releasing factor binding sites

Waldman S.A.; Rapoport R.M.; Ginsburg R.; Murad F., 1986:
Desensitization to nitroglycerin in vascular smooth muscle from rat and human

Erne, P.; Hermsmeyer, K., 1988:
Desensitization to norepinephrine includes refractoriness of calcium release in myocardial cells

Maridonneau-Parini, I.; Lagente, V.; Lefort, J.; Randon, J.; Russo-Marie, F.; Vargaftig, B.B., 1985:
Desensitization to platelet activating factor induced bronchoconstriction and to activation of alveolar macrophages by repeated inhalations of platelet activating factor in the guinea pig

Cordeiro R.S.B.; Martins M.A.; Silva P.M.R.E.; Castro H.C.; Neto F.; Castanheira J.R.C.; Vargaftig B.B., 1986:
Desensitization to platelet activating factor induced rat paw edema by repeated intraplantar injections

Sawynok, J.; Robertson, G., 1985:
Desensitization to substance P following intrathecal injection. A technique for investigating the role of substance P in nociception

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Desensitization to topical epinephrine in the rabbit eye: attenuation by dexamethasone

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Desensitization to vasoactive intestinal polypeptide by down regulation of its binding sites in the transformed human colonic cell line ht 29 in culture

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Desensitization v. suppression of macrophage inhibition factor production by lymphokine activated macrophages

Laufer, R.; Gilon, C.; Chorev, M.; Selinger, Z., 1988:
Desensitization with a selective agonist discriminates between multiple tachykinin receptors

Hirschowitz, B.I., 1986:
Desensitization within and between secretagogues of canine gastric acid and pepsin secretion

Masson, V.M., 1977:
Desert and society dynamics of interaction from a historical aspect from archaeological studies in soviet central asia

Leslie D.M.Jr; Douglas C.L., 1979:
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Desiccation temperature and degree of dormancy of sprigs influence on establishment of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon cultivar coastal

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Desiccation tolerant vascular plants of southern africa

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Design and metallic materials of the femoral stems of total hip prostheses

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Design and model for investigating competition effects from neighboring test plots

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Design and operation interaction an example main treatment plant vienna austria

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Design and operation of a batch feed fluidizing bed aerosol generator for inhalation toxicity studies

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Design and operation of a colorimetric detector controller

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Design and operation of a dual laser chromosome sorter

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Design and operation of a signal comparator to increase efficiency of continuous flow analyzers

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Design and operation of a slow sand filter

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Design and operation of a small trawling apparatus for use with dugout canoes

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Design and operation of an adapter for the measurement of platelet aggregation with a spectrophotometer

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Design and operation of chilled sea water systems

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Design and operation of oil discharge systems and characteristics of oil used in the baffin island oil spill project canada

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Design and operational charts for complete mixing activated sludge systems

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Design and optimization of a teflon helix continuous liquid liquid extraction apparatus and its application for the analysis of organo phosphate pesticides in water

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Design and oxygen transfer potential of a pulsed continuous tubular fermentor/

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Design and performance characteristics of a continuous multi stage tower fermentor

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Design and performance charts for single sludge nitrogen removal systems

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Design and performance of a differential spectro fluorometer

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Design and performance of a field exposure system for evaluation of the ecological effects of sulfur di oxide on native grassland

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Design and performance of a fracture monitoring transducer

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Design and performance of a new micro calorimetric system for aerobic cultivation of microorganisms

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Design and performance of a system to control concentrations of common gaseous air pollutants within environmental laboratories used for human exposure studies

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Design and performance of a water recirculation system for high density culture of the african catfish clarias gariepinus burchell 1822

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Design and performance of an optimized dispersive ir dichrograph

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Design and performance of night soil treatment plants

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Design and performance of the okazaki japan large spectrograph for photobiological research

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Design and preliminary observations of national cooperative di ethyl stilbestrol adenosis project

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Design and preliminary results from soil litter microcosms

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Design and preparation of affinity columns for the purification of eukaryotic messenger rna cap binding protein

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Design and preparation of captopril sustained release dosage forms and their biopharmaceutical properties

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Design and properties of a fluorescent indicator of intracellular free sodium concentration

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Design and reactivity and organic functional groups utility of imidazolylsulfonates in the synthesis of monobactams and 3 aminonocardicinic acid

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Design and relative efficiency of a bow mounted push net for sampling juvenile pelagic fishes

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Design and response characteristics of an enzyme electrode for measurement of penicillin in fermentation broth

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Design and sampling considerations, response rates, and representativeness in a Finnish Twin Family Study

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Design and standardization of a portable audiometric booth

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Design and start up of a computer assisted training program cat in biopharmaceutics pharmacokinetics and drug monitorization

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Design and synthesis of 5 lipoxygenase inhibitors

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Design and synthesis of a consensus signal sequence that inhibits protein translocation into rough microsomal vesicles

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Design and synthesis of a hapten for the radioimmunoassay of bupropion

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Design and synthesis of a potent and specific renin inhibitor with a prolonged duration of action in vivo

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Design and test of microwave interstitial applicators with improved longitudinal heating pattern

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Design and use of a hydraulically operated upward pressure jump

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Design and use of an exposure chamber for air pollution studies on micro arthropods

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Design and use of medical record databases

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Design and use of protected areas for breeding of laboratory animals and maintenance under experimental conditions

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Design completion time for 7 year old children

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Design considerations and operating tips for small residential systems

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Design considerations for a positron emission transverse tomograph for imaging of the brain

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Design considerations for a small bore vascular prosthesis

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Design considerations for the omniscience pivoting disc cardiac valve prosthesis

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Design, construction, and applications of a galactose selective electrode

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